Fed Head Abuse: When Fed Heads Go Mad With power

This column was originally written by an anonymous source on The eFed Truth, which no longer seems to be active. It is here for archival purposes.


What was an issue back in 1999 is still an issue nearly 15 years later. I’m talking about fedheads that abuse the power that their members have entrusted them with. In this day and age, it appears that this problem is still worse than it was before. From your typical abuse of putting the world title on themselves, to rather, wretched situations like a few months ago, abuse of power is something that, unfortunately, is going to go hand in hand with e-wrestling the way biscuits go in hand with gravy. In this column, I am going to list a few reasons as to why fed owners feel it is necessary to abuse their power, in numerous ways.

Before I get to that, however, let me state my opinion on fed owners handling in their own feds. I think that fed owners, under no circumstances, should be roleplaying in their fed competitively whatsoever. I don’t think they should compete or win championships of any kind, even a tag championship or a low or midcard championship. The only exceptions to the rule is the fedhead having a character that’s a “jobber” and constantly puts people on the roster over, or the fedhead roleplaying with a character to assist in a development of a feud or storyline designed to get the person his character is feuding with over. If you are a fedhead and you are not willing to roleplay in your own fed under those circumstances, then you have no business roleplaying in your own fed. Some people have a harsher opinion than me on this as there are people out there that extend this opinion to not just the fedhead, but any member of his staff.

Now then, let’s talk about reasons why fedheads write in their own feds.



It doesn’t get more point-blank than that. Many fed owners write and compete in their own fed for the sole purpose of ego! They want the spotlight for themselves, and ONLY themselves and they’re willing to hold down anybody that dares to challenge them. Owners that do this will drop the title to someone else, but normally for the wrong reasons. They will drop the title to quell anybody accusing the fedhead of bias or they will drop the title because they’re “bored” and don’t feel like being champion. If this sounds like the fedhead you are working with, do yourself a favor and bolt! For every corrupted federation out there, there’s one that’s also fair and unbiased. They’re difficult to find, but they are out there. If you’re a fedhead and you’re racking up world championship after world championship in your own fed, do the hobby one of two favors: either pull out completely and let your roster have the fun they deserve to have, or close the doors because fed owners that crown themselves champions on the basis of ego are a disgrace.



This obviously isn’t common as the above example, but it does happen. Often times, the fedhead competes actively and wins championships for himself and then he decides to build up a friend or a family member as the next champion just so they can tell their roster that they’re a fair person that’s going to put anyone over. The truth is, it’s pathetic. You’re only playing the role of Hulk Hogan in the year 2000 while the friend/family member you “put over” (or “handed” to them, which is what you’re really doing) and the rest of your roster is playing the role of Billy Kidman. For those that don’t get the reference, WCW booked a Hogan-Kidman feud and there was a match or two where Kidman “won”. By “won”, I mean that Hogan would beat Kidman around the ring for what seemed like forever, and then some random interference happened and Kidman would get the win. Hogan would use that and turn it around and say that he “put someone over”, when he really didn’t. In an e-wrestling context, being champion for months and months, and dropping the title to a close friend or a family member has almost the same effect. That, and also holding the title for six months, dropping it to someone “outside your circle” and then taking the title back about a month later to hold it for another six months.



When a fed owner opens a fed, there’s a strong chance that he has a solid base of friends and contacts from previous feds and will manage to get a good number of them to join his new fed. Previous friendships however, can be destroyed in an instant by the fed owner’s greed and ego. (The debacle known as the “catfish” situation is one example of this). In this case, this reason is nothing but a facade. A fed owner will claim that they don’t want to roleplay outside their circle of friends, but the truth is, he just wants to put himself over at all costs. That’s the best segway to this reason…



A fed owner has many other options out there to roleplay in, in addition to running his own fed. However, numerous people that go mad with power don’t want to take that option because they know that they’ll be just a roleplayer in a second fed and will have a far smaller say and clout in how things are run. They want to make sure that they have 100% creative control for their character (or characters if they have more than one in their own fed, which just makes this diabolical situation even worse). There doesn’t need to be a bigger explanation than that, as this reason is cut and dry. The sad part is, fed owners that actually DO branch out and roleplay with a second fed, at times, won’t even pull their character (characters) out of their own fed.

I’m not saying that ALL fed owners that roleplay competitively in their own fed are biased, but it’s something that I just can not and will not condone in this hobby. If you’re a fed owner and you want to roleplay competitively so bad, there are thousands upon thousands of feds for you to join and to compete in. It doesn’t get more cut and dry. If you’re a handler and the fedhead openly competes in his own fed, chances are, you’ll find that the fed is biased. There ARE exceptions in which the fed ISN’T biased despite a fed owner writing competitively, but that’s seldom the case. If you’re a handler and you suspect or know that the fedhead is biased, it’s best to get out of dodge because remember, without a roster and handlers, a fed owner has nothing! If you’re someone that wants to start a new fed, please, for the sake of the hobby, and for yourself too, check your ego at the door. Because nothing is more embarrassing than seeing a single person develop an ego over something that’s supposed to be a hobby and a game.

Now THAT is one ugly truth!

Power to the handlers! The best way to deal with fedhead abuse is to leave the fed and head elsewhere!