[SWA] New Year’s Evolution

Tonight’s Matches:
Brandon Cole vs. Steve Evans  Grave ( c ) vs. Saul Maverick – Anarchy Championship  Billy Tyne vs. Ciara Winters – Xtreme Championship  Abby Roads ( c ) vs. Paige Kohler – Siren’s Championship

The opening notes of “Defying Gravity” by Veer Union are heard over a quick succession of shots of the Skyfall Arena.

Voice: Evolution. We witness it all the time, though it is intangible.

A shot of Steve Evans and B Cool posing with Steve Evans’ daughter is shown side by side with a shot of Evans smiling cruelly, alone. The guitar and drums come in as the opening continues.

Voice: But sometimes, it happens so suddenly, its impact is felt across the world.

The shot switches to one of Paige Kohler as she used to be, side by side with a recent shot of her no-nonsense style.

Voice: Tonight marks the culmination of that change.

The song’s verse comes in as a shot of Saul Maverick doing a promo is shown.

Voice: Tonight is the impact point where every bit of that change will be, must be felt by all.

We see several shots of Grave rising through the ranks, holding the 3 wishes lamp, then holding the Anarchy Championship, then the Skyfall Championship.

Voice: Tonight is New Years’…

Now several fast moving shots show Billy Tyne, first with Dirk beside him, then James Carson, then alone, his face looking more determined than ever.


The New Years’ Evolution logo explodes onto the screen, and for a moment the music cuts away. We fade into the arena as the chorus starts to play. The crowd roars, pyro explodes, and an enormous New Year banner flies high. The camera pans around the crowd with their signs and their arms waving, then over to Cal and Christi in the announce position.

Cal: 2016 is upon us at last, ladies and gentlemen! I’m Cal Norton alongside Christi McFarland, and if you haven’t heard it from us already, happy new year!

Christi: Tonight may or may not be particularly happy though. It’s New Years’ Evolution, and man we’ve got a show for you!

Cal: Yeah, the Anarchy Championship is on the line tonight, as is the Siren’s Championship.

Christi: Not to mention the Xtreme championship, returned from its tag team status, and on the line between Billy Tyne and, get this, Ciara Winters!

Cal: Yep, Ciara is back, and will no doubt make her mark on this show tonight! But if you think that means our first match is lacking, you’re wrong. We open tonight’s show with a match between B Cool and Steve Evans.

Christi: Two men who once faced each other for the Skyfall title in a match that, perhaps, set a few bars. Now they face each other again, and the dynamic is completely different.

Cal: Steve Evans has changed entirely. A darkness has awakened in him. This will not be the match you’ve seen, but it will be great. Let’s get to it. Tim?

Singles Match
Steve Evans vs. Brandon Cole

Tim Marshal: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The lights in the arena go out as the beginning notes of “World War Me” by Theory of a Deadman begin to play. As the percussion of the song kicks in, the arena floods with light. Steve slowly walks out onto the stage and looks out over the crowd.

Tim Marshal: Introducing first, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing 245 pounds, Steve Evans!

Cal: As we mentioned, Steve’s entire attitude has changed. He says he’s finally accepted who he is, and is moving forward. But that includes basically abandoning the very memory of the family that he lost.

Christi: An awful lot to sacrifice for a career I think. But on top of all that, Steve Evans sort of went after B Cool’s daughter.

Cal: Well, the video was fake. It was more about the head game Steve was playing, which we’ll talk about in a second.

He slowly walks to the ring and as he approaches the steps. He looks out over the crowd once more and then jumps up to the top step then climbs up the ring post and stands on the top and middle turnbuckle as he raises his hands into the air. Steve jumps into the ring after a few moments and looks at the ramp, waiting for B Cool.

Mist rises up from the floor as “Raise Up” by Saliva begins to play. As the song picks up, the arena lights flash brightly and B Cool steps through the mist with a smile on his face.

Tim Marshal: And his opponent, from Columbus, Ohio, weighing 235 pounds, Brandon B Cool Cole!

Cal: B Cool was very clear about how he feels regarding Steve Evans’ recent actions. He feels Evans has become a monster. He told Evans early on that he would fight for the family that Evans has left behind.

Christi: And that is very likely still true, however he is now also after Evans for his threats to B Cool’s own family. Threats that, whether he admits it or not, scared him.

Cal: Maybe they did, but it’s also not wrong to be protective of one’s family.

Christi: Of course not, but he’ll have to be careful if he expects that little spark of worry not to affect his in-ring performance tonight.

He walks proudly toward the ring, waving and smiling at fans as he goes. He climbs in the ring, turns once again to the crowd, and raises his arms in the air to their cheers. Then he moves to his corner, staring across at Steve as the music fades.

Cal: Here we go. A rematch, and yet not a rematch.

