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[BW] Tuesday Night Live – 2/9/16

Tuesday, February 09th, 2016

Bally’s Hotel & Casino

Atlantic City, New Jersey

982 Paid Spectators



We go through the usual intro package for Boardwalk Wrestling, and finally the program opens up to a rather strange scene. The crowd fell silent as they all gazed into the ring to see a casket sitting right in the middle of it, likely the the same one used that saw the end of CJ O’Donnell’s career in Boardwalk Wrestling. Everyone was respectful and quiet, due to the fact that whether they loved or hated the man, he had done quite a lot in his time in Boardwalk.. Suddenly, the music of ‘the State of Massachusetts’ began to play as the fans cheered, thinking that maybe, just maybe CJ O’Donnell would get one last chance.. One last shot to tell the world goodbye, perhaps?


Steve: Well this is a surprise.. CJ O’Donnell coming out here tonight at Boardwalk ??? Perhaps someone has given him the opportunity to say goodbye?


Phil: But he doesn’t work here anymore, Steve..


The fans were united in their respect for CJ O’Donnell… Only for the song to abruptly end as the words ‘You’re Gonna Love It If You Like It or Not’ were yelled out throughout the arena as the titular song of Brennan Devlins catchphrase began to play throughout the Casino’s sound system and slowly the casket door in the ring began to open and out stepped Brennan Devlin. Devlin laughed as he climbed out of the casket and adjusted himself, straightening up his black t-shirt featuring his ‘Face of Boardwalk Wrestling’ logo across the front. Devlin walked over to the corner of the ring and received a microphone before walking over to the casket..


Steve:The disrespect here is evident, and so unsportsmanlike.. CJ O’Donnell is gone from Boardwalk Wrestling and Brennan Devlin is obviously out here to twist the knife.


Phil: Disrespect? Brennan is here, obviously, to pay his last respects. Who says only the Unstable should have had that opportunity?


Referencing the ending of Crowning Achievement, Phil was clearly on the side of Devlin. Brennan smiled as he patted the lid of the coffin and twirled the microphone around in his hand. A chorus of loud, disrespectful chants ringing out through the arena.


Brennan:Contrary to what you all may be thinking.. I am here right now to say goodbye. If I were to say something nice about CJ O’Donnell though. It would be that he was at one time a man whose name was synonymous with this company. He was a man that really did a bit of everything for this company, and he’ll be a part of its history, forever.


It was an oddly honest speech as he walked around the middle of the ring, receiving a bit of cheers from the audience due to his apparent, supposed respect for CJ O’Donnell.. Devlin adjusted his headband and grinned a bit.


Brennan: I’d say that, but I wouldn’t mean any of it. Because it will be forever in his history that he never won the big one, and never will get the opportunity to try again. How does it feel to be on the outside looking in, CJ? I mean, you certainly loved scaring people into not signing Ramona and myself… Here’s a tidbit of history for you all, gang, CJ O’Donnell’s history in Boardwalk is marred with corruption. CJ was afraid, afraid to see me in Boardwalk Wrestling, and he was right for being afraid, because he had the sense to know if I were here? His career would be worthless, that’s why he threw it away. He knew if he somehow survived in the deep end of Boardwalk, this shark would smell his blood in the water and take him out all permanent like. I’m sorry, but the man was a joke and if he were still somehow here today, I’d of retired him from Boardwalk myself. Just think of where would Boardwalk be without its face here in this day and age? Where would Boardwalk be without the undefeated, never gonna be unseated, winner of the Steven Avery Cup.. The four course meal of sex appeal, the pinnacle of penile perfection, the big bad of Boardwalk Wrestling… MEEEEEEEE!?


He pulled a megaphone out of the casket to scream that ‘me!’ out into the building.  Then tossed it as he threw his arms up in the air as if he were being showered in praise, but it was quite the opposite. The disrespect from the crowd growing more and more evident, but, Devlin soaked it all in with a confident grin across his lips.


Steve: That’s actually the James Avery Memorial Cup, which Brennan has taken to calling the previously mentioned name in reference to popular Netflix drama Making a Murderer.. I believe.


Phil: I think it’s lots better, personally.


Devlin lowered his arms and pulled the microphone right back up to his lips, continuing right where he had left off.


Brennan: I tell you where Boardwalk would be, it would be in very, very bad shape. Because since I walked in the door, I predicted a lot of things. I predicted that the Unstable was weak, it was crumbling to pieces.. I was right.


He said as he pulled out a Unstable t-shirt from the casket and proceeded to blow his nose on it before tossing it aside. The disrespectful attitude further gaining him a plethora of boos from the crowd. None of whom too fond of the way he treated what was a rather legendary group.


Brennan: I told you all that I would beat Amy Jo Smyth. I told you. But all of you, everyone in the back, not a single one of you believed in me. But I knew, and now everyone who’s ever said that Brennan Devlin isn’t the best thing in the world whether it’s in Boardwalk, or anywhere else? Guess what? The James Avery Memorial Cup is proof, me having made it into the mix for an Atlantic City Championship shot quicker than anyone else, as Boardwalks fastest rising star.. That makes me better than all of you in the back, and anyone of you kids from other companies watching from home. The Atlantic City Championship? When I beat Danny B, if that is his real name, then.. well, that’s just more evidence of that fact. But this is the best part, it’s also proof that like I said.. Amy Jo can not, will not, will never ever win the big one. Her career has been marred by failure and is just evidence to the fact that some women? Some women just aren’t cut out to step into the ring with a real man. See you when you’re complaining about my victory on the internet, AJS. Love you, byeeeeee.


He mockingly waved at the camera and taunted a bit more, poking fun at his nemesis, Amy Jo Smyth. The attitude oozing from him as he strutted around the ring.


Brennan: Where was I, though? Oh yeah.. this isn’t about Danny A, B, C, D, E, F or G, this isn’t about that piece of trash Amy Jo and the lesbian horde. This isn’t about your pathetic ‘hero’, that trash wrestler Ash Scion. It’s not about any of this new blood pumping into Boardwalk.. No, this is about me! This is about your new favorite professional wrestler.. So, Ramona, babe, I know you’re back there. Please, bring me my Cup..


Ramona eventually came through the curtain carrying the James Avery Memorial Cup. A smile on Brennan’s face as he clapped for his lady. She wore a black dress and looked to be rather dolled up for the occasion.. The lady made it to the ring and sat the cup on the apron as she entered the ring, only for Devlin to assist her by sitting on the ropes to help her in. Then he took the cup and held it into the air as spoke into the microphone, all while Ramona slid her arm around him.


Brennan:Where was I now? Oh yeah this right here? It is my validation.. Because in the ashes of a once so called ‘great’ like CJ O’Donnell, a new status quo here in Boardwalk Wrestling has risen. Something greater was forming under your very noses and you were all too dumb to even realize it. The era of the Unstable is over, it’s dead, it’s buried. But the Brennan Devlin era, also known as the ‘good one’? It has just begun.. If you have an issue with that, if you have a problem, I hear Boardwalk has another cup you can try to win. So anyone in the back watching, anyone watching at home thinking about getting involved. If you want to shut me up? Go try to win that, because at Jokers Wild, I will be your Atlantic City Champion..


He smiled as he held the cup up into the air while Ramona clapped, Devlin stood in the spotlight, taking it all in before lowering his arms and speaking into the microphone once more.


Brennan: Trust me, a lot of things are going to change around here..


Suddenly, ‘You’re Gonna Love It If You Like It or Not’ began playing once more as Devlin took once last chance to celebrate. All while the crowd booed rather loudly as he had just shown disrespect to not just CJ O’Donnell, but a lot of the newer talents, the champion, and more..


Steve:We will never hear the end of this and already you can see that Brennan Devlin has started tearing into the masses here in Boardwalk. He’s not really trying to make friends is he?


Phil: He doesn’t need friends, he’s the Big Bad of Boardwalk, Steve! According to him, he’s the sure fire future Atlantic City Champion!


Ramona and Devlin exited the stage as the opening of Boardwalk’s LIVE came to an end.

Mike Zybala and Psyche Devyne vs. The Lockharts


Amber Rose: The following contest is a tag team match. Making there way to the ring first, they are the team of Jack and Nathaniel Lockhart, THE LOCKHARTS!


“Bad Company” by Five Finger Death Punch plays on the PA, The curtain parts and outcomes Angel Lockhart followed by Jack Lockhart. Jack Lockhart takes a few steps before stopping and raising his left fist in the air as Angel puts her arm around him and smiles. Jack Lockhart then slowly heads down the ramp.


Nathaniel Lockhart pops out of the floor, hair dripping wet. He looks around in a daze for a moment, looking towards the crowd getting a mixed reaction. He takes a few steps forward, taking a deep inhale before marching down to the ring, slamming his hand onto his chest, he then heads for the ring with a confident walk.


Jack Lockhart stops at the bottom step looking around then getting a kiss on the lips from Angel as she heads to the corner. Jack Lockhart reaches the top step then Jack Lockhart steps over the top rope entering the ring.


Nathaniel Lockhart leaps onto the apron sliding across it before getting into the ring and leaping onto the second rope, he then back flips off the second rope and into the ring. Jack Lockhart nods to Nathaniel Lockhart then steps into the middle of the ring and raises his left fist as pyros shoot off from all four corner posts.


Amber Rose: And now, making their way out are their opponents. First, she is Psyche Devyne!


The lights dim and Adrenalize by In This Moment hits, the crowd cheering a bit, knowing who’s on her way. Lights come on right behind the curtains, making it hard to see. The words “Adrenalize me” are heard and Psyche comes out of the curtains. The fans get a bit louder, seeing her silhouette. She throws her hands up, the lights switching to the front of her. She makes her way to the ring, slapping hands with some of the fans and taking a bit more time with others. Teasing a select few a bit more than by just shaking her butt and flaunting her stuff on the way to the ring. She jumps in the ring and goes to each corner, raising her hands into devil horns.


Amber Rose: And now, her tag team partner, making his way to the ring from Buffalo, New York! Weighing in at one hundred and seventy eight pounds. He is “The Comeback Kid” Mike Zybala!


“Perform This Way” by Weird Al begins to play over the announce system and the crowd again lets out a pop of cheers. The camera pans up above the lower seating section where we find Mike Zybala making his way down the stairs and through a crowd of fans. He stops for a moment and looks to be trying to start a mosh pit with the fans! He gets quite a bit of them to throw up a fist or two into the air and is now making his way over the guardrail and is now ringside. He slides into the ring and throws a fist into the air as the crowd cheers again for him. His music fades and he turns to face his opponent.


Steve: Very odd pairing of Zyala and Devyne, but we have seen far odder things haven’t we Phil?


Phil: What the fuck are otter things? Is that like an Otter? Things that Otter’s play with?


Steve: Phil I-


Phil: No I think you need to figure out if you still have this in you bud, you’re losing it bud… otters don’t play with things.


Steve: Actually I think they do Phil.

Phil: You better have proof if your going to call me out Otter boy.


We cut back to the ring as Steve is pulling out his phone. Inside the ring Psyche Devyne and Nathaniel Lockhart are ready to start things off. Referee Bruce Drake calls for the bell and the match begins! Devyne and Nathaniel lock up in the middle of the ring, Devyne is able to going around and she tries to lock in Nathaniel’s arm, but Nathaniel turns and flips Devyne up and over him. Devyne rolls back to her feet and in anticipation of Nathaniel’s movement, jumps and hits Nathaniel with a dropkick knocking The Lockhart down.


Steve: Great dropkick from Ms Devyne here.


Phil: This is still a huge mismatch for both Psyche and Zybala here.


