[F1W] Unlimited #38 – 2/10/16

“Aint About The Money” by Jussie Smollett and Yazz plays as Unlimited hits the air!! The cameras pan around the arena as the crowd goes crazy. Finally the cameras rest on Jay and Brick.

Jay Gamble: Welcome everyone to another edition of Unlimited!!!

Brick Ramrock: Yes, welcome everyone! We have a hell of a show for you tonight and some huge Fight One Roster news!

“With That” by Young Thug begins to play and the fans erupt into a mixed reaction as Jonathan Rast, dressed in a pair of jeans, boots, a t-shirt, and a tan peacoat, strides to the ring with Monét Tatianna at his side.

Jay Gamble: I guess our news has to wait…He isn’t scheduled this early.

Brick Ramrock: He’s got something to say.

Jonathan helps Monét into the ring before stepping in himself and grabbing a microphone from Tony Barrera. He waits patiently for the crowd to settle down.

Jonathan Rast: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to reacquaint myself, my name is Jonathan Rast and this very ring… this very arena… and this entity known as the Fight One Universe is infact, The Republic. This is my utopia. This is my domain and you’re all under the dominion of me. And let’s just consider this the campaigning efforts before my inaugural speech. The Fight One champion is looking to keep oil in her hinges and I plan on draining that bitch faster than a high powered sybian.

Jay Gamble: Oh, that was distasteful.

Brick Ramrock: What’s a sybian?

Jay Gamble: In his case, it’s his only hope.

Brick Ramrock: Cryptic, like it.

Jonathan paces around the ring, his coat tail swaying from left to right as he does it.

Jonathan Rast: Tonight we have a ladder match where the winner receives $100,000 dollars cash. What does that $100,000 mean? I’ll tell you what it means. It means, I’ll have the financial backing to do whatever the fuck I want! So with this being my republic, I’m setting the rules, and the fans are casting their votes! Fight One will be recreated in the likeness of me. I know it’s a long shot, and I don’t expect any overnight results, but with Fight One bringing in so many new faces and so much new talent the battle lines must be drawn somewhere.

Jonathan Rast paces over to the corner and climbs onto the middle rope before turning around and taking a seat on the top rope.

Jonathan Rast: Now, I’ve seen a lot from the talent here in Fight One so I know I’m in over my head, but I’m willing to face any champion in a non-title match and it appears I’m starting at the top and working my way down. Shyla Clemmens, the one truly building the family legacy, that’s sweet, that’s cute. You’re like the–

Jay Gamble: Finally.

Brick Ramrock: Hey now! You’re an allstar!

Rast’s mic cuts out as “SHADE” appears on the big screen. The crowd pops as Alexxa Keenan walks out from the entrance. She has the Outlaw Championship over her shoulder. She smiles politely, before raising a microphone to her lips.

Alexxa Keenan: Mr. Rast. I have been asked to greet you on the behalf of Mr. Clemmens. Your aim seems obvious, yet you ‘beat around the bush’ as you would probably put it. If you wish for true competition, your competition will be granted.

The fans whoop.

Alexxa Keenan: You will undoubtedly be bested tonight by the woman you wish to offend with your elementary sexual innuendo. Do not worry, Mr. Rast. Your private wish will still be granted, despite your ineptitude. At the aptly named Amorio Rally, your wish for a ‘love affair’ will be granted when you will face your apparent idol, Shane Clemmens, in a Street Fight.

Jay Gamble: So, Alexxa Keenan is now the voice of Shane Clemmens?

Alexxa Keenan: Now, I suggest you and your whore clear the ring before you are both arrested.

The lights in the arena dim when and moments pass before you hear Lana Del Rey’s voice. She begins to sing,

“Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, Mr. President
Happy Birthday to you”

An sometimes uncomfortable hush overtakes the crowd.

“Thanks, Mr. President
For all the things you’ve done
The battles that you’ve won
The way you deal with US Steel and our problems by the ton
We thank you so much

The applause booms through the PA system as footage of the Kennedy Assassination can be seen for only a moment before the lights go out completely. The pop of fireworks can be heard as the big screen lights up with images of fireworks. “National Anthem” begins.

“Money is the anthem
Of success
So before we go out
What’s your address?”

Alexxa emerges from the entrance. She wears a scowl on her face and a glint in her eye as she heads down to the ring.

Tony Barrera: Coming to the ring, weighting in at 135lbs. Alexxa Keenan!

Suddenly, Baz appears behind Alexxa and smashes her in the back with a chair sending her tumbling forward.

Jay Gamble: Looks like Baz isn’t wasting any time!

Brick Ramrock: There were two ladies I wanted to see strut their stuff! Two!

Jay Gamble: For now, you just have a Baz.

Brick Ramrock: My son’s great and all but… Bewbs…

Baz continues to lay into Keenan with the chair. Keenan rolls away and gets up to sprint to the ring to escape the onslaught. Baz gives chase as Alexxa stumbles and falls at the ring apron. Baz charges and winds up with the chair.

Jay Gamble: Look, Brick! Bewbs!

Brick Ramrock: Yay more bewbs!

Lyza Reyes sprints behind Baz and uses the chair to thrust him into the ring post, sending him sprawling for the moment. The momentary reprieve, however, gives Alexxa time to recover, recoil, and strike. She kicks Lyza in the small of her back, dropping her to her knees in pain. She follows up with a kick to the back of Lyza’s head. She goes for a quick cover.



Jay Gamble: Baz recovers just in time to break the pin!

Brick Ramrock: Did you see how their bewbs pressed together?

Jay Gamble: I did.

Brick Ramrock: Are you as hard as I am?

Jay Gamble: No I am not.

Brick inches away from Jay slightly. Meanwhile, Baz picks up Alexxa but Alexxa frees herself from his clutches and thumbs his eye like she’s aggressively massaging a clit. Baz reels and clutches at his face as Alexxa charges and tackles him to the ground. Upon landing, Alexxa opens up with hard punches to Baz’s skull. Lyza rolls over and gets to her feet to see the action. Baz is able to push Keenan off and get to his feet. As he does, he then begins to punch himself in the face to let Alexxa know that he isn’t fazed.

Jay Gamble: Baz is a maniac!

Brick Ramrock: Maybe he needs to lift more wei… Oh, nevermind.