Christi: This is how we kick off New Years’ Evolution!

The bell rings, and both men charge across the ring, knocking each other flat almost at once with a double clothesline.

Cal: Double clothesline right off the bat, and both men are down!

Christi: Not surprising considering how well these 2 know one another after their last confrontation.

Both men roll and get to their feet, B Cool charging forward immediately, then delivering a DDT that puts Evans back down.

Cal: And now B Cool catching Evans with the DDT!

Christi: And look at this! B Cool with some serious stomps here!

B Cool gets up, delivering several rather vicious stomps to Steve, anger clear on his face.

Cal: He might want to watch that. Steve said he would show the world that B Cool was really the monster.

Christi: Yeah, I guess he might want to watch it but on the other hand, I find it difficult to blame him. Threats to the family of a familyman are very, very serious business.

B Cool scoops Evans up, and slings him into the corner. He charges at him, but Evans explodes out of the corner, connecting with a couple of quick jabs, then picking B Cool up and delivering a Vertical suplex.

Cal: And Steve with the suplex, building back some momentum.

Christi: And now Steve with a few stomps, but from him, especially now, that doesn’t surprise me much.

Evans finally picks up B Cool, and whips him toward the ropes. B Cool bounces off them, turning it into a leap at Evans, which turns into a spear that knocks Evans flat.

Cal: And B Cool with a nice counter, delivering a spear to Evans there!

Christi: B Cool’s on his game it seems, despite his apparent anger.

B Cool scoops Evans back up, and attempts an Irish Whip, but Evans plants himself, then manages to out power B Cool. He lifts, turns, and executes a falling powerbomb.

Cal: Oh man! There’s a big move by Steve Evans!

Christi: He’s always been the stronger of the two, and he certainly showed it there.

Cal: Quick cover here…


B Cool kicks out just before 2.

Christi: And the quick kick out. Both these men have near legendary endurance. Steve knew that wasn’t going to be enough. Just making B Cool expend energy.

Both men get back to their feet, and lock up. Steve starts to overpower B Cool again, but this time B Cool slips through, then grabs Steve, gets him into the air, and knocks all the air out of him with a shoulder gut buster.

Cal: Ouch! There’s a quick way to turn the tide, and it’s called the shoulder gut buster.

Christi: Yep, and B Cool’s taking advantage!

B Cool immediately scoops Evans back up, and hits an over-the-shoulder piledriver.

Cal: And there’s B Cool’s infamous Over-the Shoulder piledriver!

Christi: Very good sequence there by B Cool. Drive the air out of him, then drop him right on his head.

Cal: And now B Cool with the cover!


Evans also kicks out just before 2.

Cal: Evans with the kick out!

Christi: And again, no surprise, but that was also a good choice by B Cool. The air, the head, then the cover for the same reason Evans covered him.

Cal: I think B Cool has refocused here. He realized what was happening to him just as we did, and he’s locking in on what he needs to do.

They get back to their feet once again, and find themselves once more locked up. Evans succeeds in overpowering B Cool again, and whips him into the corner. Then, he sets B Cool up, and executes his signature maneuver, the Stinger.

Cal: Oh my! The Stinger connects!

Christi: Man, that move is vicious! B Cool’s face has just been smashed into the canvas!

Cal: And now Evans going for another cover!



B Cool kicks out right at 2.

Cal: And another kick out from B Cool.

Christi: Yeah, we’ve definitely still got a ways to go yet. This is great, though.

Both men are again on their feet in a second. Steve tries to lock up, but B Cool sidesteps the grab, and suddenly hits Steve with a vicious combination of kicks to the body, followed by a Roundhouse kick to the head that knocks him down.

Cal: And B Cool going back to Japan there for a second! Those kicks joined his arsenal during his Sugoi days.

Christi: Well now he’s back from Japan, and he’s going to the top rope!

B Cool scurries up to the top rope, then leaps off, landing a perfect moonsault.

Cal: Moonsault landed perfectly!

Christi: OK, I guess that also came from his Sugoi days, but stil…

Cal: It’s fine. The cover by B Cool!



Steve also kicks out just at 2.

Cal: And the kick out. Listen to the crowd! They’re really getting pumped now!

Once more, both men rise to their feet, moving a bit more slowly. They begin circling, and do so for several moments until B Cool flashes out a kick that connects with Steve’s gut, then drops him with a Cool Cutter.

Cal: Cool Cutter! Cool Cutter! B Cool caught him!

Christi: But you know it, I know it. This may not yet be the end!

Cal: The cover by B Cool!



Evans kicks out at 2 and a half.

Christi: Yep, there’s the kick out we expected.

Cal: Unbelievable. These guys are fighting at an insane level right now!

Again, both men get slowly back to their feet. They circle once more, but Steve manages to suddenly slip behind B Cool, then execute his three German suplexes followed by a dragon suplex.