Devyne runs the ropes and hits Nathaniel with a leg drop, and she goes for a pinfall attempt.




Nathaniel Kicks out. Devyne gets back to her feet and grabs a hold of Nathaniel who was trying to get back up. She attempts to irish whip to the turnbuckle but Nathaniel counters and whips Devyne into the corner turnbuckle, and with so much force that she slams into it hard. Nathaniel charges forward and slams hard into her body. He takes a step back and lets Devyne fall forward to the mat. The crowd begins to boo as Nathaniel picks up Devyne and takes her over to his corner and tags in Jack Lockhart.


Steve: This doesn’t look good.


Phil: Zybala is losing it over in his corner. Just look at him!


Steve: He is trying to cheer on his partner here, hoping to give her strength to tag him in! Wouldn’t you be the same?


Phil: No, I wouldn’t be in this match. You think I’m stupid?


Jack enters the ring and Nathaniel sets her up. Nathaniel whips her to Jack and he hits her with a powerful clothesline. Nathaniel exits the ring and Jack goes for the pinfall.






Psyche is able to kick out.  Jack brings her back to her feet and drags her over to the corner. He takes her and places her up onto the top turnbuckle. Jack goes to step on the first rung but Psyche hits him right in the mid section, and then kicks him in the face. She grabs a hold of Jack, and pushes off and hits a tornado DDT planting Jack Lockhart right into the mat.


Steve: WOW can you believe what we just saw Phil?!


Phil: of course I believe it I just saw it STEVE! How many dumb questions you going to ask me tonight?


Steve: Ignoring Phil here, but we just saw Psyche break free and hit Jack Lockhart with a devastating DDT from the top turnbuckle. That was Incredible!


Psyche crawls her way past Jack Lockhart, and we see Zybala stomping on the side of the ring, and pandering to the crowd to get them to cheer and chant for Psyche. Psyche has made it close enough to Zybala, where she pushes up and leaps toward Zybala and makes the tag!


Steve: Here he comes!


Zybala hops over the ropes and enters the ring. Jack had crawled his way back and tagged Nathaniel back in. Zybala hits Nathaniel with a strong clothesline! Jack enters the ring and gets superkicked by Zybala! It sends Jack back over the ropes and to the outside!


Steve: Zybala is cleaning house in there!


Phil: Pretty crazy how accurate he is with those kicks.


Zybala tags Psyche back in, and she climbs up the turnbuckle. Zybala waits for Nathaniel to get back up, and he turns around and is met with a superkick from Zybala knocking him back down to the mat. Psyche takes off with a Moonsault and connects! Zybala looks to the outside and sees Jack trying to get back to his feet, so he takes off and hits a senton bomb over the top rope and lands on Jack on the outside. Back inside Psyche, the legal person in the match, goes for the pinfall attempt and referee Bruce Drake starts the count!








Amber Rose: Here is your winners by pinfall… Psyche Devyne and “The Comeback Kid” Mike Zybala!


The ref signals for the bell as “Adrenalize Me” begins to play. The fans cheer as Psyche Devyne stands up in the ring. Referee Drake raises her arm and then Zybala climbs into the ring and Drake raises his arm as well. The winning team then leaves the ring while slapping hands with the fans at ringside.


Steve: What a victory for the team of Zybala and Psyche Devyne here to open our show!


Phil: I really thought the Lockharts would pull this one off, but they came up just short, Steve.


Jack Lockhart meets Nathaniel outside the ring after Nathaniel rolls out under the bottom rope. They begin to leave as well.


The lights in the arena begin to fade as strobes fire up and crimson red spot lights fire up. A crimson red pot leaf appears spinning in the middle of the ring. Flash bulbs fire as lighters fire up. “Lap Dance” by N.E.R.D. begin to play. On the big screen you can see images of soldiers marching mixed in with strippers stripping. Soon these images are replaced by words.





Pyros fire as Shane appears from the entrance.


Dirty Dog

I’m, I’m a dirty dog

I’m a dirty dog

I’m, I’m a dirty dog


Shane heads to the ring with a brilliant smirk on his face. As he goes he raises the back of his hand towards the fans as if to smack them. His adoring fans scream, the fairweather fans boo. Shane keeps going.


I’m an outlaw (I’m an outlaw)

Quick on the draw (Quick on the draw)

Somethin’ you’ve never seen before (Never Seen)


Shane rushes the ring, sliding in on his chest. Effortlessly he pops to his feet. He heads to to the corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle, gazing out at the fans. He holds his fingers to his lips as if he’s smoking a joint, then extends it to the audience. The fans pop, but then suddenly Shane gives a violent rendition of the “fist yourself” hand gesture.


It’s so real

It’s How I Feel

It’s this society

That makes a nigga wanna kill


Shane, loving the roar of the crowd returns to the middle of the ring were he struts, producing a microphone from his jacket pocket.


It’s a raw night (It’s a raw night)

Who wants to bar fight? (Who wants to bar fight?)

Well come on alright (Well come on)


The music dies down as the lights center on Shane Clemmens.


Shane Clemmens:  I’m still here.  I told you that I wasn’t going away and the Boardwalk Tag Team Championship just solidifies my foothold here.  I’m not leaving.  So you folks in the back, I want you to take a moment and let that sink in.  Boardwalk Wrestling is my aim, see?  Until I get what I want, I’ll keep coming back.


The fans whoop as Shane walks to the ring ropes and leans against them.


Shane Clemmens: I have friends too.  I’ve shown you one, my co-tag team champion.  There are more.  That’s right.  I don’t just have to dick around here alone.  I have friends and they’ve got talent that would also benefit Boardwalk Wrestling.  That’s the rub here.  I get the impression that you’re resistant to my words, but I’m here to help you, Boardwalk.


Shane smirks and lets out a snorty little laugh.  He turns and speaks directly to the BW logo in the center of the ring.


Shane Clemmens:  I don’t blame you, Boardwalk Wrestling.  If you were self aware and could make your own decisions, you would absolutely have me in a heartbeat.  We’d party together, win matches together, and soon, this Tag Team Championship wouldn’t be the only title I hold.  I know you want The Dirty Dog.  It’s just…


Shane points towards the backstage area.


Shane Clemmens:  Folks back there don’t want me or didn’t get the memo or simply don’t know what’s good for this brand.


The fans whoop.


Shane Clemmens:  I’m not a fan of ultimatums.  I don’t like holding people hostage with words,

but here comes an ultimatum.  I’m going to be back next week and if things haven’t changed, someone in the back is going to feel it.  I don’t know who or when or where, but one of your precious and preferably innocent roster members will pay the price for your apprehension.  You lack of follow through.  This isn’t a warning–it’s a promise.


With that said, Shane drops the mic.  It crackles as it hits the canvas as “Lapdance” hits.  Shane leaves the ring to a stunned crowd who finally cheer him on as he walks up the entrance ramp and into the backstage area.



The scene cuts backstage to the women’s locker room entrance because all the action takes place in the women’s locker room. Mike Zybala, looking proud and pleased, bursts through the door, completely unconcerned for his invasion of a female’s only area – because it’s Mike Zybala – and walks toward someone or something. He finds what’s looking for in Amy Jo Smyth, who stands in front of her locker, collecting her belongings.


Mike Zybala: Hey, hey, sexy lady. Your Zord is coming together nicely.


Amy Jo Smyth doesn’t answer, only gives him an annoyed, anything but amused, angry glare.


Mike Zybala: Aw, is someone cranky? Does someone need a hug?


Zybala moves forward, goes to hug Smyth. Smyth puts her hand out and a single finger up to stop him.


Amy Jo Smyth: You touch me and I’ll fucking break your arm.


Mike Zybala:Oh, yeah, you totally need a hug. Zybala’s gonna hug you. Incoming!


He laughs, makes a face, smiling and all around being goofy, as he moves in again, arms open wide. Smyth catches Zybala’s right arm, turns his entire body around, and forces his arm upward on his back. She locks on her police style hammerlock.


Mike Zybala:What’re doing? What I do?


Zybala moans and groans, fights back but still can’t break free.  


Amy Jo Smyth: How’s this for a hug? Hm? .


She slams him into a bank of lockers hard, rattling the whole thing.


Amy Jo Smyth: Everything’s a fucking joke with you, isn’t it?


Mike Zybala: No. What…


Amy Jo Smyth: Hardy-har-har. Hugs. Zords. Metal bands. Well I ain’t laughing. It’s fucking annoying.


Smyth wrenches harder and pushes her free hand into the head of Zybala, forcing it up against the lockers. Zybala’s face turns bright red as he continues his fight to free himself, so much so, he starts swinging his left arm backward, trying to hit her in the ribs.


Mike Zybala: That’s – that’s not. Fucking let me go!


Amy Jo Smyth: This ain’t a joke to me. Might be to everyone else. Of all the people in this world, thought you’d know that better.


Zybala gets in a good shot on Smyth’s ribs that causes her to loosen up a bit. He uses that moment of weakness to break free but it doesn’t last. Smyth pushes him against the lockers face first. He falls to the floor. Smyth points a finger at him as he tries to get up. She snarls, her entire body shaking.


Amy Jo Smyth:It’d be in your best interest to stay on the ground, Mr. Zybala.


Smyth stares down at Zybala as he watches her from his position on the floor looking angry but more so hurt and confused.


Mike Zybala: Have you gone crazy?


She slams her fist against the lockers above his head.


Amy Jo Smyth:Honey, you ain’t seen crazy yet.


Smyth turns, leaves the scene. The door to the locker room slams shut.

Ed Houston vs. Claire Foxe



Amber Rose:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall.  Introducing first; from Phoenix, Arizona; weighing in at 125 pounds… Claire, FOXE!!


The Good in Everyone (Remix) by Sloan begins to play as Claire comes out from behind the curtains, bouncing up and down as she waves to the fans.  She shades her eyes with her hands and looks out at the crowd before she pretends to cover a giggle, then she sprints down to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope before she pops up to her feet and waves again.  Claire walks to the corners to make sure the fans all get a good look before she removes her leather jacket and tosses it with a smile to one of the techs and fades back to her corner to wait on the match to start.


Amber Rose:  And her opponent…


A countdown starts from 10 down to 1, the sounds of rockets go off and You’re Gonna Go Far Kid by the Offspring starts to play as Houston sprints down to the ring siding in.  He waves to the fans as the song continues to play, waiting until the last lines of the song before climbing to the top turnbuckle and performing a quick backflip for the fans.


Amber Rose:  From Miami, Florida; weighing in at 170 pounds… Ed, HOUSTON!!


Steve:  We should be in for an exciting match up here, partner.


Phil:  I’ll believe it when I see it.




Ed Houston and Claire Foxe pace around the ring watching each other, both hesitating to make the first move.  


Phil:  BORING!


Steve:  The match just started.


Phil:  You mom just started!


Steve:  Ok…


The two wrestlers run toward the center of the ring.  Ed Houston lowers his shoulder and and tackles Claire Foxe to the mat, taking advantage of the difference in size.


Steve:  Ed Houston has a size advantage, that doesn’t happen very often.


Phil:  I’ve got a size advantage, if you know what I mean…


Steve:  Don’t think I want to know, Phil.


Ed goes for a quick elbow drop to capitalize on the opening, but Foxe rolls out of the way.  Both competitors get back to their feet quickly.  This time Houston goes for a clothesline, Foxe ducks under his arm!  She stops and waits for Houston to turn around, as he does he’s met with a spinning heel kick!


Phil:  Finally some action!


Steve:  I told you we were in for a good one!


