[BW] Hype – 2/14/16

Sunday,February 14th, 2016
Bally’s Hotel & Casino
Atlantic City, New Jersey
542 Paid Spectators


It’s a huge night for Bally’s and Boardwalk as Boardwalk’s third show has returned to the air. As the fans are packing the arena for action, a scene of people playing in the Valentine’s Day Slot Tournament can bee seen going on. Of course, for all runner ups, tickets to Hype are being provided by Pete Gambino and his staff members. Just as the camera cuts back to the arena, a young college student wearing a Rutgers t-shirt hits a huge jackpot. As the lights go off and the sirens blast, we now see Steve Phillips and Phil Stevens sitting out at the announce booth, ready for what will be a huge night. As they prepare a huge HYPE logo appears on the Boardwalk Vision.

Steve: Good evening and welcome to HYPE! Tonight, Boardwalk makes history as we bring to you a third show for the week. After all, what is the weekend without Boardwalk action?

Phil: Well, I say Amen to that! More importantly, my man, Pretty Ricky will be in the house tonight!

Steve: That’s going to be a huge three way dance as he takes on Lincoln and the new comer, Rizza. Right now, we go backstage as one of the competitors in our first match is standing by!

The camera finds Kolic backstage at the first live Hype show in a long time, and at the moment his attention doesn’t divert to the person who just entered. Instead, he’s focused on his iPad, cupping his hand in thought as he watches whatever’s on the screen. Some sound can be heard, but it’s quiet and indistinct. Whatever it is has Mr. Gilespie amused, and he even chuckles to himself a couple times. After a few seconds he turns the device off and sets it on a nearby table.

Kolic: Oh Tureos, I gotta say that wasn’t half bad. Maybe 47%, sure, but not quite half. You did give me plenty of ammo, so thanks for that. Mind if I school you on some things, since your research seems to have centered around my childhood?

He shifts his weight and crosses his arms.

Kolic: First of all, sure, I got pushed around as a kid. It’s kind of hard to fight back when puberty hits you late and the bullies are nearly twice your size. It did give me good practice taking on bigger opponents though. Y’know, move faster than them, attack weak spots, dodge them as they run comically into a row of lockers. That’s one reason I don’t fear anyone in the ring; when you’ve been beaten up half your life, it loses any of the terror surrounding it. That’s why I dearly hope you weren’t trying to intimidate me there. It had all of the effect of tears on a river.

Ah, but then you transitioned into a gigantic case of critical research failure. I kind of love how you described GZW2K1, a company that’s been around longer than you’ve even known about professional wrestling, as a…hold on.

He picks the iPad back up and rewinds a bit.

Kolic: “farm company…on some pig rancher’s farm…in Iowa”. Did you even bother checking on that, or were you too busy chasing ghosts to hop on the ol’ Google? Now, I’m no fan of how GZW has done things in the past, but there’s no doubt they’ve had some of the best talent I’ve had the privilege of competing against. All over this planet I’ve fought Leon Corbin, Eva Hikari, Munin, Nathan Williams, and so many others; all wrestlers who’ve pushed me to my limits and beyond. That’s not bragging, that’s just telling you that you’re not facing some elevated backyard wrestler with an ego massively larger than his skillset.

He laughs a bit again, then puts on a well-practiced smirk that balances between mirthful and smug.

Kolic: Now, all that is standard fare in this business. Downplay your opponent’s statements and accomplishments, promote your own, and show that you’re ready for battle. Then you suddenly go off the deep end, talking about some undefined “evil” that surrounds everyone and how you won’t let it destroy me. That’s just crazy talk, kid. How do I know?

The playfulness leaves his face, and he looks intensely straight into the camera.

Kolic: Because I’ve been there. For years in GZW I sought to make a good example for the fans to contrast with all of the wrong that was going on there. Then, last year, I made a play to vanquish the sin surrounding the company by sacrificing myself and my reputation. I thought I saw SO clearly how to clean up the business and save everyone from themselves. You know what it got me?

He makes a O with his thumb and index finger.

Kolic: NOTHING. I made myself into a pariah, a selfish war machine, one who accomplished absolutely nothing aside from ruining my character for those who believed in me. You could make a mountain from all the bridges I burned. Thankfully my wife pulled me out of the tailspin and helped me salvage something before it was too late. So my advice Tureos? Stop it. Abandon this quest, because you’re not nearly well-equipped enough to take on the foes you see everywhere. Believe me, I’ve been there. It’s not worth it in the slightest.

