[GEW] Outbreak – 2/9/16

[The Cleveland, Ohio crowd stood waiting outside the Quicken Loans Arena, as the doors were finally opened 20,562 people quickly began ushering their way inside, hooting and hollering in front of the cameras that were outside filming the incoming crowd.  The camera panned wildly before turning and catching a glimpse of the Quicken Loans Arena’s marquee sign that illuminated brightly…]






[The crowd finally funneled in and took their seats after gathering refreshments and GEW merchandise, all avid wrestling fans, sat as patiently as possible as the clock approached the seven o’clock hour.  The GEW BIG SCREEN which stretched across the entirety of the steel stage lit up as an array of strobe lights began circulating around the inside of the arena.  The GEW BIG SCREEN flashed a countdown, that the crowd counted down with!]



























[As the countdown hit zero, fireworks quickly began erupting from the base corners of the stage and soared out from along the long steel rampway as the strobe lights circled the inside of the arena wildly as the crowd roared in approval!  The cameras opened up audio feed to the YES! Network as the cameras circled the sold out Quicken Loans Arena and took in the rowdy Cleveland environment, feeding it back to the thousands watching in the comfort of their own homes.  The voice of GEW’s play by play commentator, Robert Kirsch would be heard…]

KIRSCH:  “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to GEW Outbreak live only on the YES! Network as we come to you from the Quicken Loans Arena, here in Cleveland, Ohio!”

DALY:  “Oy….”

KIRSCH:  “That folks, is my partner in crime, THE BENCHMARK, Bill Daly and I am Robert Kirsch and GEW has been rapidly picking up speed here in February!  Tonight we have a women’s tag team matching pitting Melissa Aki and Angel Kash together against the Sisters of Pain!”

DALY:  “That’s right, Bobby, and even though I’m not too fond of this city, we still for some reason have decided to bring an excellent show for Outbreak!  Tonight we will also see Windham Brody, defend his newly won GEW World Television title against the Motor City Bad Ass, Akira Razor!”

KIRSCH:  “That will be one in it’s own, Bill.  We also have the debut of The SLAMMA JAMMA, Clayton Hawke!  GEW is very high on this rookie, and believe he has nothing but a bright future ahead!  We also have a mystery main event, Bill!”

DALY:  “Yes, our GEW General Manager, has delivered everytime thus far here in GEW, and he has made an announcement that there will be a mystery main event, here tonight in Cleveland, Ohio!  What could it be?!  Who will be involved?!”

KIRSCH:  “I’m not sure, but I’m sure that it will not disappoint to say the least!  We will also get to see a clash of immoveable objects when two men who will be apart of the GEW World Heavyweight title match at Global Glory at the Garden, Tom Sawyer and Morris Bass will go toe to toe tonight in what will be nothing short of a clash!”

DALY:  “It’s going to be something to witness, Bobby!  What about Mister Rockefeller signing the Aristocrat, Archibald Smythe!”

KIRSCH:  “A big signing by GEW to say the least, Bill, we are also being told that the GEW management team are also trying to finalize some other contract signings as short as possibly this week!”

DALY:  “Well, before we get to our first match, Bobby, lets go back stage where I am being told that the always stunning and beautiful, Rebecca Simpson is with a HIGHLY angry, Adam Gordon!”

KIRSCH:  “Gordon has every right to be angry, as does Frostbite, Bill!  Lets take you backstage to Rebecca Simpson!”

[Rebecca Simpson is standing in the back looking around nervously before seeing the person who she will be interviewing next. That man being Adam Gordon. Adam, wearing a CBGB t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, arrives on the scene. He stops and stares at the curvy reporter before looking up at her face as she prepares to start the interview.]

Rebecca Simpson: Adam Gordon, the whole world saw on your Twitter feed that you had something to say tonight.

[Adam’s face goes from calm to angry in one motion.]

Adam Gordon: It’s quite simple, Rebecca, there has been an injustice committed here. It took place last week when I getting ready to stomp a mudhole in Frostbite’s ass. That masked motherf[CENSORED]er Lord Samyaza decided to stick his nose where it didn’t belong. He made the mistake of attacking myself and Frostbite. Now I don’t have any love lost for Frostbite but he and I were f[CENSORED]ed out of chance to fight for the World Title.

[Adam stops for a second to take a breath.]

Rebecca Simpson: So why not go out there and…

[Adam places a finger on Rebecca’s lips as she tries not to go weak at the knees.]

Adam Gordon: It’s not that damn simple, sweetheart. Things are a bit different than that other company “down south.” There are certain channels that you have to go through before taking matters into your own hands. So I’m sending this message to my “friend” Michael Wilson. Oh Mister General Manager, I highly suggest that you make this right because if not…

[He takes a deep breath.]

Adam Gordon: I WILL BURN THIS MOTHER[CENSORED]ER TO THE GROUND!!! Thanks a lot, Rebecca, it’s been fun.

[He takes a piece of paper out of his pocket and writes down his phone number. He then slips it into her low cut blouse.]

Adam Gordon: Call me.

[He then turns around and walks away as Rebecca smiles from ear to ear, before she turns to the camera…]

Rebecca Simpson:  Back to you, Bobby!

[The camera comes back to ringside, and back to Robert Kirsch and “The Benchmark” Bill Daly.]

KIRSCH:  “Gordon is INFURIATED!  He is demanding answers and a resolution from our general manager, Michael Wilson, and he wants something done tonight!”

DALY:  “I love Gordon’s fire, but you know how the saying goes, Bobby!  You mess with the bull, you get the horns!  If I was Gordon, or Frostbite, I’d be easy in the tone I take with General Manager, Michael Wilson!”

KIRSCH:  “Well, right now, lets goto Charlie Neal as we prepare for our first match of the night!”




NEAL:  “The following match is scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first at this time!  He hails from PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA!  Standing at five feet, ten inches tall!  He weighs in at two hundred and five pounds!  Ladies and gentlemen, he is … PICTURE!  PERFECT!  RICKY!  MARTINEZ!!!”


[Bill Squier’s “Everybody Wants You,” quickly began to play over the sound system as the GEW BIG SCREEN opened up with a dusting of rose petals falling on the screen.  Red strobe lights began to dance around the arena, as emerging from the back would come, “Picture Perfect” Ricky Martinez!  Dressed in an unbuttoned, silk white dress shirt, black trunks and boots he stepped out onto the stage carrying a rose in his hand along with a autographed, framed head shot of himself in the other.  Making his way down the steel rampway, he smiled and chatted up the female fans as he made his way down to the ring.  Once reaching the ring, he stared out to the ringside crowd, finding a buxom brunette and strutted his way over to her.  Handing her the framed photo of himself, he allowed her to kiss him on the cheek as he shot her a wink and rolled into the ring, hopping up and spinning around with the rose now in his mouth.  He began to provocatively shimmy his silk shirt off and tossed it into the corner along with the rose, as he grabbed the ropes and began stretching out.]

KIRSCH:  “Ricky Martinez has been on a cold streak, unable to score any victories or even a valentines date with Melissa Aki!”

DALY:  “Oh man, did you see that Makihouse kick last week?!?!  I can’t believe he’s still as picture perfect as he is, Bobby!  But I wouldn’t worry about, Ricky, he ALWAYS scores!”

NEAL:  “And his opponent!  Standing at Seven feet tall!  He weighs in at three hundred and twenty three pounds!  He comes to us from TOLEDO, OHIO!  He is .. THE REAPER!  LORD!  SAMYAZA!!!”

[The arena goes black as the lights go out!  The instrumental version of “For whom the bell tolls,” begins to play over the sound system as smoke fills the stage.  Emerging from the back, with hair drenched and dangling over his crimson and black mask that matched his crimson and black wrestling attire, would come Lord Samyaza.  Wasting no time, he methodically made his way down the steel ramp way, as he stared into the ring at his opponent.  Reaching ringside, he extended his arms and grabbed the top rope from the outside floor, pulling himself up onto the apron as the lights slowly returned to normal.  Stepping over the top rope and into the ring, he adjusted the black glove on his right hand as he glared across the ring.]

KIRSCH:  “The referee is calling for the bell here!  And we’re off!  Martinez showing no fear as he charges in and starts with forearms to the chest of Samyaza!”

DALY:  “Not even budging the monster!  Samyaza is an immoveable object, who has been for whatever reason, fascinated with ruining anything that Frostbite is apart of it seems!”

[Lord Samyaza easily brushed off the forearms and placed a claw grip on the face of Martinez, throwing the smaller man backwards, across the ring and violently into the corner!  Following in, Samyaza unloaded with a barrage of rights into the upper body of Martinez and then into the jaw of Martinez!  Backing up, Samyaza charged back in unloading a HEAVY splash and crushing Martinez in the corner!]

KIRSCH:  “This is not looking good for Martinez!  He’s been pitted against another mammoth, maybe he pissed off Wilson who has been linked to Melissa Aki?”

DALY:  “Like i said, Bobby, you mess with the bull, you get the horns!”

[As Martinez stumbled out of the corner, and went to face plant, Samyaza slammed his hand around the throat of the falling Martinez.  Gripping and tightening the hold, squeezing the throat of Martinez, Samyaza lifted Martinez up and into the air with utter ease before throwing down and DRIVING Ricky back first into the canvas with Samyaza’s massive Choke slam!]

KIRSCH:  “The FALLEN ANGEL CHOKE SLAM!  Samyaza with the cover of Martinez, and making quick work of the much smaller man here in Cleveland!”

[The referee hit the three count and quickly called for the bell!  Samyaza rose up and looked down at Martinez, before walking to the corner and grabbing the red rose.  Samyaza slowly walked back to the sprawled out body of Martinez and crumbled the rose petals over his body before dropping the stem.  Turning, Samyaza slowly exited the ring and made his way up the steel ramp way and disappearing to the back.]

DALY:  “Martinez has been an unlucky man inside the ring, Bobby!  He may be lucky outside, but inside … no bueno!”

KIRSCH:  “As the referee assists Martinez to the back, it seems as though Rebecca Simpson is back stage with  a man who will be debuting next on Outbreak, Clayton Hawke!  Lets goto Rebecca!”

[The screen shows Rebecca Simpson standing in a hallway outside the locker room area for GEW wrestlers. She smiles broadly as she begins to speak.]