Claire Foxe dives on Houston and starts delivering punches and elbows to his midsection.  Houston still has the size advantage though, and is able to roll Claire onto her back, her shoulders are down!  Referee Gina Ferris starts the count!






Claire just barely kicks out in time.


Steve:  Phil, do you think Ed Houston’s size advantage could give him the win here tonight?


Phil:  Steve, anyone with a half a brain knows it can.  That’s why it’s called an advantage.


Houston gets up to his feet, his eyes never leaving Foxe.  He gets in a stance indicating that he’s looking to go for a superkick.


Steve:  He’s swinging for the fences, looking to end this one early!


Claire gets up, and is able to step back a little, the kick makes contact, but doesn’t hit nearly as hard as it normally would.  However, Claire still goes down, and Ed goes for another cover.  Gina Ferris counts again.






Foxe reaches and grabs the bottom rope!


Steve: Great ring awareness by the Casino Champ!


Phil:  Of course she was aware of where she was.  That was the wimpiest Superkick I’ve ever seen out of Ed Houston!


Ed gets up, and Claire rolls out of the ring to catch her breath.  






Ed follows her out of the ring, where they lock up in a grapple.  Houston, again using his size to his advantage, forces Foxe backward into the fan barrier!


Phil:  Ed Houston is just being a bully now.


Steve:  You said yourself that it’s an advantage.


Gina Ferris is still counting.






Ed Houston drags Claire back into the ring.  She rolls in and gets to her feet pretty quickly.  Ed rolls in after her, giving her the high ground.  As Ed rolls in, he is met by a somersault leg drop!  It’s Claire’s turn to go for a cover!






Houston kicks out with relative ease.  Now Foxe punches Houston a few times before getting up.  She helps him to his feet, and faces him towards the ropes.  She then hops up onto his shoulders and…


Steve:  OOOOO!!!!!!!!


Phil:  Lights out after that poisonrana!


Claire covers again.






Houston kicks out once more!


Steve:  Ed Houston kicks out, but he must be dazed!


Houston is dazed, he uses the ropes to help himself to his feet.  Claire is standing behind him, as Ed Houston turns around, he is clotheslined over the top rope!  His feet hit the floor outside the ring, but his left knee buckles below him!  He grabs it as he lays on the ground outside the ring.  Claire takes a moment to rest.  Gina Ferris begins to count Ed out.






Steve:  Is Claire Foxe making a mistake by not keeping the pressure on Ed houston here?


Phil:  Absolutely not.  She sees that he’s injured, and she’s taking the chance to rest.  She’s in complete control here.


Ed Houston manages to get himself back in the ring.  Again, he uses the ropes to get himself to his feet.  Claire hops up again, looking for another poisonrana!  But this time, Ed falls backwards into an electric chair drop!


Steve:  Ed Houston was able to reverse that dangerous poisonrana this time.


Phil:  That, or his injured leg gave out.


With Claire down in the center of the ring, Ed limps over to the corner, he climbs up to the top rope…


Steve:  He’s looking to Take off here!


Ed tries to stand up, but has to hesitate, his knee is in a lot of pain.  As he makes his second attempt to stand up on the top rope, he decides that he can’t do it.  He climbs down from the top rope, he almost doesn’t notice Claire coming to attack him.  He is able to move out of her way just in time.  She lands in the corner, and Houston takes the opportunity, he drives his shoulder into Foxe’s body a few times, then he lifts her to the top rope.


Steve:  Is he looking for a superplex?


Phil:  It’ll be hard with that injured leg.


Ed has trouble getting up onto the ropes, Claire is able to recover just enough that she is able to push Ed back off the ropes.  He grabs his knee, then stands up straight, just in time to receive a diving hurricanrana!


Phil:  She Focked him up!  F.. Foxed him up?  Whatever…


Claire goes for the cover!










Amber Rose:  Here is your winner, Claire FOXE!


Claire checks on Ed and his knee, Boardwalk Wrestling’s training staff comes down to the ring.  They put ice on his knee, and wrap a bandage around it to keep it in place.


Steve:  This doesn’t look good for Ed Houston.  You hate to see injuries like this happen.


Phil:  Speak for yourself.


The trainers help Ed Houston to the back…



“Dragon Rider” hits, signalling the arrival of the Atlantic City champion. Half the crowd explode as normal, cheering the arrival of their champion, but there is a very evident portion of the crowd silent. Danny steps out onto the stage, championship over his shoulder, foregoing his usual high energy antics and simply walks down the ramp. He walks around the ring, collecting a microphone and a steel chair. He throws the chair into the ring, slides in after it, sets it up and sits, resting his belt across his lap.


Danny B: Let’s cut the shit here tonight, because I am not in the fucking mood. Last Thursday at Crowning Achievement, I went to war with CJ O’dickhead, finally booting his ass from this company once and for all.


A decent portion of the crowd cheer the departure of the former Internet champion. Danny ignores them, carrying on in a rather deadpan tone.


Danny B: Yeah, whoop de fucking do. CJ is gone, and some of you motherfuckers are acting like it wasn’t a foregone conclusion. Well skippy for you, apparently it seems like some of you out there actually wanted that piece of garbage to win? Well, guess what, you can all fuck yourselves you obnoxious wankers, Unstable is near enough dead, and good for them, they fucking deserve to spill around in shit after all.


But, there are a couple of problems that have come out of this past week, and the biggest of them is Jon Stewart. Now, I guess some people around here think that just because they sit on a board they have the right to get involved in other people’s crap. Well guess what Jon, wrong place, wrong champion. I get your angle there, I do, that guy has done nothing but shit on this company for months, you found a way to help him get out of his contract early and fuck off to that company where being a dick has more value than in ring skill.


Thing is Jon Stewart, earlier in the night, an old enemy of mine pulled off that sack he called a mask to show your face. Has it always been you Jon? All these years? Ataxia and I go back so fucking far, and every five minutes there is a new man under that sack, be it Jaiden Rishel, Alan O’Donnell or now our esteemed board member, either way, our paths crossed one too many times in the past didnt it, and now if it was you all along Jon, then you’re restarting a war that you couldn’t win last time.


I’m going to give you a bye for now mate, but let me tell you something. If you involve yourself in my shit again, I will break you into about eight pieces.


He breaks off, looking down at the belt in his lap.


Danny B: The other issue is this thing. People are starting to question my legitimacy as a champion, and as a competitor. Now, it seems a small faction of people think that the fact that I’m not here in tights every week competing, I’m not a worthy fucking champion.


I mean, I believe I would have defended the title as much as I have already, and I don’t remember asking for a month off, but there you go, it’s my fault I guess.


When all is said and done, at the end of this week, I will become the longest reigning Atlantic City champion of all time, and if people want me to prove I am worthy, well, I have the plan of a lifetime.


We’re in the middle of something known as the Boardwalk Cup tournament. Now, I know Brennan Devlin beat Amy Jo Smyth, if you don’t believe me, ask him. I believe he’s now run most of the way across the country telling every wrestler, manager and tramp that would listen. With that win, he was given a shot at the AC title, and good for him, he will get it. But the question is, will it be against me?


As of this second I am inserting myself into the Boardwalk Cup, and I will be defending my championship against every opponent I face on the way to winning the tourney. So, win the tournament, and you will be the new Atlantic City champion, but if you get lucky, you might just claim it along the way. But listen up, everyone of you in this damn tournament.


I am the most dominant Atlantic City champion in the history of this company, and it is about time I proved that once and for all. I’m walking into the fire, but it’s you bastards that are gonna get burned. Have at you kids.


With that, Danny clicks his fingers, seemingly causing the lights to shut off for a moment, when they come back on, the chair and the microphone remain.


Steve: Danny B is in the tournament and he’s putting the title up on the line?


Phil: What’s he trying to prove?


Steve: It seems ridiculous, but I guess that chip on his shoulder is only weighing down more and more on our champion.


Phil: Well, this could be massive for him, or disastrous.


Steve: Well, someone gets the opportunity of a lifetime next week!   





Claire is seen walking backstage after her Boardwalk Cup Tournament match with Ed Houston, she stops to talk with one of the trainers who want to check her quickly after to make sure everything is still good – after all she had a tough match at Xtra! before the Crowning Achievement pay-per-view and Boardwalk takes care of its talent.  Interviewer Kimberly Smith comes up at a good clip, wanting to catch Claire before she disappears into her locker room to clean up.


Kimberly Smith: Claire!  Just a moment of your time, we’ve got a few questions for you…!


Claire sighs and turns slowly as the trainer leaves, she takes up a towel and pats her face as she looks at the intrepid interviewer.


Claire Foxe:  Kimberly.  


Kimberly Smith:  So can you tell us how you feel about the match that Synnum de la Cruz challenged you to?  Rather, she felt like you’d turn her down so she made it an open challenge.


Claire’s eyes narrow, but she doesn’t answer right away as she pats her face again before accepting a sportsdrink from someone to the side of her.


Claire Foxe:  You mean that ridiculous… you know… what did she call it?  Barbed Wire Heaven match. No rules, no pinfalls, no submissions inside a steel cage made of barbed wire, the mat covered in barbed wire and the ropes made of barbed wire.  Plus toys but that sounds kind of… dirty.  So Kimberly, tell me something …how eager would you be, to get into a match like that?  What does she think this is, Philadelphia in 1999?  


Kimberly nods but keeps the microphone up in Claire’s face.


Kimberly Smith:  Be that as it may, are you going to answer this challenge of Synn’s?


Claire takes a deep breath and shakes her head, Kimberly’s face getting an ‘ah-ha’ look but Claire cuts her off.


Claire Foxe:  It’s not what you’re thinking, though honestly I don’t want to do this match… it’s not my thing.  But I’ve already beaten Synn twice in singles and one of those was for my title.  I was also a part of a tag team that beat hers with Mike Zybala.  So exactly how many chances does she think she gets at me?  There are other people that I’m sure would love a chance to challenge for my Casino Championship, Kimberly.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Like I already know Mike does.  


Kimberly Smith:  So you’re saying no?


Claire’s eyes narrow at Kimberly’s tone.


Claire Foxe: I’m saying that…


Claire pauses, and a smile creeps onto her lips.


Claire Foxe:  If Synnum de la Cruz wants another shot at me, in this kind of match?  She’s going to have to earn it.  More than earn it.  In fact… I have an idea of my own.  She’s not going to challenge me and call the shots, not after I’ve beaten her the way I have.  So… if she wants this so bad?  How about this instead.  Me and a partner of my choosing, take on Synn and a partner of her choosing… as long as that partner agrees to the match.  If they can defeat me and my partner?  Then I’ll give her that stupid match.  That seems fair, doesn’t it?  I think it does.


Claire moves the microphone out of her face and slides past Kimberly, clearly heading for her locker room to clean up.  Kimberly blinks, looks at her cameraman and blinks again.


Kimberly Smith:  Well, that’s a pretty clear statement from our Boardwalk Casino Champion.  Back to you, Phil and Steve.


John Pariah vs. Travis Nathaniel Andrews


Three golden spotlights shine down on the stage as a video package begins to play on the screen. Golden smoke fills the entrance way as “Cleaning Out My Closet” blares through the sound system. Travis Nathaniel Andrews walks through the golden smoke wearing a golden colored trench coat over white tights with gold designs. He stands on the stage, throws his arms high into the air while soaking in the loud boos from the crowd. His eyes are covered by his trademark sunglasses while his signature smirk is firmly planted across his face.


Amber Rose: The following match is a first round match for the Boardwalk Cup!  Making his way down the aisle, from Las Vegas, Nevada. He weighs in at two hundred and forty one pounds. He is Boardwalk’s Must See Superstar, please welcome TRAVIS NATHANIEL ANDREWS!!!


