E-Wrestling Week In Review/E-Wrestler of the Week- REVISED

THE WEEK IN E-WRESTLING (June 14th-June 20th):

Pay Per Views This Week

Show: WTF Extreme Consequences
Date: June 14h
Location: MacKenzie Arena, Chattanooga, TN

Match #1 WTF Insane Asylum Match: Majikal Mayhem’ Vance Bonesteel def. Jordan ‘The Executioner’ Keyser with the World’s Toughest Finisher on a chair
Match #2 Title vs. Title Match: WTF World Champion Viking and WTF Canadian Champion ‘The All Star’ Shawn Anderson goes to a draw- simultaneous pin.  Both men plead for more time but the referee refuses to restart the match.

Viking then puts his WTF World Title belt into play in the WTF Xtreme Rumble.

Match #3 Xtreme Rumble with the following stipulations:
WTF Canadian Title goes to the first person to score a submission.
-WTF US Title goes to the person with the most eliminations.
First WTF Tag Title goes to the first person to draw blood.
-Second WTF Tag Title goes to the first person to score a ten count.
-Last Man Standing is the No. 1 Contender for the WTF World Title
-It is possible to win more than one title as well as the World Title Shot.

Viking wins Xtreme Rumble.  The Titles were won as follows:
WTF World Champion: ‘The All Star’ Shawn Anderson
United States Champion: ‘The Bastard Icon’ Eric Dillinger
Canadian Champion: ‘The Real Deal’ Brad Bronson
Tag Team Champions: Viking and Andrew O’Reilly
#1 Contender for WTF World Title: Viking

World’s Toughest Federation



Miss USA Announces She’s Leaving DWF for High Octane Wrestling
EWNexus broke the story early in the week that Miss USA had left the Dream Wrestling Federation.  Shortly afterwards, this…

…appeared on High Octane Wrestling’s website. 

Miss USA is scheduled to make one last appearance Sunday on DWF’s special 3-hour Slaughter to kick off their ‘Path to Glory.’   Even though her match is currently listed as non-title, presumably she will drop the belt to either Stevie Swing or Kelly Evans.

Other matches on the special 3 hour Slaughter card:
-T-Money versus Antonio Lopez versus Buzz Krueger- Triple Threat
-Rich Mahogany versus Havoc
-Lupin Cy versus Myles Jake
-Level-One & Mike Polowy versus Dazed & Confused
-Owen Manton versus S G Martins
-Jak Nemesis versus Pierce
-Eric Payne & Dark versus Team Danger- Non-Title


WTF’s Vance Bonesteel in Hospital After Fall During Xtreme Consequences PPV
World’s Toughest Federation Owner Vance Bonesteel remained in intensive care after taking a Tunceli Trauma (spinebuster) off the top of the Xtreme Vision from ex-WTF wrestler Aramis. 

According to Logan Rollins on the latest WTF Video Blog, Bonesteel suffered three broken ribs, internal injuries, fractured wrist, and back from the incident.  It is not clear who will take control of the company in Bonesteel’s absence.  Rollins states on the blog we should expect a major announcement concerning control of WTF on the next episode of Xtreme live.  Speculation includes the possibility that Apex Wrestling Alliance owner James Barr may be a part of the upcoming announcement.

World’s Toughest Federation


High Octane Television Goes All HOW- All the Time
After regaining full control of High Octane Wrestling at HOW War Games, Lee Best sent a fax to HOTv cancelling all other wrestling programming except those that pertain to HOW. 

Best commented, “The fact is that the risk is not worth the reward as we have seen companies like Ringside Wrestling, XWW, Saints Haven and several others either close or go through ownership changes. There are just no good solid stable companies out there and although Siberian Wrestling does look promising as does PCW, I am just not going to gamble anymore now that I have complete control.”

Siberian Wrestling quickly jumped to The Experts while Political Championship Wrestling, who just signed on with HOTv a week before,  announced an agreement with P-SPAN to carry PCW programming for the next 4 years.

According to the fax, going forward HOTv will only carry shows ‘directly related to High Octane Wrestling and that includes weekly shows, PPV’s and of course any shows the wrestlers do themselves.’

