E-Wrestling Week in Review: June 28-July 4

E-WRESTLING WEEK IN REVIEW (June 28th-July 4th):

Pay Per Views This Week:

SHOW:Genocidal Wresting Organization Theater of Destruction PPV
DATE: June 28th
LOCATION: US Cellular Center, Milwaukee, WI

Suave: “All right, Shawn FX gets the night off to a rollicking start by going right after Ryan Maxem.

(courtesy of the GWO)
“The issues between Ryan Maxem and myself go way deeper than any of that. Anyone who follows the GWO close enough knows the real story of the heat between Maxem and myself. Ryan Maxem you’ve heard this once and you will hear it again. You are a locker room CANCER! You think because you’ve been here one week longer than me during GWO’s new era, you can try to run this place and run down everyone else in the process? HELL FUCKING NO! How was a bush league hack like you ever GWO Champion? The game has changed my friend! Remember that as soon as you started spouting off challenges I was the first one to get right in your motherfucking face Ryan “Maxi Pads” Maxem and call YOU out! I’ve found the PERFECT way to settle this.

“This is a contract for a Loser Leaves Town Match. Now, I already know this type of thing has been booked so Maxi, since I know you’re listening, I’m going to up the ante just a bit. If I beat you, you’ll not just leave the GWO, but you will make a public apology in this very ring I’m standing in…. to me, to the locker room, and especially Jimmy Lemke himself about how much of a DOUCHE BAG you have been to EVERYONE the last few weeks. Not only that, you will pucker up those Angelina Jolie looking lips of yours. I will pull down my pants and you WILL….KISS….MY…..ASS!!!!!!”

Match #1 Totally Bored’ Hyan Borg and The Eagle
goes to no decision when Padraig Lawler stops the match and takes both men out.  He calls out Dylan Wolfe which leads to…

Match #2 Padraig Lawler vs. Dylan Wolfe
-Lawler in control until Borg exacts a little retribution…

…Lawler throws Wolfe to the ropes and hits a flapjack. Wolfe stands up, taking a swing at Lawler that misses its mark.

MD: What the hell?

Hyan Borg climbs in the ring with a steel chair. Dylan Wolfe punches Lawler, and turns around just in time to see Borg swinging a chair at him.

MD: Wolfe is hit!

A: No!

Wolfe ducks at the exact moment, and the chair shot finds Padraig Lawler, lifting him off the canvas and right back down.

MD: God damn it! Interference be damned!…

Suave: “Interference be damned indeed! Wolfe takes advantage of the easy cover and takes the win.

Ryan Maxem lays out Shawn FX before the Extreme Elimination Match.

Match #3 GWO World Champion Tommy Glass vs. The Greatest One,  Axion Jackson, and Apollo
Glass easily dispatches his opponents, getting the Shattered Glass on T.G.O. for the win.

Match #4 Extreme Elimination Match: Shawn FX, Ryan Maxem, Kenny Kapowski, and Alex Cameron

Suave: “Well, this one pretty much started as you thought it would.  Maxem hooking up with Shawn FX.  Kapowski doing battle with Cameron.”

…Maxem finally catches up to Shawn FX, hitting him on the back of the head and throwing his body into the steel steps…

Suave: “Who would be the first one eliminated? Well, not who you would have guessed…”

…Cameron climbs to the ring apron with his steel chair, and Kapowski has gotten to one knee.  Cameron hops off the apron, slamming KKK in the head with the biggest shot yet. KKK is knocked cold.

MD: We have our first pin attempt of the night!

Kapowski lays unconscious as Cameron covers.



Suave: “Meanwhile, Shawn FX and Ryan Maxem kept throwing everything and then some at each other…”

…Maxem and FX trade punches, and neither has the upper hand. Maxem ducks a punch from the Game Changer and gives him a football tackle, sending him to the cement floor. Fans surround the group and it’s difficult to see the action…

Suave: “Elimination number two…”

…Alex Cameron and Harold Marcus finally arrived at the scene, with Cameron having the more pronounced arrival. As Cameron takes another shot at Maxem, Shawn FX grabs a steel chair of his own and takes a swing at the newbie.  Cameron is sent down the arena steps, and he hits his head on a cement stair.

MD: What the hell? Cameron is out!…

Suave: “Shawn FX covered and Alex Cameron is excused from the match.  While FX was busy doing that, Ryan Maxem received a little present…”

…Maxem is greeted by loud cheers from the fans. Stirring into focus, he sees Dylan Wolfe with a present for him: a sledgehammer and a bow wrapped around it…

Suave: “Of which he would use with cold precision on Shawn FX…”

Shawn FX stands up, spitting on Cameron’s lifeless body. He turns around slowly, ready to make his way to Maxem.


…Ryan Maxem, who had taken off after FX with his favorite weapon, slammed the Game Changer right in the jaw with the sledgehammer like a battering ram….

Suave: “In the end, it’s the GWO Hardcore champion who becomes the new #1 contender for the GWO World Title…”

…Shawn FX crumbles to the ground, unwilling to move. Maxem picks up the sledgehammer, standing above FX with a smile on his face. He presses the head of the sledgehammer down on Shawn’s chest, and Marcus makes the count.


Suave: “Maxem gets the win and the title shot.  Shawn FX gets a one way ticket out of GWO.  Here’s GWO President Jimmy Lemke this morning:

“Shawn Phillips, known to GWO fans as Shawn FX, was released this morning.  The separation of GWO and Phillips was purely based on creative differences.  He asked to be released from his contract, and we obliged.  We have no interest in holding the contracts of wrestlers who don’t want to work for us.  It’s bad business, and if Shawn Phillips believes he can find better bookings, than we wish him luck.”

Suave: “Also released today, ‘Totally Bored’ Hyan Borg and The Eagle.”


SHOW: Fans Wrestling Organization Meltdown
DATE: June 28th
LOCATION: Key Arena, Seattle, WA

Match #1 “The Devil’s Advocate” Dave Morey defeats Ruben Ross in a handicap match

Match #2 Lowell Dot Com turns heel, uses a steel folding chair, and wins a match, upsetting Impulse

Match #3 Fairview Reed…WON A MATCH!   HE WON A MATCH!  Reed goes over High Flyer and saves his job.

