[EWC] Monday Night Brawl – 2/8/16

The Extreme Wrestling Corporation presents



LIVE! from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

February 8th 2016
LIVE! from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Joe Aiello & Jeremy Piven
Announcer: Jessica Stroup
Senior Referee: Paul Turner
Referee: Josh Daniels
Backstage Interviewer: Ace Heart

“Follow” by Breaking Benjamin blasts in the Stadium.

The show starts off with video footage detailing historic events over Monday Night Brawls Nineteen year history. From episode 001 all the way down to episode 446.

Images of previous EWC Champions are shown, starting with the very first Champion Black Ninja, then moving onto Big Mac and Steve Bennett. Sped up footage then shows a special montage of Memphis Reigns, Shadow Man, Hirsh Valentine, Jesse Nunez, Hurricane Jeff, Moses Lake, James Chambers, BDC, Jay Cee, Stray, Gladiator and then The Rev all with the World Championship. Sped up footage again then takes us through to Xplode, Metal Black, Living Dead Karl, King Flip, Emma Louise, Flash Davis, BANE, Nurse Kinsley, James Kash, Kruzer, Jezzabel, Tony Savage and Dorian Ryan

This is followed by highlights of showcasing Monday Night Brawl Champions:

Shadow Man, Metal Black, King Flip and Xplode

There is a pause as the video package splits in half, one half dedicated to Memphis Reigns & the other half dedicated to MadDawg with the final wording ..

“In Loving Memory … We will never forget”

The opening pyros hit and here we go.

The energy in the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is electrifying.

Spotlights circle around the arena as the thousands of fans in the venue are shown in a wide angle shot. The camera then pans out showing a full scale view of the jam packed arena and zooms in on some crazy fans.

A chant begins of





Fireworks blast across the stage as the fans scream in delight. 
A thick layer of fog circles the arena, and camera flashes repeatedly strobe the area!  
The camera feed pans to different areas in the arena and we see fans cheering in excitement!
The fans are shown smiling, laughing, and pumping their fists in excitement as fireworks emit from each corner of the ring!

A thick layer of fog surrounds the fans from the firework display. 

As the camera pans around the arena once more, it finally comes to a stop at the announcer’s booth where Aiello and Piven are shown smiling.

The show is live… and the excitement is at a fever pitch!

Aiello: Hello and welcome to Philadelphia, home of the Flyers, Eagles and brotherly love! As always I am Joe Aiello and we are excited to bring you the Four Hundred and Forty Seventh episode of Monday Night Brawl

Piven: Yes and we are ready to continue the Superbowl 50 hangover here tonight. Of course Denver pulled off the win thanks to exceptional defense and Cam Newton was made to look like a total and utter tool

Aiello: I’d have to agree. Certainly Cam could learn a thing or two from our very own superstars on how to accept a loss and move on. Cam showed just how immature he is, both in the game when he threw his kid in a toys r us line tantrum and after the game when he sulked in a hoodie and stormed off early like …

Piven: …like Joe’s penis

Aiello:  Come on Jeremy.

Piven: We have a great show for you tonight. An odd paring of Bane and Living Dead Karl, taking on Midnight in his debut. I don’t know what Midnight did to draw such a horrible first match, and I don’t know what Bane did to deserve to be paired with the undead. 

Aiello: Bane defeated LDK in his debut last week and looked incredibly sharp. A good way to start off your career as LDK is certainly one of the top draws here in the EWC
Piven: Yeah, because people want to see who he’s going to bite next. Fucking lunatic that guy is. 
Aiello: We also have the re-match of the re-match between Jezzabel and Emma Louise. Lets hope that one is finally put to bed tonight when they go for a best 2 out of 3 falls match.
Piven: I’d put them to bed alright. With a little Jer Jer in the middle. Hixx makes her debut against Nurse Kinsley. I’m sure Kinsley is just THRILLED to once again be thrown to the noobs. Someone so sexy shouldn’t be booked in such shitty matches. Lets just have Kinsley fight for the right to be naked already. I gots a boner and the only cure is more Kinsley. Give it to me Kinsley. 

Aiello: Then of course we have that monster of a Main Event for you all. Tony Savage, Flash Davis and Mr International King Flip all getting it on in a 3-way.

As Aiello and Piven’s banter goes on, all of a sudden, the commentary duo are shocked to feel something moving from from underneath their heavily-obscured desk! Moments later, Living Dead Karl crawls out from below! Aiello and Piven jump up to their feet and away from the desk.

Aiello: Jesus!!

Piven: Holy sh-

The fans immediately boo once it’s clear who it is. He takes Aiello’s chair and sits down in it. Aiello is forced to grab another chair, while Piven eventually sits back down in his own chair, followed by his reluctant partner.

Aiello: L-Living Dead Karl, you’re scheduled for a match right off the bat; what were you doing down there?

Piven: I was wondering why it smelled like someone took a dump on a dead raccoon!

Living Dead Karl: What?

Piven: I-I mean, what, uh, what were you doing down there, a-all this time?

LDK puts on a headset as he glares at Piven.

Living Dead Karl: I was fuckin’ sleepin’ here overnight in order to get a good feel for this arena. Then all these motherfuckers out here got loud and shit and I woke up! Pennsylvania gwan looks a helluva lot more like Transylvania once I’m through with that fuckin’ lame-ass motherfucker. Oh, and Midnight too!

Aiello: You’re seriously going to mess with the person who beat you last week, who you’re teaming with in the next few minutes?!

Now it’s Aiello’s turn to get eyeballed by LDK.

Living Dead Karl: Now you listen to me you little fuckin’ meatball, I’ma do just whatever the fuck it is I wanna do, ‘cuz if there’s one thing I do better than any of the other pieces of shit in this company, it’s reckless endangerment! I might fuck up Bane, I might not, I might do it before the match, during, shit, afterwards, I don’t give a fuck! Then again, maybe I wanna fuck Midnight’s life up more than I wanna eat Bane’s kid, you never know!

Aiello looks disgusted at LDK once more bringing up Bane’s son in such a gruesome way.

Piven: Hey! Let’s, uh, why don’t we just get this show on the road? Where’s that delectable gothic minx of yours anyway?

Living Dead Karl: She’s on her way, don’t you worry about that, Piven, don’t you worry about that.

Aiello: This is just insanity. Folks, Living Dead Karl is about to start things off for us tonight. We have a great show in store for you all tonight, lets kick things off with another reminder to order EWC TV and send LDK back up that ramp to come out here like a … semi normal … dead … oh whatever … we are all scared shitless whatever the hell he is



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Stroup: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is a handicap match!

Mist begins to develop and makes its way throughout the arena, remaining at lower altitudes. This eerie scene is augmented with the dimming of the lights, all of which are accompanied by L7’s “Pretend We’re Dead”. At about 15 seconds into the song, a form manifests itself from the once-obscuring fog as if having risen from the ground itself.

Stroup: “Hailing from Congdon Castle in Yakima, Washington, and weighing in at 255 pounds…”

At about the 35-second mark, Living Dead Karl shambles into view looking all around at all the tender morsels booing and jeering him.

Stroup:“Liviiiiing Deaaaaad Kaaaaarl!”

Brenda Vixen emerges right afterwards, walking alongside The Putrid Pugilist. They then continue the short trek to the ring, bathed in fog and a chorus of boos. Brenda circles the outskirts of the ring while LDK storms to inside the ring, making a beeline to the corner turnbuckle, which he climbs halfway up. He then looks on into the crowd, raises his arms in the air, and unleashes a primordial roar (i.e.: Zombie Scream 2015©®™):


…that would jar all but the bravest of souls.

Aiello: I will never get used to hearing that roar from Living Dead Karl.

Piven: If you got used to it I’d be more considered sitting next to you than I already am.

“The Vengeful One” by Disturbed begins to play over the speakers.
Stroup: And his tag team partner, now residing in San Fransisco, California!
Bane walks out onto the ring entrance stage.

Stroup: Coming down to the ring at this time weighing in at 265 pounds and standing at six feet six inches tall! Representing ‘The Firm’! Ladies and gentlemen! THE BEAST! BANE!!!
Aiello: And here comes his tag team partner. Bane pulled out a victory against Living Dead Karl last week, but tonight in this handicap match they will team together.

Piven: This probably won’t even be a match. I don’t know if Living Dead Karl and Bane can co-exist.

Aiello: Well, there is always that question of if and likelihood that they won’t.

Piven: Could always come together to put their opponent Midnight in his place.

Aiello: We’ll see. Too soon to say.

The lights dim as the sound of wind begins to be heard over the speaker as 7 seconds pass till the arena is completely dark. The first chord of “Lucifer in Starlight” by Powerwolf starts as a small laser show begins to start in a dark purple, slow at first, and then begins to speed up. As the lasers are moving so fast that it begins to make an image, Midnight rises up from beneath the ring entrance stage. He looks at the ring.
Aiello: What an entrance for a debut match…
Piven: Theatrics are astounding in EWC these days.

Midnight turns his head from side to side looking at the fans as the laser show continues to outline his body. The laser show suddenly stops as a purple hued spotlight shines down on him.

Stroup: Ladies and gentlemen, making his way to the ring. From parts unknown, weighing two-hundred and forty five pounds and standing six feet three inches tall. He is known as ‘The Beast of the Night’, The Dark Prince. He is Midnight!