High Octane Television


E-Wrestling Show Highlights of the Week:

GWO Punishment (6/14)
-After losing a tag match with Nick Fury to Padraig Lawler and Alex Cameron, Ryan Maxem cashes in a stipulation he won the week before and chooses to wrestle Fury for the GWO title.
-Head Booker Jerry Nelson announces that due to GWO Champion ‘Totally Bored’ Hyan Borg’s general disinterest (and his no-show last week) that Tommy Glass will meet Borg next week for the title.

PCW on P-SPAN (6/14)
-American Patriots Executive Director Michael Steele cost the American Patriots a hard fought, closely contested 8 man All Star tag team match when he waffled Kirk Walstreit with a chair by mistake and allowed PCW Champion O’Beck Bahama to make the pin.

DWF Slaughter (6/14)
-Former DWF champion Dark loses for the second week in a row, this time to Rich Mahogany
-Mike Polowy uncorks a doozy of a promo on the people of Huntington, WVa, the DWF roster in general, and finally Dazed and Confused
-Lupin Cy defeats Dazed and Confused in a handicap match
-##Stephen Greer of Team Danger defeats Eric Payne to become the new DWF Champion as the title changes hands for the second time in two weeks.##

Hostility Violence 35
-Ron and Don Connection retain their Tag Team titles over Xavier Cross and Sean Cage
-##Hooligan def. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean to win the Hostility Extreme Championship##
-Talon def. Johnny Murphy and wins one night with Paige Johnson
-##Johnny Donovan def. Steven Steele to become the new Hostility World Heavyweight Champion##

LoC Violence 41
-Austin Advent throws Oliver Ranken through the timekeeper’s table and captures the rooster
-Blitzkreig Funk defeats Allied Powers in their LoC debut
-Aria Murphy stuns Brandon Thomas when Thomas attempts to declothe her and doesn’t realize he’s being pinned.
-##The Flying Vergomovs defeat Tank Adams to become the new LoC Tag Team champions## 

PWR Justice 4 (6/14)
-Agent Decipher Light takes out Heiki Heidenreich and Cable in the same night
-PWR Champion Nick Stevenson and Scott Rage defeats PWR Tag Team champions Hawk Henshaw and Latrisha by DQ’

PCW Extreme Political TV (6/17)
-‘Trailer Park Sweetheart’ Tanya Hardy pulls off major upset over Hallie Burton via the figure four leglock
-Aide de camp Joe Biden unleashes a promo that quickly goes flying off the rails in verbal miscues and gaffes a minute.
-Cameo appearance by HOW, TWTF, SCCW, and VWF’s Hellcat Kirsta Lewis

SCCW Monday Night Aggression (6/15)
-Jay Jerzey, Scarlett, and Patrick McCarthy pulls off win over Lewis, Jen Blackheart, and Chris Champion.  McCarthy takes the finishers from all three opponents and manages to kick out each time.  McCarthy then nails Blackheart with a Leap of Faith and Scarlett gets the cover for the win
-##Riflewilly defeats Myke Adams for the SCCW All-Barrie Title##

FWO reAction (6/17)
-Impulse nearly decapitates Karina Wolfenden with his Sudden Impulse superkick as K-Wolf leaps from the ring.  Impulse gets the pin.
-The Legion of Dairy (cHEESE and egg NOGG) steal a tag team win over Affirmative Action and Blitzkrieg Funk
-FWO Champion High Flyer defeats Alias in a hard fought back and forth pitched battle complete with liberal involvement from managers Mary Lynn Mayweather and Karina Wolfenden.

ACW Courage- ARC III-Requiem (6/18)
-Trevor Wilson retains ‘The Spirit of ACW’ title over Alias
-Mach 2 loses a hard fought match against Ryan Gallway but gains the fans appreciation and respect
-Brian Spaes becomes the #1 contender for Max Danger’s ACW World Title by defeating ‘The All-Star’ Andy Sharp

cWo Driven 69 (6/18)
-Mike Logan defeats Mr. Rich via count-out and becomes the #1 contender for the cWo World Title held by Johnny Serious

HOW Turmoil (6/18)
-David Black retains the LSD title dispatching Bob Jared in routine fashion
-Mark O’Neil takes the HOW World Champion Aceldama to the limit before falling in the end.

