ACW Courage 5/21 Report

– This is the last show before Legends III, so let’s see if ACW can make some fans send them some money!

All-Star Championship Wrestling Courage 5/21/09 Report

May 21, 2009
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

1 – Frank Dylan James vs. Rory Hayes

This is James’ debut match, and he enters via the bar area through the crowd, apparently drunk on Canadian beer and looking to fight. The fight starts in the crowd and never leaves. Both guys brawl around the arena, using chairs, before Hayes gets back body dropped through the merchandise table. Security breaks up the fight as the ref gives up on any dreams of a ****1/2 wrestling classic to open the show.

RESULT: No contest.

– In the crowd, Brian Spaes makes his presence known by cutting a promo about his Empty Arena match against Alias at Legends III for the Scorpion Fighting Championship. Spaes needs to know “which one of us is the best wrestler, fighter and survivor.”

– In-ring, Iceman joins us cocksuckers to show some highlights of him destroying Lolicon, Mr. Wrestling Pi, and Preston Baxter in recent weeks, with bonus knee surgery footage. Iceman says he’s not a jobber anymore. He’s a damn good wrestler. The cocksuckers don’t agree and refuse to cheer Iceman, who is set to face…

2 – Iceman vs. Chris Moliano

Heel vs. heel here, and Iceman gets most of the cocksuckers heat due to his promo. Moliano with a Cactus clothesline. Moliano gets posted. They tease some referee/Iceman drama. Back inside, Iceman misses an Alabama jammer and Moliano quickens the pace. In a nice spot, Iceman rolls through a crossbody then clothesline Moliano. An Energizer-sponsored sleeperhold by Iceman keeps going and going and going. After some back and forth action, Iceman gains the advantage with a missile dropkick. Moliano avoids a finisher and superkicks Iceman. Moliano powerslams Iceman, but the lights go out for a pretty long while. Lights on, a spear by Iceman leads to Respect (sitout double-arm powerbomb) for the pin. Post-match, Iceman gloats and ponders future opponents until Preston Baxter runs in and does the Lou Thesz press with punches. Iceman gets tossed, and Baxter with a suicide dive! DDT through the announce table! And into the stairs goes Iceman before Baxter whips out the VERBAL BEATDOWN!

WINNER: Iceman by pinfall. Your basic, solid match, but the real story was the aftermath. (*1/4)

– Outside the control room, Tengu celebrates besting electricity.

– In-ring, Steve Knox does NOT come out, but Rejection does. He promises to defend the Spirit of ACW Championship as often as possible. “I will defend this title and I will be proud to hold it. My goal is a simple one: to erase from people’s minds the entire title run of Steve Knox.” He now wants to be known as Trevor Wilson. Tony Sharp comes out and wants to know when he gets his shot and what the stipulations are. Enter Andy Sharp, who gets a cheap Canadian pop, which sadly due to the economy, are probably more valuable than an equivalent American cheap pop. Andy: “Trevor, it’s probably a good thing you changed your name in the first place. You’re a guy calling yourself REJECTION… and what’s worse, you’re part of a team with Brian Spaes known as the Minutemen… shit, dude, I’m betting the last time you got pussy was when you went to an animal shelter.” Oh, no you didn’t! The Sharp brothers get testy, and Andy tells his brother that his wrestling career is gonna look just like his hockey career… like shit. Wilson decides on some three-way action, but doesn’t reveal the stipulations.

– Backstage, Chris Moliano is Tengu hunting. He doesn’t find Tengu, but he conveniently finds a contract to face Tengu at Legends III.

3 – Buffalo Brian Slater vs. Hush

Hush is also making his debut tonight. Slater takes over early, but Hush takes him down with an enzuigiri and roll-up for one. Hush smartly targets Slater’s injured knee throughout the match when he’s on offense. Slater back drops Hush for two for a pair of pin attempts. Later, Hush connects with a running Yakuza kick to the corner and then a cannonball splash. A Hush springboard dropkick gets two. Slater fights off a rana and drop toe holds Hush to the buckles. A suplex leads to an elbow drop for two. Hush comes back, nails a lungblower, and finally a Busaiku knee kick for the win.