Midnight begins his walk to the ring as the lights begin to blink purple on and off so rapidly causing people to begin shielding their eyes. The fans watch him as best they can in shock of what they are seeing and as well from the rapid flashing lights. The ice cold gaze never wavers as Midnight makes his way down the ramp.

Aiello: This man arrived at the end of that Coal Miner’s Glove on a Pole match last week. He had an interesting encounter with Living Dead Karl as a stare down took place in the ring.

Piven: And thanks to him opening his mouth, he has to face both Bane and LDK tonight.

With every step a red smoke rises up where Midnight stepped until he is off the ramp. He stops at the very end of the ramp. His eyes close and the lights go off. A huge explosion of a lightning bolt pyro hits down where Midnight last appeared to be standing. A moment goes by and then strikes the center of the ring as the lights come back on with the same blast.

Aiello: Geezuz!

Piven: Theatrics woo! Yeah!

Midnight stands there in the center of the ring calmly until the ref calls for the bell to start this match not a single gaze in the direction of Bane or LDK, though he is still aware of where they are. Bane and LDK watch Midnight as he stands there in the ring. LDK clearly wants to start the match, but Bane grabs him from behind.

Aiello: Oh here we go already! Bane and Living Dead Karl are face to face!

Bane points to the corner. LDK shakes his head points to the corner.

Piven: Someone please decide!

Before the referee calls for the bell it is Midnight that makes the decision for them and grabs the back of Bane’s head and tosses him through the ropes. Had Bane been ready for it, it may not have been possible. But, the referee Josh Daniels calls for the bell to start the match.

Aiello: I don’t think that Bane is going to take too kindly to that!

Piven: I should hope not.

Midnight and LDK stand in the ring now staring each other down as they had left off last week. The fans watching and cheering and jeering. They want to see this. Midnight and LDK start smiling and they both go for a headbutt.

Aiello: Double headbutt?

Piven: Wait, wait, wait. Double head butt is supposed to be a tag team move. That was two single head butts. You seriously need to learn how to call matches.

Midnight and LDK don’t stop with one headbutt, they do it again. This time causing each other to have to shake their heads a bit.

Aiello: The battle of headbutts!

Midnight and LDK decide on another route and start firing away with punches. Bane climbs up onto the apron and watches LDK and Midnight going at it. LDK comes out on top with the slug fest and starts hammering away as he follows Midnight to the corner. Midnight takes a few more shots before giving LDK a throat chop with both his thumbs. He doesn’t give LDK time and grabs him by the head, slamming his face into the turnbuckle.

Piven: Hey, look. Midnight just made Living Dead Karl headbutt the turnbuckle.

Suddenly you hear Piven’s headset hit the table from a slap upside the head from Aiello.

Aiello: Sorry fans, but Jeremy Piven’s headset has just had some minor difficulties. Meanwhile, Midnight is laying into Living Dead Karl here in the corner with some knife edge chops.

Josh Daniels is yelling at Midnight to get LDK out of the corner. Midnight turns around and walks toward him, causing Daniels to back off. Midnight goes back and begins to clearly choke LDK with his hand.

Piven: You do that again and a match is going to be added tonight, and it’s going to end with me kicking your ass.

Aiello: I have no clue what you’re talking about, Piven.

Josh Daniels is counting Midnight’s choke with warning.

















And at the very last moment, Midnight breaks the choke and walks out of the corner. LDK holds his throat in the corner as Midnight smiles.

Aiello: This man is just sadistic.

Piven: Uh, yeah. He enjoys hurting people. We’ve all heard about it. Now, we’re witnessing it.

Aiello: And this match has barely begun.

As Midnight heads back to LDK in the corner, LDK fires out of the corner with a harsh lariat. Midnight hits the mat with the back of his head. The lariat was so vicious that LDK goes down in the process with the momentum and goes for the cover.

Aiello: Josh Daniels in position!








Aiello: No!

Piven: Midnight kicks out!

Aiello: Too soon for anyone to be put away and looks like Bane is enjoying watch these two go at it.

The camera pans to Bane who has a smile on his face and claps his hands. LDK gets up to a knee and then grabs Midnight by the hair and fires hard right hands to the face. The ref yells at him for closed fist punches and LDK finishes off his assault with slamming the back of Midnight’s head to the mat.

Aiello: Vicious. Living Dead Karl isn’t holding any punches here.

Midnight slowly sits up and turns to get up to a knee, but LDK gives Midnight a rake to the eyes. LDK points to Bane and the fans start cheering. LDK goes and acts as if he’s going to tag Bane in and then takes his hand away and waves Bane off.

Aiello: OH! OH! Again! Midnight is on his feet! He’s taking it to Living Dead Karl!

The slight distraction and focus toward Bane from LDK gave Midnight some time to get to his feet and as LDK turned around he walked into hard shots from Midnight. Midnight pushes LDK against the ropes and irish whips LDK across the ring. He goes for a spear, but LDK catches Midnight giving him a DDT.

Piven: Did–

Aiello: It appeared that Living Dead Karl was able to reverse the spear there and use it against Midnight.

LDK slowly begins to crawl out of instinct toward Bane. Bane holds out his hand. LDK gets close as Midnight uses the ropes to pull himself up. LDK is able to make the tag before Midnight can stop it and Bane gets into the ring.

Aiello: And here comes a fresh monster of a man known as Bane.

Piven: Not good for Midnight.

Bane hits Midnight with a kick to the gut, he follows with a double axe handle and then runs to the ropes. He bounces off the ropes and gives Midnight a knee to the face. The impact turns Midnight to standing up straight before he falls to the mat face down. Bane turns Midnight over and covers.










Aiello: And Midnight kicks out again!

Piven: Still not enough to keep Midnight down.

Aiello: No, but that was a huge knee from Bane!

The replay of the knee to head of Bane plays again as you can hear the echo of the impact.

Aiello: And that echo sounded through the building!

Bane is up. He reaches down and grabs Midnight’s head, trying not to pull his hair and gets Midnight to his feet. He scoops Midnight up and onto his shoulder and gives Midnight a running Oklahoma slam. He covers again.










Aiello: And again Midnight kicks out!

Piven: What is it going to take to put Midnight away?

Aiello: So far nothing has worked. But, Bane has a lot more in his arsenal.

Bane looks frustrated, but he gets back on Midnight. He gets up to his feet and brings Midnight up once again. Midnight, out of desperation grabs Bane around the body, locking one arm against Bane’s body and stumbles backward and turns around. The momentum causes Bane to be positioned in the corner. Midnight unloads on him with a series of five lariats in the corner and pulls Bane out of the corner by the arm, hitting Bane with a stiff forearm shot to the face. Bane staggers and then drops into a seated position in the corner as Midnight holds the top rope to sorta regroup.

Aiello: And Midnight back in control as it seems here.

Piven: I have to give it to this freak. He’s fighting against two men and holding his own.

Aiello: Great debut from Midnight to be sure.

Midnight walks over and starts using his boot to choke Bane. Daniels warning count again begins.

















Again, at the last moment Midnight takes his foot away and stalks the referee. Josh Daniels points to his shirt and warns Midnight away. Midnight smiles and turns back. He exits the ring and grabs the foot of Bane dragging him out to the ringside floor. Bane remains on his feet and hits Midnight with a hard right, and Midnight fires back and then rushes Bane. Bane’s back hits the apron full force and is stunned, giving Midnight time to back away and charge.

Aiello: Midnight! Running dropkick to the head! Watch the replay!

The replay shows Bane’s head whip back from the drop kick.

Piven: That could cause some serious whiplash!

Aiello: No doubt. Midnight loves to make his opponents feel pain.

Piven: Yeah, that’s obvious here tonight.

Midnight rolls into the ring and begins taunting LDK. LDK starts to get into the ring, but it causes the referee’s attention to go to LDK and Midnight uses this to exit the ring to attack Bane once again. He gets Bane to his feet and starts choking him, pressing Bane against the apron. The referee turns around and sees it and yells at Midnight. The warning count is faster this time.









Midnight lets go and looks up at the referee he gets into the ring and chases the referee around the ring. Bane is able to use this to get back into the ring and cuts Midnight off with a kick to the gut. He goes for the sit out powerbomb he calls Ground Zero, but Midnight is still close enough to hold the ropes so that Bane can’t get him up. Midnight pokes Bane in the eyes.

Aiello: Oh and again with another blatant disregard to the rules there!

Bane staggers away and towards LDK without knowing it. LDK slaps Bane on the shoulder, tagging himself in. LDK goes after Midnight and once again the two start throwing punches. LDK seems to be getting the upperhand once more and as Bane gets out onto the apron, LDK turns and gives Bane a forearm shot as well. Bane doesn’t fall to the floor, but holds onto the rope stunned. LDK returns his attention to Midnight, but too late. Midnight rushes and clotheslines LDK over the ropes.

Aiello: And LDK sent to the outside!

Piven: Here comes Bane!

Aiello: Why is Bane coming back in?

Midnight had turned his back as he begins to taunt the crowd.

Aiello: The referee is signaling that there was a tag!

Midnight turns around in shock as Bane rolls Midnight into a small package.

Aiello: Small package!










Aiello: And Bane wins! Bane wins!

“The Vengeful One” by Disturbed hits the speakers as Bane’s arm is raised in victory. Midnight is on his knees and screaming at the referee.