Rebecca:  Fans, with me now is a newcomer that has really exploded onto the scene in GEW, Clayton Hawke!

[The screen pansout and we see the chiseled body of the tall newcomer. He is dressed in his ring gear and ready to go out and destroy the competition. His muscles slightly flexing as he speaks in a solid bass voice that has a lot of heft to it, without sounding gaudy.]

Hawke:  Thanks for the intro, Rebecca. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Rebecca:  Mr. Hawke, the word around the GEW is that you are expected to be somethign special….the “next big thing” so to speak. How does it make you feel to know so much is thought about you before you have even stepped inside a GEW ring?

Hawke:  Honestly?  Humbling.

[She looks surprised.]

Rebecca:  Really?

[Hawk nods before he speaks.]

Hawke:  Yeah, really. I haven’t had a ton of experience. I held a title once before last year, but even I wasn’t sure I was ready for it. I grew and matured, at least I thnk I did, but I’m not sure I’m where I need to be just yet. I know this, when people begin saying such great things about you, youc an’t help but want to go out there and prove they were right. I want to step out there and get the fans excited about both me and the GEW. I’m looking forward to the opportunity.

[She looks proud to be talking to someone so excited abotu GEW.]

Rebecca:  So what do you think will be the key to success tonight as you debut in GEW?

Hawke:  That is simple.  First televised show and I get to lead off the show and get the crowd excited. I get to face somebody that has some experience. You have already talked about what people are saying and that brings up a very specific point…..I’m brand new. Fresh to the canvas. I am as green of a rookie as you will fin here in GEW…

[He turns to the camera.]

Hawke:  And that ought to scare the GEW. I’m already considered one of the ones to watch here and it is only my….first….night….

Think about what that says about what I can do….

Think about what potential I must have if they put me in that position the moment I walk in the door.

Look at these arms…

[He flexes his right arm right in front of Rebecca Simpson’s face. His bicep bulges huge and her eyes bug out comically.]

Rebecca:  Wow!

Hawke:  Wow is right.

[He pulls his arm back as he continues.]

Hawke:  The GEW has been looking for someone like me. Not some run down has-been. Not someone who couldn’t hack it anywhere else. The GEW finally found what they want to build around when they brought me in the door.

And hopefully my opponent tonight, Xavier Roth, is paying attention.

[He grins as he continues.]

Hawke:  Xavier, tonight I’m going to show you what it means to be taken to the limit. There is no trick you can pull that I won’t be ready for. There is nothing in your reportoise that I cannot take and dish back ten-fold.

You are stepping into the ring with an alpha dog, Roth…

And my bark is bad…but my bite is deadly.

[He walks away as Rebecca is left standing there with her microphone and the screen fades out, going back to Robert Kirsch and Bill Daly.]

KIRSCH:  “This is going to be an amazing debut, Bill!  We’ll be right back after this commercial break with the match up of Xavier Roth going one on one with the debuting, CLAYTON HAWKE!”

DALY:  “This is fixing to be good!”

[Outbreak cut to a brief commercial break…]





[Outbreak returns from commercial break, as the camera rests on Robert Kirsch and Bill Daly at ringside]

KIRSCH:  “We are gearing up, as we have been told that Michael Wilson is not ready to come out yet and disclose the the main event of the evening!  Right now, we goto Charlie Neal in the ring as we prepare for our next match of the night!”

DALY:  “Clayton Hawke debuts here in GEW, right now!”

NEAL:  “The following match is scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first at this time!  He represents one half of the Guards of the Gate!  He stands at six feet, four inches tall!  He weighs in at two hundred and sixty eight pounds!  He hails from SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS!  Ladies and gentlemen, XAVIER!  ROTH!!!”

[KoRn’s “Freak on a Leash,” begins to hit the sound system as the big man representing the Guards of the Gate emerges from the back to dim lighting and smoke billowing on the stage.  Paying no mind to any fans, he stomped his way down the steel ramp showing no signs of emotion or acknowledgement as he reached the ring and pulled himself up onto the apron.  Stepping over the top rope and into the ring, he let out a scream and threw his arms out wide as the smoke began to clear the music faded out.]

NEAL:  “And his opponent!”

[Lights go out as a voice splits the darkness.]

NEAL:  “He stands at six feet, eight inches tall!   He weighs in at two hundred and eighty six pounds!  He hails from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS!  CLAYTON!  HAWKE!!!”

[The crowd lets out a monstrous face *POP!*]

VOICE: Alright……You know what time it is!

[Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin'” begins to blare on the PA system as fireworks and cannons explode around the entrance area. Out steps Clayton Hawke decked out in in black tights with the picture of a Hawk on the rear end. Black boots and a silver chain around his neck. The chain is almost like the links of a large chain and at the bottom of it hangs a large, silver Hawk charm about 5 inches long and 4-5 inches wide with its wings partially spread as if ready to take off. His sandy blond/brownish hair pulled back in a tail as he poses for the crowd as a giant, purple Hawke flashes on the big screen above him. The crowd explodes in cheers as he slowly walks down the aisle and slaps high fives with fans all the way down to the ring. Hawke reaches the ring and steps through the ropes and flexes his guns for the crowd as the chorus echose with cannons firing from the ring posts.]







[The music dies down as Hawke removes his necklace to prepare for the match as the fans begin chanting “Hawke!” over and over. Hawke’s face looks as though it has been through a war already.]

KIRSCH:  “Listen to this crowd, Bill!  They are going insane for Clayton Hawke!”

DALY:  “Holy heck, Bobby!  The fans are rocking the roof of this place!  Hawke looks hyped up!  Roth is FURIOUS!”

[Roth begins going from each side of the ring and screaming at the fans, “SHUT UP!!” while kicking the ropes angrily!  The referee called for the bell, as Roth continued screaming to the crowd at ringside!]


[Roth turned wildly towards Hawke, Hawke charged with reckless abandonment and turned Roth INSIDE OUT with a MONSTER CLOTHESLINE!!!  Completely FIRED UP, Hawke pumped his fists to the crowd who ROARED!  Roth scrambled off the mat and stumbled to his feet with wide eyes!  Roth charged in with a wild haymaker, and Hawke side stepped it quickly, scooping up Roth with ease and executing a perfect scoop slam on the Guards of the Gate’s big man that shook the ring!]


DALY:  “Roth is finding himself lost at this point it seems, Bobby!  Hawke signalling for Roth to get up!  Roth scrambling to his feet, and now both men clashing!  Rights and lefts!”

[The two men start exchanging rights and lefts as Roth gets the upper hand!  Roth beats Hawke back and into the ropes, grabbing Hawke by the wrist and Irish whipping him across the ring to the opposing ropes!  Roth charged after Hawke, waiting for Hawke to rebound!  Hawke rebounded as Roth when for a big clothesline!]



[Roth turned right into oncoming trouble!  Hawke hit the ropes and rebounded in a full sprint, Hawke would leave his feet and show his agility as he PLANTED Roth across the face with a spinning sidekick!  Hawke jumped to his feet as the crowd roared, and he got even more intense!  Hawke waited for Roth to rise up once more, hefting Roth up by grabbing a hold of Roth’s leg and head falling back and launching Roth into the canvas with a THUNDEROUS T-Bone Suplex that shook the canvas and made the fans roar!]


DALY:  “I think the party is almost over here for Roth!  Hawke is already to his feet and riling the crowd up!  These people love him!”

[Hawke worked the crowd as he waited for Roth to struggle to his feet!  As Roth rose up and staggered, Hawke swooped in from behind locked into Roth, hoisting Roth up with ease and onto his shoulders before throwing Roth down with intensity and into the canvas following it up with a cover!]


DALY:  “No time wasted as Hawke gets the three count and picks up a victory in his GEW debut with the SLAMMA JAMMA, baby!”

NEAL:  “Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner …. CLAYTON!  HAWKE!!!”

[The crowd roared as “Rollin” by Limp Bizkit began to play and Hawke worked the crowd while in the ring!  Hawke made his exit, slapping the hands of fans as he made his way up the ramp and to the back!]

KIRSCH:  “What an IMPRESSIVE debut by Clayton Hawke here tonight, Bill!  Right now, lets take you back stage where we are being told Melissa Aki is in the building!”

DALY:  “Oh yes!  The lovely, yet wild, Maki!”

[We open up backstage. We see Maki walking purposefully, she is wearing her long black hair in pigtails, she has on her white Asian monster make up. She is wearing an “Eat Me” vest, which is tucked into a short denim skirt. She reaches a door and we see the name “Angel Kash” on it. Maki knocks loudly, as she taps her feet. There is no answer.]

Maki: For the love of hell, Angel, answer the freaking door.

[She kicks her heels, and knocks again. No Answer, so she tries the door and its locked.]

Maki: Angel, if you ruin this debut match for me, just because you are jealous that I am superior to you and our history I will knock you the hell out, got it?

[Still nothing and Maki curses loudly. Then someone touches her shoulder. Maki swivels, hands raised In a boxing stance, her left leg a few inches of the ground in Makihouse kicking mode. We pan quickly to see Rebecca Simpson with a microphone. Maki returns to a more relaxed stance]

Maki: Honeylove, listen, you could have had your head knocked off. You would be wise not creep up on me again, got it?

Simpson: I understand Melissa. My mistake. Can I ask you a few questions?

Maki: Well as I am waiting here for her ladyship, who is probably still on the motorway somewhere “Thanking her driver” for picking her up, I have some moments to kill.

Simpson: Thanks. For all of us at GEW it’s such an honor to have you and Angel Kash sign with us. To lead the women’s division…

[Maki rolls her eyes and places her hand just short of Rebecca’s face]

Maki: Firstly, enough platitudes. I am here now, for whatever reasons they may be, plus it’s a bit disrespectful to the other women isn’t it for me signing to be an honour? Secondly, do not dare to put me in the same bracket as Mrs. Rich Britches. I am a fighter, a winner and I do not need bullshit tactics to win.

Simpson: Well we all know about your past history with Michael Wilson so of course rumors are flying. You sure you don’t want to comment?

Maki: You sure you don’t want to ruin your pretty little face?

Simpson: Okay got it. Talking of past history, do you think your previous wars with Angel will affect how you co-exist tonight as a tag team?