Match #4 Michelle Masters with Robert Tanaka retains the FWO Cruiserweight title by defeating Xin Xin Xuong

Match #5 Vox Nihili (Alias & Karina Wolfenden) retain the FWO Tag Team belts by defeating Team VIAGRAv2 (Mary-Lynn Mayweather & David Noble) vs. Spike Saunders & Callie Urban vs. Legion of Dairy (egg NOG & cHEESE)  Alias gets Noble with the Anarchy Lullaby.

Match #6 Keith Scott Zimmerman (w/Allison) defeats “Superstar” Vince Jacobs  in an Internet Title vs. #1 Contendership for World Championship match.

Match #7 The Flying Frenchie nails a guillotine leg drop on a chair to defeat killjoy

Tessa: “It was another war between two former friends turned bitter rivals.  High Flyer, the FWO World Heavyweight Champion, and Rana Venenosa as day 2 of FWO’s Meltdown got underway.  High Flyer came out high flying but Venenosa had a few tricks up his sleeve…”

((One suplex crashes Rana into the mat, and Flyer kept the chancery hooked. He rose to his feet and nailed another suplex, and continued to keep Rana in his grasp. Flyer lifted Rana for the third suplex, but held him up in the air for a moment.


It was a moment that he would regret as Rana spewed red mist into the Lunatic’s eyes. Rana dropped from the suplex onto his hands and knees as Flyer CLAWED at his very eyes.


Flyer fell to his knees CRYING from the pain as Donald Caine reprimanded the Poisonous Frog for his actions. Rana had none of it, pushing through the pain of his leg to hook Flyer and lift him in a spinning kudoh driver.))

Tessa: “High Flyer in a world of hurt after Venenosa sprayed him with the red mist…”

((The Lunatic was planted in the center of the ring, but Rana wasn’t finished. Rana lifted Flyer to his feet and shot him off the ropes. Returning, Rana dropped his head and back body dropped the Lunatic up and over. Rana fell to his knees from the pressure put on his joints by both this and the kudoh driver, as Flyer flipped over and landed on his feet!

But no! His left knee crumpled out from under him and he fell back to his knees just as Rana recovered to his feet. Rana turned, saw the injured prey, and pounced with a chop block of his own, crashing the Lunatic to the canvas.

The Poisonous Frog hooked the prone Flyer by his left leg and spun, spinning toe holding the champion’s injured leg. Another! And a third sent Flyer pounding once on the mat in excruciating pain. Donald Caine slid over, questioning the champions resolve, until Flyer waved him off.

On the outside, tiny attorney Mary-Lynn Mayweather slammed her hands into the ring apron. And again. And again.))

Tessa: “MLM- Mary Lynn Mayweather would play a pivotal role in this match.  When the referee became distracted…”

((Distracted by the Fairview Reed fans in attendance, the official was worried about keeping order and making sure security stopped them from leaping over the barricade and entering ringside. This allowed Mary-Lynn Mayweather to reach underneath the bottom rope, swept in and hooked Rana’s leg, sending him crashing back down to the canvas.

Mayweather spun quickly away and winked toward the camera as she did.))

Tessa: “Renevosa and the Champ would battle back and forth until High Flyer finally ended the match…”

((…the elevated modified Boston crab locked Rana far enough in the center of the ring to keep Rana from breaking the hold. Even still, Flyer’s knee being on top of Rana’s head and neck didn’t allow the Poisonous Frog to spit his patented mist into the Lunatic’s face.

Rana screamed, and even slammed his hand into the mat twice. He shouted ‘AAAAAHHHH!!!!” as the Lunatic leaned back even further. It appeared he would tip over, and his leg would give out. And in fact it did, but not before Rana slammed his open palm into the mat four times in a row.


Tessa: “High Flyer, #3 in the WWR rankings, earns a tough, hard fought victory over Venenosa and retains the title.  But that wasn’t all.  The crowd was there to see one thing…”


Tessa: “And Meltdown they got.  Ice.  Primetime.  Wretch.  Kellen Kinkade.  Rana Venenosa.  High Flyer.  Six FWO stars who survived Meltdown and came out on top.  Who would do it this year?  Who would earn five title shots (Cruiserweight, Tag Team, Hardcore, Internet, World Heavyweight) against any champion, any time, any place, anywhere?”

((The bell rang and for a moment, just a moment, there was silence. The crowd was a hush. The fans waiting for what would come next.

Krow’s eyes shifted.

Spike Saunders let his expression slide into a tight grimace, teeth barely visible.

Killjoy was stoic, emotionless beneath the mask but his fists clenched, white knuckles exposing unknown scars.

Xin Xin Xiong’s mask a dark leather, hands taped and muscles tensed into tight ribbons.

The sound of the bell echoed; the second to last Seattle would hear for some time.

The silence was all encompassing.))

Tessa: “Krow and Killjoy would start out against Spike Saunders and Xin Xin Xoung.  Graphic Violence & Hans Wilhem would follow, then: Impulse & egg NOG; Khristain Keller & Alias; Jason “Jase” Biggs & X; Xander Scott & Jeff Garvin; C.J. Slaughter & Bastian Von Bismark; Sonny Silver & Vince Jacobs; Ruben Ross & Jade Argent; Karina Wolfenden & cHEESE; Mike Bear & Max Danger; Johnny Legend & Brittney Chambers; Mary-Lynn Mayweather & Omarr Atkins; Michelle Masters & Keith Scott Zimmerman; Tony Davis & High Flyer; Flying Frenchie & Dave Morey; One Eye & Brawn; Rana Venenosa & Lowell Dot Com; Junious Slaughter & Beef.  The EW Torch’s Ted Caldweller in Seattle for Meltdown and he reports from ringside.  Caldweller even took part in the match.  How’d you pull that one off?”

Caldweller: “Yes, indeed, I became part of this match as well. During Krow and Graphic Violence’s brawl in the audience, you may have noticed Krow stealing a (prop) camera and hitting GV with it then punching some guy. That guy was me. Thanks to Krow for not killing me. And can I sell, or what? Keller and Alias, not surprisingly, fought each other, as not even one promotion can contain this awesome feud. A neat spot sees Ross and Argent gorilla press Alias out, but Keller save Alias from elimination (Keller was on the floor after a crazy announce table bump where he crushed killjoy and Scott). GV and Krow’s fight, which went just about everywhere in the arena, was eventually broken up by an army of security around the time killjoy was eliminated. Danger and Bear had quite a bit of success in the middle, eliminating four teams. Cool to see Danger (ACW World Champ) and Flyer (FWO World Champ) go at it at one point. Sadly, Danger/KSZ didn’t have much interaction, though Danger did pummel KSZ after Bear gets dumped. Beef becomes the smartest man in Meltdown by handcuffing himself to the steel post and tossing the key into the crowd. That is, until Frenchie becomes even smarter and knocks him out with the ring bell, one second before Morey gets dumped on the other side, leaving the final two of Frenchie and Morey. Really good finishing portion of the match between them before Frenchie finally gets the pin (and one hell of a successful weekend, having become the first man to defeat killjoy one night earlier). Overall, the match was a bit too brawl heavy, and most of it was basic battle royal fare, but it avoided any extended dead spots. A few neat spots here and there plus the good finish elevates this a bit.  That’s all for now, Ted Caldweller reporting live from FWO Meltdown.”