Christi: Wow! He got him, and didn’t let go. The Hustlebuster!

Cal: And we all know that’s a setup for what’s coming next!

Evans scoops up B Cool again, and connects with his Bitter End finisher.

Christi: The Bitter End!

Cal: And after that huge setup, that really, really might be it for this match!

Christi: We’ll see. The cover!



B Cool kicks out just before 3.

Cal: And B Cool still kicks out!

Christi: Yep… Just… Yep. This is what we came to see.

More slowly than ever now, both men reach their feet. They stagger toward one another, Evans going for another grab. Though just barely, B Cool dodges, and then his feet fly again, connecting with yet another combination of kicks that ends in a kick to the gut, followed by a pulling piledriver.

Cal: Sugoi Desu! B Cool with the second of his finishing moves!

Christi: And another cover!



Evans kicks out milliseconds before 3.

Cal: And Steve Evans with yet another kick out!

Christi: Wow. These guys… Wow.

This time, B Cool is pulling Evans up. Once he’s on his feet, B Cool delivers another kick to the gut, pulling Evans in for another Cool Cutter, but suddenly all the lights in the arena dim. The only light that remains is on the Skytron. B Cool’s eyes flash there, and on the screen is a picture of Kayla Cole. Not doing anything, just standing for the photo.

Cal: What the…

Christi: Oh come on.

It’s enough. For a second, B Cool’s eyes are locked on the photo there on that giant screen. This allows Steve to recover, which then allows him to grab a surprised B Cool, yank him right up off of his feet, and plant him with yet another Bitter End.

Cal: Oh no! Bitter End! The photo distracted B Cool, and that’s just the opening Steve needed!

Christi: yeah. Congrats, Steve. You proved a point. Good for you.

Cal: The cover!




The bell rings, and Evans’ music plays.

Tim Marshal: Here is your winner, Steve Evans!

Christi: Well, he proved that a family man cares about his family.

Cal: Which, come to think of it, is odd. Proving that served him better tonight, but really he wanted to prove how much of a monster B Cool was.

Christi: That’s an interesting point that I’m sure won’t be touched on at all by any wrestling analysts ever.

Evans smirks down at B Cool as he pulls himself to his feet. Crystal appears from the back, the crowd cheering as she hurries to the ring.

Cal: Wow. Crystal’s out here.

Christi: That’s pretty rare. But then, B Cool has just been through an incredibly grueling match.

Crystal rushes into the ring, checking on B Cool, who the camera reveals is now bleeding slightly from the head. He slowly starts to come around, though, so Crystal turns her attention to Steve, glaring at him. He glares right back at her, then turns his back, exiting the ring.

Cal: Looks like Crystal’s letting Steve know the Cole family isn’t to be messed with.

Christi: Looks like it. She really probably was mostly out here to check on B Cool, but given the circumstances here, I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised to see her.

Crystal manages to get B Cool on his feet, and she helps him walk to the back as they talk, unheard by the ring mics.

The scene cuts to the back where Calvin Saunders stands next to a pumped up Billy Tyne. He rolls his shoulders and brushes some lint off his Quiet Riot shirt.   As Calvin speaks, Billy shifts from foot to foot.

Calvin: I’m Calvin Saunders and we’re backstage with one of the participants in the Xtreme Championship match here tonight, Billy Tyne.   Billy some people say you’re the under..

Billy takes the microphone.

Billy: That I’m the underdog Calvin? Is that what you were going to say?

Calvin nods. Billy just shakes his head.

Billy: Let me tell you something Calvin. Everyone here thinks that Ciara Winters is going to walk out of here tonight Xtreme Champion. That she’s going to walk into Bloodsport Xtreme Champion and that maybe the SWA is going to bring back the timed battle royal.

He shakes his head again.

Billy: Not going to happen.   I didn’t get this far, I didn’t get screwed over by James Carson to get to a match like this and lose.   Certainly not to someone who has been in and out of the company like Ciara Winters. She may be a formidable opponent but I’ve shown you all time and time again I’m not the same Billy Tyne I was.   I guess I’ll have to show you all again here tonight because the only way you’ll believe me is if I put one of your greats down for the 1, 2, 3.

He counts on his fingers as he says 1, 2, 3 and when he’s done, he hands the microphone back to Calvin and walks out of the shot.   Calvin blinks as Billy leaves.   He looks at the camera and shrugs as we go back to ringside.

Cal: Strong words from Billy Tyne. Man I can’t wait for that match!

Christi: Looks like it’s going to be a good one. Both have a lot to prove. As Billy said, Ciara has been formidable in the ring but she has been inconsistent in staying.

Cal: Most of that was the people around her.

