[EWC] Friday Night Rampage – 2/12/16

WARNING: This live event contains stunts performed by professionals or under the supervision of professionals and maybe unsuitable for younger viewers. Accordingly EWC and it’s producers must insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any stunt or activity performed in this live event.

The Extreme Wrestling Corporation presents


FEBRUARY 12, 2016


February 12, 2016

Live From Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Commentators: David Arquette & Scott Caan
Announcer: Emmanuelle Chriqui
Head Ref: John Dean
Backstage Help: Ace Heart

“Figure It Out” by Royal Blood blasts in the arena as the show starts off with video footage detailing historic events that have taken place on Friday Night Rampage. Images of previous Champions are shown, starting with Chupacabra then moving onto Cameron Hayden, Michael Saint, Shadow Man, Level One and James Chambers. Sped up footage then shows a special montage of Memphis Reigns, Blade, Ebon, Jesse Nunez, Hurricane Jeff, Moses Lake, Kid Cactus, Kid Cannabis, BDC, Jay Cee, Stray and then explodes into Sedition members Gladiator and then The Rev, before switching to recent time with Ruthan Park and Luke Wolfe, Emevlas Stastias and Griffin Hawkins, before ending with Project Chaos and the EWC Undisputed World Champion XPLODE.


The opening pyros hit and here we go.

The Chesapeake Energy Arena is rocking, sold out with over 20,000 fans in attendance. The camera pans around showing the excited crowd jumping for joy in anticipation for the beginning of the show.

The camera then pans out showing a full scale view of the jam packed arena and zooms in on some crazy fans holding up their signs.







Michael Saint: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. A lot of people might not like me, but I do what I do out of what’s best for the Rampage brand. My responsibilities as General Manager is to make sure Rampage puts out the best product every week…especially when it comes to its Champions. As you know, I have suspended The EWC Television Champion Griffin Hawkins.

The crowd boos at this decision.

Michael Saint: I understand it was not a popular decision…but it had to be done. With Griffin’s suspension in tact, he can’t fulfill his duties as Champion. The rules state that if a Champion can’t defend his title within 30 days, he must relinquish it.

Crowd: *Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap* We Want Hawkins! *Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap* We Want Hawkins!

Michael Saint: See..you people are part of the problem here. Griffin’s ego always seems to get him into hot water…and all of you are not helping him at all. I look around and I see people with signs that read…Griffin Rocks….Free Hawkins and what not. And that is a problem because you all are causing Griffin to confuse popularity with what’s best for the Rampage brand. Really, I get it, he’s insanely popular. I get that he gives you all something to hope for in your..empty mediocre lives, but popularity isn’t everything.

The crowd is booing him as he tries to maintain his composure.

Scott Caan: Wow it’s..almost as if he’s deriding the fans just because they are cheering for Hawkins..

David Arquette: He’s the boss, he can do whatever he wants! You want to tell him he can’t do that?

Michael Saint: If Griffin wants a title so much…I can grant it for him. I’m reasonable… after his suspension is over, I could always create a European Title…or maybe a Cruiserweight Title…something nice like that for him to compete for. But right now he needs to do the right thing and forfeit the TV Title to me. You all deserve a TV Champion who can defend the belt every week. And Griffin..unfortunately is not the man for the job. So Griffin, come on out here and do what’s right. No more sneak attacks, no more disguises, just you and me in this ring.

“Monkey Business” kicks in as Griffin emerges from the back, dressed in street clothes consisting of a Leather Jacket with a Guns N Roses T-Shirt underneath and red leather pants. He has the TV Title around his shoulder as he walks down the ramp. He doesn’t look too happy.

Scott Caan: And there’s the TV Champion..or should we say soon to be ex TV Champion…

David Arquette: I’ll admit, Griffin had a nice reign as Television Champion…it’s a shame it has to end this way.

Scott Caan: I don’t really understand Mr.Saint’s reasoning. He could have done this behind closed doors..but instead he wants Griffin to do this in public in front of the entire world. He’s got friends and family at home watching this on national television…what must be going through their heads?!”

David Arquette: It’s obvious he’s doing this to humiliate Hawkins…you may not like it, but he’s the boss!

He gets in the ring, looking straight at Saint before grabbing a microphone.

Michael Saint: I appreciate you coming out here for this Griffin. Now..I could strip you of the title…but that wouldn’t really be fair. Instead I want you to make the decision. And you know deep down in your heart of hearts that the EWC Universe deserves an active Champion. If you care anything about the fans, you’ll do the right thing and relinquish the Championship right here tonight.

The crowd continues booing, not liking this decision at all. Griffin has a microphone in hand as he begins to speak.

Griffin Hawkins: Well…Saint, you did bring up a lot of good points. These fans deserve a Champion that’s active, a Champion that comes out every week to defend this title against the best Rampage has to offer. There is really no shame in giving up this title…”

Michael Saint: You’re right Griffin..there is no shame in giving up the belt. I guarantee you when you come back, you’ll get another opportunity.

Griffin Hawkins: Actually…Saint, I wasn’t finished. I said there really is no shame in giving up this title…but there is shame in giving up the title to a pathetic shell of a human being like you!

The crowd pops huge in agreement as Saint looks angry.

Michael Saint: …Listen to me Hawkins, I..

Griffin Hawkins: No, shut up! You’re gonna listen to me! You are gonna listen to what I have to say whether you like it or not! For once in your fucking life, take your balls out of your purse and man up! This has nothing to do with the TV Title…this has nothing to do with me…this has a lot to do with you. You see, I know who you are, before I got here you were the man. You’re a 2 Time World Champion…Undefeated International Champion…you were somebody people talked about all the time..and now…look at you. You’ve become soft. You’ve become complacent. You’ve become a sellout. You traded in your lame ass tights for your equally lame ass suit and became the Rampage GM with a receding hairline..and somehow deluded yourself into thinking you’re a “ladies man”, when in reality the only women you can get is the ones you pay for. It must really burn your up inside that you can’t wrestle anymore, that’s why you’re taking your anger and insecurities out on me, out on Mark Storm, out Luke Wolfe, out on anyone who people see as the future of EWC. I can look you dead in your eyes and see that you hate my guts and you don’t want me to succeed here..that’s why you’re trying to take this belt away from me.