He looks to the floor and shakes his head, as though attempting to rid himself of the past year’s memories.

Kolic: I do realize, of course, that these words will almost certainly be fruitless. You’ll dismiss my advice off-hand, or claim I can’t see what’s really going on, or some such nonsense. It doesn’t really matter anyway, as we’re facing off in minutes regardless of whether you hear my words. I suppose there’s only one thing to do then; enter the ring, compete, get the victory, and rest up. Let’s get this party started!

He picks up the iPad again and walks off-screen to make his last-second preparations.

Tureos vs. Kolic

We then go back inside of Bally’s, where we see the crowd packed in around ringside. Amber Rose stands in the ring wearing a lime green dress. She smiles, and then speaks.

Amber Rose: The following is a one fall match, with a fifteen minute time limit.

Phil: Oh, she looks as hot as ever…

Steve: Does the term sexual harassment mean anything to you?

Amber Rose: Now coming to the ring, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 230 pounds, KOLIC!

A wooden cross appears on the screen, and seconds later a bolt of lightning sets it ablaze. The opening electric violins of “Awake and Alive” play as Kolic walks out onto the ramp, throwing up his arms to get the crowd energized. He kneels down as the drums end, and when the music cuts to the chorus, he runs down to the ring, jumps on the apron, and flips over the top rope. He climbs onto a turnbuckle and raises a fist to the fans, then jumps down and gets ready for his opponent.

Steve: This guy looks pumped up. Right now, the fans are going wild for this guy.

Phil: We’ll see. This guy is untested, so I really don’t know what to say about him.

Amber Rose: And from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 204 pound, “TUREOS” JESSE RATTAN!

In the dark so all alone

Slowly reach for the telephone Slowly reach for the telephone

A message waits just for you A message waits just for you

A secret place, another rendezvous A secret place, another rendezvous

Tureos appears at the entrance. Tureos Appears at the entrance. He stands there, emotionless as he surveys his surroundings. He stands there, emotionless as he surveys his surroundings.

It’s not always honesty It’s not always honesty

That is the best policy That is the best policy

But little lies can give you away But little lies can give you away

Though you’ll deny it if they say maybe you’re just Leading a double life Though you’ll deny it if They say maybe you’re just leading a double life

He slowly makes his way down to the ring. Not in a hurry, giving a fan here and there a high five on the way.

Friends in the daytime, strangers at night Friends in the daytime, at night strangers

Leading a double life Leading a double life

Can it be wrong when you know that it’s right?The other side of the berlin wall is Can it be wrong When You Know That it’s right? The other side of the Berlin Wall is

Not far enough to avoid the call Not far enough to avoid the call

He stands outside of the ring and wipes his feet on the mat.

Somebody knows, somebody’s seen Somebody knows, somebody’s seen

Somebody knows right where you’ve been Somebody knows Right Where You’ve Been

And that you’re justLeading a double life And That you’re justLeading a double life

He proceeds up the stairs, taking one at a time before standing on the apren and steps through the ropes.

Friends in the daytime, strangers at night Friends in the daytime, at night strangers

Leading a double life Leading a double life

Can it be wrong when you know that it’s right?Nowhere to hide, though we both might try Can it be wrong When You Know That it’s right? Nowhere to hide, though we try Both Might

He paces around the ring looking out at the fans as he circles around.

I’m schizophrenic, and so am i I’m schizophrenic, and so am i

Double life, a double life, a masquerade Double life, a double life, a masquerade

You know we all live a masquerade You know we all live a masquerade

I know you’re out there!Leading a double life I know you’re out there! Leading a double life

Friends in the daytime, strangers at night Friends in the daytime, at night strangers

Leading a double life Leading a double life

Can it be wrong when you know that it’s right? Can it be wrong When You Know That it’s right?

As the music stops he leans in his corner and waits for the bell to ring.

Steve: Tureos looks to be ready as well. Right now, I have to say that Boardwalk is getting some excellent talent from around the world.

Phil: Again, I will save my judgment until these two face off. I have seen so many come in and wash out that I am not about to brag on someone that’s untested.

The bell sounds and both men lock up. Rattan delivers and Irish whip to Kolic. Kolic bounces off the ropes and ducks a clothesline. He then bounces off again, and delivers a big Enziguri. He then follows it up with a quick elbow drop and goes for the pin.


Rattan quickly kicks out, and gets to his feet. They then lock up again. He sends Kolic for an Irish whip again, like before Kolic ducks the clothesline. Then, as Kolic bounces off, Rattan locks him into a sleeper hold.