Maki: I wouldn’t call them wars. We had a few months where we hung out and were friends but then I saw what a conniving bitch she is. I had the world title and she wanted it. We had a few matches and we got under each other’s skin. I won and defended my title against her. That’s it as far as I am concerned. She may still hold a grudge but for me she is just a walking 80’s gimmick that should be in the re-make of Dallas rather than in a wrestling ring with me. I am sick of carrying her and she knows it. So to answer your question: I will make sure the team is secure, no matter what escapades she gets up to, we will get the job done.

Simpson: But surely you will be frustrated say if she doesn’t tag you, or tries to steal the limelight from you.

Maki: Rebecca, please don’t pretend to know what you’re talking about. I ain’t here for the limelight, I am here for the game, for the cat and mouse, the chess moves in the ring. I am a psychological mistress, and I have no problems with Angel having her moment, as long as we win and she doesn’t try to win the whole match on her own. If Angel’s ego gets in the way, if her Narcissism gets in the way and we are losing, I will knock her out once I have won for my team. Got it Becs?

Simpson: Yes of course Melissa. So as you have said you will function as a tag team, what about your opponents?

Maki: “What about your opponents?” That line of questioning is appalling to be honest. You do not even know their names. I will help you out, kiddo. We face the Sisters of Pain…

Simpson: Yes! The Sisters of Pain. With your fractious alliance with Angel Kash do you think they hold an advantage over you?

Maki: In the end, yes of course they do, they are a team with experience of teaming together, with no egos and no heroes. They do what’s best for the team, though I have to admit I have never heard of them before. I did try to do some research but they aren’t a well-documented team. All I know is they are some kind of religious nutjobs who like to deliver pain…like good Catholics. Well loves, I hope you have whipped yourself with your rosary’s, crossed yourself, brought out the incense, told your sins to God and all that jazz. Because whatever you believe your “God” will hand down on you for sinning, it is nothing compared to the torture I will bring forth on you.

Simpson: That was kind of anti-religious don’t you think?

Maki: I am a semi Buddhist, love, so no it wasn’t. They want to dish out punishment on me due to their religious beliefs then they have to realize what happens when I retaliate and it won’t be pretty. You see, these two, they want the Tag team titles, which is great if you are at that level and don’t aspire to be more, but I am here for the Starlites Championship title. I am ambitious and I will get that title, so yeah bring along the obstacles and I will leap over them, find a way around them, demolish them. It is just a matter of time until I am your Champion!

[Maki looks at the door again, screams in frustration and walks away from Rebecca Simpson, who mouths “WTF?” as we go back to ringside.]

KIRSCH:  “Wow, what a firecracker!”

DALY:  “These two, Angel Kash and Maki are going to explode when they get together, Bobby!  This is a disaster waiting to happen!  No way they can co-exist!”

KIRSCH:  “We’ll see later tonight how they do against the Sisters of Pain!”

DALY:  “Aside from that, where the heck is Vernon?  Is he off today or just being lazy?  I mean, regardless, Rebecca does mean ratings!”

KIRSCH:  “I couldn’t answer that one for you, Bill!  Right now, we are moments away from our pay per view preview, as the Outlaw, Morris Bass takes on the Modern Day Messiah, Tom Sawyer!”

DALY:  “Last week, these two men completed the beat the clock challenge and punched their tickets to the main event match at Global Glory at the Garden at the end of March in a match that will crown the first ever GEW World Heavyweight Champion!”

KIRSCH:  “Yes, they will!  Tonight, however, we get a sneak peak of two possible favorites to become World Champion.  They both of raw power, size, and are aggressive monsters of men!  We wait no more for our preview, as we goto Charlie Neal in the ring!”

NEAL:  “The following match is scheduled for one fall!”

(The rough and rugged voice of Clint Eastwood bellows throughout the arena causing fans to stand to their feet in mixed excitement.)

“You want Western?  This is Western.”

(The slow but jagged Spaghetti Western-like guitar riffs begin blaring throughout the arena as the fans buzz with mixed excitement and anticipation. Around the 45 second mark, the tempo and the beat rapidly picks up as the Western-like feel is in the air.)

NEAL:  Making his way to the ring……from El Paso, Texas….weighing in at 310 pounds…..he is “THE OUTLAW” MORRIS BASS!!!!

(A mixture of boos and cheers blend seamlessly throughout the arena as around the 1:20 mark, Bass sombers out on the stage and looks out among the crowd. Wearing sleeveless white Cotton T-shirt, faded blue jeans, black boots, black leather vest and a black elbow pad on his right elbow, Bass slowly walks down the ramp. At the 2:00 mark, Bass walks down the divided crowd, stopping occasionally along the way to interact with the crowd, regardless of their opinion of him. With half of them booing and the other half wanting high fives and fist bumps, Bass refuses to oblige those fan supportive requests. At the 2:35 mark, Bass makes it to ringside and uses the ropes to pull himself up on the ring apron, slowly stepping over the top rope and into the ring. Once inside the ring, Bass stands in the middle of the ring and slowly raises his right arm in the air, flames shoot up from behind him in the ring. After the fans pop for the explosion, Bass turns and faces towards his opponent, locking eyes upon him while adjusting his elbow pad.)

NEAL:  “And his opponent!”

[“Tom Sawyer” starts. The Global-Screen plays nano-second clips of crosses, violence and light beacons.]

NEAL:  “He weighs in at three hundred and ten pounds!  He comes to us from PARTS, UNKNOWN!  He is the MODERN!  DAY!  MESSIAH!  TOM!!  SAWYER!!!”

[Smoke fills the ramp. Walking out with his hands out and head titled back is “The Modern Day Messiah”, Tom Sawyer.  He is wearing an all white mask that covers everything but his eyes. He wears a white spandex top with a giant grey cross in front. His long white spandex tights have grey crosses up the side of the legs. He walks in, holding his hands out. The turnbuckles flash with white sparkles as Tom Sawyer takes a knee as if in prayer.]

KIRSCH:  “Once again, Sawyer going into that prayer stance in the ring.  The referee calling for the bell now!  Bass wasting NO TIME!”

DALY:  “Bass ain’t Wolf, and Bass ain’t Ricky, Bobby!”

[Bass charged in and DROVE  big boot into the face of Sawyer as the bell sounded!  Sawyer fell back onto the mat for the first time in his GEW career!  Bass quickly went for a cover, but wouldn’t even fetch a one count!  Bass rose up, nodding his head as he pulled Sawyer off the mat.  Bass quickly began dropping clenched right fists into the forehead of the masked Sawyer!  Bass continued to rock the other mammoth of a man with heavy rights and into the corner.  Once in the corner, Bass would begin with a barrage of clotheslines over the large chest of Sawyer before backing out and hitting the ropes!  Bass would rebound and return, charging forward with a tightly kept extended arm!  Sawyer stumbled out of the corner, and quickly ducked, while turning and driving a knee into the ribs of Bass!  As Bass doubled over and turned around, Sawyer quickly hefted Bass up and drove the Outlaw into the canvas with a spinebuster!]

KIRSCH:  “And the tides turn, as Sawyer plants Bass with a big time spine buster!”

DALY:  “This one is a toss up, Bobby!  I don’t know which way to go!  We could be looking at the first ever GEW World Champion right now!”

[Sawyer slowly stood as Bass rolled over in pain.  Sawyer grabbed a hold of Bass’ head and began violently driving his masked head into the back of Bass’ skull with hard hitting head butts!  After a series of head butts, Sawyer backed up for a moment as Bass got to all fours.  Sawyer came back in and began driving his forearms into the spine of Bass with a series of double axe handle smashes!  As Bass tried to get up after each smash, Sawyer continued to drop the double axe handle smashes wildly down across the back of Bass!  Bass finally collapsed to the mat, leaving an opening for Sawyer to begin driving boots into the back and ribs of Bass!]

KIRSCH:  “Sawyer now gaining control here, and getting onto the mat now!”

DALY:  “Sawyer grabbing a hold of the back of Bass’ head and rubbing his face into the canvas wildly!  Is he yelling out prayers??!!?!”

KIRSCH:  “I think he is, Bill, he’s inflicting pain at the same time that he is saying a prayer?!?!”

[Sawyer continued to talk to himself, saying diferent prayers as he dragged the face of Bass against the canvas!  Sawyer finally let up as the referee began interjecting!  Sawyer stood and pulled Bass up off the mat, pushing Bass into the corner and drove a series of knife edge chops across the chest of the Outlaw!  Not one to be out done, Bass begin shaking his head wildly and screaming gibberish at Sawyer before grabbing Sawyer and spinning him into the corner!  Switching positions, Bass begin to let loose and lay a series of his own heavy knife edge chops across the chest of Sawyer to the roar of the crowd!  Sawyer took in the chops from Sawyer, before shooting a stiff kick into the knee of Bass and grabbing a hold of Bass, throwing him shoulder first between the turnbuckles and into the steel post!]

DALY:  “Shoulder first into the steel!  That’ll leave a mark!”

KIRSCH:  “Sawyer wasting no time now as Bass is slumped in the corner and clutching his shoulder!  Sawyer unloading heavy forearms down onto the back of Bass!  Ladies and gentlemen, Sawyer now in control as he is driving a knee into the spine of Bass in the corner!  Don’t change that channel, we’ll be right back!”

[The camera got an up close shot of Bass, gritting his teeth in pain as Sawyer worked to drive his knee into the spine of the Outlaw while in the corner, and Outbreak cut to a commercial break!]





[Outbreak returned to action as Sawyer had Bass in a head lock and dragging Bass’ face across the top rope!]

DALY:  “Bass in a place he’s not used to right now, as Sawyer is in control here!”

KIRSCH:  “Neither men has made a pin attempt since the very start of this match … This isn’t a match to win, this seems like a match to prove a point!”

