[Boardwalk] Crowning Achievement 3




The capacity crowd is on it’s feet as pyro goes off inside the arena at Bally’s. We cut to see Steve and Phil sitting down for the show.


Steve: Hello folks! I’ve Steve Phillips and you know my partner, Phil Stevens.


Phil: The pleasure is all mine…along with your money.


Steve: And after five seconds I wonder why I don’t ask for a raise from dealing with you. After that lovely showing on Xtra folks we got even more action for you tonight on “Crowning Achievement!”, and here is the rundown. Starting off we got an Anarchy Title match between Anubis and Ash Scion.


Phil: But that’s not all because anyone and everyone can get involved in an Anarchy match!


Steve: True as always Phil. After that we got Psyche Devyne taking on Juliett Brooks in a grudge match.


Phil: I personally wanted a pudding match.


Steve: Well you were outvoted. After that we have tag team title action as Cero Miedo defends against The Lockharts, Taryn Willow and Kat Jones, and , from Fight One Wrestling, The Untouchables.

Phil: Wait…What are The Lockharts doing in this match. Wasn’t there another team?


Steve: The Lockharts are replacing the injured team of TNR. This will also be settled in a TLC style match so the champs really have to pull it out tonight.


Phil: Then after that is an awesome match. Matt Meyhu finally settles his grudge with Baxter!


Steve: Then we have a match where one man puts up his career to unmask one of his greatest rivals. Rico Smith puts it all on the line against Ataxia in a match feed live to us from Boston. Don’t miss this odd yet brutal contest!


Phil: Eh…what’s this match after that?


Steve: The James Avery Memorial Cup match will take place between Amy Jo Smyth and Brennan Devlin. This is a non-title match, but if these two bring what they did to the “Number One Contenders” battle royal a few weeks ago this might just be the sleeper hit of the night.


Phil: Is that all?


Steve: Hell no. Boardwalk Director Erik Dean is getting back into the ring to take on Fight One’s president…Aidan Morag in a Steel Cage! And finally after that is our main event…A casket match for the AC Title. “The Ripper” Danny B will take on “The Distinguished” CJ O’Donnell. And if CJ doesn’t win the title tonight…he retires.


Phil: But he’s gonna win so it doesn’t matter. Let’s start this show already!


Anubis vs. Ash Scion vs. ???
-Anarchy Title Match-


We cut to the ring, where we see Anubis, Ash Scion, Lance Peterson, Trey Maddox, Alexis Anne, Noah Hanson, Darin Zion, Mike Zybala, Allister Black, Travis Nathaniel Andrews, and Osiris Lincoln standing by. The crowd boos as Reed Richards comes out from the back, with a microphone in his hand.


Reed Richards:I’m sure you’re all wondering exactly why you’re there, I’ve called you all out here tonight for a reason. You see, I know you all have an interest in the Anarchy championship. I wanted to try something out, something different for tonight.


The crowd, unsure of what is happening, watches on as Reed smiles.


Reed Richards:Normally we just have chaos backstage, the Anarchy champion getting attacked until whoever holds the belt leaves the building. But tonight I wanted to try something different, I want to have a battle royal for that title. Get everybody interested in the same ring, and just get it all out of the way at once.


The wrestlers in the ring nod their heads, Reed continues.


Reed Richards:But this isn’t a normal battle royal, you see there won’t be any eliminations by throwing somebody over the top. In order to win this belt, you need to be the lone survivor. The only way to do that is to pin your opponent. Eliminations come by pinfall, folks. Anything goes. So, with that being said…get this match started!


Steve: An interesting way to start off the night, wouldn’t you say?


Phil: I guess so, originally we were supposed to have Anubis and Ash Scion in the ring for a match. I guess Reed though this was a better idea!


With everybody gathered into the ring, the bell rings and it suddenly becomes total anarchy! 11 participants swarm each other, chaos engulfs the ring as Anubis quickly gets overwhelmed. Osiris Lincoln and Lance Peterson quickly start working over the Anarchy champ, as the others begin to take each other on. Darin Zion goes face to face with Ash Scion, the two exchanging forearm shots with each other. Zion looks to get the better of Ash, but Ash connects with a spinning elbow that drops Zion to the mat. Noah Hanson quickly rushes in, grabbing Scion from behind and dumping her to the mat with a Snap German Suplex!


Steve: Noah Hanson taking the early advantage here!


Phil: He takes down Ash Scion with ease!


Hanson looks proud of his work, but gets tossed to the outside by Trey Maddox! Maddox spins around, and levels Mike Zybala with a quick spinning heel kick! Travis Andrews tries to rush in, a sneak attack on Maddox doesn’t work as he is leveled with a stiff lariat. Allister Black finally gets into the mix, as he knocks down Maddox with a clothesline from behind. Alexis Anne goes to check on Mike Zybala, getting him back up to his feet. The two spin Allister around, taking him down with double dropkicks!


Steve: Double team work from Zybala and Anne!


Phil: Teamwork will only last you so long in matches like these.


Peterson and Lincoln break off from attacking Anubis, they look to turn their attention to Scion but Peterson attacks Lincoln from behind! Lincoln quickly gets tossed over the top rope, allowing Peterson to re-focus on the downed Anarchy champ. Peterson pulls Anubis out from the corner, drilling him into the mat with a beautiful sit-out spinebuster! Anubis looks rocked, as Peterson quickly covers him for the pin!








Amber Rose: Anubis has been eliminated!


Steve: And just like that, the current Anarchy champ has been eliminated!


Phil: That guarantees a brand new champion here tonight!


Peterson doesn’t have much time to celebrate his elimination, as he is swarmed by the other participants. We cut over to Noah Hanson, who appears to be littering the ring with weapon after weapon. Noah grabs a chair, he slides into the ring and quickly wraps it around the head of Darin Zion! Zion falls to the mat, and Hanson follows up with a shot to Allister Black! Hanson looks to be in control, but gets leveled with a top rope dropkick from Alexis Anne! Hanson falls to the mat, and Anne quickly moves to cover Darin Zion!








Amber Rose:Darin Zion has been eliminated!


Steve: There goes Zion!


Phil: See you later Zion, don’t ever come back!


Noah gets back up to his feet, he clobbers Alexis Anne with a nasty clothesline! Hanson is quickly pulled away from Anne by Travis Andrews. He throws out a superkick, but Hanson quickly ducks the attempt. Noah Hanson instead levels him with a stiff lariat, quickly covering him for the pin!








Amber Rose: Travis Nathaniel Andrews has been eliminated!


Steve: TNA is gone!


Phil: Bye Travis!


Noah Hanson looks pretty pleased with himself, he goes to grab Alexis Anne as the fighting continues on behind him. Ash Scion is locked in a battle with Osiris Lincoln, as Lance Peterson fights with Trey Maddox and Allister Black. Hanson lifts Anne up onto his shoulders, but Mike Zybala is right there to pull her down! Hanson turns around, and eats a superkick! Alexis looks to thank Zybala, who quickly shrugs and levels her with a superkick! Mike Zybala quickly covers Anne for the pinfall!








Amber Rose:Alexis Anne has been eliminated!


Steve: I guess you were right, Phil! Teamwork seems to be overrated in matches like these.


Phil: I am always right, Steve. Come on now!


With four eliminations so far, the ring has gotten smaller in terms of competitors. Scion levels Lincoln with a quick elbow show, she follows that up with a hard spinning back elbow that puts him on his ass. Allister Black jumps into the mix, he goes to grab Scion who levels him with a spinning backfist! Ash Scion sees a nearby chair, she grabs the chair and wraps it around the head of Allister Black for good measure! Black falls to the mat, as Scion quickly covers him for the pin!








Amber Rose:Allister Black has been eliminated!


The six competitors all look at each other, they quickly swarm into the middle of the ring as everybody starts to fight! Zybala levels Hanson with a superkick! Peterson tries to take Zybala down, but Zybala drops him with a superkick to his knee! Peterson tries to get back up, but Ash Scion catches him flush with a running knee strike to the side of his face! Maddox and Lincoln square off, fighting each other into a corner. Maddox tries to dump Lincoln over the top, but Lincoln counters it into a T-Bone Suplex!


Steve: Look at Osiris Lincoln go!


Phil: He looks like a damn machine in that ring right now.


Lincoln sees a cookie sheet on the mat, he picks it up and wallops Mike Zybala over the head! Ash Scion turns around, and gets hit over the head as well! Lincoln sees the downed Peterson, he lifts him up to his feet. A quick inside cradle slams Peterson almost head first into the mat, the Small Package Driver connects! Osiris Lincoln quickly covering him for the pinfall!








Amber Rose:Lance Peterson has been eliminated!


With only five in the ring now, the ring is a bit easier to move around in. Noah Hanson, who’s been watching this whole time, attack Osiris as he tries to get back to his feet. Hanson catches him with a running boot, knocking Osiris to the outside! Hanson laughs, but is quickly dumped over the top rope by Mike Zybala! Zybala turns around, and gets taken out with a clothesline by Trey Maddox! Maddox quickly climbs up to the nearby turnbuckle, he waits as the three men on the outside get back up to their feet. Maddox launches himself towards the group, knocking them down with a beautiful senton splash!


Steve: Look out below!


Phil: Beautiful Senton Splash from Trey Maddox!


The crowd starts to get antsy, realizing that Ash Scion is still in the ring. Scion looks to the crowd, and to the pile of bodies on the outside. She waits for them to stir, hyping herself up, the group of men finally start to get back up to their feet. Scion rushes towards the ropes, she steps onto the middle rope and launches herself clear of the top! Ash Scion lands with a beautiful shooting star senton to the outside, taking everyone else out!






The Bally’s crowd is fully behind Ash Scion, she gets back up to her feet to the approval of the crowd. Noah Hanson, who didn’t take much of the move, is also back up to his feet. He grabs Scion from behind, tossing her into the nearby steps! Scion crashes hard, slamming hard into the steps and then the mat. Pleased with himself, Noah Hanson looks to the rest of the men on the ground. He grabs Trey Maddox, shoving him back into the ring.


Steve: Noah Hanson looking to take advantage of the situation here.


Phil: He’s done well all match, let’s see if he can continue it now.


Noah Hanson slides back into the ring, grabbing a kendo stick that lays on the mat. He brings it down on Maddox’s back, slamming the stick over and over onto the exposed back of Trey Maddox. Maddox tries to fight, he crawls to get back to his feet, but Hanson keeps slamming the stick into his back. Maddox finally gets to one knee, but Noah Hanson cracks the stick over his head! Trey Maddox crumbles into a heap, Noah Hanson doesn’t notice Mike Zybala sliding into the ring. He quickly pulls Hanson down, a schoolboy pin out of nowhere!








Amber Rose:Noah Hanson has been eliminated!


Mike Zybala looks around him, Trey Maddox has gotten back up and Osiris Lincoln has gotten back into the ring. The two men try to corner Zybala, who lashes out with forearm strikes! He knocks Maddox backwards, and levels him with a superkick! Lincoln attempts a running knee attempt, but Zybala ducks and knocks him down with a superkick as well!


Steve: Lincoln just got superkicked!


Phil: Here comes Scion!


Suddenly, Ash Scion sprints into the ring and lands a Busaiku Knee Kick to Osiris Lincoln! The combination of the moves completely levels him. Ash Scion goes to cover him, but Trey Maddox launches himself off of the top rope with a double stomp! Scion sees this, and moves out of the way, Maddox lands on Osiris!


Steve: Osiris Lincoln has just been picked apart here!


Phil: Look out Maddox!


Zybala and Scion quickly level Maddox with double superkicks! Scion rushes to pin Maddox, as Zybala covers Lincoln!








Amber Rose:Trey Maddox and Osiris Lincoln have been eliminated!


Steve: Double elimination! And now we are down to two!


Phil: Mike Zybala is a former Atlantic City champion, no way that Ash Scion can stand in the ring with him!


With the match down to two, Zybala and Scion stare at each other. They circle each other around the ring, quickly locking up in the center. Zybala gets the advantage, sending Scion to the ropes. Scion bounces back, she stops in front of Zybala and attempts a roundhouse that Mike ducks under. Zybala runs to the ropes, landing a running neckbreaker that snaps Ash Scion to the mat! Zybala looks to quickly take advantage, he rushes to the nearby turnbuckle but Scion is already back up to her feet. She grabs a nearby chair, throwing it at her opponent!


Steve: That chair connects, and Zybala is on dream street!


Phil: She just threw that chair like she was pitching a fastball!


Zybala looks to be a bit out of it, as Scion quickly moves up the turnbuckle herself. With both herself and Zybala perched up top, she jumps up and throws Zybala to the mat with a top rope frankensteiner! Zybala lands hard, almost out of it as he gets back to his feet. Scion gets back up, she knocks Zybala down with a Gamengiri kick!


Steve: Gamengiri Kick!


Phil: Oh no, Zybala is in trouble here!


Scion pulls a trash can close by, she signals for the end of this match! Zybala is picked back up, Scion getting him back up to his feet. Scion pushes Zybala into a powerbomb position, the fans almost on their feet as she lifts him up! As quickly as she brings him up, Ash snaps him forward, drilling him head first into the trash can with the Barry White Driver! Ash crawls over, quickly covering him for the pin!








Amber Rose:Here is your winner, and NEW Anarchy Champion…ASH SCIIIOONNN!!!


Steve: She did it! Ash Scion is your new Anarchy Champion!


Phil: She went through hell to get that title, bodies in graves for certain!


“Don’t Mess With Me” plays as Ash Scion is handed the Anarchy championship. With the crowd cheering, fully behind her, Ash raises her new championship up high into the air. Scion celebrates with her new championship, as we cut to backstage.



Julliet Brooks wandered the halls of Bally’s wearing sweatpants and a shirt, she also had on a pair of Dr. Dre Beats on her ears which caused a major distraction. While walking, she spotted her friend Ricky Stanton standing in the corner talking on his cellphone. She went up to him, and removed her headphones all while waiting for him to end the conversation he was having with someone.


Ricky stopped what he was doing when he saw Julliet come up and smiled.


Pretty Ricky Stanton: Hey there – So are you ready to rock tonight? I know we haven’t talked in a while but good luck with your match


She returns the smile back.


Julliet Brooks: Of course. I’ve been preparing for this for months now and finally I get my shining moment, so with that being said I need a huge favor from you.


Pretty Ricky Stanton: Sure, whatever you want – Clones? Escort ya ringside? What do you need?


Julliet Brooks: It’s quite the opposite really… I want to make sure everything goes perfectly, and I ask that you, or your clones not cause any interference.


Ricky gets silent.


Pretty Ricky Stanton: (Nods in agreement) I see – Hey, it’s your match I’m just a fan ya know? Go do your thing and make it pretty. I’ll be watching backstage ok? The last thing I want to do is cause you to get an L or something else happen.


She puts her hand against the wall and tilts her head sideways, ponders for a moment.


Julliet Brooks: Yeah, I definitely have to agree. I have to go get ready now. Let’s catch up after the show.


Ricky smiles.


Pretty Ricky Stanton: Yeah, let’s do that.


Ricky watches her walk away as one of his Clones comes up eating ice cream.


Clone: Not going to join her boss?


Pretty Ricky Stanton: No, she’s on her own. (Shrugs shoulders) Hey I can respect it – And besides, I don’t want to be that clingy guy you know? She’s a good person to know around here and I’m going to do what she wants.


With that being said she leaves Ricky to do his thing, and she decides to head straight to her locker room, wasting no time in getting there. She had a match minutes away, and needed a shower. That being said she walked quickly and finally arrived at the door and opened it. The first thing she noticed going in was her new ring attire that she couldn’t wait to try on, but shower must come first, so she opened the bathroom door, leaving it slightly open to throw her dirty clothes out, then the door closed shut. Due to privacy the cameras were not followed to film inside there.


The camera’s open up to the outside of Julliet Brooks’ locker room. Psyche comes into frame, a smirk on her lips. She brings a hand up to her mouth, holding a finger up over her mouth, shushing the cameraman. She quietly opens the door, noticing nobody inside. A sound could be heard, however. The sound of running water. Likely Julliet having a shower. Psyche brought her fist down in celebration, pushing her way into the room. Her whole body is seen now, showing a wrapped gift basket in her other arm. She placed it on a table in the center of the room, fluffing up the plastic it was covered in. Inside was all the items she had purchased for Julliet days before.


Psyche made quick rounds of the room, gathering up anything that resembled clothing. Actually, she grabbed everything and anything that Julliet could possibly use to make herself look nice, save for anything she may keep closer to the shower. She stuffed them into a duffel bag she found and zipped it up quietly. Before she left, she placed a small recording device on the table in front of the basket. She unfolded a piece of paper that she also removed from her pocket, placing it in front. On it was written “Play Me”.


In seconds, Psyche was back out of the room with the duffel bag, leaving the camera man to find a spot to hide a smaller camera to catch Julliet’s reaction when she came out of the shower.


You can hear the faucet shower turn off, then the door opens. Julliet comes out wrapped in a towel with no makeup on. She noticed all her clothing disappeared and that included her panties, she grunted and started to freak out, then her eyes focused on the gift basket that was on the table. Curious enough, she rummaged inside of it and found some sort of recording device and pressed the play button.


Psyche’s voice on the recording:


“Hey there, love! I hope you got this package okay. I really didn’t want this new ring gear I bought you to go to waste, so I thought I’d send a care package. The key to your fancy hotel room for the night is in the basket. I’m really confident that you’ll find a date tonight with that outfit. Unfortunately… my previous thoughts about McDonald’s lasting a few days were… incorrect. I think they got moldy. Apologies for the smell… Maybe you could mask it with perfume? Or maybe not… I’m guessing you’ve noticed everything is missing, yeah? That may or may not be something that I definitely did not take from your room at all. Anyways… no meal tonight, but you get the room, still! And a mani-pedi tomorrow with that gift card! They’re totally okay with your foot fungus problem. Don’t worry. I’ll see you in the ring in a few! Bye!!”


Julliet pulled out the outfit that smelled like it came straight out of a dumpster, and with one swing she threw it across the room. She took a seat on the sofa and ran her hands through her face with the camera picking up closely on it, but was quickly shoved to the side because of this.


Psyche Devyne vs. Julliet Brooks
-Grudge Match-


Amber Rose:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Grudge Match… Introducing first, from Albuquerque, New Mexico and weighing in tonight at 108 pounds… JULLIET BROOKS!!!

“Ruin” by I:Scintella hits and out walks Julliet Brooks onto the stage to a chorus of boos from the audience, but unlike usual she is not dressed in stunning designer ring gear – she is wearing a three sizes too big Boardwalk Wrestling logo t-shirt over the nasty clothing that had been left for her.  For a split second she seems almost vulnerable, almost humanly embarrassed but she holds her head high and ignores it as the fans start laughing and pointing at her gear, and she continues to walk down the ramp.  The fans jeer and boo but she flips her hair regally before she climbs up the stairs, gets into the ring and seems to get her footing back, she soaks up the hugely negative reaction, then she leans against the ropes and looks toward the entrance way, a look that speaks of eagerness for revenge creeps to her face.