Phil: He could have him right now! Look at how well he has is cinched in!

Rattan cinches it in even harder, as Kolic tries to escape. After a few seconds, Uncle Jemima grabs Kolics left arm and drops it.

Steve: This doesn’t look good.

He grabs the arm and drops it again.

Phil: This guy is out for the count already!

Uncle Jemima grabs it the third time. It begins to drop, but all of a sudden, Kolic shots it back up. As he does, the fans explode with cheers. Kolic then begins to deliver a series of elbows to Rattan’s stomach. Still unable to break the hold, he grabs him by the top of the head and delivers a strong jaw breaker. As he does, Rattan bounces onto his back.

Steve: What a move!

Now, Kolic catches Rattan getting up and delivers a big dropkick that sends him crashing out of the ring. As Rattan tries to get up, Kolic shoots through the ropes and nails him with the slide rule. Now both men fight to make their way back to their feet.

Phil: This one is full of action. I have to say, I love it when matches get out here.

Steve: I guess you would. This is where most guys get hurt.

Now to their feet, the two men exchange right hands. Kolic goes for a quick snap suplex, but Rattan is able to block and delivers a quick knee to the midsection, followed by smashing his opponent’s head into the guardrail. He then quickly rolls back into the ring, only to break up the count. As Kolic tries to make his way up, Rattan returns to finish him off. He measures him for the super kick, but out of nowhere, Kolic sweeps his leg and locks in a Boston Crab.

Phil: What is he doing? The ref is counting.




Kolic finally releases the move and rolls back into the ring. As he does, Rattan returns just behind him. While entering the ring, Kolic delivers a big double ax handle. He then quickly goes for the pin.



Just as the ref’s hand is about to hit the canvas, Rattan kicks out. As Kolic pulls him up again, Rattan rattles him with a huge right hand. He then delivers a series of European uppercuts. As Kolic staggers around, nearly punch drunk, Rattan drills him with a belly to belly suplex and goes for the cover.



Steve: He almost had him!

Now, Rattan pulls him up. He has his Irish whip reversed by Kolic, and he whips his Opponent to the far ropes. As the Ratan rebounds off the near side, Kolic goes for the a running superkick, but Rattan at the last second steps out of the way.

Phil: Man, if that would have landed….

Just then, Rattan delivers a huge boot to his opponent. He then locks him up..

Phil: It’s time for Kolic to GO TO HELL!

As this is said, Rattan drills the powerbomb and rolls him up for the pin. As the ref counts to three, the fans are stunned at the power of this newcomer. The ref then signals for the bell.

Amber Rose: Here is your winner, Tureos!

Rattan then gets up and gives a stoic look to the crowd as he gets up and exits the ring. As his music fills the arena, he exits under the Boardwalk Vision.

Steve: Well, it looks like we had a great match for the opener here on HYPE.

Phil: Yeah, I normally don’t brag on new guys, but that was one Hell of a match. I expect great things from both guys in the weeks to come.

Steve: Speaking of great things, this Tuesday on LIVE, the Boardwalk Cup continues. This week we will see Aiden Morag take on Bryan Williams, Cameron Sanders versus Nathaniel Lockhart Nathaniel Lockhart and Mike Zybala competing with Dude Job Dude Job.

Phil: All I can say is my man Morag is going to clean up this week on LIVE. You can bank on that, Phillips.

The cameras pan around ringside, and stop on one fan in particular. She is a pretty brunette woman, who is dressed in a lovely black dress. She smiles and waves at the camera as fans cheer around her. She then holds up a notepad and pen, still smiling.

Steve: Hey, it looks like reporter Melanie Walsh is joining us ringside for Live! Hey Melanie! Great seeing her here…

Phil: Boardwalk Wrestling is hot, Steve. And all the wrestling reporters want to get the breaking news and rumors as they happen! Fans, we’ll be right back!

As this is said, we go to commercial break.



As Boardwalk Hype returns, the cameras pan over the cheering crowd on the floor. Suddenly, a voice can be heard throughout the arena at Bally’s…

???: Excuse me!

The crowd acts confused as the lights go completely out in the arena.

???: Excuse me! May I have your attention, please?!

The crowd erupts as “Big Tyme” Zach Rizza is shown on the big screen. It’s the first time he has appeared on Boardwalk Wrestling television.

