BOB Gluttons for Punishment 2 QnD Report

Watched Brawlers on a Budget’s Gluttons for Punishment Live from the second row last night, and here’s my quick and dirty report from inside Intercourse Arena.

Brawlers On a Budget Gluttons for Punishment 2 Report

May 2, 2009
Intercourse, Pennsylvania

– Jerri Li d. Sarah in a Loser Leaves BOB match by grabbing the contract hanging above the ring. Christian St. Christian provided some run-in assistance to help Jerri survive in yet another amazing match between these two. Somehow, these two manage to pull off over-the-top violent matches that most people cannot. One of the most emotional post-match goodbyes you’ll ever see, especially in BOB. (***3/4)

– The Great won the Royal Flush Rumble match, eliminating Axl at the end. During the match, Axl won the Swiss Army Belt (most eliminations), Kevin the Pyromaniac won the hardcore title (by grabbing it via a ladder), and Jerri Li won both Not Good Enough to Fight Alone Tag Team Titles (wild card eliminations). Pretty good overall, but it had its slow moments and the eliminations weren’t all that creative this year. (***)

– Dr. Silaconne M. Plants d. Kobe Gyant in a steel cage match to retain the ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS after a Med Degree on a steel chair. They crammed a lot of really good drama in this match and both guys busted their asses. (****)

– Post-match, Jerri Li (SMP’s “secret admirer”) laid out SMP with a pipe, which lead to Scatman coming out and cashing in Beer In The Belly with Executive Producer Trey Vincent.

– Scatman d. SMP via pinfall after a Shitkick to become the new ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS. Shocking end to a really solid show.

Final thoughts: Every title changed hands. There was a surprising amount of good wrestling the whole way through and the show was paced great. And Sarah’s last goodbye was amazing and I’ll never forget it. Thumbs up for Gluttons for Punishment 2.