Christi: That’s true.   However, that match is later on in the night.   We’re ready for our next match.

Cal: Yeah, only our second one. Wow, what a beginning.

Cal: It’s the Anarchy Championship match between Grave and SWA returnee Saul Maverick.

Christi: This match really has been brewing for months. Some of our fans may have forgotten, but really, this thing’s long-awaited.

Cal: And now it’s happening, with one of Grave’s 2 titles on the line. Let’s get to it. Tim?

Singles Match
Anarchy Championship
Grave ( c ) vs. Saul Maverick

Tim Marshal: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the SWA Anarchy Championship!

The lights in the arena dim and all eyes now fixate on the entrance ramp, as the audience quiet down in anticipation. Pyrotechnics go off from different corners of the stage simultaneously whilst “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons begins to play through the PA system, as the audience rise to their feet in excitement.

Tim Marshal: Introducing the challenger, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, weighing 212 pounds, Saul Maverick!

Cal: Saul tells us his mission here hasn’t changed. He’s still here to cleanse the poison from this company.

Christi: Sounds great, but I do wish he would’ve stuck around. We could’ve used him earlier.

Cal: I hear ya, but it’s like he said. He always intended to come back.

Standing on the top of the entrance ramp is the so called bearded crusader, Saul Maverick, who looks around the arena with a smile embedded on his face. He runs to one of the corners of the stage, raising his arms up in the air, before going to another corner to raise his arms up towards those sections of the audience. He then begins to swagger his way down the entrance ramp, clasping his taped hands together.

He reaches the edge of the ring and he pauses, looking at the apron. He leaps onto it before springboarding himself over the top rope to enter the ring. He runs to the ropes and rebounds off of them before running to the opposite and rebounding off of them, as he approaches the center of the ring he holds his arms up in the air, pleased with the reaction of the audience. His music fades and he takes his corner.

The arena goes black, thunder sounds and the lights flicker around the arena as “Aerials” by System of a Down begins to play.   Grave stands in the rampway as green smoke billows up. Lightning strikes the ring and as the lights come up, we find Grave in the ring, standing in his corner.

Tim Marshal: And his opponent, from Parts Unknown, weighing 300 pounds, he is the SWA Anarchy and Skyfall Champion, Grave!

Cal: Grave happily holds his previous victory over Saul above his head.

Christi: Yep, but Saul has beaten Grave in the past as well, something he was quick to point out.

Grave’s music slowly fades as he stares across the ring at Saul.

Cal: Here we go! Title on the line!

The bell rings, and both men rush forward. Saul, though, leaps through the air, slamming a dropkick into Grave’s chest and knocking him down. He lands on his feet, twirling and posing for the crowd.

Cal: Tremendous dropkick from Saul Maverick takes Grave down! What a way to start this match off!

Christi: Agreed! Saul going right after the Anarchy Champion here, wanting to make everyone forget that loss.

Cal: But Grave’s right back on his feet, looking to make Saul pay!

Saul goes right back after Grave, but is met with a stiff Brogue Kick.

Cristi: Ouch. Well, that did it. Saul floored by that brogue kick.

Cal: Yeah, face versus giant foot tends not to go too well.

Saul also manages to get up rather quickly as well. He moves in, and Grave tries to grab him, but Saul faints to the side, then gets away, hitting the ropes. Grave tries to go after him as he bounces off, but Saul moves too quickly, catching Grave and hitting a Snap DDT.

Cal: Snap DDT by Sal! Great move!

Christi: He’s doing a lot to catch Grave just a little off gard. Moving just a little too fast, being just a little too unpredictable. Very nice.

Grave manages to get up again, and Saul goes for another run, but this time Grave’s waiting for him. Saul runs right into Grave’s grasp, and Grave lifts him up easily, planting him with a Jackhammer.

Cal: And Grave with the Jackhammer! The power of Grave!

Christi: Yeah, it’s impressive. Every time Grave does almost anything, the ring visibly shakes.

Grave pulls Saul to his feet, and attempts to power him into the air again, but Saul fights, then suddenly slams 5 elbows into Grave’s face, followed by 5 quick yet powerful jabs. Grave, stunned, lets Saul go, and he drops to the ground.

Cal: Saul fighting back! He’s got Grave stunned!

Christi: I know what he’s up to here…

Saul rushes to the ropes, leaps onto the second one, and then off, nailing Grave with a lying Superman Punch.

Cal: Punch 4 Justice! Saul out of nowhere manages to connect with his finisher!

Christi: Wow! We may have a new champion just like that!

Saul quickly covers, trying to catch his breath even as he does.



Grave kicks out just before 3.

Cal: Wow! Grave kicks out!

Christi: And that’s no joke of a finisher either. That’s a skull-cracking Superman punch Saul just delivered, and Grave kicked out. Amazing!

