CHAOS #14 Card Announced

THE 14th EDITION – MONDAY February 22nd, 2016
Live from the Carnage Arena, in Baltimore Maryland!
Opening Bell @ 7:00 PM SHARP
General Admission: $15
Front Row: $25
Only 50 Front Row/50 Second Row/700 GA Seats Available!

Card is subject to change
(OOC: If you aren’t booked and want to be, or need to be taken off the card, let Kyra or CW Admin know.)

Jackson Vs. Matt Stone
Braun, Brain, and Ego collide in the Main Event of Chaos 14 as the Legion bares witness to the first ever match between the Dark Horse and the Abominable Showman.  Number One Contenders for both CW title square off head to head, with bragging rights and momentum on the line while headed on the fast track to Isolation!

UltraViolent Rules – Stipulation Match
Samuel Amos Vs. SynnStarr Saint
If SynnStarr Saint wins, she gets her desired (Hairspray Can on a Pole) match with Vivian Lee at Chaos 15.  Will the motivation of revenge help SynnStarr overcome Amos?  Or will Amos step up and defend his new Woman Crush Wednesday?

UltraViolent Rules Match
Marisol Hawkes Vs. Vivian Lee
Marisol Hawkes believes she’s the ‘rightful’ number one contender to the UltraViolent Championship, but Vivian Lee proved in the Baltimore City Brawl that she can take a beating and dish one out, too!  Two female wrestlers will square off and prove that it takes a lot more than balls to be the baddest in CW.

Debut Match!
Tallison Graves Vs. Melody Lennox
Melody Lennox comes out of her debut looking quite impressive, but now the tables are turned when it’s her turn to face the unknown.  Crowd Favorite Lennox squares off against Tallison Graves in what may be a show stealer never really know!