[BWF] Breakthrough – 2/8/16


Episode 41 – February 8, 2016



Nick Webb: We’re back in Chicago as we’re live for Breakthrough number 41!

Rayne: We’ve made it over a year with Breakthrough!

Nick Webb: Here’s to another year, Rayne. Tonight’s Breakthrough will see all members of the new BWF Trios Champion Brothers of Revolution in action, the Justicars, Jay Blazenwing, the Chaos Theory Champion Nessa Wall and more compete.

Brothers of Revolution [Elijah Hill & Neil Daniels] Vs. Justicars of Illium

Hill and Figgins stood in the ring ready to compete as the bell sounded. Hill started the match off with a running wheel kick to Figgins to drop her to the mat. She rolled to her feet and was quickly taken down with a headscissors takedown. Figgins rose to a knee and had to quickly roll out of the way from Hill looking for a running boot to the face. She popped to her feet and took him down with a diving forearm. They both got to their feet and Hill was taken down with a monkey flip by Figgins. Both competitors made a tag to their partners. James came flying off the top ropes and looked for a crossbody but was caught by Daniels. He spun her around and connected with a powerslam. Daniels was fired up as he hit the ropes and came back with a running senton. He looked for a cover but only got a two. Daniels pulled James up and looked for a powerbomb but she reversed into a hurricanrana. Daniels got to his feet as James grabbed him and connected with the Bleeding Rose (Sliced Bread #2). She tagged out to Figgins and Daniels got back up. James connected with her Axis of Rotation (Double Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors Takedown). Daniels was staggered as he rolled to a knee and hit with Figgins’ Destiny Hammer (Corkscrew Scissor Kick). Hill jumped into the ring and dropped James with a swinging neckbreaker before rolling to his feet and clotheslined over the top by Figgins. She jumped onto Daniels and picked up a victory as Hill jumped back into the ring.

WINNERS: Justicars of Illium, via pinfall 8:11

Darius Wilson Vs. Jay Blazenwing

Wilson and Blazenwing stood across from each other as the match got underway. Wilson and Blazenwing locked up in the middle of the ring. Wilson hit a hip toss and Blazenwing rolled right to his feet. Blazenwing connected with a hard kick to the side and then one to the knee. Wilson staggered into Blazenwing and he took him down with a suplex. Blazenwing pulled Wilson up to his feet and connected with a double underhook DDT. Blazenwing looked for a jumping elbow but Wilson rolled out of the way and to his feet. Wilson hit Blazenwing with a kick to the gut and then caught him with a knee to the face that staggered him backwards into the corner. Wilson charged and connected with a corner splash. Wilson hit the ropes and returned with a jumping neckbreaker as Blazenwing staggered out of the corner. Wilson pulled Blazenwing to his feet but took a knee to the gut. Blazenwing hit Wilson with a belly to belly suplex. He stood in the corner and prepared for the Full Effect (Superkick) as Daniels and Hill made their way to the ring. Hill jumped to the apron and the referee tried to get him off. Daniels rolled into the ring and took Blazenwing’s Full Effect. Wilson rolled Blazenwing up with a school boy pin as Hill jumped off the apron and Wilson picked up the win as he grabbed the tights.

WINNER: Darius Wilson, via pinfall 7:25

Alexander King Vs. Spyke Gein

King met Gein with a hard kick and quickly took him down with an arm drag. King applied an arm wrench to Gein but he was able to roll away and to his feet. Gein caught King with a dropkick as he charged. Gein hit King with an uppercut as he stood and then took him down with a neckbreaker. Both competitors got to their feet and Gein sent King into the corner and followed it up with the Rising Sun-of-a-bitch (Back Handspring Elbow). King staggered out to the middle of the ring and fell to the mat. Gein looked for a jumping leg drop but King rolled out of the way. King connected with a spinning back kick and then a Russian Legsweep. King looked for a figure four leglock but Gein was able to kick him away. Gein rolled to his feet and hit a spinning back elbow. King responded with a kick to the gut and looked for a suplex but it was blocked by Gein. Gein hit King with a DDT and then jumped to the top rope. He came flying off the top and hit the Karmic Overdrive (Somersault Corkscrew Double Foot Stomp) and covered for a win.

WINNER: Spyke Gein, via pinfall 8:09

Nessa Wall & Danny Hall Vs. The 323

Hall demanded he start for his team as Perez was set to go first. Hall charged Perez and ran right into a back elbow. Perez jumped up and hit the Green-Lighted (Jumping Complete Shot). Hall rolled into his corner and Wall tagged in. Wall came in quick and hit a dropkick to the knee of Perez. Perez grabbed his knee as Wall dropped her knee onto it. She pulled him up and he sent her into the ropes and she ducked under a clothesline. Wall springboarded off the ropes and hit Perez with a tornado DDT. Perez rolled to his feet and took another dropkick to the knee. He crawled to the corner and made a tag. Torres entered the ring and hit Wall with a scoop slam. He pulled her back up to her feet and tossed her across the ring as she rolled into the corner and made a tag to Hall. He entered the ring and dodged a punch before hitting the ropes. Hall hit Torres with a running knee to the gut and followed it up with a discus clothesline. Hall looked for a cover but only got one. Torres climbed to his feet and caught Hall as he looked for a running crossbody and turned it into the .38 Special (Gunnslinger). Torres looked for a cover but Wall broke it up at two. Perez was shown sitting on the floor outside of the ring being attended to by trainers looking at his knee. Torres climbed to his feet and Hall tagged out to Wall. Hall turned and was hit by Torres’ Chimuelo (Superman Punch). Torres turned and was hit by Wall’s Kissy, Kissy (Shining Wizard). She covered and blew a kiss as she picked up the victory.

WINNER: Nessa Wall and Danny Hall, via pinfall 10:31

Hall entered the ring as Wall celebrated briefly before going to leave. He tried to get her attention and she kept leaving. He grabbed her by the wrist yelled at her.

Rayne: Danny seems upset.

Nick Webb: Well he does feel “used” by Nessa and they seemed to have a falling out over Twitter last week.

Rayne: It’s not her fault he’s delusional.

He pulled at her wrist and she spun around and hit him with Against the Wall (Spinning Backfist) as the fans popped with a cheer.

Rayne: That’ll teach Danny to get all handsy with a woman.

We get a final shot of Wall leaving the ring as we fade away.

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Quick Results:
Justicars of Illium def. Brothers of Revolution [Hill/Daniels]
Darious Wilson def. Jay Blazenwing
Spyke Gein def. Alexander King
Wall/Hall def. The 323