Michael Saint: Whoa Whoa..you got it all wrong Hawkins, I think you’ve been reading too many Oliver Stone novels. There is no conspiracy. I respect the talent of EWC Rampage, I do indeed see them as the future. I’m a fair and unbiased man, so you can stop trying to make me out to be some kind of creature who’s out to destroy you.

Griffin Hawkins: You’re right, maybe it’s all in my head…but would a fair General Manager refer to one of his Champions as a failure? Would a fair General Manager try and punish his one of his Superstars by booking him in a match with his hair on the line out of punishment? You can lie to these people..but they’re not stupid, and neither am I. This whole vendetta against me is nothing but pure jealousy that I am one of the top superstars on your brand..and you’re just forced to sit back and watch it happen. You have contempt for somebody who pretty much took your spot. You’re no longer a wrestling champion Saint…you’re a wrestling afterthought.

Saint has an intent glare at Hawkins as he grips the mic.

Michael Saint: You think I’m weak? You think I’m soft! Who the hell do you think you’re talking to you disrespectful bleach blonde punk?! I have been in the ring with just about everyone in EWC, I’ve main evented matches all over the world…I’ve been in the ring with people who would make you run home and cry to your mama…so don’t even test me, don’t even go there. I can still go…but I do it on my terms, not yours. But right now I’m a business man first…not a wrestler. And as for me abusing my power, I’m only doing what’s fair for this brand. So people..despite what Griffin and everyone else in the Rampage locker room thinks, I’m not a dictator. It would be so much easier if everyone just learned to get along with me.

The crowd boos, not believing him.

Griffin Hawkins: Actually..Saint, you’re not a dictator..you’re just a dick..

Michael Saint: Hey! You need to watch who you’re talking to Hawkins! Now we can argue all night, but that won’t get us anywhere. I asked you to come here to deliver that title to me, and that’s what you’re going to do, now hand it over!

Griffin takes the belt off his shoulder, looking down at it as Saint has his hand out. The crowd is chanting “NO!” over and over as Griffin looks out at the audience.

Michael Saint: ..Don’t listen to these people Griffin, they don’t know whats best for this show…I do. And it’s time for you to do the right thing.

Griffin looks back down at his TV Title, then at Saint. In one swift motion, he suddenly hits Saint with the TV Title! The crowd is on their feet cheering!

Scott Caan: Oh my God! Griffin just blasted Saint with the TV Title!

David Arquette: Has he gone crazy!? He can’t do that!

Scott Caan: I think he just did!

“Monkey Business” hits as Griffin leaves the ring with the TV Belt around his shoulder. He heads up towards the entrance and stops at the ramp, looking back at Saint who is groggily trying to get up, using the ropes to keep himself from falling over. Griffin raises the TV Title in the air as Saint is fuming with anger.



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Scott Caan: Next up the opening contest for the night.

David Arquette: That is correct. We got JTC fresh off his win over last week against Marcus Strife a man looking to get his first win in EWC.

Emmanuelle Chriqui: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the opening contest of Friday Night Rampage! Introducing first from Wherever He May Roam weighing in at Three Hundred Pounds! The Roamer! The Wanderer! The Nomad! The Vagabond! Markus Strife!!!!!!!

Lights flicker and the room fills with fog as Metallica’s Wherever I May Roam plays. Markus enters on his motorcycle in all black clothing he circles the ring once before entering the ring removing his jacket.

Emmanuelle Chriqui: And his opponent from Madison Wisconsin weighing in at Two Hundred and Forty Pounds JTC!

‘Cry Little Sister’ By Seasons After hits the pa system as the fans are in mixed chants ‘Cross Sucks… Lets Go Cross’ as JTC wearing his blue jeans and a white tank top as JTC walks down the ramp as he give the fans high fives who wants to as I slide in the ring and raise my hands by the center of the ropes.

The Ref calls for the bell as both competitors begin circling up. Marcus goes for a lock up, only for JTC to duck underneath and kick the back of Strife’s leg. Strife turns around, looking to get a hold of JTC, but he ducks once again and kicks the back of Strife’s legs. JTC doesn’t stop there, bouncing off the ropes and coming back with a spinning wheel kick that sends Strife stumbling back. Strife regains his composure and charges forward, only for JTC to slide through his legs before jumping up, connecting with a lungblower that sends the big man to the mat.

Scott Caan: JTC controlling the early moments of the match.

David Arquette: He has to use his speed right now if he wants to win. If he can avoid Strife’s grasp and continue to stick and move, he has a shot.

JTC connecting with several stomps to keep the big man grounded. JTC backs away, seemingly measuring Strife as he slowly makes his way to his feet. As he gets to a knee, JTC rushes forward, connecting with an enzuigiri to the back of his head. JTC goes for a pin.



Marcus Strife kicks out with authority, pushing JTC off from the force.

JTC simply shakes his head as he measures Strife once more. As Strife gets to his knees, JTC rushes forward, looking to hit another enzuigiri once more, but Strife catches the foot before pulling JTC in, grabbing him in a bearhug. Strife begins to squeeze tightly as JTC struggles, desperate to break free of the large man’s grasp. As JTC struggles to free himself, Strife turns his body, slamming JTC into the ground with a belly to belly that leaves JTC gasping for air. As JTC gets to her feet, Strife wraps his arms around him, sending JTC back into the mat with a german suplex. Strife keeps his arms locked as he stands up, hitting another german suplex. Once more the arms are locked as Strife gets up one more time, hitting a third german suplex that sends JTC flying across the ring and to the outside. Strife looks to follow JTC to the outside, but blows it off and stands at the ropes watching








JTC starts to stir, using the steel steps to get to his feet.



