EW TorchCenter: Thursday’s E-Wrestling Round-Up

Tonight on EW TorchCenter:

-What is HOW’s Lee Best doing on PCW TV?
Best goes over and pushes the closet towards the edge of the stage. Biden’s voice: “Hey! What’s going on?” Suave: “HE’S NOT GOING TO…HE IS!” With a mighty push, Best shoves the portable closet off the stage. The closet slams into and destroys a front row table. Suave: “HOLY CRAP!” Crowd: “HOLY ****! HOLY ****! HOLY ****!…”
(courtesy of Political Championship Wrestling)

-What do the Apex Wrestling Association and Ricochet Pro Wrestling have in common?
AWA Chairman J.C. Barr stands with RPW Owner Buzz Stone in the ring.

-And Dream Minor League wrestling gears up for action.   All this tonight on EW TorchCenter…


EW TorchCenter for Thursday June 25th
Host: ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin

Tessa: “Good evening everyone and welcome to another edition of EW TorchCenter.  I’m Tessa Martin and let’s get right to it.


Tessa: “PCW hit the airwaves last night with another edition of Extreme Political TV.”

(Jack Schett and Bull Schett vs. Total Eliminators)
Suave: “Lockup, Bull powers Cadillac to the corner. Kick to the gut. That’ll knock your wind out. Another big shot.” Cadillac wobbles in the corner. Jaguar in and runs the ropes. He goes for a high crossbody and eats a big boot to the face. Suave: “HOLY CRAP! JAGUAR CAUGHT THAT ONE FLUSH! Cadillac with a clothesline…ah no go. Bull sends him for the ride…Cadillac ducks a clothesline…flying forearm! Cadillac landed it perfectly. He’s raining punches down on Bull…Jack’s in…OH! BIG slap to the chest sends Cadillac flying.”…

Tessa: “The Schetts get a tough battle from newcomers Total Eliminators but in the end they deliver the goods…or the Schett-brick.”

…Suave: “IT’S TIME! BULL’S ON THE TOP ROPE AND HE’S PUTTING A BRICK IN THE BACK OF HIS TRUNKS!” Bull leaps backwards in a sitting position and lands on Jaguar’s chest. Suave: “SCHETT-BRICK! SCHETT-BRICK! BULL COVERS. ONE…TWO…THREE!”…

Tessa: “The highlight of the night was HOW’s Lee Best making a guest appearance.  He apparently took exception to some things that Joe Biden said on last week’s episode of PCW Extreme Political TV.”

…Obama: “That part of the speech is right on. The rest of Biden’s speech…ah…never mind. So, I ask everyone to hang in there and-” Man’s voice: “WHERE IS HE?” Suave: “HOLY CRAP! I DON’T BELIEVE IT! THAT’S HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING OWNER LEE BEST, ALL BANDAGED UP AND OUT OF THE HOSPITAL, AND HERE AT HACK’S RUSTY NAIL SALOON!” Best: “WHERE THE **** IS HE?” Obama: “Who?” Best: “Don’t play games with me. Kirsta Lewis told me everything about Biden’s speech. Now, where is he?”

Everyone in the building points at the portable closet. Biden’s voice: “Say, why has it gotten all quiet?” Best goes over and pushes the closet towards the edge of the stage. Biden’s voice: “Hey! What’s going on?” Suave: “HE’S NOT GOING TO…HE IS!” With a mighty push, Best shoves the portable closet off the stage. The closet slams into and destroys a front row table. Suave: “HOLY CRAP!” Crowd: “HOLY ****! HOLY ****! HOLY ****!…”…


Tessa: “PWR posted the results from their Justice 47 show on 6/21.

(courtesy of Phoenix Wrestling Revolution)
[[Marvel reacts fast, lifting Lance to his feet and kneeing him in the gut, setting him up for and initiating the Marvelbuster on him! The fans boo heavily as Marvel screams for the ref, standing over Lance with one foot on his chest for the pin..]]  1..2…3…. PIN FALL!

Tessa: “The Masked Marvel gets the duke over Steven Lance to open up the show.  In other matches:

-Juan Ramirez and Clyde Williams def. T.J. Jones and Jimmy Malaspino.  Ramirez pins Jones for the win.

-Heiki Heidenreich overcomes the distraction of ADL and KO’s Jose Roman

-Cable defeats Chris Chaos in an IHOP – Come Happy, Leave Dead – Death Match held at a local International House of Pancakes

-Hawk Henshaw and Latricia successfully defend their PWR Tag Team titles, using a little trickery to score a victory over Scott Rage and John Cross

[[Cross raises a shoulder to the powerbomb, and Latrisha gives the referee a dirty look because of it. As the ref’s back is turned, Henshaw rolls a syringe into the ring, which Latrisha quickly scoops up as she acts like she’s trying to adjust her ring boot. That syringe goes into the fold of her boot strap, and she kneels down and places Cross in a sleeper. Rage tries to let the ref know about the illegal tactic, and it’s during this inadvertent distraction time that Latrisha pulls out the syringe as she struggles to hold onto to Cross, and injects it into his neck. The syringe is tossed to the outside, and the referee looks back to Latrisha to see her cranking on the sleeper to a fading John Cross. Supposed cheat tactics are dismissed by the ref, who goes back to paying attention to the sleeper. From the look on John’s face, he’s out. He raises the arm once, it drops. He raises it again, it drops. Rage meanwhile is throwing a shit fit in his corner. He raises it one more time, and it drops for the final time, signalling the end of the match.]]

