Death in eWrestling: The Suspension of Belief… Sometimes

There is some controversy that has overtaken my Twitter timeline the last couple days which I thought would make a good article.


On the February 12th edition of High Octane Wrestling‘s Friday Night Chaos, the show ended with Mike Best killing HOW Hall of Fame member, Chris Kostoff, with a shovel as it went off the air.


Twitter is outraged. I’ve seen tweets such as:

…and a ton of other just.. hair pulling insanity. I think that Perry Wallace, the fedhead of 4CW, said it best.

In this day and age, is anyone really surprised that an eFed has killed a character off? It’s been done time and time again since I started the hobby in 1996, why is this so different? Hell, the ending of Chaos was almost a shot for shot remake of what I did with Death Row Wrestling in 2012 when we killed a character to end the show.

Well, maybe not shot for shot, but obvious death comes right before the feed cuts. You never see the actual death, but you know it happens. There was no controversy. There was no freaking out on Twitter. Maybe it’s because the fed was named “Death Row Wrestling?” The point I am trying to make is, this type of stuff happens and has happened since the invention of our game.

Why is it bothering you?

Did your character die? Are you in the fed that the character died in? Why are you so entangled into what could be an interesting storyline, and then say that you do not like the fed at all? Then why are you paying attention? The biggest thing here is I am pretty sure it’s not the first time Mike Best has killed someone in HOW. If I remember correctly, he killed a baby in another storyline a few years back.

Or maybe it was the guy that he killed?

Either way, HOW is known for it’s over the top and sometimes admittedly disgusting storylines that involve death and/or dismemberment. That’s what they do. That’s what the handlers enjoy, and quite frankly if it’s not your cup of tea, then it’s obvious why you aren’t in the fed.

Either way, this isn’t an article defending HOW in any way, the characters, or even the handlers. Although I have had several small runs in the fed myself, this is not the style of eFedding I tend to lean toward so I have opted to never really stay very long and go other places. This article is taking a look at death in eWrestling as well as how people handle it, both correctly and incorrectly.

So, before we begin, lets take a look at the different types of eFed “Death.”


The accident is exactly what it sounds like. This is an accidental death either in or out of the ring that effects the fed and it’s storylines overall. This is treated as being “real” and is played off of by all in the fed. There is typically no Twitter outage as people can comprehend  that accidents happen and this adds a form of realism to the fed.

(Expect of course for that one time when that guy did a storyline of a plane crash so close to after real planes had crashed. That was kind of in real bad taste.)

A botched move, a car crash, and many other things can cause an accident.


You don’t see this one in eWrestling very often, but sometimes people die of natural causes. This is usually just a news report that briefly describes it and who the person was. This is handled sort of like WWE does, an in memory type thing that doesn’t really impact overall stories very much and can be glanced over.


This on is done WAY too many times and is completely for storyline purposes. It can be a mixture of many things such as an accident, natural causes, maybe a disappearance and presumed dead. This is usually done for storyline purposes and while many in the story will feel it’s great, all you really see from other handlers is an eye roll and groan because it’s played out.


This is currently what has Twitter on fire. This is where one character kills another. Usually on purpose and almost always in some grand fashion (Such a shovel to the head, or gun at point blank range as seen above). HOW is not the first fed to do this by a long shot. Neither was my Death Row Wrestling. Fed’s from Asylum to fed’s I’ve seen on Geocities have done it over the years in some fashion. Why? Because it is the ultimate storyline. It is also the one that instantly jolts you out of reality and shoves in your face that what you are doing is fake pretend.

Maybe that’s why Twitter is going crazy this morning. Maybe it’s the realization that Fantasy Wrestling is just that, Fantasy. This is something that some people fail to comprehend. We get so deep into our characters, our stories, our online lives that we tend to forget, this isn’t real. So when something like this happens, and it kicks in, people react.

But why the negative reaction. Lets go back up to something I said just a little bit ago.