JTC dives into the ring, breaking the count. Strife begins to advance, only for JTC to roll to the outside once more. Strife goes to follow, getting halfway out of the ring before JTC connects with a big time chop that echoes throughout the arena. Strife seems stunned for a second, almost unable to believe he got chopped, allowing JTC to connect with another chop.Strife looks pissed, turning his head in time to see the hand coming for a third chop. Strife catches the arm and shakes his head before entering the ring, practically dragging JTC onto the apron. Strife looks out into the crowd before turning back to JTC, who drops down to the floor, draping Strife’s arm across the ropes. Strife releases JTC’s arm and grabs his own in pain, allowing JTC to slide into the ring undetected. JTC wastes no time, connecting with a chop block that sends the big man down to a knee. JTC grabs Strife by the head setting up and connecting with a Piledriver!



Marucs Strife kicks out!

Scott Caan: JTC beginning to fight back against the larger Robbins.

David Arquette He’s using his size to press an advantage, but unable to capitalize after that piledriver he is out on the mat

Both competitors are down on the mat as the crowd begins clapping, trying to urge the two back to their feet. Both JTC and Strife manage to make it to their feet, JTC using the turnbuckles as Strife pushes himself off the mat. JTC is the first to strike, connecting with a forearm to the stomach. Strife doubles over in pain as JTC connects with an enzuigiri, sending Strife down to the mat clutching his head. As Strife tries to recover, JTC grabs his legs, locking in the Tap-Out. Strife tries to struggle before JTC manages to grab his arms and then after letting the hold go kicking him in the face. JTC once again locks in The Tap-Out! Strife puts up little fight before tapping out!

Winner Via Submission: JTC!

Emmanuelle Chriqui: Here is your winner JTC!!!!!

Scott Caan: JTC with another hard fought win in as many weeks.

David Arquette: Second show straight he has won by submission. Can anyone break that hold?

JTC celebrates on his way up the ramp as we go to…



Scott Caan: Next up is a match we have been waiting for the return of Eric Steele.

David Arquette: That is right he makes his return against Sean Lorrenza in what will be a great match.

Emmanuelle Chriqui: The following contest is scheduled for one fall introducing first from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing in at Two Hunderd and Twenty Pounds Eric Steel!

“Survival” plays throughout the pa system as boos shower down Eric Steel comes out through the curtains as he walks down the ramp. A smirk crawls on his face as he trahs talks the fans. He raises his arm as he continues to walk down the ramp. He walks up the stairs, entering the ring momentarily. He proceeds to raise his arm again as the boos begin to grow. He steps aside as he waits patiently for his opponent.

(The lights dim as “Follow” by Breaking Benjamin blares over the P.A. system. As the opening chords play out, the crowd almost instantly reacts with a chorus of cheers and jeers. A gold spotlight appears on the entrance ramp, about half way in between the actual curtain and the ring, and the camera shifts back to the ring as Emmanuelle Chriqui brings the microphone up to her lips.)

Emmanuelle Chriqui: “Making his way to the ring, he stands 6’6” tall and weighs in at 270 lbs. Currently residing in Los Angeles, California… he IS “The Real Deal of Professional Wrestling”, “God’s Gift to Wrestling”, and “The Main Attraction In The Wrestling Industry”! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… “HOT SHOT” SEAN LORRENZA!

(“Hot Shot” Sean Lorrenza appears on the entrance ramp dressed in his usual wrestling attire, which consists of black trunks that have a yellow “SL” logo outlined in red on the crotch and a black “Hot Shot” logo outlined in white on the buttocks, black knee and elbow pads, white wrist tape, and black boots. He is also sporting that famous cocky grin of his. The fans erupt in a sea of both cheers and boos again, which causes “The Real Deal of Professional Wrestling” to flash a full, bright smile. Sean looks around, taking in the reaction with great pride before strutting down the ramp in a cocky manner and stopping inside the gold spot light. He then smirks once again, looking out into the crowd, before raising his right arm HIGH in the air, causing the reaction to grow louder! Sean looks around again with another satisfying smirk on his face before proceeding to the ring. He then makes his way up the ring steps, through the ropes, and into the middle of the ring before dropping to one knee. Gold pyrotechnics then explode from all four turnbuckles as Sean extends his arms and holds his head up ever-so-cockily with that nasty grin appearing on his face again.

The bell rings and we are under way. Right off the mat we get Sean charging in and taking down Eric. Sean with a mounted punch that the ref breaks up after a five count. Eric is up and gets taken over with a big time suplex. Sean off the ropes and comes back with a big knee drop to the head of Eric. Eric stumbles to his feet and Sean goes for The Hot Shot Drop, but Eric is able to fight his way out of the move and get to the outside. Sean is not far behind. Eric turns around to see Sean who levels him with a stiff clothesline. Sean picks up Eric and bounces his head off the ring apron a dozen times before rolling back into the ring. Sean rolls out again after breaking the count. Eric is up and charges Sean who is able to press him overhead and then drop him throat first over the barricade. Sean picks up Eric and throws him back into the ring. Sean with a cover



kickout by Eric Steele

Scott Caan: I actually thought that this would be over right there. This match has been a very one sided affair here.

David Arquette: I am almost shocked at it my friend. I see we have two men who are going to be big stars here. Eric Steele has been linked to some powerful people and has a name. Sean Lorrenza after a loss last show is just in a killer mindset and it shows. Look at him out there I have not seen anything like this out of our stars in a long time. We all know Sean has an ego, but this is almost sickening in how dominant he is.

Both men are up. Sean goes to pick up Eric who tries to fight back, but is having little effect on his opponent. Eric hits the ropes and goes for a frankensteiner, but Sean is able to reverse it into The Excellence with a cover



Eric Steele get a boot on the bottom rope!

Sean stands back taunting his opponent who is barely able to stand right now. Eric is up. Sean with a boot and goes for The Hot Shot Drop, but Eric fights his way out again. Eric off the ropes, but once again on his way back gets pressed overhead, but this time Sean connects with The Fatal Fall!!!!!




Winner Via Pin-Fall: Sean Lorrenza!

Emmanuelle Chriqui: Here is your winner “Hot Shot” Sean Lorrenza!!!!

Scott Caan: Thankfully it is over

David Arquette: That was just an ass beating by Sean out there tonight.

Sean celebrates as we go to….


