ACW Courage 5/14/09 Report

All-Star Championship Wrestling Courage 5/14/09 Report

May 14, 2009
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

– Show opens in the parking lot as Alias and Kelly Masters arrive. Alias has some words of wisdom for the matchless Masters: “Even when you don’t plan to fight, the fight always ends up finding you.”

– In-ring, Seymour Almasy is out to discuss his time-limit draw against Rejection that didn’t make the show last week. We’re about to have us a World Title Match between the two when Steve Knox and the Posse (Cosmo Kid and Chris Chambers) interrupt. Knox is miffed that that jobber in the ring (Rejection) gets a World Title shot, while Knox is shotless. All this leads to…

1 – Rejection vs. Steve Knox ?(World Title Shot vs. Spirit of ACW Championship)

Knox gets the advantage with some cheap stuff and gets a one count after a flying forearm. Rejection counters a belly-to-belly attempt with a headbutt to the nose. Hammerlock slam (old school baby!) by Rejection. A Chambers distraction allows Cosmo to missile dropkick Rejection behind the ref’s back. Pair of snap suplexes gets two for Knox. Rejection is tossed, so Chambers and Cosmo try to kick him back into the ring. Enter Brian Spaes and a steel chair. After things settle down, Knox gains control, taking Rejection down with a half-nelson suplex. Rejection fires back with a hook kick and a DDT for two. The Posse catches Knox as Rejection tossed him down with a fallaway slam.

Knox drags him out and they brawl on the floor a bit, with Spaes firing a warning (chair)shot in Chambers’ direction before Chambers and Spaes begin brawling. Back inside, Knox misses a top rope clothesline, but Rejection nails two of them before landing a northern lights suplex with a bridge for two. Chambers trips up Rejection, who feels Knox’s Gold Rush lariat for a long two until Spaes pulls out the referee. CANADIAN VIOLENCE erupts around ringside as Knox makes another cover for two. Now Alias joins the fun, hopping on the apron to stare at Knox. Bell Chime (spinning whip kick) by Rejection connects, but Knox rebounds! Gold Rush misses, but Rejection’s Bastard’s Black Headcrusher (running impaler DDT) does not. Chambers gets taken out by a Spaes chairshot and this one is over.

WINNER: Rejection via pinfall to become the new Spirit of ACW Champion. Very fun, chaotic opening match that got the crowd involved early. Not a great wrestling match, but they don’t all have to be classics to tell a good story. I’m interested to see where Rejection goes from here, presumably trying to restore dignity to the belt. As for Knox, this angle should have had a huge blowoff at Legends (or at an even later date to really crank the heat up on this already hot angle), but due to backstage developments, it wasn’t meant to be. (**1/4)

– Hush is coming next week. Get a poncho now, Montrealites. And hire a jizz mopper.

– In-ring, an angry Preston Baxter calls out Iceman. Baxter tells Iceman that “you’re clearly out of my league” but hopes he can get in a few good shots when they wrestle one on one. I don’t know what a “NPC” is, but Iceman doesn’t want any of them around. Is Baxter a member of the National Press Club? If so, I don’t want any of those bottom feeders around either!

2 – Tengu v. Avis Flyfield

Tengu surprises Flyfield with a plancha suicida to kick us off. Some brawling around ringside includes an ugly fucking moonsault from Flyfield that nearly injures Tengu. After some more brawling, they finally head inside and the match becomes official. Tengu has some nasty little buzz saw kicks. Neat spot sees Flyfield miss a diving headbutt, Tengu kip up, and then hit a moonsault. Tengu unleashes the RED MIST~! A Shotei thrust palm strike results in the referee taking a thumb to the eye, cueing Chris Moliano, amateur chiropractor, who blasts Tengu’s back with a steel chair, knocking him off the top rope in the process. Moliano pulls an LAPD (allegedly) and frames Tengu for the chairshot. O.J. SIMPSON PSYCHOLOGY~! Post-match, Tengu swings at Moliano with the chair, but he bolts.

