[HCS] Syndicate TV II – 2/6/16


*The crowd is in a fever pitch of euphoria as the start of Syndicate TV is about to begin. Inside the ring stands Clark Benson and Victoria Walters.*

*Clark stands there smiling as the crowd grows louder until they finally die down a little.*

Clark Benson: Welcome everyone to the historic Fort Worth Stock yards in beautiful Fort Worth, Texas!

*The crowd explodes in cheers.*

Clark Benson: Welcome everyone…..to Hate City Syndicate!!!!

*The crowd again explodes into cheers.*

Clark Benson: Tonight. We present to you the first round of the tournament that will eventually crown our very first HCS World heavyweight champ…….

*Dirty Angel” blames out through the sound system as the crowd comes to their feet*

Clark Benson: …..pion……

*Out walks out head booker Al Envy to a thunderous ovation. He seems all business tonight as he quickly walks into the ring. He shakes Clark’s hand and touches Victorias shoulder and dismisses them from the ring. They make their way to the commentators booth. Envy walks around the ring looking out over the crowd as the fans show him their love and respect.*

Clark Benson: The boss apparently has something to say tonight. And he doesn’t look too happy does he Victoria?

Victoria Walters: No he doesnt. And I was going to sing a song for everyone. These rednecks deserve to hear my beautiful voice. He must be in a bad mood considering he would stop that from happening. Al loves my voice.

Clark Benson: I have seen that look before. I don’t think it’s time for jokes.

*Al stands in the ring with a microphone*

Al Envy: Clark, Victoria, I am sorry for the interruption. And I apologize Victoria that you weren’t able to make people’s ears bleed with your song you had planned to start out the show.

The crowd pops and laughs.

Victoria Walters: How rude…..

*Envy rubs his face then looks up*

Al Envy: You know guys the pro wrestling game is as tough of a business, hell what am I saying, it’s the toughest business on this planet. You never know what is going to happen on a day to day basis. And over this last week each and every day has been one giant pain in my ass let me tell ya.

*The crowd is quiet as Al continues*

Al Envy: I knew that starting a new wrestling company was going to be tough, but I was up for the challenge. I couldn’t wait to get started and I was excited to be able to bring in the best talent I could find to begin this title tournament. Hell the first episode of Syndicate TV was such a success I figured that tonight’s show and shows down the line would be a breeze. But I was obviously wrong.

*The crowd cheers the success of the first Syndicate TV*

Al Envy: You see….unfortunately I made some bad contracts to get this tournament booked with the wrong kind of people. Tonight we have actually had to cancel a few matches because of them not honoring their contracts. That’s on me. Now most companies cover their asses by putting at the bottom of all their promotional stuff and on the ticket stubs “Card Subject to Change”. They put that there because it ensures that they won’t be forced to give out refunds. Well here is the thing boys and girls. I am not like other heads of a wrestling company. I promised you guys an exciting first round of a tournament to crown a world champion and I failed. So tonight each and every person will be given a full refund. And you will watch who did honor their contract come out here and do their thing for free.

*The crowd pops as they start another HCS chant.*

Clark Benson: A free wrestling show for the fans??

Victoria Walters: Wait….how in the hell am I getting paid for this now? I have an extravagant lifestyle I have to support. I refuse to miss my morning Swedish massage from Dante. And God is he hung like a…..

Clark Benson: Can we focus please?

*Back in the ring Envy continues*

Al Envy: Now I am sure everyone in the back wants to know how they plan on getting paid for their contributions tonight. It’s simple. I put my money where my mouth is, and when I don’t deliver for the fans or my investors I take it on the chin. I am personally paying staff and talent out of my own pocket. And trust me the checks will clear.

*The crowd pops again as they now start an Envy chant.*

Al Envy: As far as the tournament goes tonight will be the only night of it. The winners of the matches we have tonight will meet at our next show in one match to crown our very first HCS World Champion. Also at that show we will be crowning our first HCS Television Champion. And I promise you all that I will never allow this to happen again. From here on out when you pay to come to an HCS show you will get your money’s worth.

Clark Benson: So tonight we find out who will be in a match to decide the first ever HCS World Champion? And we will also that show crown the TV title holder. I think that is a great idea.

Victoria Walters: Al’s check better clear. If I lose Dante and his huge di….

Clark Benson: Oh will you stop!!!