We come to show a video playing across the Extreme Wrestling Corporation titan tron for its Friday night Rampage brand brought to us every other week. As the video begins to play we come to see the word ELEGANCE flash across the screen, as the word flashes across the screen of the Rampage titan tron it can be seen being in gold old English lettering before disappearing and going into further detail as it does it shows a brief clip of Elegance being used in the philosophy of Refinement, before the word of ELEGANCE flashes across the screen once again.

As the word of elegance flashes across the screen again, it disappears and shows a brief clip of it being used showing beauty in movement as it does it goes into another clip showing it being used for that of someone’s physical appearance before disappearing once again as it does the word of elegance flashes across the screen one more time before disappearing once again and show that of another video clips of elegance being used in the form of manners before finally flashing across the screen and the definition of Elegance flashes across the screen before disappearing.

As definition and various clips of Elegance disappear another word flashes across the Friday Night Rampage titan tron as it does the word of DECENCY flashes onto the screen, the word of decency can be seen being in same gold old English lettering the word “Elegance” had be seen in before disappearing and going into further detail as it does it shows a brief clip of what the word of Decency is before disappearing and showing that of the definition of decency as it flashes across the screen before disappearing and another set of words flash onto the screen.




Scott Caan: Next up The EWC Undisputed Champion in action.

David Arquette: That is right Xplode up against Olivia Saint. Olivia fresh off her win at the NJFC show! Does she have what it takes to beat Xplode?

Emmanuelle Chriqui: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. First from Los Angeles, California weighing in at One Hundred and Seven Pounds Olivia Saint!!!!!

The opening of Freak Like by Halestorm plays on the PA and when the guitar kicks in Olivia Saint comes out kneeling on the entrance ramp before the lyrics begin and making her way to the ring

I’m on the train that’s pullin the sick and twisted,
Makin the most of the ride before we get arrested,
We’re all wasted,
And we’re not going home tonight.

“Covered in black we lack the social graces,
Just like an animal we crawl out of our cages,
They can’t tame us,
So if you’re one of us, get on the bus”

Olivia is in the ring and pumping her fist as the audience sings the chorus along with her

“If you’re a freak like me,
Wave your flag!
If you’re a freak like me,
Get off your ass!
It’s our time now,
To let it all hang out

So shout if you’re a freak like me,
You were born to burn,
This is no disease you don’t need a cure!
It’s our time now to come out!
If you’re a freak like me!
If you’re a freak like me!”

“The Enemy” by Godsmack begins to play! The crowd stands up to their feet as the arena lights fade to a crimson red! The arena starts to shake due to the responses from the fans as Emmanuelle Chriqui raises a microphone to her lips:

Emmanuelle Chriqui: Please welcome, the Undisputed EWC World Champion… the Destroyer of Worlds.. XPLODE!!!

The crowd continues to shout loudly as a fog machine covers the entrance. Flames erupt from each side of the stage. Stepping out into view, Xplode looks out at the fans with a smirk on his face. He looks ripped, sweat dripping down the sides of his forehead. The EWC Title is buckled around his waist, sparkling under the arena lights. His hands are heavily taped and a thick knee brace is buckled over his right knee.

Walking to the ramp, he proceeds down to the ring. Behind him, above the stage, a zoomed in image of his determined face is highlighted within a red spotlight. He keeps his eyes on the ring in the distance as he walks down the ramp way. Fans reach out to touch him as he continues forward,ignoring their gestures. Once at ringside, Xplode glances once more at the fans nearby before stepping up on the ring apron. He then turns to face the fans, his face without any emotion. Slowly, Xplode removes the EWC Title from around his waist and proceeds to raise it over his head, causing a thunderous response from the fans!

Xplode enters the ring. As camera flashes reflect from off of his large upper torso, Xplode stares at the championship belt one more time before handing it to a ring official at ringside. He then tugs on the top rope twice and cracks his neck, turning to face the referee.

The bell rings and this match is underway! The two go to the center of the ring and circle one another for a moment before X stops calling for a test of strength. Olivia just stares for a moment knowing she can’t possible reach Xplode’s hand. Xplode laughs and gets on his knees then calls for another test of strength. Olivia goes in and instead of going for the test of strength she slaps Xplode in the face. Xplode stands up with a smirk on his face and applauds his opponent. The two circle again this time they go for a lock up Olivia stands no chance as she gets tossed back into a turnbuckle by Xplode. Xplode taunts his younger and less experienced opponent as Olivia seethes in for a moment. Olivia charges in and Xplode goes for a clothesline that misses. Olivia off the other side and when she comes back she hits a shot that has no effect on Xplode. Olivia with some more shots and has the champ reeling. Olivia off the ropes again and when she comes back Xplode lands a clothesline that turns her inside out causing her to turn a flip in the center of the ring. Xplode picks up Olivia and goes for a suplex. Xplode holds Olivia in the suplex for a one hundred count from the fans before falling back with her.

Scott Caan: God. I really do not know what to think of this. I mean look what he just did to that poor girl there.

David Arquette: This is all Olivia Saint’s own fault. Do I feel bad for her? Yes I do, but her brother the asshole that everyone hates? Yeah he offered to not let her have it. Olivia wanted this match. She wants to prove herself, and to me that means taking what the champ can dish out. Xplode is the champ for a reason Scott he is damn good. He is good when he is on a level playing ground with his opponents, but he is not here. He has everything over this little girl and he will use it to his advantage. Over a foot taller and over a hundred and sixty pound heavier. That is not including the years of experience he has over this girl. Yeah this is going to be a shit kicking by the champ.

Xplode puts a foot on Olivia as a cover



kickout by Olivia Saint.

Xplode kicks at and slaps at Olivia taunting her as she gets to her feet. Olivia is up and Xplode goes for a scoop slam, but she gets out. Olivia off the ropes and goes for a crossbody, but Xplode catches her mid air. Xplode presses Olivia over his head and tosses her out of the ring! The ref starts to count





Olivia is to her feet and Xplode goes out of the ring. Xplode picks up Olivia and once again presses her this time tossing her over the top rope back into the ring with ease. Xplode gets back in the ring and goes for a cover



kickout by Olivia Saint.