William vs. Hannah Rickman for the Revolution Championship title…

[[The fans boo as Rickman uses her non-injured leg to hoist herself out of the pin fall. She attempts to roll to the side, but the pain makes her move rather slowly. William rises to his feet and lifts her up as well; limping the entire way up. He kicks her in the gut and goes to hoist her up onto his shoulders, but upon instinct, where the ref cannot see, Rickman wraps a tight grip around the balls of William. His eyes widen and he chokes for words. Rickman twists her hand, putting more and more pain on William. The ref comes between them to see what is happening, causing Rickman to quickly drop the hold. William backs up holding his good while Hannah slowly hobbles forward, punching him in the stomach with her right hand and turns around, attempting the Ode to Jude. However, William pushes her, causing her to stumble forward. He moves behind her, and as she turns around hits her with REDEMPTION! He drops down over her, making sure she can’t reach the ropes.]]  1..2…3…. PIN FALL!

Tessa: “William ends Rickman’s title reign and becomes the new PWR Revolution Champion.”


Tessa: “And there was three.  Last night at a RPW event, APA Chairman J.C. Barr joined RPW’s owner Buzz Stone in the ring and announced that RPW would join the World’s Toughest Federation and Wrestling Midwest in Apex.  Today, APA released the following memo:

Ricochet Pro Wrestling had a historic Crossfire on Wednesday night. The night started off with Ricochet owner, Buzz Stone, standing in the ring with none other than JC Barr to announce that Ricochet had joined Barr’s Apex Wrestling Alliance, joining with such feds as Wrestling Midwest (WMW) and World’s Toughest Federation (WTF) as their first internationally based federation. This is a historic move for Ricochet as RPW has not been a part of any organization since their very public departure from the NeWA more than two years ago. Ricochet’s joining of the AWA seems to be beneficial both organizations as it will provide much needed funding to Ricochet, which has been having public financial problems since the beginning of this year. It will also provide international exposure for both the AWA and its members feds, which is something they were interested in.

(Morton Murphy’s Interview with Shepherd)
…Shep: It was a pain I don’t think I could ever imagine.  I mean, first thing I thought was I’ve broken it worse.  But it was far worse than I ever could have imagined.  My hand was a mess right inside that cast, Morty.  It was destroyed inside that cast.  The doctor cut it open and he said that bones had severed through tendons and ligaments and there weren’t nothin’ he could do to get it back up and running.  They talked about pig tendons and monkey parts and shit but I wasn’t for that.  I didn’t want no animal’s bits and bobs in my fucken hand, Morty.  So they gave me the offer of tryin’ with the animal bits or cut it off.  Even with the animal bits they couldn’t say if it’d work again so it was off with the hand.

MM: Just like that?

Shep: Just like that.

Tessa: “That’s part of Morton Murphy’s sit down with Just Wrestling’s Shepherd where they discuss how he lost his hand.  For the full interview, click here…”


Tessa: “LoC announced the card for Violence 42 on their website today.  Highlights include a special announcement by Brandon Thomas and Jon Katz Jr. and well as the rematch between Thomas and Aria Murphy.  Last week on Violence 41, Murphy stunned Thomas by pinning him while Thomas was attempting to declothe her.  Other matches on the card include:

-The Flying Vergomov’s put their Tag Team belts on the line against the debuting True Blue Battlers

-Master Mitaki, Cordova, and Esperanzo meet in a three way dance to decide the vacant Flyweight championship.

-Main Event: Ryan Billows vs. Penance in a loser leaves town match.

Tessa: “Go here for more info: Legacy of Champions Violence 42


Tessa: “If you’re looking for a shot at stardom, DML is looking for you.  DML is offering 4 week contracts to those interesting in joining Dream Wrestling Federation’s official developmental territory with the best of the best having a chance to be called up to the DWF.  DML will be based out of Charleston, South Dakota and an announcement is forthcoming concerning their first event- ‘Chasing the Dream.'”


Tessa: “And speaking of the DWF, they announced on their website today that the July 5th episode of DWF Slaughter will be ‘Fan Appreciation Day’ with ‘free stuff galore’ and feature the big mystery box of fun.  According to the DWF website: “Talent will not know what type of match they will be in until right before it, when a match stipulation will be drawn out of the box.”  Sounds like a lot of fun.”


  • HOW: Thursday Night Turmoil
    June 25, 2009 at 10pm to June 26, 2009 at 12:15pm – The Best Arena
  • GWO Presents: Theater of Destruction
    June 28, 2009 from 7pm to 11pm – U.S. Cellular Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Genesis 15
    June 30, 2009 from 11am to 1pm – Waverly Stadium
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    Tessa: “Also, we had hoped to have FWO reAction results for you tonight but they have not been posted yet.  We are off til Sunday night.  We’ll have FWO and HOW Turmoil results for you and much more.  Until then, I’m Tessa Martin.  Johnny Suave will be back with me Sunday night.  Good night everyone.”