Stroup: Winner of this match by pinfall! BANE!!!

Bane leaves the ring and heads to the back. Midnight gets into Josh Daniels face and begins arguing with him.

Piven: Midnight wasn’t aware that a tag had been made. He’s letting Josh Daniels–

Before Piven can even finish, Midnight grabs Josh Daniels by the throat in a Tongan Death Grip. The ref passes out and Midnight releases his hold and leaves the ring. As he walks up to the stage he screams.

Midnight: BANE!!!! YOU’RE MINE!!!!

Aiello: Oh my. I don’t think this is over between Midnight and Bane and we need to get some help out here for Josh Daniels.


Stroup: The following contest is a no disqualification, two out of three falls match!

“This Little Girl” by Cady Groves plays and Emma steps through the curtain.

Stroup: Coming to the ring first, from New York… the ever beautiful and very dangerous, Emma Louise!

Emma Louise blows a kiss to the crowd a la Maria and then walks, half dancing to the ring where she slips feet first through the ropes like an envelope before laying suggestvly over the top rope.

Aiello: Last week we couldn’t keep these two apart long enough to HAVE a match.

Piven: I hope security’s ready! I don’t imagine things have changed much in a week.

The lights go dark in the arena and a red glow come up throughout. A bell tolls and ‘Toccata & Fugue’ by Birdie Wings begins to play. A Phoenix shriek is heard and as the first chord of the song plays the stage is engulfed in flames.

As the flames dissipate, Jezzabel appears on the stage, seemingly out of thin air, followed by Mortymer Post. She stops at the top of the ramp and stares down at the ring for a moment then they both make their way down to the ring.

Stroup: And her opponent, the six foot tall Rising Phoenix… Jezzabel!

Jezzabel gets down to the ring, grabs the middle rope and pulls herself up with one step onto the ring apron. Mortymer watches her enter the ring then goes to the ring steps and steps up into the ring himself. They both step to the middle of the ring. Mortymer his hands up toards his face and the sky as Jezzabel raises her arms up and sharply big them down. Lightning shoots down from the rafters hitting all four ring posts, igniting them into flames. Mortymer has a euphoric smile on his face with his hands still up to the heavens as Jezzabel then steps to the ropes giving a cold stare out to the crowd. She cracks her little half smile then turns back to the center of the ring. The lights in the arena slowly come back up as the music fades. The crowd reaction has mixed reaction as Jezzabel heads to a neutral corner and leans back.

Aiello: Well, they’re both containing themselves for the moment.

Piven: So far, so good, right?

The bell rings, and Emma Louise comes out swinging. Jezzabel seems seriously caught off guard as Emma blitzes her, throwing punch after punch, slowly pushing her back across the ring. Jezzabel gets a shot in here and there, but it’s no comparison to the flurry of blows Emma’s sinking into Jezzabel’s gut. Just before Jezzabel’s back hits the post behind her, though, she decides she’s had enough; she abruptly grabs Emma’s throat with both hands, turning and choke tossing her into the corner.

Aiello: Emma coming out with fire here tonight!

Jezzabel begins to return the favor, throwing a couple of big, hard punches into Emma before backing off… and heading toward the other side of the ring. She takes off in a wild charge, sprinting toward Emma, likely going for a Phoenix Splash. At the last second, Emma ducks out, and Jezzabel slams straight into the turnbuckle. She stumbles out and as she starts to turn around, slightly leaning, Emma nails her in the face with a spin kick. Jezzabel drops to one knee, Emma hits the ropes looking to finish her off… but on her return, Jezz suddenly stands back up, and surprises Emma with a big boot.

Emma lays on the mat, and Jezzabel stays hunkered over for a minute, getting her wind back.

Piven: I don’t think the Rising Phoenix was ready to get attacked like this!

Aiello: At least, not by Emma Louise. She looks ready to end this tonight.

Jezzabel hits Emma Louise with a few idle stomps before grabbing her by the hair and dragging her to her feet. Jezz almost levels her with one more punch, then hooks Emma’s head, lifting her up for a suplex… but Emma fights back, gains the momentum, and spins it back down into a huge DDT on Jezzabel! The crowd is going nuts, and Emma scrambles over to make the pin.


Jezzabel throws Emma off with little effort. Emma gets to her just ever so slightly than Jezzabel, nailing the larger woman with a kick to the face to slow her ascent. Emma hits the ropes, Jezzabel throws out a clothesline, Emma ducks it and bounces off the opposite side of the ring. She comes flying in with a crossbody, but Jezzabel catches her in mid air… and puts her down with a press slam!

Jezzabel makes the cover.


Emma manages to kick out!

Aiello: Emma looks to be going with a hit and run strategy, but Jezzabel’s having none of it.

Piven: It’s a better plan than trying to grapple with her!

Jezzabel paces the ring for a moment, breathing in deep, as Emma slowly crawls to her feet. Once she’s back to stable footing, Jezzabel comes back around, and completely floors her with a massive punch. She drags Emma back to her feet… and hits her again, and once more Emma drops. Jezzabel lifts her up one more time, this time hitting her with a hard uppercut; Emma turns and stumbles back to the ropes, draping onto them for support. Jezzabel hooks Emma about the waist, going for a German suplex…

…but after she releases it, Emma continues to spin, landing on her feet! As Jezzabel’s getting up, Emma kicks her in the gut… and hits an X Factor! Emma mounts Jezzabel, the crowd starting to get behind her as she throws punch after punch into Jezzabel’s face… with the reaction dying down when Jezzabel tosses her aside and off, just absolutely overpowering her. Emma then gets right back on the attack, half-mounting from the side and picking right back up where she left off, punching Jezzabel over and over again! The crowd erupts!

Aiello: Emma does not want to let up!

Once more, Jezzabel shoves Emma to the side. Rather than try it a third time, Emma gets up and takes off into a run… so that by the time Jezzabel sits straight up, Emma’s already on the way back. She hits Jezz with a resounding basement dropkick, putting Jezzabel back on the mat. Emma makes the cover.

…But the referee doesn’t see it. Mortymer Post has made his onto the apron, and the referee is too busy arguing with him to make the count. After a few seconds of idly sitting there, waiting for the ref, Emma Louise gets frustrated and stands. She makes her way toward Mortymer, and begins to argue as well… giving Jezzabel time to rise and approach the situation.

Piven: Look out Emma!

Mortymer gets off the apron as Jezzabel slams a forearm into Emma’s back, then hooks her arm. She pumphandles Emma Louise up onto her shoulder, hauling her around the ring for a moment to get her away from the ropes… but before she can finish the slam, Emma slips off behind Jezzabel, hooking the neck on her way down. She gets to her feet with Jezz in tow, putting her in a perfect position for…


Emma makes the cover!


Stroup: Winner of the FIRST fall in this two out of three falls match… EMMA LOUISE!

Emma starts to get up from the pin… but Jezzabel has her by the throat.

Piven: Ohhh no.

Aiello: Jezzabel cannot be happy.

Slowly, Jezzabel gets to her feet, taking Emma with her. Once at a full stand, Emma tries to fight back with a few weak kicks, but Jezzabel doesn’t stop–CHOKESLAM!

Jezzabel paces the ring for a moment, letting Emma get back to her feet, before going back on the attack. She hits her with one, two, three powerful blows, each nearly taking Emma off of her feet. She lifts Emma into the air, hoisting the much smaller woman overhead… and tosses her clear out of the ring, right over the ropes, Emma’s body hitting the floor below with a dull thud.

Piven: Good lord!

The crowd reaction is mixed, but it’s definitely loud; it takes a minute or so for Emma to climb to her feet, using the guard rail outside for leverage. Almost as soon as she’s stood herself up, though, Jezzabel comes flying over the ropes after her! Suicide plancha! The crowd loses it again, Jezzabel crashing straight into Emma! Both hit the floor hard!

Aiello: This is quickly getting out of control.

Jezzabel is the first to her feet, stomping away at Emma Louise to make sure she stays down. Mortymer Post makes his way around the side of the ring, but with something in tow; it looks like he’s stashed away a bag of some sort, and he hands it off to Jezzabel. The crowd starts to boo, but the match is no disqualification; anything goes here.

Piven: What the hell did he just–

The mystery is short lived, as Jezzabel dumps the contents of the bag onto the floor outside the ring. Thumbtacks. Half the audience is booing the blatant attempt to get an edge, the other half is cheering at the escalation of violence. Jezzabel empties the bag out in a wide spread before tossing it aside, then takes her sweet time dragging Emma Louise back to her feet. Emma looks completely out of it, barely able to stand on her own; Jezzabel drags her over to where the thumb tacks are laid out…

…and sets her up for a powerbomb.

Aiello: Don’t do it!

Piven: Nooo! Not Emma!

There’s a moment of hesitance. Emma springs to life, punching at Jezzabel’s head as Jezzabel fights to pry her off. The sound of the crowd rises more and more as the seconds tick by, until finally–

Emma reverses the powerbomb into a hurricanrana!

Jezzabel is spilled off into the thumbtacks, embedding them in her skin! She’s clearly struggling to keep a cool head, but the wince on her expression is clear. Emma lays on the floor for a second, catching her breath, barely able to cope with the kind of damage she just avoided. Emma slowly, painfully gets to her feet, followed shortly by the pincushioned Jezzabel; Emma grabs her bigger opponent and rolls her under the bottom rope, and back into the ring.