Cal: The champion is fighting to hold onto his title!

Both men get back to their feet. Saul attempts to dash away again, but Grave spins as Saul tries to go past him, grabs him up by the throat, and with an angry, angry look, nail the Nightmare Drop.

Cal: Nightmare Drop from Grave! Just like Saul’s own finisher, Grave hit that out of nowhere!

Christi: Look at him. He is soooo angry right now that Saul caught him like that.

Cal: Well here’s the cover!



Saul kicks out just before 3.

Cal: Wow! Saul kicks out of the Nightmare drop!

Christi: Saul is not here to play! He is here to accomplish his goal, and he’s here to win an Anarchy Championship!

Cal: The Nightmare Drop has destroyed opponents, but Saul refuses to be put down!

Again, both men get back to their feet, and Saul backs up a little.

Christi: Saul might need a bit of time to recover here.

Cal: Grave’s not gonna let that happen!

Grave charges as Saul, going for a running clothesline from Hell, but Saul ducks it, then as Grave turns around, Saul slams an uppercut into his chin that sends him rocking back against the ropes. As he bounces forward, Saul catches him with a Codebreaker.

Cal: Wait! Saul ducks! The uppercut! Better Call Saul!

Christi: Unbelievable! Saul bated Grave, and Grave totally went right for it!

Cal: Can it be!

Saul pulls Grave to the center of the ring, and covers.




The bell rings, and Saul’s music plays again.

Tim Marshal: Here is your winner, and the NEW SWA Anarchy Champion, Saul Maverick!

Cal: Saul did it! Upon his return, he has defeated Grave, and won the Anarchy Championship!

Christi: How awesome is this for him? Wow!

Saul is on his feet celebrating in an instant, holding the belt high as soon as he receives it. He looks down briefly at the fallen Grave, then smiles, looking back at the crowd as they cheer him.

Cal: Awesome. Congratulations Saul Maverick, and welcome back!

Saul finally exits the ring, belt still held high, glancing back only once at Grave. Grave, looking very displeased, finally manages to get back up, and exits after Saul, stomping off into the back.

Christi: Well, the first of our title matches results in a new champion. Could this be a sign?

Cal: You never can tell here in the SWA and our next match is a testament to how turbulent things are in Skyfall

Christi: How dynamic too.   James Carson mysteriously took a leave of absence a week before tonight.

Cal: That’s right Christi and he’s left us with an absolutely irate Billy Tyne.

Christi: And he’s set to take that aggression out on returning multi time Xtreme Champion, Ciara Winters.

Cal: I don’t know if it’s going to go down exactly like that.   Like Ciara said, you don’t poke her with a stick and although she seemed understanding this week, she’s not one to put up with crap.

Christi: One of them is about to walk out the new Xtreme Champion.

Cal: That’s right!   Bye bye Xtreme Tag division.

Christi: Goodbye tag division completely. Sarah says if people don’t want to work together then that’s fine by her.

Cal: Let’s throw it over to Tim and get this started. Tim!

Xtreme Rules Match
Xtreme Championship
Billy Tyne vs. Ciara Winters

The cameras cut from ringside to Tim Marshal who stands in the middle of the ring, looking towards the entranceway.

Tim Marshal: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Xtreme Championship!

“Full Circle” by Otherwise hits the speakers and topaz colored pyro explodes. The lights begin to strobe white and topaz.

Tim: Making her way to the ring first from Las Vegas, Nevada.. CIARA WINTERS!

Ciara makes her way out onto the stage and walks down the ramp towards the ring.

Cal: It’s good to see Ciara back, Christi.

Christi: It is Cal, and maybe even though things didn’t end even remotely right, she can try to pick up the pieces and resume her career here in Skyfall.

Cal: Without other people’s drama getting in her way.

She slides into the ring, shoves up to her feet and takes her place in her corner.

Tim: And her opponent…

“Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria begins to play as Billy Tyne’s name appears on the tron. The fans get to their feet, cheering loudly as Billy Tyne makes his way out onto the stage area.

Tim: From Chicago Illinois, weighing in at 5’ 11 and 185 pounds!   BILLY TYNE!

Billy looks around with a smirk before fist pumping at the fans and taking off down the ramp at a run.   He slides into the ring and gets to his feet, glaring at Ciara before turning to face the fans and yelling to them.

Cal: Billy Tyne yelling to the SWA Nation that this is his night.

Christi: And it may be.   He’s super fired up.

Cal: But Ciara always brings her A game to the table no matter what is going on in her head or her heart.

The bell rings to start the match.   Billy comes running out of his corner and Ciara just has enough time to duck a clothesline. Billy bounces off the ropes and comes hurtling back only to get kneed in the gut. Ciara locks him into a front face lock and sends him up, over and crashing to the mat with a snap suplex.   Billy lays there for a moment, stunned and Ciara takes advantage of the time by running over to the second rope, launching off of it and hitting Billy with a lionsault.