Phil: Yikes.  Look at that gear, Steve.  Psyche really tried to humiliate Julliet Brooks.  If I had to wear something like that…

Steve:  You’d be arrested for being a public menace, and Psyche Devyne should be arrested for a laundry list of charges!  Vandalism, theft, malicious mischief, public indecency.  She should be ashamed of herself for violating that poor woman’s ring gear that I’m sure she spent tons and tons of money on, just to embarrass and tarnish her good name! It’s ridiculous!

Phil: Julliet managed to find herself a Boardwalk Wrestling shirt somewhere backstage.  Looks like she’s covered up that “replacement” gear that Psyche was so, uh, “kind” enough to loan her for their match.  Speaking of Psyche, here she comes!

Amber Rose:  And her opponent, from London, England United Kingdom… weighing in tonight at 128 pounds… she is PSYCHE DEVYNE!!!!

The lights dim and Adrenalize by In This Moment hits, the crowd cheering a bit, knowing who’s on her way. Lights come on right behind the curtains, making it hard to see. The words “Adrenalize me” are heard and Psyche comes out of the curtains. The fans get a bit louder, seeing her silhouette. She throws her hands up, the lights switching to the front of her. She makes her way to the ring, slapping hands with some of the fans and taking a bit more time with others. Teasing a select few a bit more than by just shaking her butt and flaunting her stuff on the way to the ring. She jumps in the ring and goes to each corner, raising her hands into devil horns.

Psyche drops down from the last corner post and starts making a beeline right for Julliet Brooks.  Gina Ferris inserts herself between Devyne and Brooks, holding out her hands to each woman to keep them from brawling before the match officially begins.  She takes a couple of steps back, after a couple of extra prompts from the official, and Ms. Ferris calls for the bell.


As soon as it rings, Psyche quickly closes the distance, cutting off Julliet’s attempts to avoid confrontation.  Brooks moves to duck through the ropes, but Psyche Devyne is on her quickly, cutting off her attempt to duck out to the floor as she grabs hold of that t-shirt.  The fans start to cheer, and Devyne begins to rock her opponent with stiff forearm shots, backing Brooks up into the ropes.  An Irish whip to the other side of the ring and Psyche lowers her head for a backdrop, but Brooks hooks her arms around the top rope, holding on for dear life.  The fans, cheated out of their backdrop, boo as the Pride of New Mexico slowly circles the ring, warily keeping an eye on her opponent and holding her jaw.

Phil:  She attacked Psyche’s mother. Julliet Brooks forced ashes down her throat, and has interfered in some of Psyche’s matches.  We all know that Julliet Brooks is not exactly Miss Popular at this moment in time. She knows she’s got a target on her back, Steve, and she’s taking some very careful steps in the ring right now.  Psyche Devyne is just chomping at the bit to get her hands on this woman, and who can blame her?  The fans paid to see a wrestling match, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this end up outside the ring tonight, Steve.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a fistfight.  I’ve been told that Gina Ferris has been given the green light to officiate this match pretty loosely tonight.

Steve:  Well that just seems like it’s unnecessary and completely unfair.  I’m not saying what Julliet Brooks did was exactly right, but let’s face it:  With a daughter like that, Momma Devyne definitely had it coming.  I mean look, she practically raised a hooligan and a criminal!  So now we’re going to reward her troublemaking daughter with what’s basically a falls count anywhere, no holds barred match?  How fair is that?

Phil: I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how fair it is.

The two move to lock up in the center of the ring, and just before they do, Julliet jams a thumb into Psyche’s eye.  She reaches up and rakes the eyes, following up with a snapmare and then a kick to the back, raising her hands up and out to the side and begins to taunt the fans, who shower her with boos.  She tosses her hair and smirks before going back to her opponent.  She slaps on a chinlock and wrenches the hold in, bringing Psyche to the mat and sprawling out prone.  Gina Ferris checks to see if Psyche submits.  While distracted, Brooks sneaks her feet up onto the middle rope, using it as leverage, and the fans boo even louder.  When the official checks, Brooks drops her feet back to the mat.  She repeats this twice again, and on the third attempt, gets caught by the referee, who kicks her feet off of the middle rope and begins to admonish her.  Ferris and Brooks get into an argument and Julliet begins to back the official towards one of the corners.  Psyche, coming to her senses, recovers just enough to slide in and try a schoolgirl roll up!  Ferris drops into position to count.




Steve: See?!  See what I mean?  That English “lady” that you’re so proud of just tried to cheat her way to a win!  You didn’t see that handful of tights that she had?!  Come on, referee; get with the program!

Phil:  What are you talking about?  You’re delusional!

Steve:  Go back and watch the tape!  This is an outrage!

Brooks staggers back up to her feet, and Psyche is there with another quick pin attempt!





An inside cradle gets two and a kickout, and another schoolgirl nets the same result.  The fans are cheering as Brooks gets back up to her feet, and she attempts to backpedal and get some distance between the two, but Psyche is on her, delivering those hard forearms again and she backs Julliet into the corner.  An Irish whip across the ring from corner to corner drives “Rapid Fire” back-first into the opposite side turnbuckles, and Psyche follows her in, charging in right behind her, only to hop up, plant her feet into Julliet Brooks and bring her over toward the center of the ring with a monkey flip!

Devyne brings her opponent up to her feet again, this time with a wristlock, but Brooks shifts gears once again and reaches up, using a handful of hair to assist in a mat slam that grounds Psyche Devyne, derailing her building momentum.  Taking a few seconds to catch her breath, Julliet delivers a few stomps to her opponent before cinching in a scissored armbar!  The English Darling squirms and writhes on the mat, inching closer to the bottom rope with all her might.

Steve:  Yes!  This is it!  I hope Julliet Brooks snaps that little English arm right in half!  And look at that armbar, look at that technique, Phil!  Ronda Rousey, eat your heart out!

Phil:  Devyne could be in trouble!  She’s got to get to that bottom rope!  Brooks is smart here, working the arm, trying to take away her grip

strength and weaken that arm.  She’s got that submission hold of Psyche’s well scouted; she’s really been paying attention, Steve!

Finally, Psyche manages to get a foot across that bottom rope, and the fans cheer.  Gina calls for the rope break once, and then twice, but Brooks refuses to let go, adding insult to injury.  As Psyche howls out in pain, Gina Ferris begins the five count, with Julliet Brooks finally letting go at four and a half.  The fans boo, but she only smirks, bends over and slaps her rear end, telling the fans to kiss her…well, you know.  She brings Devyne back up to her feet, but Devyne shoves her back and attempts a short distance clothesline which brooks drops under, traps, and reverses into a neckbreaker.  She drops down, hooking the leg deep,





But she only gets a two count before Psyche Devyne kicks out.  Brooks, glares at the ref, holds up three fingers, but Gina Ferris shakes her head, sticking firmly with the two count.

Phil:  Just a two count on that nasty looking neckbreaker.  You know, Steve, I’d say she’s got one of the best neckbreakers going today.  She just…wow!  I thought she’d take Psyche’s head right off with that one.

Steve:  Clearly you’re dealing with a superior athlete, Phil.  I mean, it’s like comparing the Yankees to a junior high school team.  It’s just no comparison.  Psyche Devyne is really out of her element here and it shows.

Brooks backs her opponent into the ropes and irish whips her.  On the return, Brooks attempts a big boot, but Psyche slides just underneath it.  Popping up to her feet, she charges the far side ropes again and ducks underneath one clothesline, then a second, and as Brooks attempts a bicycle kick, Psyche hits a baseball slide, dropping underneath it again; this time, however, as Brooks turns around to catch her quick opponent, Devyne is up on her feet and nails a picture perfect standing dropkick that brings The Capitalizer down to the mat hard.  The fans cheer, and as Julliet Brooks pops back to her feet, she takes a second, and then a third dropkick!

Upon the third, Brooks wisely rolls out of the ring to avoid any further punishment, shaking her head and trying to clear out those cobwebs.  The fans begin to cheer, and clap and chant with the urging of their English heroine in the ring.  Brooks moves around by the announce team and starts to round the ring, heading back toward the aisle.  Psyche, on the other hand, mounts the corner post and positions herself on top.  Perched on the top rope, she waits until Brooks comes by and, as she looks up, Psyche leaps off, nailing a picture perfect crossbody block to the outside!  The two tumble and roll as they hit the ground, looking like victims of a car crash, with the fans cheering and howling their approval.

Phil:  Wow!  From the high rent district, Psyche Devyne just connected with a beautiful cross body!  But was the risk worth the payoff?  She’s out, Julliet Brooks is down, and Gina Ferris is looking on with worry!

Steve:  Yeah, look at that!  I think your little proper British lady there might have tweaked her arm or her shoulder.  She sure is wailing and whining over there!

A few moments go by, and sure enough, Psyche is holding onto her arm and shoulder.  She rolls slowly up to her knees and then wills herself to her feet.  Brooks is on the ground, but Psyche Devyne pushes her up to her feet and rams her back first into the guardrail.  She grunts, rolling her shoulder, and Psyche clenches and unclenches her fist, trying desperately to get feeling in her arm.  She delivers a short kick into Brooks’ stomach, and then shoves her arms backwards over the guardrail, exposing her chest.  With a cry out to the crowd that is echoed by the audience, Devyne takes the front of that very oversized Boardwalk Wrestling t-shirt and yanks the front up and over Julliet Brooks’ face, revealing the ring gear that the Pride of New Mexico tried so desperately to keep hidden.

With the shirt out of the way, Devyne lays in some hard knife edge and overhand chops, alternating those strikes and lighting up poor Julliet Brooks’ chest.  She finally ends the sequence with a dropkick from Julliet’s side, connecting with her cheek and jaw, causing the New Mexico native to sort of hang there against the guardrail.  Psyche pulls her free and tosses her to the ground, gripping, ripping and tearing that t-shirt off of her opponent as her second wind begins to hit.

Phil:  Wow!  Definitely no love loss between these two, right Steve?

Steve:  Why hasn’t Gina Ferris counted yet?  She’s just letting this brutality take place?  She’s letting Devyne get away with murder, for crying out loud!  Oh, what an impartial official we have here tonight, ladies and gentlemen!

Psyche gets caught up in the crowd’s approval, taking two halves of the t-shirt and throwing it out in separate directions.  She plays to the crowd a little too long, however, and gives Brooks time enough to recover.  Psyche moves a few steps away, and as she turns back around to press her advantage, The Capitalizer lives up to her namesake and drops a heavy kick into Devyne’s lower abdomen.  Devyne staggers off and attempts to charge in, but Brooks lifts both feet into Devyne’s face, cutting her short for a second time.  Undeterred, Devyne recovers and charges in a third time, but Julliet Brooks sidesteps and helps introduce her to the top of the guardrail, face first!

Pressing her advantage, Julliet nails a side Russian legsweep into the guardrail and looks up, noticing that Gina Ferris has ordered them both to get into the ring.  She shouts something to the official, who then begins her count.  Smirking, Julliet plays to the crowd a bit, taunting them and laying in closed right hands on Psyche Devyne.  She waits until Gina reaches seven before heading back to the ring, rolling underneath the bottom rope and then right back out to break the count.

Phil:  Wow, she is really pushing Gina’s buttons tonight.  She’s trying hard to get herself disqualified.

Steve: She’s just giving a little back to this lopsided, blatantly biased official, Phil.  I mean, she’s done everything she could to let Psyche cheat, and

now she wants to come cracking down on that sweetheart, Julliet Brooks?  New Mexico’s proudest export?  You’re just as biased!

Phil: Keep in mind that Gina Ferris was told to be relaxed with her officiating, not to ignore the rules altogether!  This is still a wrestling match and not a street fight, Steve!

Brooks jaws some more with the referee before moving back to lay in some stiff chops on Psyche.  She takes her by the hair, but Psyche delivers a few quick elbows to the gut to break the hold.  Attempting an Irish whip into the ringside stairs, Brooks pivots and fires the fan favorite into the staircase, shoulder first, the impact causing the two halves of the steps to separate.  Devyne howls out in pain, holding her shoulder.  Brooks presses her advantage again, but this time Psyche battles back with some right hands, rocking Julliet on her heels.  She follows her opponent as she staggers away, bouncing her head off of the ring apron before shoving her back inside.

She follows, moving to the apron and then ascending the turnbuckles.  Perched up top, she waits for Julliet to turn and then leaps off, connecting with a diving hurricanrana, taking The Capitalizer ass over teakettle in the center of the ring.  Backing up, Devyne measures her opponent and then charges in, almost cutting her in half with a spear.  She howls in pain, holding her shoulder while Brooks clutches her midsection, rolling around on the mat.  The crowd is cheering, trying to rally Psyche Devyne back up to her feet to finish the match.

Steve:  No!  This can’t be happening!!

Slowly, she does so, butterflying the arms of the Pride of New Mexico, locking her fingers and floating over to cinch in her submission hold.  It’s only a matter of time before Julliet confirms with Gina Ferris that yes, she does indeed give up.  The bell rings, and Devyne collapses next to her opponent, holding her shoulder.


Amber Rose:  And here is your winner via submission… PSYCHE DEVYNE!!!!!

Phil:  What a match!

Adrenalize by In This Moment plays as Gina Ferris checks on Psyche, who gets to her feet and lets the referee raise her other arm in victory.  But the celebration doesn’t last long as an enraged Julliet Brooks gets to her feet and as Psyche turns to leave the ring she jumps up and hits her with a bicycle kick right in the face.  She screams down at her and kicks at her shoulder before Ferris can back her off, Psyche starts to rise and Brooks kicks at her again and again before she bails the ring, not wanting to tangle with security.

Phil: You hate to see something like that, but I think Julliet Brooks has just snapped!

Steve:  You leave her alone, Phil!  She’s had a traumatic experience and I blame the referee’s lax officiating!



The lights in the arena begin to flicker.  Boardwalk Vision lights up with the “blue screen of death.”  Moments pass before the lights return to normal.  Boardwalk Vision flashes before going blank.  At that same moment, the lights in the arena go out.  A disembodied voice shouts:


“Fucking posers.”


“Rockstar” by N.E.R.D. begins bumping through the arena.


“It’s almost over now.”


Red spotlights fire up as Boardwalk Vision fires up with “UNTOUCHABLE OCCUPATION” in bold white lettering.


“It’s almost over now.”




Shane Clemmens and Keith Daniels appear from the entrance.  They’re both wearing full battle dress uniforms.  Both are wearing black flack jackets which read “UNTOUCHABLE” across the front.


“You think the way you live is okay.”

“You think posin’.”

“Will save the day.”

“You think we don’t see.”


The lights come back up as the spotlights continue to dart around the arena.  The fans are going ballistic. The Untouchables continue to the ring–paying no attention to the fans.


“That you’re running.”

“Better call your boys.”

“‘Cause I’m coming.”


Once to the ringside area, the two slide into the ring from beneath the bottom ring rope.  They go to the center of the ring as the music fades.  Both men are handed microphones by a ring crew member as the roar of the fans dies down.


Shane Clemmens:  After the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan and its subsequent surrender, the United States government sent General Douglas MacArthur to oversee the Allied occupation of Japan.  This resulted in several economic, political, and civic changes.  During this occupation, Japan was demilitarized, their former constitution was all, but abolished, and an attempt was made to destroy Japanese identity.  This occupation is a very good example of a harsh one.  Granted, the Japanese nearly kicked the United States of America’s ass, so undoubtedly, this particular occupation was an emotional one.


Keith stands back in parade rest position as Shane paces the ring, as if he were the General himself.


Shane Clemmens:  The Untouchable Occupation is not an emotional one.  Many of the traditions Boardwalk enjoys will continue.  The most notable change will be in Boardwalk’s competition.  The days of the “soft” Boardwalk, the “so so” Boardwalk are over.  My colleague and I have arrived and tonight we have our opportunity to dig in and remain as permanent fixtures in Atlantic City.  This is an opportunity we do not plan to squander.  Once we have gained our all-important foothold, we will continue forward with this Occupation.


The fans begin to chant “SC” then “KD” and repeat, over and over again.


Shane Clemmens:  We are here tonight to issue a formal challenge to any person and or group who wishes to challenge us.  We will face any team and I am willing to face any individual.  That’s right.  I’m also here to declare that I am interested in entering into matches as a singles competitor.  You see the weakness in Boardwalk I’m referring to, goes much deeper than simple Tag Team competition.  There is a distinct lack of true competition in each and every Championship division in this promotion.


Shane smiles brightly.


Shane Clemmens:  Keith and I are here to remedy that.


Keith pulls the microphone he’d been holding from behind his back and begins to speak.


Keith Daniels: The movement began when we first arrived on the scene. I’m sure you felt the shift in the air, the disturbance in the force. Tonight isn’t the beginning. Tonight isn’t the climax. Tonight is the first time that you realize and accept what is happening to you. This isn’t an invasion. It’s an injection. You have your warriors, sure, but they don’t have the antibodies to fight the infection of mediocrity that Boardwalk has been as of late. Think about it. You could be seeing the end of CJ O’Donnell’s career tonight. Then you’re left with, what, Danny B? C’mon. Don’t kid yourselves. You need new heroes to rely on. You need the type of talent that makes waves, that makes this place as great as it once was. You need us.


The crowd continues to chant “Untouchables! Untouchables!” Keith nods his head in approval.


Keith Daniels: Listen to your fans, Boardwalk. They’ve already embraced us. It’s time that you did the same. We won’t be taking your gold and hitting the road with it. Well, not exactly. Sure, you may see it from time to time when you tune into Fight One’s Unlimited but we’re not going to run off and hide. Nay, we’ll be here on Xtra, on Live, or wherever we need to be to make sure that you become the great company you were meant to be. Bally’s is ours now. Take your hands off the wheel, kick back, and enjoy the ride.


Shane Clemmens:  Your product is only as good as the parts moving within it.  Keith dropped Danny B’s name and he’s a great example of why our arrival is so important.  Do you really think a guy like Danny B wants to make his name by taking on the underlings of this promotion night in and night out?  Nah.  If Danny B is still the “Ripper” that I once knew, he wants a real fight.  Keith and I?  We invented “real fight.”  So now, it’s all a matter of time.  The clock is ticking until we walk this entrance ramp one more time and we enter this ring.  Yep.  We’re going to have Tables, Ladders, and Chairs at our disposal and we’re going to use all three to dispose of the former Tag Team Champions along with the second and third runners-up.  Embrace this occupation and evolve.  Progress will run you right the fuck over if you don’t start stepping.


Keith Daniels: It’s not just Danny B. It’s all of your champions. Consider yourselves put on notice. Embrace or die.