Zach Rizza: Please, please! Settle down! There is plenty of me to go around! You are all in for a very special treat, people. Each and every one of you are about to witness the best of the best, the cock of the walk, the…well…”Big Tyme” entertainment. Save your ticket stubs! Save your Instagram! Make sure you savor this moment because DAMN it must feel really good for you people to know that you are in for a very special treat this evening.

I mean, Balley’s is known for its’ glitzy and glamorous shows, not as good as Vegas…buuuuut you get the point. You can notch this one up as one of them. In fact, take Cher and make her have a threesome with Penn and Teller, with Jeff Dunham’s puppets watching.

I’ll see you guys later. Get your popcorn ready…

Zach exits to the left, the camera is still on.

Zach Rizza: OH!

Zach comes back on the screen.

Zach Rizza: I almost forgot. Hey Boardwalk Wrestling, welcome to the Big Tyme. Hey Kelly, sorry I took your microphone.

Kimberly Smith comes on screen and takes the microphone.

Kimberly Smith: My name’s Kimberly.

Zach Rizza: Sure it is, Kari.

Zach winks and points a finger gun at Kimberly before walking off.

Kimberly Smith: …Let’s get back to the action… Take it away Amber!

El Grande Malo vs. Alexander Redd

We then fade back inside the arena after the backstage feed fades from Boardwalk Vision.

Steve: After that last match, I have to say I was impressed with those two talents. I expect great things from them. Still, coming up next, we have two more new comers to Boardwalk.

Phil: Yeah, I have my questions about this Malo guy. Come on, he’s from Mexico, Maine? What sort of a luchador is that? That’s like a Cadillac that’s made in China.

Steve: Well, we will find out in just a second.

Amber Rose is now standing in the ring and is holding the microphone for the next match.

Amber Rose: The following is a one fall bout with a fifteen minute time limit. Coming to the ring, from Columbus, Ohio, weighing in at 230 pounds, The Renegade, ALEXANDER REDD!

The arena goes pitch black as the beginning strums of the guitar in “And Justice For All” by Metallica begins over the PA system. The fans boo because of the attitude of Alexander but cheer because they know they’re in for wild ride. As the heavy breakdown of the song begins red strobe lights fill the arena as Alex poses at the entrance ramp. As the song goes back to the slum strums, Alex makes his way to the ring, climbing the stairs and walking along the apron. Right before the heavy breakdown begins again, Alex faces the crowd, throws his hands up, turns and flips into the ring landing on one knee and hand, he then steps to a corner and waits on his opponent.

Steve: Speaking of luchadors, this guy looks like he fits the bill fairly well too. That was an athletic move just then.

Phil: Oh, Steve, don’t you know? You can’t be a luchador without a mask.

Steve: Right, Phil.

Amber Rose: Now coming to the ring, from Mexico, Maine, weighing in at 205 pounds, The Pride of Mexico, El Grande Malo!

The house lights dim slightly as the words ‘OLÉ’ appear on the screen. The fans begin chanting along with the music as El Grandé Malo bursts out from behind the curtain. He stomps his way out to the center of the stage, bouncing up and down in time with the music. He hops up and down pointing into the air and quickly begins jogging down toward the ring, slapping the outstretched hands along the way, before sliding into the ring and heading for the nearest corner. He scales the turnbuckles and continues to hype up the chanting crowd before dropping down and pulling on the nearby top rope, stretching while waiting for the match to begin. During all of this, Redd watches him as if to study what he is about to face.

Steve: Both these guys seem to be in amazing shape. I can’t wait to see what this one has in store.

The bell sounds and both men lock up. Redd delivers a hiptoss, but as Malo lands, he springs up and delivers one of his own to Redd. Now Redd kips up and delivers a hurricane, only to have Malo grab him from the ropes and give him a flip with the head scissors. Now, both men are up and give one another a nod of respect.

Steve: These guys are quick as a hiccup and know every trick in the book.

Phil: Yeah, Steve, it’s called chain wrestling my man. Both these guys seem to be skilled in the art.

Now, they lock up again, Redd shoots Malo to the ropes. Malo then quickly grabs the ropes. Seeing this, Redd storms in, but Malo quickly jumps over the top rope and clotheslines him on the top rope as he falls to the floor. Now, quickly, Malo jumps back onto the apron and goes for quick summersault dive while using the ropes for extra momentum. As he lands, Redd gets his knees up. Now, he gets up and as Malo makes it to his feet, Redd begins to destroy him with a series of kickboxing kicks and strikes to his head and ribs. As the final kick lands, Malo falls flat into corner with his back against the bottom turnbuckle.