On that note, Baz catches himself with a hard shot that rocks him and he staggers back against the guard rail. Alexxa looks at him in minor confusion before Lyza spins her around and kicks her in the gut, DDTing her onto the floor.

Jay Gamble: The action still hasn’t made it to the ring.

Brick Ramrock: This is an Outlaw match. It doesn’t have to.

Jay Gamble: That is correct. Alexxa could lose her title without ever getting into the ring.

Brick Ramrock: Right, like we were just saying.

Lyza covers.




Lyza climbs to her feet and pulls Alexxa up by the hair, rolling her into the ring. She slides in after her but as she’s getting to her feet, Alexxa hits her with a quick punch to the chest.

Brick Ramrock: BEWBSHOT!

Jay Gamble: Playing too much Call of Duty?

Brick Ramrock: Is there such a thing?

Lyza clutches her chest and recoils in pain. Smelling blood, Alexxa charges in, wraps her arms around Lyza and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. She quickly grabs hold of Lyza’s arm and pulls it back into an extended armbar. Lyza cries out in pain and tries to pull her arm away to no avail. She’s able to fight long enough for Baz to come to the rescue and break up the armbar. Alexxa rolls away but, once she looks back up, Baz catches her in the face with a spin kick putting her right back down to the mat. Baz hurries into the cover.



Lyza makes the save!

Baz throws an elbow that catches Lyza in the jaw just as she makes the save and turns to knee her in the gut, grab her arm, and give a short-arm clothesline that causes Lyza to flip in the air before landing. Baz mounts Lyza and begins to drop blows to her face as she covers up.

Brick Ramrock: Droppin’ dem bombs!

Jay Gamble: Baz is trying his best to get through but so far to no avail.

Alexxa approaches from behind and pulls Baz off of Lyza. She is able to hit Baz with a German Suplex and bridges for the pin.




Jay Gamble: Impressive strength considering her size!

Brick Ramrock: Was that a fat joke?

Jay Gamble: No, she’s listed at 135 while Baz is 230. That’s almost 100 pounds of weight difference.

Brick Ramrock: No. Fuck math.

Jay Gamble: Maybe buy it a drink first?

Alexxa gets to her feet and begins to stalk Baz. Baz rolls over and slowly climbs to his feet. As he does so, Alexxa grabs him.

Jay Gamble: Double Knee Facebreaker! The Outlaw Champ may be about to retain.

However, as she makes the cover, Lyza leaps from the top turnbuckle where she had been perched as the action happened between Baz and Alexxa.

Jay Gamble: Pura Vida onto both competitors! Wowsers!

Brick Ramrock: Who’d it hurt most?

Jay Gamble: Hold up! What’s this?!

Keith Daniels emerges from the crowd and leaps over the security barricade.

Lyza falls on Alexxa and is looking for the pin! Before the referee can even make an attempt, Keith Daniels grabs Alexxa Keenan by the feet and pulls her out of the ring! Lyza looks up with her eyes wide! Keith Daniels checks on Alexxa Keenan for a moment while Lyza darts across the ring and falls upon Baz for another pin attempt! Daniels leaps onto the ring apron!

The ref hits the mat with the count!


Keith is a second too late with his elbow drop and only hits Baz as Lyza rolls out of the ring unscathed! The referee hands her the Outlaw Championship and raises her hand while Keith Daniels looks on irrate! Alexxa joins him in the ring and both watch as Lyza backs up the ring apron. Keith Daniels turns his attention to the downed Baz. He points at Lyza before hitting Baz with a vicious Jacknife powerbomb. Alexxa Keenan shakes her head, a menacing look on her face as Lyza disappears into the backstage area!

Jay Gamble: Lyza Reyes is the new Outlaw Champion! What a match! Baz, I think, might be dead.

Brick Ramrock: Or wishes he was. MY poor son.

‘Troublemaker’ by Troublemaker hits the PA as the crowd comes to life, cheering and screaming as they anticipate the Vendetta Champion’s arrival, despite not having a match tonight. And yet, with a clear degree of pain on her face and some tape holding her right shoulder together … Sally Talfourd sort of races out to the stage, clearly dressed for a match! The crowd goes even crazier, expecting they’re going to get something they thought they weren’t going to.

Jay Gamble: Well isn’t this something to see! After it seemed management was keeping Sally out of the ring … here she is!

Brick Ramrock: Doesn’t matter how busted up she is, she’s still looking fine!

Sally, with her title belt over her shoulder, carefully makes her way down the ramp to the ring, high-fifing the nearest fans, but hardly racing up to them in her usual fashion. She takes her time making it up the stairs and, with a wince, steps through the ropes. The announcer, still ringside, calls out to Sally trying to find out what’s happening. Sally just reaches through to take the mic.

Jay Gamble: Clearly that sustained beatdown from Raab is still taking its toll on Sally. I’m shocked she’s even laced up her boots this week.

Brick Ramrock: That woman must have a concussion after her finished her off backstage. That crack to the head … I can still hear it!

Jay Gamble: And we may well still be hearing it next week too, from the looks of Sally here.

Sally bows to the crowd carefully, thanking those fans who still applause her efforts this week. Then, as the crowd takes their seats … Sally brings the mic up, ready to get things started.

Sally Talfourd: Thank-you, thank-you. That warm welcome is the reason I’m here. The reason I’m not hiding at home or recoup’ing injury X or injury Y. I could hardly deprive you all of Sally Talfourd after buying your tickets and turning up, now could I? So, busted or not … I am here … to wrestle for you … tonight!

The crowd erupts! The shocks never stop coming at Fight One! Sally smiles it up, looking around with a look of, well, it’s hard to describe. It’s almost dream-like.

Sally Talfourd: I don’t care – just like you don’t care – about what silly doctors and stupid lawyers say. There’s only one or two people I listen to in this business. One or two … thousand! You crazy guys and girls!

The crowd is still hyped, going off and raising the roof with everything they can muster. Sally seems a little lost in the ring now, walking from one corner to another. She’s frowning, confused a little.

Jay Gamble: There’s something not right with Sally tonight. She’s just not her normal self.

Brick Ramrock: Jay, let’s be honest here: When have you even seen Sally Talfourd act normal?

Sally Talfourd: But I don’t want to give you just any match. No no no. I want him.