Shane and Keith drop their microphones and step out of the ring as “Rockstar” by N.E.R.D. blares throughout Bally’s once more. The two head up the aisle and to the back.


Cero Miedo vs. The Lockharts vs.

The Untouchables vs. Taryn Willow and Kat Jones
-Tag Titles – Four Corners TLC Match-


Amber Rose:  Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a four corners TABLES, LADDERS, AND CHAIRS MATCH for the Boardwalk Wrestling TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!


“Bad Company” by Five Finger Death Punch plays on the PA, The curtain parts and out comes Angel Lockhart followed by Jack Lockhart. Jack Lockhart takes a few steps before stopping and raising his left fist in the air as Angel puts her arm around him and smiles. Jack Lockhart then slowly heads down the ramp.


Nathaniel Lockhart pops out of the floor, hair dripping wet. He looks around in a daze for a moment, looking towards the crowd getting a mixed reaction. He takes a few steps forward, taking a deep inhale before marching down to the ring, slamming his hand onto his chest, he then heads for the ring with a confident walk.


Amber Rose:  Introducing first, at a combined weight of 595 pounds…Nathaniel and Jack…THE LOCKHARTS!!


Jack Lockhart stops at the bottom step looking around then getting a kiss on the lips from Angel as she heads to the corner. Jack Lockhart reaches the top step then Jack Lockhart steps over the top rope entering the ring.


Steve:  This is the veteran team who’s become a staple of the tag team division, and this father-son duo is also the last team that Cero Miedo defeated in a title defense.  Have to say the Lockharts put up a surprisingly good fight in that contest, and very nearly pulled out what would’ve been a stunning upset!


Nathaniel Lockhart leaps onto the apron sliding across it before getting into the ring and leaping onto the second rope, he then back flips off the second rope and into the ring. Jack Lockhart nods to Nathaniel Lockhart then steps into the middle of the ring and raises his left fist as pyros shoot off from all four corner posts.


Suddenly, “One Last Night” by Scared of Change plays on the loud speakers as Taryn Willow comes out from the back with an exceptional smile on her face as she flaunts to the crowd.  She takes a step forward before “Asylum” by Disturbed replaces her theme music and Kat Jones walks out, completely ignoring Taryn Willow as she sprints to the ring and slides under the bottom rope.


Amber Rose:  And their opponents, at a combined weight of 269 pounds…the team of KAT JONES and TARYN WILLOW!


Willow is a little miffed that Kat is doing this as she storms down to the ring and tries to one up Kat with the crowd.


Steve:  Last week it was Taryn Willow who interrupted Kat’s entrance, and this week Kat is repaying the favor!


Phil:  That’s so disrespectful when Willow is the one who won their match last week.


Steve:  Correction.  Taryn Willow stole the pin from her tag team partner.


Phil:  And won the match.  How was that wrong?


The lights in the arena begin to fade as strobes fire up and crimson red spot lights fire up. A crimson red pot leaf appears spinning in the middle of the ring. Flash bulbs fire as lighters fire up. “Lap Dance” by N.E.R.D. begin to play. On the big screen you can see images of soldiers marching mixed in with strippers stripping. Soon these images are replaced by words.





Pyros fire as Shane appears from the entrance.


Dirty Dog

I’m, I’m a dirty dog

I’m a dirty dog

I’m, I’m a dirty dog


Shane heads to the ring with a brilliant smirk on his face. As he goes he raises the back of his hand towards the fans as if to smack them. His adoring fans scream, the fairweather fans boo. Shane keeps going.


I’m an outlaw (I’m an outlaw)

Quick on the draw (Quick on the draw)

Somethin’ you’ve never seen before (Never Seen)


Shane rushes the ring, sliding in on his chest. Effortlessly he pops to his feet. He heads to to the corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle, gazing out at the fans. He holds his fingers to his lips as if he’s smoking a joint, then extends it to the audience. The fans pop, but then suddenly Shane gives a violent rendition of the “fist yourself” hand gesture.


It’s so real

It’s How I Feel

It’s this society

That makes a nigga wanna kill


Shane, loving the roar of the crowd returns to the middle of the ring were he struts, bouncing as he warms up, stretching his neck. He finally pulls his tank top off and tosses it ringside.


It’s a raw night (It’s a raw night)

Who wants to bar fight? (Who wants to bar fight?)

Well come on alright (Well come on)


Steve:  From the comfy confines of Aidan Morag’s federation comes a team who hold tag team gold themselves.  The only problem with that is they haven’t had to face the stiff competition of Boardwalk Wrestling!


Phil:  I do agree with you on that, but I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t like this team.  They got some moxie to them.  Some flair.  Some badassery!


Shane returns to the corner, leaning against it as he awaits his partner. The music dies as the lighting returns to normal.  The arena goes dark as “d1” shines in bright blue on the big screen. The lights come up as “Blow It Out” by Ludacris blasts throughout the arena as the crowd showers down boos. Keith Daniels steps out onto the stage and beckons the crowd to boo louder. Essence Fairchild steps out behind him and applauds him. He smirks and the two of them proceed down the ramp.


Amber Rose: Introducing our next contestants, making their way from Fight One Wrestling as their United Champions… Being accompanied by Essence Fairchild… “The Dangerous One” Keith Daniels and “The Dirty Dog” Shane Clemmens….THE UNTOUCHABLES!


On his way, Daniels sees a fan in the front row holding a sign that says “KEITH DANIELS IS BETTER THAN YOU” and grabs the sign from him. He holds it up and turns for everyone to see it, only provoking more boos. He then rips the sign in half and tosses it back to the fan before running to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope with surprising agility considering his size. He then stands and climbs a turnbuckle before putting his hand up inviting the crowd to admire him. He then steps down and leans against the turnbuckle.


As the music fades, the crowd begins to cheer softly at first, then it bursts into a deafening roar as the lights turn down and the opening riffs of “2nd Sucks” begin to play.


Steve:  This place is rocking for the Tag Team Champions!


Phil:  Soon to be EX-Champions!


When the guitar quickly kicks in, Bryan Williams emerges from the back. Shortly after Skyler Fall walks out as well, along with Alexis Anne. Bryan, the more energetic of the two, is waving his towel around trying to get the fans pumped. Skyler pauses for a moment, and begins walking down towards the ramp. Alexis interacts with the fans, trying to get them hyped for the upcoming match.


Amber Rose:  And now, at a combined weight of 439 pounds…accompanied by Alexis Anne…they are the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in Boardwalk Wrestling history!  “The White Knight Ranger” Skyler Fall and “Leviathon” Bryan Williams…CERO MIEDO!!!


Meanwhile, Skyler Fall simply climbs the ring steps and remains frozen there with his head bowed towards the steel ring post. Alexis rolls into the ring and storms up the turnbuckles directly in front of Skyler. Bryan shoots in under the bottom rope, chilling for a moment as he relaxes on the mat. He finally gets up, standing next to his partner as they wait for the match to start.


Steve:  As you can see, Cero Miedo is handing over their tag team titles for perhaps the final time as Jed Carter hooks it to our cable.  Those titles will be suspended high above the center of the ring and whoever pulls down those titles will leave with as the champions!


Phil:  Yup, and let’s not forget, the ring crew has put together a nice ensemble of tables, ladders, and chairs at ringside, down the ramp, on the stage…probably more than a few hidden under the ring too!


Steve:  You can bet your bottom dollar on that one!


As Amber Rose clears the ring and the cable raises the Tag Team titles above the ring, Jed Carter officially calls for the bell as all the teams ready themselves for a fight, judging each other, trying to scope out the threats from the other sides of the ring.


Steve:  This match is officially started.  Who’s going to make the first move?


Cero Miedo lives up to their name, showing zero fear as Skyler storms towards the Untouchables and Bryan heads towards the Lockharts.  Taryn Willow and Kat Jones split off, Willow to help Skyler and Kat to help Bryan.  Skyler and Clemmens trade a wild exchange with Skyler getting the upper hand, backing Clemmens up towards the ropes.  Meanwhile, Willow blocks a stout right hand from Daniels before countering with a spinning back fist that sends Daniels retreating a couple steps.  Willow quickly pounces on Daniels, whipping him across the ring towards Skyler.  Skyler turns around in enough time to see Daniels coming, and he dodges as Daniels collides with his tag team partner, sending both The Untouchables out to the floor!


Steve:  Welcome to Boardwalk Wrestling!


On the other side of the ring, Bryan is taking turns sending right hands to Nathaniel Lockhart then Jack Lockhart…back and forth, back and forth. Kat Jones suddenly cuts in front of Bryan to deliver a standing dropkick to Jack that sends him over the top rope and to the floor!  Immediately afterwards, Bryan jumps in and wraps his arms around Nathaniel, sending him over the top rope with an overhead belly to belly suplex!  As soon as Bryan releases, Kat kicks him in the gut and sends him down with a snap DDT!


Phil:  Kat Jones with the FREAKED OUT on Bryan Williams!


Skyler and Willow come face to face with Willow being the aggressor, swinging a wild looping haymaker that connects flush on Skyler’s chin.  Skyler bounces off the ropes and connects with a big calf kick that sends Willow into the corner.  Skyler charges towards Willow, but Willow sends him over the steel ring post with a back body drop and Skyler drops like a stone to the floor below!


Phil:  Jesus Christ, Skyler just got more air than the Hindenburg!


Steve:  And Kat Jones and Taryn Willow are the early frontrunners in this match!


Willow staggers backwards to the center of the ring where she bumps into her partner.  She quickly whips around with her fist reared back before she sees that it’s Kat.  The two jaw at each other a little bit, Kat telling Willow to bring it and Willow fighting the urge to.


Steve:  And the dysfunction of Willow and Jones remains, Phil.  Think that’ll affect their chances in this match?


Phil:  Well it is a tag TEAM match.  But then again, it only takes one of them to climb the ladder and retrieve the belts.  So who knows?


Steve:  Wait a second!  Nathaniel’s going air borne!


The bickering of Jones and Willow allows Nathaniel to climb the top rope where he drills Willow in the back with a top rope drop kick, sending Willow barreling into Jones, who takes an awkward fall through the ropes to the outside!  Willow turns around walks into a boot from Jack, who has reentered the ring.  Jack follows it up with an elevated powerbomb – sending Willow flying over the top rope and crashing through a table set up at ringside!


Phil:  Holy shit!


Steve:  Earth Shatter from Jack Lockhart!


Phil:  I think Willow just shattered from that impact!  My God!


The Lockharts begin to celebrate their dominance of Willow and Jones, but this time it’s Skyler Fall who hops on the ring apron.  He executes a springboard cross body block on Jack, but Jack catches him in the air!  He laughs arrogantly as he holds the “puny” Skyler in his grasp, but he fails to see Bryan on the top rope.  Bryan leaps off with a missile dropkick to Skyler’s back that sends Skyler on top of Jack!  Nathaniel begins to attack Bryan, catching him off guard with a barrage of punches, but when Nathaniel turns his attention to Skyler, Skyler is already waiting for him.  Skyler drills Nathaniel with a superkick, sending him staggering into a German suplex from Bryan!  The crowd goes insane for the champs!


Steve:  And that’s the beauty of Cero Miedo!  Exceptional teamwork!


The pop is short lived however as Clemmens and Daniels storm the ring with steel chairs in hand, each one delivering a BRUTAL shot to the heads of the champs!


Phil:  How’s that for teamwork?


Steve:  Oh that was a sick, SICK sound, Phil!  Somebody’s cranium is crushed!


Phil:  They don’t need a cranium anyway.  They don’t have any brains to protect.


Clemmens slides out of the ring and grabs a ladder, pushing it into the ring for Daniels to set it up.  He lines it up under the belts and begins to climb, but Jack is now back in the ring.  Jack runs into the ladder with a shoulder block.  The ladder tips over with Daniels crashing into the ropes.  Jack charges towards Daniels, but Daniels falls down while holding onto the top rope.  Jack falls over the top rope, but he lands on the ring apron.  He gets back up as Daniels throws a punch.  Jack blocks it and counters with a headbutt!  Daniels stumbles out of the way as Clemmens suddenly bursts forward with a dynamite gore through the ropes, sending Jack and himself through the second table set up at ringside!


Phil:  MAKE A BITCH FOUNDATION through the ropes and that table, Steve!  That’s a double word score!


Steve:  When did wrestling become Scrabble?


Phil:  What the fuck is Scrabble?  I was talking about Words With Friends.


Willow storms into the ring and pulls the ladder back upright before going for a climb.  On the outside of the ring, Bryan is taking advantage of Clemmens’ big downfall and Kat Jones is preying on Skyler, attacking him near the third and final table at ringside.  Kat hits Skyler with a Paige Turner onto the table!


Phil:  KAT-ASTROPHE on Skyler Fall!


Inside the ring, Willow is making a grab at the tag belts but the stunned Daniels sees it happening.  He pushes the ladder, which slowly begins to tilt over.  Willow braces herself…as the ladder falls, she times a perfect leap into a springboard off the rope into a senton bomb through Skyler and the table!!!!!




The crowd begins to chant…Holy Shit!  Holy Shit!  Holy Shit!


Phil:  Willow just came off the ladder.  Into a springboard.  Into a senton bomb.  Through a table.  I don’t think Supergirl could even do that!


Steve:  What an amazing display of athleticism from Taryn Willow, but both she and Skyler have to be out for the count!


Bryan Williams slides back into the ring where he spins Daniels around.  Bryan drops Daniels with a cradleshock!


Steve:  PERSONALITY SHIFT from the tag champ!  And now Bryan is all alone in the ring!


Phil:  Oh God no!


Bryan sets up the ladder and begins to make the climb to the top, rung by rung.  He gets close to the top and reaches out, his fingertips grazing the belts.  He takes another step, able to get a more decent grip, but not enough to pry the belts loose.  He finally takes one more step…


Steve:  He’s gonna do it!  Bryan’s gonna get those belts!


Phil:  This is cheating!


Steve:  How the hell do you cheat in a TLC match?


As Bryan reaches for the belt one more time, Kat Jones has a chair in hand as she climbs the turnbuckles.  Bryan catches her out of the corner of his eye, but it’s too late as Kat hurls a chair at Bryan!  The chair smacks Bryan in the face, causing him to drop face first into the canvas!  The ladder teeters back and forth before finally teetering over on top of Bryan!


Phil:  That’s how you kill one bird with two stones!


Kat Jones turns the ladder and flattens it out on top of Bryan as Jack Lockhart and Shane Clemmens start to come to on the outside.  Clemmens sluggishly lays some shots to Jack, but Jack shakes them off and wraps his hand around Clemmens’ throat before lifting him off his feet!


Phil:  Jack Lockhart looking for that Earth Tremble chokeslam!


Steve:  But Clemmens counters with a cheap thumb to the eye!


Clemmens drops to his knees and delivers a blatant low blow to Jack before hurling him into the steel steps with a huge impact that sends the steps hurling against the guardrail!  Clemmens turns his attention back to the ring…


Steve:  Wait a minute, what’s Kat Jones doing?!


Kat Jones grabs a chair and runs off the ropes and runs off the ladder laying on top of Bryan Williams, using it as a catapult as she leaps over the top rope to the outside with the chair towards Clemmens.  Clemmens shocks Kat with a beautifully timed 540 roundhouse kick that smacks the chair into Kat’s face!!!


Phil:  WOW!  That is a highlight reel finish right there!  Somebody call Sportscenter Top 10 because this match could take all ten spots!


Steve:  You might be right, Phil!  What a spectacular counter from Shane Clemmens and the Fight One guys aren’t going anywhere!


Clemmens turns his attention back to the ring, but Taryn Willow is on the ring apron.  She comes off the ring apron with a seated front flip that lands on Clemmens’ shoulders, but Clemmens holds her in place.  Clemmens walks with her, but as they approach the guardrail, Willow uses her momentum to swing Clemmens into the crowd with a hurricanrana!


Phil:  I hope the first few rows have a good insurance policy!


The ring is now cleared out as Nathaniel Lockhart rolls inside the ring.  He looks around at the mass of broken bodies laying all around ringside when his eyes get real big.


Steve:  Nathaniel’s realizing that he’s all alone here!


Phil:  If that big lumberjack looking dumbass don’t go for the belts, he’s an idiot!


Nathaniel doesn’t want to be an idiot.  Nathaniel wants to be a champion.  Nathaniel grabs the ladder and sets it up, immediately starting to climb it to the top!  A few bodies on the outside are slowly beginning to stir, but Nathaniel has a clear path…unfortunately, he’s set the ladder a little left of center and Nathaniel has to reach awkwardly behind his head to try to grasp the belts.  He fumbles with it, sending the cable swaying from side to side as he tries to time a grab for the belts.


Steve:  Nathaniel almost has it!  The Lockharts are going to become Tag Team Champions for the first time!


As Nathaniel continues to struggle, Skyler Fall sees what’s unfolding.  He has a sense of urgency as he pulls himself up to the ring apron and then to the nearest turnbuckle.  He climbs to the top rope and jumps off onto the ladder, immediately throwing punches at Nathaniel to knock him down a rung or two.


Steve:  I don’t even know how Skyler Fall is moving right now much less jumping around there like a flying squirrel!


Phil:  He must be on drugs again.


Steve:  Not this again.


Phil:  What?  His pupils are bigger than Chubbs Magoo’s stomach!


Skyler climbs up closer to the top before launching over the ladder with a sunset powerbomb on Nathaniel, planting him into the mat!!


Steve:  Unbelievable effort from Skyler Fall and he just saved the tag titles from going to the Lockharts!


Phil:  Yeah, but how hurt is he now?  He’s taken nothing but huge crashes in this match!


Steve:  That’s a good point, Phil, but so have all of our superstars in this match tonight.


There’s a loud roar in the crowd as Taryn Willow obliterates Shane Clemmens with a wicked chair shot to the face!  Willow picks Clemmens back up and sets him up for her Pride of Brooklyn finisher!  Suddenly cameras catch Kat Jones running down the guardrail, coming off of it with a corkscrew crossbody onto both Clemmens and Willow!


Phil:  What the hell?!  Kat Jones just took out her own partner!


Keith Daniels pulls Bryan Williams to the outside and assaults him with some methodical shots, but suddenly Bryan Williams roars back with a combination of kicks and punches that has Daniels reeling!


Steve:  Bryan Williams is exploding with the RAGING DEMON!


Williams tries to put the exclamation point to his finisher with a running single leg dropkick, but Daniels catches him off guard with a VICIOUS clothesline!


Phil:  Your Raging Demon just got caught with the LIVEWIRE!


Steve:  God damn, that was one of the most sickening clotheslines I’ve ever seen!


Phil:  Courtesy of The Untouchables, Steve!


Daniels drops to his knees, but he’s not satisfied with Bryan yet.  He flips up the skirting around the ring and pulls out another table.


Phil:  All we need is another table!