Both are up and Xplode goes for another suplex, but this time Olivia gets out. Olivia off the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle that has little effect. Olivia off the ropes again and this time when she comes back she gets back dropped over the top rope landing on the apron. Xplode grabs Olivia to suplex her back into the ring, but she counters by dropping him throat first over the top rope. Olivia goes up to and WTFIST!!!!!!! Cover



Xplode kicks out with authority tossing Olivia up into the air!

Olivia goes to a corner and when Xplode is to his feet she charges. Olivia looks to be going for a running DDT, but Xplode easily counters by tossing her up into the air and when she is on her way down he catches her into a spinebuster!!!!!!!!!

Scott Caan: What a move!

David Arquette: We know that Olivia said she has a new finisher a front flip DDT if I am correct, but that just got turned into a flap jack that on its way down was turn into a god damn spinebuster!!!!!!

Olivia pulls herself to her feet using the ropes. When Olivia is standing she gets a kick to the gut from Xplode and The Drop Zone!!!! Cover by Xplode



Xplode picks up Olivia.

Xplode picks up Olivia and a second Drop Zone!!!!!! The ref gets on his knees to count a three, but Xplode says no. Xplode picks up Olivia and a THIRD DROP ZONE!!!!!! Xplode is not able to cover as the ref call for the bell signaling the end of the match.

Winner Via Referee Stoppage: Xplode!

Emmanuelle Chriqui: Here is your winner the EWC Undisputed Champion Xplode!

Scott Caan: Well at least it is over.

David Arquette: Xplode was looking to send a message to Mark Storm before their title match at Hardcore Revolution and that message was well sent.

Xplode stands in the center of the ring as we go to………




Scott Caan: Next up we have a match that has a bit of controversy to it.

David Arquette: Yes this is for the Interim Television Championship. Griffin Hawkins is still TV Champ, but is suspended and unable to defend. This match is Michael Saint’s answer to that issue.

Emmanuelle Chriqui: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Interim Television Championship!

The crowd pops massively as a pyro bomb-drop falls as “Turn the Tables” yells “Yeah! We’re coming down!” As soon as the pyro hits, the song starts up and Emevlas Stastias pops out from behind the curtain, with a trademark smirk crossing her lips. She prompts the crowd to get up and start cheering some more. She makes eye contact with whomever is in the ring, and starts casually walking down the aisle, high fiving and fist bumping fans on the way.

“…kinda like Cain and Abel, a bit unstable. Don’t break the frame, break the whole damn table. How we shut it down, we give ’em a blast. We keep it real, put the shoes in your ass.”

Emmenuelle Chriqui: Introducing first from Joliet, Illinois weighing in at One Hundred and Forty-Five Pounds Emevlas Stastias!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emevlas climbs up the upper-left turnbuckle, and as soon as her music screams “GET THE TABLES!” Emevlas does the same in time. She jumps off the turnbuckle, and as the music shouts “Get the tables!” three more times in shorter succession, Emevlas lifts two fingers to her ear every time, prompting the crowd to shout those words at her. The last time, she wingspans her arms, spins around once to bask in the glory of a rowdy crowd, and as soon as the songs returns to it’s main riff, she quickly thrusts her hands together and in a quick “yeah” of Stastias pride, throws them down and clenches her fists. As her music fades out, she goes over to one of the far corners to casually (perhaps cockily) await the bell to ring.

Emmanuelle Chriqui: And her opponent from Chicago Illinois weighing in at Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds Jesse Styles

the lights dim and blue strobe lights hit the rampway. A song plays over the speakers.

“Watch your tongue or have it cut from your head. Save your life by keeping whispers unsaid. Children roam the streets now orphans of war. Bodies hanging in the streets to adore. Royal flames will carve a path in Chaos. Bringing day light to the Night. Death is riding into town with armor They’ve come to take all your rights. HAIL TO THE KING. HAIL TO THE ONE. KNEEL TO THE CROWN!!!”

“Hail To The King” By Avenge Sevenfold continues to play over the speakers and out steps the Owner of New Edge Wrestling Jesse Styles himself wearing black jeans, his black wife beater, black boots, and black sun glasses. He slowly walks down the ramp with a bit of a cocky look across his face, just ignoring fans that are booing him loudly as he walks down to the ring, rolling in and putting one arm in the air.

The bell is called for and this match is underway. The two competitors go to the center of the ring and shake hands before locking up. Emevlas with a go behind that Jesse breaks up right away. Jesse swings with a left that misses and Emevlas with a series of short shots to her bigger opponent. Emevlas with a gut shot doubling over Jesse. Emevlas taunts a bit before going for the Tomahawk kick, but Jesse gets out of the way. Emevlas is up and Jesse grabs her setting up for The J-Boned, but Emevlas is able to get out of that. Emevlas off the ropes and hits a forearm shot that staggers the Jesse. Emevlas off the ropes again and this time gets me with a clothesline from Jesse. Jesse scoops up Emevlas and slams her down to the mat. Jesse off the ropes and goes to drop an elbow on Emevlas who rolls out of the way. Both up and Emevlas goes for The Bombdrop, but Jesse tosses her aside in the air to block the move. Emevlas is up and Jesse goes for #Hypekick, but Emevlas catches the foot, spins Jesse around who sends her to the mat with a clothesline once he is facing her.

Scott Caan: These two a throwing down bombs right off the bat in this match it is an interesting way to start this off. Both looking for a quick win here, but both should have known that the other would not fall that easily or that early.

David Arquette: The exact same thing that I was thinking Scott Caan. You see on one side of the ring we got Emevlas Stastias the current number one contender to the Television Championship. She is one of the best females that the Extreme Wrestling Corporation has today. She beat JTC and James Kash in a huge triple threat for that honor. On the other side you have the currently undefeated Jesse Styles. The young man that people are calling the future of Rampage. He dominated Marcus Strife about a month back and then last show he had one hell of a match against Sean Lorrenza. He won both of those matches. So we start out the match with two people that may be some day top stars here in the Extreme Wrestling Corporation. Then, you throw in the x factor of the winner becoming the interim Television Champion. These two are fighting for something that is a stepping stone to something better. This match will not end easy or early.