[Sawyer released the head lock and scooped Bass up, heading to the corner for a Snake Eyes!  NO!  Bass wiggled off and slipped down Sawyer’s back pushing Sawyer chest first into the turnbuckles!  Sawyer stumbled backwards, dazed and holding his chest as Bass staggered into the ropes and rebounded jumping up and grabbing Sawyer into a head lock before falling to the mat, driving Sawyer face first with a bulldog!  Bass rolled over and crawled to the ropes, worn out as Sawyer began to slowly do the same.  Both men pulled themselves up, at almost the same time!  Turning and stumbling off the ropes, both men came forward and extended legs simultaneously as both men connected HEAVILY across the jaws of one another with matching big boots that jolted the heads of both men and sent them crashing to the canvas!  Both men sprawled out, as the referee checked with the timekeeper for a moment before coming back to the middle of the ring and starting a ten count!]

REF:  “ONE! ………. TWO!! ………. THREE!!! ……….  FOUR!!!! ……….  FIVE!!!!! ………”

KIRSCH:  “The referee is at Five!  Both men slowly starting to show signs of life!”

DALY:  “Both Bass and Sawyer, struggling mightily and trying to crawl to opposing ropes!”

[The referee continued his count, as both men began to slowly struggle up the ropes and try to get to their feet!  The referee continued the count, slowly reaching to the count of EIGHT!  Both men GOT TO THEIR FEET!  Stumbling from the ropes both men met each other once more in the center of the ring and floored each other with dual clotheslines sending both men BACK TO THE MAT!  The referee began a new count as both men laid side by side on the mat!]


DALY:  “The referee once more begins a new ten count, Bobby!”

[As the referee began the count and slowly reached the count of four, the ringside bell sounded!]

KIRSCH:  “What is going on?  The official only got to four, didn’t he?!?!”

DALY:  “I know you have trouble counting, but you are correct, Bobby … Lets goto Charlie Neal and get the official word…”

NEAL:  “Ladies and gentlemen, this match has come to a conclusion of a TIME!  LIMIT!  DRAW!!!”

KIRSCH:  “Wow!  Two men who have dominated their respective competition, battle it out to no winner here in Cleveland!  Glory at the Garden just got an intense preview, Bill!”

DALY:  “Both of these men, meet the Benchmark Standard!  And we could be looking at the first GEW World Champion , Bobby!”

[Both Bass and Sawyer rolled out of the ring on opposite sides, before separately making their way to the back stage area, Sawyer disappearing along the bottom of the stage as Bass clutched the back of his head and disappeared through the entrance way.]

KIRSCH:  “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be cutting to a short commercial break, and when we return, we will be hearing from GEW World Television Champion, Windham Brody and our World Television title match is coming up next!  We are also being told that we will be hearing from the GEW, General Manager, Michael Wilson!  Stay Tuned!”

DALY:  “Do not change that channel!  We have a remarkable World Television title match coming up!  I can’t wait to hear what Windham Brody has to say, and What’s the main event going to be?!?!”

KIRSCH:  “Well, hold on, here!  Before we goto our commercial break, lets take you back stage where we have a camera crew and, I don’t know if this is a possible altercation or not between Clayton Hawke, and Frostbite!”

[Frostbite is seen back in the locker room loosening up. Frostbite starts to throw a few right and lefts into the air as he prepares himself for whatever could lie ahead in the night to come. Frostbite reaches into the locker in front of him and grabs a blue t-shirt and puts it on. He steps back and begins to throw roundhouse kicks into the air. Frostbite stretches out his leg making sure that is limper. He cinches up the last cross on his boot laces, a smiling Clayton Hawke enters the room. He is smiling widely, very happy about his victory over Xavier Roth. He doesn’t notice Frostbite somewhat bent over and bumps into him. Frostbite snaps up and though he is shorter than Hawke, the younger man reacts as one would with a veteran.]

Hawke:  Sorry about that. I really didn’t see you.

Frostbite:  It’s alright, kid. I remember what it felt like to be that young and win some matches.

Hawke:  I know, it was totally the most amazing feeling ever. The crowd chanting and cheering during the match. I don’t think I expected things to be this big so soon.

Frostbite:  I saw your match out there. Very impressive..

Hawke:  Thanks.  Hearing something like that from someone who has done as much as you means a lot.

Frostbite: Look, I might have this reputation as a bad guy..

[Frostbite laughs.]

Frostbite: I think you have something. Certainly you have the size and power.. Your wrestling skills aren’t bad at all.

Hawke:  Thanks.

[Clayton can feel the “but” coming and his face shows it.]

Frostbite: You seem to be an smart young man.. I was in your shoes at one time. I had a few veterans in the locker room that took the time to teach me a few things. Such as finance, not to blow money, always watch from back here in the locker room as to other veterans handle themselves in the ring. You could certainly learn a thing or two.

[Clayton nods as he listens to the veteran.]

Frostbite:  Change up your game.. Many wrestlers will watch tapes of your matches and feel that maybe you become predictable. If you do then they will spot it and you become easy prey. Don’t be afraid to change up.. Learn a new move here and there. You do that, then you will give them something else to think about.

Hawke:  Thanks. You say a lot of the same things my old trainer used to say. Let’s me know that I really do need to do this to make a long career like all of you.

Frostbite: Just a few things I have picked along the way..

[Looks up at the clock on the wall.]

Frostbite: It is that time.

[He nods at Hawke.]

Frostbite:  Good luck here.. And if you ever need some advice on anything in this business….I’m around..

[Screen fades to black, before going back to the commentators table at ringside.]

KIRSCH:  “Wow, some words of wisdom from the savvy veteran to the wet behind the ears rookie!”

DALY:  “I think Frostbite is a smart man, and he sees a big future in Clayton Hawke.  Why wouldn’t you want to mentor a kid like that, Bobby?”

KIRSCH:  “I completely agree with you there, Bill!  Right now, lets cut to that commercial break, and we will return here in Cleveland after a few short messages!”

[Outbreak cut to a brief commercial break.]





[Outbreak returned from the commercial break, and the camera feed was of Kirsch and Daly at the commentators table at ringside..]

KIRSCH:  “Ladies and gentlemen, lets go backstage  where we have the GEW World Television Champion, Windham Brody with a few words….”

*Windham Brody is shown in his now standard attire sitting on the floor, the GEW World Television title draped over his lap as he looks up to the camera and begins to speak*

Windham Brody:  I guess I make alot of people in the front office uneasy when I showed up to collect my belt.  Hey I was told to show up at HQ to receive my belt and that’s what I did.   Nobody told me I had to smile and take photos like I was running for office or something.   Like I said last week I’m here to win, not to kiss babies and shake hands.   So sorry I’m not the poster boy you think I’m supposed to be.   I am who I am and nothing else.


*Windham looked down at the World Television title, and then looked back to the camera.*

So now Akira Razor,  The Motor City Bad ass  and you certainly proved you were bad last week but it seems I’m just that much badder.   I’m not discrediting you far from it but if you think I’m just gonna let this go easily then you must have drinking that poison water I have heard you have up their in Michigan but you are without a doubt either the bravest person or the dumbest.   Because this belt is now my property and I don’t like having my property taken from me.   No No No those days are long in the past when I was unable to stop people from doing just that.   Nobody is taking NOTHING away from me and that includes you and anyone else who wants to venture down my road with dreams of riches as you will find nothing but fool’s gold, broken dreams and who knows what other suprises may be lurking around.    Akira, you are a very tough man but don’t be a foolish one because even the biggest and baddest can be made to be fools so my advice to you is once you start down this road  watch where you go and remember where you been because if you don’t you bound to never be heard from again….

[The camera faded and came back to ringside, to Kirsch and Daly.]

KIRSCH:  “Strong words from Windham Brody as we prepare for his first defense as the GEW World Television Champion, Bill.”

DALY:  “He seems to have a lot to prove, and also seems to be latching onto that championship.  I see Brody doing everything humanly possible that he can to make sure he keeps that championship for a very long time, Bobby.”

KIRSCH:  “You may be right about that, Bill.  Right now, we get ready for that exact match we have been talking about as we goto Charlie Neal!”

NEAL:  “Ladies and gentlemen … The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the GEW!  WORLD!  TELEVISION!  CHAMPIONSHIP!!!”

[The crowd let out a deafening *POP!* that cut through the arena!]

NEAL:  “Introducing first at this time!  He is the challenger!  He stands at FIVE FEET, ELEVEN INCHES Tall!  Weighing in at TWO HUNDRED, THIRTY Pounds!  He comes to us from DETROIT, MICHIGAN!  He is THE MOTOR CITY BAD ASS!  AKIRA!  RAZOR!!”

[The lights go out as “Wait and Bleed,” by Slipknot begins to roar over the sound system!  The wrestling and GEW fans a like quickly leap to their feet and erupt with a huge *POP!* as different colored spotlights begin to flash around for the better part of 10 seconds.  Emerging from the back and onto the stage would come, Akira Razor!  Wearing a “Made in Detroit,” tee-shirt along with his black jean shorts, black knee pads, and black elbow pads.  The lights quickly returned to normal as he threw his arms up, riling up the crowd!  He began walking down the steel ramp way in his black sneakers, slapping the hands of stretched out fans as he quickly got to the ring and ran up the steel steps.  Quickly onto the apron, he climbed up the turnbuckle and raised his arms while pumping his fists to the roaring crowd, as he exploded full of energy and emotion!]

NEAL:  “And his opponent!  He stands at SIX FEET, SIX INCHES tall!  He weighs in at THREE HUNDRED, SEVENTEEN pounds!  He hails from LUCIFER, ARIZONA!  He is the CURRENT GEW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION!  WINDHAM!  BRODY!!!”

[The lights fade as “Dark Side of the Road,” by Ol Style Skratch begins to play over the sound system.  Emerging from the back, hair drenched and dripping onto his weathered vest would come the unknown, Windham Brody, carrying the GEW World Television Title in his grasp.  He would slowly make his way down the steel ramp, eyes fixated on the ring in front of him as he kept a slow and steady pace.  Finally, reaching the ring, he slowly made his way to and up the steel steps before stepping into the ring and walking to the ropes with his arms spread wide to the crowd.  Yelling out, unidentifiable phrases as he began to slide his vest off and turned to the corner, backing into it before slowly sliding down the buckles and into a seated position on the mat, resting his head on the middle turnbuckle pad.  The music faded, and the lights readjusted as he closed his eyes as he clutched the title in his lap…]

KIRSCH:  “The referee hesitant as he takes the title from Brody, who pulls himself out of the corner.  Akira looks fired up, pacing back and forth on the opposite side of the ring…”

DALY:  “He should be fired up, Bobby, this is a championship match!  Last week Akira was sent flying through a table instead of becoming the World Television champion!  The referee is calling for the bell, and we’re under way here in Cleveland!”

