[FWI] Total Elimination 2016 – 2/7/16

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Total Elimination iPPV
Saturday February 7th, 2016
The Sprint Center Arena
Kansas City, Missouri, USA


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The FWI Total Elimination iPPV event begins with fireworks crashing down as usual on top of the stage way set up. The fans are all packed in and ready to go as it is a sold out crowd here in Kansas City, Missouri. We head down to ringside with the FWI announce team of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Michael Cole: “Ladies and Gentleman…welcome to the Sprint Center! We’re live on pay-per-view and what a night we have planned for you. It’s been a long time coming now, but we’re here…it’s time for Total Elimination!”

Jerry Lawler: “That’s right, Michael. I’m The King and everybody knows you of course, Cole. What an announcement we’re just about to make right here and now to kick off the show. It’s so exciting!”

Just then the camera’s turn to ringside as “No Chance” hit’s over the pa system. It’s co-owner of Franchise Wrestling Inc. Vince McMahon. He’s strutting like normal to the ring, clearly he hasn’t changed! Followed by him is “The Franchise” himself, Shane Douglas who is the 51% co-owner of the company. Both men enter the ring and have a microphone in hand as they stand over a podium with a huge announcement to make.

Vince McMahon: “You know…before we go ahead and make this announcement I’ve got something to say…something I need to get off my chest. You see, for months now I’ve had to work beside this man standing next to me. A guy who I never thought had any talent. A man who left my company as a young buck, to go out and find how tough the real world really was. He wanted to be in the wrasslin’ business so bad he went over to the hardcore style of wrestling. ECW became his stomping ground. The land of the Extreme as Paul Heyman would say. Well, today I’d like to say that I’ve gotten use to this whole ordeal with you, Franchise.”

Vince pats Shane on the chest and smiles as he clearly made a pun with his moniker being “The Franchise”. Shane continues to watch Vince carry on with his message…

Vince McMahon: “I’ll admit…at first it was gloomy. Everyday of my life I wanted to just die. I’m serious. I did not want to work with someone who I thought was beneath me. But Shane Douglas…by gawd you have made me a changed man. You see, I don’t look at this job as work anymore. I see it as fun and a place where I can enjoy the professional wrestling and sports entertainment side of it more now. It’s like the weight off my shoulders has been released. And today, it has especially with the announcement we have for you fans…”

Vince seems cheerful tonight as the fans look anticipated. “The Franchise” Shane Douglas now carries on with the announcement.

Shane Douglas: “Well Vinnie…that was just, really you thought I believed a damn word of bullsh*t garbage you just spewed?”

Uh oh, Vince looks offended now…

Shane Douglas: “You can say what you want with your fancy suit and tie, your hair slicked back and your phony charm, but…”

As Shane continues he grabbed the tie of Vince and flipped it upwards in his face.

Shane Douglas: “In my books, you are and always will be…a JACKASS! Hahaha!”

Shane laughs hysterically as Vince pushes Shane’s hand off from his shoulder. The fans love it and cheer as Shane now takes a step back and then after a pause he begins to make the big announcement to the world.

Shane Douglas: “But all jokes aside…even though it is what causes ratings…we’ve got an announcement. Today…after all the hard work we’ve done and all the hard work everybody in the back has done, we’re pleased to announce a signing…with a television company. That’s right, Franchise Wrestling Inc. will now be on YOUR television screens! EVERY MONDAY NIGHT!”

Just then, as the fans cheer and seem thrilled, Vince McMahon cuts him off.

Vince McMahon: “Exactly the reaction we were hoping for…and oh, Franchise…I’ll take it from here. So you can leave my ring now…”

Vince points towards the back as he signals for his 51% co-owner Shane Douglas to leave. The fans boo Vince as he keeps yacking away. Meanwhile, Douglas pretends to be leaving…

Vince McMahon: “Now where was I…..oh yes, so on every Monday you will now see our FWI Superstars competing at Evolution on the USA Network!”

Just then, as he was about to leave the ring with his legs through the ropes, Shane Douglas changes his mind. He slowly turns around and walks back over to Vince who hears his foot steps.

Vince McMahon: “Hey Franchise…I thought I told you to leav-”

As Vince is about to finish talking, Shane Douglas throws a right hand at his partner! The fans go wild! Shane now quickly picks up Vince and nails The Franchiser finisher! A shoulder jawbreaker! Wow how painful! The fans are loving it as Shane now picks up the microphone Vince dropped on the mat.

Shane Douglas: “Don’t you ever tell me what to do…I got 51% that says otherwise! And YOUR ASS JUST GOT FRANCHISED! HAHAHA!”

Shane throws the microphone down really hard on top of Vince McMahon as he walks out of the ring with his music playing and to the back. This crowd has gone crazy as the opening of the very first Total Elimination event has been a memorable one!


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Dean Ambrose vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts


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The scene cuts backstage to the locker room of the Brotherhood. Members Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have big matches tonight. Dean of course just won his and Seth Rollins congratulates him with a big high five.

Dean Ambrose: “Thanks bro!”

Seth Rollins: “No problem man! I knew that Snake was beatable! This is huge for us!”

Dean nods his head and the two share a smile.

Dean Ambrose: “It sure is! I’m one step closer to the World Title and I’m so excited for my match tonight. I just wonder who it’s going to be…John Cena or Kurt Angle.”