Travis starts to make his way down the ramp while smiling at the negative reactions he is receiving. He reaches the bottom of the ramp, goes to walk toward the steel steps before cutting back toward the ring apron. He hops up onto the ring apron, tilts his sunglasses a bit before standing to his feet. He quickly enters the ring, steps into the center of the ring and throws his arms high into the air again. “Cleaning out my Closet” continues to play as Travis unzips both sleeves before removing his trench coat.


Phil:  This guy walks around with an air of confidence about him.  I like him.


Steve:  A cocky egomaniac.  Of course you like him.


The arena lights go out, and the acoustic intro of “Touched” by VAST echoes over the PA-the word “ICONIC” shows up on the tron, as a chanting is heard, and “Demi-Gods” by Lab Rats kicks into gear. The crowd pops as John Pariah walks out onto the stage-wearing a black Wornstar hooded vest. He holds his hands up as a gun-and throws his head back as a wall of pyro shoots up behind him-leading right into the hook.


Amber Rose:  And his opponent, weighing 226 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois…”ICONIC” JOHN PARIAH!!!


The crowd roars as he heads down the ramp, and poses on the ropes in his signature gun pose, as the streamers fly into the ring. The music dies out and we are ready for the match.


Steve:  John Pariah has had some huge success here in Boardwalk Wrestling since his arrival here about a month ago, yet to lose a match, but tonight he’s going to be challenged by the newcomer Travis Nathaniel Andrews!


Referee Clark Olson calls for the bell as Rose exits the ring.




Pariah gets ready to tangle up with TNA, but TNA is too busy showing out for the crowd, savoring his good looks and then shouting back at the crowd as they boo him.  Pariah suddenly explodes out of nowhere to take TNA down with a vicious spear before following it up with a barrage of punches.  TNA covers up and rolls out of the ring with a quickness!


Steve:  John Pariah with his own special welcome to Boardwalk and Andrews is getting the hell out of Dodge!


Phil:  Cheap shot.  Andrews wasn’t ready!


Steve:  That’s his own damn fault.  Once that bell rings, the action starts here in Boardwalk.  We pull no punches!


As TNA recovers on the outside, Pariah wastes no time coming off the opposite ropes and launching himself into TNA with a suicide dive that drives TNA back into the guardrail!  Pariah pops back up and rolls into the ring to a nice ovation from the crowd!


Steve:  This crowd is falling for John Pariah and who can blame them?  


Phil:  Uh…me?


Pariah waits patiently as the ref makes the count, reaching a short five before TNA climbs back on the ring apron.  Pariah shoots in, ready to attack, but Clark Olson holds him back as TNA cautiously gets in the ring.  As soon as he steps in, Pariah works his way around the ref and gets a thumb to the eye for his trouble.


Phil:  Brilliant move from Travis Nathaniel Andrews!


Steve:  An illegal one too.


Phil:  Some of the best moves in the world aren’t exactly above board Steve.  You should know that.


Pariah turns back around as TNA lands a superkick!


Steve:  Andrews with a Smash Talk!


TNA makes the cover!






Phil:  Andrews nearly ended the unbeaten streak of Pariah right there!


Steve:  Close but no cigar, but Andrews is back on the attack.


TNA pulls Pariah to his feet and sends him into a corner before launching across the ring with a stinger splash!  As Pariah stumbles forward, TNA drops him with a reverse backbreaker and neckbreaker combination!  He shoots for another cover.






Steve:  Whoa another nearfall there for Andrews who followed up the Andrews Flight Pattern splash in the corner with his trademark Vegas Trip!


Phil:  And everybody knows what stays in Vegas, happens in Ve- no, wait.  What Vegas hap-  Whatever.  Something about Vegas and hookers.


Steve:  How in the hell is any of that relevant to this match?


Phil:  How in the hell are you relevant to humans?


TNA pulls Pariah to his feet and executes a nice dragon screw before corralling Pariah’s leg.  He steps over and spins around, looking to lock in a figure four leglock, but Pariah puts his boot in TNA’s ass and shoves him into the turnbuckles!  


Steve:  Pariah luckily avoids the Casino Robber finisher from Andrews!


Phil:  Damn it!


Pariah pops back up as TNA stumbles back.  Pariah boots him in the midsection followed by an evenflow DDT!  Pariah makes the cover!






Pariah peels TNA back up to his feet and sends him across the ring before landing a powerful pop-up powerbomb that makes TNA clutch his head tightly as Pariah makes another cover.






Phil:  John Pariah with two nearfalls in a row, but Andrews is finding a way to stay in this match!


Steve:  Yeah, but he’s definitely on the ropes right now.


Pariah picks TNA back up but again TNA counters with a rake across the eyes of Pariah, blinding him!  TNA falls back into the ropes to catch his breath.


Steve:  Another dirty move from Andrews.  This is what you like from your wrestlers, Phil?


Phil:  If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying, Steve!


TNA steps up and locks in a ¾ facelock on Pariah, looking to lock up his finishing Sin City Drifter, but Pariah quickly swings his elbow, catching TNA across the face.  He swings again and connects again.  He swings a third time, and this time it’s enough to send TNA reeling backwards.  Pariah tries to wipe his eyes enough to see, but he’s struggling.  Still it doesn’t keep him from coming off the ropes behind TNA before nailing a blind rolling elbow to the back of TNA’s head!




Pariah scrambles to make the cover!







Amber Rose:  The winner of this match…JOHN PARIAH!


Clark Olson raises Pariah in the air as he squints his eyes, still having trouble seeing.


Steve:  What a nice victory for John Pariah as he continues his hot streak here tonight to advance in the Boardwalk Cup Tournament, and for Travis Nathaniel Andrews, he’ll have to go back and see what went wrong for him tonight.


Pariah gets a good ovation from the crowd as he climbs out of the ring and stumbles to the back working his eyes open and closed to try to get his vision back.



Amy Jo Smyth, in her jacket and with her belongings, steps in front of the office of Michael Pettis and barges in without knocking or announcing. Pettis looks up from his desk, startled by the unannounced entrance. Smyth steps up to his desk, arms folded in front of her chest.


Amy Jo Smyth:What do you want? I’m trying to get fuck outta here.


Pettis nods his head, puts down his pen.


Michael Pettis:I heard you assaulted Mike Zybala in the locker room.


Amy Jo Smyth: Assaulted? Hardly.


Michael Pettis: You put him in a hammerlock and shoved him up against the lockers. Unprovoked. Isn’t he your friend? Care to explain to me what’s going on?


Amy Jo Smyth: Why don’t you tell me first? Now all of a sudden you give a shit what happens in your business.


Michael Pettis: I’m sorry?


Amy Jo Smyth: I bet you’re real sorry. A real apology from you would be fucking super for all the shit you’ve dealt me.


Michael Pettis: Okay… Let’s address that…


Amy Jo Smyth: Yeah, let’s address it. Let’s address my grievances, not yours.


Michael Pettis: …What? What grievances could you possibly have?


Amy Jo Smyth: Maybe if you actually ran your own business you’d know.


Michael Pettis: Watch it.


Amy Jo Smyth: No, you watch it. Why don’t you watch your own talent. You let that fuck, Devlin and his bitch girlfriend post pornographic pictures of me all over Twitter… That’s perfectly acceptable, right? That’s the kind of shit you want from your number one contender.


Michael Pettis: We were – we are not aware of that.


Amy Jo Smyth: How convenient. That sounds like bullshit, but sure. It does fit with you guys. You only pay attention to shit when you want to pay attention to shit, when it fits your needs. Point and proof right here. All about picking and choosing with y’all. Pay attention to Smyth not for the great things she does but for what, huh? Did Michael even come to you about this.


Michael Pettis: No. That isn’t the point.


Amy Jo Smyth: Ha. Then what the fuck am I doing here?


Pettis attempts to speak, Smyth takes a step forward, interrupts.


Amy Jo Smyth:Oh, wait, I get it. I didn’t think this was your game too, but silly me. It’s a Skylar Fall incident all over again. Get rid of anyone who might prove to be a challenge to the favorites, that dares to challenge the great and powerful Oz. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Who’s behind the curtain today? Hm?


Pettis stands. Smyth moves closer to his desk.


Amy Jo Smyth:Is everything a fucking joke here? Is Boardwalk a joke? Are you having a blast turning this place into a laughing stock? Still getting played in the C.J. O’Donnell is a hero show? Or are you enjoying riding Devlin’s dick more?


Michael Pettis: You’re outta line here, Smyth.


Amy Jo Smyth: No, you’re outta line. I’m done getting served shit sandwiches with a side of excuses for all my meals from you fuckers. Then I get told to just, ‘go with it.’ To shut up and be happy, take your dicking lying down. No. No!


Smyth slams her hands against his desk. Pettis has to take a step back.


Michael Pettis: Why don’t you calm down, take a walk?


Amy Jo Smyth: Calm down? Calm down? How about, fuck you!


Smyth grabs the edge of Pettis’s desk and with all her anger-fueled strength, flips the desk, sending it flipping forward, flying into the air, sending all of Pettis’s belongings and paperwork in the air. It crashes to the floor just inches away from Pettis’s feet. Pettis stands there motionless, with his eyebrows raised, visibly angered and shocked.


Michael Pettis:Have you lost your mind, Amy Jo?


Amy Jo Smyth: Not even close, but you can be the first one to experience that, if you want. Maybe your balls will drop if I rip them outta ya.


Michael Pettis: That’s it! I’m tired of your shit.


Amy Jo Smyth: No, I’m tired of your shit!  


Two security officers come charging into the room, drawn in by the noise. The men look at the scene in front of them then at Pettis. He points at Smyth.


Michael Pettis:Get her outta here. Remove her from the building.


Smyth looks between the two security officers as they both grab her simultaneously. She fights back but she finds herself in a hammerlock nearly the same as the one she applied to Mike Zybala earlier.


Michael Pettis:You’re suspended. Don’t set foot in here or in Bally’s for a week. That should be more than enough time for you to cool that pretty head of yours. Take a vacation with Taryn or the missus, who is it this week? Just be anywhere but here.


She keeps fighting against the men as they physically lift her off the ground. She kicks the desk with both her feet, pushing it closer to Pettis.


Michael Pettis: Be happy I don’t strip you of the title. You’re clearly showing how much of a worthy champion you are.


Amy Jo Smyth: You’d just fucking love that, wouldn’t you? Then you can hand it to…


Michael Pettis: Quit while you’re ahead, Amy Jo.


Pettis points toward the door. The security officers pull Smyth out of the office as she screams, grunts, and fights all the way out of the office. As soon as she gets through the door and into the hallway, she breaks free and pushes the security officers away.


Amy Jo Smyth: I can see myself out, you fat fucks.


The security officers stay on her she walks toward the door. Smyth slams the door open and disappears behind it.




Claire  is standing just in the doorway that leads to the outside, her back against the crashbar and she is talking to a few fans that have gathered to wait for their favorite wrestlers to leave, and hopefully take a picture or have them sign a few things.  There  were a few there wearing her special edition #FightFoxeFight hoodies and she has a Sharpie out to sign her name.  She speaks very carefully, polite as possible to the younger fans and maybe a little less so to ones clearly looking for eBay bait, when she stops and pats her hair before she waves at someone out in the parking lot.  One of the fans pushes through the group towards the front, maybe sensing that she’s about to leave, Claire’s eyes narrow as he gets in front of a couple of kids and thrusts a program at her.  But before she can say anything his expression totally changes, and he goes a little pale, stammering about wanting her autograph.  She starts to sign it as her lips compress, she gives the kids a little look to let them know she’d get to them but then something odd happened.  Without much more coherent sound resembling words, the kids run away without their treasured autographs leaving Claire rather confused at the whole scenario.