Emevlas gets to her feet and when she does she gets a gut shot from Jesse. Jesse looks to be going for a piledriver, but Emevlas is able to block and crawl under his legs. Jesse turns around into a a left from Emevlas. A right from Emevlas. Another left. Another right. Emevlas off the ropes and comes back with a big time running forearm that sends Jesse down. Jesse is not down for long as he is up and Emevlas takes out a knee of Jesse. Emevlas sets up for the Whiplash, but Jesse is able to counter into an overhead belly to belly suplex. Emevlas is up and Jesse goes for a clothesline, but Emevlas ducks under. Jesse turns around into a knee to the gut from Emevlas. Jesse is bent over and Emevlas goes off the ropes coming back with a dropkick to the side of his head. Jesse is up slowly and Emevlas goes for a slam, but Jesse prevents that. Jesse goes for a whip into a turnbuckle, but Emevlas reverses. Emevlas charges into the corner and goes for a knee in the corner, but Jesse is able to grab her turn himself around and send Emelvas overhead with a capture suplex. Cover by Jesse



kickout by Emevlas Stastias.

Jesse with a series of stomps to the body of Emevlas as she gets to her feet. Emevlas is up and Jesse for for The Styles Drop, but Emevlas is able to get out of the move and drop Jesse with a version of a stunner. Jesse is stumbling around and Emevlas takes out a knee before giving him a roundhouse kick to the back of his head. Emelvas with a cover her own



kickout by Jesse Styles.

Both are up. Emevlas goes for a DDT, but Jesse blocks. Jesse goes for the #Hypekick again, but again Emevlas catches his foot before leaping into the air and catching him on the chin with a knee. Emevlas backs up a bit and taunts. Jesse gets to all fours and Tomahawk Kick!



kickout by Jesse Styles.

Scott Caan: Very close there by Emevlas Stastias.

David Arquette: Much respect their for Jesse Styles as he has been kicked in the head twice and kneed in the head. He is lucky to be stand after that as most people would be knocked out cold.

Both are up and Emevlas goes for The Bombdrop, but Jesse is able to counter into a back suplex out of nowhere. Jesse goes to a corner to shake the cobwebs out for a moment as Emevlas gets to her feet on the opposite side. Jesse charges in and gets a foot to the face for his trouble. Jesse is staggered back as Emevlas gets on the middle rope and leaps off connecting with a flying forearm to the back of his head. Emevlas stalks her prey and when Jesse is up Emevlas goes for High Max, but Jesse elbows her in the side of the head to break it up. Emevlas stumbles around and Jesse with a boot followed up by The Styles Drop!!!!!!!!! Cover by Jesse!



kickout by Emevlas Stastias.

Both are up and Jesse goes for another Styles Drop, but Emevlas counters. Emevlas goes for a DDT, but Jesse counters out of it. Jesse goes for #Hypekick, but misses and turns around into The Bombdrop!!!!!!





Emmanuelle Chriqui: Here is your winner and NEW INTERIM EWC TELEVISION CHAMPION EMEVLAS STASTIAS!!!!!!!!

Scott Caan: Emevlas with the Bombdrop out of nowhere to get the win and the interim title.

David Arquette: She proved she is a top contender now she gets to defend that title.

Emevlas holds her new title over head as we go to…..


Young Griffin Hawkins: Hi I’m Griffin Hawkins and I have Direct TV

Washed Up Griffin Hawkins: And I’m old washed up Griffin Hawkins and I have cable

Young Griffin Hawkins: I wrestle in the main event of Friday Night Rampage in front of jam backed houses with tons of fans

Washed Up Griffin Hawkins: I wrestle in the main event in high school gyms where no one bothers to show up and ask for an autograph.

Young Griffin Hawkins: I sore through the air with the greatest of ease, wowing the masses with my high flying ability

Washed Up Griffin Hawkins: My feet rarely leave the mat and when they do my vertical sucks and I fall flat on my face.

Young Griffin Hawkins: I have long flowing awesome hair

Washed Up Griffin Hawkins: I have long hair too, but it is not flowing and looks like shit.

Young Griffin Hawkins: Don’t be like this me switch to Direct TV.



Scott Caan: Next we got the Main Event of the evening.

David Arquette: Hardcore Match with John Blade and Shelley Silver

Emmanuelle Chriqui: The following is the Main Event of Friday Night Rampage and is the special Hardcore Match!!!!!! Introducing first from Phoenix, Arizona weighing in at Two Hundred and Fifty-One Pounds John Blade!!!!!!

See you again ft Wiz Khailifia and Charlie Puth starts playing John Blade comes out with a Microphone and his hands and he begins to talk trash about his Opponent and he get’s in the ring and Continues speaking and he hands over the Microphone to the Ref before he begins to fight.

Emmanuelle Chriqui: And his opponent from Seattle, Washington… Shelley Silver!

The lights go low as “I Am The Fire” begins to play. As the song picks up Shelley walks onto the stage as smoke begins to fill the space around her. She bobs her head a little until the beat begins to pick up. She looks up with a smirk as a some fans jeer her while most cheer wildly. She chuckles, rolling her eyes before making her way down the ramp and high-fiving some of the fans, proudly wearing her Wolf Warrior: Shelley Silver t-shirt.

She climbs up onto the ring apron as the music continues. She climbs onto the second turnbuckle, howling outloud as the chorus begins to fade out. Once the music ends she leans against the ropes on the outside of the ring as the song begins to fade and swings her head down before throwing her head back. She pulls the t-shirt off, throwing it into a section that is cheering for her and steps into the ring and leans against the ropes, bouncing off of them to loosen herself up.