Tessa: “Thanks Ted.  In the end, it all came down to ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ Dave Morey and The Flying Frenchie…”

((But Dave Morey broke free and once more both men were on their feet. A quick scoop by the Frenchie but Morey hung on and got back to his feet… still holding onto the Frenchie’s waist scooped him up for a piledriver… but the Frenchie reversed into a shoulderbreaker! The Frenchie kicked down into Morey’s head and went to the top rope! The crowd on their feet as the Frenchie dove off the ropes with the flying elbow… which connected! Morey writhed in pain as the Frenchie slowly… so slowly… drug himself over to make the cover…



3… but no! Dave Morey with a shoulder up, and Morey, using the last possible ounce of his energy grabbed the arm and wrenched the Frenchie into an extended Japanese style armbar submission hold. The pain was etched on the Frenchie’s face. Close to the ropes he struggled… he reached… stars were appearing in his eyes, then blackness as the Frenchie struggled to just make it… one… more… inch…

Dave Morey, using his foot pushed the rope away! The crowd groaned The Frenchie gasped… breath leaving him and he twisted, shoving to the side… and broke the hold.

Morey came off, turning… but too slowly. The Frenchie back-somersaulted over Dave, working off instinct more than anything. It was a counter to his now-famous match against Scott Slugger all those years ago. He hooked Morey from behind and brought him up and over… into a float over pin. The referee dove to count… and as the referee got into position the Frenchie put one foot and then the other on the ropes for leverage. The referee didn’t see it, but the crowd did.


Screams throughout the arena… flashbulbs exploding throughout…


Morey struggled, but he had hit the wall… gone past any point of normal match and was struggling to simply stay awake. He heard the hand falling as if from miles away…


Dave’s shoulder came up, and the Frenchie collapsed… but it was a moment too late.

The bell rang.))

Tessa: “The Flying Frenchie goes over and wins the 2009 FWO Meltdown.



Mike Polowy continues his reign of terror over the Dream Wrestling Federation- 6/21 Edition of DWF Aggression
-dispatches of Eric Payne.  Then, he gets on the mic and delivers another one of his classic stemwinding promos:

‘’I shouldn’t booed. I should be cheered. I am saving the women’s championship; I am changing the face of the women’s division as we know it. No longer will it be associated with big pretty lips and make up, or long hair and fake eyelashes—and heck if you even look at these women’s faces anyways…’’ Mike Polowy snarls, as Level-One shakes his head back and forth in the background trying to contain his enjoyment. ‘’If women really had any intentions on becoming world champions, they wouldn’t go on diets. They wouldn’t care about their zero, and negative figures. They would focus on making the weight and paying their dues like everyone else. But face it—this division was nothing more than a beauty contest. A swimsuit show off; a fashion run way, this division was as about as pathetic as feminists’’…

And then, Polowy took it up another notch…

…‘’Before we get this contest on the way, I thought I’d fill these ladies into something tonight…’’ he says turning to the women who wave at him and smile. ‘’Ladies, you aren’t competeting in a bikini contest like I had originally had told you. No, you women will compete a WRESTLING match with Mike Polowy’’ The women look at each-other in confusion, while Level-One immediately calls for the bell. ‘’…and the match starts, NOW!’’

Mike Polowy doesn’t hesitate as he rushes towards the first he girl he sees. A blond, big tits, nice ass and could give awesome head—nothing more to her really. He quickly trips her up, grabs her legs, turns her over and locks her into Mplowsion sharpshooter maneuver! The seven other ladies quickly scatter from the ring, while Level-One has reached over grabbing a brunette by her hair, the other six manage to escape up the ramp, nearly breaking their ankles by running with their heels. Level-One watches as Mike Polowy submits with women with ease and the ring bell is signaled, but Mike Polowy refuses to let go.

‘’Are you kidding me!’’ Level-One roars into the microphone as he holds a cute Asian girl by the hair—the fans have gone ape-shit, but their boos do very little to stop the pair. ‘’This is what you strong powerful women are made out of, plastic and cyclone?’’ He says before clothes lining the brunette, before locking up her legs and locking in the House of Pain; her legs nearly touch the back of her head as he tries to break her apart, Mike still holds in his sharpshooter maneuver not too far away from him.

‘’I guess we’ll have some better luck next time’’ Mike Polowy shouts as he wrenches back and the hold; the blonde escort has already passed out….



Tessa: “On Sunday nights XWW Carnage, it was XWW Champion Gordie James versus Steve Studnuts for the title…”

…The four men surround the ring. Steve looks out and smiles. He flexes some more for his guys and they all applaud. When he turns around Gordie hits a kick to the gut and a Mindripper. Gordie goes for the cover, but Shade grabs Steve’s foot and lays it on the ropes. Zeleos does not see this, but he does see the foot on the ropes and stops the count. Gordie stands and pushes Zeleos. Zeleos starts to attack, but sees Wade standing in the entranceway and he stops. Steve meanwhile, has recovered and spins Gordie around and hits the Fairy Go Round. He covers and Zeleos makes the three count.

RA: Your winner and NEW XWW World Champion: Steve Studnuts!
XWW Carnage



Tessa: “At one time, she was considered to be one of the brightest rising stars in women’s e-wrestling.  Then came a humiliating two week stretch where she quit DWF, signed on with HOW, and left without even one match.  Now, she’s preparing for a fresh start in an unlikely place- PCW.  Of course, we’re talking about Miss USA…”

The patriotic tune by Bruce Springsteen, “Born in the USA” pipes up from the loud speakers shaking the rafters. The crowd is on their feet!

Bell: Ding! Ding! Ding!