Daniels sets up the table, but then he thinks about what he’s doing.  He flips up the skirting and grabs a SECOND table and sets it up on top of the first one!  He reaches into the ring and pulls out the ladder before setting it up at the foot of the tables.  He begins to pull Bryan Williams up the ladder!


Steve:  Oh God…Oh God!  This is gonna be bad!


Phil:  You are witnessing the death of Cero Miedo!


Daniels drags Bryan at the top and hooks him up with a suplex, but Bryan fights it off to a loud roar by the crowd!  Suddenly, both of the Lockharts grab a ladder from the rampway and run them into the ring!  They quickly set up the ladders side by side and make a climb up the ladders!


Steve:  The Lockharts are gonna steal this thing!


Bryan works to send Daniels through the tables below, but he sees the Lockharts making their move.  He has no choice…he has to abandon Daniels.  He climbs down the ladder and steps off onto the ring apron before climbing into the ring.  He runs off the ropes just as the Lockharts reach for the belts…Bryan dropkicks one ladder…which falls into the second ladder…and sends both Lockharts tumbling out of the ring through the double tables!!!


Steve:  Holy Mary Mother of God!  The Lockharts are dead!  The Lockharts are fucking dead, Phil!


Phil:  I always knew this day would come.  I thought this would be the death of Cero Miedo…maybe I got the wrong team.


Steve:  Jesus Christ, this might be the death of everybody in this match!  This is insane!


Bryan looks down at the destruction of the Lockharts when he should be looking up because that’s where Daniels is coming from.  Daniels jumps off the ladder from the outside with a huge flying clothesline that nearly decapitates Bryan!


Phil:  Wow!  Just when you think someone’s on top, somebody else is there to take them out!  But there’s nobody there to take out Keith Daniels now!


Keith Daniels finds a steel chair nearby and sets it up before taking a seat!?


Phil:  Haha, Keith Daniels is taking a little rest!


Steve:  Who can blame him honestly?


Daniels’ breather is short lived as he slowly slips outside the ring and again finds another table under the ring!  He brings it out and slides it in the ring before setting it up a little off center of the ring.  He picks Bryan up and rolls Bryan on top of the table.  Daniels looks at the two ladders in the ring and he sets them back up before climbing the ladder right next to the table.  Daniels looks down at Bryan Williams with violent intentions.


Steve:  Oh God…Daniels is hell bent on putting Bryan through a table here and he might finally get his wish!


As Daniels readies himself, the crowd comes to their feet as Skyler Fall comes blazing in out of nowhere!  He runs off the chair, off the table, and into a leaping enziguri on Daniels!


Steve:  SKYFALL!  SKYFALL!  Skyler Fall just connected on his finisher and saved Bryan Williams!


Phil:  God damn it!


Steve:  This is why Cero Miedo are the tag team champions!  This is why these two are so successful!  These two are brothers, Phil!  This is the most cohesive tag team I’ve seen in a looooong time!


Phil:  Fuck these guys!


Steve:  Skyler Fall…Skyler Fall is making a run for the belts!  And NOBODY can stop him!


Skyler Fall climbs the second ladder…but he’s exhausted.  He strains with every muscle…slowly pulling himself up….rung…by rung….by rung…  He’s close to the top as Bryan Williams rolls off the table and sees his tag team partner going for the titles.


Steve:  How fitting is this?!  Bryan Williams and Skyler Fall are going for the belts together!


Phil:  I think I’m gonna vomit.


As Skyler drags himself up, Clemmens and Daniels quickly enter the ring as Bryan grabs a nearby chair. The crowd cheers, Bryan looking to fend them off as Skyler looks on.


Steve:  Bryan with the equalizer, Cero Miedo is about to retain!


Phil:  Why isn’t Bryan attacking them?


Steve:  He’s probably waiting for Skyler to grab the belts, Daniels and Clemmens can only watch right now!


Bryan stands there, backing the Untouchables off as he threatens them with a chair. Bryan looks at the Untouchables, and then his partner, he drops the chair and quickly rolls out of the ring. The crowd boos, Skyler is unsure of what just happened as Bryan walks to the back. Keeping his head down, he doesn’t look back as Clemmens and Daniels pull Skyler Fall off of the ladder.


Steve:  What the hell is Bryan doing?!


Phil:  It’s clear his issues with Psyche has gotten to him, he’s just quit on his own partner!


Skyler tries to fight, but Clemmens clobbers him with a clothesline. Keith Daniels motions for his partner to go up top, Shane does as Keith puts Skyler up onto his shoulders. Set in the Electric Chair position, Clemmens scales the turnbuckle, he jumps off and levels Skyler with a shining wizard from the top rope!


Phil:  Nuke a Bitch!


Steve:  I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now, Bryan Williams has just left Skyler Fall to fend on his own!


Clemmens and Daniels celebrate, as they view the destruction around them.  The Lockharts are dead on the outside.  With nobody in the ring to stop them, Clemmens has a clear lane up the ladder and he takes it!  Daniels looks over to see Kat Jones and Taryn Willow enter the ring.  Daniels grabs a chair and swings it at Willow, but Willow ducks underneath it and Kat Jones gets caught with the chair in her shoulder!  Willow doesn’t waste time with Daniels.  She shoots up the second ladder and begins to scrap with Clemmens at the top of the ladder, the belts dangling above them.  Unfortunately, Willow is outnumbered as Daniels grabs Willow’s foot and traps her in the ankle lock!  She’s forced to watch as Clemmens climbs the rest of the way and snags the Tag Team titles!!!




Steve:  Wow.  I cannot…cannot believe what just happened here.  Bryan Williams turned his back on Skyler Fall and now The Untouchables are the Tag Team Champions of Boardwalk Wrestling!


Phil:  Bryan Williams is going to have a LOT of explaining to do after tonight, I’m pretty sure that Cero Miedo is done!


Steve:  Wow, what an unbelievable turn of events.  The ring…outside the ring…we’ve got a mass grave of bodies everywhere!


Phil:  And The Untouchables are the ones standing above them all!


Cameras move around taking shots at the exhausted and broken competitors of this match before settling in on the champions who are celebrating to a loud chorus of boo’s.

We cut to the backstage area, where we see Kimberly Smith rushing by people and workers with a cameraman in tow. She drags him along, trying to catch up with somebody as she finally makes her way to the staging area. She looks around, unsure exactly where her target is. Suddenly, she sees the person she is looking for. Kimberly gets the attention of the cameraman, who focuses in on Bryan Williams backstage. Bryan is slumped next to a wall, he seems to be muttering some things to himself. Very clearly distressed at the moment, Kimberly Smith approaches him.


Kimberly Smith: Bryan, there you are. What happened out there tonight?! You just walked out on your partner!


Bryan Williams: Kim…I…


Bryan looks to be a complete mess at this point, his face immediately goes into his hands. He roars at the top of his lungs, Kimberly taking a step back from the very clearly frustrated Bryan Williams.


Kimberly Smith: Bryan, do you realize what you’ve done tonight? You left Skyler hanging, you guys are no longer the champions.


Bryan Williams: Right now, nothing matters. God damnit, Psyche.


Kimberly Smith: Are you saying this is all because of Psyche Devyne? Did her words earlier have something to do with this?


Bryan, on the verge of…something, looks at Kimberly.


Bryan Williams: Have you seen her? Have you seen Psyche?


Kimberly Smith: I think she left with Cyrus already, Bryan…


In a fit of rage, Bryan grabs the nearby equipment and tosses it to the floor. Kimberly and the cameraman both back up, keeping their distance from Bryan. He continues wrecking anything near him, tossing random pieces of equipment into the wall and the floor.


Bryan Williams: FUCK!


Bryan’s pace is slowing down now, he picks up a monitor but stops before tossing it to the ground. Kimberly doesn’t seem to know what to do, as Bryan slumps against the wall behind her.


Kimberly Smith: I think we need to leave-


Kimberly is cut off by the sound of a smashing monitor, she shrieks and walks out of frame. Bryan goes to grab the monitor again, but instead kicks it as he views the damage done. Bryan stands there, looking at the destruction before him as he catches his breath. He walks down the hallway, leaving the scene as we cut away.

A Boardwalk  show just wouldn’t be complete without the Unstable and everyone is in luck as ‘The Marvel’ Matt Meyhu paces back and forth, wearing a hole in the carpet of the Unstable locker room in anticipation of his upcoming match with Baxter.

Amber Ryan:Ready?

Like a goddamn ninja, fellow Unstable member and resident ‘Distorted Angel’  leans in the open doorway knowing she’d caught her stablemate and boyfriend off guard albeit momentarily.

Matt Meyhu:You’re gonna have to teach me how you do that.

Amber Ryan:Do what exactly…

Matt Meyhu:Silently sneak up on people.

Amber chuckles knowingly.

Amber Ryan:Well if THATS all I need to teach you…

Matt Meyhu:I’m sure I can think of others.

The Marvel winks cockily as he approaches, leaning against the doorframe, almost  literally over the top of his much shorter girlfriend.

Amber Ryan:Can you now- I hope to win isn’t one of them.

Matt feigns mock offense.

Matt Meyhu:Ouch, maybe you should save some of that venom.

Amber Ryan:Don’t worry darl, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Matt Meyhu:Remind me not to pick a fight with you when you’re back, or ever for that matter.

Amber Ryan:I’ll take that as a compliment. Just do me a favor tonight?

Matt raises a curious eyebrow.

Amber Ryan:Kick his ass.

Matt Meyhu:That’s the plan.

He plants a soft kiss on her forehead before disappearing towards the ring, leaving Amber with an almost devious smile.


Baxter vs. Matt Meyhu
-Grudge Match-


“LA… LA, LA LA… Wait Till I Get My Money Right…”


“Can’t Tell Me Nothing” by Kanye West hits as the lights dim.  Green lights flicker throughout the arena as Matt Meyhu walks slowly out onto the ramp. Matt poses for the fans with a smirk on his face, receiving a chorus of boos. He walks down the ramp, ignoring fans who reach out to him, until he reaches the ring apron.


Amber Rose:The following bout is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first… From Chicago, Illinois… ‘The Marvel’ Matt Meyhu!


He hops up onto it and grabs the top rope before vaulting over into the ring. Matt lands and hops up and down a few times before making his way over to his corner. He climbs up onto the middle turnbuckle and poses once more for the fans, receiving the same reaction again.


Phil:Are you excited, Steve?


Steve:This should be a great match, partner. It’s been a long time coming.


Phil:I just meant to see Matt in action again.


Matt laughs as he hops down and takes his place in the corner.


Steve:Of course you did.


‘Are You Mine’ by Arctic Monkeys blasts over the PA system, and Baxter storms out from the back, and paces his way towards the ring.


Amber Rose:And his opponent, from Dallas, Texas… Baxter!


He storms up the steel steps, and steps through the ropes, and into the ring. He walks over towards the corner of the ring and climbs up onto it, raising his arms. The fans embrace him. Baxter hops down from the middle rope and is immediately attacked Meyhu in the back. Baxter falls into a seated position in the corner. Meyhu begins to stomp away at him as the crowd boos. The ref makes him back off.


Steve:What a cheap shot by Meyhu! Expect nothing less, I guess.


Phil:Lighten up, Steve!


Baxter pulls himself to his feet and the ref checks on him. After Baxter nods at him, the ref calls for the bell.




Steve:Now officially underway!


Meyhu charges Baxter and knocks him back into the corner. He quickly begins driving his shoulder into the mid section of Baxter over and over. Meyhu backs off and pulls Baxter out of the corner and scoops him up onto his shoulder before dropping him onto the mat with a scoop slam. Meyhu taunts the crowd to a chorus of boos.


Steve: Ah, quit showboating!




Baxter returns to his feet and takes a stiff right hand from Meyhu right away. He backs up in to the ropes. Meyhu grabs Baxter by the arm and whips him across the ring. Baxter bounces off the ropes and back toward the middle of the ring. Meyhu bends over and tosses Baxter high into the air for a back body drop. Baxter hits the mat on his back. He rolls over holding his lower back as Meyhu stares down at him with a smirk on his face.


Phil:Matt’s in top form tonight.


Meyhu lifts Baxter up and knocks him back into the ropes with a european uppercut. Baxter hangs with his arms draped over the top rope. Meyhu walks across the ring and hits the ropes. He gets a running start at Baxter and hits a clothesline that sends Baxter toppling over the ropes and down to the floor below. Baxter rolls over to the guardrail in pain as Meyhu climbs through the ropes and hops down onto the floor. He walks over to Baxter and grabs him by the head.


Steve:Meyhu taking the fight to the outside of the ring!


Phil:Good luck, Baxter!


Meyhu gets Baxter up onto his feet and drags him over to the ring apron. He slams him head first into the edge of it. The ref begins counting them out.








Meyhu irish whips Baxter toward the ring steps. Baxter reverses! Meyhu crashes shoulder first into the stairs! The fans cheer as the steps fall over and Meyhu is left on the padded floor holding his arm.






Baxter rolls into the ring to catch his breath.


Steve:Great counter by Baxter!


Phil:Get up, Matt!






Meyhu begins to stir. He pulls himself up with the aid of the ring post. He looks up at the ref as the count continues.






Meyhu slides into the ring and beats the count!


Steve:Nearly ended right there!


Phil:Of course Baxter would try to win that way. No honor!


Meyhu gets to his feet but is struck with a right hand by Baxter. Meyhu fires one of his own back and connects. Baxter returns the favor. Meyhu winds up but his next shot is blocked. Baxter strings together a couple more shots and sends Meyhu backward into the ropes. Baxter whips Meyhu across the ring but it’s reversed! Baxter hits the opposite ropes and returns. He talks Meyhu’s clothesline attempt and heads for the ropes once more. Baxter returns with a leaping shoulder tackle that knocks Meyhu off his feet! Baxter dives on top of Meyhu and hooks the leg.






Kickout by Meyhu!


Steve:Two count!


Phil:Settle down!


Meyhu shoves Baxter away as he kicks out. They both return to their feet quickly. They meet in the middle of the ring. Baxter misses wildly with another right hand. He spins around and Meyhu grabs him around the waist. He gets him up in the air for a reverse suplex. Baxter flips down behind him. Meyhu turns around to face his opponent and catches a Pele kick to the head! The fans cheer as Baxter bounces back to his feet.


Steve:What a kick!


Baxter looks on as Meyhu slowly gets to his feet, a little dazed. Meyhu gets up and catches a forearm to the jaw. He stumbles back into the corner where he comes to a stop. Baxter marches over to him and climbs to the middle rope. He holds his fist in the air and the crowd cheers him on. Baxter begins striking Meyhu. The fans chant the count with every single blow.




















Baxter winds up extra for the final shot. Meyhu steps through Baxter’s legs and holds him up on his shoulders. He backs into the middle of the ring and drops Baxter with an electric chair drop! Both men rest.


Phil:Atta boy, Matt!


Steve:Meyhu with an excellent counter of his own with that one. Both of these men are pulling out all the stops.


Phil:Baxter better step his game up. He won’t be receiving any help this time around.


Steve:Well, neither will Meyhu.


Meyhu is able to pull himself off the mat first. Baxter gets to his knees slowly as he shakes off the hard crash to the mat.


Phil:Doesn’t need it.


Meyhu hits a superkick on the kneeling Baxter! Baxter collapses to the mat and Meyhu nods to the crowd, earning more boos. He knees down and rolls Baxter over.


Steve:What a kick!








Kickout by Baxter!

Steve:Nearly a three count! Just not enough to put Baxter away!


Phil:Oh please! He would have ended it if he wanted to!


Meyhu gets to his feet and brings Baxter with him. He spins Baxter around before tossing him backwards with a german suplex. Baxter flips over after hitting the mat. Meyhu paces around the ring, staring his opponent down. Baxter claws his way back to his feet using the ropes for leverage. Meyhu grabs him from behind again. Baxter strikes with an elbow to the face, creating a little separation. He runs at Meyhu and goes for an enzuigiri! Meyhu ducks, forcing Baxter to faceplant. Meyhu lifts one of Baxter’s feet up and locks him in an ankle lock!


Steve:Ankle lock applied!


Phil:Just tap! Let’s all go home.


Baxter lets out a scream as Meyhu twists his foot around. The ref crouches down to check on him. Meyhu glares down at Baxter and yells at him to give up. He tightens his grip. Baxter reaches out to the ropes but isn’t even close.


Steve:Not a good spot for Baxter!


Phil:Break that ankle! Put this bum out of action!


The fans cheer for Baxter as he refuses to tap out. He pushes himself up onto his hands and begins inching toward the ropes. Meyhu tries to hold his ground but slowly moves. The cheering gets louder as Baxter gets closer and closer. The ref continues to check on him but he refuses to quit. Now close to the ropes, Baxter dives for them out of desperation… He barely latches on to the bottom rope!


Steve:He got there!


Meyhu holds on tight and pulls him back toward the middle of the ring before the hold is broken. The fans boo. Baxter gets back onto his hands and tries to make progress once again.


Phil:Got him now!


Baxter once again begins making his way toward the ropes. The fans encourage him some more. Meyhu wrenches on the ankle, forcing Baxter to let out another scream. He gets close to the ropes again. This time, Meyhu doesn’t wait for him to get all the way there. He begins pulling him back to the middle of the ring. Baxter remains on his hands and rolls forward. He pulls Meyhu down into a modified victory roll! Meyhu’s shoulders are pinned to the mat.








Kickout by Meyhu!


Steve:Nearly a three count!


Phil:I think I just pooped a little.


Both men explode to their feet. They meet in the middle of the ring. Meyhu kicks Baxter in the gut before sending him across the ring with a belly to belly suplex. Baxter tries to get up as fast as he can but Meyhu is there applying the pressure. A knee to the gut drives him into the corner. Meyhu sends Baxter into the opposite corner. He crashes to a stop in the turnbuckle. Meyhu runs toward Baxter. Baxter gets a foot up, catching Meyhu on the jaw. Meyhu turns and stumbles out of the corner. The crowd cheers as Baxter climbs up to the top rope!


Steve:What’s he got planned here?!


Baxter leaps off with a moonsault! Meyhu catches him though! He holds Baxter draped over one shoulder and does a full spin for the crowd to see. They boo Meyhu. Baxter kicks his feet and gets down behind him! Backstabber!


Steve:What a backstabber!


Baxter goes for the cover.








Kickout by Meyhu!




Baxter gets to his feet and holds his hands high in the air. The fans cheer as Meyhu is slow to his feet. Meyhu gets up and turns around right into a kick to the stomach. Baxter uses all his remaining strength to get Meyhu up for a powerbomb! He drops Meyhu down across his knees!




Baxter falls on top of Meyhu.








Phil:Foot on the ropes!


Steve:Meyhu narrowly avoids losing there!