NeWA June 21st Tradition Card Up
-Main Event:
Cam Eustis & Aaron “The A-List” Shepherd vs.
“The Angel of Hate” Joshua Baker & Ronnie McNeil
Two World Champions, two number one contenders, all in one match!

Siberian Wrestling
Siberian Wrestling Presents: BATTLEFRONT
June 21st, 2009
Located in the Siberian Warehouse

Main Event
I Quit Match
Siberian Heavyweight Championship
Andrei Sorokov (c) vs. Olivia Quinn

Grudge Match
Trent Stone vs. Sam X

Voyle Championship Match
2 out of 3 Falls
Dan Filat vs. John Q. Everyguy

Falls Count Anywhere
Stripy and Katelyn Osbourne vs. Neil Climer and Alex Rettop

Clare Voyant vs. Abbey Spears

Xander Gates vs. Allanah Halliwell vs. Roland Fury




Rich Mahogany (DWF)- Upset former DWF Champion Dark and may have put himself in title contention in the process.

Lupin Cy (DWF) – Defeated tag team of Dazed and Confused by himself and sings creepy songs during his promos

‘The Bastard Icon’ Eric Dillinger (WTF) – Picked up the United States Title belt at WTF Xtreme Rumble

‘The Real Deal’ Brad Bronson (WTF) – Won the Canadian Title at Xtreme Rumble

Andrew O’Reilly (WTF) -Became one half of the WTF Tag Team champions

Hooligan (Hostility) – becomes new Hostility Extreme Champion

Talon (Hostility) – wins one night with Paige Johnson

Aria Murphy (LoC) – Upset Brandon Thomas as he was too busy trying to take her clothes off to notice he was being pinned.

The Flying Vergomovs (LoC) – New LoC Tag Team Champions defeating Tank Adams

Patrick McCarthy (SCCW) -For toughness alone in taking three different finishers from three different wrestlers and not giving in.

Riflewilly (SCCW) – defeated Myke Adams for the SCCW Barrie Title

Vance Bonesteel (WTF) – defeated Jordan Keyser in hardcore bloodbath in the opening match of WTF Xtreme Consequences and then spinebustered off the Xtreme Vision, ending up in a hospital.

Trevor Wilson (ACW) – retains ‘Spirit of ACW title’ with win over Alias

Mach 2 (ACW) – loses tough match with Ryan Gallway.  Wins support and respect of fans in defeat

Brian Spaes (ACW) – pins Andy Sharp and becomes the #1 contender for the ACW World title.

Impulse (FWO) – nails lethal Sudden Impulse superkick on Karina Wolfenden to get a huge win over K-Wolf

The Legion of Dairy-cHEESE and egg NOGG (FWO) -steals a win over Affirmative Action and Blitzkrieg Funk in a tag team match they weren’t even scheduled to be in.  The big question: can the LoD milk the win for all it’s worth?

High Flyer (FWO) – retains FWO Heavyweight title with win over Alias

Mark O’Neil (HOW) – takes the HOW World Champion Aceldama to the absolute limit (including an 2.9999 nearfall) before the Champion eventually got the pin.


#5-TIE Johnny Donovan (Hostility) – defeats Steven Steele for the Hostility World Title

#5-TIE Miss USA (HOW) – Why?  Why not?  The center of a swirling storm of controversy all week long and the inspiration of a barrage of bitter words back and forth between her people and the DWF.

#4 Stephen Greer (DWF) – Defeated Eric Payne for the DWF Title on the  6/14 DWF Aggression show.

#3 Mike Polowy (DWF) – For delivering a textbook Dick Heel promo that left no stone unturned and no person unscathed from the people of Huntington, WVa, the DWF roster in general, and Dazed and Confused.

#2 ‘The All-Star’ Shawn Anderson (WTF)–  He didn’t defeat Viking for the WTF title in his match at Xtreme Consequences but he made up for it later by capturing the World Title during the Xtreme Rumble.

#1 Viking (WTF) – Wrestled Anderson to a time limit draw for the WTF title.   When the referee refused to restart his match, Viking threw his belt into the mix and ended up winning the Xtreme Rumble outright but left with just one half of a tag team.