Boo’s and hisses all around the arena, the crowd turns their reaction on a dime. Sally’s attention quickly snaps to, nodding in approval though she’s not able to do that for much before she rubs the temple of her head.

Sally Talfourd: Yes, you know exactly who I’m talking about. I hate to even mention his name! He hardly even deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as YOUR Vendetta Champion. But …

She finds the centre of the ring, staring back up to the stage, through to the backstage, through to the man she’s about to direct her venom.

Sally Talfourd: Lord Raab: right here, right now. Belt or no belt. Stipulation or no stipulation. RULES OR NO RULES! I don’t care what it’s going to take to get you down here … I’m ending this tonight! Raab, you will …

Sally throws the mic down with a thud and a ring through the arena. Sally’s still mouthing off as she frantically gestures to the stage. She paces the ring erratically, running her hands through her hair, rubbing her face and always coming up to eye off the ring. The crowd is on-edge, collectively holding their breath as they anticipate the burst of music.

Serenity Becker: Sally, we need to talk.

And instead, we have Serenity Becker, the person from Fight One management that seems to be happy to work with Sally. She comes out to the stage, hardly the opponent that the Vendetta Champion was looking for.

Serenity Becker: Sally, we spoke about this every day leading up to tonight. You were not cleared for a match this week. Even this morning. Your people and our people? They spoke to me, they spoke to you.

Sally Talfourd: Serenity, I don’t want …

Serenity Becker: No, Sally, listen here: Here’s what I don’t want. I don’t want to have a vacant Vendetta Championship because the current champion is injured beyond repair – physically or otherwise. I don’t want the last image the Fight One fans here have of you is … well … this.

Serenity gestures to the ring, at this shambolic Sally. She makes her way down to the ring as Sally tries to stay as far away, across the ring. Eventually, after coming through the ropes, Serenity places a hand on Sally’s shoulder.

Serenity Becker: Sally, you don’t need to do this. I, as well as the fans, don’t need you to prove anything tonight. You’re the Vendetta Title. You’ve had your first main event here. You’ve taken it to our Fight One champion. And the fact that you wanted to be here … that says it all. Am I right?

Serenity turns Sally out to the fans who now understand what’s going on. The cheers start, and then, from the bleachers, comes “Please don’t fight! Please don’t fight! Please don’t fight!”. Sally looks down, somewhat ashamed of what’s unfolded. Serenity takes her under her arm.

Serenity Becker: You’ve done enough to earn one night’s rest. One night off to get your body back into shape and your mind as sharp as ever. And then, in due time, you’ll get that match you want. We’ll take care of Raab until then; you take care of yourself.

For anyone in the front rows, the’d see that Sally’s eyes are getting a little red here. Serenity has a few words for Sally away from the mic, then gives her a stiffer pat on the shoulder free of bandages. Then, side-by-side, the two make their way out of the ring to a standing ovation. The two continue to speak, mostly Serenity talking and Sally nodding, occasionally rubbing her temple and trying to grab at her injured shoulder. With a final turn and wave to the crowd, Sally then heads backstage for her well earned rest.

Jay Gamble: Ladies and gentlemen! Hear ye, hear ye! It is now time for our very first casket match!

Brick Ramrock: Yeah, it’s preacher dude vs. insane crazy ADD girl.

Jay Gamble: You mean Brother Zeke VS Ana Archia?

Brick Ramrock: Maybe.

Jay Gamble: Great. Now, with that aside, I guess the rules of this match…wait, let’s go to Tony Barrera in the ring for the explanation.

Tony Barrera: This next match is Fight One’s casket match. There are no rules in this match, except for one, put your opponent in the casket and shut it. The person that is able to do that wins the match! Entering the ring first is Ana Archia!

“Freak Like Me” by Halestorm picks up over the Fight 1 PA System as the fans roar with cheers. Ana Archia steps out from behind the black curtain with her arms held out.

Tony Barrera: Now making her way to the ring, no idea where she hails from and she weighs in at 105 pounds, she is Ana Archia!

Ana proceeds to skip down to the ring down the ramp and heads towards the opposite side of the ring before she rolls on in under the bottom rope.

The arena goes dark. The only thing that we see is the jumbotron. On it is a faucet that is dripping, and footsteps can be heard. Every two seconds is Brother Zeke’s face appearing on the screen, than a knock is heard. The screen dissolves back to Zeke’s face, and words come on the screen with a haunting, baritone voice. The words are distorted, but can be made out. They repeat. Words are this: C-c-come w-with me! Than, the arena lights suddenly explode into reds, and blacks, with a single spotlight on the stage appears, and Brother Zeke is seen. He walks down the stage with Halloween Masquerade playing in the background for ten seconds, turning into Welcome to My Nightmare by Alice Cooper.

Stroking his beard, he makes his way down the ramp and the lights go out again. About thirty seconds later, he is seen in the ring with a spotlight on him. He goes up to the casket and puts a hand on the casket petting it. He smiles and then goes opposite side of the casket. He pulls himself on the apron and rolls under the bottom rope. Lying on the mat stomach facing the canvas, he raises himself slightly off the mat and looks to be a bit snake-like, and slithers back towards the turnbuckle. He grabs himself off the canvas and pulls himself up off via the ropes, and sneers.

Jay Gamble: Okay, that’s creepy. How can someone like a casket that much.

Brick Ramrock: Beats me. All I know is that he used to live in an insane asylum.

Jay Gamble: No he didn’t.

Brick Ramrock: He should have.

No referee is in the ring. There are two on the outside of the ring only to raise the casket up when needed. Ana looks at Zeke who laughs. She cocks her head at the big scary man and runs towards him. Zeke sidesteps him and Ana almost runs through the ropes. Just as she hits the ropes, Ana manages to put on the brakes and grab the middle. Realizing what she is looking at, she quickly turns around and wipes her brow in an anxious moment. Zeke raises a finger and moving it back and forth in a tsk tsk motion. She runs at her again and he grabs her. He throws her to the opposite side of the ring into the turnbuckle. He runs at her and splashes her in the corner. He jumps up on the top turnbuckle and moonsaults on a still standing Ana Archia, and they both go tumbling towards the mat. Brother Zeke rolls off of Ana, and goes to grab her, but Ana leg sweeps him knocking him off of his feet. She pulls herself off the mat and knees him in the back of his head before he starts to move. She grabs him by the head and Irish whips Zeke into the opposite side of the ring. As he is thrown into the ring ropes, he bounces off and Ana full speed is able to execute a spinning back elbow.