A well tanned athletic young woman wearing red, white, and blue bursts from behind the curtain carrying Ol’ Glory. She smiles as she high fives several of the fans. As she walks by she spots a young girl and pauses for a moment, hugging her as the camera zooms in. She waves the flag back and forth for the fans. She also waves her free hand to her fellow Americans seating further back and gestures to everyone taking in the festivities from the upper decks. Chants of USA! USA! USA! begin.

Cut to Tessa and Miss USA…

Tessa: “That’s a pretty impressive entrance.”

Miss USA: “Thank you.”

Tessa: “You’ve had quite the last couple of weeks.  What have you learned from this experience?”

Miss USA: “Hmmm…it has been quite the learning experience.  I don’t know, Tess.  I look back at it now and realize a number of things I could have done differently.”

Tessa: “Like what?”

Miss USA: “Well?  I think you said it last week on your commentary.  There’s a right way and a wrong way to do business in this industry.  I did not handle things in the best way.  I got caught up in a whirlwind of events that totally overwhelmed me.”

Tessa: “Is that why you announced you were pregnant?”

Miss USA: “Yes.  Keep in mind that I’m a small town girl at heart.  Haines City, Florida isn’t the largest city in the world.  I…well…I screwed up.  The whole thing with DWF was coming to a head and I wasn’t ready to wrestle at HOW yet.  So, yeah, I said I was pregnant and hoped it would give me some space to collect myself.  Not one of my brighter moves.”

Tessa: “And DWF’s exit angle?”

Miss USA: “I…don’t even want to talk about that…”

Tessa:  “I thought it was just gratuitious.  I found the exit angle the DWF came up with to be questionable at the least and insulting and demeaning at the most.  I would never have agreed to do that angle.”

Miss USA: “Thank goodness Dawn McGill was there.”

Tessa: “Speaking of McGill.  So…why PCW?”

Miss USA: “Because, for some reason they really wanted me to be there.  During my last days at DWF, I heard a rumor that PCW’s head booker Enrico Palazzo had contacted them to pitch an exit angle for me that would have eventually elevated Kelly Evans or Stevie Swing.  Dawn just happened to be at the show and came in to talk with me beforehand.  That’s when William Peters came in.”

Tessa: “What are PCW’s plans for you?”

Miss USA: “You’re guess is as good as mine.  All I know is after I’m done talking to you, I’m being sent to New Braunfels, Texas for the week to rest up.  I’m going to take in a couple shows at Gruene Hall- that’s an old school Texas dancehall and just forget about wrestling for a week…”

Tessa: “PCW must have big plans for you.”

Miss USA: “I hope so.  They went to a lot of trouble to bring me in.”

Tessa: “Tell me how you decided you wanted to be a pro wrestler.”

Miss USA: “guess it all started when I was a little girl. My brother used to collect comic books and pro wrestling magazines. I remember seeing my first super hero and thinking to myself, “Wow! I want to be just like Wonder Woman when I grow up.

“Then I saw the 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna. She was the strongest female wrestler I had ever seen. She could pick an opponent up over her head, drop her, and put a foot over her chest for the dominate three count victory. Chyna truly was amazing. I was there, that fateful night, when Chyna defeated Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Championship. She broke a lot of barriers with that historic victory. I’ll never forget what it was like being there in person as Chyna raised the WWE Intercontiental Championship belt over her head for all the world to see.”

Tessa: “So you were hooked at that point.”

Miss USA: “Oh, yeah.  One night I saw an ad on television- an ad for the Future Wrestling League.  I checked out the program online and also went on a walk-in tour of the facility.  I gladly put down my $500 deposit and made sure to pay my $250 each month until my tuition was paid in full. Meanwhile, I was getting a first class education in professional wrestling. The drive from Orlando to Tampa was the only major drawback.

“My trainers had heard about my beauty pageant experience and my father being a former senator. While trying to come up for a ring gimmick for me, it was fellow students Ricky Inoki and Taka Kanji babbling on back and forth about Miss Universe that made them come up with the name Miss USA. Ricky Inoki came up with an interesting look for a mask. It didn’t cover up my whole face, just my eyes. Taka Kanji suggested I color my hair red, white, and blue. I compromised with just coloring my hair red with blue streaks. Ok, for those of you wondering, I’m a natural blonde and proud of it!”

Tessa: “Not that I’m biased, but blondes are very cool.  It looks like you’re going back to the blonde look though.”

Miss USA: “Yeah.  We’re going to make a couple minor changes…that’s all.  At least I won’t have to worry about coloring my hair any more.”

Tessa: “From my experience in PCW, you will find their fans are pretty territorial.  If you get on their good side, they will follow you to the ends of the earth.”

Miss USA: “I am looking forward to it.  Thanks for sticking up for me and for the interview.”

Tessa: “Good luck in PCW.”



Tessa: “The Wednesday Wrestling Rag Underground Top 50 was released earlier today at EWZine.  The ratings encompass the federations at the Experts, APA, and the feds who frequent EW Nexus, EW Torch, and EW Zine.  A total of 33 federations in all.”

1. Vox Nihili (Alias and Karina Wolfenden)- FWO 27 pts.
2. Hawk Henshaw and Latricia- PWR 22 pts.
3. Flying Vergomov’s- LoC 19 pts.
4. Ron and Don Connection- Hostility 16 pts.
4. Blitzkrieg Funk- LoC 16 pts.
6. Spike Saunders and Callie Urban- FWO 15 pts.
7. Viking and Andrew O’Reilly- WTF 13 pts.
7. Team Viagra (MLM and David Noble)- FWO 13 pts.
9. Big Oil/Kirk Walstreit- PCW 12 pts.
9. Team Danger (Stephen Greer and Tyrone Walker)- DWF 12 pts.
9. The Novas- TFWF 12 pts.

Tessa: “The FWO Tag Team champion’s Vox Nihili continues to lead the way.  The addition of the Experts federations gives us Hawk Henshaw and Latricia from PWR in second place.  LoC’s Flying Vergomov’s in third.  Team Danger and The Novas join the top ten.”