[Akira fired out of the corner like he was shot out of a cannon and quickly took the fight to Windham!  Attempting to take out Windham’s legs, to no avail!  Windham, much taller than Akira was able to hold his ground and dropped a forearm into the back of Akira!  Stinging Razor for only a brief moment as Akira staggered away but charged right back in to the roar of the crowd!  Akira landed a big flying forearm that took the legs out from under Brody and sent the big man to the canvas with a thud!]

KIRSCH:  “Razor plants a big hit there on Brody!  Razor getting to his first, as Brody rolls to a knee … INCOMING AKIRA!”

DALY:  “Akira comes zipping it and plants a torpedo dropkick to the shoulder of the champ!”

KIRSCH:  “Akira rolling to his feet now, and as Brody slowly gets up, Akira begins lacing Brody’s chest with a series of leg whips!”

[Akira plastered the chest of Brody with another series of leg whip kicks!  The crowd roared with each kick, as Akira went for the final blow to the temple of Brody, he was denied!  Brody blocked the kick and SLAMMED a fist into the chest of Razor!  Brody began quickly rifling right handed thrusts into the throat of Akira, rocking the challenger!  Brody stood quickly at full frame and rushed forward EXPLODING into a running big boot that would turn Akira inside out and onto the canvas!  Brody looked out to the crowd with empty eyes, as he breathed heavily, before looking back down at Razor on the canvas.  Taking a step back, Windham sized up the back of Akira’s head and came crashing down with a fist drop to the back of the challengers skull!]

DALY:  “Windham Brody is a monster, Bobby!”

KIRSCH:  “Akira got some early offense in, but it has been all Brody!   Brody now locking into a front face lock and grounding the smaller, Akira Razor on the mat…”

[Windham synched into a front face lock, squeezing hard as he attempted to take the life and fight out of Akira.  Brody was in complete control, as he began driving powerful knees into the shoulder of Razor as he kept him locked in the front face lock!  Razor began to fade, as the referee checked on him.  The referee asked several times if Razor gave up, but Razor would give no response.  Finally, the referee grabbed the hand of Akira, lifting and dropping it once!  Lifting and dropping it twice!  Lifting and dropping it, three times!  NO!  As the crowd got behind the Motor City Bad Ass, Razor shot his right arm into the sky as he fed off the emotion of the fans!  Brody looked around wildly, shaking his head as Akira pushed his way to his feet!  Brody refused to release the front face lock, as Akira wrapped his arms around the waist of Brody and with everything he had lifted up and flipped Brody over and onto the mat with a Northern Lights Suplex with the bridge!]

DALY:  “Akira with the pin!  Could he steal this victory!?!?”

KIRSCH:  “The referee only with a two count before Windham Brody wildly kicks out!”

[As Brody kicked out wildly, he quickly got to his feet and charged at the rising Razor!  Brody threw a wild running lariat, which Akira ducked!  As Brody spun around, Akira drilled him with a standing side kick before rocking the big man’s jaw with a series of right forearms!   The crowd roared loudly as they got behind Razor’s offensive barrage!  Akira turned his forearm attacks into a series of knife edge chops, then right back to forearm shots to the face of Brody!  Rocking Brody with each shot, Akira was able to corner the champion!  Akira backed out of the corner and charged in, hitting a splash on Windham as the crowd roared!  Akira backed out of the corner as Brody staggered out, Razor would come charging with a clothesline that rocked Brody but did not drop him!  Razor would back up and hit another clothesline, still just rocking the champion and not dropping him!  Razor looked out to the crowd with incredibe energy as Brody leaned against the ropes!]


KIRSCH:  “Razor has stunned the champion!  Could he take the next step and end Windham Brody’s short reign!?!?”

[Akira hit the ropes and rebounded, charging quickly across the ring towards Windham Brody!  As Akira went for another clothesline, to send the champion up and out of the ring, he would be denied!  Brody ducked down and tossed Akira up and over his back with a back body over the top rope!  Akira soared, but caught the top rope and was able to adjust himself to land on the outside apron!  The crowd roared as Brody stumbled away from the ropes, unaware of Razor’s saving grace!  Windham turned around with wide eyes, as Akira launched himself to the top rope and jumped off, springboarding towards Brody!  Akira CONNECTED with a big flying knee to the face of the champion!  Windham collapsed down and rolled out of the ring, as Akira rolled to his feet and pumped his arms to the roaring crowd!]

DALY:  “Akira has turned the tables here tonight!  I think we are looking at a new World Television Champ, Bobby!”

KIRSCH:  “Akira has caught Windham Brody off guard here at Outbreak!  Akira now measuring up the champion, and waiting for him to stand up outside the ring!”

DALY:  “Oh, NO!”

[Akira waited patiently before hitting the opposite ropes and sprinting across the ring!  As Windham pushed to his feet, the champion did not rise alone!  Windham Brody pulled a steel chair out from under the ring and stood tall as Akira came, suicide diving through the middle rope at Brody!]


[Brody took a home run swing and CRACKED the incoming Akira Razor in the head, during the suicide dive attempt!  The referee quickly called for the bell as Akira fell to the outside floor in a heap and Windham Brody dropped the chair, fixing his pants and walking around the ring to grab the GEW World Television title, before making his way around the ring and up the ramp way towards the back stage area, as he ignored the loud jeers from the fans!  Akira laid on the outside floor, clutching his head in obvious pain as Windham Brody disappeared to the back and Charlie Neal gave the official word.]

NEAL:  “Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, by DISQUALIFICATION!  THE!  MOTOR!  CITY!  BAD!  ASS!  AKIRA!  RAZOR!!!”

[The crowd cheered loudly for Razor, but were interuppted by Neal’s second announcement.]

NEAL:  “However, the title cannot change hands with a disqualification …So, still the GEW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION, WINDHAM!  BRODY!”

[Akira rose up from the outside floor, with a tense look on his face while clutching his head, as he looked up the ramp and watched Windham Brody carry the GEW World Television title with him, disappearing to the back.  The crowd boo’ed the final decision, but cheered Akira Razor who slowly began making his way up the ramp and to the back under his own strength.]

DALY:  “Windham Brody did what he needed to do, and at the end of the day, he is STILL the GEW World Television champion.”

KIRSCH:  “How can you agree with what he did, Bill?  That was a closely contested match, and Windham took the cowards way out.”

DALY:  “First of all, we both know you would not call him a coward to his face, so just stop right there.  Secondly, whose to say what would of happened?  What if Brody would of ended up beating Razor, like he did last week?  You don’t know for sure, things happen, winners win and move on.  It’s common sense, Bobby!”

KIRSCH:  “You’re incredible.”

DALY:  “I know.”

KIRSCH:  “Well, we have yet to hear from our GEW General Manager, and the witching hour is nearing.  Right now, we are all set for the put together team of Melissa Aki and Angel Kash, to take on the Sisters of Pain!”

DALY:  “There is still plenty of time, Bobby, we get to see Kash and Aki … Two beeeuatifal ladies who can wrestle in action!”


KIRSCH:  “Not so fast!  We will have to wait, NO LONGER!”

DALY:  “We will be hearing the mystery main event right now it seems!”

[The sound system ripped open as Living Colour’s, “Cult of Personality” began to play.  The fans quickly jumped to their feet, as a highlight reel of matches ripped over the GEW BIG SCREEN of the new GEW General Manager, Michael Wilson, while white and red strobe lights circled the crowd and walls of the arena.]

#The Cult of Personality,

I know your anger,

I know your dreams,

I’ve been everything you want to be!#

[As the song continued to play, emerging from the back wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black tee-shirt which conformed to his toned upper body, came Michael Wilson.  His dirty blonde five o’clock shadowed face was perfectly shaped, as his long dirty blonde locks was gelled and slicked back.  He came to a stand still at the top of the ramp and opened his arms wide, as he took in the mixed reaction of the crowd.  In his outreached right hand, Wilson carried a briefcase and flashed a smile.]

#I’m the cult of personality,

Like Mussolini and Kennedy,

I’m the cult of personality,

The cult of personality!#

[Wilson began his way down the ramp slowly as he headed towards the ring, carrying the briefcase along his side, clutching it with his right hand tightly  Pausing to look out to the crowd, he chewed his stick of gum as he grinned wide.]

#Neon lights, a Nobel Prize,

Where the mirror speaks, the reflection lies,

You don’t have to follow me,

Only you can set me free!#

[Wilson began making his way up the steel steps and onto the apron.  Stopping and looking out onto the raucous crowd, he grinned wide and hopped back down to the ringside floor with a wink to the camera.  Wilson began slowly walking around the ring.]

#I sell the things you need to be,

I’m the smiling face on your tee-vee!

I’m the cult of personality,

I exploit you,

You still love me,

I tell you one and one makes three!#

[Wilson chewed his gum, looking around with a grin and making his way to the commentators table, pulling up a seat next to Kirsch and Daly,.  Wilson then set the briefcase on the announcer’s table before putting a head set on.]

WILSON:  “Fellas, fellas, fellas … why the confused look?”

KIRSCH:  “Shouldn’t you be telling the world about our main event tonight?”

DALY:  “Bite your tongue, Bobby!  What’s the matter with you?  Mister Wilson, can disclose the main event whenever he chooses!”

WILSON:  “Thank you, Bill.  Atleast you understand enough to show me the proper respect I deserve.  As for the main event, Robert, I’ll disclose it after this match up.  I promised a special someone I’d be ringside, and I’m here.”

KIRSCH:  “Fanfastic…. What’s in the briefcase?”

DALY:  “It is fantastic, Bobby!  We’re sharing the table with a legend killer, and the

longest reigning World champion of all time in the industry!  Respect, Bobby, respect!”

WILSON:  “Once again, thank you, Bill.  You truly are, the Benchmark in which Robert over there should strive to become!  Anyway, this briefcase?”

[Wilson tapped the briefcase.]

WILSON:  “This briefcase contains the mystery of the main event.  Now, before we get into spoilers, can we just get to the match?  I for one am dying to see these ladies in action.”