Cal: Ciara is on fire! Cover!

Ciara goes for the cover and hooks the leg.


Billy kicks out.

Christi: Billy made the mistake of just going after her balls to the wall.   That could have very well put him away.

Cal: She did warn him she’d take advantage of his mistakes.

Ciara gets up and grabs Billy, pulling him to his feet but Billy quickly brings his arms up to break the hold, knees her in the gut, locks her up in a face lock and sends Ciara crashing to the mat with a DDT.   Before she can recover, he runs over to the second rope and launches off of it, hitting her with a lionsault.

Christi: I don’t think Billy has gotten the hint about mocking Ciara.

Cal: What are you talking about? That was an epic DDT!  

Billy doesn’t go for the pin though like Ciara did.   Instead he rolls out of the ring and starts looking under the ring.

Cal: Billy looking to bring in the hardware.

Pulling out a steel chair, Billy turns and holds it up in the air as the fans cheer. He turns around just in time to catch a baseball slide, driving the chair into his face and sending him to the protective mats outside.

Christi: He took just a little too much time for that and let Ciara get up.

Cal: That may have just turned the tide of this match.

Ciara rolls the rest of the way out of the ring and heads towards Billy.   She pulls him up by his hair, grabs his arm and whips him into the barricade near the left ringpost.   Charging towards him, Ciara looks for a clothesline or maybe even a tackle that may send him through the barricade, but Billy moves at the last second and Ciara crashes through the barricade herself!

Christi: Ciara through the barricade!

Cal: Billy knew something was coming and he moved. Wow…

While Ciara lays there motionless, Billy rummages around under the ring and pulls out a table. He sets it up quickly and then heads back towards Ciara.

Christi: Well he did say he would do whatever it took and use chairs, tables and ladders, but I wonder if this was a good idea.   He could have rolled her in the ring and pinned her right there!

Cal: But would going through a barricade be enough to put Ciara away?

Billy grabs a stirring Ciara and starts to guide her over to the table.   He goes to bounce her head off the table but instead she resists, grabs him by the back of the neck and slams his head into the table.  

Christi: You’re right. She’s still pretty with it. What a counter by Ciara. Now she has some breathing room.

Billy doesn’t go down after bouncing off the table but he does fall towards the ring and roll in to get away from Ciara.   Ciara runs a hand through her hair, brushing the stray strands out of her face. Billy checks his nose as Ciara gets into the ring, stalking her prey.

Cal: This might be it.   Ciara is looking at Billy like he’s about to be dinner.

Billy is starting to get to his feet as Ciara makes her way over and boots him in the gut. He sinks back down to the mat and she grabs him by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Ciara whips Billy into the ropes but he hooks his arms into them instead of bouncing off. He smirks at Ciara and she charges at him, looking to clothesline him to the outside for his arrogance. Instead, he drops down, pulling down the top rope and Ciara goes sailing out of the ring and crashing through the table Billy set up earlier.

Christi: Ciara’s anger just cost her! Billy set her up!

Cal: This might be it!

Billy climbs out of the ring and jumps down from the apron.   He looks down at Ciara for a moment with a smirk on his face before he picks her up by her arm and rolls her in the ring.   He climbs in after her and goes for the pin.




The bell rings and Billy gets to his feet.

Tim Marshal: Here is your winner and NEW Xtreme Champion!   Billy Tyne!!!!!

Cal: Holy crap!   Billy Tyne just beat Ciara Winters for the Xtreme Championship!

Christi: Indeed he did!   Everyone and I mean everyone thought Billy had nearly no shot tonight but Billy once again shows that the underdog can come out on top!

Cal: Congratulations Billy Tyne!

The referee raises Billy’s hand and hands him the title, which he lifts with his other arm. He pulls away from the referee and climbs a turnbuckle, holding the belt high.   He climbs down, then leaves through the crowd. Ciara leaves a few moments later, not particularly looking at anyone.

Christi: An impressive win by Billy Tyne here tonight but last Edge was an impressive victory for Abby Roads as she won the Siren’s Championship.

Cal: Yeah but it seems the rest of the women’s locker room aren’t happy about it.

Christi: Yeah not many of them like Abby at all. They think she’s being fake.

Cal: What if she isn’t?

Christi: Well she claims she isn’t. However, Paige says that she’s going to take what she deserves here tonight regardless of the supposedly selfish suggestion on Abby’s part that this match be a triple threat between her, Talon and Paige.

Cal: Well I’m ready for this match to start. Tim!

Singles Match
Siren’s Championship
Abby Roads ( c ) vs. Paige Kohler

Tim Marshal: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Sirens Championship!