WINNER: Avis Flyfield via disqualification. Some decent action, but the bigger goal was furthering the Tengu/Moliano feud nicely. Moliano continues to his dick heel role to perfection. (*1/4)

3 – Tony Sharp vs. Max Danger

Last week, Sharp faced (and lost) to Kelly Masters, so no doubt Danger is looking to one-upsman Masters here. Sharp gets distracted by Danger’s smarky fan (“Hey! Can I have your autograph, Andy’s brother?”) and gets rolled up for a quick two. La Magistral cradle gets two for Danger, as does a small package. Danger then counters a backslide with a codebreaker for two. A few kicks later, Sharp catches him, but Danger escapes, nails him with an elbow, charges, then gets back dropped to the floor. Naturally, Danger hides under the ring and sends in the DangerPhone to distract Sharp, which it does, allowing Danger to hit a springboard dropkick. Danger dominates some more until Sharp catches him for an exploder suplex. Chops lead to a chokebomb for Sharp for two. Danger’s in uber pussy mode tonight with a side of lazy. A German suplex and running knee strike both only get two for Sharp. Awesome spot sees Danger put Sharp into the guillotine choke that (applied by Kelly Masters) made him pass out last week. Now that’s psychology, kids. However, Sharp has other plans and tosses Danger away. Sharp and Danger trade several counters, culminating with Danger being caught by the ankles in a sunset flip in a neat little spot that leads to a Fireman’s Carry DDT for the pin.

WINNER: Tony Sharp by pinfall. There were some very cool little bits and pieces in this match, but overall the wrestling was hurt by Danger’s chicken shit role (although, honestly, this persona could probably be a bigger draw long-term than a random **** match). Almost seemed like he was going through the motions. Will he stay this way forever? Sleepwalk through his life’s endeavor? (**)

– Backstage, Chris Moliano complains to himself about Tengu. Neither one of them is happy with him. You sir, are a formidable opponent. He calls some pretend ladies on a cell phone as he reaches a limo. The driver? Tengu! I wonder if they made him take off the mask for his license picture. This is another fun little undercard feud.

4 – Iceman vs. Preston Baxter

Iceman attacks Baxter during his entrance and brutalizes him around ringside before making the ref start the match, but this only gets two. Iceman dominates Baxter with several moves, including a missile dropkick, Samoan drop, spinebuster slam, and overhead belly-to-belly suplex, but Baxter keeps kicking out. That is, until Iceman gave Baxter a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the form of a Pearl River Plunge for the three. Post-match, Iceman locks Baxter into the Icecap (camel clutch) before shoving the referee, which brings in two security guards to protect the referee, and one of them (Buffalo Brian Slater) locks Iceman into a Buffalo Sleeper before tossing him out of the arena. Security guard Rex Silver tells Iceman: “Don’t come back until you learn how to treat officials, dickhead.” Nice little payoff on all the ref abuse from a few weeks back.

WINNER: Iceman by pinfall. Total squash by Iceman, as Baxter had zero offense, but Baxter still managed to connect with the crowd by not making Iceman work for hard for the victory. I’d really like to see a revenge of the jobbers sort of scenario at Legends, where he has to face all three (gauntlet style or in a four-way perhaps) to pay for his sins. (3/4*)

-Rejection and Brian Spaes celebrate with Alabama Slammers. Brothers after my own heart!

– In-ring, Andy Sharp announces his intention to challenge Rejection for the Spirit of ACW Title. However, his brother, Tony Sharp, ALSO wants that title. Andy slaps his brother, and we’ve got a BROTHERLY SCUFFLE OF DOOM! Security rushes out to break up the fight.

– Backstage, Alias and Kelly Masters get all alliance-y with each other. Funny line early as Alias sees some blood on the stairs: “This is probably my blood… damn.”

5 – Brian Spaes vs. Alias (Scorpion Fighting Championship Cage Match)

Just a pure, bloody brawl that doesn’t really need a recap. Alias takes a nasty falls at one point that looked like a huge botch. End comes when Spaes launches himself off a table and spears Alias into the cage wall, which falls over, which equals a no contest. This is all leading to Spaes vs. Alias at Legends III in an Empty Arena Escape Match.

RESULT: No contest. (3/4*)

Final thoughts: Not a great night wrestling-wise, as they’re focusing on the build toward Legends III. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad show, as it had its moments, but it’s not a must-see either.