Five Ways to Strengthen Your OOC Community

This column was originally written by an anonymous source on The eFed Truth, which no longer seems to be active. It is here for archival purposes.


In this blog, I’ll be discussing five ways a fed can strengthen their communities among themselves. Simple, yes? Let’s get started.

Method One: The Classic Forum Game

Starting up a game in the OOC section of your e-fed is often one of the most effective ways to strengthen your community. This can be any game, like the classic “Countdown From 100″, “Last Person To Post Wins” or “Every Post Gives This Person X Amount of Money”. There’s no need to dive into this too much, as its self-explanatory.

Method Two: The AIM/MSN/Facebook/Skype/etc. Group Chat

Back in the day, I would always look forward to being in an AIM chat with a few of my fellow roster members. We would just talk and ramble about anything that came to mind. This method is fool proof and with the advancement of technology, group chats are not only simpler to conduct, but also better! Often times, a group chat allows you to learn more about who you’re playing with.

Method Three: Friendly Competition

Friendly competition not only allows everyone to bring out the competitive side of one another in ways other than roleplaying, but it also does so without the stress and the competition can bring a community closer together. Want to keep it on your forums? Start a Mafia game or some type of game where you strategize and vote each other off the game. No room on your forums for this? Start a fantasy football league or create your own type of competition off the forum. It’s fun, and stress free.

Method Four: Roleplay Feedback

At the end of the day, we’re all in this to help each other. Providing roleplay feedback allows everyone to know how they can become better writers. I’ve seen e-feds that had great talent, but big egos and they never wanted to help each other out. Often-times, those feds cease to exist because of the disconnect. I’ve also seen e-feds that had decent talent but they wanted to help each other improve. If a newcomer doesn’t know how to improve himself and he keeps racking up losses, he’ll feel alienated and leave. If a newcomer knows what to expect and how to improve, he’ll be more enticed to stay and become a stronger part of the community.

Method Five: Work Together On Results

Self-explanatory. Maybe your fedhead needs an extra judge, an extra match writer, or feedback on his latest show. If this is the case, don’t be shy, help him out! Remember, e-wrestling is a TEAM effort. Without the roleplayers, a fedhead has nothing and without a fedhead, the roleplayers have no direction at all. Helping each other get the job done is a great way to show your pride in your fed and community.

Of course, we can’t forget that there are more methods to strengthen your community in your e-fed. From my own experience, the above five are the best ways. Whether you’re an established fed or you’re looking to get off the ground, this list is a useful tool to becoming a better community.