ACW Courage 5/7/09 Report

I’m back from vacation, my DVR is full, and plenty of DVDs are stacked and waiting to be watched. And May’s almost over? Uh boy. What better way to get started than by watching a show from a company that’s been on a huge roll of late: All-Star Championship Wrestling. Boasting the best match (that I saw) from April, will their roll continue tonight? Let’s see.

All-Star Championship Wrestling Courage 5/7/09 Report

May 7, 2009

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

1 – Tony Sharp vs. Kelly Masters

We kick off the show with a grudge match that’s been building for the last couple of shows. They brawl to kick things off before the bell can even hit, and even more brawling after it sounds. After trading chops in the corner, Masters avoids a short-arm clothesline and German suplexes Sharp into the turnbuckles (!) for two. Masters works on the leg for a bit, but Sharp counters with an assisted suicide dive to the floor. A brawl on the floor results in Masters getting back dropped onto the concrete. Back inside at nine, Sharp tries to wear down Masters patience with rest holds, but it backfires as Masters throws elbows, then locks in the Achilles Heel. Sharp kicks his way free and hits a double knee strike for two. Masters avoids a clothesline but not the spinebuster, and Sharp bounces his way into a headlock. Masters reverses and gets a near fall, they trade reversals, and Sharp hits a German suplex with a bridge for two.

Sharp gets stampy, connects with forearms, and nails a pendulum backbreaker into a backbreaker submission. Masters won’t tap, not even after a second backbreaker. Masters comes back with a dropkick to Sharp’s knee. Masters targets the knee and locks in a spinning toe hold. Max Danger, P.I. (w/iPhone and flashlight) appears, looking for Armsy McDanger, the prosthetic arm that was stolen from him last week. But Danger can’t find the arm, and Masters has an epiphany that the spinning toe hold is really, really lame. Masters gets a cradle for two. With one minute to go in the match, Sharp fights back and lands a clothesline for two. Masters reverses out of a fireman’s carry into a falling DDT into a guillotine choke for the submission just before time expires. Post-match, Masters spits on Sharp, making the crowd boo.

WINNER: Kelly Masters via submission. Solid opening match that also managed to continue enforcing the Danger/Masters arm issue without any interference or a stupid “I’m a wrestler who’s easily distracted” finish. (**3/4)

– Backstage, Rejection tells Andy Sharp that his brother is an asshole. This is not news to Andy.

– In-ring, Chris Moliano explains that all the fans chants last week went to his head, and made him miss a moonsault that cost him certain victory. Moliano assures us this will not happen again, and we can continue to chant his name in unison, which gets the crowd to turn against him. Moliano is “A Real Man of Technical Genius” (my Budweiser inspired words, not his, though feel free to use it, ACW…just send me my 2% merchandise cut). Now Moliano addresses Tengu, who “hides his face behind the most hideous and grotesque mask I’ve ever seen and actually improves his looks by doing so.” Have I mentioned how good Moliano is on the stick? Because he is. Enter Tengu, who arrives behind Moliano’s back. Moliano is oblivious and starts to run Tengu down, only to be interrupted by Tengu’s “MOWIANO!” roar. Tengu wants a match “wight now.” Is Tengu’s last name Fudd? Moliano suddenly remembers that he has a cold and a note (apparently written in invisible ink) from Theodore Aurelius Smithington, MD, verifying that he is unable to compete tonight. Tengu tackles Moliano, but then gets thumbed in the eye, and Moliano flees.

2 – Iceman vs. Lolicon

Pre-match, Iceman shouts, “SHUT MY FUCKING MUSIC UP.” He wants to know if Lolicon really wants to go through with this. He does. After Iceman asks if Lolicon saw what he did to Mr. Wrestling Pi, he says, “Did you SEE what I did to you–?” which cracks up Lolicon, who then goes into even louder laughs just to piss off Iceman more. Lolicon goes on the offense with boots, but Iceman answers with a clothesline. Iceman is in total control with a leg drop, DDT, and punches before he hits a belly-to-belly suplex for two. Another belly-to-belly gets another two. Iceman hits a dropkick, then hits a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. But Lolicon rolls up Iceman for two. Lolicon’s lip is busted after a knee to the face. Iceman controls and tries for a running powerslam twice, but Lolicon escapes both attempts. A cross body gets two for Lolicon. Iceman gets the better of a fist fight and hits a sidewalk slam on Lolicon. An Ice Cap (camel clutch) follows for the submission.

Post-match, Iceman won’t drop the hold and screams at Lolicon until Preston Baxter runs in and attacks Iceman, eventually connecting with a spinebuster. Iceman has a hissy fit on the floor after realizing he just got beat up by a really old jobber. Medics tend to Lolicon.