The fans gasp as the ref points at the foot on the rope. Baxter grabs his head. He gets up and signals for it again. Meyhu is once again slow to his feet. Another kick. He tries to get Meyhu up… He does! Baxter’s ankle gives out this time though! Meyhu rolls him up.








Kickout by Baxter!


Steve:Kickout! Baxter couldn’t hold Meyhu up that time and it almost cost him.


Phil:That ankle lock did it’s job!


Meyhu is the first one up this time. Baxter limps to his feet and turns right into Meyhu. Meyhu grabs him for a Flatliner! Baxter elbows his way out of it. Meyhu staggers away and Baxter takes aim. He runs at him with a clothesline. Meyhu ducks and spins Baxter around. Flatliner!


Phil:Got him!


Steve:Ego Trip by Meyhu!


Meyhu hooks the leg and the ref counts.










Amber Rose:Here is your winner… Matt Meyhu!


Steve:What a battle by these two! Meyhu and Baxter pushed each other to their limits.


“Can’t Tell Me Nothing” hits as Meyhu returns to his feet and raises his arms in victory.



The cameras then go to ringside, where we see Boardwalk interviewer Kimberly Smith walking up some steps in crowd. The cameras then notice Kolic from GZW2K1 and his wife Kate. Kate notices the interviewer immediately, but Kolic is oblivious as he snacks on popcorn. She nudges him and clears her throat, which finally gets his attention.


Kolic: Oh, hey. What’s going on?


Kimberly Smith: This is a special treat. Visiting us from GZW2K1 is Marcus Gilespie, better known as Kolic, and his wife Kate! What are you guys doing here at Crowning Achievement?


Kolic puts two and two together and blanches a bit.


Kolic: (in a deep, distorted voice) I’m not Kolic, I’m…um…Bob. Bob Jones. Ordinary ticketholder Bob Jones.


Kate facepalms.


Kimberly Smith: Um…what are you doing?


Kolic: (under his breath) You’re going to blur my face in post, right?


Kimberly Smith: There is no post, this is live right now.


Kolic: Oh…crud.


Kate: Hon, nobody’s going to care that you’re here at the show. Besides, your contract doesn’t have a non-compete or exclusivity clause. I wrote the thing, remember?


Kolic: You have a point. Ok, let’s start over. (he turns back to Kimberly) Hi! Yes, I’m Kolic, and we just happened to be in the neighborhood so we figured it’d be fun to watch other people get suplexed for a change.


Kimberly Smith: Why Boardwalk Wrestling, though?


Kate: Your organization has a skilled, growing roster, and it makes sense to spend some time checking out the comp-


Kolic: -lete…set of wrestlers. Well, those who will be here, anyway.


Kate gives a brief, terse smile.


Kate: It’s never a bad idea to support your compatriots in the business either.


Kimberly Smith: Good point. So what’s next for Kolic and Kate?


Kolic: We do have the fallout from our last show to deal with. We have a new champion and there is, as always, controversy surrounding the match. Not to mention that I’m starting the Kolic Apology Tour 2016 to try and salvage what happened during Kolic Backstabbing Emo-Fest 2015. It’s not going to be easy.


Kate: Or fun.


Kolic: Or full of cupcakes. Well…maybe some cupcakes. But no fun or ease.


Kimberly Smith: Well, it’s almost time for our next match, so I’ll let you get back to watching. Back to you at ringside!



The scene cuts backstage to the women’s locker room. Amy Jo Smyth is standing in front of her locker, staring off into space. She lets out a heavy sigh.


Phil: I’m not sure if she looks sad or just really constipated.


Steve: Might be some trouble brewing for her.


Phil:  And her power squad.


Steve: Whatever it is, her focus better be on her match with Devlin for the Avery Cup…


Phil: The Cock of Boardwalk. The Pinnacle of Penile Perfection.


Steve: Stop. Please stop.


Taryn Willow appears from around a bank of lockers looking sullen, frowning. She steps up Amy Jo Smyth, whimpering and looking for sympathy, and attempts to give her friend a hug. Smyth quickly pushes Taryn back and steps away. The sudden, unexpect push from Smyth causes Willow to fall backwards onto the bench.


Amy Jo Smyth: No.


Taryn Willow: What? What the hell, Amy Jo?


Willow stares Smyth, her arms up and out, wearing a state of shock on her face.


Phil: Trouble in paradise for the happy couple?


Steve: Lots of trouble her for Amy Jo Smyth tonight.


Smyth just stares at Willow, breathing heavy.


Taryn Willow: What the fuck is your problem?


Amy Jo: Right now, you. I’m not gonna deal with your shit right now. I’ve got my own shit to deal with it.


Taryn Willow: Oh I’m sorry if shit’s not going well in your perfect world of superheroes and silly costumes, Amy Jo. I’m sorry that I’m not attending to your every fucking need or stroking your ego like everyone else has.


Amy Jo Smyth: Listen, stop acting like a whiny brat. I got my own problems  to do with, things I need to concentrate on, and I don’t need you coming in here searching out sympathy from me, like always, when I gotta focus and work things out.


Smyth swallows, takes a breath.


Amy Jo Smyth: Grow up, Willow. Hanging out with a child is making me look like a joke.


Taryn Willow: Doesn’t take much, huh? Considering Ramona and her boyfriend are already doing that, huh?


Smyth starts to breath heavier.


Taryn Willow: Did I hit a nerve there?


Willow scoffs.


Amy Jo Smyth: You need to stop now. Quit while yer ahead.


Smyth’s hand curls into a fist as she steps up closer to Willow.


Steve: Oh, no. Oh, no. This about to into more than a lover’s quarrel.


Phil: Domestic abuse!


Taryn Willow: What are you going to do, hit me?


Willow laughs. Smyth turns, swings, punches the door of a locker. The sound rattles not just the metal but Willow who cringes. The Internet Champion turns to see Taryn Willow smirking.


Taryn Willow: Ramona and her boyfriend are already making you look like a joke. Posting all those pictures and shit. Don’t blame me because you can’t handle people up your ass, all over your shit.


Amy Jo Smyth: Dafuq, Willow? You’re turning into a right bitch. I fucking knew you were trouble…  All you do is cause me trouble.


Taryn Willow: I cause you trouble? You bring trouble on yourself. Keep it in your pants and you wouldn’t have so many problems.


Smyth opens her hand, swings, smacks Willow clean across the face.


Amy Jo Smyth: You deserve that shit.


Taryn Willow stands up and gets in Smyth’s face, smirking. The two match each other in height but not in size. Smyth has a mass beyond that of Willow’s. Willow doesn’t back down, though.


Taryn Willow: Oh, you want to play that game, huh? I wonder how your ‘wife’ would feel if she ever lost you? You ever wonder how much I’ve tried being there for you. How much I’ve tried to show you that I fucking care but here comes Amy Jo and her ‘fuck the world’ mentality.


Amy Jo Smyth: You literally don’t know shit about me.


Willow bumps her chest against Smyth’s. Smyth takes a step back.


Amy Jo Smyth: You also have no idea who you’re dealing with. I suggest you make yourself scarce.


Willow nods her head, standing tall.


Taryn Willow: I will leave you alone for the time being since your perfect little world seems to be falling apart and can’t be bothered by little old me… Whatever happened at the party, or your bed happened and at this point, since you don’t care, I don’t care as well.


Amy Jo Smyth: The fuck are you talking, Taryn? Did you take too bumps to the head? I ain’t here to save your ass, that’s not my job.


Don’t be stupid and don’t be a little bitch. Of all the people, you’re the last I expect to have such a shitty attitude… Then again, I know you have such a shitty attitude about yourself, so, no shock there.


Taryn Willow: Oh, get in line will you, everyone in the wrestling world hates. You know what? They can all go fuck themselves.


Smyth steps forward, gets into Taryn’s face.


Amy Jo Smyth: No, no, you know what, you can go fuck yourself.


Taryn Willow: What you need is fucking breath mints. Your breath smells like the ass of Buddy Royal and he spews a lot of shit on a daily basis.


Amy Jo Smyth: You’re doing the same thing, kid, so don’t play that card.


Taryn Willow: At least I can do it and actually back it up, sweetheart. Good luck in your match tonight, babe. Hope you don’t get roasted too hard on Twitter afterwards by Ramona’s man.


Smyth rolls her eyes.


Amy Jo Smyth: You should go now. Save yer ass.


Smyth folds her arms in front of her chest. Taryn laughs and waves as she walks away.


Taryn Willow: Buh-bye.


Willow disappears behind the lockers, leaving Smyth standing alone in the locker room, fuming.


Amy Jo Smyth: Child. Fucking child.


Smyth turns around, slams her locker shut.


Amy Jo Smyth: Fuck!


Steve: Oh, shit.


Phil: Can I just say, I saw that one coming?


Steve: I think a lot of people did.


Rico Smith vs. Ataxia
-Career vs Mask Match-


Steve: We’re about to cut to a live feed in Boston, Mass. where we are gonna see The Five Point Boston Streetfight between Rico Smith and Ataxia in a Career versus Mask match!


Phil: Tonight we find out who’s under the mask or if we ever have to see Rico again…win win?


Steve: Not really.


Phil: So what are the rules to this weird match anyway?


Steve: First to three points out of five win. The points are won by the following. First person to bleed, First person to go through a television, Then a submission point, and a last man standing point. If it goes a tie of two to two the final point will be when one of the competitors yells “I Quit”.


Phil: I’ll let you keep up with this while I just insult Boston…sound good?!


Steve: That’s our plan.


We cut to the feed and we see the street in Boston lined up with many local Boardwalk fans all sporting Redsox gear and Boardwalk merchandise. On one side of the street we see Rico Smith walk out of the crowd who are cheering him on.


Rico Smith: Where are you Ataxia?


???: Yooo Hooooo!!


The cameras turn as we see people booing and throwing beer cans and bottles towards a parked car on the street with Ataxia standing up on top of the car. Ataxia is wearing his regular tuxedo ring gear, but over the suit jacket is a “New York Yankee’s” jersey.


Rico Smith: …Isn’t that a little bit cheap to get an audience pissed off…even for you?


Ataxia: What can I say…I always loved it when you got so hot and bothered…darling…


Rico Smith has had it and charges at Ataxia and Ataxia leaps off the car hitting Rico in the jaw with a kick to the face. Ataxia slaps Rico Smith as the crowd starts yelling and screaming at Ataxia. Ataxia picks up Rico and tosses the man into the hood of the car that he was standing on.


Ataxia: You know you could just say “I Quit” and this could all be over…but then…I WOULDN’T HAVE MY FUN!!


Ataxia slams Rico’s face into the hood of the car and the alarm goes off. Ataxia slams it again and again as more and more of the crowd gets uppity!


Steve: Rico wanted a street fight and that is exactly what he’s gonna get from Ataxia.


Phil: The microphones on these cameras are really good.


Steve: Stewart spared no expense on these. He wanted to make sure he didn’t have to send out a second mic unit.


Phil:…Our cheapskate boss not wanting to spend extra cash. Nah. Never happens.


Steve: Oh shut up Phil.


Ataxia lets Rico slump down for a moment as he looks out into the crowd.


Ataxia: You know. I expected more from this place, but then again…you guys can’t even say chowder right.


Ataxia turns and gets clocked in the face by a martial arts kick from Rico Smith. The fans start to cheer as Rico picks up Ataxia into a military press and then powerslams Ataxia onto the hood of the car. Rico grabs Ataxia by the face and then hits a facebuster…SENDING ATAXIA’S FACE THROUGH THE GLASS OF THE WINDSHIELD OF THE CAR!! Rico pulls Ataxia off of the car and tosses him onto the pavement. We see Ataxia spit up some blood towards the camera. Boardwalk Official Bruce Drake signals that Rico Smith has one point.


Steve: First point goes to Rico Smith by making Ataxia bloody!


Phil: I hope he can get the other three points in quick!


Steve: You’re pulling for Rico?


Phil: It’s like pulling for slightly sculpted male ass versus swampy male ass…it’s still ass, but at least I got some taste.


Steve: Tasty ass?


Phil: …Not my best metaphor.


Ataxia: Come on…is that the best you got?!


Rico smirks as he picks up Ataxia and sets him up in a fireman’s carry and DVD’s Ataxia into the pavement.


Rico Smith: HEY!…ANYBODY GOT A T.V.?!


The Boston fans start yelling and holding up old televisions that Rico can borrow to slam into the head of Ataxia. Ataxia starts to move after a moment as Rico starts looking over each television until he finds an old fashioned square medium sized television. Rico eye’s up Ataxia and Ataxia…motions for him to do it.


Steve: Wait…what the hell?


Phil: Ataxia’s crazy as my former girlfriend LuLou.


Steve: Was that the one who was into the…


Phil: Yup…


Steve: And the…


Phil: YES!


Steve:…I think Ataxia might be slightly less crazy than your love life.


Rico slams the television into Ataxia’s head! The glass shatters and Ataxia is down on the pavement trying to move. Rico stands for a moment and then picks up Ataxia. GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE PAVEMENT!


Steve: All Rico has to do now is get Ataxia to tap out and this match is over!


Phil: All he’s gotta do is slap that…what’s that move he does with the wrist?


Steve: The Stardust Surfboard.


Phil: Yeah the Ziggy Stardust Surf and Turf! Come on Rico!


Steve: …


Rico waits for Ataxia to start to get up.


Rico Smith: Come on…I’ll end this for you quickly.


Ataxia: Come on…”Darling!”


Ataxia goes for a punch and Rico grabs Ataxia’s wrist. He locks on the “Stardust Surfboard” as Ataxia howls out in pain! If he doesn’t tap out soon Rico is gonna break his damn wrist! Ataxia howls out and then starts laughing. Ataxia dislocates his own shoulder and causes the pressure to come off his arm. Ataxia then reaches up with his other hand and…TONGAN DEATH GRIP ON RICO SMITH’S BALLS!


Steve: He’s slapped a nerve hold on Rico Smith in the worst place possible!


Phil: Oh right in the Meat and Potatoes!


Ataxia doesn’t let go as Rico Smith drops down in pain and Ataxia keeps the hold on. Ataxia isn’t gonna let go as Rico finally, after about two minutes of this taps out!


Ataxia: Was it as good for you as it was for me!


Steve: Bruce Drake’s just awarded Ataxia the point for the submission. The next point is a ten count.


Phil: So Rico or Ataxia have to stay down for a count of ten to win right?


Steve: You got it!


Phil: Welp this is gonna take a while.


Rico starts to get up but Ataxia walks over and grabs a sewer grate. He hoists it up and it finally breaks and Ataxia tosses it at Rico Smith. Rico ducks it in time, but gets kicked in the face by a martial arts kick from Ataxia. Both men start trading kicks and punches as the match degenerates into more of a martial arts demonstration than anything. Both men are beating the shit out of each other trying to make the other one fall down. With each hit that Rico lands the hometown crowd cheers, and with every hit that Ataxia hits they start to boo. After about three minutes of this both men start to go down to one knee and keep punching each other until they both land a shot on each other at the same time. They both hit the ground.


Bruce Drake: One…Two…Three…Four…


Steve: Ataxia has to get up. If this turns into a tie the win will got to Rico Smith.


Phil: Stay down so we can finally see who you are freak!


Bruce Drake: Five…Six…Seven…Eight…


Rico and Ataxia are still both struggling to stand up by the eight. Ataxia reaches out and hits Rico in the sternum before getting up to one knee.


Bruce Drake: Nine…


Ataxia gets up and Rico is still down clutching his chest.


Bruce Drake: Ten!…


Steve: Bruce Drake awards the point to Ataxia…that just leaves…”I Quit”.


Phil: Who’s gonna say it first.


Ataxia stands up over Rico and Rico gets up. The two men eye each other. Ataxia licks his lips as Rico lets out a scream and starts beating the ever loving hell out of Ataxia with a Lou Thez Press like takedown. He picks Ataxia back up and hits a Brainbuster on him! He picks up Ataxia again and hits “The Study in Ricology” on Ataxia!


Rico Smith: Do you yield?!


Ataxia:…You hit like a bitch! HAHAH…


Before he can finish that laugh Ataxia gets kicked in the face by Rico. Rico picks up Ataxia and sets him up for a running powerbomb…INTO THE GUARDRAIL!


Steve: Ow! How much more punishment can Ataxia take?!


Phil: Depends…How much does Rico wanna still be a wrestler.


Rico Smith: Give up!


Ataxia: Would you?


Rico Smith:…What’s wrong with you. You know you can’t beat me.


Ataxia: Not…the point…as always…


Ataxia laughs as Rico picks him. Rico goes to irish whip Ataxia into the car and out of nowhere Ataxia leaps up and double kicks Rico in the chest sending him back first onto the hood of the car.


Ataxia: So. How does that feel? How does it feel to know you can’t do anything to me. You’re right. I can take anything you can dish out. Am I gonna get you to quit when you have everything on the line Rico dear?


Ataxia reaches into the car and pulls out a container of gasoline and pours it on the top of the car and Rico Smith. Ataxia hold out a lighter.


Rico Smith: Even if you burn me…I’ll not quit…so go ahead and do it.


Ataxia: No. I’m not. Because I know something you don’t…I know when to finally drop the curtain.


Rico Smith:…


Ataxia winks.


Ataxia:…I quit.


Steve: What?


Phil: WHAT?!


Ataxia drops the lighter and Rico gets up and hits him with a knee to the face. Rico starts punching Ataxia over and over again. Bruce Drake finally pulls Rico off of Ataxia. In Rico’s hand is Ataxia’s mask. Ataxia looks up and we finally see the face of…


Steve: No way…




…Boardwalk Director…Jon Stewart. He smiles at Rico as he gets up and adjusts his tuxedo.


Jon Stewart: As always Rico…you deliver such good ratings for my show. Do you finally get it now Rico. You’ve won. You get to keep your career. You get to beat me in front of your home town. You get to win! You should be happy…why aren’t you happy Rico? Oh. I know. It’s because I had to reveal it to you. It’s because I had to tell you who I was. It must drive that big brain of yours crazy to realize that I played you. I was content to just let this business run without me here, but I couldn’t resist you. No more hiding. No more tricks. Besides…I got tired of popping tic tacs. In the end Rico…You helped me realize back in SFT…That I…needed to build my own home. And I used you to do it. See Rico. That’s the point. Now you see what I meant all those years ago. “Even when I lose…I win!” Enjoy your win. I’ll enjoy the payout from the pay per view and our ratings…now if you’ll excuse me. I got a plane to catch. I got a show to finish running when I get back!


Stewart walks off as Rico just glares as Stewart. Rico, covered in gas and bruised, looks around. He takes the mask of Ataxia and tosses it onto the car…and lights it with the discarded lighter of Ataxia. The burlap mask is the last thing we see as we cut back to Steve, Phil, and the shocked Boardwalk audience.


Steve: Jon Stewart was Ataxia!


Phil: This whole time. He faked a heart condition. He played us! That liar! What else is he capable of Steve?


