cWo Driven 6/18 Report: Including Logan vs. Rich for a Title Shot

SHOW: cWo Driven 69
DATE: June 18th
LOCATION: Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC
HOSTS: Joel Nelson, Peter Tiger, and Robbie Hart

Damien Xavier Machiavelli aka…’The Lord of the Flies’ debuts and introduces and quickly ingratiates himself to the fans of cWo.  He cuts the typical arrogant “I’m better than you and the cWo roster” promo and then shows a brief clip of him defeating and humiliating a local talent in an earlier dark match.

Match #1 Mac Johnson Five Minute Challenge.  Johnson pins Jonny Balls in well under five minutes with two Mac Five pump handle powerslams.

Chazz Mendel encounters Reg Mendel, Jr.  Reg Sr. walks in and throws a fit when he finds out Reg Jr. is working setting up the rings.  There was an incident last week involving the ring and U.S. Champion Muru that resulted in the champ getting a concussion. 

Devon Dice comes out to cut a promo on Notorious Jon.  He claims NJ is using cWo as a stepping stone and has no respect for the fans who made him who he is.  Face Turn’s Victor Emnit pops up and calls Dice a ‘one-hit wonder,’ an Ashlee Simpson, Milli Vanilli, etc.  Emnit takes off his sunglasses to show Dice who really needs to gain the fans respect.  Dice slaps Emnit’s sunglasses from his hands and steps on them.  Both have unkind words for each other at the end.

Tiffany Tolberg interviews cWo United States Champion Muru about the hard fall he took from the top rope last week.  Muru explains that he went to the hospital and may have had a concussion but he still plans to wrestle in his tag match tonight.   Muru wants to talk with Chazz Mendel but isn’t ready to name him as a suspect in what happened last week.

Tolberg then interviews former U.S. and Women’s Champion Jen Diamond about Lana Lexington’s arm-wrestling challenge.  Diamond calls her a ‘scared little girl’ who’s in ‘over her head.’  Diamond tells Tolberg she’s more than ready for the arm-wrestling challenge.  Notorious Jon confronts Diamond about her remarks concerning his daughter and at the end hands Diamond and Tolberg a flier for Face Turn’s big rock show at the Shack after Driven.

Match #2 Johnny Vandal pins J.J. Carter after hitting his Vandalism finisher.  Post match, Damien Xavier Machiavelli comes out to the entrance ramp and get’s Vandal’s attention.  DXM quickly departs.

Mad Maddie (think TNA’s ODB) and her new manager Shannon Crowley.  Crowley holds a bottle of Jack Daniels as she talks up Mad Maddie as the definition of a warrior.  Crowley then calls out Bellatrix Drake and says no higher power will save her from Mad Maddie.  Maddie adds that no one can dethrone her and she will prove it to Drake soon enough.

Drake works out in a gym and chants “Goddess give me strength” and “Grant me vengeance” in Gaelic.  She stares at a poster of Maddie and then gets back to training.

Match #3 Arm Wrestling Match Jen Diamond def. Lana Lexington and now has Lana has to give her a match.  Afterwards, Lana flops to the floor holding her arm and feigns injury.

Match #4 Face Turn (Victor Emnit and Tito Barnes) def Chazz Mendel and U.S. Champion Muru via pin- Barnes gets the pinfall after the turnbuckle pad mysteriously flies off and Emnit pushes Muru, who valiantly hung in there-concussion and all, headfirst into the turnbuckle. 

Tiffany Tolberg interviews cWo Champion Johnny Serious.  Serious doesn’t care if he faces Mike Logan or Mr. Rich at Glory- he states both men are in need of an ass-kicking.  Serious advises both men to watch out for interference from each other’s seconds tonight- Mr. Rich’s Evette or Logan’s Sabrina Swallows.

Serious is also the guest referee for tonight’s match.

Match #5 Mike Logan def. Mr. Rich via count-out to become the #1 contender for Johnny Serious’s cWo Title.  Logan and Rich appear to argue post-match and then turn on Serious.  Four on one (adding in Mr. Rich’s bodyguards) beatdown ensues until Barrett Hawk and his bull rope come out to make the save.