Phil: This guy is brutal. I don’t think I have seen a strikes that quick since watching a Bruce Lee movie.

Redd now takes a running start. He signals to the fans that something big is coming. In midair it’s obvious that he is going for a shining wizard. Just as he is about to connect, Malo rolls out of the ring, and Redd lands crotch first into the middle turnbuckle.

Phil: OUCH! That hurt me! I’ll bet Redd’s grandchildren will feel that.

Steve: You definitely don’t want to do that.

As Redd rolls around in pain, Malo returns to the ring, hooks him into an underhook and then drills him with a DDT. As this happens, he quickly goes for the cover.



Somehow, Redd manages to kick out. Malo now springs to his feet. He quickly springs to a top turnbuckle and waits for Redd to get to his feet. Just as he springs off, going for the suicide dive ddt, Redd delivers a huge dropkick. As he does, Malo falls to the mat.

Steve: That’s why it’s called the high rent district. Malo definitely paid for that one!

Now, Redd pulls Malo to his feet and delivers a suplex. He manages to hang on, and lifts Malo up again, only to drill him with a huge neckbreaker. He then quickly goes for the pin.


Phil: I think he has it. That neck breaker was insane.



Just as the ref’s hand is coming down, Malo kicks out.

Steve: Mighty close call on that one, Phil.

Not wasting any time, Redd pulls Malo up and tosses him into the corner.

Redd now rushes into the corner as he does, Malo delivers a reverse STO to the turnbuckle. Now Redd seems to be out of it. Malo pulls him up to his feet and slings him to the ropes and then delivers El Máximo Daño.

Steve: What in the world?

As Redd wiggles around in the Koji Clutch, he seems like he might get his foot to the ropes.

Phil: I think he’s too close for this to work. Still, you can see the pain in Redd’s eyes. He continues to try and inch closer and closer.

Steve: He’s almost got it..

Just then, Malo is able to reposition him. As he does, he is completely out of reach. As this happens, Redd begins to tap.

Amber Rose: Here is your winner….. The Pryde of Mexico, El Grande MALO!

Malo climbs to a top turnbuckle and plays to the fans a bit, as he music fills the arena. He then runs down the aisle, touching the hands of all the fans who have their hands out. He then stands under the Boardwalk Vision as Pyro explode.

Steve: I know Redd came up a little short tonight, but neither of these guys have anything to be ashamed of.

Phil: Tell that to Redd. He goes home with the loser’s purse.

Boardwalk Hype then fades to a commercial break…



We return to HYPE from commercial break. As we do, the camera focuses Amber Rose who is already in the ring.

Amber Rose: The following match is for one fall. Now coming to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 200 pounds, The 8th Deadly Sin, Allister Black!

“I Will Not Bow” hits the speakers and the lights go dark. The lights begin to blaze around the arena, as the camera scans through the crowd, before cutting to the ramp way, as the fans anticipate the arrival of Allister. All of the sudden he appears in the crowd with a flash of light. The fans go nuts, as Allister begins to make his way down as the dark red lights skim across the arena.

Steve:Some of the fans are booing, but there seems to be a mixed reaction just because of this entrance.

Phil:Oh, Allister is definitely a showman. He was one of Logan Rutherford’s greatest talents over in Pryde.

He jumps the barricade and slides into the ring, he looks around as the crowd boos. He walks to the edge of the ring and demands a mic, which he is handed. He strolls to the middle of the ring and pauses to once again look around and allow the fans to die down. Finally he brings the mic up to his lips.

Allister Black: By now everyone in this arena and everyone watching around the world should have gone to the internet and found out who Allister Black is. It’s true that before last week I’d not been in this ring in six years, but last week was a scouting mission. Now we focus on tonight, we focus on this pathetic human being who did not even have enough balls to actually tell his wife in person he was leaving.

The booing gets a bit louder and Allister looks around a bit annoyed before he brings the mic back up to his lips.

Allister Black: Mr. Davis, I sure hope you’re watching from the back right now, I want you to know that you are a foolish, sinful human being, and you should have talked this entire life decision over with your wife, because the next time she sees you, you’ll be in a body bag.

The booing gets too loud once again and Allister shakes his head and rolls his eyes before they calm down and Allister continues again.

Allister Black: In just a few moments you’ll see Archie Davis walk down here and you will see a murder. I don’t care if he’s bigger than I am. I don’t care if he has more power than I do. I have the speed, I have the skill, and I have the experience. So let’s do this, play my former music and get Archie down here.

