Retro Flipside: A predator in our midst – SHARC!

People always look at a promotion and take their thoughts on the current champion. They look at them, long and hard, and wonder ‘what has that guy got that makes him champion material?’ The man, or woman for that matter (I’m no Howard Idol), with the gold around his waist is the icon of a promotion and for just cause.

Those that wear the titles are the ones which people look up to in leading the promotion. They wear the weight upon their shoulders to carry said promotion into the future and mark the “X” on where that promotion stands on the wrestling food chain.

In the eyes of the of a true wrestling owner you want someone representative of the product your pushing. Does Sharc truly resonate the ideals which BRAND are projecting? A family show with the mom, dad and 2.3 kids in mind is our demographic and does Sharc cut the mustard?

In review of the career Sharc has led there is an image the particularly comes to mind with the mention of his name. Bloodshed. Possibly one of the most violent competitors to get inside of a wrestling ring with more hardcore matches under his belt than bagels under Sally Struthers’ belt. Sharc and blood are commonly frequented in sentences together. We’ve seen what Sharc is capable of, signing his own title belt with “X”, using only “Pepper” Pete Peppins blood. As each new competitor steps into the ring with him the former PIW Hardcore Champion destroys them and makes them understand why he IS the champ.

In a fan’s perspective, Sharc is everything you want to loathe. He’s the perfect villain. Complete and utter disrespect for your country and your wrestling promotion. He’s willing defile anything and everything that walks in his path. Having held the title for nearly two months now, is it possible for anyone inside BRAND to take it off him?

Wone was the number one contender, but he was deciminated beyond belief as Sharc sent him out of BRAND on a guerney. He’s got the idea that anyone that dare come in his path will do the same.

In my eyes at the moment, there is really only one man who can take the title off of Sharc. And that’s “the Wyoming Wild Man” Tom Elijah. But he’s just as sick and dellusional as Sharc is.

Is their any hope for BRAND to find a hero?

Here’s to hoping.