ACW: Early Courage Rumors

Source: All-Star Championship Wrestling

All-Star Championship Wrestling posted two rumors about this week’s Courage:

– Is seems that all is not well in the ACW upper tier as SilverHAWK is seething at the actions of the Scorpion Champion, Alias. After JOINING the Minutemen last week, Alias has a lot to answer for. Will he do it this Thursday?

– Ted Caldweller, the famous EWTorch reviewer, will be a guest of Max Danger on Thursday! And it is rumoured that he will actually see Danger wrestle.

Ted Caldweller note: It’s true. I’m on my way to Montreal, where I’ll provide live coverage of the event. I’ve got my stars ready. I’m also finishing up my report on ACW’s Montreal Fest show from last week as I recover from my Seattle adventures. Keep an eye out for it.