1. Kirsta Lewis- HOW, SCCW, VWF, TFWF 35 pts.
2. Michelle Masters – FWO * (Cruiserwt Chmp) 25 pts.
3. Latrisha- PWR 23 pts.
4. Bobbinette Carey- HOW 20 pts
5. Karina Wolfenden- FWO 17 pts.
6. Olivia Quinn- Siberian Wrestling 14 pts.
6. Alexia- VWF 14 pts.
6. Katherine Stryfe- HIW 14 pts.
9. Hannah Rickman- PWR 13 pts.
9. Kathryn Randall Collins- PCW 13 pts.
9. Iris Galavar- ICWF 13 pts.
9. Brandy Lust- VWF 13 pts.
13. Valoria Salinas- WMW 12 pts.
13. Heiki Heidenriech- PWR 12 pts.
13. Angelica Jones- GDW 12 pts.

Tessa: “In the Women’s Top 15, Kirsta Lewis (HOW, SCCW, VWF, TFWF) remains the Queen of E-Wrestling, holding a comfortable edge over second place Michelle Masters of the FWO.  Latrisha from the PWR joins the top 15 for the first time at number three.”

1. Sandy Makel- TFWF 50 pts.
2. Nick Stevenson- PWR 36 pts.
3. High Flyer- FWO 33 pts.
4. Shawn Hart- LoC 32 pts.
5. Alias- ACW/FWO 31 pts.
6. MDW- SCW 28 pts.
7. ‘The All-Star’ Shawn Anderson- WTF 27 pts.
8. Max Danger- ACW 25 pts.
9. Johnny Serious- cWo 24 pts.
9. Mr. Fantastic- VWF 24 pts.
11. Level One APW/DWF 22 pts.
12. Shane Reynolds- HOW 20 pts.
13. Aceldama- HOW 19 pts.
13. Johnny Styles- HIW 19 pts.
13. Viking- WTF 19 pts.
13. O’Beck Bahama- PCW 19 pts.
17. Trevor Wilson- ACW 18 pts.
17. Max Kael- HOW 18 pts.
17. Hawk Henshaw- PWR 18 pts.
20. Jack Purcell- PWR, SW 17 pts.
20. Xander Daniels- Hostility 17 pts.
20. Mike Polowy- Hostility/DWF 17 pts.
23. Johnny Donovan- Hostility 16 pts.
23. Stephen Greer- DWF 16 pts.
23. Dake Ken- WCF 16 pts.


Brawlers on a Budget: Champs’ ‘Die’ in Latest Episode

ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS Scatman and You Gotta Be Kidding Me I Ain’t Doing That, Are You Out of Your Frickin’ Mind T&A XX Division Hardcore Champion Kevin the Pyromaniac both became “victims” of a sword-wielding Jerri Li, vacating the titles. It should be noted, however, that both Kevin and Scatman have died at least once before on BOB programming.

Also featured were the results of the unaired iMPLOSION 21, Trey Vincent giving control over to Michelle and Steve Leary, the return of an old face, and a teaser about another former BOBster returning.

In other BOB news, it was announced over the weekend that Swiss Army Belt holder Axl has been released. Quoting from BOB’s Web site: “No contract…Future endeavors…Yadda yadda yadda.” All of the fed’s three singles titles are now vacant.


PCW: Obama Proposes ‘Stimulus Package’

PCW CEO Barack Obama proposed a stimulus package to get PCW back on financial track on Wednesday night’s edition of Extreme Political TV.  He also addressed the signing of Miss USA and the Extreme Weather Network- Jim Frascantore, Steve Abrams, Mark Bettis and their valets Jen, Kristine, and Steph.



(courtesy of the SPW)

Chicago, IL – SPW has become quite large as of late, with a roster of over 40 active exclusive Superstars. A stark contrast from the Black Friday that eliminated a portion of the roster prior to Season 10, this latest season has brought success and growth like never before. Following its announced talent sharing agreement with New Japan Wrestling Federation, SPW is in the market to purchase an independent federation to cultivate the future superstars that will carry the Shootfire brand into the future. SPW is looking for a cult to regional size federation, with an emphasis on cutting edge sports entertainment. All applications will be considered and the purchased federation will have exclusive access to the SPW Superstars themselves. Those organizations interested should contact Gideon_Cain@shootfireworld.com An announcement will be made at the Season Premier of SPW Conquest, on July 6th, 2009.
Shootfire Pro Wrestling



From DWF Online:

The DreamScape Television Network has approved of a third hour for this Sunday’s Slaughter! Live fans already knew they’d be attending a three hour show, now fans at home will get to experience all of the action as every match has a stipulation added right before the match!

It’s also expected that there will be a HUGE announcement.

Tessa: “And what could be that HUGE announcement?  David Tyrrell over at EWNexus thinks he knows the answer…”

Tyrrell at EWNexus
All indications suggest that the Dream Wrestling Federation will soon be an official part of the Apex Wrestling Alliance. Could RPW, WRF, WTF, and WMW feel overshadowed with this inevitable signing by JC Barr?…

…It will be interesting to see how DWF’s presence will effect the AWA Rankings, considering an inital endorsement such as this. Who else could the AWA have been referring to?

DWF is a member of the AWA. You read it here first.


Lariat Newswire

Courtesy: lariat.ewtorch.com

Things have been quiet at the LARIAT camp this week as Angus Skaaland has been hard at work getting prepared for the All-Star Independence Day Party which will include a Meet and Greet outside of the Wrestle-Plex before the show where bugers will be on the grill, and beers will be cold in the ice-chest! The show will be highlighted by the Pride of Texas Tournament, the Texas Heritage Tag League, a Lonester Television Title match, and a SPECIAL Main Event Flag Match!

The participants for the flag match have yet to be announced, but it is known that it will be Team Texas taking on Team America in a four on four affair where one team can win by pinning the Team Captain, eliminating all four members of the team, or retrieving the opposing Team’s flag from atop a pole in their corner! Expect this one to blow the roof right off of the Wrestle-Plex tonight!


VWF King Of The Ring 7
From The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California – Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Double Main Event
“The Crippler” Steve Ryan vs Mr. Fantastic (c) for the VWF World Heavyweight Championship

“All That” Lee Ryan vs “King Of Sexy” Jonny Cedrone – Two Out Of Three Falls – King Of The Ring Final

Also featuring The Rick vs Jace Gryphon in one final showdown, ‘DBR’ Scott Carr vs Dr. Feelgood vs Scott DiBiase (c) in an Elimination Tables Match for the US Title and much more…


New-Found Wrestling Champion Fined

As promised per order of the new President of New Found, Eryc Morgan. Current World Heavyweight Champion, Corvus will be fined an estimated $20,000 for ignoring the ban on the “Why SO Serious” kick. Utilizing it once during the 4 on 4 tag team match and then shortly after on Scott Taylor during this past Zero Tolerance Webcast.

