ACW: Shareholders Will Pick Danger’s Challenger

Source: All-Star Championship Wrestling

By virtue of his winning the Spirit of ACW Championship from Steve Knox, “The Apex Predator” Trevor Wilson has a guaranteed shot at the ACW World Championship at a time of his choosing. His Minutemen partner, Brian Spaes, last week earned himself the official #! Contendership to said World Title by defeating Andy Sharp.
Max Danger, the reigning ACW World Champion and self-proclaimed King of ACW, however, doesn’t recognize either man as rightful challengers to his hard-won and oft-defended belt. When asked his thoughts on the two men having upcoming opportunities to win the title from him, the Danger Man simple said, “Pffft!” and waved his hand in a ‘whatever, they don’t matter’ manner.

Since he wasn’t impressed with who his top two challengers were, the Amazing One had his own idea on who he would first put his title on the line against.

“Kelly Masters. Alias. Andy Sharp. Frank Dylan James. Hush. Khristian Keller. Conrad Ramsey. Those seven men I had The Boy Who Worships Me Like A God (that would be Marcus the Smark) pick out randomly are the seven men who are eligible for a shot at my title. And to be fair to the fans, if they so happen to not like either of those choices — and I don’t blame them one bit — there will be a blank spot to put in a write-in vote. What’s going to happen is very similar to how the Ladder Match was chosen for my match against Shepherd.”

Max wasn’t nearly as down about the result of that contest considering this.

“The shareholders will be asked to vote as they enter the newly redubbed Danger Dome (Max’s name for the All-Star Arena) and whoever wins that vote — which I will announce just before the match — will be this coming Courage’s main event for MY ACW World Championship.”

So, folks, this coming Thursday, head to the All-Star Arena Danger Dome and if you’re a shareholder you get to vote to see who challenges Max Danger for the World Championship of ACW!