ACW Courage 6/18 Report: Including Spaes vs. Sharp #1 Contender Match

SHOW: ACW Courage- ARC III Requiem
DATE: June 18th
LOCATION: Montreal, Ontario Canada

John Hurst is informed by his accountant, Miles Graceland, that his opponent for tonight is going to be Johnny Long who goes from being a former champion to just ‘terrible’ by the end.  Hurst does not approve.

“The Rising Star” Landon Stevens promo.  “ACW, Are you ready for the Rising Star?”  Stevens promises to rise above the rest and take ACW places they’ve never seen.

Match #1 Trevor Wilson pins Alias to retain the Spirit of ACW title.  Wilson connects with his finisher- Bastard’s Black Headcrusher, for the win.  Wilson hands Alias his Scorpion title belt back as a sign of respect.

Ikan Jobtayoo frets to Conrad Ramsey about Hurst upturning his merchandise table the week before.  Ikan tries to confront Hurst but Graceland opens the door and politely blows him off after Hurst tells him to shut the door.

Mach 2 frets about his less than impressive won-loss record in ACW to Andy Sharpx.  Sharp tries to instill some positive affirmation into Mach 2 with little success.  Finally, Sharp tells him that he has ‘it’ and just need to go out and ‘kick Ryan Gallway’s ass and show them crazy mothercanuckers of ACW fans just how it’s done.’

Match #2 John Hurst obliterates Johnny Long with a Death Valley Driver and a quick pin.

Chris Moliano arrives late, checks the card, finds out he’s not on the card, and heads back home.

Kelly Flawless and Frank Dylan James have ‘rap contest.’

Alias asks The Minutemen (Trevor Wilson, Brian Spaes) if they know anything about the attack on Seymour Almasy.  What he gets is The Minutemen’s ‘point of view of the revolution-‘ which is to say, nothing.

Butch and Mack Brody invite themselves into SilverHAWK’s office to inquire about joining the tag team division.  HAWK threatens to call security; the Brody’s threaten to take out security and anyone else who tries to remove them from the building.  HAWK finally relents and tells them to come back next week- he might have something for them…or he might not.

Match #3 Ryan Gallway def. Mach 2 via Precision Lock submission.  Post match, Gallway, Frank Pierce, and Alexandria Malone beat down a helpless Mach 2 before Andy Sharp runs down to make the save.

However, Mach 2 loses match but gains the fans’ respect in defeat.

Ikan Jobtayoo again tries to confront John Hurst.  Miles Graceland again tries to run interference but Ikan’s persistance gains him a right cross on his jaw by Hurst- who grabs a few t-shirts on the way out to use as rags.

Iceman promo- runs down Preston Baxter to the tune of the Scorpion’s ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’ and complains about the lack of Iceman t-shirts in the crowd.

Match #4 Brian Spaes pinned ‘The All-Star’ Andy Sharp after clocking him with a backfist to become the new #1 contender for the ACW World Title.

Max Danger enjoys his newfound status as the ACW World champion being fed grapes by Armsy McDanger while Marcus the Smark kept close watch on the title belt.  Trevor Wilson interrupts Danger and informs him that he’s entitled to a title shot and promises that he’ll be coming for the gold.

Alias corners Khristian Keller and asks him about Almasy’s attack.

Match #5 Unknown Elements (Shawn Arrows and Carlos Lopez) def. Pi in the Sky (Avis Flyfield and Mr. Wrestling Pi).  Lopez hits the Top Rope 450 Insomnia on Mr. Wrestling Pi for the pin.

Khristian Keller leaves the arena still smarting from his encounter with Alias.

Match #6 Shepherd def. ACW World Champion Max Danger in a non-title Ladder Match by grabbing and regaining possession of Armsy McDanger.