KIRSCH:  “Oh, of course, Mister General Manager.  Lets goto Charlie Neal in the ring!”

NEAL:  “Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a Women’s tag team match!”

[The crowd let out a huge *POP!*]

NEAL:  “Introducing first at this time!  They come to us preaching forgiveness, but delivering punishment!  Ladies and gentlemen, they are, the SISTERS!  OF!  PAIN!!!”

[Church bells are heard over the sound system, as emerging from the back, clad in Nun outfits come the unknown, yet feared, Sisters of Pain.  Both Sisters make their way slowly down the ramp way and to the ring.  Once at the ring, the Sisters enter the ring using the steel steps and began to share a prayer before Sister #1 stays in the ring, and Sister #2 steps out on the apron in the far corner.]

NEAL:  “Annnd their opponents!  Introducing first, she hails from THE HAMPTONS, NEW YORK!  She is … the TRILLION!  DOLLAR!  PRINCESS!  ANGEL!  KASH!!!”

[The fans begin to boo loudly as “Donatella” by Lady Gaga

hits over the public address system]

[As the lights dim and flash gold all over the arena, a lone spotlight

forms at the entrance ramp as out from the back first steps Leroy with

a stern look on his face. After a few moments, Todd walks out from

behind him, looking nervous. As he claps within a few seconds in

arrogant and exaggerated fashion, Angel Kash herself walks out as the

fans boo loudly.]

[Angel blows an arrogant kiss to the fans before doing a series of

arrogant poses at the top of the ramp. She then says something to Todd

and Leroy as they first go ahead, before the arrogant rich blonde

bombshell does an arrogant supermodel like strut down to the ring,

taunting the fans as she walks by them, before rudely sticking out her

hand, and flipping her hair arrogantly as she brushes past the fans,

not letting them even come close to touching her.]

[She makes her way up the ring steps with Leroy, holding her hand from

the outside, as Todd is standing in front of her on the ring apron.

Angel then points down as he holds the ropes for her; she enters and

poses in the center of the ring as the fans boo loudly. After that,

she lays on the top turnbuckle nonchalantly taunting the fans as Todd

hands her a mirror and she admires her beauty.]

NEAL:  “And her partner for the evening!  Hailing from LONDON, ENGLAND!!  She is the leader of the NEXT!  GEN!  MOVEMENT!  MELISSA!  MAKI!!  AKI!!!”

[The LL Cool J remake of “Maki Said Knock You Out!” hit the sound system as the building erupted in a mixed reaction.  Emerging from the back would come Maki, dressed in her ring attire she quickly began making her way down the ramp, paying no mind to the outreached hands of fans as she rolled into the ring and popped up to her feet, spotting Kash and flashing her an obviously fake smile.  The music cut out, as both Kash and Maki went back and forth with banter as to who was going to start the match!]

KIRSCH:  “The match hasn’t even started yet, and they are already not on the same page!”

DALY:  “This is going to be interesting to see if they can co-exist.”

WILSON:  “These are two professional female athletes, who will handle the business that they need to and deal with each other, another day.  They both want to win, that’s the spirit of competition.  That is a desire they both share.”

KIRSCH:  “Well, it looks as though Angel Kash will start against what we know them as, Sister One, and Sister Two.  Ha.”

DALY:  “Well, the bell has sounded and we’re off!”

WILSON:  “Kash wasting no time, quickly in the face of Sister One!  Ha.”

[Kash didn’t waste any time.  Getting right into the face of Sister #1 and berating her!  The Sister calmly stood with her hands folded, responding to Kash, “You’re forgiven,”  Infuriating Kash!  Kash quickly hauled back and slapped Sister #1 across the face before pushing her to the mat and climbing on top of her before throwing fists down across the head ot the Sister!  Kash screamed like a banshee as she throttled the Sister, before dismounting her and waiting for her to stand.  As Sister #1 stood up, Kash ripped her hair cover off, and grabbed two hand fulls of Sister #1’s black hair, pulling the sister down to the mat by it!]

KIRSCH:  “Angel Kash is a sinner!  How many hail mary’s is she going to have to say in the confessional after this attack?!”

DALY:  “I think she’ll just buy her way out of it, what do you think Mister Wilson?”

WILSON:  “I’m here to support our women,  Kash is doing what she has trained to do.  Take the fight to the opponent.”

[Kash spotted Wilson at ringside and winked, blowing him a kiss before dropping down with a leg drop across the throat of Sister #1!  The look on Maki’s face was tomato red, as she glared at Kash in the ring.  Kash went for the cover, but Sister #1 kicked out quickly!  Kash quickly stood up, adjusting herself, as she pulled the Sister up and sent her right back down with a wicked hairmare takedown!  The referee quickly instructed Kash to let off the hair, in which Kash would reply..]


[Before SLAPPING the referee across the face!  Kash turned away from the referee, as if nothing happened, and began stomping down on the fallen Sister!  As Sister #2 reached out to her partner, Kash rushed the corner and pushed Sister #2 into the steel post causing her to fall and hit the steel steps with a heavy impact!  Kash turned and waited for Sister #1 to rise, and as she did Kash rushed in and left her feet for a spinning heel kick!  Sister #1 dodged out of the way as Kash came crashing down into the corner!  Maki quickly SLAPPED the bareback of Kash, thus making the tag while leaving a red hand print on the back of Kash!  Maki quickly rushed into the ring and charged Sister #1!  Leaving her feet, Maki leveled the Sister with a leaping clothesline as the crowd let out a roar!]

KIRSCH:  “Maki is a top tier talent in this business!  What a competitor!”

DALY:  “Maki has the moves and looks!  She’s feisty!”

WILSON:  “That she is , Bill, that she is…”

[Maki sprang back up, hitting the ropes and springboarding off as Sister #1 rose up only to be taken right back down to the mat with a cross body block from Aki!  Maki rolled right back up to her feet and as the Sister rose again, Maki dropped her right back down with a perfectly executed dropkick to the chest!  Maki rolled right back to her feet, and pulled Sister #1 up!  Pulling the Sister into a bear hug, Maki quickly lifted and PLANTED the Sister into the canvas with her signature BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!  Kash stood on the apron, shaking her head in anger and reaching for a tag!  Maki popped right back up and waited for Sister #1, as Maki went into her Makihouse Kicking Stance and the crowd roared!]

KIRSCH:  “Here it comes!  The MAKIHOUSE KICK!”

DALY:  “She hits this, it’s game over!”

WILSON:  “Watch how perfect and easy she makes this kick look, it’s truly a sight to see.”

[Sister #1 got wise to what was going on and bull rushed Maki pushing her into the ropes!  As Maki hit the ropes, her elbow caught the jaw of ANGEL KASH!  Kash went flying off the apron and to the outside floor, as Maki turned and gave a sly smirk before bouncing off the ropes and heading towards Sister #1!  The Sister ducked down, as Maki leap frogged over her and landed feet first on the mat like a gymnast, turning in one motion as Sister #1 turned around and DRILLING Sister #1 across the jaw with a PERFECTLY executed MAKIHOUSE KICK!  Sister #1 fell to the mat, as Maki made the cover and scored the three count!]


DALY:  “Kash looks angry, getting to her feet now and sliding into the ring!”

WILSON:  “I told you, they’d co-exist with a few hiccups, but they got the job done.  Glad the doctors have taken Sister #2 to the back already, she could have a concussion from the fall she took…”

[Kash got into the ring as Maki stood up with her back to Angel.  Kash began breathing heavily, obviously angry as Maki slowly turned around to face the Trillion Dollar Princess!  Kash quickly grabbed a hold of Maki and dropped to the mat delivering THE KASH FLOW to MAKI!  Kash rolled out of the ring quickly, screaming at her man servant, Todd, as she strutted up the steel ramp.  Turning back as Maki finally came to and looked up the ramp holding her jaw, Kash stopped at the stage, waving to Maki and blowing her a kiss before turning and disappearing to the back.  Maki sat on her knees, clutching the middle rope with both hands staring up the ramp way, as Kirsch, Daly, and Wilson were heard before cutting to the final Outbreak Commercial break…]

DALY:  “Wow.  Good thing Kash has money for extra security, Maki looks LIVID!”

KIRSCH:  “Angel Kash is a snake, and she must feel like she was disrespected somehow in this match.  Are we going to get our main event, Mister Wilson before we goto commercial break or what?”

WILSON:  “Patience, Iago, Patience.  When we come back from commercial break, I’ll be in that ring addressing the fans about our main event tonight.”

KIRSCH:  “You heard it ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned and we’ll be right back with Michael Wilson and our Outbreak main event of the evening!  Don’t change that channel!”

[Outbreak cut to it’s final commercial break of the broadcast…]





[Outbreak returned, with GEW General Manager, Michael Wilson standing inside the ring and holding a microphone, and the briefcase.]

KIRSCH:  “Our General Manager is in the ring and he’s about the announce tonight’s main event of the evening!”


DALY:   “Michael Wilson since being announced as the General Manager  hasn’t disappointed”


[Michael Wilson is about to say a few words.. When “Behind These Blue Eyes” by Limp Bizit blast over the sound system.]


KIRSCH:  “Wait a second!”.


DALY:  “Frostbite is in the building after all!  Wilson looks a bit ticked off!”


KIRSCH:  “This man has got some set of grapefruits, interrupting our general manager.”


DALY:   “I agree, but I got a feeling after what happened last week, he can’t be too happy.”


KIRSCH:   “Adam Gordon and Frostbite were having a great match until Lord Samyaza got involved.”


DALY:  “And that involvement cost both men a shot at becoming the company’s first World Champion.”


[Frostbite is standing at the top of the entrance wearing a black hoodie with his head down, as he looks up he flips off the hood as our camera zooms in on the intense look in his blue eyes.]


KIRSCH:  “By looking in those blue eyes he doesn’t appear to be a happy camper.”.


DALY:  “Don’t know if Frostbite and happy would go together in the same sentence. The man is always intense.”




[Frostbite has on faded black jeans and black boots as he ignores the crowd as they reach out to touch him on his broad shoulders.]


KIRSCH:  “Our General Manager doesn’t appear to be happy about Frostbite making his way out here.”


