EW TorchCenter-Tuesday’s E-Wrestling News Roundup

Tonight on EW TorchCenter:

Trouble at Orlando Pro Wrestling.  No TV Contract.  And no show last Friday.
Source: Orlando Pro Wrestling

“I feel like we’ve been ripped off and had our time wasted. We came here to see a wrestling event and instead we’re being treated like this?…”

“They shouldn’t have even scheduled a show if they were going to cancel it on everybody the last minute like this…”

One week from the GWO’s Theater of Destruction, Tommy Glass shatters the glass ceiling…
Source: Borg vs. Glass for the GWO Title

Borg charges, going for a clothesline. Glass ducks, and picks Borg up on his shoulders.
Glass flips Borg over his head, kicking him in the face for the Shattered Glass.

Glass looks at Borg in utter amazement as he lies on the ground, apparently unconscious. Glass looks angry. He leans over, slapping Borg in the face. Borg does not wake.

And if the Miss USA/DWF Saga couldn’t get any stranger…well…you know…all this and more tonight on EWTorchCenter.


EW TorchCenter for Tuesday June 23rd
Hosts: Johnny Suave and ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin

Suave: “Good evening and welcome to EW TorchCenter.  I’m Johnny Suave.  That’s Tessa Martin.  Leading off tonight, the continuing problems with the Orlando Pro Wrestling federation.  Early this morning, Orlando Pro Wrestling released this statement to the EWNexus site:

Source: EWNexus and Orlando Pro Wrestling:

“Fans who stood in line for several hours to buy tickets to a recent Orlando Pro Wrestling event were told to return their ticket stubs in order to receive a full refund.

Orlando Pro Wrestling no longer has a television contract with the FOX Sports Entertainment Network and seems to be in jeopardy of folding in the very near future.

One fan, receiving a refund, had this to say.

“I feel like we’ve been ripped off and had our time wasted. We came here to see a wrestling event and instead we’re being treated like this? We’re all being handed our money back and just told ‘Sorry for the inconvience’ What’s going on?”

Another fan also voiced her concerns.

“They shouldn’t have even scheduled a show if they were going to cancel it on everybody the last minute like this. That’s just a bad way to do business. People are upset. I’m upset. My family and friends are upset. I was really looking forward to having fun tonight.”

Suave: “According to the story in the EWNexus, former Superstars Wrestling Federation and Future Wrestling League owner, Matthew Martin, may have an interest in purchasing Orlando Pro Wrestling.  OPW’s fate may hinge on the success of a show it just scheduled on July 4th.  Will the fans come back?  We’ll find out soon enough.  Tess?

Tessa: “Thanks Johnny.”


Tessa: “The GWO crowned a new champion Sunday night during it’s weekly episode of GWO Punishment…”

Source: GWO

Borg steps in the ring. He hands the Global title out of the ring to a crewman, and turns to face Glass. Harold Marcus calls for the bell.


Borg charges, going for a clothesline. Glass ducks, and picks Borg up on his shoulders.
Glass flips Borg over his head, kicking him in the face for the Shattered Glass.

Tessa: “…Tommy Glass stunned former GWO Champion ‘Totally Bored’ Hyan Borg with a Shattered Glass right off the bell…

Glass looks at Borg in utter amazement as he lies on the ground, apparently unconscious. Glass looks angry. He leans over, slapping Borg in the face. Borg does not wake.MD: Something’s not right here.
A: The cover?
Glass puts a foot on Borg’s chest, a confused look on his face. Harold Marcus takes his time with the count.
HM: One…………Two………Three!


Glass stands in the ring, still looking down on Borg’s lifeless body as someone hands him the Global Championship.

Tessa: “…and that was it.  Glass captures the GWO title in super swift fashion.  Apparently, Glass felt he didn’t get enough ring action in the match…

GWO President Jimmy Lemke has some choice words with some fans below the stage. He smiles, flips them off, and turns around to find Tommy Glass hitting him across the face with the Global Championship.


Glass raises the title to the fans as Jimmy Lemke lays out, unconscious, on the stage, just as Borg does in the ring. Glass raises the championship belt once again.

Tessa: “Lemke, whom Glass has had some issues with, attempted to make nice with the new champion after the match.  As you can see, Glass politely rebuffed his offer.  Johnny?”