Emma goes for the pin.


Somehow, after all that, Jezzabel kicks out! Emma can’t believe it! The crowd can’t believe it!

Piven: I can’t believe it!

As Jezzabel starts to get up, Emma closes in–and locks a frontface sleeper on the leaning Jezzabel! HLA! The crowd goes wild!

Jezzabel tries to fight her way out of it for several seconds, and Emma battles to keep it on… but after a moment or two, the sheer strength of Jezzabel comes back into play. She hoists Emma off her feet, runs toward the turnbuckle with her… and slams Emma’s back into the corner post, hard. It’s enough to break the hold, and Jezzabel starts to pace away from the corner, getting her energy back. While Jezzabel’s back is turned, Emma creeps her way up the turnbuckle…

…and ALMOST comes off the post with a high flying move. Jezzabel spots her antics just in time, rushing in and catching her under the chin with an uppercut. Emma drops back into a sitting position on the post, and Jezzabel takes advantage of the situation to lift her into a cross powerbomb position.

Aiello: Jezzabel going for that Rising Phoenix Bomb.

But before Jezzabel can finish the move, Emma begins to kick and flail, slipping to the mat behind her. Jezz turns, getting a kick to the gut… AND THE GIRL CRUSH! Snapmare driver plants Jezzabel’s face straight into the mat!

Mortymer Post gets back onto the apron, intent on distracting the referee again… but somebody in a hoodie comes out of the front row of the crowd, ripping him off the side of the ring.

Piven: Wait, is that–

Aiello: That’s Nurse Kinsley!

Kinsley pulls back the hoodie, the crowd erupting as red hair and a white mask come into view. Kinsley points a short baseball bat at Mortymer, who’s holding up his hands, backing away, and apparently trying to negotiate with her. While Kinsley’s keeping Mortymer busy, Emma’s making the cover on Jezzabel.


Stroup: The winner of this match, with two pinfall victories… EMMA LOUISE!

“This Little Girl” by Cady Groves hits the PA, the crowd cheering and chanting for Emma as the referee raises her hand.

Piven: Well, Emma was wrong about one thing!

Aiello: Emma scoring both falls without getting pinned! What an intense victory for the ever beautiful and very dangerous Emma Louise!

Harlow Kinsley gives Emma a nod and a sly point before disappearing back into the crowd. Mortymer Post tends to Jezzabel as Emma exits the ring.



Ace Heart: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time Corey X. 
(Fans cheering) 
Corey X: Thank you. 
Ace Heart: Last week you defeated James Kash and tonight you face him again but in a no Disqualification Match how do you feel? 
Corey X: Well Ace like last week I proved a point by defeating a rookie and tonight I will do the same thing like I did to Mr Kash last week. 
Ace Heart: Ok Do you have anything else to say? 
Corey X: Yeah Last week I wasn’t pleased of LDK performance in the ring that’s why I challenge LDK to a match next week on Brawl to a Wheel of Death match. 
Ace Heart: Wow Corey well thanks for joining us back to the guys.





Back in the parking garage for the EWC Personnel you see Shelley Silver talking with King Flip. Shelley Silver is leaning against the wall as she looks over King Flip’s shoulder. The camera pans to where she’s looking and you see a bright blue 2015 Yamaha R6 crotch rocket pulling into the garage. The rider parks the bike and takes off his helmet to reveal Flash Davis. You hear the fans in the arena cheering, especially the ladies, as the scene is on the big EWC tron. Flash gets off the bike, unstraps his bag from the seating area behind where he’d been sitting and then heads for the parking garage door to head into the arena.

Shelley: Hey, I tell you what. I’ll meet you inside. I want to talk to Flash about something.

Flip looks over at Flash coming toward him.

Flip: Ah, you’re turning on me too, hm? D-T-fuckin-A I guess.

Shelley rolls her eyes, shaking her head.

Shelley: It’s not like that, I promise. You know how I feel.

Flip: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t shake his hand.

Shelley smiles softly, raising up on her toes to kiss Flip on the cheek.

Shelley: I’ll meet you in the locker room.

Shelley gently nudges Flip to the door. Flip sighs, nodding as he walks inside. Shelley turns back to face Flash again.

Shelley: Hey Flash, can I talk to you?

Flash stops with Shelley standing in front of him. He just saw her talking to Flip. He catches himself checking Shelley out and then quickly adverts his eyes. He then makes eye contact with her.

Flash: Aren’t you in the wrong place? Brawl isn’t your show. I’ve got a match against the guy you were just talking to before I showed up. So, if you think you’re going to get inside my head—

Shelley quickly shook her head.

Shelley: This isn’t about the match. No, this…this is about something else that you’re famous for.

Flash takes a deep breath and lets out. He shakes his head.

Flash: The video. You want to talk about the one thing that I rather not talk about?

Shelley nodded with a small giggle.

Shelley: Flash, do you know what I did to put myself through wrestling school?

Flash: I’m glad you find it amusing, Shelley.

Flash shakes his head with a little grin.

Flash: Okay. Let me guess. Waitressing? Fast food? Wait, tattoo artist?

Shelley smirked as she pulled out her phone. She opened one of the albums in her photo gallery and handed it over to Flash.

Shelley: It’s different when people don’t know nor care who you are.

Flash looks at the phone. He looks up at Shelley.

Flash: I—

Flash looks back down at the phone and mutters something under his breath.

Flash (muttering): Good Lord…

Flash looks up at Shelley again. He tries to say something, but has to clear his throat.

Flash: I see what you mean.

Shelley nodded.

Shelley: I’m sure you can imagine how I felt when I started to become famous, and these got plastered all over the internet.

Flash keeps looking at Shelley’s phone as she speaks and he nods.

Flash: Looks like we have something in common.

Flash keeps looking at her phone, then shakes his head to snap out of it.

Flash: Sorry. I think this belongs to you.

Shelley chuckled as she took her phone back.

Shelley: It’s not easy.

Flash: No. No, it isn’t easy. Especially when it feels like everyone in that locker room is laughing at you behind your back or to your face.

Shelley: Only trust the ones who laugh in your face. The rest aren’t worth your time. Trust is hard to find around here.

Flash nods.

Flash: What about you? You’re not laughing in my face and you’re not laughing behind my back. All I can see is that you and I got something in common.

Flash sighs.

Flash: And…you associate with guys like Flip.

Shelley nodded with a sigh.

Shelley: And before him, I dated Shawn Cage. A man who has literally done porn. Flip may come off as a dick, but he is smart and sweet when it counts. I’m starting to like him.

She paused, biting her lip.

Shelley: If I had known you before, I would have laughed in your face. Now I am just concerned. Especially where that doctor is involved.

Flash gives Shelley an inquisitive look.

Flash: He’s strange. No doubt about that. But—

Flash looks into Shelley’s eyes.

Flash: Concerned? Why? Not to be rude, but this is the first we’ve spoken face to face. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. Why would you be concerned about me?

Shelley smiled with a shrug.

Shelley: It’s the whole sex addiction thing. I know that we don’t know each other, but do you feel like it is a legitimate diagnosis?

Flash smiles and shakes his head.

Flash: No. I don’t think it is. But, I’ve got no choice right now. Either I finish the rest of these ten sessions, or the EWC Board of Directors shreds my contract. What would you do?

Shelley sighed as she thought for a moment.

Shelley: I’d play along. I am in other companies, but EWC is my home. Just remember? Don’t lose who you are, and you’ve got a friend in me.

Flash nods.

Flash: That’s good advice. I’ll remember that.

Flash reaches for the door handle.

Flash: Shelley. Thanks. If you ever need anything, ask. But, for now, I really gotta get to the locker room and get ready for tonight.

Shelley smiled, nodding.

Shelley: Good luck, Flash. I’ll probably see you out there.

And the cameras cut away.



Stroup: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is a no disqualification grudge match!

The fans start cheering to the sound of a no disqualifications match.
Aiello: Oh here we go! The fans love these and we do as well! There is no telling what will happen.

Piven: Just a lot of chaos. You know? That sort of thing we all love to watch as long as we aren’t part of it.

Aiello: I agree. I wouldn’t like taking part in these things.

Stroup: Introducing first—

“Light em Up” by Fall out Boy hits the speakers as Corey X walks out onto the stage. The fans start cheering.

Stroup: Coming to the ring at this time, from Norfolk, Virginia! Weighing in at 210 pounds and standing 6 feet 4 inches tall! He is the King of Extreme! COREY X!!!

Corey X: The King of Extreme is here baby!

Pyro goes off as Corey X begins to make his way to the ring.

Aiello: Here comes Corey X and you know that James Kash is going to want some revenge here tonight.

Piven: Yeah. Wouldn’t you?

Aiello: I think that Corey X is going to be in a fight here tonight and I think he’ll bring one, too.

Piven: Yeah, he may not have taken kindly the words that James Kash said he went easy on the man last time these two faced off.

Corey X reaches the bottom of the ramp as James Kash starts running up behind him. He clobbers Corey X with a lariat from behind, sending Corey X tumbling forward and down.

Piven: Hey! There’s James Kash and this match hasn’t even started, Joe!

Aiello: James Kash couldn’t wait! He wants Corey X in the worst way and it appears that is what is going to happen.