???: Congrats on the retain champ.


Claire spins on the spot, recognizing the voice as a smile wipes away her confusion, the speaker shown to be none other than Unstable’s own ‘Distorted Angel’ Amber Ryan, which immediately explains the disappearance of children considering she’s probably absolutely terrifying to anyone with any goddamn common sense.  Despite being polar opposites, there is no tension between the women but more so a mutual respect that one could argue even borders on friendship. Amber can’t help but smirk as the pitter patter of feet fades into the distance, somewhat amused by the rapid exodus of small children.


Amber Ryan: Looks like I interrupted something fun.  


Claire grins a little at her, and shakes her head.  Her bags and everything she’d usually have are absent, but it’s not a hard jump of logic to imagine that Lex has them with him.


Claire Foxe:  Well, some of it?  You know how it  is, there’s always some entitled little jerk trying to push out in front of the…patient.  


Amber Ryan: I’ll have to take your word for it considering I don’t usually have small people signing up to get my autograph. there are benefits, I’ll admit…


Amber rubs her forehead idly, still wearing the same smirk.


Amber Ryan: Patience is supposed to be a virtue but I think some people prefer less moral baggage…


Claire laughs soft, a smile curling her lips.


Claire Foxe:  Less baggage all the way around is  best.  If I can’t pack it for a bike, I might not want it.  ‘cept my title.  Gets its own bag.  Amber…


She pauses, looking her over.


Claire Foxe:  You look ready to kick some ass.  I was… going to ask if you’re better, but…


With a knowing chuckle, Amber shakes her head.


Amber Ryan:Can’t say I didn’t see that coming. Truth be told I’ve been itching to get back for weeks but what can you do… So yeah, I’m feeling a lot more… like myself I suppose.


Claire’s smile brightened considerably, and while she didn’t move to touch Amber or anything there was still that sort of ‘sense’ to her words.


Claire Foxe:  Good, it was getting really boring around here without you.  Even though some people like to think they’re interesting… that’s pretty much a nope.  An all around nope.  They want to make things so stupid, so complicated sometimes, where’s the… it’s like they forgot they’re here to wrestle.  You know.


Nodding in agreement, Amber glances about sarcastically.


Amber Ryan: Pfft, I’m sure things were plenty interesting though the definition of ‘interesting’ seems to mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Regardless, I’m back and it looks like not a moment too soon either…


Claire Foxe:  I couldn’t agree more.  Though I do have a question for you.


Amber Ryan: Sounds kinda dangerous-  usually that’s followed by an odd request or a challenge…


Claire actually giggles, and shakes her head, a twinkle in her eyes.


Claire Foxe:  Oh it’s super important.  


She nods, but she can’t keep that smile from creeping back.


Claire Foxe:  What’s your favorite type of alcohol?  I bet whiskey, but Lex thinks you might like bourbon.


With a sly wink, Claire’s infectious smile reaches the usually distant Amber.


Amber Ryan: Anything I’m not paying for. I pride myself on not being fussy on such things. I must admit though its a rather odd question… Would it be rude of me to follow up with a why?


Claire waves her hand a little, pretending some innocence.


Claire Foxe:  Well it’s good to know, you know.  What people like.  Makes a real difference around the holidays, and after matches are won… you know, celebrations.  For winning.  And things.  


Cocking her head slightly to one side, Amber senses the inconsistencies but doesn’t appear to seize upon them in normal ‘Distorted Angel’ fashion.


Amber Ryan:Being alive is generally enough reason to celebrate I’ve found, though I blame that more on career choices…


Claire nods, the flash of light from car headlights draws her attention a second before she turns back to Amber.


Claire Foxe: Sometimes, it’s the right thing to do even if it doesn’t seem that way at first.  Because you never know when something amazing might happen.  But you mean…the sort of thing that really, really shortens careers.  Some people seem really interested in that right now.  You know?


Amber Ryan: Oh I’m well aware, I’ve played in more than my fair share of playgrounds so to speak. Not exactly the smartest of decisions but sometimes you have to take chances on things you’d normally not…


Cutting herself off, Amber watches the headlights albeit a lot less interestedly.


Claire Foxe: Chances make the world go around, sometimes.  Think about that, because I may ask you something else later.


She looks out the door and grins.


Claire Foxe: Right now, I’m going home.  I’ll see you soon?


Amber Ryan: Ask me anything, anytime. I can’t guarantee an answer you’ll like but I would hope it doesn’t stop the question being presented. You need me? I’m sure you’ll know where to find me.

Ash Scion vs. Taryn Willow


Amber Rose: The following match is scheduled for one fall… The winner of this match will advance to the next round of the Boardwalk Cup Tournament!


The arena lights dim and ‘Our Last Night’ by Scared of Change hits. The lights start flashing bright purple and dance over the crowd and ring. Taryn Willow appears from behind the curtain and steps out into a spotlight.


Amber Rose: On her way to the ring, weighing in at 145-pounds, hailing from Brooklyn, New York… She is ‘Brooklyn’s Golden Child’… Taryn Willow!


Willow dashes forward down the entranceway and slides right into the one. She leaps to her feet in the center of the ring as the lights keep dancing around her.


Phil: I feel bad for her.


Steve: Why’s that?


Phil: She’s friends with that trainwreck Amy Jo Smyth. Was friends.


Steve: …Anyway… Taryn Willow is up against Anarchy Champion, Ash Scion in the next round of the Boardwalk Cup Tournament. Winner here advances to the round where she could face any of the other winners from tonight and Xtra or something…  


Phil: Now this Ash Scion chick is something special. That redhair, damn. The Redheaded Bloodbath is an apt nickname.


‘Don’t Mess with Me’ by Brody Dalle hits as the lights change over to bright and dark reds that splash over the entranceway and the edges of the ring. Red light covers everything, including her opponent standing in the ring. Ash Scion jumps out of the back and stands in a red spotlight. Scion holds up the Anarchy Title high above her head and crowd explodes.


Amber Rose: Her challenger, making her way to the ring, weighing in at 127-pounds, coming from New York, New York… She is your Anarchy Champion… Ash Scion.


Ash Scion walks forward, presenting the title to the fans nearest to her. As she makes me her way to the ring, she pats and rubs the title. Uncle Jemima appears from the back, lumbering far behind Ash Scion.


Phil: What’s her doing out here?


Steve: Uncle Jemima, our senior Anarchy referee is out here tonight. I’d assume for extra insurance on Scion’s part.


Phil: The Anarchy Title isn’t up for grabs here tonight.


Upon reaching the ring, Scion climbs the ring steps and steps into the ring. She walks to Bruce Drake and the two have a quick exchange of words. Drake walks to Amber Rose, tells her something.


Amber Rose: This match has been changed… It will now be Anarchy rules and for the Anarchy Championship!


Steve: What?


Phil: Yes. Yes!


Steve: A last minute change has turned this into a no rules, no disqualification, anything goes match and will not just be to advance in the Cup, but for championship gold. This match could determine a brand new Anarchy champion.  


Uncle Jemima climbs into the ring slowly, his large size in no way helping his arrival. The lights return to normal and the music fades out as Taryn Willow stares at the Uncle Jemima as he lifts the title above his head for the fans to see, to indicate that this is now a title match. Drake climbs out of the ring, walks toward the back.


Phil: Last minute? No. Ash Scion had wanted this to be a title match since it was signed and she got it. She’s a fighting champion!


Steve: There’s a lot more on the line now. Scion can walk out of here with nothing and Taryn with a championship and a bump up in the Cup.


Phil: That’s great, but can we focus on the fact that there is going to be bloodshed?


Taryn Willow dances and bounces on her toes as Ash Scion stretches and cracks her neck. Jemima passes off the title to ringside and calls for the bell. The two women charge toward each other, ready to tangle up. Ash Scion slips around and gets Taryn Willow in a waist-lock. Willow reverses that and puts Scion in a waist-lock. Willow turns it around and takes Scion to the mat with a snapmare. Willow keeps on Scion, locking a loose side headlock.


Phil: This looks like anything but a hardcore match. What the hell!


Steve: Just a warm up. If Ash Scion has proved anything, it’s that she can rough quickly.


Ash Scion throws her legs up, wraps them around Taryn Willow’s neck in a crude headscissors hold. Willow is able to pull herself out of them quickly and easily and tries for a standing moonsault. Scion is speedily out of the way and Willow lands flat on her ass. Scion goes for a quick elbow drop. Willow rolls away and Scion’s elbow slams into the mat. Both are up on their feet in seconds. Willow tries for a boot thrust only to find her foot caught by Scion. Willow doesn’t give up and leaps into the air, attempting a spinning heel kick. Scion ducks and then tries for her own spinning heel kick. Willow ducks.


Phil: Jesus. Someone hit someone already!


Steve: Willow is showing off some impressive speed and awareness.


Phil: So is Ash Scion. Don’t discredit her skills outside of the hardcore design.


Taryn Willow charges forward with a clothesline but Ash Scion ducks under it. Scion returns to Willow and goes after her with a swinging clothesline. The move fails to connect.


Steve: The two women fail to connect.


Phil: Now it’s turned into a damn standoff.


Steve: Both women are at the ready, fighting stances.


Phil: This is not Mortal Kombat!


Ash Scion comes out of her stance and looks over the crowd. The crowd cheers for her as she nods and points at Willow. The two start to dance around each other again. Chants for Anarchy start slowly and lowly. Scion stops to listen, cupping her hand against her ear. Willow looks over the crowd, miffed. The young lady from Brooklyn dives forward, trying to take Scion off guard, but she is ready, and the two tangle up again.


Phil: Anarchy! Anarchy!


Steve: This is…


Phil: Anarchy! Anarchy! Anarchy!


Willow gets Scion into another waist-lock but Scion counters with a quick elbow to her face. Scion slings herself off the ropes and comes at Willow. Willow drops down to her to avoid the hit. Scion sees it, knows it, and hits Willow in the face with a low dropkick. The redheaded New Yorker lifts Willow by the hair and drags her to the corner. Once there, Scion slams Willow head first into the top turnbuckle. Scion pulls Willow out of the corner, readies to toss her into the opposite corner but Willow reverses, sending Scion into the corner. Willow pounces on Scion, driving a hard shoulder into the midsection of Scion not once, not twice, but three times.


Steve: All that body weight and that hard shoulder bone just slamming into the gut of Scion…


Phil: That’ll knock the wind right outta ya.


Taryn Willow takes a step back, ready to dive forward again on Scion. Ash Scion, however, has other plans. She comes roaring out of the corner with a kendo stick in hand and slams it against the upper body of an already moving and a very unsuspecting Taryn Willow. Willow has no choice but to stumble backward holding her stomach and chest area.


Steve: Now that will knock the wind right outta ya.


Phil: Anarchy!


Steve: Remember, no disqualifications in this match. That was perfectly legal.


Phil: That’s how Anarchy works, baby.


Ash Scion wraps up Taryn Willow, pressing the kendo stick against the neck of Willow. Scion then drops Willow with a side-by-side suplex, the kendo stick driving against the neck of Willow upon impact. Scion stays down for the cover, using the kendo stick for leverage and control.








Phil: I’d be excited that Scion won, but super disappointed this match ended so early.


Steve: There’s plenty more in store, I can promise that.


Taryn Willow stays on the mat, holding her neck, as Ash Scion rolls to the outside. Scion pulls up the ring apron and starts looking under the ring.


Phil: Oh, more goodies.