Steve: Who knows, but folks…we aren’t done yet!


We cut to the arena, where the capacity crowd is geared up in anticipation for the main event and revved up by an action packed night so far.


Steve: What a match that was between Rico Smith and Ataxia!


Phil: And what a night it’s been so far Steve…and we just found out one of our bosses is one of wrestling’s most insane masked wrestlers. This is nuts!


The camera cuts across the audience, signs being held up of fans’ favourite Boardwalk stars and replica titles.


Steve: Still to come we’ve got the new Internet Champion Amy Jo Smith and Brennan Devlin going for the James Avery Memorial Cup.


Phil: Smith may be the Internet Champion but she’ll never live up to CJ’s standards!


Steve: Speaking of CJ, this could be the last night we see O’Donnell as he puts his Boardwalk career on the line for a shot at the Atlantic City Title!


Phil: Steve, this is the night that…


Before Phil Stevens can finish, the lights across the whole arena suddenly plunge into darkness with a thud and a click.  A few moments pass as the crowd starts to raise its din as if restless in the cool confusion.


Steve: I’m not sure…what’s happening?


Phil: Technical problems? I don’t know…apologies to our viewers at home, I believe…


Just then a rising sound comes onto the PA System like static.  It grows louder and louder as the titantron flickers, white static back and forth before the letters start to appear on the screen.




A few members of the crowd start to grow in noise, in the know about the recent rumours floating around the Internet.


Steve: What’s going…




More fans join the cheers with some at the back booing the impending certainty.




The letters slowly fade and suddenly the opening riff of “Perfect Gentleman” bursts onto the PA system.  The arena explodes into noise as the lights flick back on dimly and yellow strobes begin to kick in; as they do out comes the former two time UTA Champion from behind the curtain in a grey Armani suit, white dress shirt with black tie. James Witherhold aka Perfection stands on the ramp with his arms out and a huge cocky smile on his face.

Steve: No way! I can’t believe what I am seeing right now! Perfection here in Boardwalk!?

Phil: Things just got a lot more interesting here tonight!

Steve: The United Toughness Alliance announced it was closing its doors on Sunday, but it’s not even been a week!

James struts down the ramp as he is received by an onslaught of boos, responding to members of the audience by jaw jacking with some, even going as far as to pause in front of a child, ripping a replica of the BW Atlantic City Title and throwing it over his shoulder briefly before spitting on it and handing it back.

Steve: I can tell you one thing for sure, I’m not surprised at all that this guy was suspended from the UTA last year the way he’s coming in here and acting in the first five minutes.

Perfection enters the ring and walks opposite of the ramp and beckons for a microphone which a ring staffer indulges him with. The music begins to fade and the lights come back on.

Perfection: Well…well…well…of all the places I thought I would sign…of all the places I’d thought I’d end up after UTA shut it’s doors…the LAST place I ever thought I would be is here! Not because this place is a shining light of talent…it isn’t…well wasn’t, until I signed the dotted line!


James smirks walking towards the ropes leaning on them as he points towards the audience who are booing loudly.


Perfection: Now I’m here in Boardwalk…this dump you’ve been shelling money out too, these…PATHETIC…so-called stars backstage here tonight that couldn’t and wouldn’t have even hacked it a month in the UTA…


He raises his hand up in a stop before turning slightly and pointing.


Perfection: Those losers…they don’t deserve to get in the ring with a caliber athlete like ‘Yours Truly’!


Steve: I think I already dislike this guy.


Perfection: And it’s not just because they aren’t even worthy enough to shine my damn boots! It’s because there’s no chance in hell I’d wrestle and entertain ungrateful trash like you! No…I’m here….because I am going to manage one of the greatest superstars here in Boardwalk!


Steve: One of the Boardwalk wrestlers hired Perfection as their manager?!


Phil: We’ll whoever it is, is a genius! That man was a staple to the UTA and for him to be here is a big win for whoever called Perfection.


Perfection pushes off the ropes and walks towards the side that faces out towards the ramp.


Perfection: Now, without any further ado, Ungratefuls. I present one of the most talented wrestlers in the world today! A man that is a cornerstone to this industry! A man that will continue to build his legacy!


Perfection’s arm extends towards the curtain.


Perfection: Ungratefuls, your FUTURE Atlantic City Champion!


The lights immediately dim once again as the opening riff to “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA system.  The riff repeats itself as members of the crowd start to grow louder, recognising the entrance tune.


Steve: No…it…it can’t be.


Letters fade in on the screen emblazoned in Red and white, as “CANADIAN STAR” flashes proudly.  A couple of red strobe lights aim their way down to the entrance as from the back the figure appears.  Wearing a dark navy blue pinstripe suit, the bright yellow lining of the inside as he holds it open with the gold shining around his waist.


Phil: It is Steve! But he’s signed with…


The blonde mane of the six foot four sculpture of masculinity is tied back as his face comes into the light.


Steve: CBR! It’s CBR!


Claude Baptiste Ranier struts onto the ramp way as the chorus kicks in, circling slowly as if to show himself off to the capacity Atlantic City crowd.


“Hail to the king…

Hail to the one…

Kneel to the crown…

Stand in the sun!”


Claude starts to walk down the rampway, the UTA Legacy Championship strapped to his waist as the corners of his lips curl upwards into an irrepressible smirk.


Steve: Another icon of the UTA here, in Boardwalk!


Phil: This is great Steve! It shows how much Boardwalk is firmly on the map!


Ranier ignores the outstretched hands of fans, the purple tinted sunglasses covering his eyes and the polished Corthay twist faux oxfords on his feet.  A silver and gold Breitling Chronomat 44 hangs tightly from his left wrist, the light blue shirt unbuttoned twice at the collar revealing the powerful chest of the Canadian Star.


CBR walks up the ring steps and slips between the ropes.  The smirk turns to a full blown grin as he approaches Perfection, spreading his arms as the two legends embrace tightly sharing a few words as the music dies down.  The crowd, not knowing what to make of it is loud, the boos raining down like fire muffled with cheers for the Canadian.  Ranier graciously takes the mic from Perfection and turns to face the crowd.


CBR: Atlantic City…


The boos and cheers rise further, Claude lowering the mic and tapping its head with his index finger to make a drumming sound.  He walks calmly to the ropes before launching his foot onto the bottom rope and lifting himself up, the mic slinging into action his free hand pointing back at Perfection.


CBR: Shut the hell up and show this man some respect!!


The cheers immediately sink away as the boos intensify, electric in the arena.


Steve: Well I guess we know which version of CBR has shown up in Boardwalk tonight!


Claude’s smirk returns to his face as he lowers back to the ring mat, looking around the audience.


CBR: This man beside me is a former two time UTA World Champion and one of a handful of men in this business I hold even a modicum of respect for.  And me?


His wry smile intensifies as the pause infuriates the crowd.


CBR: Well me, I’m CBR…


Ranier glances back at Perfection then looks over the crowd unstrapping the belt from his waist and raising it in the middle of the ring.


CBR: And for the best part of two damn years I’ve held a belt worth more than anything you call gold! I’ve been in more wars than any man, woman or dwarf back in Orlando and compared to every single one of your heroes here in Atlantic City you will refer to me as the God of Kings!


He sneers, as the Legacy Title lowers over his shoulder, twisting the mic in his hand waiting for the rising crescendo of noise to once again dissipate.


Steve: Hey! We have some of the finest champions in this business today! Show some respect!


CBR: For a few months now we’ve been hearing the name Boardwalk…this little backwater promotion in New Jersey.  Seems you boys have been making quite the noise.


He cracks the grin back onto his face as he walks slowly around the ring, Perfection clapping and nodding as he gestures to the crowd.


CBR: And while all of you in the back were entertaining gambling addicts and overweight milk salesmen in hotel lobbies and Gymnasiums, we were busy selling out the damn Tokyo Dome and Madison Square Garden in New York City!


Claude shakes his head slowly and stops his movements, stood square in the centre of the ring.


CBR: Just who in the hell passes for the face of your business…Danny B? Who?  Unstable? Please.  One percent? How damn original.  I haven’t been talking to Michael Pettis for days, I’ve been talking to him for months because he knew this organisation needed to be taken to the next level! I was ready to come and show this hell hole what it’s like to be worshipped by millions and I guess James Wingate knew there was simply no point continuing without the centrepiece of his crown.


He slowly walks to the ropes, placing his foot on the bottom, hanging the belt over the top and leaning over on his left forearm whilst raising the mic to his mouth.


CBR: But that was then, and this is Boardwalk.  When money talks, opportunity walks and to all of you listening in the back we just walked into your schoolyard kids.  Question is…what are you gonna do about it?


He sneers as his face looks out across the audience, slowly stepping back off of the ropes and taking his belt in his hand.


CBR: Oh, and Atlantic City…we…are not…alone.


The sneer turns back to the smirk, as CBR raises his arms into the air and drops the mic out of his fingers to the mat with a thud.  “Hail to the King” once again hits the PA system as he turns to Perfection.  The two embrace once more, before heading for the ropes and stepping out onto the apron.


Steve: Not alone? What the hell do they mean?


Phil: I don’t know Steve, but business is about to pick up here in Boardwalk!


The two men drop down to the rampway and slowly walk up the ramp.  CBR lifts his hands into the air and makes a “D” sign with his fingers, before turning his back to the audience and heading to the back.




Steve: Folks, we’ve had a hell of a night here so far but let us take a moment to hype up our next event.


Phil: We’re not even done with Crowning Achievement, and we’re already hyping our next event? Must be something good!


Steve: You are correct about that, Joker’s Wild will be coming to you live on iPPV yet again! March 10th, expect a Jackpot Elimination Series throughout the night. Teams battling against each other, all looking to make it to the finals later that night.


Phil: It’s going to be one hell of a night, safe to assume that if the Unstable walk out of here with their leader…they should be the odds on favorite?


Steve: I would think so, but there is no telling what can happen. All I know is, you’re going to want to tune in.


Phil: Well…I’m sold!


Steve: Now, let’s move onto the third James Avery Cup match! Brennan Devlin, the brash but talented startup is taking on Amy Jo Smyth.


Phil: Amy Jo isn’t much of a fan of Devlin, tonight she looks to add to her Internet title by taking home the James Avery cup!


Amy Jo Smyth vs. Brennan Devlin
-James Avery Memorial Cup – Non Title Match-


Amber Rose:The following match is for the James Avery Cup! Introducing first…


“You’re Gonna Love It If You Like It or Not” by Powerman 5000 blared throughout the arena as Brennan Devlin strolled out onto the stage to a reaction of pure hate from the audience. The fans loudly chanted negative things in his direction as he strutted down the ramp, taunting members of the crowd rather profusely.


Amber Rose:Coming to the ring from Devil’s Den, California, weighing in at two hundred and eighteen pounds and standing six feet, one inches tall, BRENNAN DEEEEEVLIN!!!


Just trying to get a rise out of them.. He stopped to make fun, even laugh at a few of them as he arrived into the ringside area. Once there – he hopped up onto the apron and stood there for a moment, turning to peer at the crowd. He gave them a confident, toothy grin before sliding his vest he usually wore during entrances off, and entering the ring. Once inside, he walked over to the turnbuckle and leisurely laid back against it, waiting for his opponent as his music faded and he continued to laze around.


Amber Rose: And his opponent…


The lights lower and the remaining lights turn to a golden color. “Shoot to Thrill” by Halestorm hits. The crowd explodes into cheers. Amy Jo Smyth steps out from the back onto the stage, her head and part of her face covered by the hood of her Pink Power Ranger hoodie. The golden lights change and simulate a rain of glitter over her. Smyth throws her head back and arms upward and outward, letting the glittering light wash over her.


I got my gun at the ready gonna fire at will

‘Cause I shoot to thrill and I’m ready to kill

I can’t get enough and I can’t get my fill

Shoot to thrill play to kill

Pull the trigger, pull it

Pull it pull it

Pull the trigger


She slowly makes her way down the ramp, looking over the crowd, giving the occasional high five to the occasional fan with a perfectly placed hand. She reaches the end of the ramp and throws a fist up in the air. The crowd pops.


Amber Rose:…Hailing from the great state of New Jersey… The Good Doctor and The Internet Champion… Amy Jo Smyth!


After a quick moment of listening to the crowd, she rushes forward, slides into the ring, and stands. Smyth throws her hood down and spins on her toes with her arms raised. She strips off her hoodie and passes it off to the nearest person on the outside. Smyth bounces off the ropes, backflips, somersaults, and cartwheels around the ring multiple times.


Steve: While this match is not for the Internet Title, it is for the prestigious James Avery Cup! And we know that the winner will also receive a Atlantic City Title shot at our next iPPV.


Phil: We have seen two winners in the past, Steve. Rayn and Siobhan Townsend. And one of them went on to win the title. Could we see two in the near future?


Devlin comes out of his corner with gusto, speedy as he approaches Amy Jo. Smyth showcasing her own agile nature as she ducks a quick tie up attempt from Brennan. She spins and kicks at the back of his right leg, once… Twice… Three times! Brennan nearly goes down to one knee, but before it can happen Amy Jo rattles the ring with a beauty of a swinging neckbreaker! Having taken the early advantage she snaps to a seat with a grin as her fan-base rejoices. Devlin rocks side to side, slowly coming to a seat of his own. His green eyes widen as Smyth rolls to her feet and leaps into his chest, she plants both boots there with a swift dropkick! This rocks Brennan back into a tumble, he comes neck and shoulders over and winds up belly down on the mat. Kicking a foot here and there, he’s stunned out of the gate.


Phil: Nice early attacks from Miss Smyth! She’s in total control right now.


Steve: Kind of the way I saw this going anyway.


Phil: Biased much?


Steve: blah, blah…


Amy Jo is right there before Brennan can work to try and get his bearings, she stomps over him four times. She then leaps down over his lower back, taking a mounted seat there as she blast a few elbow strikes into the rear of his head. His painted face showcases the agony each elbow brings with it, Brennan’s colorful hair being whipped about with each stiff shot. Smyth jumps to her feet, Brennan rolling to his back clutching his head now… She hits the far ropes with full speed.


Phil: She is really aiming for a total knockout, Brennan needs to get himself some space!


Steve: He’s not ready for Smyth, This chick can fight.


Smyth comes back at Brennan, she leaps high into the air looking to bring a knee down over him… But Devlin dodges to the side, she lands awkward and cries out but tries rolling forward. Staggering up quickly, Amy Jo turns back to head back after Brennan… Grabbing at him as the still stunned Devlin tries to stand upright after dodging the knee drop. She shakes her head side to side, catching a suddenly right boot from Brennan… But her eyes go wide now as Brennan suddenly corkscrews his body around before her in the air, his left boot coming up into her chin as he nails a modified twisting mule kick! Smyth is dumped over her back, clutching her chin as Brennan ends up on both knees… Touching at his head, the back of it where the elbows had landed. Brennan glares back at Amy Jo and sneers… Rising and coming at her quickly now!


Phil: Wrote him out early, told you Steve!


Steve: He got lucky there, like always he lands some half assed monkey shit!


Amy Jo sits up, shaking off the mule kick only to be greeted by the incoming Brennan Devlin! He grabs at her and yanks her upright to both feet, WHAM! A left elbow strike rocks Smyth into the nearby corner so hard she tumbles right to a seat there. This crowd loud in a torn reaction, some behind Smyth and others Devlin as Brennan kicks and stomps violently a good seven or eight times into Amy Jo. He then waste no time performing a turnbuckles corner handstand into a dropkick! Connecting with force, this crushes Amy Jo between Brennan and turnbuckles!! He drags her out and makes a cover.


Phil: There’s a cover, after that wild dropkick… She may not respond!


Steve: Seriously?!






Devlin gets a two count, but Smyth manages a shoulder up. Showing her own resilience, Brennan grins and rising up from the mat, forcing her with him. He ties up and lands a few knee strikes, he then hip tosses her up and over him to the mat… Smyth landing HARD, as Brennan takes a staggered step back and motions her up to those feet.


Phil: He’s looking poised for a superkick…


Steve: A superkick, who doesn’t do that these days?


Amy Jo is trying to shake off Brennan’s attacks, she begins to get up as her fans scream in horror as they try to ‘warn’ her. Brennan slaps his left hand over his left thigh a couple times, while stomping a foot to signal his favorite kick… Smyth staggers up and turns as Brennan lunges into her and snaps that left foot at her chin with a superkick! The crowd going bonkers as Amy Jo was ‘ready’ for this, she takes the superkick in the chin… But somehow manages to careen her body so that she also lands a wildly modified snap dropkick into the side of Brennan’s head! Both of them don’t get a full connection, but enough they go spiraling in opposite directions to the mat… Laid out there, trying to regain their composure as the arena shakes with excitement!


Phil: She almost dodged the superkick, but Brennan got a piece of her chin! Amy Jo however lands that beauty of a dropkick to counter! They’re both down, dazed after having their heads scrambled!


Steve: GET UP!


Amy Jo is near a corner, trying to pull herself up there… Brennan is a few steps to the side of there, using the ropes to get himself up now as well. This crowd is on their feet at this point as either of these two competitors could pull off ANYTHING at ANYTIME! Smyth staggers up and out of the corner, Devlin leaps there with both feet as he rises… He pushes his body up into the air, looking for what appears to be a corkscrew neckbreaker out of the same corner Amy Jo as staggered from… This crowd in a frenzy as Amy Jo somehow manages to once more counter his attack with one of her very own! Brennan’s risky corkscrew plancha already sending him through the air with momentum, Amy Jo catches him as he brings her down with the corkscrew neckbreaker with a modified suplex of her very own! Thus returning them both to the canvas… Each rocking a bit, but obviously ‘rocked’ by this devastating double maneuver.


Phil:WOW! Brennan with a wild corkscrew neckbreaker only to have Amy Jo land a crazy suplex on him at the same time! This is so tight, either of them could win this Steve… Admit it!


Steve: You stow it Phil, Amy Jo needs Devlin to take one risk… One crash, and he’ll burn like always! She’s smart.


Phil: Um she’s down and out too Steve, so your argument has no validation right now!


Steve: Don’t be a dick.


Devlin rocks over to his belly, touching at his back after the explosive impact with the canvas… Amy Jo pulling herself from near him as she grimaces and touches at her neck. The referee hasn’t started a count, giving both competitors time to get their bearings as this crowd is rattled down the middle in support of these two. Amy Jo gets to both knees now, Brennan pushing himself into a stagger before coming upright off the mat. He twist and shakes his head, Amy Jo calls out and charges up from the mat before leaping into Brennan… Looking for a diving cross body take down.




Steve: You called that one, I can’t deny that was awesome!


Brennan takes a page out of her book and catches her with a modified attack of his very own! As she collides into him, Brennan manages to leap backward and brings his knees up into Amy Jo… They come down over Brennan’s back, but Smyth is crunched over his knees in an awkward modified Codebreaker like take down. Her cross body does bear some weight though, especially after the attacks they’ve each suffered. Once again they’re both on the mat… And this crowd is on their feet in support, eating this up!