Jay Gamble: Nice back and forth action here. It could have ended at any moment if Ana didn’t decide to put on the brakes.

Brick Ramrock: Brakes? I didn’t know she could drive.

Jay Gamble: Seriously, Brick? Kindergarten jokes now?

Brick Ramrock: Gotta do something. The chef cut me off tonight.

Jay Gamble: Highly doubt that. By next match you’ll be eating again.

Ana goes to grab Zeke by the shoulder to pick him up but Zeke punches her twice in the stomach to force her to release the hold. As soon as he is back on his feet, Zeke headlocks her. He throws her down on the mat hard on his right side but holds on to it. Ana looks for an escape. A few moments goes by but she does not. She decides to try to use all her weight that she can muster and force Zeke up. First her right, then her left knee. As soon as they are both equally up on their knees, Ana elbows Zeke in the stomach. Zeke finally lets go and bounces off the ropes. She executes a flying back elbow this time which knocks Zeke back on the mat. Ana jumps up and down. Ana starts to roll Zeke towards the casket. She points to the referees as she does this and the casket raises.

Jay Gamble: There goes the casket! It’s opened. Who will go through?

The camera pans to the inside of the casket to reveal that no one is in there, and back to the wrestlers in the ring. Ana continues to roll Zeke across the ring towards the casket. She finally reaches the casket with him after struggling because of the huge weight disadvantage that she has, and tries to push him into it, but Zeke manages to wake up at the last second and grabs at her head. She screams as she pulls her through the ropes and into the casket itself. The referees start to close it as Zeke pulls himself back into the ring. At the very last second, Ana puts a hand on the middle of it to stop them from closing it on her. She quickly gets out of the casket and shuts it.

Brick Ramrock: Holy cow! That could have done it. Stick a spoon in her, she’s done!

Jay Gamble: Don’t you mean fork.

Brick Ramrock: Don’t correct me shit for brains.

Panting, Ana quickly turns around and glares at Zeke. She runs at Zeke again and attempts another flying back elbow, but Zeke swats her down this time like she is a mosquito. Zeke looks down at her and laughs. Ana manages to leg sweep him off of his foot. As soon as he hits the mat, Ana puts him in one of his own moves! She puts him in a sharpshooter. Ana makes a cowboy motion as if she’s riding a horse. The crowd cheers while Zeke yells in pain. Ana keeps the sharpshooter locked in as she contorts herself in half to grab his chin. Zeke tries to bite her, but he misses. Ana raises a finger at him and shakes it in a, “No you don’t,” motion and pulls back his chin. A few times she grabs at the “old man’s” beard and he winces as he screams. The crowd laughs at this comedy going on in the ring and Zeke begins to let out a low deep growl which forces Ana to let go and retreat in a cowardly fashion.

Jay Gamble: Zeke didn’t like that one much.

Brick Ramrock: You know what Legolas said to Gimli right?

Jay Gamble: What’s that?

Brick Ramrock: Not the beard!

Jay gib smacks Brick and the match continues in the ring. Zeke, in a monster like fashion stomps towards Ana stroking his beard. He laughs menacingly. When he gets there, he grabs Ana and throws her against the ropes. Bouncing back from the ropes, he grabs her and throws her into a sidewalk slam. He strokes his beard and picks her up again. He points to the casket and asks the referees to lift it up. As they do, Zeke whips Ana into the ropes. She bounces off, and comes running at Zeke. On her way back, Ana tries to clothesline him, but he ducks. He turns around and superkicks Ana right over the top rope into the casket. The referees start to close the casket, but Ana stops them once again. This time Zeke stomps over there and with all his strength and theirs tries to shut the lid. Ana struggles as much as she can, but to no avail. With Zeke’s added strength, the casket closes and the match is over.

Brick Ramrock: And just like that, case closed. We have a winner! Brother Zeke won the first casket match in Fight One history!

Jay Gamble: Yeah yeah. I think Ana may need more intensive therapy after that one.

Tony Barrera: Here is your winner, Brother Zeke!

It is after the match between Ana Archia and Brother Zeke. Zeke is on the ramp clutching a part of his body and sweating from the match. He has his back to the entrance way and is looking back at the ring. Suddenly, Baz comes rushing out from the back and clobbers him over the back of the head with a hard forearm. It sends Zeke tumbling to the floor as Baz starts to rain boots down on his body. Baz picks up Zeke and throws him into the barricade and then does the same with the opposite barricade. Zeke is on the floor and Baz is punching him in the head. The crowd are baying like dogs and Baz is feeding off the savage intent. He starts screaming like a wild man and has a crazed look in his eye.

Baz’s violent mind was thinking a million miles a minute. He walked towards the ring and pulled up the apron cover. He searched under for a couple of seconds and pulled out a table. He set it up on the spot and slapped it once it was up. He screamed at the crowd and they responded by screaming back. He ran back to where Zeke was and kicked him in the stomach. Baz dragged Zeke up by the hair and manhandled him to where the the table was. Baz jumped up on the table and bought Zeke up with him. Baz screams out, “I’m going to kill this fucker” at the audience who reply with a large scream back.

Baz puts him between his legs and lifts him into a piledriver position. Baz holds for a second before powering him down and breaking the table underneath them. Zeke’s head was the first thing through the table as all you could hear was a sickening crack of wood. Zeke body folded up and he crumpled to the ground. Baz jumped up immediately as the ground chanted ‘Holy shit, Holy shit, Holy shit!’ Baz is nodding and shouts for a microphone. A technician brings him one and he snatches off before lunging at the man to make him run away. Baz puts the mic to his face.

Baz: Look what happened to god’s little bitch! This is what happens when you fuck with the one of the devil’s agents of chaos. By devil, I mean Damion.

Baz lays down next to Zeke.

Baz: Hey mate, how are you? Is it nice being knocked out by me again? That was a fucking great spot, right? Looked like you enjoyed it. One thing I want to know is why you were talking to a mannequin that was dressed like me. Are you too much of a bitch to talk to the real version?

Baz jumps up from lying down next to Zeke who isn’t moving.

Baz: Well, that’s what happens when you try and convert me. I really hate religion so don’t fucking try it. Anyways, I have some other shit to do. See you later Zeke, hope you have a nice sleep.