WINNER: Iceman by submission. This continues to be a very solid undercard program between Iceman and the trio of jobbers in an effort to build up Iceman. (*)

– Backstage, Max Danger has recruited Johnny Long to help him look for Armsy. Danger tells Long to look behind some soda machines, but after much effort, Long discovers they’re bolted to the floor. Long is about to share his secret to lasting all night long when he passes out from exhaustion. Danger looks at a pic of Armsy on his cell phone. “I’ll never find you, will I? Siiiiiiiigh.”

– Elsewhere backstage, Rejection and Seymour Almasy agree to a non-title match. 3 – Alias vs. Brian Spaes (Scorpion Fighting Title Match)

Unsurprisingly, lots of brawling to start. Alias gains an advantage with a Roman knuckle lock, but Spaes counters with a triangle choke. Alias powers Spaes up for a slam to break the hold. Alias avoids a Uraken and hits an exploder suplex. Spaes bails to the floor, but Alias goes out after him with a Fosbury Flop Plancha dive, getting the crowd going. A running knee by Alias sends both of them into the crowd for lotsa brawling. Spaes gets busted by a headbutt, and Alias adds injury to injury with a Click Boom Tiger Crush. A possibly suicidal fan sacrifices himself for Spaes, taking an Alias chair shot, leading to a no contest.

RESULT: No contest. The ending makes sense, as this is obviously building to a blowoff at their megashow, Legends. (*)

– At the bar, Max Danger shares his tales of woe with Scruffy the bartender (a.k.a., Alcoholic Enabler). “What kind of person does that? Seriously, who steals another man’s prosthetic arm?” Danger should call Brock Shepherd and ask him about that one. Next week, Danger will challenge “The Sharp Brother Who’s Not Andy” to a match.

– Backstage, SilverHAWK is pissed about the fan getting chair shotted, so he books Alias and Brian Spaes into a cage match for next week.

4 – Steve Knox, Chris Chambers & Cosmo Kid vs. Andy Sharp, Mach 2, & Horace Tully

Knox’s heel heat is off the charts here. Sharp goes right for Knox, connecting with a spear and punches as Mach 2 takes care of Kid. But Knox’s Posse has the numbers, and Chambers rescues Knox from a further beating. Chambers and Knox stomp Sharp as Tully makes his entrance to even the sides and send the Posse to the floor. We properly kick off the match with Sharp and Chambers. Early on, Sharp connects with a spinning wheel kick for two. After choking Chambers on the ropes, Sharp hits a sleeping neckbreaker for two. Chambers comes back with a jawbreaker followed by a hangman’s neckbreaker. Knox tags in, stomps Sharp, connects with a right, then puts Sharp into a modified European headlock in the ropes. Exploder suplex by Knox gets two, as Mach 2 machs the save. Knox keeps up the assault until Sharp avoids a corner move and hits a slingshot kick through the ropes. Sharp doesn’t tag out, wanting to kick Knox a bit first, but it’s a bad idea as Knox counters with a snap scoop powerslam for two. Cosmo enters and chops away on Sharp before landing a dropkick and leg lariat. Chambers is in and they hit a tandem gutbuster for two.

Chambers locks in a rear chinlock with leg scissors. Crowd chants give Sharp the magical power to get back up, but Chambers knees him. But off a whip to the ropes, Sharp rebounds with a leaping moonsault cross body block. At eight, Sharp tags in Tully, as Cosmo tags in on the other side. Tully unloads with forearms, chops and a swinging neckbreaker. Chambers runs into an STO. Tag to Mach 2, who takes out Chambers with a springboard somersault body block, then a springboard corkscrew moonsault for Cosmo for two. Cosmo gets flippy, but Mach blocks and hits a slingshot Barrier Breaker (double knee jawbreaker), leading to a Majistral Cradle for two as Chambers makes the save. Chambers hits the Kansas City Drive-By (Yakuza kick) on Mach 2, but Tully interrupts Chambers celebration by unloading with a stiff lariat. Knox tags in and spears Tully. Gold Rush (lariat) by Knox connects. Sharp with a sneaky tag in and nails Knox with Leet Feet V.2 (superkick). Five-Sharp Frog Splash seals the win for Sharp.

WINNER: Andy Sharp, Mach 2, and Horace Tully. Good ending sequence, culminating with Sharp getting a clean pin on the Spirit of ACW Champion, to set up a title match. (***)

Final Thoughts: Umm…where’s Almasy vs. Rejection? I hate when shows make you think there’s going to be a match and then there isn’t. That aside, another good show from ACW, though it kind of felt incomplete with only four matches. Things are starting to take shape for Legends, a show I’m looking forward to.