Phil: They just keep landing assaults at the same time, after Amy Jo took an early lead… Brennan got control, and now it’s almost a wild stalemate!


Steve: I’m starting to wonder now, I mean okay… Devlin can be a resilient little bastard. But I’m still pulling for Smyth here, it just feels right!


Devlin grimaces, coming to a seat as he sees Amy Jo laid out on her back… Clutching her chest, Brennan grins even through his pain… He turns and drags himself to his feet, leaping right to the top of the nearby turnbuckles and slowly coming to a stand. This crowd going off as he tugs his shirt off, tossing it to this loud excited crowd… He shrugs and leaps off the top at Smyth. Arching his neck and back, he sails wildly over her with a SWANTON BOMB! Snapping around right at the last minute, Amy Jo ROLLS TO THE RIGHT!! Brennan crashes HARD over the mat on his neck and shoulders!! He falls back, Amy Jo diving over him for a cover of her own!


Phil: That could have seriously took Brennan outta this one!






Steve: DAMN! So close!


Brennan does manages a shoulder up just before the three count, Amy Jo shaking her head. Muttering to herself, she pulls at the ropes. Keeping Brennan down now, she stomps over him four times before dropping a wicked leaping knee. She then hits the corner herself, going up top she points to the crowd… Shaking off her own agony, she now careens backward nailing a shooting star press right onto the dazed Devlin!


Phil: It’s over Steve, I’ll admit it!




Amy Jo turns over, grimacing still the quick pace and brutality of the impacts in this match shows. She makes the cover however, hooking Brennan’s leg as his fans are jeering in shock. Smyth support booms in delight as the referee counts it!






Just before the three, Amy Jo’s fans jeer as the referee holds up two fingers. He then points to the ropes, Smyth having not paid much attention to the ring placement… Brennan has grabbed the bottom rope, barely escaping defeat. Amy Jo shakes her head, she works back to her feet and pulls at Brennan. She lines up and looks for a blistering elbow strike, Brennan’s fan-base erupts as he CATCHES this, he quickly turns it into a modified springboard into a shooting star press of his own! Only he twists into a DDT on Smyth! Leaving them both down. Amy Jo stunned from the sudden DDT!


Phil: I cannot believe this is still going on, I was convinced Amy Jo had it! What a match up, so high paced. But every impact seems to rock this crowd!


Devlin lines up Smyth…


Steve: It’s over if he hits this Face Off!!


Devlin connects with the Face Off!! He quickly covers…








Steve: Brennan Devlin did it! He won the James Avery Cup!


Phil: And with that, he and Amy Jo Smyth are 1-1 if you consider the battle royal a couple weeks ago!


Amber Rose: Here is your winner by pinfall… Brennan Devlin!


Devlin rolls out of the ring as “You’re Gonna Love It If You Like It or Not” plays, and picks up the James Avery Cup from it’s pedestal at ringside. He Hoists it high in the air as the fans boo. Inside the ring, the referee hands Amy Jo her title, as he checks on her.


Steve: And now we know that we will see Devlin take on the Atlantic City Champ at the next iPPV. But will it be Danny B or will it be CJ O’Donnell?


Phil: O’Donnell, Steve… How many times do I have to explain this to you?



Backstage in the Unstable locker room, ‘The Distinguished’ CJ O’Donnell appears to be in the zone before his Atlantic City title match, however his focus is at least momentarily broken by the almost reluctant opening and following quiet thud of the door closing behind a familiar face..


CJ O’Donnell: Come to say an early congratulations?

Cockily, CJ gets to his feet to greet the entering figure, a fellow member of the Unstable and ‘Distorted Angel’ Amber Ryan who seems to be a lot more sure on her feet than previously seen last.

Amber Ryan: Not quite what I had in mind…

A few moments pass in awkward silence, CJ unsure how to respond and Amber unwillingly to follow on.

Amber Ryan: Are you really sure about this… I mean this is your career we’re talking about, not just a case of macho pride and a shiny strap.

CJ O’Donnell: Why wouldn’t I be?

Amber Ryan: I’m not saying you shouldn’t be…

CJ O’Donnell: … but…

Amber Ryan: … but I still don’t think you’ve thought this through properly Caleb. Not that it matters now I guess.


CJ looks at Amber as he can tell something else is on her mind.

CJ O’Donnell: If there’s something you wanna say then say it.

Amber Ryan: I wanna wish you luck-

CJ O’Donnell: Luck? I’m the longest reigning Distinguished champion, I’ve taken shits greater than your ‘frenemy’-

Amber Ryan: He’s not my goddamn ‘frenemy’, I fucking hate that word.

CJ O’Donnell: Well whatever it is between you two then… and besides, I’m Irish… Aside from luck being entirely redundant, I don’t need it. You are looking at the NEW Atlantic City Champion.

Amber doesn’t seem convinced by the show of bravado, something not lost on ‘The Distinguished’.

CJ O’Donnell: Seriously, you’ve been thinking way too much… Just sit back, get yourself some popcorn, put your feet up and enjoy watching me slam the lid on Danny’s title reign.

Amber Ryan: If you say so.

CJ O’Donnell:  You aren’t the only Unstable who can beat him and tonight I prove it.

With a curt nod, giving little else away other than a vague disapproval of the level of cockiness being shown by CJ, Amber leaves the Unstable locker room without another word and leaving CJ to the remainder of his preparations.




Back inside of thearena the technicians are finishing up the construction of the steel cage around the ring, the lights dim and on Boardwalk Vision, we see a lifeline going across the screen, and hear a heartbeat. Each beat causes the lifeline to rise as it scrolls on the screen.


Steve: Well, this is odd. Did Erik Dean or Morag add this to their entrance?


Phil: Steve, this may have nothing to do with our next match though…


Abruptly, the heartbeat fades from the screen, as the lights come back on fully in the arena.


Steve: Well, not sure what that was all about, but let’s go back to ringside for our Steel Cage match!


Erik Dean vs. Aidan Morag
-Steel Cage Match-


Amber Rose:  The following contest is a STEEL CAGE MATCH!  Introducing first, from the Bronx New York City New York, weighing in at 250 pounds… AIDAN MORAG!!!

“No Apologies” By Jussie Smollett plays throughout the arena. After a few seconds Aidan Morag walks to the stage and pauses as the crowd erupts in boos with a few cheers spattered around the arena. Aidan stands there and takes it all in as if they were cheering the home team.

Amber Rose: And his opponent… from Los Angeles California and weighing in at 255 pounds… The Legacy…ERIK DEAN!!!

“Welcome Home” by Coheed And Cambria plays over the PA and the Boardwalk Wrestling fans explode into thunderous cheers as Erik Dean appears through the heavy curtains.  He looks over the crowd and then throws a fist into the air as they cheer him again, before he walks down to the ring and stares a hole in Moran for a long moment.  He then slides under the bottom rope and joins the referee and his opponent as his music fades.

Referee Race Thomas calls both men to the center of the ring and gives them a fast rundown of the rules though their attention is rightfully on the cage as it slowly lowers down around the ring.  It hits the floor with a loud


as Erik Dean looks resolute and Aidan Morag nods in appreciation of the metal structure.  Race steps back from the pair and calls for the bell.


Phil: Reminding the fans at home and in attendance tonight that this match can be won one of three ways – escape over the top of the cage or go out the door and have both feet hit the floor, or via pinfall.

Steve:  I wonder if either man is going to be in any shape to climb that cage when the time comes, as heated as the exchanges between these two have been over the past few months.

Phil:  This is it, it’s Fight One’s Founder versus one of the founders of Boardwalk Wrestling and the sheer level of despite between these two is phenomenal.

Steve:  That’s no joke, Phil.  There’s going to be some carnage in that ring tonight, I promise you that.

The fans are already chanting for Erik Dean, and he gives them a look before he starts to circle Aidan Morag.  Aiden jaws at him, and Erik narrows his eyes at what he says, but as he pauses to curse him Morag rears back and strikes him with a massive open handed slap!


It whips his head to the side as the fans exclaim in shock, and he turns back to Morag only to endure yet another slap!

Phil:  Now that’s just downright disrespectful!

Erik’s eyes go wide as Aidan laughs and he slides in with his arms around Aidan, lifts him with brute force and drops him for a wicked backbreaker!  Morag is limp a moment and Dean lifts him up again and turns him into position for a fast German suplex!  He groans as he hits the mat, but is quickly to his feet and as Dean attempts to close on him he eats a quick dropkick!  He goes to his knees and Aidan comes at him with a fast enzuigiri!  He topples but instead of covering Morag scrambles towards the cage door!  Race is with him and moves to open it, but before he can get the latch undone Dean yanks Morag away by his wrists and spins him in a hard Irish whip to the ropes!  He goes for a backslide but Morag catches himself, drops to his knees and slides in for a fast uppercut!


Dean falls to the mat and again Morag jumps to his feet to head for the door, but is tripped up by a fast drop toehold as Erik spins on the mat to catch him!  He falls hard as Erik laughs and kips up, he stalks Aidan as he rises and comes across with a high knee to the cheek.  He grabs him by the arm and pulls him to the turnbuckles in the corner and slams his head into the middle one, he goes for a second, and a third before he drops him to the mat.  Satisfied, he climbs the turnbuckles up to the top, but as he reaches for the cage Aidan chopblocks him and he falls back but Morag doesn’t move fast enough to get out of the way and both men tumble down.

Morag recovers first and kicks Dean in the thigh as hard as he can to try and knot it up, and as Erik howls on the mat he looks to the door, then looks to the cage, then back to the door before he shrugs and slides through the ropes and starts to scale the cage!  Dean is back up though and yanks him by the boot causing him to slide back down to the apron.  He spins around and catches Dean with a kind of lariat, and then a sharp jab to his nose!  Erik’s eyes water but he fires back with a few punches before he nails him with a hard uppercut that leaves him sagging against the cage.  Dean moves down a few feet and slides through the ropes before starting his own climb, getting up a few feet as the fans cheer him on!

Aidan sees this and shakes off the last hard hit, he spins around and starts climbing too as he cusses out Erik, the fans, the referee, and even Phil and Steve!


Steve:  Well that’s not very polite!

Phil:  That asshole is downright rude!

Both men are climbing the cage wall now, they trade shots as they hang on to the chainlink with one hand.  Each hard shot sways them but they keep punching away, neither willing to give an inch.  Finally Aiden boosts himself up by grabbing Dean’s head and he grabs the top of the cage, legs swinging free as he tries to pull himself up and over but Erik won’t let go of his foot!  He finally gives in and drops down off the cage back into the ring but grabs Aiden’s boots and yanks him down before he can climb up.  They roll around on the mat and exchange more hard shots, Race not even bothering to warn them about closed hands when Dean finally gets the upper hand and pulls Aiden up to drop him with a fast spike DDT!  He covers as Race moves to count.



Shoulder up!

Morag rolls the shoulder up at two, Dean was sure it was three and looks at Race who shakes his head and holds up two fingers.  Erik starts to rise, but that moment of inattention costs him as Aiden catches Dean with a fast inside cradle, Race down to count as Dean kicks wildly!



Erik shoots to his feet, and catches Aidan in the face with a fast knee!  He grabs him up into a double-underhook facebuster, and drops Aidan hard with Spoken Words!  He quickly flips him over and covers, but fails to hook the leg as Referee Thomas slides in to count.




Phil:  Oh I thought he had him!  So close!

Steve:  Close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and alimony payments!

Aiden kicks out with authority and flips over to his belly, and Erik grabs him by the hair and pulls him halfway up to his feet before Morag starts headbutting him in the gut.  Dean lets go and staggers back as Morag shoots to his feet and hits him with a missile dropkick!  Erik falls hard to the mat and Aiden sees a chance, he goes bounding up the ropes and bounces a couple of times to give him height before he jumps up on the cage wall like a spider.  The fans boo hard and start to throw trash and soda cups at the cage, dousing Morag with liquid and ice cubes as he stops his climb to shout.

Aidan Morag:  FUCK YOU!

His pause lets Dean get time to recover and he looks around wildly for Morag, spies him on the wall of the cage, lets out a roar and runs to the far corner and clambers up on the top turnbuckle.  He steadies himself for a second and leaps off for a Coast to Coast dropkick along the side of the ring and catches Morag right in the side!!


The fans that were just heaping abuse on Aidan cheer as both men hit the top rope and then hit the mat with a vicious impact.

Phil:  JESUS.

Steve:  Who the hell DOES THAT!

Phil:  Apparently Erik Dean!

The pair lay there after the impact breathing heavily for long moments, Referee Thomas checks them both but they roll to hands and knees nearly simultaneously.  Dean and Morag exchange heavy punches after they scramble back to their feet, spit and sweat flying as the meaty thwacks echo over the cheers and boos of the fans.  Erik gets the upper hand for a moment as Aiden reels to the ropes but he switches up to hard body shots and then shoves Dean backwards.  Erik loses his balance for a moment and Aiden swarms him before he plants him with a massive sidewalk slam!  He floats over and quickly covers as Referee Thomas slides in to count.




Morag is clearly pissed as he pounds the mat with his fists, then he gets up and drags Dean up with him, sets him up for his version of a Widow’s Peak, the Golden Shower and crashes down to the mat with Erik.  He rolls him over wearily and covers, hooking the near leg.  Race is still in position and counts.




Morag looks stunned, he shakes his head and glares at Race but saves his ire for Dean, he stands and rips him up off the mat and peppers him

with sharp forearm shivers to keep him docile.  He drags him towards the ropes and dumps him through to the apron where he lays in a heap, breathing heavily.  Morag starts to climb through, but Erik’s foot lashes out and hits the middle strand, crotching him hard! The fans cheer and jeer as he bends over and cradles his jewels, Erik grins nastily as he rises to his feet.

Phil:  And every man in the building suddenly has a little sympathy for Aidan Morag….

Steve:  Not me!  Hit him in the nuts again!

Erik rakes his sweaty hair back from his majestic forehead, and grabs Aiden by the back of his head before he grabs his wrist and twists his arm into a painful high angle chickenwing and pulls him through the ropes.  Morag grunts and tries to fight free but there’s nowhere to go with both men trapped between the ropes and the cage!  Erik grins with intent as he introduces Aiden’s face to the unforgiving metal of the cage, and facewashes him back and forth, the right side Morag’s face grows bloody and raw before Dean cracks his head against the cage for insult to injury.  He pants, almost out of breath before he draws in a deep one to shout at Aiden.


The fans cheer as he turns and tosses Aiden over the top rope and into the ring.  He looks at the cage wall and his shoulders sag a little, he’s clearly not wanting to climb up so he slides into the ring and kicks Aiden in the ribs before he drops to cover, Race slides in fast to count.




Dean’s eyes are wide and he holds up three fingers, but Race shakes his head and holds up two!  With a sharp sigh he moves to his feet and

leans down to bring Aiden up but Aiden grabs him and headbutts him sharply across the bridge of his nose!  Blood explodes from his nose as his hands fly up to clap over it, and Morag sits up and carefully touches the raw right side of his face, his expression chilling and murderous as he rages at Dean, whips his legs out and kicks him in the side of the knee!  Dean howls and hobbles back as Aiden gets to his feet and taunts him, Dean wipes the blood from his nose and mouth with the back of his wrist as Morag backs up then launches himself at him with the intent of a lariat but Dean sidesteps and grabs him into a full nelson as he goes by!  The fans cheer, they know what’s coming as Dean rides Morag to the mat with his trademark Full Nelson Bulldog, A Dying Dream!

For a moment both men lay there exhausted and then Dean manages to roll to his hands and knees.  He looks over at the cage door and then back to the unmoving Morag before he pushes to his feet and starts to limp over to it.

Phil:  This could be it, Morag is down and Dean is heading towards the door!  Come on, faster!

Steve:  I don’t care if it shows bias… I mean when do I ever…but come on Boss Man!  WOOO ERIK DEAN!

Erik gets his hand on the door, Race Thomas there to unlock it and they watch the door swing open.  Dean moves through the ropes but is jolted when out of nowhere Aiden leaps over the ropes and slams Erik into the frame of the door!  He grabs him by the hair and slams his face into the chainlink and screams.


He spits to the side and moves to slam Dean’s head again but Erik gets his arms up and then fights back, hard elbow after hard elbow seeking Morag’s gut until he lets go.  Dean shoves him into the ropes and punches him in the face, he sags and falls through between the first and second strand.  Dean looks longingly at the door but then his eyes narrow and he goes back into the ring.

Race shuts the door again and follows, but stays out of Dean’s way as he stomps at Morag but his boots lack the usual ‘oomph’ as his weariness from the match shows.  He goes for a knee drop but Aiden flops aside at the last second and Dean rolls around on the mat and cradles his knee, hissing.  Aiden rises but falls back down, tries again and gets to his hands and knees before he wobbles to his feet, but Dean whips up off the mat and comes up under his chin with force, clacking his teeth together hard.  He too staggers as his knee isn’t wanting to take his weight, and the pair trade hard shots until a wild elbow by Dean rocks Morag and he crashes to the mat, unmoving.  The fans are going nuts, cheers rocking the ringside area as Erik slowly turns back to the door and makes his way towards it.  He slips through the ropes, Race Thomas is there to open the door again and with a lunge Dean almost forward rolls down the steps and hits the floor!

Referee Race Thomas waves to the timekeeper and calls for the bell!


Amber Rose:  And here is your winner via cage escape…. ERIK DEANNNN!!!!!!!!

“Welcome Home” by Coheed And Cambria blares out over the arena speakers and the fans cheer even louder as Race makes his way down the steps to help Dean to his feet.  A ringside trainer slides into the ring to check on the now stirring Aiden Morag.

Steve:  He did it!  He did it!

Phil:  Erik Dean, ladies and gentlemen, showing why he is called The Bleeding Prince but emerging victorious in this match.



Backstage, ‘The Ripper’ Danny B appears all set for his Atlantic City title defense against the Unstable’s ‘Distinguished’ CJ O’Donnell. Pacing back and forth in what appears to be a near empty corridor space, however around here one is never alone for very long. With his attention is drawn and that usual cocky smile plastered across his features, he approaches the end of the corridor space where a familiar face is leaning against the wall, paying little heed to the approaching champion though aware of the attention their presence has caused.

Danny B: Wasn’t expecting to see you, thought you’d be comforting CJ in his last few moments before I end his career and precious Unstable.

Who else would disturb the champion right before a title match but their greatest rival and possibly best friend, though others would argue there’s more to it, but a certain redhead ‘Distorted Angel’.

Amber Ryan: You know, I was gonna wish you luck but as per usual you’re being an asshole.

Danny B: You going out of your way to wish me luck? I’m not an idiot and more importantly I’m not one of your Un-able buddies so if you think I’m gonna be fooled that easy..