The intro to “Confident” by Demi Lovato begins, the lights in the arena flickering until the beat hits and with a sparking explosion on the stage the lights all come back up and Abby Roads appears on the stage as the sparkling pyro fades around her. She smiles and lifts an arm, pointing straight up before letting out a loud shout.

Tim Marshal: Ladies and gentlemen, from all the way across the pond, making her way to the ring at this time, the Sirens Champion, Abby Roads!

As she drops her arm another silver glittering explosion bursts over head and she struts down to the ring, moving around it to wave and slap some fans in the front row before rolling into the ring and kneeling in the center, grinning as she looks out at the people before raising her arms to the sides and stepping up.

Cal: There has been plenty of back and forth this week between these two Sirens and Paige seems to be in the same mindset as those that came before her in thinking that Abby is not as truthful about herself as she would claim to be.

Christi: It’s not only that, Cal. Paige makes the claim that none of the women on the roster view Abby Roads as the true Sirens Champion.

Cal: That may be the case but I think this match here tonight should settle that argument.

Tim Marshal: And the challenger, from Columbus, Ohio, Paige Kohler!

The beginning riffs to “Runaway” by Hail The Villain fill the arena and Paige makes her way out onto the stage. She paces the stage area, anxiously, looking at the fans before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. Getting to her feet, she looks around again with a smile on her face before taking her corner.

Christi: Paige has spoken her mind and is looking more than ready for this match.

Cal: Finally the moment that Paige has been waiting for, her one-on-one shot for the Sirens Championship.

The bell rings and the two women lock up right away. Pushing back and forth, they fight for control. Abby finally manages to shove Paige back, releasing her. Hitting the ropes, Paige comes back, hitting Abby with a hard shoulder tackle, knocking her down. Abby is quickly back up to her feet but Paige is already coming off the other side of the ropes, knocking her down with another shoulder tackle. She drops an elbow to Abby’s lower back before she can push herself up. Abby cries out and Paige turns her over, going for an early pin.


Abby kicks out, not ready to give in and avoiding the embarrassment of an early pin. Both women back up on their feet again, Abby spins, looking for the high round house kick but Paige counters with one of her own and they both come up empty. Abby looks ready to throw a punch but Paige hits her hard across the chest with a chop, driving her back into the corner. Three more chops and Abby finally battles back, spinning out of the corner and shoving Paige against the turnbuckles. Without wasting any time she climbs to the second rope, hammering down on Paige from above.

Cal: Paige has been the aggressor in the match so far but it looks like Abby is finally finding her feet.

Christi: Both of these women are bringing everything they’ve got here tonight. I think whoever wins this in the end, it’s going to be a very close match.

Abby jumps down, waving to the crowd as she moves to the opposite corner, turning to look at Paige, ready to go for a splash. She takes off and the dazed Paige suddenly explodes out of the corner, meeting Abby in the center of the ring and jumping up, taking her down with a Lou Thesz and hammering away with her own hard rights and lefts. Abby tries to cover up and finally manages to roll to the side, getting out from beneath Paige. She continues rolling, heading to the outside beneath the bottom rope. Paige kneels in the middle of the ring, catching her breath as she looks out at Abby, the ref getting up to start the count.



Abby reaches up, grabbing the apron and using it to slowly pull herself up. Paige is back on her feet, watching Abby get up and she runs, coming off the ropes on the far side and using a baseball slide, connecting to Abby who gets her hands up to absorb the worst of the blow but she’s knocked back first into the barricade. Paige slides out as well, grabbing Abby and pulling her up, wasting no time to bounce her head off the steps.

Christi: Paige in control! She’s looking to do some real damage to Abby.

Cal: I think she’s trying to send a message here tonight.

Abby staggers away, trying to put some distance between herself and Paige who is moving right after her.




Paige reaches out to grab Abby but Abby ducks and Paige is sent lunging over her. Spinning around, Abby grabs Paige instead, sending her head off the apron before pushing her back into the ring. Abby climbs up to the apron and then the turnbuckles, looking down at the dazed Paige. Coming off with an elbow of her own, Abby connects with the canvas as Paige manages to roll out of the way. Abby grabs her arm, both women down as they try to recover, the ref checking each of them. They both move to opposite sides of the ring, using the ropes to pull themselves back to their feet, each moving to their corners again.

Cal: It looked like Abby was shifting things into her favor but missing that elbow off the top rope and now it looks like they are both on an even playing field once again.

Christi: They have both shown amazing awareness and look to be pretty evenly matched.

As if to prove the point, both women erupt from their corners at the same time. Both of them going for a clothesline and taking each other out once more. They both look dazed but slowly start to stir, pulling themselves to their feet. Paige is against the ropes and Abby is in the corner. Looking over at her, Paige flashes fire in her eyes, taking a run at the far ropes and as she comes back toward Abby she tries to go for her Pink Slip but Abby ducks and counters by shoving her away. Paige stumbles forward, turning back in time to get hit by an enzuigiri by Abby.