We tried to reach the Champion for comment but he was unavailable but representatives for Corvus have stated that once again he’ll be finding different methods of payment for his fine. Last time he was fined for assaulting a New Found official, he paid the fine with all pennies. It is being speculated this time that he’s considering Canadian “Tunies” which are $2 coins or even bottles and cans which can be redeposited for reimbursement in many states.

At the time of this article being written, Eryc Morgan stated that as much as he would like to fire Corvus for his actions he couldn’t compromise the promised title rematch against Darcsyde at New Founds “Retribution” Pay-Per-View.

“In time Corvus will be held accountable for his misdeeds and that time will be soon, I promise.” Morgan also said in a statement he released to New Found Staff.

How much longer will the “Obsidian Nightmare’s” reign last? It is hard to say but if he has his way there may be more fines and stiffer penalties in the near future.



When attempting to reach JC Barr at Apex headquarters in Fredericksburg Virginia, there was no answer. When calling the front desk his receptionist answered and simply replied that he was not in and that she would be forwarding him messages. It is rumored that JC is once again on the road recruting another member fed. Which fed could be in his sites now? One is well known.

Wrestling Revolution Federation has been being watched by Mr. Barr for quite some time and it is rumored that he has finally set the wheels in motion and that an agreement had been reached between him and ownership. Of course we don’t have this set in stone just yet, but we have been told that it is a done deal and everyone will be made aware of the partnership very soon.

However, that isn’t the only word on the street. Word is that Barr has his eye’s set on a bigger prize. Possibly the biggest federation to ever land under the AWA umbrella. He has already gone global with WTF. He went international with RPW. He has gone regional with WMW. What could possibly be bigger than what the AWA has already done?

Some say that this is a federation that has recently been resurrected from the ashes. A once great promotion that is now soaring to new hights that can take the AWA with them.


From The Latest WTF Blog:

…According to the best doctor’s that money can by, “Majikal Mayhem” Vance Bonesteel, the owner of the WTF, will no longer be able to wrestle. There is even some concern as to whether he’ll be able to walk again or not.

Aramis continues to remain in jail awaiting his next court date stemming from all the charges against him, but with the continuing comments the judge in the case has made many wonder what will happen if Vance is unable to leave the hospital to testify. It is clear that the judge blames the WTF for Aramis’ mind set and actions. Many within the WTF now wonder who will end up paying for Aramis’ actions long. Aramis or Vance Bonesteel. I’ve even heard whispers in the hallways that at least one person in WTF management thinks that this was Aramis’ goal in his last attack on Vance, to keep Vance out of court to testify on the drug and assault charges.

For any that didn’t hear though, Vance and Jennifer Bonesteel are not leaving the WTF on auto pilot. Per the contract with ESN a new General Manager had to be named in a timely manner, and could not be a Bonesteel.

We saw Jennifer Kidd-Bonesteel come out on behalf of her husband, escorted by her brother Mike Kidd and one half of the WTF tag team Champions Viking. Jennifer named long time Bonesteel family friend, and my now former broadcast partner, “The Professor” of Hardcore Jesse Kingery was named the new WTF General Manager.

All indications point towards Kingery fully supporting the WTF’s involvement in the Apex Wrestling Alliance. Either way, I am confident that while I may not like his methods along the way, Jesse Kingery’s tenure as the WTF GM will be a success for the entire company.

Now, one of the things that the AWA does every week is release a list of who they believe to be the top ten competitors amongst all the AWA affiliated companies. After the June 28th Xtreme the rankings for the week were released. The WTF was represented with four members on the rankings, tying Wrestling Midwest. Two members of Ricochet were also ranked. For the WTF, Canadian Champion Brad Bronson came in at number 9, WTF Tag Team Champions Andrew O’Reilly and Viking came in at number 6 and 4 respectively. WTF United States Champion “The Bastard Icon” Eric Dillinger came in as the number one ranked wrestler throughout the Alliance.

In other AWA news, the owner and operator of the Alliance is definitely not just a figurehead. JC Barr has been actively recruiting more companies to join the alliance. In the last two weeks he has brought Ricochet Pro Wrestling and the Wrestling Revolution Federation into the fold. Calls to Barr’s office for comment have revealed that he is once again out traveling, trying to bring yet another company into the AWA fold. With all of this attention and growth, the speculation has grown as to when an over all champion of the AWA might be crowned. I can tell you that many WTF superstars are chomping at the bit to prove how good they are against the rosters of these other companies.

Thanks to the recent efforts of WTF leaders such as Vance Bonesteel, Jordan Keyser, and now Jesse Kingery, the WTF has been slowly changing its policy of isolation to one of active involvement in the world wide wrestling community. That change in policy has been noticed, and along with the rankings in the AWA the WTF has now been included in the Wednesday Wrestling Rag’s group of 33 companies that it pulls its rankings from. With rankings in the Tag Team, Women, and Men’s divisions the Rag released a weekly ranking that included fifty of the best wrestlers in the business each and ever week.

In the latest rankings the WTF Tag Team Champions Viking and Andrew O’reilly came in at number seven in the tag rankings with a total of 17 points. Vox Nihili, the number one team coming out of the FWO scored 27 points.

In the men’s single’s rankings Viking came it at number 13 out of 25 ranks, with 19 points. The man known as the Franchise of the WTF, World Champion Shawn Anderson, came in at number 7 over all this week with 27 points.

I have to say that these numbers in both rankings do not surprise. I have long held that the WTF housed some of the greatest talent in this industry, and I am glad to see that with ESN’s influence the Bonesteel’s have finally ended the policy of isolation that I personally feel has held the WTF back for so long.

What about the action in the WTF as of late? Eric Dillinger has definitely raised eyebrows with his new found focus on not using any weapons in his matches. For any other man I’d say that is asking for a losing streak, but after watching Eric last week against Viking I have to wonder how that match would have turned out not for the interference of Jake Jakyll.

To his credit, Eric hasn’t complained once about the interference, which of course was perfectly legal under WTF rules. With his number one ranking in the AWA though, the pressure is on Eric even more now. Eric not faces a task that even he may not be up for when he battles against the tag team champions on July 12th at the next Xtreme with a partner that has long been a rival of his, World Champion Shawn Anderson. The Bastard Icon and The All Star both have egos that may not mesh very well in the ring, but if by some chance the two can put their differences a side they stand a chance of holding three of the four WTF titles between them.