[Frostbite gets to ringside as he looks right into Michael Wilson eyes as if he starring a hole right through him. He walks over to the ring announcer as he ask for a microphone and he gets one as he climbs the steps and jumps over the top ropes. He walks right up and gets in Michael Wilson’s face.]


DALY:  “This two are about to go at it.”


CROWD: FIGHT!!!!!!! FIGHT!!!!!!!!!


[Frostbite steps back as he just shakes his head and then looks into the crowd.]


FROSTBITE:  I am sure you morons would like that.




FROSTBITE:  But, I am not here to give you idiots what you want.




FROSTBITE:  However, Michael we need to seriously talk.


[Wilson shakes his head.]


FROSTBITE:  Before you open your mouth, I think we need to get things out in the open.


KIRSCH:  “The set of balls on this guy.”


FROSTBITE:  When, I first signed a contract with this company. I saw this place had some serious potential to become one of the best feds out there. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have given this place a look at all.


[Frostbite laughs.]


FROSTBITE:  However, when it was announced that you were the new general manager of this company. I just shook my head. I thought here we go. I am going to get screwed at some point in time by you.


WILSON:  “Let me stop you right there, Frosty, and before you start getting snippy, I’d relax a bit … Because I can bring back to reality, it’s already been done, has it not?  Now, I’m not here to screw anybody over.  So you can cut that right there, stop blaming me, for your failures.  My goal tonight was to announce a main event, not hospitalize one of our talented competitors.”


FROSTBITE:  We haven’t seen eye to eye on…


[A pause.]


FROSTBITE:  Anything.. Michael, you and I have had one brief encounter inside this ring, and I promise there will be a day and time that we are going to step into this ring and fight the other. When that day comes, you better hope that you are prepared.


WILSON:  “I’m always prepared, Frosty.  I was a World champion for a HISTORIC FIVE HUNDRED and THIRTY FIVE DAYS…”


FROSTBITE:  I don’t care how many days that you were the World Champion, doesn’t really concern or impress me at all.


WILSON:  “It doesn’t?  Even when that’s all you strive to be?  How about this … cut all the back and forth, and get to what you want to say.  Give me a reason as to why you came out here and disrupted my announcement.  My time is valueable.”


FROSTBITE:  I am getting to the point. So sorry, didn’t know I was holding you up. Have some place to be..


WILSON:   “The only place I need to be, is in this ring, making my main event announcement.  Not going back and forth with you.  So, what’s the deal?”


FROSTBITE:  Last week as you made the match between myself and Adam Gordon a beat the clock challenge and the winner of that match would move on to get the chance to fight for the right to try and become the first ever GEW World Champion. However, one Lord Samyaza decided to interfere in that match and cost me, a shot at the World title and doesn’t sit well with me. I know he doesn’t sit well with Adam Gordon either.


WILSON:  “I don’t know how this anything to do with me.”


FROSTBITE:  In the light of what has happen. I want back in… I want a chance to become the World Champion. I believe, something should be done.


[He once again stares a hole right through Michael Wilson.]


FROSTBITE:  But for the life of me, can’t figure out why in the hell is this some seven foot jackass wants to tick me off so much. I don’t know why he has the beef that he has with me. Michael, if you don’t find a way to put this guy on a leash, then you are going to paying this man’s hospital bills.




FROSTBITE:  Then, I do find it odd that Lord Samyaza decided to come out during my match and cost me a chance at the World title. I start thinking, why in the hell would that be. Then I realize guess who is the general manager.


KIRSCH:  What is Frostbite getting at?


FROSTBITE:  I think you put this idiot up to it, just so I wouldn’t get the chance to go after the title. Then again, maybe you don’t want Adam Gordon to be champ either. I can’t speak for him, but I wonder if he isn’t having those same thoughts.


WILSON:  “Really?  This is your whole big conspiracy theory?  I don’t control Lord Samyaza, maybe he just doesn’t like you, Frostbite?  I mean, I’m not a fan.”


FROSTBITE:  Come on, Michael. We have never cared about the other. You are in power around here, you can do plenty more. You are going to sit here and deny this.


WILSON:  “There is nothing to deny.  If you don’t trust me, then you need to just come out and say that, Frosty.  Believe me, you won’t be hurting my feelings.”


FROSTBITE:  I don’t trust you at all.


[He pauses once again.]


FROSTBITE:  You say you aren’t behind Lord Samyaza attacking me. You aren’t trying to keep away from the title.


WILSON:  “Not at all.  Your failures are yours, and yours alone.”

FROSTBITE:  Tell you what Michael. Why don’t you prove me wrong. I have a idea that you will simply like.


[Michael Wilson looks perplexed.]


FROSTBITE:  I will take on all the men that have reached the beat the clock challenge, right here tonight in your main event.



KIRSCH:  Did I hear him correctly?


FROSTBITE:  One on one, all of them in the ring at the same time.

DALY:  I think Frostbite has lost it.


FROSTBITE:  I want to prove to the world that I am, the best at what I do. You can crown your World Champion here tonight. Go ahead and put Adam Gordon in this equation.

[He gets right in Michael Wilson’s face.]


FROSTBITE:  Put the entire locker room in this match. When I came to this company, I came for one thing and that is the World title. I am going to prove to you, Lord Samyaza, and these people that I am the best period.



WILSON:  “That’s cute, Frostbite, that really is…. But that isn’t going to happen tonight.  No, No see, I have something else in mind … and by all means, I’m a fair man.  So, we can put Adam into the main event tonight as well.  Tonight, we don’t crown a World Champion, Frostbite.  No, that’s for Glory at the Garden.  Tonight … in this very ring …”

[Wilson set the briefcase down on the mat, and looked to the crowd and then back at Frostbite before continuing to lean down and open up the briefcase pulling out and raising into the air the GEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!]


[The crowd let out a roar as Frostbite took a step back.]

WILSON:  “Get your dancing shoes on Frosty, you want a fight?  You got one.  I told you, I’m a fair man.  I’m giving you another chance to become a champion.  I’m giving Adam Gordon another chance to become a champion.  However, this isn’t a one on one affair.  It’s a four way match up, You …”

[Wilson sets the GEW Intercontinental Title on his shoulder then points at Frostbite.]

WILSON:  “Adam Gordon.  The British Wolf.  And Harrison Daniels the Third.  And don’t worry, sport.  I think Lord Samyaza has left the building.”

[Wilson winked at Frostbite and exited the ring, handing the GEW Intercontinental Title to the time keeper, before waving to Frostbite and making his way up the steel ramp and to the back stage area.]


DALY:  “Wilson delivers again!  Frostbite, Gordon, Daniels, and the British Wolf!  Lets get this party rolling, baby!”

[Frostbite quickly takes off his black hoodie as he is ready for a fight.]

NEAL:  “Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a scheduled for ONE FALL and is a FATAL FOUR WAY!  The person to score the first pinfall or submission in this match will become the FIRST EVER, GEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!”

[The crowd let out a thunderous *POP!*]

NEAL:  “Introducing first at this time, inside the ring … Hailing from BOULDER, COLORADO!  HE IS THE COLD!  HEARTED!  BASTARD!  FROSTBITE!!!”

NEAL:  “Introducing the first of three opponents!  He hails from LONDON, ENGLAND!  He is … THE BRITISH!  WOLF!!!”

[The crowd let out an enormous and resounding *POP!*]


[The lights dimmed as smoke filled the stage!  The thousands in attendance jumped to their feet as Warren Zevon’s, “Werewolves of London” began playing over the sound system.  Emerging from the back, on all fours would come The British Wolf, his dread locks dangled as he stood upright and leaned back letting out a howl, along with the fans!]


[As many fans howled along, he emerged from the smoke and looked down the ramp way towards the ring with his red colored contacts.  Coming down the ramp way, he slapped the out reached hands of the fans as he ran down and slid into the ring under the bottom rope!  Popping up to his feet, he gave his opponent a half grin before rushing to the corner and climbing to the middle turnbuckle.  Leaning back he let out another howl, along with the fans as the lights began to return to normal and the music faded out over the sound system.]


[Wolf hopped down out of the corner, and turned to his opponent as he bounced side to side awaiting the bell.]

NEAL:  “The third participant … Hailing from PENSACOLA, FLORIDA!  HE IS … ADAM! GORDON!!!”

[The lights dim and the beginning to “Christ Copyright” by Nothing More begins to play. As this happens smoke begins to billow down the ramp and when the song gets going, the lights come up to reveal Adam Gordon standing at the top of the ramp. He stands there for a few moments before casually walking down the ramp. He slides into the ring and stands in the middle for a moment before going to his corner. “Christ Copyright” fading away.]

(The arrogant grin of HD III is shown up close and personal on the GEW JumboTron. Lily Allen’s “Silver Spoon” begins to blare throughout the arena as the fans begin to boo.)

So I went to posh school

Why would I deny it?

Silver spoon at the ready so don’t even try it

Yeah the house I grew in it was Georgian

Ten bedrooms, beautiful proportions

Can’t say that life isn’t easy

Double negative: can’t nothing please me?

Only make it here cause of my Daddy

[BLEEP] your tea bags

Yo, where’s my tea caddy?

NEAL:  “And the final participant!  Making his way to the ring…….from Waterbury, Connecticut……..he weighs in tonight at 231 pounds……he is HD III……..HARRISON DANIELS THE THIRD!!!”

(Daniels walks out on the stage as the fans continue to boo. Wearing a Black T-Shirt with “Living The High Life” written in a white fancy font written on the front, blue wrestling trunks with “HD III” written in white on the back, blue knee and elbow pads and white wrist tape, Harrison looks ever so arrogant. He stands at the edge of the ramp, wrings his wrists and sneers at the fans.)

(This life, that life)

Life isn’t fine but we all can try

(Not fair, it’s not right)

Doing my thing I’m just keeping my head and…..

Do we have to talk to keep talking about where you think it is I’m from?

And I’m a make you see you don’t know me

You don’t know me

No things ever change

No telling some people I don’t believe I’m still here

Still telling you that you’re wrong and aren’t you losing sleep?

You don’t know me

You don’t know me

No things never change

No telling some people

(Daniels walks down the aisle, ignoring the thumbs down and trash talk from the fans. He stops halfway down the aisle to shake his head in disgust at the lack of respect from the fans. He looks into the camera lens and says something about disrespect before continuing down the aisle.)