Steve: I’ve wondered why all that stuff is just kept randomly under the ring.


Phil: For occasions just like this.


Scion spots a table and after a quick consult with the crowd who eagerly wants for the table, she shakes her head and moves on to something else, something better. The freckled competitor pulls slides a tall ladder out from under the ring. The crowd explodes.


Steve: Things are about to get real.


Phil: Real awesome.


Steve: That ladder is bigger than her.


Phil: Isn’t that whole principle of a ladder?


Steve: Not what meant… I meant, she can barely manage that, what, six foot tall steel ladder?


Phil: Sure. I’m sure that’s exactly what you meant.


Scion gets the ladder to the apron, ready to slide it in for even more fun. Taryn Willow slides toward the ladder, feet at the ready to drive the steel rungs into the face of Scion. Scion has enough wit to move the ladder upward, out of the way, and Willow comes sliding right out of the ring. Scion swings the ladder at Willow. Willow ducks and back kicks the ladder right into the face of Scion.


Steve: Ash Scion just ate steel.


Phil: She liked it, too.


Steve: I think – I think that heavy ladder just landed on Scion’s knee.


Ash Scion lays on the floor, clutching her left knee. Willow dashes, hooks Scion’s leg. Jemima takes a minute to catch up.


Steve: Falls count anywhere!


Phil: If Jemima can ever get there…








Steve: Only a two count there.


Taryn Willow wastes no time and quickly lifts the ladder, carrying it away from Ash Scion. She balances it atop the barricade and the ring apron, the ladder sprawling the distance easily. Swiftly and smoothly, she slides under it and returns to Scion.


Phil: That’s bad luck.


Steve: That’s an open ladder, Phil.


Phil: Don’t contradict me, Steve.


Willow nails Scion in the head with a big boot and lifts Scion to her feet. Willow attempts to whip Scion into the ladder but Scion reverses, twists Willow’s arm, grabs Willow, and slams her to the outside floor with a modified, somewhat weak spinebuster. Scion stays on Willow for the cover, hooking both legs.








Steve: Another near fall for Scion.


Phil: This match can’t be over yet. C’mon!


The crowd starts chanting ‘anarchy’ over and over as Ash Scion sits on her knees, looking at the ladder balanced in front of her. Scion lifts and rolls Willow into the ring and after a quick restraightening of the ladder, hops onto the ring apron. Willow is there and slams a right hand into Scion’s gut. Then another. Then another, this right slamming Scion in the face. Scion counters and the two start throwing fists over the top rope, moving dangerously close to the ladder. Scion hooks the arm of Willow over her shoulder as they stand directly in front of the ladder.


Steve: This is about to get bad.


Phil: This is about to get great!


Ash Scion raises Taryn Willow up. Taryn Willow fights back, returning to her feet. Willow counters by driving those shoulders into the gut of Scion over and over against. Scion hangs onto the ropes for dear life. The redhead throws up an abrupt knee, nailing raven in the head. Willow falls sideways, to her left, and the two are forced away from the ladder.


Phil: Aw, man!


Steve: Don’t speak so soon.


Scion pulls Willow through the ropes to the apron and hooks Willow’s neck, dragging her forward. Scion leaps from the apron, with Willow in tow. Willow doesn’t want any of that steel and holds tightly onto the ropes. Scion goes down all on her own, hitting the ladder face first on the way. The crowd pops.


Steve: What a sickening smack. That all kinds of backfired on Scion.


Phil: Scion and ladders are not friends right now.


Taryn Willow leaps from the apron to the outside as Ashion Scion climbs to her feet with the help of the barricade. Willow is on Scion and kicks her repeatedly in the lower back. The Brooklynite lifts Scion to her feet then up in the air. Scion is dropped, split-legged, crotch first onto the barricade. The crowd goes, ‘ohhhhh.’


Phil: Wait, do we cringe here?


Steve: I’m really not sure…


The pain on Scion’s face shows that it does hurt, perhaps not as badly as it does for men, but it hurts nonetheless. Willow swings high and kicks Willow right across the chest. She then leaps up onto the barricade herself, walks to the ladder, walks on the ladder, and does a little showboating for the crowd, throwing her fists up in the air. Willow leaps forward, nailing Scion in the head with a standing side-dropkick.


Phil: Where’d that come from?


Steve: Taryn’s been working out, apparently.


Scion falls off the barricade to the mat. Taryn Willow rolls her over, goes for the cover.








Steve: Not enough. The redheaded young lady from New York is tough.


Phil: I called it.


Steve: So is the other New Yorker. These two women are showing off how tough New Yorkers can be.  


Taryn Willow rolls Ash Scion back into the ring and walks around the ring, to the timekeeper. She tells him to get up and so he does without a fight. Scion slowly climbs to her feet inside the ring. Willow takes the man’s chair, folds it up, and tosses it into the ring without realizing that Scion has gotten to her feet. Scion quickly retrieves the chair as Willow rolls into the ring.


Phil: Taryn’s turn to eat steel!


Ash Scion takes a swing at Taryn Willow with the chair, but Willow ducks under it.


Steve: Or not…


Taryn Willow bounces off the ropes, leaps with her knee out, and drives the chair into the face of Ash Scion with her knee.


Steve: Double Trouble!


Phil: Modified version of it, but damn, effective.


Steve: That can only mean one thing…


Phil: So it ain’t so!


Taryn Willow lifts Ash Scion to her feet and checks on the location of the chair. She readies the The Taryn Driver on Scion, lining Scion’s head up with the chair.


Steve: Oh, no, don’t do that. Please don’t do that.


Phil: This is gonna be brutal.  


Steve: NO!


Ash Scion pushes Taryn Willow off of her and kicks Willow in the head with a step-off axe kick.


Steve: Kill the Switch!


Phil: That took a quick turn.


Steve: Taryn is down.


Ash Scion lifts Taryn Willow to her feet then raises Willow up and over her shoulders, letting Willow hang for a few seconds as she lines with that well-used chair.


Phil: Here we go!


Steve: IDC-2K15!


Phil: NO! C’MON!


Taryn Willow slides free, gets to her feet, and grabs Scion by the waist. Scion goes flying, thrown backward with a belly-to-back suplex. Scion sits on the mat, unmoving, as Taryn Willow grabs the ladder, slides it into the ring.


Steve: Thank you, Home Depot!


Phil: Lowe’s! It’s Lowe’s. Don’t be dumb.


Steve: Are we sponsored by Lowe’s now? Did I miss something?


Phil: We have friends there…


Steve: And I have friends at Home Depot.


Ash Scion gets to her knees near Taryn Willow, grabbing at Willow’s tights. Willow grabs Scion by the head and hair, lifting her up. Scion throws a punch that connects with the gut of Willow. Willow has to back up some. Scion gets to her feet and starts on Willow with right and left hooks that into rolling elbows. The raging redhead thrust kicks Willow in the stomach and grabs her by the waist. She lifts Willow up and slams Willow into the ladder with a mean, mean side suplex. Scion falls over her, hooks the leg.


Steve: On the ladder! A pinfall attempt on a ladder.


Phil: I’d say it was a first, but no.








Steve: How the…


Phil: HELL!


Steve: Taryn threw her whole body out of that.


Phil: Dayum.


Ash Scion get to her feet and heads for the corner. She climbs up to the second rope.


Steve: This is risky. Scion isn’t exactly a high flyer…


Phil: Don’t know until you try, right?


The redhead balances herself ever so delicately on the second rope and jumps, aiming an elbow at the gut of Willow. Willow quickly rolls off the ladder and out of the way. Scion’s elbow connects with the metal rung of the ladder.


Phil: Ow! No. Scion may have just broken her arm.


Steve: That risk didn’t have any reward there.


Phil: Can’t fault the girl for trying.


Steve: You can if it costs her the match and the title.


Taryn Willow finds a burst of energy and gets to her feet quickly. She lifts the ladder, drops it on top of Ash Scion, and runs to the opposite ropes. She springs herself off of them, runs, and then leaps. She comes down on the ladder with both legs extended, driving the metal into the body of Ash Scion. Ash Scion rolls over, kicking the ladder off of her. Taryn Willows over away, grabbing her legs.


Steve: Damn! Taryn just crushed Ash under that ladder.


Phil: That sound.


Steve: That did both of these competitors some serious damage.


Phil: I’m not sure who got the worst of it, Willow or Scion…


Steve: I can’t even say this is a turning point in the match…


Taryn Willow crawls over to Ash Scion and rolls her over for the cover.


Steve: New Anarchy Champion right here.


Phil: Hate to say I agree with you…  








Steve: What?! How!


Phil: Haha! Yes!


Steve: Ash Scion got her shoulders up somehow someway.


Phil: The redhead lives to fight again. Thank God, because I couldn’t handle Taryn Willow has the Anarchy Champion.


Willow jumps to her feet and drops a leg on the neck of Scion. She stands, looking wobbly, and stumbles into the corner. The raven-haired New Yorker climbs up the turnbuckle, trying to aim up and get up. Scion gets to her feet and charges at Willow, knocking Willow back down to a seated position. She lays into Willow with a hard right, sending Willow slumped over.


Steve: How? How are these two women still standing right now?


Phil: Well, Taryn’s not. She’s taking a nice nap.


Steve: Ash is up and at’em, that’s for damn sure.


Ash Scion grabs the ladder and brings it to the corner with Willow. The redhead wiggles it between the connecting ropes, balancing it on the second ropes. She stands on it, the ladder balanced, herself balanced. Scion wraps herself around Willow’s neck. She lifts Willow upward, pulls her back, then leaps off the ladder herself, dragging Willow down with her. Willow slams head and upper body first into the ladder and lays there, face down, her head dangling over the edge of the ladder. Scion jumps in the air and scissor kicks Taryn Willow in the neck. Willow goes flying in the air and lands on the mat.


Steve: Holy sh…


Phil: Shit.


Steve: Ash Scion just nearly took of Taryn Willow’s head.


Phil: Phil:


Ash Scion goes for the cover.








Jemima calls for the bell. Ash Scion rolls over and on to her feet. Jemima grabs the Anarchy Title from ringside and hands it to Scion as he raises her arm.


Amber Rose: You’re winner, still Anarchy Champion, and advancing for the next round of the Boardwalk Cup, ASH SCION!


Scion holds the title up in the air to the delight of the cheer fans as her music plays.



Phil: The Redheaded Bloodbath Reigns!


Steve: Taryn Willow fought hard and took it all, ladders and chairs…


Phil: No tables, sadly.


Steve: Ladder and chairs and Taryn held her own for as long as she could but Scion just got the better of her. That one mistake was enough to cost Willow advancement and the Anarchy Championship.


Taryn Willow rolls over on to her stomach, holding her neck. A brooding figure comes rushing out of the crowd dressed in all black: black shoes, black hoodie, black cap, black face mask, black gloves. Just all black. The figure leaps over the barricade and reaches a long, black clad arm into the ring. The masked man grabs Willow by the foot and drags her toward him.


Phil: Who’s that? Whadda they want?


Steve: How the hell am I supposed to know?


Scion moves back to the corner, ready to fight, as the figure pulls Willow to the outside. The masked man all but ignores Scion and focuses on Taryn. Taryn tries to fight back but he quickly pulls a hood over her head, blinding her. He then lifts her and throws her over his shoulder as if she were a rag doll. Taryn starts screaming, slamming her fists into the back of the figure.


Steve: Is no one going to do anything?


Phil: Says the guy not doing anything.


The masked man leaps over the barricade once more, Taryn on his shoulder, and disappears into the crowd from which he came. Ash Scion leaps out of the ring and leans up against the barricade, trying to see where they went. Two security officers rush up to the scene and leap over into the crowd. They have no idea where to go or what to do.