Baz throws the mic at Zeke as he walks to the back, ‘be’ by Lenny Kravitz start to play as Baz is smiling wickedly. Medics are rushing to the scene. The crowd are cheering for Baz as he shouts out unintelligible words. He turns his back when he is up the ramp and enters the curtain.

Fight One cameras take us backstage where we find a pissed off Jonathan Rast storming through the halls with Monét close to his side. Jonathan smashes his Oakley’s against the walls and they shatter.

Monét Tatianna: Jonathan calm down.

Jonathan Rast: No fuck that. I’m the Shinobi Warrior of Fight One. Clemmens’ don’t call the shots, I do.

Monét Tatianna: No babe. Clemmens does call the shots. Jack Clemmens, Aidan Morag, and Serenity Beck–

Jonathan cuts her off.

Jonathan Rast: Babe, I know that. Come with me.

Jonathan storms down the hall a little further and bursts into the administration office where we see a coffee mug with steam rising from it placed on the desk.

Jonathan Rast: Yo! Anybody home?

Jonathan and Monét step further into the room, being as quiet as possible.

Monét Tatianna: Babe, I think we should get out of here.

Jonathan Rast: I think we should stay. The coffee is still hot.

Jonathan dips a finger in the coffee cup.

Monét Tatianna: Hell no. Get your finger out of there!

Jonathan removes his finger from the coffee cup and they leave the room, closing the door behind them.

We cut backstage to see Filthy Ramirez heading down the hallway. He has a mic in hand and knocks on a dressing room door. After a few seconds, Keith Daniels emerges.

Filthy Ramirez: Keith, I know you have a match in a couple seconds, I just wanted to get your opinion real quick.

Keith Daniels: Great timing, opinion on what?

Filthy Ramirez: I guess you haven’t heard. It was announced tonight that Matt Meyhu is in Fight One full time and that his first match will be a match against you next week on Unlimited. Meyhu is the reason you are not Fury Champion…

Keith Daniels: Stop right there. He is not the reason I am not champion. Yeah so the fuck what, he won a match. You know what? I cannot wait until next week. Clemmens and I already proved that Fight One is better than Boardwalk and next week on Unlimited we will put a nail in the damn coffin.

Filthy Ramirez: You aren’t slightly concerned that he may beat you again?

Keith Daniels: You are as stupid as you look aren’t you? Listen, Matt Meyhu is a great Boardwalk talent. Did you pick up on what I just said? He is a great Boardwalk talent. This is Fight One. He isn’t the Fury Champion either. Meyhu, be prepared next week, that’s all I have to say on this matter. Get the hell out of my way, I have a match to attend.

“Flawless” By Beyonce ft Nikki Minaj begins to play as the lights go out. Red, pink, and green strobes flash throughout the arena as Surayya Karim walks to the stage, her head is bowed.

Tony Barrera: Ladies and Gentlemen, she hails from Manhattan by way of Cairo, Egypt..she stands 5’10” and weighs in at 140 pounds…she is Surayya Karim!!

When Tony finishes and the beat drops, Surayya’s head snaps up and she struts, purposefully, to the ring. Surayya slides into the ring and lifts her head, staring at the crowd before she stands and hits a corner, waiting for the match to start.

Jay Gamble: This is going to be one hell of a match here. I just know it.

Brick Ramrock: Indeed buddy. Indeed.

Jay Gamble: That reporter everyone has been talking about is here tonight. This is a match she will love for sure.

Brick Ramrock: That reporter? Way to make her feel welcome.

Jay Gamble: Melanie Walsh. You know what I meant.

The arena goes dark as “d1” shines in bright blue on the big screen. The lights come up as “Blow It Out” by Ludacris blasts throughout the arena as the crowd showers down boos. Keith Daniels steps out onto the stage and beckons the crowd to boo louder. Essence Fairchild steps out behind him and applauds him. He smirks and the two of them proceed down the ramp.

Tony Barrera: Making his way to the ring, now residing in Orlando, FL… Being accompanied by Essence Fairchild… “The Dangerous One” Keith Daniels!

On his way, he sees a fan in the front row holding a sign that says “KEITH DANIELS IS BETTER THAN YOU” and grabs the sign from him. He holds it up and turns for everyone to see it, only provoking more boos. He then rips the sign in half and tosses it back to the fan. Surayya Karim wastes no time and hits Keith Daniels with an ambush at ringside. DING! DING! She squeezes the clamp and the fire extinguisher shoots dust all in Daniels’ face, blinding him. Karim slides the extinguisher under the ring and dropkicks Daniels in the knee. On the way down Daniels smacks his face against the ring apron before hitting the mats on the outside.

Jay Gamble: Holy moly! Solid strategy by Surayya Karim who on paper, is out matched.
Brick Ramrock: She doesn’t appear to be outmatched at the moment. But then again, Keith Daniels isn’t an Untouchable for nothing.

Surayya tries to keep Daniels grounded and continues to kick him in the thighs and midsection as he climbs to his feet. Surayya delivers another kick to the midsection but Keith Daniels catches her leg between his arm and ribcage. Karim bounces on one foot and attempts an insiguri but as soon as she leaves the ground Daniels swings her by the leg and smacks her into the guardrail around the ring. The fans cringe as Surayya lie on the outside. Daniels makes the cover,




Brick Ramrock: Yeah buddy! She may have broken something.

Jay Gamble: Karim’s got a lot of heart.

Daniels grabs Surayya by the hair and brings her to her feet. He lifts her up over his head and tosses her over the top rope and into the ring. He slides in after and makes another pin attempt,



Jay Gamble: Surayya Karim has some serious fight.

Daniels grabs Karim by the locks of her hair and brings her to her feet before sending to the ropes for an irish whip. Karim ducks under the clothesline and when Daniels turns around she quickly kicks him in the knee causing him to double over and with perfect timing Surayya leaps up and executes a hurricanrana. Daniels flips over onto his back and Surayya rolls onto her knees and is now mounted Daniels’ sternum. She punches him in the face with quick rights and lefts before delivering a vicious elbow that swipes Daniels’ eyebrow, splitting it and causing a little blood to run.

Brick Ramrock: Uh oooh Jay, first blood has been drawn.

