Caldweller’s FWO Meltdown Day 1 Live Coverage

FWO Meltdown Day One live coverage

June 27, 2009
Seattle, Washington

Welcome to our live coverage of the FWO’s Meltdown PPV here in Seattle. Thanks to the FWO for the free tickets. We’re looking for your thoughts on this show here. I plan to do a full report later on, but here are my thoughts on Meltdown Day One.

Ruben Ross vs. Dave Morey opens the show. Lumberjacks are Affirmative Action (w/Roland Washington); Brawn; Xander Scott; Jade Argent; Impulse; Jason Biggs; Leigh Landers (later replaced by Max Danger); Spike Saunders; Callie Urban; Mike Bear (w/six pack); Flying Frenchie; Alias; Karina Wolfenden; Michelle Masters; Keith Scott Zimmerman; High Flyer; Tony Davis; Robert Tanaka; and Sonny Silver. Morey wins with Fire Bad, Tree Pretty (gutwrench Ace Crusher). Lots of interference in this one. Fun, chaotic start to the show. (**1/4)

Lowell Dot Com vs. Impulse is up next. Lowell wins after the ref gets bumped and he uses a steel chair for the win. Match was looking like it might get really good until the abrupt ref bump and heel turn by Lowell. (**)

Fairview Reed vs. ?? is up next. Reed has to win or be fired here. It’s High Flyer! And, of course, Reed wins this one. Flyer dominates, but Tony Davis pulls Flyer off after the Locomotive (Yakuza kick), and Reed takes the advantage while they’re arguing. (3/4*)

Xin Xin Xiong vs. Michelle Masters (w/Robert Tanaka) for the Cruiserweight Championship is up next. Masters retains with a Fire Thunder Driver. Another ref bump here, and X3 gets a visual pin. Masters also hints at a heel turn, as she takes some time to complain about those who complain about her and gets a “Megaton Hammer,” but Tanaka prevents her from using the weapon. Good match. (***1/2)

Team VIAGRAv2 (Mary-Lynn Mayweather & David Noble) vs. Spike Saunders & Callie Urban vs. Legion of Dairy (egg NOG & cHEESE) vs. Vox Nihili (Alias & Karina Wolfenden) for the Tag Team Championship is up next. Excellent match. Lots of hard work by everyone and some crowd popping high spots. Alias gets the win over Noble with Anarchy’s Lullaby (buffalo sleeper). (****1/2)

Keith Scott Zimmerman (w/Allison) vs. “Superstar” Vince Jacobs (Internet Title vs. #1 Contendership for World Championship) is up next. KSZ hits a springboard moonsault lung blower that was just awesome to see live. KSZ gets the controversial win here as Jacobs gets a hand on the ropes after KSZ’s third Hit My Music (codebreaker), but Allison nutshots Jacobs, making him lose his grip. Another excellent match. (****1/4)

The Flying Frenchie vs. killjoy in a Career vs. Mask Match is up next. Killjoy punches out the ref, which gives Frenchie a visual pin and brings a steel chair into play. Frenchie gets the win after a guillotine leg drop on the chair. killjoy, ever the killjoy, runs away before being unmasked. And we learn killjoy has a mysterious ally. Another great match. (****)

Bottom line: Hell of a wrestling show thus far. Two thumbs up. Can’t wait for night two.