Of course Viking will definitely have something to say about that. The Dark Justice enforcer won’t give up the tag belt’s easily, and with his scheduled main event world title match against Shawn Anderson at Desecration, Viking’s looking to reclaim that World Title. To say that a change has come over Viking since the apparent career ending injury to Vance Bonesteel would be an understatement. Viking has not taken things well, and with Jake Jakyll apparently acting as a sort of manager for Viking now I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of the Viking that led the Disciples of Chaos and less of the Viking that’s been leading the WTF locker room these last few months. I do wonder how Viking’s fellow tag team champion “The Emerald Hero” Andrew O’Reilly will feel about that.

Has anyone else noticed that Jordan Keyser seems to have taken his recent loss of the GM position and the Xtreme Consequences loss in the Insane Asylum pretty hard? Still, If I know the Executioner he and Jack Daniels will not stay down for long, especially with Eric Dillinger back in the fray.

Jordan is not the only one that has been low key in recent weeks. ESN has been pretty low key in the day to day running of the WTF. Is this a sign that ESN CEO Ben Cash means to keep his word and hold true to the original contract? Perhaps it has nothing to do with the contract. Could it be that Ben’s absence from WTF programming has more to do with shame than with business? When Aramis revealed that Ben had paid to keep people quiet when his son and former WTF star Evan Cash got into that alcohol related accident, ESN stockholders did not react favorably. Though the board of directors in charge of ESN voted to keep Ben Cash, they may have privately censured him. We may never know, but it has been nice to see the WTF back under its own control in recent weeks…


SCCW Down to Four in All-Barrie Tournament (from EWZine)

The tournament to crown brand new SCCW All Barrie Tag Team champions is well on its way. We have gone from 8 of the very best teams SCCW has to offer and eliminated half in order to get to where we are now.  Last week we started it on Monday Night Aggression with these match ups: 

Bracket “A”
Match 1. Paul Cain & All Barrie champion Riflewilly took on Kirsta Lewis protégé, Jackie Daniels and her partner, SCCW newcomer Sharlene Berger. The ladies put up a hell of a fight however the nod went to the current All Barrie champion and his partner Paul Cain. 

Bracket “A” 
Match 2. Jen Blackheart & Corina lost a hard fought battle to former COPW tag team champions S&M.  Corina and Blackheart had put together some good strategy on the fly, but it was the experience of S&M that lead them to victory. 

Bracket “B” 
Match 1. Team EPIC (Jay Jerzey & Orange Crush) took on two members of the Finger Puppet Mafia in Joey Johnson & Damion Darkside. Finger Puppet Mafia could not withstand the strong style, stiff tactics of Team EPIC for long when Joey Johnson succumbed to a vicious Falcon Punch. 

Bracket “B”
Match 2. Intolerable Cruelty (Josh Phoenix & Trey Williams) took on Chris Champion & the Machine as War Machine. Champion and the newcomer Machine dominated the match with the two former heavyweight champions severely overestimating their opponents. 

This leads us to this week. 
In Bracket “A”, we have Paul Cain & Riflewilly taking on S&M. This is an interesting match with Cain’s obsession with Scarlett and Rifle’s obsession with beating Patrick McCarthy. Can S&M keep their minds focused on the match at hand and can Willy do the same with “The Suicidal Superman” Myke Adams, newcomer Sydney LaRoux, and the luchadore Modo WHOA! all gunning for his All Barrie championship?
In Bracket “B”, we have Team EPIC taking on War Machine in what could only be a battle of the hardest hitting wrestlers to ever grace the SCCW rings. The sheer arrogance and speed of Jay Jerzey with the skill and strong style moves of Orange Crush taking on the total power and muscle mass of War Machine will be a match for the ages. 
In other matches last night: 
Sydney LaRoux dominated and took out yet another wrestler, Lukas Grey in her path to becoming the dominant wrestler her reputation says she is.

Myke Adams took on ADAM –X, a returning wrestler who has not been here for years. Myke showed him that sometimes the older style of wrestling is not what it takes. I think a fire has been lit under ADAM –X for his next match but Adams keeps his win streak going. 

This coming week on Monday Night Aggression: 
Tournament to crown new All Barrie Tag Team Champions Round 2 Match “A”: Paul Cain & Riflewilly Vs S&M
Paul Cain has an unhealthy obsession with Scarlett. The All Barrie champion is on a role. S&M are former champions and the longest reigning ones in Simcoe County wrestling history. Will the mind games stop Patrick & McCarthy from repeating? 
___________________ ___________________ __
Single Match: Jen Blackheart Vs ADAM-X
Miss Blackheart is out for blood now having been on a small losing streak. ADAM -X, having lost last week is looking to place his mark on the SCCW. Which one wants it more?
___________________ ___________________ __
Single Match: (winner moves up the rankings for an All Barrie title shot) Modo WHOA! Vs Sydney LaRoux
Modo WHOA! has had issues with the All Barrie champion Riflewilly since day one and that does not look near over. Sydney Laroux has been dominant the last two weeks and is looking to break into that upper tier. One is out for blood and one is out for revenge. Both have the All Barrie title in their future. Who will get it first, and will the champion have anything to do with it?
___________________ ___________________ __
Single Match: Myke Adams Vs Joey Johnson
Myke Adams has been steadily making his way to the top of the heap here in SCCW and has been doing it alone. Joey Johnston, member of Finger Puppet Mafia has been impressing those in the back with his ring work. Does he have what it takes to stop Myke from achieving that next level or will Myke once again show why he is ready to move to that top spot?
___________________ ___________________ __
Singles Match (w/Partners at ringside): Trey Williams (w/Josh Phoenix) Vs Sharlene Berger (w/Jackie Daniels)
 Both teams were on the losing end last week and both have something to prove. Trey Williams, a former big deal and champion here in SCCW, two members of Intolerable Cruelty versus a newcomer in Sharlene. Her partner, Jackie Daniels, is the protégé of the other member of Intolerable Cruelty in Kirsta Lewis. Will her friendship with Miss Lewis give her friend an edge in this match? Or will the Cruelty just be too much?
___________________ ___________________ __
Tournament to crown new All Barrie Tag Team Champions Round 2 Match “B”: Team Epic Vs Chris Champion & The Machine
Team EPIC has the skills and the attitude to make it as the champions. Champion and the Machine are almost brutality personified. This will be a clash for the ages and I am not sure who will be better off.. whoever gives up, or whoever survives to relive the viciousness. 