Surayya Karim rolls off of Daniels and waits for him to make it back to his feet. Daniels’ angered at the site of his own blood charges forward and corners Surayya between the turnbuckle and himself. Daniel’s leans forward for a spear but Surayya leaps and pulls herself up by holding onto the top ropes. Daniel’s smacks his shoulder into the ring post and Surayya, just sitting atop Daniel’s black rolls forward using her momentum and Daniel’s combined to perform a schoolboy roll up pin on the big man.




Jay Gamble: Surayya Karim is doing a wonderful job using her speed and quickness.

Brick Ramrock: She’s doing something right.

Both competitors make it back to their feet and Karim plants both feet in Daniels’ chest with a missile dropkick. Karim gets up and charges forward, Daniels swings and she ducks the strong lariat before stepping on the middle rope and then the top and performing a springboard asai moonsault. She lands on Daniels shoulder and he momentum forces her to land on her feet as she has Daniels it what appears to be a dragon sleeper. She falls down quickly. BAM! Daniels hits the canvas thanks to a reverse ddt from Surayya Kari. Surayya make a pin




Surayya makes it back to her feet and the fans get into the match a little more as Karim stays on the offensive and drives a knee into the side of Daniels’ head. Karim delivers a second knee before backing into the ropes and slingshotting herself forward. Keith Daniels, back to his feet now, catches her in mid-air and slams her to the canvas with a fallaway slam. Karim resembles tumbleweed as she rolls around the ring and eventually falls to the mats outside.

Jay Gamble: Good grief. She was tossed like a rag doll.

Brick Ramrock: He saw his own blood. I’m telling you, it’s like whip hits and crack in the same night.

Keith Daniels climbs over the top rope and hops down from the ring apron and just watches as Surayya Karim pulls herself to her feet. Karim turns and walks right into a spear from Keith Daniels who gets back up in a hurry.

Jay Gamble: Keith Daniels is all business tonight.

Brick Ramrock: He’s all business every night.

Keith Daniels lifts Surayya Karim into the air and throws her into the crowd. She lands on a group of fans and Keith Daniels steps over the guardrails slowly and walks over to feast on Karim’s remains.

Brick Ramrock: Who do you think Keith Daniels is trying to send a message to?

Jay Gamble: If I had to pick, I’d say… The entire locker room. But I honestly think he’s just trying to get his check tonight.

Keith Daniels leaps into the air and comes crashing down onto Karim with a leg drop. Daniels makes the cover,



…Surayya throws her shoulder up.

Jay Gamble: There is no quit in either of these two.

Keith Daniels lifts Karim off the ground and raises her onto his shoulder. He runs forward toward the guardrail but Surayya sides off his shoulder and lands on her feet, shoving Keith in the back, forcing his momentum to send him into the guardrail himself. Daniels smacks into the rail hard and Surayya superkicks him in the back, sending him over the guardrail and back near ringside. Surayya Karim gets a running start and leaps over the guardrail and smacks into Daniels with a spinning wheel kick. Daniels backs into the ring post before falling to the floor. Surayya Karim makes a cover,




Jay Gamble: So close! Keith Daniels is fuming though!

Brick Ramrock: Uh huh. Your face is fuming. Why are you ignoring me?! It hurts.

Keith kicks out with such authority that Surayya Karim lands on the ring steps behind her. The impact jacks her head back, ringing her bell. Keith comes up, kicking the top tier of the ringsteps clear, leaving only the base. Keith Daniels pulls up Karim and proceeds to drive her, not once, twice, but three times with a vicious series of chained powerbombs right into the base of the ringsteps. Keith falls on her for the pin and the referee counts it out on the ring steps!

Jay Gamble: Vicious. Just vicious!


Tony Barrera: Your winner, Keith Daniels!

Brick Ramrock: I think Karim might be broken.

Jay Gamble: Definitely will feel it in the morning!

Surayya Karim begins to sit up and gather herself when suddenly “Instant Major Felony” By The Goddamn Gallows” hits!

Jay Gamble: Who the hell is this?

Brick Ramrock: That’s one of our newest recruits, Redrum…the question is, what is he doing out here?

Out from the back runs one of the newest signings, Яedrum! He darts to the ring and slides under before standing in front of Surayya. She looks puzzled as the clown extends a hand to help. She takes it and stands up, but as soon as she gets to her feet the clown sprays powder in her face! The white cloud blinds Surayya as she begins to cough.

Jay Gamble: Yeah, I’m not so sure if this is the smartest way to go about making friends around here,

Яedrum bounces off the ropes and nails her with a corkscrew neckbreaker which he calls the “Murder Go Round”! She is out flat as he pulls out a small canister. Яedrum pops it open and grabs some red goo with his hands. He kneels down beside her and paints on a large happy smile on her face before sitting next to her, cross legged. The clown places her head in has lap and begins laughing hysterically, stroking her hair softly. Suddenly, Aidan Morag and Victor Wylde storm from the back and charge the ring.

Brick Ramrock: I am not sure about his friends, but here come Surayya’s!

Яedrum takes notice and exits quickly out of the ring and over the guardrail into the crowd. Aidan and Victor stare down the clown as he laughs and points from the crowd.

Jay Gamble: Smartest decision he could have made right there. Still have no idea why this man just pulled that shit.

The scene cuts backstage to see the most infamous man in Fight One today – tall and imposing, masked and threatening. Lord Raab, still hiding out in a place far and hidden enough away from the dull roar of the fans and the general chaos of behind the scenes. Just more silence, only to be broken by Raab.

Lord Raab: How are you feeling, Sally? Hurting? In pain? Concussed a little?

There’s enough light across his face, cutting through a crack somewhere.

Lord Raab: I saw your pathetic little display earlier tonight, disgracing yourself and that precious title you think you’ve earned. The only thing I got out of it was one thing: I’m winning.

More than a smile, Raab can’t help but let out a deep, vengeful laugh.

Lord Raab: You worthless woman. You run around saying you can handle me? You run around pretending that you’re safe because you’re THE Sally Talfourd? You say all that shit and then you didn’t even see me coming last week to ruin your little party. You didn’t see me coming when I cost you your match and you didn’t see me coming when I kicked your head in.

Raab races up to the camera, getting right up close to the screen.

Lord Raab: I’m going to take everything away from you that you hold precious, Sally. Last week, I took away your main event. This week? I’ve taken away your match completely. Soon, I’ll take your belt. And then … who knows. Maybe I’ll take you out of this business, for good.