WINNER: Hush via pinfall. Not much flow to this one. Slater looked pretty rusty and slow out there, so I’m not sure if this was the best match for Hush to have for his debut. But hey, you gotta start somewhere. (*1/4)

4 – Mach 2 vs. Kelly Masters

Early, Mach runs into a CRAZY belly-to-belly suplex that sends him corner to corner. A spear slam gets two for Masters, as does a rana reversal into a powerbomb. Mach escapes a Gorilla press and rolls up Masters for two. Masters is dominating. As he uses restholds, King of Submission Max Danger (with Marcus the smark) pops up on the video screen to challenge Masters to an 60-minute ultimate submission match. The DangerPhone shows a pic of the King of Submission trophy he won in Action! Danger: “Do you have a trophy? I DON’T THINK SO!” He’s going to put the trophy on the line, and if Danger loses, he promises to wear a dress on the next Courage. “I. Will. Not. Lose. Period. End of story,” says Danger. Except it’s not, as he goes on to say that he wants Armsy McDanger back if Masters loses (which he so will), and says they’ll fight amongst his (drunk) people in a ring in the parking lot. Being this awesome is not just his right, but his responsibility. With Danger gone, it’s time for Mach to hit some hope spots: a frog splash for two; rana pin for two; dropkick to the face for two. Masters resumes control with a fallaway slam, then connects with a press slam/spear combo of sorts. Steiner Screwdriver finishes off Mach.

WINNER: Kelly Masters via pinfall. Pretty much a squash with a few hope spots thrown in, but it was never boring. (*1/2)

-Backstage, Brian Spaes tells Trevor Wilson that it’s time to play his part as the devil of ACW.

5 – Brian Spaes, Trevor Wilson & Violence Jack (w/Darius Daniels)?vs.?Alias, Tony Sharp & Horace Tully (w/ Seymour Almasy)

Lots of quick tags, nonstop action and interference in this one, and the feeling that the referee is constantly on the verge of losing control. Outside, Daniels is caught and taken out by an Almasy spinning roundhouse kick. Wilson nails Tully with a Star Sight (standing enzuigiri) for two. Wilson and Spaes combine with a European uppercut on Tully for two as Alias breaks up the nearfall. Sharp gets the tag and German suplexes Spaes for two. A sharpshooter follows, but Spaes gets to the ropes. Later, with Alias and Spaes going at it, Jack nails Alias, leading to a diving DDT from the middle rope by Spaes for two. Sharp gets in trouble, so Wilson tells the referee that there will be no time limit on this match. Outside, Almasy uses the barricade to launch onto Daniels. Chaos ensues, as Spaes and Alias pair off, as do Wilson and Sharp. Eventually only Jack and Tully are left in the ring. They trade shots, Tully avoids a high-angle Sugiura slam, but Jack unleashes a nasty lariat for the win.

WINNERS: Alias, Tony Sharp & Horace Tully (**). Absolutely chaotic match. Nobody really shined in this one, as the match was just an attempt to hype the major ACW matches for Legends III. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Final thoughts: All the feuds are in place, and the show did a pretty good job of making me want to see the payoffs to many of these feuds. Here’s the card and my estimated star ratings. If you want to play along at home, feel free to reply to the comments with either the winners or the star ratings, or both (I won’t make predictions about winners/losers because I’ve got inside information). The prize? Bragging rights:

Max Danger v. Kelly Masters ****1/4
Tengu v. Chris Moliano **1/2
Iceman v. Preston Baxter?Anything Goes **
Rejection (c) v. Tony Sharp v. Andy Sharp?***1/4
Alias (c) v. Brian Spaes?Scorpion Fighting Championship?Empty Arena Match *1/2
Main event: ??? ***1/2