The bell rings and the main event of Friday Night Rampage is under way! Right off the bat we see John Blade charge in and clothesline Shelley off her feet. Blade with a mounted punch and starts to pound away at his opponent for a few moments. Blade to his feet and lays in some big time stomps. Shelley to her feet and she gets slammed right back down by Blade. Blade off the ropes and goes for a running leg drop, but Shelley rolls out of the way. Both are up. Shelley with a series of forearm shots that rock her opponent. Shelley off the ropes and when she comes back Blade with a big time shoulder block that sends her down. Blade picks up Shelley and takes her down with a suplex. Shelley to her feet and Blade sets up for The Blade Breaker early in the match, but Shelley has it scouted and is able to get out of the move. Shelley off the ropes and Blade goes to take her head off with another clothesline, but this time Shelley ducks under and when she comes off the other side she sends down Blade with a running crossbody block. Shelley with a mounted punch of her own for a moment before she is off.

Scott Caan: Shelley Silver finally getting in some offense there. It looked really bad for her off the bat. John Blade comes out of the gate a house of fire.

David Arquette: I bet you are going to say we are seeing a new John Blade. We may be, but you need to think about this from his point of view. John Blade has had a handful of chances in EWC for a TV Title shot, but we all know what he wants. John Blade wants a shot at the United States Championship. He has made that clear as hell. Now look who he is standing across from in that ring the former United States Champion Shelley Silver. If John were to pick up a win here tonight it would put him in contention for that title.

Scott Caan: Just beating Shelley would get him a shot at the US Title? Surely you must be joking.

David Arquette: I’m not joking and don’t call me Shirley. Like it or not Shelley has the talent to beat just about anyone in this company and she is likely in line for a future shot at the US title down the road. John Blade is going to go balls to the wall to prove he deserves to be in line as well. A win will go a long way for his career here.

Shelley lets Blade get to his feet and goes for a whip, but Blade reverses and whips Shelley to the ropes. Blade with a backdrop over the top to the floor on the outside to Shelley. Blade gets out of the ring and scoops up Shelley going for a slam, but Shelley gets out of the move. Shelley grabs Blade by the back of his head and takes him down on the outside mats. Shelley mounts the apron and when Blade is to his feet she moonsault off, but Blade is able to catch Shelley before giving her a running powerslam on the protective mats. Blade tosses Shelley back into the ring before grabbing the steel steps. Blade is back into the ring with the steps and when Shelley is to her feet Blade throws the steps at Shelley who move out of the way, but sadly the ref does not as he gets nailed by the steps! Blade charges Shelley who ducks under a clothesline attempt. Shelley springboards off the ropes into a tornado DDT. Blade gets a knee and Silver Sunset!!!! Cover by Shelley Silver! The ref is still out Shelley looks around and finally a new ref comes running in!



kickout by John Blade.

Scott Caan: Shelley Silver with a close one there. One may have to wonder if the fact that the ref was down is why she has not been declared our winner here.

David Arquette: Coulda woulda shoulda. We do not have time to wonder about anything. This match is going to continue and now Shelley may have an advantage.

Shelley rolls out of the ring and gets a chair before rolling back in. Shelley pulls Blade by the head to the steel stair and puts him face down on them. Shelley has the chair overhead and goes for a con chair toe using the steel steps, but Blade is wisely able to roll out of the way. Both are up and Shelley swings for Blade with the chair, but Blade moves out of the way. Shelley turns around and the chair gets dropkicked into her face by Blade! Blade with a cover



kickout by Shelley Silver.

Both are up and Shelley whips Blade to the ropes. Blade comes back nailing a shoulder tackle. A second Shoulder Tackle! A third. Both up Shelley swings wildly and Blade ducks under before giving her a spin out powerbomb. Blade taunts before going to the ropes and coming back with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Blade is not done. Blade picks up Shelley and goes back to the steel steps. Blade and Shelley set up and White Noise on the steel steps!!!!! Blade with a cover



kickout by Shelley Silver!

Scott Caan: Almost a win there for John Blade.

David Arquette: The biggest win of his career Scott Caan. John Blade once again trying to prove he is someone to take seriously as a contender for the United States Championship and with moves like that he is well on his way to winning this match and proving that exact point.

Both are up and Blade goes for White Noise again, but this time Shelley is able to block. Shelley hits the ropes and when she comes back Blade leaps off the steps connecting with a flying clothesline. Blade has the stairs again and waits for Shelley to get up. Shelley is to her feet and Blade charges in, but gets a drop toe hold that brings him down to the mat face first onto the steps! Blade groggy when gets to a knee Shelley grabs him by the head and executes a snap DDT onto the steps! Cover by Shelley



kickout by John Blade!

Shelley puts the steps on the head and body of Blade before grabbing the chair. Shelley has the chair up and brings it down onto the steps on Blade. A second time. A third time. A fourth time. A fifth time! A sixth time and the chair is bent and broken. Shelley cover Blade again



kickout by John Blade!

Scott Caan: John Blade kicks out!

David Arquette: And I have no idea how he did. Shelley is starting to get angry it seems and what she just did with that chair was brutal. John Blade may have just earned a new respect in EWC by not being put down there.

Both are up and Shelley gets Blade on her shoulders going for Silver Sunset, but Blade reverses and sets up for The Blade Breaker, but Shelley gets out. Shelley off the ropes and Blade back drops her onto the apron. Blade charges, but gets kicked in the head by Shelley. Shelley springboards in with a hurricanrana, but Blade catches her. Blade gets Shelley set up and running crucifix powerbomb into the corner!!!! Blade with a cover



kickout by Shelley Silver!!!!!!!!!

An angry Blade rolls to the outside and gets a pair of tables. Blade sets up the two tables stacking them on one another outside of the ring. Blade gets on the apron as Shelley gets to her feet. Blade has Shelley by the head and takes her to a corner. Blade goes to deadlift Shelley from the mat over the top to the outside with a superplex, but Shelley is able to fight back. Shelley is on the top turnbuckle. Blade goes for the superplex again, but this time Shelley blocks and gets him on her shoulders. SUNDOWN OFF THE TOP ROPE THROUGH THE DOUBLE STACKED TABLES ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!!!!!!!!!!! Shelley somehow makes a cover




Winner Via Pin-Fall: Shelley Silver

Emmanuelle Chriqui: Here is your winner Shelley Silver!!!!!