Suave: “The twisted tale of the end of Miss USA’s reign in the Dream Wrestling Federation took an even stranger turn today.  EWNexus broke the news late last night that Miss USA is…pregnant…”

EWNexus Exclusive: Shocking Announcement

Suave: “…What does this for her recently signed deal with High Octane Wrestling?  Well, it’s kind of hard to wrestle when you’re carrying a child…not that I would know…about carrying a child…and wrestling…and wrestling while you’re carrying a child…but that’s beside’s the point.  High Octane Wrestling has already reacted to the story by placing a caption underneath this poster…

Miss USA is pregnant?  Good thing she’s not the woman in our PPV banner! Oh, and this just in, DWF has formally released Miss USA.  Tess?”


Tessa: “Thanks, Johnny.  From my standpoint of a recently retired woman professional wrestler-”

Suave: “Sigh, and you’re only twenty-four!”

Tessa: “Down, Johnny.  As I said.  From my viewpoint, this whole mess could have been better handled by all sides.  What Miss USA should have done from the beginning is do to business the right way.  There’s a way to do things and a way not to do things.   She should have put in her notice and then offered to drop the title at the earliest possibility.  That’s the professional way of doing business.  And now this whole business about her being pregnant?  I get a sinking feeling that there’s more to this whole sordid affair than what we know at this point.  And I don’t think I want to know any more.

“As for DWF’s actions, I find the exit angle they came up with to be questionable at the least and insulting and demeaning at the most.  When I left Political Championship Wrestling last month, if they would have come up to me and proposed the angle that the DWF did on Sunday night, I would have told them to go to hell and flatly refuse to do it.  Again, it’s all about handling business in a professional way.  If I, a woman wrestler-”

Suave: “Retired.”

Tessa: “Yes…retired woman wrestler, if I see a company pull an angle with someone who’s leaving similar to the one they did to Miss USA – I’d have to seriously ask myself ‘would I ever want to work for them?’  Not a chance.  It’s also a shame that so very few federations make any effort to run a credible women’s division.  But that’s another commentary for another day.  Back at you Johnny.”

Suave: “Thanks Tess.”


Suave: “Along with the Borg-Glass title match, there were other matches on the undercard.  Let’s look at the results:

-Alex Cameron defeats The Eagle with the Cradle Piledriver
-Kenny Kapowski over Padraig Lawler who submits to the Straightjacket Death Lock and closes out qualifying for the Extreme Elimination Match.

The contestants for the Extreme Elimination Match this Sunday at Theater of Destruction are: Shawn FX, Ryan Maxem, Alex Cameron, and Kenny Kapowski

-Shawn FX defeats Dylan Wolfe

Suave: “Tess?”


Tessa: “HOW’s Aftershock shook up the Best Arena in Chicago last night with a five match card.  Here’s how the night turned out:

-Chris Kostoff defeats the Silver Phoenix
-Marcus Reinhart def. Joseph ‘Spook’ Gregory
-Max Kael keeps his SSE belt by defeating Trent
-Shane Reynolds retains the ICON Title with a win over Trip Eisen
-David Black successfully defends his LSD Title in a knock down, drag out brawl with Christopher America

Tessa: “In outside the ring matters, it seems HOW Owner Lee Best is very pleased with the turn of events that’s placed Ryan Faze in control of HOW’s Monday night show.  Here’s the memo sent out from HOW today:

Source: High Octane Wrestling

  • Recovering from injuries in the comfort of his own home, Lee Best was literally “shocked” by the events that transpired last night on Aftershock and was impressed, to say the least, with the execution of Ryan Faze’s master plan.  So much so, that he appointed the “Phenomenal One” as the new General Manager of Monday Night Mayhem.Wait a second…MAYHEM?!?Yes, you heard correctly.  After Michael DeNucci’s destruction at the hands of Faze himself, Lee saw no point in keeping the Aftershock name from a federation that has been long since dead and gone.

    Next week, the return of Mayhem will see plenty of superstars in action, including Shane Reynolds who will defend his ICON title against Trip Eisen after the two had such a closely contested match on Aftershock.  David Black will also get a close scouting report of his next challenger for the LSD title, as he will serve as the Special Guest Referee for the #1 Contender’s match between Kostoff and Christopher America.  For months, fans have been salivating for a matchup between the two “Gods of Trash Talk” and with Black involved as the referee, things are sure to get out of hand.

    Stay tuned for further developments as we receive word here at HOWrestling.com!