Kash starts stomping away at Corey X and then picks Corey X to his feet by using his head to pull him up. Kash then grabs the back of Corey X’s neck and running slams Corey’s head into the barricade. James Kash doesn’t let up and picks Corey X up again and by the back of the neck pulls Corey and rolls him into the ring hard under the bottom rope. Kash gets up onto the apron and gets into the ring and Josh Daniels calls for the bell to ring. You can tell that Josh Daniels is still wincing in pain from Midnight’s attack early on in the night.

Aiello: And here we go. Thank goodness Jessica didn’t hesitate to get out of the ring when James Kash attacked Corey to start this off.

Piven: Yeah, she’s bright, I tell you what.

Kash is again on the attack, but Corey was still able to get to a knee before Kash had a chance to attack again. Kash clobbers Corey with a right hand, but Corey starts fighting back with a kick to the gut. He gives Kash a few clubbing blows that cause Kash to stagger away from him. Corey follows up and fires away again.

Piven: This is a brawl.

Aiello: It is a brawl on Monday Night Brawl, Jeremy! Corey X and James Kash are going to settle things here tonight and we’re going to see it all happen up close.

Piven: Hopefully we don’t get too close.

Aiello: Keep your eyes open because that could very well happen.

Piven: I’ll use you as a shield.

Aiello: And Jessica will use you as a shield.

Corey X slams Kash’s head into the turnbuckle and then shoves Kash into the corner. Josh Daniels looks on, knowing he can’t do anything. Corey X climbs up to the middle rope and grabs Kash by the head and starts firing away. The fans count the blows.
Corey X drops down from the middle rope and raises his right arm. James Kash and hunched in the corner and shaking his head from the cob webs. Corey heads to the opposite corner and starts charging. Before imact, Kash lifts a foot into the face of Corey X. Corey’s head whips back as he lands on the mat with a harsh thud.
Aiello: Oh! Face lifting boot to the face!
Piven: Corey X better charge that to James Kash’s bank account.
Aiello: Huh?
Piven: Corey X just went into cosmetic alteration thanks to James Kash, Joe. Keep up. You’re slow tonight.
Kash is on Corey X after a moment and stomps on him a few times before grabbing him by the head and strapping on a sleeperhold.
Aiello: And here comes James Kash trying to wear down Corey X.
Piven: Take the wind out of Corey X and what happens, Joe?
Aiello: You tell us, Piven.
Piven: Uh, you wear him out.
Aiello: And I’m slow?
Corey X is reaching out, but a few times attempts to fight the arm of James Kash that is snug against his chin. Josh Daniels checks. Corey X looks to be dwindling, and the referee reaches for Corey’s arm. It drops.
Crowd: 1!!!
Daniels does it again.
Crowd: 2!!!
Daniels goes to reach again, but Corey X’s hands go out again and he begins stomping his foot on the mat. The ref waves off as Corey X begins to fight. He grabs Kash’s head and pushes up with his feet before dropping down. He breaks Kash’s hold with a jaw breaker. Kash grabs his jaw and staggers around as Corey X gets to his feet. Corey kicks Kash in the gut, the impact sending Kash to the outside. Corey X follows. Kash walks toward the ring announcer table.
Piven: Uh oh!
Aiello: Uh oh is right! Corey X and James Kash headed in this direction, Piven.
Piven: You better get in front of me to break the fall.
Aiello: I will do no such thing, but I will stand.
Piven and Aiello do stand as the action comes their way. Corey X grabs Kash’s head and slams it against the commentators table. He does this a second time and attempts to do so again, but Kash puts his hands down. He gives Corey a hard elbow to the ribs and then grabs the back of Corey’s neck and slams Corey’s head into the table. Kash backs away and leans against the ring post for a moment. Corey X gets infuriated after shaking his and turns to Kash. He charges at Kash and tackles him. Kash had walked forward a bit and ends up with his back against the ringpost from Corey’s tackle.
Aiello: That looked kind of like a spear, but it was more like a tackle.
Piven: That’s exactly what it was.

Aiello: I’m just trying to let our viewers know that it wasn’t really a spear, Piven.
Piven: I think they got that.
Aiello and Piven sit down again as Corey X climbs up onto the apron. He then begins his ascent to the top rope and as Kash is getting up to his feet, Corey X flies off.
Aiello: And James Kash moves out of the way! Wow! Corey X with the risk! Corey X pays for it!
Kash is leaning against the barricade and waits a moment before he grabs Corey X by the head. He gets him to his feet and pulls him by the hair. He rolls Corey X underneath the ropes and slides into the ring under the bottom rope as well. Kash gets to his feet and grabs Corey X by the hair once again. He slowly begins to pull Corey X up.
Aiello: Glad their back in the ring here. That was too close for comfort.
Piven: Yeah. You were looking to become a pancake. Too bad.
Kash presses Corey X against the ropes, he irish whips Corey and then as Corey hits the ropes, Kash runs and hits Corey X with a cross body block.
Aiello: Bank Statement!
Piven: Oh man! Ouch!
Kash covers.
Aiello: And Corey X with the kickout!
Piven: Corey X isn’t done!
Kash doesn’t take the time to get frustrated he looks more happy that Corey X kicked out and he grabs Corey X by the hair and pulls Corey X to his feet. Kash lifts Corey X up onto his shoulders.
Aiello: Oh this could be it!
Piven: Here it comes!
Corey X fights out of Kash’s grip and drops off his shoulders to his feet. Kash had just attempted to hit Corey X with what he calls Kashin’ Out, that F-5 into an RKO. Corey X kicks the quads of Kash and Kash drops down to his knees. Corey X runs to the ropes and bounces off and grabs Kash’s head with both hands and smashes his face into the mat. Corey X covers.
And Kash kicks out!
Aiello: Corey X tried to sneak that in.
Piven: You know he wants to prove Kash wrong. He wants it to be known that Kash wasn’t going easy on him last week.
Corey X is frustrated a bit and he gets to his feet. He goes to the corner and climbs up onto the top rope. He waits as Kash gets up to his feet and goes for a flying cross body.
Aiello: NO!!! Kash catches Corey X in mid air!
Piven: And he’s smiling!
Kash lifts Corey X up onto his shoulders and doesn’t waste any time as he swings Corey X like the F-5 and hits an RKO as he does.
Aiello: Kashin’ OUT!!!
Kash goes for the cover.

Aiello: And Corey X has fallen to James Kash here in this no disqualification grudge match!
Stroup: Winner as a result of a pinfall! James Kash!!!
“Jekyll and Hyde” by Five Finger Death Punch hits the speakers as James Kash doesn’t appear to be done with Corey X. He lifts him to his feet and places Corey X’s head between his legs. He waits for a moment and then hoists Corey X up and tries to catch Corey X in a crucifix powerbomb type look. Corey X fights out and lands on his feet. He turns around and the two start brawling, but not as intense.
Aiello: Oh! James Kash is the victor here but this is a fight that doesn’t look like it’s over.
Just then Matt Silver and Justin Gold come out onto the stage with microphones in their hand.
Matt Silver: Hey! Corey X! This stops now!

Justin Gold: James Kash! Stop!
Matt Silver: Get some referees and security out here right now! Break this up!
Aiello: Here they come. Security is going to attempt to stop this fight. Matt Silver and Justin Gold out here to restore order.
Security and referees rush down to break up the fight and separate the two.
Matt Silver: We have an announcement! And it involves you Corey!

Corey X looks at them.
Justin Gold: Yes you. Tonight is your last night on Monday Night BRAWL, Corey X!
Matt Silver: You’ve been traded to Friday Night Rampage as part of the deal that came with James Kash coming to BRAWL. So, pack it up, Corey X. You’ve just been sent to Rampage!
Justin Gold: And that happens tonight.
Corey X is furious. He starts pushing away security and throwing a fit at ringside and shoves a security guard over and kicks the steel steps.
Aiello: James Kash comes to Monday Night BRAWL and Corey X pays for it.
Piven: I guess you can say James Kash just won again.
Aiello: Looks like it.


Jessica Stroup: Ladies and Gentlemen our following matchup is a single’s match scheduled for one fall.

‘Sky’s The Limit’ by CFO$ hits the arena as “The Boss” Latoya Hixx steps out onto the stage decked out in her matching ring coat. She pushes her hands out to her side showing off her matching Platinum BOSS brass knucks. She flashes her smile pushing her all white shades onto her hair. Latoya makes her way down to the ring taunting the fans and once reaching ringside she flexes her hips from left to right. She makes her way up the ring steps and into the ring. Latoya climbs to the top of the nearest turnbuckle and points out to the crowd. She jumps down taking off her coat, sunglasses and brass knucks handing them over to a ring official.

Jessica Stroup: Standing in at five feet five inches tall, weighing in at one hundred and fourteen pounds, residing from Boston, Massachusetts, “The First Lady of Hardcore” Latoya Hixx!!!

Joe Aiello: Latoya Hixx making her Monday Night Brawl debut going up against “The Nurse with The Worst” Harlow Kinsley.

Jeremy Piven: Don’t forget Joe, Latoya requested this matchup for her debut, she feels she has something to prove to Nurse Kinsley tonight.

‘Whispers and Potions’ by Melissa Auf Der Maur hits the arena as the lighting in the arena starts to flicker and strobe along with the music. Harlow Kinsley stumbles her way down the ramp, staring off into space with a vacant expression. She sometimes sways or moves to the music, and occasionally stops to stare down members of the audience; otherwise, she barely seems to know where she is.