Phil: What just happened?


Steve: Did Taryn Willow just get kidnapped?


Phil: The whole thing took a matter of seconds… I don’t know what I just saw.



“Days of Revenge” begins to play as the camera cuts to the entranceway, the crowd seems to be mixed for the arrival of Bryan Williams. The Bally’s crowd unsure of his actions, are a bit passive as he steps out from the back. A select few do boo him, Bryan looking rather distant as he slowly walks to the ring. Bryan’s whole attire speaks volumes, an old worn t-shirt and unwashed jeans don his body.


Steve:Folks, if you missed Crowning Achievement I’m sure you still heard the news. Cero Miedo is no longer our Tag Team champions. It appears that the personal life of Bryan Williams caught up to him.


Phil: Just before his match, Bryan tried to reconcile with Psyche Devyne. It didn’t go so great, Bryan look legit shaken up after meeting with her.


Steve: Bryan did try to defend his titles with Skyler Fall, but left during a crucial moment leaving Fall to defend for himself. A lot of people are exactly wondering what this means, did Bryan do it on purpose?


Phil: Skyler Fall doesn’t seem to think so, we haven’t even heard from Bryan Williams on Twitter all weekend. Nobody has really seemed to know where he has been, I guess we’re all about to find out now.


Steve: No doubt about it, don’t forget his ongoing issues with Cyrus Riddle. Folks, I think we’re about to see all of this come to ahead.


Bryan stands in the ring, the crowd a bit bit hushed as they wait for him to speak. Bryan leans against the ropes, his expression unwavering. With the mic in his hand, he slowly brings it up to speak.


Bryan Williams: Some of you are wondering exactly what my mind-state is after Crowning Achievement, I can’t take back what I did. Skyler, if you’re watching this I am truly sorry for what I did.


The crowd doesn’t really seem to know what to make of that, Bryan continues on.


Bryan Williams: If you haven’t noticed lately, I’ve been in a bit of a situation with my personal life. Psyche and I are…I’m not too sure, I know she left me. She took off and took a big part of me with her. That shouldn’t be an excuse but frankly it’s all I’ve been thinking about this last week. And I don’t know what makes me more upset, knowing that this all has caused me great pain…or that it affected my career here in Boardwalk. The thing I love to do above all, perform for all of you, it took that away from me. But on the other side, her running into the arms of Cyrus Riddle seems to piss me off the most.


The crowd boos, at the mention of Cyrus’ name.


Bryan Williams: I should have done something about it a long time ago, ever since Cyrus came back to Boardwalk Wrestling he has been nothing but a pain in my side. He’s taken the one thing I’ve loved the most in the world, I don’t think I can stand by any longer and let that go.


Phil: What’s he talking about?


Steve: I think he’s calling Cyrus Riddle out!

Bryan Williams:Cyrus, I told you on twitter that we were going to settle this. Once and for all, you get out here right NOW!


The crowd cheers, Bryan paces the ring as his expression changes. A face full of rage, the crowd boos as “Anarchy in the UK” hits. Cyrus Riddle walks out onto the entranceway, sunglasses covering his face. Cyrus has a mic in his hands, and a grin on his face. The crowd boos even more when Psyche steps out, standing next to Cyrus’ side.


Bryan Williams: Come down here, Cyrus!


Cyrus Riddle: Bryan, mate, you need to calm down. Just relax a bit.


The crowd boos, Cyrus and Psyche walk down towards the ring. They stop halfway at the ramp, Cyrus brings his mic up to speak again.


Cyrus Riddle: This whole time, you’ve been blaming me. Accusing me of things, going on Twitter to slander my good name. Bryan, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but you’re the one that drove Psyche away. You’ve never supported her! You’ve allowed her to be abused for too long, mistreated for too long! She’s like family, no…she IS family to me Bryan. You can’t blame anyone else for driving her into my arms-


Bryan Williams: Shut your mouth, Cyrus!


The crowd gets fired up, alongside Bryan who is pacing around in the ring.


Bryan Williams: You’re like a vermin, you know that? A pest that just won’t leave. Psyche and I were more than happy, I’ve done EVERYTHING to protect her, progress her career here in Boardwalk. I took her home, I was there for her when her father died. You’ve just been there to pick up the pieces, laying in wait like the piece of shit you are!


The crowd oohs, Cyrus looks to charge the ring but Psyche holds him back.


Psyche Devyne: Bryan, mate, you’ve lost it. You really have, if you think for one second that you’re not entirely at fault for all of this! This is your mess, you either deal with this like a man or walk away!


Bryan looks conflicted, Cyrus stands in the aisle staring at him as Bryan looks unsure what to do. The crowd murmurs, Bryan looks hurt as he stands in the ring.


Psyche Devyne: That’s right, go on! Walk away, like you left Haven!


The crowd boos, Bryan looking very distressed now. His face contorts in pain, as he buries his hands into his face.


Steve: This is getting too personal.


Phil: Normally I’m all for stuff like this, but I agree. This is really not cool.


Suddenly, the crowd comes to life as “You Know You’re Right” begins to play. Riddle, shocked, turns around to see Skyler Fall walking out from the back. Skyler makes a line straight towards Riddle, pressuring him to the ring. Riddle and Psyche slide into the ring, they are cut off by Bryan Williams!


Steve: Here comes Skyler Fall to the rescue!


Phil: I think Cero Miedo is finally going to get revenge here tonight, after all they’ve put Bryan through!


The crowd cheers loudly, as Cero Miedo has Cyrus Riddle and Psyche Devyne trapped in the middle of the ring. Riddle tries to keep Psyche behind him, as the both of them are getting trapped into the corner by Williams and Fall.


Steve: Cyrus and Psyche have nowhere to go!


Phil:Listen to this crowd, they want to see Bryan get his hands on Cyrus!


Steve: Can you blame them?!

Skyler looks over to Bryan, checking to make sure he’s alright. Bryan nods as he and Skyler continue to back Cyrus and Psyche up. Psyche is pressured all the way into the corner, she hops up onto the top turnbuckle in a seated position. With her arms outstretched, she pleads for Bryan to stop. They continue to walk forward, Bryan with a devious smirk over his face the whole time. Cyrus gets into a fighting stance, Skyler rushes forward to attack Cyrus and …




Bryan grabs Skyler, pulling him backwards right into the SEXUALIZER! The crowd is stunned, as Skyler Fall lays motionless on the mat. Bryan stares at Skyler, a grin slowly forming on his face.




Phil: Goddamnit, Bryan Williams had us all from the start! What a smart, SMART man!


Bryan picks Skyler back up, lifting him up into a vertical suplex he quickly drops Skyler Fall head first onto his right knee!




Bryan looks over at Psyche, a devious grin comes over her face as she jumps into his arms. The two embrace in a passionate kiss in the middle of the ring, the crowd booing loudly. Cyrus stands there, clapping, as he smiles too. Psyche and Bryan finish, Bryan walking over and embracing Cyrus in a hug. The three get together in the middle of the ring, raising each other’s arms.


Steve: I cannot believe, this was a set up!


Phil: Bryan Williams planned this the whole time, wow. I think I really like this guy, Steve!


Bryan grabs a microphone, he motions to Cyrus to grabs Skyler. Riddle picks Skyler up, who is still a bit out of it after getting dropped on his head. Riddle pushes Skyler forward, instantly laying him out with a Daydreamer! Bryan laughs as he begins to speak again.


Bryan Williams: Hey Skyler, you hearing me buddy? Listen, you and your Power Ranger buddies are trash. Yeah, this right here? This is my real family, has been for the longest time now. You think you feel pain right now? This isn’t anything compared to what I felt, when I was left high and dry against Amber Ryan.


Steve:This is all about the Red Ranger?


Phil: They did leave him all alone with that, think about what that does to a man!


Bryan laughs, as Cyrus uses his foot to push Skyler out of the ring. Medical personnel pour out from the back, swarming on Skyler to check his current status. Bryan looks on, smiling.


Bryan Williams: You see, my family was always with me. Right under everyone’s nose, Cyrus Riddle had my back from day one. I had to wait, I had to take my time with this because I wanted it to be just right. I wanted you, Skyler, to feel exactly what I had been going through for so very long. Surrounded by many, and yet so very alone. Maybe you’ll wake up one day, where the fuck are your “friends” to help you? Amy Jo got pissed, she can’t help you now. Mike Zybala is nursing his boo-boos, he certainly won’t help you Skyler. How does it feel, fuckface?! You fucks left me high and dry, so now the revenge is coming tenfold!


Cyrus nods along, as Psyche claps in agreement.


Bryan Williams: These two behind me, they played their part perfectly. Created a sense of dread, people didn’t know what to expect when Psyche was suddenly against me. We had to play our role, she knew this would be the only way to get Skyler exactly where I needed him to be.


Bryan stops, he looks into the camera.


Bryan Williams: So it comes down to this, the next few months for a select few will become painfully distressing for a whole lot of you. You’re looking at the next progression of Boardwalk Wrestling, right here. Take note everyone, because our time has arrived!


Psyche taps Bryan on the shoulder, holding her hand out for him to pass her the mic. She smiles and kisses him on the cheek, bringing the mic up to her lips.


Psyche Devyne: You know, I was impressed by the amount of concern everyone had for Bryan and my relationship. People were so sure that we weren’t going to stay together. That we were going to fall from our couple status. The Best Boardwalk Couple were to end. Like a bloody curse. But we fooled you. All of you. Our acting skills must be perfect then, yeah? Don’t you all feel like cunts now?


Psyche smirks at the crowd.


Psyche Devyne: We’re perfectly fine, you see. As in love as we could possibly be. As for myself in this whole situation, I’m tired of being seen as ‘sweet little Psyche’. Tired of being seen as a weak part of Boardwalk. I will no longer hide my true style. I will no longer cater myself to all of you just to fit in. I’m done with that. I’m going back to my roots. Back to the ruthless Psyche Devyne that Cyrus knows. I should have stayed like that from the beginning. You think I’m starting to show some potential around here? You haven’t seen anything yet…


Psyche passes the mic along to Cyrus, who wraps his arm around her for a quick hug and then goes to shake his new partner’s hand. He nods in agreement. After taking a look at the personnel attending to Skyler, then glancing back at the crowd, he smiles proudly.


Cyrus Riddle:New Year’s Eve, I stood in that entryway and told all of you wankers and wenches that there was no such thing as inherent good in the world. I informed you that all heroes shall fall upon my arrival, and due to the co-orchestration by these two magnificent and intelligent people that stand in the ring with me now, we have illustrated that. Bryan is not corrupted, he is just a realist who understands the world and how people like the Power Rangers are nothing more than self-righteous assholes. As for Psyche… well, let’s just say that I’ve seen more of her true self showing lately than any of you could imagine. The vicious, relentless Miss Devyne that I’ve grown to know and love from years ago is now here.


Cyrus pauses, staring into the camera himself.


Cyrus Riddle:Then, there’s Cyrus Riddle. The bearer of disrespect and hate that is thrown on a daily basis. Those of you out there, pouring your sympathies into Bryan and Psyche’s inevitable “break up,” how much of a moron do you feel right now? How does it feel to have the rug pulled out from under you, shattering every perception you had? These are the moments that I revel in, because ever since my return, you have painted me Unstable. I told you that I do what I want, when I want, and with whomever I want, and tonight is the genesis. Tonight marks the start of something special, something that Boardwalk would have never imagined. A new, exciting, and deadly force that has the credence and ability to accomplish anything we set our minds to. Bellends and slags, there’s no need to look for the next shift in Boardwalk’s narrative, because you’re looking at it. From here onward, you are all on a death notice.