Allister drops the mic and kicks it out of the ring as he motions to the ramp way as the fans boo.

Archie Davis vs. Allister Black

Steve: Some very strong words from Allister Black. Let’s go back to Amber for the introduction of his opponent here tonight…

Amber Rose: And from Fairfax, Virginia, weighing in at 260 pounds, Archie Davis!

The fans explode, as Archie as he comes out onto the ramp and begins to glad hand with all the fans. As Back In Black plays, it’s obvious that Archie is living out a dream. He enters the ring, circles his hand a few times and puts it to his ear to listen to the fans cheer.

Steve: This place is electric for Archie Davis!

Phil: Look, all I am saying is this old man has no business in the ring for this next match. Damn, he’s 50 years old. What is Pettis doing? Raiding the old folks home for damn talent?

Both men come to the center of the ring. Archie holds out his hand in order to show some sportsmanship; but Allister completely ignores him. Clarke Olson delivers directions to both men and the bell sounds. Allister grabs Archie and goes for an arm bar, Archie is able to reverse it into a fireman’s carry. As Allister gets up, he delivers a hip toss. As he does, the fans explode in a approval. He then gives his rolling hand motion again for the fans.

Phil: I don’t like this guy already! What a damn showboat!

Steve: Well the fans love it, so that’s all that matters.

Now, Archie pulls Allister back up. He shoots him to the ropes. As Allister bounces off, he nails him with a big big dropkick that flattens Archie. He then quickly shoots to the corner and delivers a springboard shooting star press.

Phil: This could be it already! See what I told you!


Just then, Archie tosses him off and jumps up shaking all over.

Phil: What the Hell?

The fans explode as Archie opens up with a series of hard rights to the head of Allister. He then winds up and drops him with a huge right. He then gets in the corner, holds up his right thumb to the fans and then takes off running.

Steve: Now we’re talking old school! A running lariat!

Just as Allister gets up, he ducks Archie’s attempt and Archie hits the corner at full force. Allister then catches him turning around and nails him with the Demon Wings.

Phil: This has to be it.



Archie barely gets a shoulder up. Allister quickly pulls him up and delivers a snap suplex. He then climbs up the ropes and goes for a 450 splash. As he is about to connect, Archie rolls out of the way. Allister eats the canvas and rolls out for a breather.

Steve: This one is getting brutal already. That had to have done some serious damage.

Allister stands by the steps and tries to catch his breath. Still a bit rattled, he is not looking and Archie stomps his hand that’s on the apron. As the fans cheer wildly, Allister returns to the ring.

Phil: The fans like this guy? That is dirty as Hell!

Now back in the ring, the two men lock up. Allister quickly rakes the eyes of his opponent and drills him with a ddt. He quickly goes for the cover.



Just then the ref stops the count, noticing that Allister’s feet are on the ropes.

Steve: Good job by Olson on stopping that from happening.

Phil: Oh, like he stopped Allister from getting his hand stomped earlier.

Steve: Hey, he’s only human.

Now, both men get back to their feet. Allister gets him a chop, he then shoots Archie in the corner. He runs in for a quick strike, but Archie is able to move out of the way. As he does, Archie goes for a quick roll up.



Just at the last second he escapes. Now, to his feet, Allister angrily gets in a kick. He then sets him for the Attitude Drive. As he starts the move, Archie is able to escape. He then flattens him for a big head butt. As this happens, he motions to the fans.

Phil: I feel like it’s 1984 all over again. What is this clown doing?

Archie crosses the ropes. He then quickly delivers the big leg drop and goes for the pin. As he does, the fans are chanting ARCHIEMANIA all over the ring.

Steve: Archiemania is running wild!

Phil: Are you serious?



Allister manages to escape as the fans boo. Archie now quickly pulls him up.

Archie now pulls into the airplane spin. He begins to circle, but after about 2 spins, Allister escapes. As he does, he kicks him directly in the gut and delivers the Attitude Driver. As he does, the crowd goes silent.

Phil: It looks like Archiemania was just a fad, Phillips.



Steve: That son of a bitch has a hand full of tights!


Amber Rose: Here is your winner, ALLISTER BLACK!

Allister jumps up and holds his arms out in a pose to the fans. As his music fills the arena, he exits the ring and walks up the ramp to a chorus of boos.

Phil: I think this guy might have a future here.

Steve: Yeah, he just cheated in his first match here. That’s something to really be proud of.

Phil: Cry me a fucking river.

As this is said, the scene fades to commercial.