Amber Ryan: Oh honey, you’re still fooled by doors that say push or pull. Still, as much as I like insulting you, that’s not why I’m here…

Danny B:: A good luck kiss perhaps?

Amber Ryan: I literally could not be more disgusted at the thought of it. Just checking in and all that…

Danny B: How’s CJ…

Amber Ryan: Cocky.

Danny B: And you?

Amber Ryan: That’s entirely irrelevant to this conversation.

Danny B: Is it?

Amber Ryan: I’m not playing this game Danny.

Amber goes to leave but Danny places his hand on the wall firmly beside her, blocking the way.

Amber Ryan: You know if you don’t move your arm, I’ll turn it into a lightning bolt.

Danny B: I don’t doubt it, look I’m just saying you really need to start looking at the big picture… Tell me, how is it that both your ‘brothers in arms’ managed to get shots at me before you.

Amber Ryan: Why does that matter?

Danny B: It matters cause you’re a hell of a lot better competitor than the both of them! Aren’t you sick of always being second fiddle already.

Amber Ryan: We both know I’m nobody’s second fiddle.

Danny B:Then why is it that both of them put their handicap match and subsequent celebrations before you and your welfare. Why is it that they’ve both had bits at the top cherry when you’ve been passed over multiple times, briefcase or not.

Amber Ryan:You’ve forgotten one thing darl…

Danny B:And what’s that?

Amber Ryan:Your silver tongue mind games don’t work on me. Remember?

Danny B: You know what I remember- I remember a Distorted Angel who tried to burn me alive and who scratched and clawed her way into every title picture and fought like a beast for every opportunity she ever got, which have generally been few and far between might I add, and after I defend this title? That’s the Amber I wanna face. Not the watered down Unstable bridesmaid letting her ‘brothers’ cut in line.

Danny brings his face close to Amber’s, close enough that if he wanted to kiss her on the cheek… instead, he whispers something inaudible in her ear. Pulling away, he flashes that familiar Ripper smile.

Danny B:Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a career to end and a title to retain.

With that, he disappears down the corridor leaving Amber somewhat confused and allegiance possibly torn.




Amber Rose:  Ladies and gentleman, owner and CEO of Boardwalk Wrestling, Michael Pettis!


“Back in Black” by AC/DC begins to play and the fans cheer as Michael Pettis walks out and makes his way to the ring, a microphone in his hand.  When he gets to the ring, he holds the mic up to his mouth.


Pettis:How’s everyone enjoying the show so far?


The fans cheer.


Pettis:  That’s what I like to hear!  Now it’s almost time for the main event.


The fans cheer again, louder this time.


Pettis:  Save that energy, you’re going to need it in a few minutes.  Right now, I want to take a moment to introduce you to someone.  As many of you know, we have recently made some changes on our staff.  I wanted to take this opportunity to announce that we have hired a new Chief Creative Officer.  We signed the papers this morning, and I figured, why not introduce you to the fans tonight, at Crowning Achievement III?  And he agreed that it was a good idea.  So ladies and gentlemen, Boardwalk Wrestling’s new CCO…


He points up the ramp, the cameras look to the entrance.  The building is quiet for a moment.  Then, the sound of drums hits the speakers, the crowd seems to recognize the tune.  Then a familiar figure walks out from behind the curtain.


Steve:  Bradley Carrington!?


“Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen is playing over the speakers as Carrington, wearing a suit with a red tie, makes his way to the ring, smiling the whole way.  He gets in the ring and shakes hands with Pettis before being handed the microphone.


Carrington:  Good evening everyone!


The crowd gives a somewhat mixed reaction, though mostly positive.


Carrington:  First, I would just like to say thank you to Mr. Pettis and the Boardwalk of Directors for giving me this opportunity.  Second I would like to say to you all, that I plan to bring you quality professional wrestling each and every week!


This time the fans cheer louder.  “Hot for Teacher” plays again as Carrington and Pettis make their way back up the ramp.



Danny B vs. CJ O’Donnell
-Atlantic City Title – Casket Match-


As “The State of Massachusetts” begins to play the black curtains begins to move. Out steps “The Distinguished” CJ O’Donnell to a chorus off boos. As CJ begins to walk down the aisle he starst to yell at the fans in attendance tonight.


Steve: It’s time for the main event, Phil.


Phil: I can’t wait! This is the moment where the Unstable finally gets that damn Atlantic City Championship!


CJ climbs up the ring steps as he wipes his feet on the top of the steps before entering the ring. As CJ hops over the top rope and raises his hands in the air as he gets another chorus of jeers from the fans. CJ begins to stretch in the corner with a smirk on his face as he awaits for the bell to ring.


Steve: Don’t be so sure. CJ is going to have his work cut out for him tonight.


The lights around the arena start flashing blue and white and the stage fills with smoke as “Dragon Rider” by TSFH hits. Danny runs onto the stage through the cloud, before taking to each end of the stage, pumping up the crowd. He makes his way back to the centre of the stage.


Steve: Here comes the champ!


Phil: Booooooo.


Danny runs his hands through his hair before throwing his arms back shouting out to the crowd. He makes his way down to the ring, slapping hands with fans as he goes. At ringside he removes his shades and his T-shirt, throwing both into the crowd over his shoulder. He slides in under the bottom rope, jumps up and ascends the turnbuckle, calling out to the fans once again before dropping and waiting in the corner.


Amber Rose: The following bout is a casket match! It is for the Atlantic City Championship! And if the challenger does not win, he will retire from Boardwalk Wrestling! Introducing first… The challenger… From Boston, Massachusetts… ‘The Distinguished’ CJ O’Donnell!


The fans boo as CJ smirks and shrugs them off. He never breaks eye contact with Danny B.


Amber Rose: And his opponent… he is the Atlantic City Champion! From Brighton, England… ‘The Ripper’ Danny B!




The bell rings and we are underway. Both men take a moment to glance to ringside at the casket resting there. At the same time, they look back at each other and stand face to face in the middle of the ring. The fans begin to cheer as each man shows the other a cocky grin. Finally, CJ shoves Danny away. Danny comes to a stop and maintains his grin before shoving CJ. CJ looks away quickly before lunging at Danny with a right hand. He tackles him to the mat.


Steve: Well, here we go!


Phil: Get it done!


After a few shots, Danny manages to roll over and get on top of CJ. He connects with a few shots of his own before getting to his feet. The fans cheer Danny on as CJ returns to his feet. Danny kicks CJ in the chest, standing him straight up. Danny grabs CJ by the waist and flings him over the top of him with a northern lights suplex! CJ bounces off the mat and holds his back.


Steve: Picture perfect suplex.


CJ scrambles to his feet as Danny approaches him. He swings a vicious left hand at Danny, but it’s dodged. Danny spins CJ into a swinging neckbreaker. Danny stands up and pumps the crowd up some more as CJ tries to recover.


Steve: The fans are behind Danny B tonight, Phil!


Phil: What else is new. A bunch of morons supporting another moron.


CJ is back on his feet. He fends Danny off with a kick to the gut. He grabs Danny by the head and goes for a vertical suplex. He can’t get Danny up. Danny reverses it into a snap suplex of his own. The crowd cheers as CJ rolls out of the ring and begins to walk around.


Steve: Looks like the challenger is retreating!


Phil: Yeah right.


CJ does a lap around the ring as Danny taunts him. CJ reaches the casket and stands behind it. He points at the casket, inviting Danny to come closer. The fans go wild as Danny climbs through the ropes and approaches the casket. CJ lunges at Danny and connects with a right hand. Danny leans up against the ring apron as CJ hits him a few more times. CJ grabs a handful of Danny’s hair and drags him over to the casket. He slams him head first into the lid. Danny rests on the lid of the casket.


Phil: Atta boy, CJ!


CJ clubs Danny in the back with his forearm a couple of times. He shoves Danny over, sending him to the floor. CJ opens the lid and props it open as Danny climbs back to his feet. Danny takes an elbow to the gut and CJ positions his head on the edge of the casket. With both hands, CJ grabs the lid. He tries to slam it on Danny’s head. Danny rolls over and catches it. The two men begin pushing on each other.


Steve: CJ is not messing around here!


Phil: This is serious business!


Danny manages to push the lid back. CJ releases and stumbles back. Danny scrambles to his feet but CJ runs right back at him, driving a knee into his gut. CJ grabs Danny by the arm and whips him toward the crowd. Danny crashes into the guardrail and falls down to a seated position on the floor. The fans pat him on the shoulders but quickly move out of the way as CJ runs toward them. CJ hits a low dropkick into the chest of Danny. He springs back to his feet and taunts the fans. Handfuls of popcorn fly at CJ as he smirks at the crowd. He raises his hands, welcoming it.


Phil: Look at them, throwing food at their future champion!


Steve: He’s asking for it.


CJ lifts Danny back up to his feet and rolls him into the ring. CJ hops up onto the apron and looks on as Danny struggles to get up. Danny finally gets to his feet and turns around into a springboard dropkick from CJ. The fans boo as CJ points over at the casket as he looks down at the champion. He begins kicking Danny over toward the side of the ring with the casket. Referee James Batson looks on as CJ tries to force Danny under the bottom rope and roll him into the casket. Danny holds on to the bottom rope.


Phil: This could be it, Steve! Prepare the celebration!


Steve: It’s a bit early for that!


Danny continues to resist being shoved in. CJ leans through the ropes to take a jab at Danny, but Danny acts first. A right hand to the jaw stuns CJ. He stumbles back into the middle of the ring. Danny manages to recover and get to his feet on the ring apron. CJ recovers and runs at Danny. Danny ducks down and pulls the top rope down. CJ tumbles over the top rope and crashes down into the casket! The crowd goes wild as Danny reaches back and grabs the lid.


Steve: Big counter by Danny B! This could be it!


Phil: NO! NO! NO!


Danny slams the lid down, but CJ blocks it from closing with his feet. He pushes up and catches Danny in the chin with it. Danny staggers on the apron. CJ gets to his feet in a hurry. He yanks Danny off the apron, into the casket. Both men begin exchanging blows as they stand side by side in the box.


Steve: Not a good spot for either man!


Phil: We could see this thing ending very soon, Steve!


Each shot gets harder and harder, and the fans get louder and louder. Danny blocks one of CJ’s punches and returns a couple in a row. CJ falls over the edge and down onto the floor. Danny catches his breath before exiting the casket.


Steve: Maybe a fortunate fall for CJ O’Donnell there, getting out of harm’s way.


Danny walks over to CJ and picks him up. With a handful of hair, he stares CJ in the eye before slamming him head first into the ring apron. CJ drops to his knees but Danny lifts him right back up. He slams him into the apron again, dropping CJ back down. Danny lifts him up and with both hands slams CJ down onto the apron. CJ falls backwards onto his back this time. Danny stands over him confidently.


Steve: That could be it, folks. CJ is down.


Danny motions over to the casket. Batson lifts it open as Danny bends over and picks CJ up to his feet. He pulls him over and tries dumping him over the edge of the casket. CJ grabs on to the edge and won’t budge. He fires a back elbow into the jaw of Danny. Danny loosens his grip and backs off. Danny recovers but turns around right into a vicious clothesline from CJ! CJ quickly picks Danny up and rolls him into the ring again.


Phil: Phew!


Steve: A close call for the challenger, but he fights free.


CJ enters the ring and stalks Danny. Danny gets up and turns around into a chop to the chest. Danny backs up into the ropes and is quickly sent off them to the opposite side of the ring. He rebounds and runs into a dropkick from CJ. Danny quickly returns to his feet but CJ is right on top of him. CJ goes for a roundhouse kick. Danny grabs his foot out of mid air. CJ balances on one foot briefly before jumping up and connecting with an enzuigiri! Danny falls to his knees before falling flat on his face. CJ begins rolling him back over to the ropes again with kicks to the ribs.


Phil: Come on, CJ! Win that belt!


CJ manages to dump Danny over the edge this time. Danny falls into the casket all the way. CJ hops through the ropes and goes to slam the door! Danny stops it just inches away from closing! The fans cheer as both men struggle with the Atlantic City title and a career on the line. Very little progress is made either way until Danny muscles up and kicks the lid back open. It swings up fast and catches CJ in the forehead, busting him open. He falls to his knees as blood trickles down his face.


Phil: Ouch!


Steve: That caught the challenger right in the head! There has definitely been some bloodshed here tonight!


Danny claws his way out of the casket. He stumbles out onto the padded floor and looks up at CJ, who is just returning to his feet. They lock eyes before CJ charges him, spearing him into the ring apron!


Phil: He’s seeing red!


Steve: Literally!


CJ begins pounding away at Danny before picking him up and sending him into the stairs. The stairs go crashing across the floor as Danny hits them hard.


Steve: Things are getting intense!


Phil: He’s got everything to fight for, Steve! It’s time for CJ O’Donnell to reach the top at long last! Tonight is the night!


CJ grabs Danny by the hair and rolls him up onto the apron. He forces Danny’s head to hang over the edge and drives and elbow into the throat of the champion. And another. Then a third! CJ hops up onto the apron and stares down at Danny. Finally, he runs and connects with a leg drop! Danny rolls into the ring holding his neck as CJ lifts himself back to his feet outside.


Steve: Huge leg drop to the throat!


CJ slides into the ring, still dripping blood. Danny is on his knees trying to force his way back up. The second he reaches his feet, CJ grabs onto him. He drives him shoulder first into the ring post! Danny backs out of the corner holding his shoulder. CJ grabs Danny again and heads for the next corner. He throws him shoulder first once again. CJ repeats this with a third ring post. Danny crashes in hard again. CJ goes for the final corner… Bam! Danny hits the corner hard.


Steve: That shoulder is taking quite the beating.


Phil: Good.


Danny falls to his knees. CJ lines him up. Danny forces his way back to his feet as CJ approaches with a running knee. Danny manages to sidestep it at the last second. CJ crashes to the mat. He quickly recovers and stands up, turning around right into a kick to the face. He stumbles back into the corner.


Steve: Desperation kick from The Ripper pays off there.


Danny walks over to the corner and begins ramming his shoulder into the gut of CJ. The fans chant along.




















Danny backs off and walks across the ring to the opposite corner. He gets a running start and hits a spear on CJ!




Steve: Wow!


Phil: God damn it.


Steve: The champion putting up a fight now!


CJ falls forward onto the mat and Danny stands over him. He gets a smug grin on his face as the fans begin to cheer for him. He signals for the end as he points at the casket.


Steve: Is this going to be it?!


Phil: Get up, CJ!


Danny picks CJ up and hoists him up onto his shoulders. He walks over to the ropes and tries to dump CJ over, into the casket. CJ holds on to the top rope as he tries to get free from Danny. CJ finally manages to escape down behind Danny. Danny quickly reacts with a strong right hand that sends CJ stumbling backward. CJ backs into the ropes and springs out of them with a clothesline attempt. Danny ducks it. CJ spins around right into a cutter attempt…


Steve: RKS!


CJ shoves Danny in the back before it can happen. Danny hits the ropes and CJ runs after him. CJ ducks a lariat from Danny. They each hit opposite ropes. They meet in the middle of the ring…


Phil: Irish Knowledge!


CJ connects with the running high knee! Both men hit the mat and remain there as the fans watch on anxiously. The ref starts a count as CJ is the first to get up. CJ walks over and opens the casket lid. The crowd starts to boo as CJ walks over and picks up Danny. SPINEBUSTER! CJ slams Danny onto his back knocking the wind out of him. CJ picks up Danny and tosses him backfirst, over the ropes, into the casket!


Steve: All he’s gotta do is close the lid!


Phil: Yes!


As CJ grabs the lid from out of the crowd we see a blur of a figure rush in and chop block the referee! It’s Jon Stewart! CJ grabs ahold of the casket lid and goes to close it as Stewart runs up behind him and lowblows CJ!


Steve: What the hell!


Phil: NOOO!!!


Stewart reaches into the casket and pulls out Danny. CJ starts to get up as Stewart kicks him in the gut! DDT! Stewart grabs CJ and tosses him into the casket. Stewart starts shoving Baston to wake up. Stewart yells at Danny!


Jon Stewart: Close the damn casket!


Danny looks at Stewart and then back at CJ and shakes his head no. Stewart walks over and slams the casket shut. Batson looks at Stewart questionable as Stewart tells the timekeeper to ring the bell!


Jon Stewart: Amber! Get in here and do your damn job!


Amber Rose stands up and holds up her microphone as Danny is yelling at Stewart.


Amber Rose : Here is your winner…And STILLL Boardwalk Wrestling’s Atlantic City Champion…”The Ripper” Danny B!


The audience, infuriated, starts yelling and throwing stuff at Stewart who just laughs as he gets out of the ring. Danny is livid at Stewart as Stewart just smiles at him. Danny gets into the ring, but the victory feels hollow.


Steve: This is a screwjob! CJ had him! What the hell is Stewart thinking?!


Phil: That damn bag headed maniac…he’s lost his mind now that the world knows who he is! He thinks he can toy with people’s career’s like this.


Stewart grabs a microphone.


Jon Stewart: You don’t like it. I don’t care! He spat on my federation for the last time when he dropped that title. So if you don’t like being buried CJ…that’s fine. You can just fucking deal with it and so can the rest of you people! I didn’t screw CJ…CJ fucked himself!


Stewart walks back up the ramp as a chorus of boo’s fill the arena.


Steve: This is unacceptable.


Phil: Why?! This doesn’t make sense!


CJ gets out of the casket and glares at Stewart. CJ starts making a mad dash at Stewart who high tails it up the ramp. Stewart is gone, but CJ stops for a moment. He looks around and for once. For one moment. Every fan in Boardwalk is up on their feet for CJ O’Donnell. One last time. Danny stands in the ring looking down at the title and looking back up the ramp. CJ scowls and heads to the back looking to get back at Stewart before he has to go.




Danny B stands in the ring looking despondent instead of celebrating his victory over “The Distinguished” CJ O’Donnell as Matt Meyhu, Amber Ryan and Cyrus Riddle are seen walking down the aisle.


Steve:They have no business being out here. They should be going after Stewart!


Phil:Looks like the rest of Unstable is going to make Danny pay tonight for retiring CJ O’Donnell in Boardwalk Wrestling.


Meyhu, Ryan and Riddle each seem to be carrying something to the ring. The Distorted Angel has a bottle of fireball in her left hand, The Archetype has a white t-shirt over his right shoulder and The Marvel has a shillelagh in his hands. As the three members of Unstable surround the casket Danny just looks down on them. Riddle takes the white t-shirt off his shoulder and lays it on the casket revealing it is an Unstable t-shirt. Meyhu places the shillelagh on top of it the shirt. Ryan places the bottle of Fireball on top of the casket. As all three members of Unstable bow their heads in respect for the heart of Unstable the camera fades out for Crowning Achievement.