Seth Rollins: “It doesn’t matter bro. I’ve got my match tonight too. Elimination chamber. I’ll be holding gold by the end of the night. And so will you come Ultimate Fortune!”

Dean Ambrose: “Exactly.That’s right man so let’s just sit back and watch this next mach and see what unfolds. Good luck tonight!”

They shake hands and sit back to watch their television set in the locker room. More action at FWI Total Elimination coming up next!


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John Cena vs Kurt Angle


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As the conclusion of the last match ends with Kurt Angle going over John Cena to the finals of tonight’s Total Elimination tournament. Camera’s rush backstage as we see reporters and security scurrying over to an office that looks to be the co-owner Shane Douglas and Vince McMahon. An argument looks to have taken place between both men as they had some issues earlier tonight on the show as it came on air.

Jerry Lawler: “I wonder what’s going on now between these two power trips.”

Michael Cole: “I’m not entirely sure, but we’re backstage waiting to see.”

Just then out from the office comes none other than Vince McMahon himself. He doesn’t seem too pleased at all. Renee Young runs up to him and begins to ask him questions about what exactly just transpired.

Renee Young: “Mr. McMahon…earlier tonight you and your partner, Shane Douglas looked to have a little disagreement in the ring. And now, again in the office. What’s going on around here?”

Vince shakes his head, looking very frustrated.

Vince McMahon: “I don’t know at all anymore. Why don’t you ask mister 51% in there. He could tell you. All I know is that I don’t like this signing one too much at all. I couldn’t come to terms with it, but being as that is…he has the extra 2% over me to do so.”

Renee Young: “Oh wow. Now is this the potential superstar who has been rumored to sign all week?”

Vince McMahon: “Renee I don’t want to talk about it any further. Just know this…I think Shane Douglas is making a huge mistake. I thought this man was long gone and off to the world of MMA sports. God only knows now…..”

Vince leaves the scene in a rush as he starts to shout aloud. Renee Young stands near the door of the office.

Renee Young: “It hasn’t been confirmed but talk of this transaction seems as if there could be one man returning from a potential MMA deal he was in negotiations for just over a year or so ago…but let the speculation continue. More at Evolution. Back to you guys!”

The action heads back to ringside as the super dome cage or the Elimination Chamber match begins to slowly come down. The fans are pumped up!


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Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens vs Matt Sydal vs Ricky Steamboat vs Seth Rollins vs Triple H


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Sunday March 13th, 2016 live from the AT&T Center Arena in Dallas, Texas

Franchise Wrestling Inc. Presents: Ultimate Fortune!

LIVE on PAY-PER-VIEW! Watch all your favorite FWI Superstars battle for ring supremacy!

The FWI Mega-Main Event of the Year! So save your money and attend this once in a life time attraction.


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Brock Lesnar (c) vs Bully Ray


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Brock Lesnar has escaped one more time! Bully Ray has just won but not cleanly! As Brock is trying to get out of there, Bully Ray follows the Beast Incarnate! He and Brock start to brawl it out towards the backstage area!

Michael Cole: “This match is over and the fight continues on. It’s getting out of control!”

Brock knees Bully in the mid section and then somehow escapes to the parking lot now! The fans boo as Bully watches on.

Jerry Lawler: “Hey looks it’s Paul Heyman!”

Brock opens the back door of the getaway car that his advocate Paul Heyman has! Just as he does though, Bully Ray has caught up to the vehicle! He has a bat in his hand now!

Michael Cole: “Bully is going to use that bat!”

Just then Bully swings the bat at the back window and smashes it out. Glass falls on the inside of it as Paul Heyman speeds off now squealing the tires. Bully watches on as the two cowards take off from the arena once again. Bully looks very frustrated as he was so close to winning the FWI Undisputed World Championship!

Jerry Lawler: “They got away again!”

As Bully Ray turns around with the bat it’s none other than Team World Class member Kurt Angle who advanced to the finals of the Total Elimination tournament. That match is up next. Kurt looks pissed off as both Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman left him behind. Bully threatens Kurt now with the baseball bat in his hand.

Bully Ray: “I ain’t done with them by a long shot!”

Bully walks by Kurt, bumping shoulders. Kurt turns around and looks at Bully as he walks away. Angle now shakes his head and doesn’t look impressed at all. His finals match of the Total Elimination tournament is up next!


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Dean Ambrose vs Kurt Angle


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Following the FWI Total Elimination tournament, Kurt Angle is left in the ring all alone. His music hit’s and the fans watch on as he is announced as the winner of the tournament. This means Kurt will face off with Brock Lesnar or whoever is champion by Ultimate Fortune on Sunday March 13th, 2016 from the AT&T Center arena in Dallas, Texas.

Michael Cole: “Oh my gosh, King! Kurt has done it! He’s won this Total Elimination tournament! He is heading to Ultimate Fortune now.”

Jerry Lawler: “Dean Ambrose came so close! Things just picked up for Team World Class again. They are in control of FWI right now!”

Kurt celebrates in the ring and taunts to the crowd who has mixed reactions for him. The Olympic Gold Medalist watches the fireworks take off all over the arena as well as confetti falling from the rafters. Kurt now stands in the middle of the ring and begins to point at the Ultimate Fortune banner above the ring and crowd.

From there the FWI logo appears on the screen and we draw to the end of this Total Elimination event. It’s closing time!