Her shoves the camera, jarring the shot. When it comes back level, there’s no one to be seen, just an empty room and a chair shrouded in darkness.

“With That” by Young Thug starts to play and the fans give a bit of a mixed reaction at first.

Tony Barrera: Now making his way to the ring, he hails from Detroit, Michigan and weighs in at 194 pounds..he is Jonathan Rast!

Jonathan Rast makes his way to the ring in his usual ring attire with Monet Tatianna close by. He enters the ring and awaits his opponent’s arrival.

Jay Gamble: What a match this is going to be! A ladder match for One Hundred Grand.

Brick Ramrock: Like, the candy bar? I want in!

Jay Gamble: No Brick, you big dumb animal.

Shyla Clemmens emerges from the entrance as “New Material” by Deep Vally hits. She wears a smirk on her face and a glint in her eye as she heads down to the ring. Pyros hit as she goes. She stops midway down the ramp and looks back and forth at all over her admirers with a sly smirk upon her face. She continues walking down the ramp.

Tony Barrera: Introducing from Missoula Montana, weighing in at 130 pounds, Shyla Clemmens!

Shyla stops at the ring and turns around, whipping her hair as her smirk knocks the fans dead. She winks before turning back to the ring and sliding beneath the bottom ring rope. She comes to her feet gracefully and moves to the center of the ring.

She goes to her corner as the music dies and begins stretching to loosen up for the upcoming contest.

Jay Gamble: We are ready now, the ladders are set up! This is going to get wild!

On all sides of the ring, ladders are set up. Suspended over the ring in the prize. Both competitors are caught looking at said prize before turning their attention to each other as the referee calls for the bell. Surprisingly, both competitors leave the ring. They go to opposite sides and each one collects a ladder. They push their ladders into the ring and both enter behind them. They collect their ladders and meet in the center of the ring, each brandishing their ladders as if they were weapons. The two mouth off at each other before each striking out with their ladders. The ladders crash together as they go back and forth.

Jay Gamble: I believe we’re witnessing a ladder right.

Brick Ramrock: Now this, is something I can get behind.

Shyla finally tires of the back and forth and on her next swing, she hits Jonny’s ladder right up into his face. She follows up with another shot to the side of his head. Rast reels backwards, losing control of his ladder. Shyla tosses hers down and goes right after him into the corner where she monkey flips Rast out of the corner, back first across the ladder. Rast comes up immediately into a seated position with a grimace on his face. Shyla comes right back up and immediately goes low with a dropkick, sending the ladder right into the small of Rast’s back.

Jay Gamble: Sickening impact on Rast’s spine right there.

Brick Ramrock: These taquitos are going to make a delicious impact on my stomach!

Shyla comes right back up and pulls a damaged Jonny up with her and immediately locks him into a suplex attempt. She’s looking to put him right into both ladders this time. She hoists him up, but he blocks the attempt. She drives a fist into his stomach and tries again. Jonny fights her attempt once more and this time he wrenches her around for a suplex of his own right into both ladders!

Jay Gamble: Shyla crashed into those ladders, but the back of Rast’s skull collided with the ladders as well! They are both down!

Brick Ramrock: The first taquito is down. I should have ordered some salsa. Mmm Mango salsa.

Jay Gamble: There’s a headline, Brick Ramrock eats something. I doubt we will see that in Melanie Walsh’s reports any time soon.

The cameras cut to that very person, the journalist new to Fight One, Melanie Walsh, looking on. She’s seated right next to Principal Jones of the high school where Shyla Clemmens is working, as a special guest.

Jay Gamble: Think that Shyla’s counting this as community service time?

Brick Ramrock: Mmmm Taquitos.

Both competitors are down as the ref looks around wondering if he should bother starting a count. He tells both fighters to get up. Rast rolls over, favoring the back of his head as Shyla rolls off the ladders in a heap. Jonny Rast is the first to start getting up as Shyla remains on her back, looking worse for wear. Rast finally gets his feet under him and takes the opportunity to set up one of the ladders right beneath the briefcase. He looks at Shyla, considering what to do next before climbing the ladder. He gets to the middle step as Shyla rolls to her feet and rushes the ladder. The two climb the ladder on either side until they’re face to face at the top. The two trade lefts and rights as the two jockey for position. Rast rocks Shyla with a right hand and climbs a step higher and reaches out for the briefcase. Shyla responds by wrenching the top of the ladder with both hands, sending it over on its side. Shyla hits the mat hard, but Jonny lands neck first over the top ring rope and whips backwards hard into the mat.

Jay Gamble: The ladder is down and so are Shyla and Jonny! What a moment!

Brick Ramrock: Seriously, someone bring me mango salsa.

Shyla gets to her feet and pulls Jonny up with her and whips him to the corner. She follows him in, looking for a big splash, but Jonny gets out of the way in the nick of time and Shyla crashes hard into the turnbuckles. Jonny Rast favors his neck a moment before immediately pulling Shyla up to her feet and whipping her over his head with a belly to belly suplex! Shyla hits hard and Rast comes back up and stands the ladder back up. Shyla rolls over on her stomach and starts to crawl and Rast just shoves the ladder over the other way–it lands right in the small of Shyla’s back. Rast leaps, looking for a senton onto the ladder, but Shyla’s able to push it off of her before Rast lands on it abruptly.

Jay Gamble: Rast is just throwing caution to the wind here!

Brick Ramrock: Much like that staffer who isn’t bringing me my damn Mango Salsa!

Rast is down and Shyla is slowly pulling herself up by the ropes. Shyla gets her feet underneath of her and from out of nowhere Rast somehow finds it within himself to kick to his feet. They two meet in the middle of the ring with lefts and rights! Shyla tackles Rast to the ground and the two fight for control until Shyla postures up and rains down lefts and rights into Jonny’s guard. A big time right hammer fist bursts though Jonny’s guard and cracks him right on the eyebrow. The impact busts him open and really rings his bell. Shyla gets up off of him and immediately goes to the ladder and sets it back up in the ring.

Jay Gamble: Shyla’s looking to go after that briefcase!

Brick Ramrock: Maybe it’s full of delicious Mango chutney.

Jay Gamble: Nope. One thousand dollars. Which, I have just received news that if Shyla Clemmens is able to win it, she intends on donating all of it to a local High School.