Cyrus drops the mic, as the three of them raise their arms high into the air. “Days of Revenge” begins to play again, the crowd still booing as Skyler Fall is attended to on the outside. Bryan and Psyche embrace again, as the three of them head towards the back.




Back stage Synnum is taping her wrists as she spots a camera filming her and says a few words.


Synumm: Tonight Lance Peterson you get your first real lesson on what Boardwalk is all about as you go one-on-one with god herself and believe me all the talk you have done means nothing. It means absolutely nothing as you are nothing but a stepping stone to me and if you think you have this won?


Synnum smirks a bit.


Synnum: You got another thing coming kid. See, this isn’t the gridiron where pads protect you and yes I am aware you have wrestled but who have you faced that matters? Let me explain something to you and make it crystal clear. No one gives a damn about your past. No, one wants to know who Lance Peterson is as he don’t matter here in Boardwalk Wrestling. The only reason why people are even talking about you is because of me. So, you’re welcome. I made you famous but after tonight no one will care about you once again. You’ll be back curtain jerking or in a huddle circle jerking. You are pathetic and tonight god ends it for you. Because nobody and I mean nobody beats the hand of god!


Synnum smiles at the camera and then the smile leaves her as she walks off.



Lance Peterson vs. Synnum De La Cruz


“Bite Your Kiss” by Diamante hits as the house lights dim and the black satin curtain moves as a single spotlight falls upon the top of the steel ramp as SynnStarr Saint comes out wearing a red robe with gold glitter and SynnStarr Saint written in fancy letters on the back. She poses on the ring as Mindy de Santiago follows her onto the stage, cheering.


Amber Rose: Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Mindy De Santiago, from Los Angeles, California, she is the Synnstar Saint, SYNNUM DE LA CRUZ!


Cruz makes her way down to the ring, soaking in the jeers and boos from the crowd. She climbs the steps, taking her time to step through the ropes.


Steve: Cruz came up short against Claire Foxe on Xtra last week, tonight she looks to get right back on track!


Phil: I’ve heard from my sources that she was particularly annoyed with the comments made by Peterson this week, that combined with not winning the Casino title might just put her in an unforgiving mood tonight?


Steve: You have sources?


“Rock or Bust” by AC/DC hits the pa system, the fans turn their attention to the entrance area. Gold lighting begins to scan through the arena as Lance Peterson walks out from behind the curtain. Dressed to compete, hair slicked back, cocky grin plastered. Begins to walk down the ramp, at a steady pace. The fans showing their dislike for him with a chorus of boos and negative chants. He comes to the ring, pulling himself up. And entering the ring ever so quickly. Pacing around the ring, before climbing on one turnbuckle. Pointing to the crowd, mouthing words showing his no care for their thoughts. Jumps down, awaiting his opponent.


Amber Rose:And her opponent, from East Lansing, Michigan, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-five pounds, LANCE PETERSON!


Steve: Not for nothing Phil, these fans aren’t entirely sure what to make of these two, neither are really known to endear themselves to the Bally’s crowd.


Phil: And that is what makes them brilliant, not wasting any time in pandering. This should be a good one.


Lance and Synnum stare one another down as the bell rings, he makes the first move, shooting low as he looks for a take down. Synnum easily moves running the ropes and coming back off with a huge clothesline on her opponent. Peterson looks staggered but gets to his feet quickly, but Cruz continues the momentum, coming off the opposite ropes with a dropkick. With Peterson down, she drops a knee onto the forehead of Peterson before dropping into a cover.




Steve:Easy kick out there from Lance Peterson!


Gina Ferris pulls Synnum off, giving Peterson a chance to get to his feet. They size one another up once again, now locking up in the middle of the ring. Peterson uses his superior strength to push De La Cruz into the corner. Ferris again gets involved, pulling Peterson off The Synnstar saint, who takes advantage, striking out and smacking Lance square across the jaw. He boils over, fighting through Ferris to get to her, but she slips out through the ropes landing on the floor with a smile on her face.


Lance barrels out of the ring and gives chase. Synnum runs around the ring, ducking behind Mindy who squares right up to Peterson. He stops in his tracks, giving her time to roll back into the ring. Frustration starting to show on his face, he rolls back in. She goes after him, but he hangs off the top rope, pulling it down and sending De La Cruz crashing to the outside. Rather than getting himself into another trap, he backs up, waiting for her to make her way back in.


Steve: Clever tactics there, we shouldn’t be surprised that both of these two are willing to bends the rules just a little to gain the advantage.


Phil: They are simply doing whatever it takes to win this one Steve, you can’t argue with that!


De La Cruz picks herself up and charges the ring. Both competitors forego their usual techincal style and end up brawling on the mat. Ferris attempts to separate them to no avail. Eventually, Synnum gains the advantage and positions herself on top of Peterson, throwing down lefts and rights into the face of her opponent, who does his best to cover up. Finally, Ferris grabs Synnum round the waist and wrenches her off. The two of them come face to face rowing, once again allowing Peterson to pull himself across the ring and up via the ropes.


Synnum goes after him, but he bursts from the corner, managing to get behind her and wrapping his hands and delivering a huge German Suplex. He holds on, pulling her up and dropping her with another German, one last time he keeps the fingers clasped and manages to get her up one more time, punctuating the move by releasing her and letting her fly half the way across the ring.


Phil:He went ‘Down the Field’ with that one Steve!


Steve: And the momentum has changed dramatically!


Synnum has rolled onto her stomach following the move, struggling to get back up. Peterson’s face breaks into a grin and he pounces on her. He wraps the arms and flips into the bridge, locking her into the ‘Goal Line Drive’. She screams, fighting to free herself from the move. She reaches out with her foot, inches from the ropes. Ferris was busy asking her if she wanted to quit, and therefore didn’t notice Mindy pushing the ropes forward and placing Synnum’s foot on it. Santiago is quick to climb up, shouting at Ferris to gain her attention. Which she does, and Gina then forces Peterson out of the hold. He crawls into a cover.




She just about kicks out in time, causing him to kneel up, slapping the mat in anger. Mindy pulls Synnum out of the ring again, leaving her on the mat while she runs around the ring. Peterson stands, not having seen her get pulled, he spots her on the outside and goes towards her as Mindy hops up on the apron, gaining the attention of Gina. Peterson goes to climb out of the ring after her, but she strikes upwards, nailing him in the forehead with a hard strike. He falls out of the ring head first. She pulls something off her hand, stuffing it down her top.


Steve: What was that?


Phil: A knockout punch Steve, she struck hard and fast there.


Steve: You know what I mean! She had something there! She struck Peterson with something!


Phil: I didn’t see anything, neither did the official!


With some force, she manages to pull Peterson up and roll him into the ring. She follows and drops for the cover.




Peterson kicks out, but just a moment too late. Synnum gets up, looking rather pleased with herself. “Bite you kiss” plays again but instead of just accepting the win, she stomps down on the head of Peterson. A trickle of crimson appears just under the hairline, but Synnum isn’t done, she reaches back into her top, pulling out a set of brass knux. She drops, picking up Peterson’s head by the hair before smashing her brass covered knuckles into his skull one last time. Ferris gains control of her, and finally she leaves the ring.


Amber Rose: Here is your winner, SYNNUM DE LA CRUZ!


Mindy and Synnum walk up the ramp together as Peterson comes to, touching his own blood soaked forehead.


Steve:I told you she was up to something!


Phil: It’s only breaking the rules if you get caught. Synnum came to hurt Peterson tonight, and not only did she achieve that, but she advances in the tournament. Mission accomplished I say.


Steve: Well, despite the tactics, I can’t argue with that.  


As we cut away from in ring action the feed goes backstage where we see Director Jon Stewart leaving his office. Stewart’s wearing a tuxedo, opera gloves, and a pair of black shades. The fans start booing. Jon cocks an eyebrow and turns as Kimberly Smith walks into view.


Jon Stewart: Really?


Kimberly Smith: The fans have some questions they’d like answered Mr. Stewart. As well as some of the wrestlers.


Stewart sighs and looks at his watch.


Jon Stewart: You got two minutes.


Kimberly Smith: The fans were wondering why you chose to…


Jon Stewart: No. No. NO! If you’re going to ask the question…give it a bit of flare…that’s why we pay you remember?


Kimberly Smith: Uh…right sir. Why did you screw CJ O’Donnell out of the AC Title, and force him to leave Boardwalk Wrestling?


Jon Stewart: I didn’t screw CJ. CJ fucked himself over. In the past few weeks he was how close to walking in with the Internet Title and face off against our champion…”The Ripper”…Danny…B! And what does CJ O’Donnell decide to do. Instead of being the “Distinguished” champion that he claimed to be…he drops the belt. If he wanted to do that. He could have done it and we could have set up a match between the top contenders. What does CJ do? He drops the belt at the start of the show with no notice…so I decided to book our current Internet Champion into a match so she could win the belt and it not look cheap. I put his little underling, “The Marvel” Matt Meyhu in the match because if AJS failed…Meyhu at least had some credibility as champion. So you wanna know why I “screwed” CJ out of the title? Because he disrespected MY FEDERATION!


Kimberly Smith: But sir you…


Jon Stewart: But…Fucking…Nothing! Listen to me, very carefully, I kept myself out of the ring for two damn years. TWO…FUCKING…YEARS!!! To sit back and watch my company grow. I had to lie every damn day of my life and for what? To see some little shit think he’s bigger than this federation. Who the fuck is CJ O’Donnell without Boardwalk Wrestling?! Nobody. He was a little peon that kept Pettis’ worthless whore of a brother in check while keeping a certain cokehead from puking his guts up in the ring! CJ O’Donnell started out as a god damn babysitter and moved his way up. He did do good and was part of some of the best television we’ve done in the past year. I won’t deny the fact he ran with the brass ring, but when things got to difficult…He choked. And if he was going to drop our beloved Internet Championship…What would stop him from dropping the Atlantic City Title. The MOST coveted title in professional wrestling today because this is the best damn program online and on television! So you wanna get pissed at me for doing the right thing? The right thing for Boardwalk? See…I’m not Michael Pettis or Erik Dean. I’m Jon Stewart. I’m Ataxia Unmasked. I do what needs to be done so those two can sit pretty and not have to worry about the flack. So get this through your skulls. If you don’t like what I do for this business. You can get the fuck over it because it’s not gonna change.


Kimberly Smith: So what do you say to the roster then?


Jon Stewart: You know…I keep hearing murmurs and complaints…oh hell…let’s just call the bullshit what it is…I’ve heard the bitching about how things are going lately and that some decisions are being called into question. Let me make this clear. You don’t like how things are? Do something about it. You’re fucking wrestlers, not god damn divas. I think at CA…I proved that everyone here, if they get out of line, they can go find employment elsewhere. No one is irreplaceable except those on the board. That’s how it works. That’s how it always works. You gotta be willing to put yourself on the line and complaining to me and acting like a little bitch isn’t gonna cut it anymore. The bag is off my head. I will fucking end you if you don’t fucking shape up. Anyone got a problem with that? You can leave MY FEDERATION! Kimberly it was a pleasure as always.


Kimberly Smith: One more question sir?


Jon Stewart: Yes?


Kimberly Smith: What do you have planned next?


Stewart smiles as he pulls down his shades and we see he’s wearing the same red contacts he wore as Ataxia.


Jon Stewart: Tune in and see…I guarantee. You won’t see this coming!


With that Stewart pulls up the shades and walks off laughing a bit to himself as Live fades…

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