[DARC] Gravity – 2/9/16

As the theme that’s becoming steadily familiar with the DARC Pro brand of doing things comes to a close, the cameras stop on the desk, featuring none other than your hosts with the most, “The Analyst” Dennis Varlet, and “The Opinion” Michael Chadwick!

Varlet: Hello everyone and welcome to the premiere episode of DARC Pro’s Gravity I’m here alongside my partner for better or worse, Michael Chadwick —

Chadwick: For better or worse? Maaannn, that hurts. Right in the feels! Anyway, this is a special night as we are showcasing the most hotly contested Title in our company, the DARC Hprse Championship!

Varlet: Parker barely squeaked by Fizz when he won it, then squeezed the advantage out at the end of his first defense, fourway style, leading to the show tonight!

Chadwick: That’s right, Parker will have to face all three of his fourway opponents, in separate, one-on-one matches – how on Earth is this even fair?!

Varlet: It’s fair because such is the rules of the Title – every sanctioned event you will defend that Title at least once; it’s all about getting all the TV exposure you can handle!

Chadwick: With all that said, here comes our first match!

The Pretty Reckless’ “Going to Hell” blares as she walks out as it is dark.

Cruz Bleckley: Introducing the first challenger, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, standing 5′ 8”! Cecily! Beeeelllllll!!!

She doesn’t interact with the fans as she walks down. She slides into the ring and sits in the corner and waits for the match to start.

Cruz Bleckley: And her opponent; he is the reigning, defending, DARC Horse Champion…

~Here We are…. Born to be Kings, we’re the Princes of the Universe!~

PVP enters from the back. He is wearing a white fur coat. He has his head lowered, but you can see him snicker to himself as the crowd boos. He slowly raises his head and smirks as the crowd boos.

~Here we belong, fighting to survive , in a world with the darkest power!~

Cruz Bleckley: Ladies and Gentlemen, entering the ring now…standing 6′ 1” and weighing in at an astonishing 2223/4 pounds! He is, THE Main Man; this is THE! PARKER! VAN! PETERS!

PVP walks down the ramp, showing off his title and laughing as the boos from the crowd seemingly empower him. He climbs up the ring steps and wipes his feet on the ring apron. PVP then climbs into the ring, and opens with arms wide. PVP then heads over to a turnbuckle and starts to climb it.

~I am Immortal. I have inside me blood of kings.~

PVP Climbs onto a turnbuckle and raises his arms and shows his head back as the music fills the air and the crowd erupts in a chorus of boos. He begins to scream insults back at the crowd. He then walks over to the opposite corner and does the same motion. The music plays and he continues to yell back at the crowd, pointing out their inadequacies and such.

~We were Born to be Princes of the Universe.~

PVP walks over to the ref and spreads his arms out. He snaps at the ref and has hims remove his white fur coat, then yells at him to make sure not to get it dirty.

Beginning of the Match: The Champion starts off the pace of the match with a side headlock, working over Cecily Bell for the first couple minutes. Every time Cecily would start to recover, PVP would take her back to the mat, insisting on keeping the headlock in deep. Cecily struggles to get free.

Mid-Match: By the first five minutes, Cecily’s been moderately worn down and PVP is starting to feel the confidence (or is it cockiness?) ooze through his pores, he brings Cecily up to her feet and whips her, but she grabs his arm and reverses the whip, ending with a back body drop that sends PVP flat on his back! A quick cover grants Cecily a one count as she begins to go on the hunt, a crazed gleam in her eye. PVP would try to crawl outside the ring for a breather but Cecily would pull him back in a rear waistlock, hurling him back to the mat shoulders-first with a belly-to-back suplex!

Ending of the Match: In keeping the waistlock cynched in, Cecily would get a near-fall on the Champ with PVP rolling the shoulder off the mat at the last moment. Cecily would get to her feet first, standing over PVP whom gets to a knee. As he starts to rise, Cecily would grab him setting him up for “High Hells” (Eatdafeet), but before she can drill him, PVP responds with his “Dynasty Drop” (Atomic Drop), stunning Cecily! PVP would then hit the ropes, and come back for “THE Knee” (Running Knee Trembler) – BUT CECILY DUCKS! PVP over-extends and Cecily capitalizes, hitting “High Hells” on the champ! PVP rolls close to the ropes on the impact while Cecily pulls him to the centre – when suddenly out comes Veronica Taylor from the crowd, slipping in the ring behind Cecily…but Cecily catches her and spins around to confront her…right into a cloud of “Veronica’s Secret” (Her signature perfume fragrance)! Official Logan Caudell calls for the bell.

Cruz Bleckley: Your winner as a result of a disqualification…CECILY BELL! However, still DARC Horse Champion…THE! PARKER! VAN! PETERS!

Chadwick: That’s a shame. Veronica Taylor ruined a very competitive match between these two!

Cecily stumbles around, blinded by the perfume for some time as Veronica laughs at the [alleged] “basic”. “Hashtag Bye Felicia” she shouts out, as she readies for her match with Parker.