So I got a trust fund, so what am I doing?

Buying property, can’t be bothered with the viewings

I’m getting hungry, could you fetch my butler?

Step back I couldn’t be any humbler

Suck my [BLEEP], got signed to a major

I’ll do anything just to entertain you

I’m from West 11 and when it’s over

I’m going straight to heaven in a Range Rover

(Daniels reaches ringside and walks up the ring steps to the edge of the ring apron. He wipes his feet on the ring apron before crawling into the ring. He walks over to the ropes, steps up on the middle ring and extends his left pinky finger in the air. The fans continue to boo Daniels as he stands there unfazed.)

Round and round again (Oh, oh)

Please could you repeat the question?

Driving round the bend (Oh, oh)

I’ve heard it all before and then some

Round and round again (Oh, oh)

Please can you repeat the question?

Doing my thing I’m just keeping my head and…..

I’ma make you see you don’t know me

You don’t know me

No things never change

No telling some people

(Daniels hops off the middle rope and walks to the opposite end of the ring in the same pose, left pinky finger extended.)

And aren’t you losing sleep? You don’t know me

You don’t know me

No things never change

No telling some people

I’ma make you see you don’t know me

You don’t know me

No things never change, No telling some people

KIRSCH:  “Here we go!  Daniels the Third, British Wolf, Adam Gordon, and Frostbite will battle it out to become the first ever GEW Intercontinental Champion right here in Cleveland, Ohio!”

DALY:  “The bell is sounding!  And we are under way, Bobby!”

[The bell sounded and the four men eyed on another up before Gordon and Frostbite went after each other!  Wolf’s red contacted eyes went wide as he stared down Daniels!  The crowd howled loudly, getting behind British Wolf as Daniels looked around wildly shaking his head side to side and yelling to Wolf, “Easy, Wolf!  Easy!”  Daniels backed himself into a corner, and Wolf took off sandwiching Daniels into the corner with a big splash that lit the Quicken Loans Arena on fire!  On the other side of the ring, Gordon and Frostbite, familiar foes, exchanged rights and lefts with one another, carrying over their match from the week prior!  Wolf continued to throttle Daniels III in the corner with a series of wild clotheslines!  On the other side of the ring, Frostbite gained control of Gordon with a knee to the ribs and proceeded to throw Gordon out of the ring through the middle rope and onto the outside floor!  Frostbite set his sights on the energized British Wolf!]

KIRSCH:  “Gordon thrown to the outside floor right here in front of us!  Frostbite turning his eyes to Wolf who has set this crowd on fire!  Wolf backing out of the corner and leaning back, letting out a FEROCIOUS HOWL!!!”

DALY:  “British Wolf is about to split Daniels the Third in two, baby!”

[Wolf leaned back letting out that howl!  Before Wolf could take off at Daniels III, Frostbite dove into action, clipping the back of Wolf’s left leg and causing him to buckle and fall to the mat!  Frostbite continued to stomp the left leg of the fallen British Wolf, focusing on Wolf’s knee cap!  Daniels III emerged from the corner and began assisting Frostbite in attacking the fallen Wolf.  As the two men kicked and stomped down the British Wolf, Gordon found his way back into the ring quickly charging both Daniels III and Frostbite, jumping up and slamming a boot into each of their chests sending both men to the canvas with a double single leg drop kick!  Gordon got back to his feet before everyone, and waited.  Watching each man try to get up, Gordon’s eyes locked on Wolf who hobbled up on one leg and quickly charged in with a roaring elbow to the jaw of British Wolf, sending the man from London crashing to the canvas once more!  Daniels III sought out his opening and went right back to attacking Wolf’s injured left leg!  Frostbite got up with a look of anger chiseled on his face, rushing in and driving a knee in to the spine of Gordon!  Pulling Gordon off the mat, Frostbite quickly tried his hand and went for the SNOWSTORM!  Gordon was able to wiggle out and slide down behind Frostbite!  Gordon spun Frostbite around and floored him with a hard right fist to the jaw!  Gordon quickly followed in up with a series of stomps and elbow drops to the upper body of Frostbite!]

KIRSCH:  “Gordon taking it to Frostbite here!  All four men seem like they want it!  They want to taste gold in GEW!”

DALY:  “You said it, Bobby!  Harrison is relentless on the left leg of British Wolf!  You take the leg out of Wolf’s offense, you cut his offense down ten fold!”

[Daniels III was methodical in his approach, exiting the ring and dragging Wolf crotch first into the steel post!  Taking Wolf’s leg, Daniels III whipped it violently against the steel post as Wolf yelled out in immense pain!  Harrison then propped Wolf’s left knee against the steel post, and stepped back before shooting in and planting a superkick against the knee and driving it across the steel post, once again!  Daniels III followed that up, with driving his elbow into the knee and thigh of Wolf!  Inside the ring, Gordon was still maintaining control as he continued to take it to Frostbite with a series of dropkicks, clotheslines, leg drops and finalizing scoop slam!  Gordon then climbed onto the top turnbuckle and leaped off coming down with a top rope leg drop across the throat of Frostbite!  Gordon scrambled to make the cover!]

KIRSCH:  “Gordon going for the pin!”


[As Frostbite kicked out, Gordon slapped the mat somewhat frustrated!  Gordon stood up and pulled Frostbite off the mat, whipping Frostbite into the corner, Gordon followed in quickly!  To no avail!  Frostbite dropped down to the mat and grabbed the waist band of Gordon, pulling him and sending Gordon violently shoulder first into the steel post!  Gordon fell through the ropes and out onto the ringside floor, in immense pain!  Daniels III sought out another opportunity as he rushed into the ring and quickly began attacking Frostbite!  Pulling Frostbite up and into a front face lock, Daniels III went for a snap suplex, but was DENIED!  Frostbite blocked it and pulled Daniels III into the air, holding for a moment before falling straight down and SPIKING Daniels III head first into the canvas with the SNOWSTORM!!!  Daniels III’s head bounced off the canvas as Frostbite slowly  began crawling towards Daniels III’s body and rolling him over, going for the cover!]

KIRSCH:  “The referee goes for the count!  ONE!  TWO!!”


[Yes!  British Wolf dragged himself into the ring and made the save in the nick of time!  Wolf struggled to get to his feet, hopping on one foot as Frostbite got to his feet as well!  Wolf fired off a right thrust into the face of Frostbite, then followed it with a series of right thrusts!  Wolf staggered Frostbite, but that wouldn’t last long, as Frostbite fired a kick into the left leg of Wolf, kicking Wolf’s legs out from under him and sending him onto the mat!  Frostbite turned his attention to Daniels III and nudged him with his boot towards the apron, as Daniels III was completely out of it.  Frostbite turned his attention back to the British Wolf, Wolf struggled again to get to his feet, using the ropes to pull himself up.  As Wolf hobbled away from the ropes, Frostbite charged in driving a stiff shoulder into the midsection of the British Wolf with a big SPEAR!  Wolf sprawled out as Frostbite stood to his feet and looked around at the other three men…. Gordon clutched his shoulder in pain on the outside floor, Daniels III lay under the bottom rope on the apron, and the British Wolf laid sprawled out in the center of the ring.  Frostbite, stepped out onto the far side apron and made his way up the corner, perching himself on the top turnbuckle as he stood upright slowly and stared down at Wolf’s motionless body.]

KIRSCH:  “I think Frostbite is going for the frog splash!”

DALY:  “This could be all said and done right now, Bobby!  Frostbite will be our first ever GEW Intercontinental Champion!”

[The lights went black!  The instrumental version of “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” began to play over the sound system!]

KIRSCH:  “What the hell is going on!?!  Is LORD SAMYAZA HERE?!?!”

DALY:  “I don’t know, I can’t see a thing, Bobby!”

[The lights returned on as Lord Samyaza stood on the apron with his hand clenched around the throat of Frostbite on the top turnbuckle!  Samyaza pushed Frostbite off the top rope and sent Frostbite CRASHING down across the barricade on the outside floor!  Lord Samyaza stepped down off the apron and began assaulting Frostbite, violently throwing Frostbite like a rag doll into the barricade!  Running into the picture came ADAM GORDON!  Gordon rushed over attempting to tackle Lord Samyaza, who stood his ground and struck Gordon several times in the previously injured shoulder!  Samyaza then tossed Gordon, much like Frostbite, into the barricade violently.  Both Gordon and Frostbite laid in a heap on the outside floor as Lord Samyaza stood over them, staring down at them through his crimson and black mask.]


DALY:  “I don’t know what to say, Bobby!  BRITISH WOLF IS UP IN THE RING!”

[Wolf struggled to get up and stared at the men outside the ring as he leaned on the ropes.  Slowly turning and hopping on one leg, the British Wolf turned and was quickly caught off guard as HARRISON DANIELS III waited in the wings, hefting Wolf up and dropping Wolf onto the canvas with the SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT!  Daniels III quickly made the cover of the British Wolf!]


DALY:  “The referee is making the count, Bobby!  Daniels played the perfect role of the possum!”


[Yes, it was over!  Daniels III scored the three count on the British Wolf as the referee obtained the GEW Intercontinental Title from the timeskeeper, and awarded it to Harrison Daniels III in the center of the ring!]

NEAL:  “Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner …. and NEW GEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!  HARRISON!  DANIELS!  THE THIRD!!!”

KIRSCH:  “Ladies and gentlemen, what an ending!  Lord Samyaza screwed Frostbite, and then assaulted Gordon!  We’re out of time, join us next week on Outbreak as we come to you live from the TARGET CENTER, in MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA!  For my partner in crime, the BENCHMARK, Billy Daly, and all my colleagues in the back, I’m Robert Kirsch … SEE YOU AT OUTBREAK IN MINNESOTA!”

[The final scene of Outbreak showed Harrison Daniels III holding the GEW Intercontinental Championship over his head with both hands, then went to another camera which showed Lord Samyaza standing over the bodies of both, Frostbite and Adam Gordon outside the ring, before cutting back to Harrison Daniels III inside the ring clutching the GEW Intercontinental Championship!  In the lower left hand corner, the *COPYRIGHT, ROCKEFELLER ENTERPRISES, 2016* flashed as Outbreak cut the live feed and went off air…]