ACW: Shareholders Choose Stip for Danger/Shepherd

All-Star Championship Wrestling announced the following on their Web site:

Due to the plethora of emails, voice mails, letters, and fake plastic hands that had arrived at All-Star Arena in the past several days, SilverHAWK has announced that on June 18th, as the fans (shareholders only!) enter the building for that night’s Courage, they would get to vote on what sort of match Max Danger and Shepherd would do battle in.

The object up for grabs was not the King of ACW’s World Championship, however. No, instead, the very prosthetic hand that Max Danger had stolen from Shepherd (then known as Brock Shepherd) on December 20th, 2008 in Just Wrestling, that he later dubbed “Armsy McDanger” will be on the line.

The winning stipulation will not be announced until both men had arrived in the ring for the main event of that program. The stipulations on the ballot are: Last Man Standing, Ladder Match, Steel Cage Match, Parking Lot Brawl, and Prosthetic on a Pole.

Please, don’t forget to come on out to All-Star Arena on Thursday, June 18th, to witness the ultimate grudge match between Max Danger and Shepherd! Tickets are available through Ticketmaster or can be purchased at the ticket window.

Source: All-Star Championship Wrestling