Suave: “Youngstown, Ohio played host to Genesis Pro Wrestling’s ‘Play Dead Live Pay Per View yesterday.  Here are those results:

-Simon Maxwell Pain delivers the Lights Out on Johnny LeSatt to get the win
-Chris Storm goes over the Joker via the Figure Four leg lock
-Future defeats the American Dream with the Time Stopper
-Wynter deep freezes Stitch with his Frostbite submission hold
-Vincent Kane wins a Triple Threat Match over Korey ‘Rampage’ Jones and 8BALL
-Dean Williams delivers chaos to Lance Kerwin.  Win via the Chaos Theory.
-Ryan James defends his Rising Star title over Seth Iser
-In a Steel Cage Match that ended when one competitor couldn’t continue- Sean ‘The Natural’ Tyler spends most of the match against James ‘Big Trouble’ Kendrick getting his ass handed to him until he climbs the cage…watch this.”

Source: Genesis Pro

[Kendrix wraps his right arm around Tyler’s left leg and hoists him onto the top of the cage. Tyler’s dangling upside-down, his mid-section draped on the cage wall.]

Joe Gardner – Wait, Kendrix is going to drop Tyler head-first to the floor! This would be a savage attack!

[Kendrix pushes on Tyler’s feet, trying to propel him over the top of the cage. Tyler at last comes to and meets Kendrix with some resistance. Kendrix ascends to the top rope to make the push easier, but he’s met with a kick to the head! Kendrix grabs the cage to keep his balance and shake the cobwebs loose, but he gets kicked again. Tyler takes the opportunity to regain his balance, and…]

Joe Gardner – Sean Tyler is standing on top of the cage!

[Tyler leaps off, executing a 180* spin and landing on Kendrix’ shoulders. In one fluid motion, Tyler falls back, taking Kendrix headfirst to the mat with him.]

Joe Gardner – DOWN TO EARTH! Sean Tyler just took James Kendrix down all the way from the top rope, and Kendrix’ head bounced off the mat!

[Kendrix is lifeless and face-down on the mat, but Tyler immediately stirs, pointing to his downed opponent. Manfred Lewis rushes to Kendrix and tries to get his attention, receiving no response. Lewis lifts Kendrix’ arm once…and it falls back down.]

Crowd – One!

[Tyler sits up, watching Lewis lift Big Trouble’s arm again, and again it falls harmlessly to the mat.]

Crowd – Two!

[The referee pauses to yell at Tyler, who has used the ropes to get up to his feet and wants to continue the assault. After restraining The Natural, he lifts Kendrix’ arm for a third time…]

Crowd – THREE!

-The Triple Threat match for the Genesis Championship between ‘The Gambler’ Jack Daniels, Lance ‘Killer’ Lewis, and John C. Paige goes to a double count-out when neither Lewis or Paige come out for the match.


Tessa: “WCF Slam from 6/22 are as follows:

Source: EWNexus

-D-Day defeats Chris Avery with some help from Ryan Daniels
-Johnny Anthrax and Tank Reaper- no match.  Anthrax attacked Reaper with a chain before the bell and the match was scrubbed.
-Johnny Reb and Dake Ken def. the Tean of Treachery when Reb pinned the Jack of Blades


Suave: “ICWF Rain of Terror 2009 in the books with a 12 match card.  Every title was on the line and the winners included:

-##Adrian Tanner Jr. and Cecil Kennedy aka NextWave outlast PPD, ‘Nuff Said, and the Rossis to become the first ICWF TV Tag Team Champions##
-‘The Hangman’ Caleb Walters def. ‘Flyking’ Will Geddings to advance to the finals of the Mother of All Tournaments
-‘Evil Voodoo’ Dave Pietka def. “Jester” Chad Allan and Vince ‘Vile’ Viper to also advancee to the finals of the Mother of All Tournaments.
-##Rich Patterson took the ICWF Television title, winning a three-way match with former Champion CK Walker and Alexander Megalos##
-##Eraser def. Lexx Love III to become the new ICWF Intercontinental Champion##
-##Iris Galavar becomes the new ICWF Women’s Champion in a three way match over former champion Lindsay Page and ‘NY Knockout’ Nikki Jameson##
-##Shattered Dreams def. Champions Adam Caeser and Steve Bradley and Unique Element and become the new ICWF Tag Team Champions##
-Pietka wins the Mother of All Tournaments final over Walters
-Dexter Payne retains the ICWF World Heavyweight Title over Lone Wolf


Tessa: “This just in…LoC just posted that ‘Young Lion’ Ryan Billows failed a drug test and has been suspended for 30 days.  More details can be found at Legacy of Champions website.

Suave: “Check out these stories on EWTorch.com

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Tessa: “I’m Tessa Martin.”

Suave: “And I’m Johnny Suave.  Tessa will be flying solo tomorrow as I’m headed out tonight to Ohio for my PCW announcing duties.  Good night everyone”