In other SCCW news

Strange things are beginning to take place in SCCW.  At the start of this weeks broadcast, Max Money was found laid out cold backstage with the letters ‘IC” spray painted on his back.  Who could have done this?  And do they know that they will now be hunted by Chris Champion for their actions?  It’s no secret that Champion and Max Money don’t have too many friends but most wrestlers were accounted for.  Williams and Phoenix were preparing for their match and Champion had already been seen with Lewis for a brief moment, so they couldn’t have played a part.  Could there be a 4th member of Intolerable Cruelty we haven’t seen yet?  Could the ONE former Alpha Male no one has seen or heard from in a while be behind this, trying to throw everyone off his trail? 

Riflewilly is feeling the pressure of being All Barrie champion. He has been getting into the business and the face of Modo WHOA! and if that is not enough, Sydney LaRoux has made her intentions known that she can be the All Barrie champion and a dominant one at that. Add to the fact that Myke Adams is looking to push himself out of the stigma of being a former member of Alpha Males by wining singles gold, Willy has too much to worry about now. 

Sydney LaRoux has joined forces with Team EPIC members Jay Jerzey & Orange Crush having come down last night and doing a number on Finger Puppet Mafia. With her joining Team EPIC, Alpha Males having three, Intolerable Cruelty having three, and Myke Adams reportedly throwing his lot into Finger Puppet Mafia… could an SCCW Trios tournament be too far away? 

Paul Cain has started a very unhealthy fixation on S & M’s Scarlett Willis. He has been seen backstage following her and being confrontational. This has irked Patrick McCarthy who sees himself as her savior. Can a feud for Scarlett be far off? What are his intentions with Scarlett? I am sure we will find out soon enough. 

That is it for now in regards to SCCW news. Stay tuned to the website for a special Canada Day report with comments right from the superstars themselves.



Dream Wrestling Federation (6/28)
-Lupin Cy delivers a much needed win for himself over Havoc and then unleashes a strong promo on the Polowy/Level-One DWF invasion.  

Cy: “”I know this may be a raging cliché to most of you but it’s the best I could think of when I say . . .”

The crowd freezes in silence of the brief pause.



World’s Toughest Federation (6/28)
Kow knocks Mike Kidd senseless after driving his head into a steel chair with the Kow Tipper.  Kow gets a shot at the Canadian title.
-1/2 of the WTF Tag Team Champions Viking def. U.S. Titleholder Eric Dillinger with some help from a pair of brass knuckles and Jake Jakyll.


High Octane Wrestling Mayhem (6/29)
-Shane Reynolds retains the ICON Title by defeating Trip Eisen in a ladder match.
-Newcomer Jason Wild stuns Shocker in less than 2 minutes.   Post match, another newcomer Bishop Steele joins Wild in the ring.  Wild’s reaction?  He plants him with a Death Valley Driver.
-Christopher America becomes the #1 contender for the LSD Title by defeated Chris Kostoff


Siberian Wrestling Lockdown (6/29)
-Sam X def. Olivia Quinn with the cradle piledriver.

Sam X then drills Quinn with a steel chair after the match and starts to choke her out with it causing Sorokov to come to the ring.  Sam X taunts him and basically tells him ‘your daughter or your title.’  Out of nowhere Cecile Lecrux bashes Sam X with a chair and tells him that she’s back.

-Voyle Champion Dan Filat def. Neil Climer in a non-title match via leg lock submission


Hostility Wrestling Federation Violence 37 (6/29)
Fatal Four-Way between Christian Bryce, Steve Harrison, Omnis Ra, and Sean Kage goes to Bryce, hitting the Semper Fi and pinning Omnis.
-Heroic Henry wins Handicap Battle Royale against Michael Macbeth, Johnny Murphy, Hooligan, AirStrife, and Xavier Cross
-Mike Polowy is thwarted in his quest to get a World Title shot in his match against “Steven Steele” (who was in actuality a midget dressed as Steele) when the real Steele and Heroic Henry interfere and cost him the match.


Genesis Pro 15 (6/30)
-In the Main Event, Rising Star Champion Ryan James defeats Genesis Champion  ‘The Gambler’ Jack Daniels in a battle of champions.


HOW Turmoil (7/2)
-Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal defeated Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey 
-Aceldama retains the HOW World Title over Bob “Fucking” Jared


ACW Courage ( 7/2)
-The First Airbourne (Mach 2 and Andy Sharp) def. The Heirs of Wrestling (Frank Pierce and Ryan Gallway)
-The Kingdom (Jamie and Spencer King) win their debut match over The Sex Symbols (JD and Sean Peters)
-Kelly ‘Machine’ Masters returns and beats Chris Moliano
-ACW Champion Alias joins Trevor Wilson and Brian Spaes in the Minutemen


cWo Driven (7/2)
-Mad Maddie successfully defends her cWo Women’s title over Cassie Charisma
-Mike Logan cuts a heel promo on the fans in South Carolina
-Johnny Vandal upsets cWo Champion Johnny Serious in a non-title match- post match fracas between Serious and Logan


LoC Violence 42
-##The True Blue Battlers defeat the Flying Vergomov’s to become the new LoC Tag Team Champions##
-##Brandon Thomas defeated Aria Murphyfor the Starlet crown and crowned himself the LoC Superstar Champion##


UWF: British Massacre (6/30)
-##Serena wins a 6 person scramble match to become the new  UWF TV Champion##
-##Ellisia Torretto and Super Sams win a three way match to become the new UWF Tag Team champions.##


Johnny Styles runs the gauntlet
-##Katherine Stryfe becomes the new Barely Legal Champion defeating Paradox##


PCW House Show (7/4)
-PCW Champion O’Beck Bahama retains title with win over Big Oil
-Miss USA makes her unofficial debut- helps Starz N. Stripes, A-Bomb, and ‘PCW’s Princess of Political Incorrectness’ Andrea Doria defeat the Axis of Evil


Pro Wrestling LARIAT (7/4)
-Team Texas def. Team America when Dusty Griffith nailed Frank Dylan James with a twisting belly to belly suplex


E-Wrestler of the Week on the way tonight…

NOTE: no E-Wrestling Week in Review next week due to vacation.  We’ll be back in 2 weeks.