A New More Family Friendly Face?

A new question has arisen around the PRW as of late: Where have all the good guys gone? Looking around the PRW, one might say it has been dearth in the area of marketable money making performer that had the widespread appeal. A wrestler that can wow the marks, silence the snobs, woo the women and most importantly in modern world of wrestling, someone that kids can hook onto to. A face that can be used for positive media coverage and feel good pieces? Does a man like that exist in land of beer swilling champs, crazed maniac and quesdo serial killers, oil up megalomaniacs with inferiority complex and flip flopping monsters? The answer is yes; yes there is. Men like Alexander Owens and Marshall Cage are shining a friendly and fiscal fortune future in the PRW.

Cage, a new hot act here in PRW, has swept into the minds and hearts of the PRW. He has the energy and spunk to keep kids attention, the look to keep lady interested and the moves to wow the masses. Plus he’s a marketing marvel and has a angle just quirky enough to possibly bring new fans to PRW: the much coveted and newly vogue nerd demographic. The sky’s the limit for this guy and if his matches show anything, he’s got sky flying in the bag.

But the big new, in comparison to some of the guys in the PRW, draw is Alexander Owens. This huge hunk honky tonk heartthrob is taken the PRW by storm. He has a phenomenal pedigree for the snarkiest of the critics. He has the big moves and intensity to keep the once and whiles coming back. And looks wise he a harlequin novel come to life. But most importantly, at least in the eyes of promotional, he is easy sell to parents and kids. He has a clean style, a positive vibe and non-controversial sheen to him. Add to that his track record for being a hard working, spot blasting generous ring warrior and you have the making of one thing; $$$ and even more $$$. And why not? Wrestling is famous for being lifted up by guys like Owens. It’s biggest boom have been made on back of guys like him. The only question is if he can keep his momentum going as well keep himself fresh. The future can only tell but if the present is any indicator Owens can definitely be a cash cow.

SOURCE: http://s10.zetaboards.com/PRW