When Hype returns, just as everyone is getting ready for the main event of the evening “Centuries” hits the speakers and “Pretty” Ricky Stanton walks out with 20 of his “Clones”, fans so loyal to him that they’ve become body doubles.

Steve: As you can hear from the fans, they are ready to see this three way match take place!

Phil: I love three ways!

Steve: Well, this should be a really good match.

Phil: Match, oh I was thinking about something…Now, down in the ring, Amber Rose is ready to read the card.

Amber Rose:The following is a three way dance and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Richmond, Virginia, weighing in at 215 pounds, Pretty Ricky Stanton!

Phil: It’s the best part of the night! Pretty Ricky has his ladies. Damn, this guy is awesome!

Steve: I think you need a cold shower, Phil.

No one can really tell who the real Ricky Stanton is until he slides into the ring and smiles…he take the mic from Amber.

Pretty Ricky Stanton: Cut the music! Let’s make it very clear to the fans out there and all of you watching on TV back home, that HYPE is going to be the top Boardwalk show here because YOURS TRULY is going to make it so!

In fact, I’ll even go on record to say that this was inspired by the Pretty Boy himself!

The fans boo.

Pretty Ricky Stanton: Yeah yeah you can boo all you want but you paid your money to be here and because of that YOU OWE ME. The Pretty Boy is going to show you all why he is SIGNED HYPE, why he is the man with the plan and the world in his hand!

He turns to the ref who is at him in the background.

Pretty Ricky Stanton: Hold up…HOLD UP…IMMA LET YOU FINISH (laughs) But you know that “Pretty” Ricky Stanton is the best wrestler on Hype right???

Crowd boos as he chucks the mic at the ref and steps out the ring with his hands up smiling.

Steve: This is a cocky S.O.B. He had better be listening. There is no telling what might happen in this one.

Phil: When you have the talent of Pretty Ricky, you don’t need to listen to some guy in a striped shirt that makes a 10th of what you do.


Zach Rizza vs. Ricky Stanton vs. Osiris Lincoln

Amber Rose: And his opponent… Coming to the ring, from Covington, Louisiana, weighing in at 212 pounds, Osiris Lincoln!

Disposable Teens starts to play as Osiris comes out onto the stage. He walks a few steps drop down to his knees an explosion of flames shoots up. Osiris gets up and smiles as he continues to the ring. As he does, he is met by a mixed reaction from the fans.

Phil: Well, Lincoln seems to be over with some tonight and booed by others. What’s the deal here?

Steve: Well, you have to remember that Lincoln hasn’t been the most vocal guy here and he is new to the company. Just give him time.

Now, the PA begins to blast…

“House real big. Belly real big. Everything real big.

Rims real big. Pockets real big. Rings real big.

Let me tell you how I live.

Like that, buy that, 24’s ride that.

Ladies, gentlemen, gangsters, pimps, mommas, daddies, stunnahs, shiners…


Pyro shoots off and after the pyro is done Zach comes out with a smirk on his face.

Amber Rose: Coming down to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and seventy five pounds and hailing from your momma’s bedroom, “BIG TYME” ZACH RIZZA!

He slowly walks down the ramp, ignoring the fans booing him with a huge smirk on his face. Zach walks to the steps and walks up to the apron, one step at a time. Zach wipes his feet on the mat before entering the ring and gets on the middle turnbuckle as he poses to the crowd with a big smile on his face.

Steve: Well, it looks like the fans hate this guy already!

Phil: Well, with that announcement he ordered Amber to make, I can see why.

As this is going on, Zach stands in a neutral corner and begins to give a smile at Lincoln. Lincoln is all business and has no time for this as he stares a whole through him.

The bell now sounds. Pretty Ricky conveniently jumps out of the ring and pulls up a folding chair. As he does, Lincoln and Rizza lock up in the center of the ring.

Steve: What the Hell is this guy doing? He’s in this match. Now he’s acting like a spectator.

Phil: I say it’s smart. He is saving himself for later.

Just then, Rizza delivers a big hip toss to Lincoln. Lincoln the springs back up and is nailed with another. He jumps up again, and delivers a spinning wheel kick to RIzza that drops him. During all of this, Pretty Ricky sits outside the ring and talks to one of his ladies. Now, Rizza gets back to his feet. He and Lincoln lock up. Rizza delivers a head butt to Lincoln, but this only angers Osiris and he drills him with a T-Bone suplex. As Rizza lays on the mat, Osiris seems to have his eyes focused only on him. All of a sudden, he takes a running start.

