E-Wrestler of the Week: June 28-July 4

This week’s E-Wrestler of the Week for the week of June 28th through July 4th plus Johnny Suave’s Holy Crap Moment of the Week.

Honorable Mention:

Ryan Maxem (GWO): defeated Shawn FX, Kenny Kapowski, and Alex Cameron in an Extreme Elimination Match to become the new #1 contender for the GWO Title.

Fairview Reed (FWO): he actually won a match and saved his job in the process.

Viking (WTF): defeated U.S. Titleholder Eric Dillinger

Jason Wild (HOW): defeated Shocker in two minutes in his debut

Christopher America (HOW): became the #1 contender for the LSD Title with a win over Chris Kostoff

Christian Bryce (Hostility): won a Fatal Four Way match over Steve Harrison, Omnis Ra, and Sean Kage

The First Airbourne (Mach 2 and Andy Sharp): Mach 2 finally breaks through with Sharp with a huge victory over The Heirs of Wrestling (Frank Pierce and Ryan Gallway).

Johnny Vandal (cWo): defeated cWo Champion Johnny Serious in a non-title match

Brandon Thomas (LoC): The owner of LoC got his loss back to Aria Murphy and became the new Starlet Champion…no the LoC Superstar Champion.

Ellisia Torretto and Super Sams (UWF): wins three-way match to become the new UWF Tag Team Champions

Katherine Stryfe (HIW): became the new Barely Legal Champion with a win over Paradox

Miss USA (PCW): put the DWF and HOW fiasco behind her and had a strong unofficial PCW debut last night helping her team defeat the Axis of Evil at a special PCW House show.

Dusty Griffith (LARIAT): led Team Texas to victory over Team America when he crushed Frank Dylan James with a twisting belly to belly suplex.



From High Flyer vs. Rana Venenosa/FWO Meltdown Day 2
((One suplex crashes Rana into the mat, and Flyer kept the chancery hooked.  He rose to his feet and nailed another suplex and continued to keep Rana in his grasp.  Flyer lifted Venenosa for a third suplex and hesitated…

Rana spews red mist right into High Flyer’s eyes. 

Flyer falls to his knees saying ‘it burns’ and clawed at his eyes.  Venenosa follows with a spinning kudoh driver.


E-Wrestler of the Week:

5. Steve Studnuts (XWW): defeated Gordie James for the XWW title

4. Serena (UWF): came out on top of a six person scramble to win the UWF TV Title.

3. Heroic Henry (Hostility): first won a handicap battle royale over Michael Macbeth, Johnny Murphy, Hooligan, AirStrife, and Xavier Cross.  Then helped Steven Steele stop Mike Polowy in his quest to get himself a title shot and paid for it in the end. 

2. Ryan James (Genesis Pro): became the Genesis Pro Champion as well as the Rising Star Champion in defeating ‘The Gambler’ Jack Daniels.

1. The Flying Frenchie (FWO): survived and conquered the FWO Meltdown Match 2009.