Confirmed: Murray Brothers Sign with DEFIANCE

Ex-United Toughness Alliance fan favourite Cayle Murray was publically announced as a DEFIANCE signee at Ascension last night, but he won’t be coming to The Big Easy alone.

At this time, DEFIANCE is proud to publicly announce the signing of Cayle’s elder brother, Andy, to a multi-year contract.

This marks the first time in almost a decade that popular Scottish duo have competed for the same major North American promotion. Their deals commence immediately, and both are expected to debut at DEF’s next televised event.

Cayle, 31, was on the brink of superstardom when the UTA closed its doors. He joined the UTA last June, following a four-year run in Japan, and quickly stood-out. Voted 2015’s “Most Popular Wrestler,” Cayle is renowned for his fighting spirit, strict code of ethics, and dazzling in-ring style that draws heavily from both the American indie and Japanese Junior Heavyweight scenes.

Though Championship gold eluded him during his UTA run, Cayle was unarguably the company’s most beloved competitor by the time it closed. More significantly, Cayle brings significant bad blood with DEFIANCE BAWSE Eric Dane with him, having clashed several times with The Only Star over the past few months.

Notably, Cayle holds pinfall victory over Dane in his last UTA contest: a match neither man will forget any time soon.

Andy, 38, is a certified veteran, and brings a proud 21-year legacy to DEFIANCE. Best known for his mid-to-late-2000s dominance of Primetime Central’s Global Championship Wrestling, the elder Murray is, simply put, one of the most decorated wrestlers of his generation.

A multi-time World Champion and Hall-of-Famer, the Scottish showman recently returned to the ring after a self-imposed sabbatical. But as strong as his history is, Andy is out to build on his past accomplishments, not rest on his laurels. Possessing a spectacular power-based offence and genuinely magnetic charisma and will be rubbing his hands together at the prospect of facing some of DEFIANCE’s biggest and brightest.

We’ll bring you more on the Murray brothers later this week.