Morton Murphy

Name: Morton Murphy

Age: 27 (going on 28… oh I fell so old)

Location: Baton Rouge, LA (but currently am living in Orlando.)

Marrital Status (Kids?): Married with two kids.  A three and a one year old.  So it’s kinda like an ECW PPV in my house every night.

Favourite Pasta Sauce: I can’t go past a good carbonara.  But I do like a good pollo fungi!

Top 5 All-Time Favourite Wrestlers:

  1. Owen Hart
  2. Sonny Silver
  3. Sharc
  4. Alias
  5. Max Danger tied with Andy Sharp

(There were so many I have a personal allegiance to which I declined to list but you know who you are, JLV.)

Top 5 All-Time Favourite Federations:

  1. Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling (PIW)
  2. Action! Wrestling (A!W)
  3. Spinebuster Wrestling (SbW)
  4. Legacy of Champions (LoC)
  5. World Championship Wrestling (WCW)


I guess like every good fan I started watching at home.  Having never been gifted with the physique or the quick wits to be able to hack it in the ring I looked at other options.  Over the years I’ve taken many a role in promotions going from on-screen administrators to behind the desk as a play-by-play announcer.  So the move to being a road agent for the Legacy of Champions was academic given my experience with so many wrestling promotions over the last thirteen years.  (My first job was actually a cable gimp and I did that for three years for various federations!)

Writing about wrestling is natural to me.  Because I, like you, have an opinion and while we talk about things like opinions are like assholes, just coz you’ve got one and all that jazz… I like to give mine in an intelligent way so I’ll do my darndest to do it how I will.