Jessica Stroup: Standing in at five feet ten inches tall, weighing in at one hundred and thirty-five pounds, residing from Tijuana, Mexico “The Nurse with the Worst” Harlow Kinsley!!!”

When she reaches the ring, Kinsley slips beneath the bottom rope, slowly crawling her way across the ring. She makes it one of the corners, where she slumps against the turnbuckle, gazing off at the ceiling. After several seconds of just sitting there with a blank face on, she grabs the middle ropes with both hands, and hoists herself to her feet.

Joe Aiello: Harlow Kinsley is so sinister sometimes it’s just creepy, Latoya requested this match, but let’s see how she feels about it when this match is over.

Jeremy Piven: Harlow Kinsley has the experience being inside an EWC Ring, let’s see how Latoya Hixx handles herself against The Nurse.

Bell Rings: Harlow Kinsley and Latoya Hixx circle around the ring before both women make their way to the middle of the ring. Kinsley staggers forward before instantly sprinting forward and catching Hixx with a basement dropkick to the knees sending her face first into the mat. Kinsley quickly makes her way back up to her feet and guides Hixx back up to her own feet. Kinsley sends Hixx to the ropes with an irish whip and than starts walking away to the nearest corner. Hixx bounces back from the ropes and takes Kinsley down to the mat with a leaping clothesline to the back of the head. Kinsley hits the mat face first as Hixx rolls her over to her back and makes the cover, the ref gets down to make the count,


but Kinsley kicks out right at the count of one. Hixx grabs Kinsley by the head and continuously drives her forearms into her face. Hixx pushes Kinsley back down to the mat and makes another cover and


once again Kinsley kicks out at the count of one.

Joe Aiello: Harlow Kinsley and Latoya Hixx holding nothing back here in the opening of this matchup.

Jeremy Piven: Latoya Hixx trying everything in her power to end this match early, both she only got a one count for her troubles.

Hixx stands over Kinsley mocking her while down on the mat when Kinsley instantly picks herself off the mat and takes Hixx down to the mat with the kip up headscissors. Kinsley makes her way back up to her feet and begins to stomp away at the body of Hixx. Kinsley quickly makes her way to the top of the nearest turnbuckle and waits as Hixx slowly starts to make her way back up to her feet. Kinsley stands tall before leaping through the air looking for a missile dropkick, but Hixx rolls out of harms way as Kinsley eats the mat. Kinsley slowly stars to stir and sits up before Hixx grabs her by the head and sends her head first into the mat with a short ddt. Hixx rolls Kinsley over onto her back and hooks her legs for the cover, the ref gets down to make the count,


but Kinsley kicks out after the count of one. Hixx guides Kinsley to her feet and sends her to the corner with an irish whip. Hixx charges forward and connects with a charging double knee strike to the chest and quickly grabs the head of Kinsley and drives her face first into the mat with a bulldog.

Joe Aiello: Harlow Kinsley has been on the receiving end of a relentless beating by the hands of Latoya Hixx after missing the big missile dropkick.

Jeremy Piven: The Boss is just proving to The Nurse that she can hang in the ring with the best of them.

Hixx guides Kinsley back to her feet and sends her to the ropes with an irish whip. Kinsley bounces off the ropes and manages to grab the top rope stopping her momentum as Hixx misses a dropkick of her own. Kinsley quickly makes her way over to Hixx grabbing her by the hair and guiding her over to the ropes. Kinsley grabs Hixx by the head and swings her feet in between the top and second rope. Kinsley than pulls Hixx towards the ring until her feet are barely hanging on the ropes. Kinsley has a sinister look in her eye before jumping into the air and catching Hixx with a ropehung ddt. Kinsley rolls Hixx over for the cover and the ref gets down to make the count,


but Hixx kicks out before the count of two. Kinsley stays on top of the attack by driving her forearm repeatedly into the face of Hixx. Kinsley stands behind the back of Hixx and grabs the arm closest to the mat and locks it in an armlock with her feet. Kinsley than grabs the free arm and falls to her back wrenching her arm with all of her might. Hixx screams out from the pain as Kinsley looks off into the distance with a blank face.

Joe Aiello: Nurse Kinsley just nearly broke the arm of Latoya Hixx in the middle of the ring.

Jeremy Piven: She knows that Latoya is a tough fighter and she’s trying to break her arm to keep her from competing.

Hixx rolls around on the mat as Kinsley quickly makes her way over and grabs her by the arm once again. Hixx quickly fires a stiff forearm into the face of Kinsley knocking her back on her feet. Hixx stays on the attack firing another forearm shot knocking Kinsley back into the corner. Hixx charges across the ring and than flies back connecting with a leaping clothesline into the corner. Hixx grabs a hold of Kinsley’s head letting it rest against her shoulder before dropping her face first onto the mat with a flat liner. Hixx slowly rolls Kinsley over for the cover as the ref gets down to make the count,


but Kinsley kicks out right at the count of two. Kinsley sits up next to Hixx and than fires a headbutt directly into her face. Hixx hits the mat as Kinsley makes the sloppy cover as the ref gets down to make the count,


but Hixx kicks out at the count of two as well.

Joe Aiello: Latoya Hixx proving to everybody that she can hang in the ring.

Jeremy Piven: She’s still favoring that arm and it’s going to be her downfall.

Kinsley quickly makes her way back up to her feet and grabs Hixx by her bothered arm and quickjly rams her forearm into it. Kinsley locks arms with Hixx and than takes her down to the mat with an arm drag, pulling excessively hard on the injured arm. Hixx grabs her arm in pain but still pushes herself back up to her feet. Kinsley moves forward and Hixx catches her with a left jab and grabs her arm as she throws the right jab. Kinsley hooks the right arm of Hixx and takes her down to the mat with an armbreaker. Hixx shouts out from the pain, but still pushes herself back up to her feet. Kinsley moves in for another attack, but Hixx manages to duck the attempt and grabs Kinsley by the head taking her down to the mat with a ddt. Hixx hooks the legs of Kinsley for the cover and the ref gets down to make the count,


but Kinsley kicks out after the count of two.

Joe Aiello: Both of these two are putting the other through hell, both looking for the win.

Jeremy Piven: Kinsley feels she should be the gatekeeper and she’s definitely putting Hixx through the test.

Kinsley and Hixx make their way back up to their feet and meet in the middle of the ring throwing rights and lefts. Hixx has the faster left jab and gains control by sending Kinsley to the ropes with an irish whip. Kinsley bounces back right into a stiff kick to the midsection from Hixx. Hixx hits the ropes and connects with a huge Roundhouse Kick to the face of Kinsley taking her down to the mat. Hixx once again hooks the legs of Kinsley for the cover,


but this time Kinsley gets her shoulder up before the count of three. Hixx is in a shock of disbelief when Kinsley sits up and clocks her with a stiff right hand. Hixx hits the mat face first as Kinsley lifts her onto her feet and connects with The Sobredosis. Hixx is laid out on the mat as Kinsley slowly makes her way back up to her feet. Kinsley grabs the right arm of Hixx and snaps it across her knee before locking her into The Paresthesia. Hixx screams out from the pain as Kinsley applies the pressure before giving in and tapping out.

Winner: Harlow Kinsley

Jessica Stroup: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner of the matchup via submission, Harlow Kinsley!!!

Joe Aiello: Latoya Hixx showed up and proved that she can take a licking, but Harlow Kinsley is walking away victorious.

Jeremy Piven: Nurse Kinsley is a force to be reckoned with and she proved that once again tonight.

Appearing on the screen is this image. 

The fire is burning. And I can feel it underneath my skin.

The recognizable voice of Mark Storm echoes as the camera now fades into a scene engulfed in darkness. Emerging from the dark a pale white face glows, painted artistically; the skeleton skull face paint is back, the all black grungy attire is back and the vacant look in his eyes, is back. The scene is suddenly sparked with light as the light bulb that hangs above Mark Storm flickers on, allowing the viewers to see the scenery that Storm finds himself in, the room completely empty.

And it’s building up and building up and building up. 

He gestures with his hands, raising them higher and higher and higher every time the word building comes out of his mouth. He pauses, running his fingers which are covered in black MMA styled gloves through his hair; his eyes fixated on the camera, still. 

I’m approaching my boiling point.

Nothing. That’s what I’ve managed to do this year here in Extreme Wrestling Corporation. Zero. The number of matches I have managed to attain a victory in. Two. The number of matches I’ve managed to lose so far this year. Eighteen. The number of days until David meets Goliath, until Mark Storm meets Jaden Xplode at Hardcore Revolution. Already I’ve been snubbed but I don’t blame them, look at the start I’ve had and it doesn’t have any credibility, it doesn’t support championship credibility, my record thus far only supports failure. And that failure makes me think and question whether I’m even up to the task of taking on the Undisputed champion at Hardcore Revolution. The recent losses have kept me up at night; and I’ve been trying to figure out where I’m going wrong, what is it that’s preventing me from victory? Is it just my opponents who have stepped up their game? Or is it just me? Failing to live up to the expectation that has been set? There’s most definitely an expectation that I haven’t to lived up to, an expectation that is beyond the norm; but that’s what I wanted. Because I’m not normal, last year I won the majority of my matches. Three. The number of singles matches that I managed to lose last season. 