Scott Caan: Shelley Silver with a hard fought win here.

David Arquette: Indeed and now it is time for her to get her US Title back. I pity Alexis Morrison and Metal Black right about now as we now know just what Shelley Silver can do when motivated.

Shelley is picked up by her fellow Project CHAOS teammates as we…..


We return from Commercial break when suddenly the lights go pitch black. “Evil Ways” by Blue Saraceno begins as the screen lights up with the Luke Wolfe entrance video. The crowd boos as the camera pans around the arena as the music slowly plays. Just as the music is about to pick up it goes silent and with a BANG fire bursts out of the stage as “100% American Rage” by Anti Mortem hits and the video on the screen changes to the Anarchy’16 video. Luke Wolfe emerges from behind the flames, with the ever present blank emotionless look on his face.

David Arquette: Luke Wolfe… so talented in the ring, but so disturbed outside of it. I always get chills when he comes to the ring, cuz it means something bad is about to happen.

Scott Caan: What could he possibly have to say now?

David Arquette: Our Undisputed Champion Xpolode did call him and Anarchy’16 out last week…

He pays no attention to the crowd as he walks past them on his way to the ring. He walks up the steps, and enters the ring slowly lowering his hood as he looks around the arena bringing the mic to his lips as the music dies down.

Luke begins to speak—

Luke Wolfe: You know, it’s funny— ………

The crowd begins to chant “We Want Ruthless” so loud that it drowns out Luke, and he stops speaking.






Luke walks over to the turnbuckle pointing out into the crowd, giving the throat slash gesture.

Luke Wolfe: She’s gone! FOREVER!!!

The crowd roars with a round of boos!!! Luke steps down from the turnbuckle and walks back to the center of the ring.

Luke Wolfe: You know it’s funny… Everyone thought that Anarchy’16 was just a flash in the pan as the season ended last year, when Ruthless Aggression pinned James Kash at Wrestlfest. That we would be gone and Anarchy’16 would never get off the ground. But my how things have changed. While James sat on his ass and would have let our message die, I was out recruiting people. And Anarchy’16 debuted in 2016 and has brought nothing but DEVISTATION to the EWC!

The crowd cuts off Luke with boos.

David Arquette: Well… He’s not wrong.

Luke Wolfe: James left, and then people thought that it was over! But him turning and running to Brawl only made us stronger! We DESTROYED Ruthless Aggression, I defeated Alexis Morrison, I welcomed Mark Storm into my playground inside the Steel Cage and I did EXACTLY what I said I was going to do! I didn’t just defeat him, I devastated the so called “Leader” of the next generation! We proved that Project CHAOS is nothing but a thing of the past and that Anarchy’16 is the most dangerous force, not only in the EWC, but in ALL of pro wrestling today! Let’s not forget that I went to the NJFC and STEAM ROLLED Minoru Tanaka, in a match that was billed the “Best of the Best” and if Tanaka is the best that New Japan has to offer I will be taking over all of Japan as well. Anarchy’16 will destroy everything in our path.

The crowd once again begins to chant…




David Arquette: Here we go again!

Luke smiles and shakes his head.

Luke Wolfe: Then someone came out and made the biggest mistake of his life. Xplode might think that by walking around with the Undisputed Championship and surrounding himself with his “Firm” that it somehow protects him from us…. You know, I don’t know… I don’t know… maybe I’m not making myself clear. If there is one thing you don’t want to do, it’s call us out. Because we WILL show up, and we have the muscle to shove that shiny little belt of yours so far up your ASS that you will never find it again! You think you can play mind games with me??? You think by playing her laughter over the PA system while you flicker the lights is somehow going to shake me? Maybe what we did to pretty wife wasn’t warning enough for you, but you should be careful the things you say to us, and most of all TO ME! I know that you’re pretty little wife is still in the hospital, and I should know, because I’M THE ONE… who put her there! I want you to listen to me very carefully Mr. Hunter, it’s the things we love the most that destroy us, and I want you to remember that I said that.

The crowd once again begins chanting…




Luke Wolfe: You want her??? Ladies and gentlemen… I give you… Ruthless Aggression…

The lights dim down, the screen opens up and we are inside the hospital room of Ruthless Aggression with a close up on her face, she seems completely under, still comatose. As the camera pans back, we clip to Luke in the ring who watches on with showing no emotion. The crowd a buzz…

Scott Caan: What is going on here?

David Arquette: We all know that she’s still there…

Clipping back to the screen, it continues to pull out as we see hooded members of Anarchy’16 in her room surrounding her bed, looking down at her. The crowd pops in shock, as the members of Anarchy’16 stand motionless.

David Arquette: What the hell is going on here???

Scott Caan: Something is horribly wrong, this is bad… This is very bad!

The lights go out in her hospital room, the shadows of the members of Anarchy’16 start moving around, the only lights in the room are the machines hooked up to her monitoring her vital signs. Suddenly the machines turn off and an emergency alarm goes off just as the screen turns goes blank.

The lights come back on in the arena as the camera pans the crowd in shock.

David Arquette: What the hell???

Scott Caan: Someone get in there right now!!! This is BEYOND mind games! This is criminal!!!

Luke Wolfe: You see… There is nothing we won’t do! There is nowhere we can’t get to you! And there is nothing you can do to stop us! We are everywhere, you don’t know who we are, you don’t know where we are, and you will never see us coming!




Luke Wolfe: I hope you took a good look, because that is the LAST time anyone will EVER see Ruthann Park Hunter EVER AGAIN! Ruthless Aggression is GONE!

The crowd erupts in a round of boos!

Luke Wolfe: This isn’t about me, it’s not about you, it’s not even about Ruthless Aggression… It’s about sending a message… Everything Burns…

Luke drops the mic in the middle of the ring, as “Evil Ways” begins to play. Luke ascends the turnbuckle forming his hands in the shape of a diamond forming the logo on his gloves of “A’16” as the camera fades out to black.

Scott Caan: Someone get down there right now!

David Arquette: What the hell is this coming to??? This has gone way too far! Someone get on the phone, get down there! Right now!