Brick Ramrock: Maybe she can donate it to the home-ec class. Teach them how to make me Mango Salsa.

Shyla’s to the top of the ladder before Jonny Rast climbs the opposite side of the ladder. Shyla doesn’t try for the briefcase–she’s plotting on Jonny Rast. Once he’s to the top, Shyla flings herself over his head and grabs him on the way over and brings him off the ladder with a powerbomb! Both competitors are down once again and the ref is calling for them to get it together.

The cameras catch a glimpse of Melanie Walsh ringside, looking on, no doubt taking down notes.

Jay Gamble: What a move! Rast and Clemmens are destroying each other here!

Brick Ramrock: So I guess that’s a no. These taquitos, while delicious, now seem unappealing due to the lack of mango anything.

Shyla comes up to her feet and drives a leg drop into Rast. Both competitors look exhausted. Shyla sets up a ladder in the corner and returns to Rast. She pulls him to his feet and slings him into the corner, but he manages to reverse it and sends her face first into the ladder. She staggers out of the corner right into a swinging neckbreaker from Rast! She’s down and in pain as Rast gets up and goes to the other ladder in the ring and goes to set it up. He climbs the ladder and looks down at Shyla who is still down. He looks back up at the briefcase and keeps climbing! Shyla comes up and sets her ladder up. She grabs Rast by the foot and pulls him back. Rast’s legs go out from under him and he crashes chest first into the top of the ladder. As he reels atop the ladder, Shyla climbs the one on the other side of the ring.

Jay Gamble: What the hell is Shyla doing?!

Brick Ramrock: Not getting me Mango salsa, i’ll tell you that much.

Jay Gamble: Would you just knock it off with the goddamn Salsa?

Jonny Rast stands up on the roster and goes for the brief case as Shyla leaps off of her ladder and hits Rast with a gore right off the ladder! The two land with a sickening crash into the canvas! The ref checks on both competitors. Jonny Rast is bleeding pretty bad at this point and Shyla Clemmens looks like she’s been in a car wreck. She comes up nonetheless and pushes the referee away. Jonny Rast looks dead. Shyla sets the ladder back up and starts climbing. Once to the top, she climbs all the way up to the top and much to the amazement of the audience, she leaps off of the top of the ladder and comes down with a shooting star press! Flash bulbs fire as she flips through the air and crashes into Rast!

Jay Gamble: What a shooting star press! Amazing!

Shyla pushes herself up off of Rast and turns her attention back to the ladder. She moves towards it and rests against it for a moment before starting her ascent. Once she’s half way up the ladder, Rast comes up and uses the energy he has left to throw himself into the ladder, sending it over! Shyla crashes to the mat and the first ladder knocks the second ladder over right onto Shyla! The impact busts Shyla open! Rast gets a knee underneath him as blood drains from his temple. Shyla rolls over as blood gushes into her platinum blonde hair. Rast slowly begins climbing the ladder.

Jay Gamble: Rast is going for the big payoff here!

Brick Ramrock: Boooo!

Rast has one hand on the briefcase as Shyla rises up–the left side of her hair carries one bright blood red streak as she grabs the ladder and shoves it over. Rast leaps off the ladder and clings to the briefcase in mid air! Shyla sets up beneath him and as Jonny Rast’s fingers slip from the briefcase, he falls and Shyla catches him on the way down with her patented double knee facebuster!

Jay Gamble: Shattering Point! Shyla’s hit the Shattering Point!

Shyla wastes no time, pulling the ladder back up to a standing position! She climbs up to the briefcase! The fans are up! Melanie Walsh and the Principal are up! Everyone’s watching as Shyla’s hands grab the briefcase! Rast is only stirring, trying to pull himself up the ladder as Shyla pulls the briefcase free from the carabiner! She holds the briefcase up as the crowd goes wild! “Raw Material” by Deap Vally hits as Shyla climbs down the ladder. Rast rolls over, falling onto the mat.

Tony Barrera: Your winner, the Fight One Champion! Shyla Clemmens!

The crowd goes wild as Shyla climbs out of the ring. The medical staff tries to check on her, but she pushes them out of the way as she walks right up to Melanie Walsh and Principal Jones. Melanie looks on and applauds as Shyla hands off the briefcase full of money to the Principal.

Jay Gamble: Shyla Clemmens is really proving to be a great Fight One Champion and a true class act.

Brick Ramrock: Yep, she’d get me Mango Salsa.

Jay Gamble: Shut up, Brick.

Shyla shakes the hand of Principal Jones before heading up the ramp towards the entrance. Inside the ring, Rast is now up on his own two feet looking on at Shyla Clemmens as she leaves. It’s hard to decipher the look on his face, but it’s one that says, “This isn’t over.”

Shyla Clemmens is making her way to her locker room. She’s looking a little heated, but nonetheless ready to call it a night. She stops when suddenly she’s hit by a cold gust of wind. She shivers as she realizes that she can see her own breath.

Shyla Clemmens: I know this trick—where the hell are you?

Shyla turns to see an empty hallway behind her. Then her awareness is heightened by the sound of a low howl. She spins back around to find herself face to face with Alexxa Keenan. Alexxa’s eyes are wild as she drives her own skull right into Shyla’s. The resulting headbutt takes Shyla off guard. Alexxa follows up with a boot to Shyla’s midsection which doubles her over. Alexxa pulls Shyla forward and sets her up for a powerbomb.

In a growly voice, Alexxa murmurs…

Alexxa Keenan: This has been a long time coming…

Alexxa hoists Shyla up and then extends Shyla even further up and drives her down with a bigtime Jacknife powerbomb! Shyla hits the ground hard and Alexxa is right on top of her. She’s face to face with the pained Shyla.

Alexxa Keenan: You. Shyla Clemmens. You took Miranda from me. You will pay for what you have done.

Shyla groans out…

Shyla Clemmens: Fuck you.

Alexxa grabs Shyla by her ears and drives her skull into the hard concrete, knocking her out.

Alexxa Keenan: Your vocabulary is as limited as your imagination.

Alexxa let’s go and disappears. Another howl is heard as the camera focuses on the knocked out Shyla Clemmens. In the distance, the following can be heard:

“Hey there lil red riding hood… You sure are looking good… You’re everything a Big Bad Wolf could want…”