He shakes his head, disappointed with his current record that he holds. 

The competition has stepped up and I’ve become complacent. I’ve become content instead of evolving! I thought my status last year would keep me afloat, would help me win matches but quite evidently it hasn’t. Because it doesn’t matter about last year, that’s all set and stone, that’s all buried in the archives and all that matters now is what you can do this year. What you can bring to the table! I was foolish to believe that everyone else would stay at the same level but as you can see, you’ve got numerous guys and gals rising to the requirements to perform and compete for the Undisputed title. Alexis Morrison, Nurse Kinsley, Luke Wolfe.. only three names out of an abundance who have stepped up and are pleading for a chance, fighting and performing for an opportunity to arise. I’m fortunate enough to have attained that opportunity, but leading to the biggest fight of my career – I’ve been nothing more but amateur.

This promotion doesn’t need an amateur. It doesn’t want an amateur, it needs a fighter. It wants a fighter! Someone who’s ready to dethrone Jaden Xplode. Who’s been attempting to play mind games with me for quite some time now, trying to conclude that my reign last year was nothing – that it literally mean’t nothing because I wasn’t a fighting champion. I wasn’t the man that this company needed and X, you’re completely right! In my amateur year in this professional game I wasn’t ready to be the man to carry a brand.  I wasn’t ready to be the man to represent this company. I wasn’t the fighting champion who’d appear at every show, I wasn’t the man that everybody wanted to be champion – I was vilified and hated by most of the backstage crew, and most of my colleagues who grew jealous of my instant success. I wasn’t the right man for the job but the fact is X, I did it anyway. I was thrown into the deep end and I survived! I was thrown into an war that I wasn’t ready for, I wasn’t prepared for, but I managed to come out of it alive with a title buckled round my waist for most of the year. And people would challenge.. and when they did, I’d knock them down. And people would protest, and when they put their words into actions, I’d shut them up and knock them down. I’d come and go and the fact that I done that deeply annoys me because despite having the title around my waist, I didn’t add to it’s credibility. I remained stagnant as the World Heavyweight champion, a rarity.

In my first year in the professional game I propelled to the top and managed to become the World Heavyweight champion, all within three months. I don’t care if you think that my reign was fake, I don’t care if you think you could of knocked me off my throne, the fact is X, you didn’t and I held onto the title. I don’t care what anyone says, to be able to win a world title within three months of being a part of a fed is pretty damn impressive. I propelled to the top almost instantly whilst yourself you took your time didn’t you? I remember X. I remember watching you back in 2013, with the United States title in your grasp, that’s how it all started for you. You pretty much started from the bottom before rising to the top with the US title, tag team title and a Rumble At The Bronx victory, isn’t that right X? And then the big one. You managed to claim the EWC Championship. Very impressive, you became a triple crown champion. Whilst you went through all of that, I came, I conquered and won the world title.

Do you get what I’m trying to say? 

He pauses, pacing left and right as he looks intensely at the camera. 

I’ve only just started X. This is the beginning of the era of Storm and you, you’re coming to an end. I don’t doubt that you haven’t got it in you anymore. I don’t doubt that you’re not the same wrestler as you used to be. I don’t doubt any of that because I know that you are, if not better. I know that you’re still the Destroyer of Worlds, the X Man who revolutionized EUW but you see, you’re 45 years, 7 months, and 4 days old. You’ve done everything that everyone wants to accomplish and that’s why everyone respects you, they may hate you but they respect you. You’re part of a generation that influenced guys like me, but your generation, the stubborn, selfish generation that you epitomize, I’m going to end it and the first step, is to beat you and that’s what drives me. That’s my shot of coffee in the mornings, that’s what keeps me up at night, that’s what makes me want to propel and propel and reach the highest level of this wrestling business.

And at the end, that’s what’s going to beat you X.

That hunger and desperation that is inside of me that you can’t get rid of, I made a vow at the end of last year that in 2016 I’d become the EWC Undisputed Champion of the World! You want to know what that title means? It means that you’re the best wrestler on the planet! That’s what you are X, you’re the best wrestler on the planet right now! But you surround yourself with idiots who will help you remain at the top, you surround yourself with people like Tara Michaels who will cheat and send her boys down to help you out. You may have the title of the best in the world but the only way you’re going to keep that championship belt in your grasp is if you cheat to beat me! If you have one of your minions run down that entrance ramp and try to disrupt our match.. that’s the only way you’re going to be able to beat me! You can knock me down as hard as you can X but it won’t keep me down. You can beat me limb by limb but it won’t keep me down, you can tighten and tighten and almost rip every muscle in my body, but it won’t – keep – me – down! The only way you’re going to beat me is by interference but even then X, I don’t mind taking out a few of your protégées, I don’t mind taking out this army that you’ve created for yourself! I pulled the very same stunt last year X with Project CHAOS but I’ve changed from then. I’m not a child anymore. I was a child in a man’s body who would cheat and allow team mates to disrupt wrestling matches, but I’m not that guy anymore. Everything I do or have done, everything I have and have done, I’ve done it myself! YOU on the otherhand!? Time will tell X because when the pressures building and I’m beating your ass inside that four sided ring, you’re going to have desperation in your eyes because you’ll know, that I’m not going to back down. You’re going to have fear in your eyes because you’ll know, I’m not going to back down. You’ll be depending on your teammates to help you out in the latter stages of our match because, you’ll know I’m – not – going – to – back – down!

Backing down was made for people like Damien Kingston who ran at the first sight of trouble.

He looks at the camera, his eyes flared with excitement, as a rare smile appears on his lips for a brief moment.

February 28th will be known as the day of salvation. It’ll be a day celebrated through the years to come and a day that you’ll want to forget because it will be the day that Mark Storm becomes the EWC Undisputed Champion!!!

The scene cuts to black.


** The room is dark, a light flicks off and on, but even when on it’s very faint. A silhouette appears on the wall. It grows bigger Finally approaching the screen. It’s a man with what looks like crudely drawn face paint. He licks his lips before he speaks **

Man: They say you never truly know what a man is capable of until he is put in a position of life or death. They say in that moment, you choose fight, or flight. Most choose flight because they understand at their very core that even though they pretend to believe that they are above all and capable of survival, they are merely a statistic that this world will swallow up and move away from.

** Dyed green hair falls in front of his face. He moves it out of the way **

Man: The EWC has a lot of pretenders, a lot of so called “champions” and a lot of well, people who don’t deserve the recognition they get. This place has a lot of trash that needs to be taken out back, and when I get the chance I’ll take each body out, piece by piece. I’m Joe Kerr, and I’m prepared to be your worst nightmare. Aha…. Nah I’m not that cliché.

** Joe Kerr pulls a gun up and quickly points it at the screen. He pulls the trigger which erupts a sound and a piece of paper with *BANG* on it flies out. He drops it on the ground and turns around as the scene fades **




Stroup: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the Monday Night BRAWL MAIN EVENT!!!

Aiello: Oh here we are! The Main Event! The triple threat match between Flash Davis, Mr. International King Flip and the EWC’s Bail Bondsman, Tony Savage!

Piven: This is going to be off the hiz-ook!

Aiello: Don’t start with that.


No pyro, no fancy light show. Just the roar of a Harley Davidson Fat Boy tuned to perfection, which Tony revs up before he cruises down the entrance ramp.

Jessica Stroup: Ladies and Gentlemen, now making his way into the ring, from Atlantic City, N.J., via Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 245 lbs….

The crowd goes crazy.

Stroup: EWC’s official bail bondsman….The Atlanta Falcon….TONY SAVAGE!

Tony stops the bike next to the announcers table, revving the engine to the delight of fans nearby, and to the chagrin of that piece of shit Piven and his eardrums. He parks the bike, EWC’s security crew takes temporary custody of Tony’s weapons and search him, then, jumps into the ring still in street clothes, cracking his knuckles and ready to fight.


…soars from right to left across the tron, followed closely by a big pop pyrotechnic.


The opening tune of ‘Obnoxious’ begins to slowly fill the arena.


…soars right to left soon after, followed by an even bigger pyrotechnic. As Immortal Technique spits the first verse, King Flip walks through the curtain lip-syncing with his arms extended and his International and GPC FIGHTING Junior Heavyweight Championships both buckled to his waist.

Stroup: And the second participant of this triple threat match! From the Land of Money and Fame! He is the EWC International Champion and the GPC Fighting Junior Heavyweight Champion! Mr. International! KING!!! FLIP!!!

Fans get loud for their favorite asshole. He goads them to get louder as he walks down the aisle. The King walks up the steel steps and hops to the second turnbuckle and taunts the ‘Double F’ hand symbols. He then enters the ring after handing his belts off to a royally attired ring official.


The fans start to laugh as the sound comes over the speakers. Flash doesn’t come out for a few moments when Dr. Weiner does finally come out. The music continues to play and you see Dr. Weiner writing in his notebook.

Aiello: Oh this is ridiculous.

Piven: Hey, this must be the new theme song for Flash Davis.

Aiello: You think?

Dr. Weiner waits a second and then goes back through the curtain. Moments later, as the dubstep hits Flash Davis comes out onto the ring entrance stage. He looks very unhappy. You can see his tongue in his cheek as he makes his way toward the ring. The doc following close behind writing his notes.

