Dream Wrestling Federation Report

Show: DWF Slaughter
Date: June 14th
Location: Big Sandy Superstore Arena, Huntington, W.VA
Host: Jason Whiteside

Lupin Cy starts the night with a creepy promo about the Path to Glory and says it’s a shame Dazed and Confused may not find their first steps there. Cy then imagines the roster getting bigger and his hit list growing with it. He leaves singing this little ditty: “Total slaughter, total slaughter. I won’t leave a single man alive. La de da de die, genocide. La de da de dud, an ocean of blood. Let’s begin the killing time.”

Antonio Lopez vs. Pierce- double count-out
Pierce over big time with the crowd. Lopez is a newcomer making his DWF debut. Pierce comes out ultra-aggressive on Lopez, using a headbutt to facilitate a break and looking for a quick submission from the Crossface. Lopez struggles to mount a consistant offense early on. The match turns on a missed frog splash by Pierce followed by Lopez’s suicide dive out of the ring that not only takes Pierce out but Lopez as well.

Havoc cuts a promo and proclaims himself ‘simply the best technical and hardcore wrestler in the world.’ He shows up a blood stained baseball bat and promises to bring hell and pain and one by one retire all of the wrestlers in DWF.

Rich Mahogany def. Dark
Mahogany looks to propel himself into a title shot. Dark? Trying to get back in the groove after losing the DWF Title last week to Eric Payne. Mahogany comes out fighting to start, stomping away at the former champ before ripping open a turnbuckle and exposing the steel underneath. Dark reverses and slams Mahogany’s head into the exposed turnbuckle. Dark then reels off move after move and it’s Mahogany who’s in big time trouble. Dark goes for a brainbuster, Mahogany rolls through and gets the pin.

‘Mike Effect’ Mike Polowy cuts a promo next. Perhaps the silver lining of the whole Hostility/Ted Caldweller dust-up was that may have motivated MPlow to uncork a hell of a promo on the people of Huntington, West Virginia and the DWF roster. The key to the Dick Heel Promo is that the wrestler feels totally justified in his actions. Polowy channels his inner Chris Jericho and does it to great effect. It is Dick Heel Promo 101 for any e-wrestler to read.

Lupin Cy def. Dazed and Confused
Cy steamrolls past the tag team of Dazed and Confused in a handicap match. Cy was never in any peril in the match and gets the pin courtesy of a snap suplex into a bridging pin.

Owen Manton expouses on his ‘Puritan Creed’ to remake DWF and make it better.

Stephen Greer def. DWF Champion Eric Payne
We have a title change for the second straight week as Team Danger’s Greer wins a back and forth free-for-all with Payne to win the DWF Title.


Also, some breaking news…

EWNexus broke a story earlier today that current DWF Women’s champion Miss USA is leaving DWF for High Octane Wrestling. There are some indications that the parting of the ways between Miss USA and the DWF was less than amicable- particularly since Miss USA held the DWF Women’s belt.

DWF posted on their website today that Miss USA is to make one last appearance before leaving the company.

HOW posted on their website that Miss USA will be appearing on HOW’s Turmoil. Stay tuned to see how this all plays out.

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