Just as the bell rings, PVP starts to get up, although his face still throbbing after the “High Hells” before. Vero takes a disoriented PVP into a quick & dirty (giggity) manistrol cradle, netting a near-fall. However as Vero sits up, she feels a tap on the shoulder – it’s Cecily Bell! Cecily grabs Vero, and face plants her on the mat with a DDT! Logan, again, calls for the bell.

Cruz Bleckley: Your winner as a result of a disqualification…VERONICA TAYLOR! However, still DARC Horse Champion…THE! PARKER! VAN! PETERS!

PVP sits up in time to realize he’s now 0-2 on the premiere Gravity taping when Cecily looks over at him, picks him up in a front facelock, and face plants him on the mat with a DDT!

Varlet: Cecily Bell is making a statement here tonight!

This time Logan makes sure both Cecily and Vero are escorted from ringside, in separate directions even, as a rock version of the Soviet Nation Anthem plays.

The entire building shudders briefly as the Kezar Pavilion’s air conditioning rumbles into its highest setting. As the arena grows colder, the driving guitar riffs of the Soviet national anthem thunder through the sound system. Red spotlights fall on the tunnel entrance. There stands KORO, hands on hips, head held high.

Cruz Bleckley: Introducing, from Ust- Ordynski Collective in the USSR, he stands an astonishing 6′ 9″, and weighs in at an unbelievable 400 pounds…This is “The Bad Boy”, The “Russian Concussion”…KOOOOORRRRROOOOO!!

He stomps slowly down the ramp, eyes locked straight ahead on the ring. When he reaches the ropes, Koro drops his heavy wool coat from his shoulders and hangs his fur-lined Ushanka hat from the turnbuckle. After ducking under the ropes, he turns full circle in the center of the ring, smiling.


Beginning of the Match: PVP, being outclassed in raw power, and more than a little worse for wear after multiple shots to the head, gets easily out-powered by the Russian brute in the early going. A heavy gut punch winds the Champ, and a hard irish whip sends PVP bouncing ineffectively off the corner, flopping onto the mat!

Mid-Match: By the time the first five minutes is passed, it’s unsure if PVP even knows where he is. So unsure, he even steps to KORO and throws a right-hand at him, to which KORO snickers at, mocking the “puny American”. PVP, out of more fatigue than anything, starts to whip KORO but of course KORO reverses the whip and sends him into the ropes. PVP flips out between the top and middle ropes, exploding onto KORO with a lariat, staggering the big man but failing to take him off his feet! But with a distracted big guy PVP goes for the whip again, this time sending KORO into the ropes – but KORO takes a page from PVP’s playbook and also flips between the top and middle ropes, just absolutely leveling PVP with a rebound lariat!! PVP flips inside-out as KORO makes a dominant cover, hitting a near-fall until PVP just barely (and I do mean BARELY) rolls the shoulder up!

Ending of the Match: KORO literally YANKS PVP up to his feet, then picks him up onto his shoulders for the “Russian Rack” (Torture Rack), until PVP slips out the back door, albeit writhing in pain as this night has really taken it’s toll on him. KORO spins around, bringing a big boot up to PVP’s face – but PVP grabs the Russian’s foot, shoving him backwards. KORO stumbles a bit but doesn’t fall, he lands into the ropes, lunging back at PVP with the “Runaway Tractor” (The POUNCE), which sends PVP flying out of the ring from the impact!! Logan begins his count, getting up to five before PVP shows any signs of life, hitting 7 before PVP stands up with the assistance of the guard rail. He shakes the cobwebs loose then heads back to the ring skirt on eight, when he suddenly points to his head to signify an idea…and just simply stands back. Logan finishes his count, and……

Cruz Bleckley: Ladies and gentlemen your winner as a result of a count-out…KORO!! However, still the DARC Horse Champion, THE! PARKER! VAN! PETERS!

PVP snickers at his ingenuity as KORO celebrates in the ring, unsure of what just happened. He takes the mic from Cruz.

KORO: KORO win, that mean KORO Champion now, yes!? For Mother Russia!

PVP shakes his head at the foolish Russian as he takes HIS Title from ringside, heading to the back.

Varlet: Oh KORO…Parker just played you. He took advantage of your naivety and took the easy way out.

Chadwick: Can you blame him? The deck was stacked against him all along! Three matches in one night culminating with facing a fresh Russian Concussion. Laredo ain’t even right for that mess!

Varlet: I thought Parker wanted to be a fighting Champion though? Instead he just somehow lost THREE matches, yet retained his Championship going into episode three of Energy!

Chadwick: Fighting three matches isn’t “enough” of being a fighting Champion? What more do you want?!

Varlet: Folks, we’re just about out of time for tonight, that’s gonna be it for the premiere of Gravity, but tune in next week for Energy – where new DARC Pro Sports Heavyweight Champion Carmen Cambridge, begins her hunt to find the identity of her Scooby-Doo attacker!

Chadwick: Good night everybody!