Stroup: And the final participant and their opponent! He is from the Flash Enterprise Estate in Las Vegas, Nevada! Weighing in at 225 pounds and standing at an even 6 feet tall! He is FLASH DAVIS!!!

Flash continues his way down to the ring as the doc circles the ring and heads over to the announcers area. Jessica Stroup exits the ring and the doc is given a chair to sit in as he continues to take his notes.

Aiello: This is nothing nice for Flash Davis. He’s facing a veteran in Tony Savage and facing King Flip, a EWC International Champion.

Piven: I guess that comes with his condition.

Aiello: If there really is a condition.

Flash enters the ring as the music stops and stands there with his hands on his hips. He begins pacing as he looks at both competitors. You can see the smug look on Tony Savage’s face. King Flip shakes his head. The ref Paul Turner looks at all three and makes sure each is ready before he calls for the bell.


Aiello: And here we go in this triple threat contest.

Piven: Going to be interesting to see who comes out on top here.

King Flip, Savage and Flash come closer and closer to the center of the ring when King Flip suddenly goes after Savage. Flash stands up straight with his hands out to the sides as Tony and Flip begin to slug things out early on. Flash watches and shakes his head. He sniffs his hand. He shrugs and as Flip is getting pummeled in the corner, Flash comes up behind Tony and smashes him with a overhand club to the back. He grabs Tony at the head and waist band of his jeans and throws Tony out of the ring.

Aiello: Flash didn’t take being left out of things early on lightly. He looks like he wants a piece of the International Champion.

Flash turns his attention to Flip, but gets kicked in the gut. Flash almost absorbs the kick and gives one of his own back to Flip. He grabs Flip’s hand and Flip whips his hand away and pushes Flash out of the way. Flip looks at his hand and then to Paul Turner and walks over to him wiping his hand off on Turner’s shirt. He then takes a couple rubber gloves out of his pocket and tosses them towards Flash.

Aiello: Oh! Hahahaha!

Piven: Don’t shake his hand right?

Aiello: Guess that’s what these gloves are for.

Flash shakes his head. All this gives Tony time to get into the ring and he comes up behind Flash and returns the same favor. A clubbing blow to the back, but doesn’t stop there. He punches Flash in the face with a closed fist and Flash goes to a knee. Tony puts his boot to Flash’s chest and pushes Flash onto his back and stomps down on him. Flip comes over and gives Tony a right hand and then a left and this time pummels Tony as the fight heads to the same corner. Flip steps back and unloads with a knife edge chop to Tony.

Aiello: Oh! That sounded around the arena.

At that moment, Shelley Silver begins making her way down to the ring.

Aiello: Oh, here comes Shelley Silver. You gotta wonder what is going through Flip’s head. She wanted to talk to Flash earlier, and Flip may or may not like the fact that they spoke.

Flash doesn’t yet notice. Flip looks back to the ramp, seeing her coming to the ring. She’s not looking so much at him as she is at the doc sitting at ringside. She’s glaring at the man. Flip gets a confused look on his face, the opening is there for Tony to take it and he does. He grabs Flip, whips him around and starts unloading with a boxing combo and then finishes it off with huge right hook that drops Flip.

Piven: Oh damn! TKO?

Aiello: The Atlanta Falcon going wild leveling Flip!

Flash enters the ring and sucker punches Tony. He kicks him in the gut. Flash then presses Tony against the ropes and attempts an Irish Whip that Tony reverses. Flash bounces off the ropes and ducks a clothesline that was more like a punch and bounces off the ropes again. Flash flies off the ropes spring board style with a moonsault attack. Tony catches him. Flash fights the grip and locks his legs around Tony’s head and uses this to whip Tony into the ropes. Flash sees Tony caught on the middle rope and licks his hand.

Aiello: Already? Spanky Doo Da?

Flip doesn’t let him. He grabs Flash by the shoulder and gives him to forearm shots to the head. Flash swings and Flip ducks. Flip lifts Flash with a back body suplex and they come crashing down. Tony pushes the apron and gets himself back through the ropes so he’s not vulnerable. Flip gets to his feet and goes after Tony. The two start brawling again, but Flip gets the upper hand by stomping on Tony’s foot. He scoops Tony up for a body slam.

Aiello: And here comes Flip. In control!

Flip goes to the corner and climbs up. He doesn’t take time to taunt as he leaps off and hits Tony with a body splash. He hooks the leg.


Flip doesn’t get the pinfall on Tony and the ref Paul Turner lets everyone know it. Flash rolls over onto his stomach and sees Shelley Silver standing there watching what is going on. She isn’t really looking at Flash, but she’s watching the match.

Aiello: Flash stirring. He’s noticed Shelley Silver.

Flip grabs Tony by the hair. He locks Tony into a front facelock. Tony fights it twists Flip around slugging him in the kidney area. He clobbers Flip in the back next and then gives Flip a Russian Leg Sweep. He goes for the cover. But before Paul Turner can even begin, Flash leaps on Tony to break the pin. Flash gets to his feet. He grabs Tony and pulls him up to his feet. He gives Tony a snap suplex, but doesn’t let go. He rolls and gets Tony back up to his feet with him. He hits a regular suplex, not letting go.

Aiello: Here come the amigos made famous by Eddie Guerrero.

Flash goes for it again, Tony blocks this one and knees Flash high in the sternum and then hits Flash with a spinning neckbreaker. He goes for the cover.


Flip makes the save.

Aiello: Oh that was close. Flip makes the save and this match continues.

Flip gets to his feet, grabs Tony and gets him up. He kicks Tony in the gut. He locks his head. And goes for it. Swinging Impaler!

Aiello: Flip hits the Beheading! The cover! Hooking the leg!


Aiello: And Flash makes the save. He just saved the day!

Piven: Huh?

Shelley Silver begins to move toward the ring announcer area as she’s glaring once again at the doc.

Aiello: Shelley Silver eyes on Dr. Philip Weiner at ringside. He’s completely oblivious to here presence.

Piven: Things don’t look good for the doc here tonight.

The doc looks up and sees Shelley Silver heading toward him. He gets up and looks to be nervous. Shelley just stares as him when Flip is watching what is going on. He’s confused as to what’s happening. He gets to his feet and Flash is looking at Shelley. Flip notices and doesn’t like it. He goes on the attack and hits Flash from behind. Flash staggers forward and turns around and hits Flip. Flip hits Flash. Flash hits Flip. Tony gets to a sitting position in the corner and watches the Brawl. He looks at Shelley and shakes his head. He lips “Traitor” towards her. You can see Shelley’s eyes narrow.

Aiello: She’s really distracting out here tonight.

Piven: Well, she’s out here for Flip. Well, I don’t know. Maybe Flash. Maybe she wants a little piece of Tony. Who knows?

Aiello: I think she has something in store for the doc.

Piven: Maybe.

Flash gets the upperhand and out of nowhere hits the spinning downward spiral.

Aiello: FLASH KISS!!!

Piven: From nowhere!

Aiello: He hit that fast!

Flash isn’t done. He looks at Shelley and waves. She just politely waves back and Flash gets up. He goes to the top rope.

Aiello: Why’s he doing this?

Piven: Flash could have this match. He’s risking a lot here.

As Flash gets to the top, Tony is there to push Flash off to the ringside floor. Flash hits hard and Tony turns around and makes the cover.


Flash gets to his feet by using the ring apron.

Flash tries to get into the ring.


Aiello: And Tony Savage pins King Flip! Flash Davis couldn’t get back to save!

Piven: Flash trying to show off and loses the match.

Aiello: You’re right that cost him big.

“Easy Rider” by Action Bronson begins to play over the speakers.

Stroup: Winner of this match by pinfall! Tony Savage!

Tony raises his arm and looks down on Flash and Flip. Flash is disappointed as he knows he could have won and rolls out of the ring. Shelley looks up at Tony Savage and glares. She looks at Flash and then at Flip. She shakes her head. Tony lips “Traitor” toward her again and Shelley shakes her head and turns her attention to the doc who sees that he had better take off. He does so.

Aiello: Yeah, Doc you had better get out of here. Shelley Silver is not the one you want to have on your bad-side.

Flash gets out of the ring and heads back up the ramp with the doc close behind. He turns to look back and takes another glance at Shelley before the doc eggs him on to head backstage. Flash turns and shaking his head goes back to the locker room. Shelley enters the ring as Tony exits and she checks on Flip.





Miss Ronda
Michael Saint
President Mac
Roselee Scott
Guest Voters



WINNER: Emma Louise

WINNER: James Kash

WINNER: Nurse Kinsley

WINNER: Tony Savage


The scene returns backstage.

President Mac is spotted coming around the corner and walking down the hall. Mac is engaged in conversation with someone on his cell phone, while in the other hand he is carrying a Star Bucks coffee. Mac nods at the cameras as he passes them and continues on walking.

The cameras continue to follow President Mac, which has Mac curious as he pauses and turns to the camera, shrugs and then continues walking. 

A few more steps and President Mac comes to a stop.

To his left, his office. 

Door wide open.

Spanish Bull Fighting music playing in the distance

Mac mumbles ‘I’ll call you back’ into the phone as he slides the samsung into his right inside jacket pocket. Mac then takes a step inside the office, and is startled to find someone sitting inside waiting for him

The cameras catch up

A glimpse of the man is shown as the door closes behind Mac