Phil: Oh My God! Suicide Dive!

Lincoln quickly dives through the ropes and lands on Pretty Ricky. As he does, the chair collapse into a bent mess. Lincoln then begins to pound away with punch after punch to the temple of Pretty Ricky’s head. He then sends him for the ride, and Pretty Ricky wipes out the steel steps before he is thrown into the ring. As he is, he is quickly caught by a German Suplex from RIzza who has now gotten up. Now, he quickly goes for the pin only to have it broken up by Lincoln.

Phil: This isn’t fair! They are double teaming Pretty Ricky!

Steve: Serve the coward right! He wants to stay outside and watch the action? Well he got the action brought to him.

Now, Pretty Ricky is motionless on the canvas. Lincoln and Rizza lock up again. Lincoln shoots Rizza for the ride and eliminates him from the ring with a missile drop kick. Now, Lincoln looks down at Petty Ricky, who is now getting to his feet. He locks him up for a Belly to Belly, but Ricky is having none of that. He quickly rakes the eyes. As he releases the hold. Pretty Ricky delivers a diamond cutter and quickly goes for the pin.


Phil: See what I mean, Pretty Ricky gets in one move and it’s over!


Just then, Rizza runs over and places Lincoln’s foot on the bottom rope and the count is stopped. He then jumps up onto the apron, but is met by Pretty Ricky who suplexes sets him for a suplex. Just as he is coming in, Rizza grabs the ropes and lands on top of Stanton.


Just then, he kicks out.

Phil: Just a lucky move I tell you!

Steve: A lucky move that could have scored a victory!

Now, all three men are in the ring. They begins to exchange rights and lefts. Still, it is obvious that Pretty Ricky is the main target. Out of frustration, both men crown him with a punch to the head at once. They then begins to pound away on each other. Pretty Ricky exits the ring for a breather as both men pound it out. Rizza delivers a big head butt to Lincoln. He then catches him off guard and delivers double underhook DDT. As he does, he quickly goes for the pin, but Pretty Ricky shoots in and breaks up the pin. Rizza jumps up and grabs Pretty Ricky. He holds him by the throat one handed as if to deliver a choke slam. As Rizza takes time to play to the crowd, the ref looks over at Lincoln who is still down. Ricky quickly delivers a big kick to Rizza’s balls and then clotheslines him out of the ring.

Steve: What a dirty move! That should be a disqualification right there!

Phil: Too bad the ref had to check on Lincoln.

Steve: You sound so sad.

Pretty Ricky seems to be watching Lincoln, as he gets to his knees. He signals for the rainmaker.

Now, Pretty Ricky sets Lincoln into the Rain Maker. Just as he is about to deliver the move, Lincoln escapes. Osiris quickly hits the ropes and goes for a missile drop kick. Just as he is about to nail Ricky, he gets out of the way and nails Rizza instead. As he does, Rizza wipes out the time keeper’s table. Now, Pretty Ricky catches Lincoln getting up. He tires for a suplex, only to have it blocked. Now, Osiris tries the same, only for the same to happen. Now, Pretty Ricky gets in a thump to the eye and sets him again…


Pretty Ricky drills him with the Rain Maker and goes for the pin. Just as he does, Rizza begins to stir and sees what is happening.


Steve: Will he make it?


Just as Rizza makes it into the ring, the ref’s hand comes down.


Amber Rose: Here is your winner, Pretty Ricky Stanton!

Ricky quickly exits the ring and is rejoined by his clones. He then begins to celebrate, as his music fills the arena.

Steve: “Pretty” Ricky Stanton picks up his first win here in Boardwalk, and in the main event of Hype no less!

Phil: I knew the kid had it in him to be a star! Now he just needs to keep it going!

Steve: Fans, we want to thank you for joining us this past hour for Hype! Be sure to tune in next week for more fast paced action, and I hear that N0va will be on the show!

Phil: Yea, and I can also confirm that there will be tag team action!

Steve: Well, I have to say, it’s been a great night and a strong start for the revival of HYPE! Be sure to be with us next Tuesday for another episode of Live, and then Thursday for Xtra!

Phil: Hey, I am still stoked over HYPE! All I can say is this show lived up to its name tonight!

Steve: In that you are right my friend! Good night for Boardwalk Wrestling. We hope to see you for LIVE on Tuesday night!

Phil: BE HERE!

Boardwalk Hype then fades as the screens of those watching on boardwalkwrestling.com go to a black screen…