Christi: Oh! What an enzuigiri by Abby!

Cal: Can she capitalize for the win?!

Abby looks down at Paige and then quickly climbs to the top rope, perching there and waiting for Paige to get up.

Cal: Looks like Abby is going for her Union Jacked finisher and Paige is getting back to her feet!

Christi: Don’t turn around Paige!

Paige turns and Abby launches off the top rope, flipping into the air. In one quick motion, Paige spins and brings her foot up, catching Abby with a round kick. Abby is sent back into the corner, dazed and looking out of it. Paige doesn’t waste any time, with Abby in the corner she sets and explodes, hitting her Pink Slip this time, Abby crumpling to the mat.

Cal: PINK SLIP! This is all over!

Christi: We have a new Sirens Champion!

Paige has a wide smile on her face, panting for breath as she looks down at Abby. She turns her onto her back, ready to go for the pin, the ref dropping into position when suddenly 1, 2, 3 is heard followed by gritty guitar riffs. The lights begin to strobe red and white as Evangeline makes her way out onto the stage area. Sparkly pyro goes off and she walks through it, heading straight down to the ring.

Cal: WHAT?!

Christi: Oh no! Evangeline! And Paige sees her!

Paige is back on her feet, pointing and shouting at Evangeline to get out of here, Evangeline just smirks, climbing right up onto the apron, shouting back at Paige as the two of them verbally assault each other. Paige looks ready to snap, stepping over Abby and moving towards Evangeline when suddenly there is a mighty roar of a lion, the lights in the arena flickering. After two more roars, Roar by Katy Perry hits the sound system and the entire arena is bathed in a deep pink light. A woman comes charging out from behind the curtain, running straight down to the ring and it looks like Abby Roads.


Christi: It looks like… Abby Roads?

She reaches the ring, grabbing Evangeline’s feet and pulling them right out from under her. Evangeline falls off the apron, and this woman begins hitting her with clubbing blows, forcing her back up the ramp until both women disappear backstage. Paige stands there in disbelief along with everyone else. Remembering that she is about to win, she turns back to where she left Abby laying but Abby is no longer there. Instead she comes leaping off the top rope and hitting the Union Jack and going for the cover.




Tim Marshal: Here is your winner, and still Sirens Champion, Abby Roads!

Abby is all smiles and near tears as she slowly gets up, her hand being raised by the referee and handed the belt once more.

Cal: Well now I think we have seen just about everything. I mean… I’m not entirely sure what we witnessed here tonight but Abby retains the championship.

Christi: Evangeline came out here to once again get in Paige’s way of winning the Sirens Championship but some… well let’s be honest here, Abby Roads came out of nowhere and took Evangeline and all of us by surprise.

Cal: But we just saw another Abby Roads?   What the hell?

Christi: I have no idea who that woman was but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Cal: What the hell?!?!?!

Abby Roads celebrates in the ring but her celebration is cut short as “I am the Fire” by Halestorm begins to play and Sarah comes out with microphone in hand.

Sarah: Congratulations on your victory Abby.

Abby smiles and nods in acknowledgment.     Sarah smiles.

Sarah: Now I have to admit the Siren’s division has been very surprising in many ways but it’s been far from successful so I’m going to up the stakes.   At Bloodsport, the Siren’s Champion will face off against the Skyfall Champion and the winner gets to keep their title.   The other will be retired.

The camera cuts from Sarah who it was on while she was speaking to Abby who looks shocked as hell.

Sarah: Now you know this is Bloodsport so the match has to be stipulated and since this is a match to retire the two most prestigious titles Skyfall has offered throughout history. Even I can’t deny the women’s championship in Skyfall had some amazing moments..

She shrugs.

Sarah: This match is going to be last person standing.

Christi: This is big! The landscape could change. Abby Roads versus Grave and the loser has their title retired.  

Cal: We could have no Skyfall Championship!

Christi: Or we could be rid of the Siren’s Championship.

Abby just stands in the ring staring at Sarah as she processes all of this.

Sarah: I’m sorry Abby..   It’s just business.

With that Sarah heads backstage.   Abby looks around for a moment before dropping down and rolling out of the ring with her belt.   The camera follows her as she heads up the ramp.

Cal: Wow…

Christi: Wow indeed.   That’s a big match that could have huge consequences for the entire company.

Cal: Wow…

Christi: That all you have to say Cal?

Cal: Wow…

Christi: I’m Christi McFarland and he’s a very shocked Cal Norton.   This has been New Year’s Evolution and we’ll see you next time for Friday Night Edge!

The scene fades to the SWA logo.