Why is it bothering you?

Did your character die? Are you in the fed that the character died in? Why are you so entangled into what could be an interesting storyline, and then say that you do not like the fed at all? Then why are you paying attention?

I spoke with Mike last night on the phone briefly about the story and he broke it down for me. The handler of Kostoff wanted to retire. After some scheming with the fedhead, they both knew that if he “retired” again he’d just come back. So what is the ultimate way to end a character’s legendary Hall of Fame run?

Kill him.

Of course Mike was all over this as it’s the ultimate “Heel” thing to do. Then, history was made and Chris Kostoff’s character was dead in a most gruesome fashion.

As seen above, the handler knew it was going to happen. He wanted it to happen. Then it happened. End of story. Well, not end of the storyline because that will continue, but in the purpose of a non handler in the fed, it’s over. Why the outrage?

As I sit here and think about it, I believe it comes down to something a bit deeper then an eWrestling character was killed. I think it comes down to HOW, as well as others, are outside of the box type of eFeds that cater to a certain demographic that doesn’t want cookie cutter, what you see on TV eWrestling experiences.

I think it also comes down to WHO did the killing. Mike is an outspoken and admittedly an asshole. People legitimately do not like the handler because of this. Me personally? I like Mike. But I’ve known the guy for like 15 years and well, I’m kind of an asshole too.

Take out either the fed being HOW or the handler being Mike, or both, and say a fed with the words Hardcore or Xtreme in the name does it, does Twitter bat an eye? Are we really upset over this storyline because a character was “murdered” or are we upset that a fed and/or handler we don’t like did it and it gives us more of a reason to hate them?

I’ve already said above that HOW is not the kind of fed I really enjoy being in myself, so what do I do? I don’t join. I do occasionally read the shows, but as someone not fully invested in the type of stuff they do, I leave my comments on it out. Why? Because once you make comments on a fed and/or handler you do not like or that is not of your taste, your opinion is null and void. You’ve already made up your mind and you head down the path of crazy political nuts who blame Obama for everything even though right now there’s really not a lot of war going on and gas prices are fucking amazing.

People play the game differently. You need to go to feds that play the game like you enjoy. If you find a fed that you do not like because of what they do, what good does it do to yell and scream about it? Especially on Twitter. I can guarantee you that those who do not like HOW, or Mike Best, who got on Twitter these last couple of days and made a big deal about this… or the ones who say “Why don’t they just close because this is trash,” have just put the fed in front of many other eyes, some that belong to people this DOES appeal to.

I can predict HOW will get 2-3 new applications out of this from other people who want to be in a fed that doesn’t take it so seriously. But why? Are there just that many other deranged lunatics who enjoy character’s dying or losing eyes? No. It’s because at the end of the day, go where you have fun and what interest you. If your interest isn’t there, it’s just a simple click on the red X and you’ll find yourself not worrying about how others play the game.

As for bashing a storyline, character, and/or fed because you don’t like one of those particular things? Stop wasting your time. It’s not them who have the issue, it’s you. We all play differently and unlike real life, this isn’t a job. You do not HAVE to interact with these people you claim to dislike so much. Why choose to do?

Everyone plays differently, lets just realize that and do our own thing.


  • David Tyrrell

    Who’s really upset? Meanwhile, the real question for me is… who the hell is Calico Rose? #BestBestie

  • Jan van der Roost

    Many moons ago, I was part of a fed that had a former wrestler turned NPC who dies offscreen, during an event. The potential was always alluded to happen but in a seemingly normal backstage interview, his 4 yr daughter is asked about ‘daddy’, She said he was sleeping…. and then the realization came up… it ended up being a gripping moment and was used as part of a champions cup match (name of the deceased being honored)… something like I understand… This was more like a ‘Loser leaves town’ match… with the loser leaving permanently… It’s an unusual ending but it worked this time… as long as there’s no resurrection…