Al Envy: So let’s get to our first match right no…….actually let’s hold off on that for a few. I had a few pains in my ass this week, and all of them are not here tonight except two of them…….so Kyra Johnson and Ryder D’Adori will you please grace us with your presence.

*The crowd starts booing their asses off as the self professed “first couple of HCS” walks out. Ryder is smiling and has a microphone. He puts it to his mouth arrogantly.*

Al Envy: You won’t be needing that. Go ahead and turn his mic off guys.

*The crowd pops as Ryder stares into the ring. He tries to talk but nothing comes from the microphone*

Al Envy: You see that is what’s called being the boss. Apparently that is something you two can’t get through your thick skulls. I want both of you to look right at me when I explain to you how this business works for the final time. It’s very simple. HCS was my creation, and lime any good business man you go out and you get investors. Key word there sports is IINNVVEESSTTOORRSS. So you two going behind my back to talk to some spare on their board is like farming in the wind. You wanna know why? Because despite them backing me which I appreciate they have no say on the running of this show. You wanna know who does?

*The crowd starts another Envy chant as Ryder and Kyra stares at Al Envy.*

Al Envy: That’s right…..I do. HCS is my wrestling company. Not the investors I got. And the contract I signed with them states that. So right now if I wanted to fire both of your asses despite the new contracts you signed through your board member friend I can.

*Ryder starts screaming abuse of power at Al as Kyra looks like she just lost her Barbie doll*

Al Envy: However……I am no idiot…..you two have star potential, and I know for a fact that you both have been working your assess off to get better. And I will be honest. I need you both here in HCS……

*The crowd boos as both Ryder and Kyra change their demeanors.*

Al Envy: So here is what’s happening. Ryder…..unfortunately your opponent decided to fax me his retirement notification this week. And I couldn’t find a replacement for him for this show. So…..congratulations you are the first participant to enter into the match that decides our first ever HCS World Champion.

*Ryder starts jumping up and down as he and Kyra celebrates*

Al Envy: That brings me to you Miss Dallas. Your opponent did come to work tonight. But as far as you and Ricky Cassels main eventing tonight? Forget it. Your match is later tonight, but it’s not the main event. Actually there is no main event tonight. It’s just matches that decide who moves onto the HCS World Title match. So I suggest that you go on and get ready. Oh and before you two even think about it? Ryder you are barred from ringside, and if you get involved neither of you will get that opportunity to become HCS World Champion.

*The crowd pops*

Clark Benson: Oh that’s huge!!! Kyra will have to do it by herself! And she is facing Ricky Cassels!

Victoria Walters: Oh that’s not fair! Ryder is her boyfriend he deserves to be with her!

Clark Benson: Barred from ringside. Kyra grows up tonight!

Al Envy: Good luck tonight to all those who are competing. Thank you all for giving me the chance to explain everything, and enjoy free wrestling tonight!

*Dirty Angel plays as Al leaves the ring. He walks up to Ryder and Kyra who are still standing there and slaps Ryder on the shoulder. They jaw a little with Envy who smiles and gestures them to follow him backstage*

Clark Benson: Well…..let’s get started with what we have. We will be right back with our three way opening contest.

The cameras cut backstage to Jayson Mack stretching as he gets ready for this match.

Jayson: So far, I have told you a few pages from my story. It is a mere glimpse at the past and where I look forward to going. Tonight, I have the chance to make this a story if redemption. I will not lie and say that I will be the biggest name in the Syndicate. I am still learning daily. What I will say is that I am fully committed to this company and to this profession.

Jayson stands straight up.

Jayson: Tonight, the story gets better when I make my debut in the ring. If I have anything to say about it, it will not be a tragedy the way the past year has been. Things are looking up for me in almost every area of my life. In fact, I have someone to dedicate this match to. I will not say a name, but you know who you are.

Jayson smiles.

Jayson: Tonight, everyone gets treated to what I will call some Macktion. My story here in HCS will begin on a winning note. Bank on it.

Clark Benson: So we start out the night with a lot of changes from our booker Al Envy Victoria. And to kick off the show we have a debut here in HCS. Two debuts actually. As we get ready to start out this first round, well how about winner gets the opportunity to compete for the world title match here on Syndicate TV.

Victoria Walters: I am actually looking forward to this match. Thaddeus AStone is a known pro wrestler and he si going up against the beautiful Lara Chambers who hails from England.

Clark Benson: Lara Chambers is all but 5’3” but let me tell you folks. She is dangerous with the submissions. Thaddeus Stone is a well rounded traveler all over the world. This should be a great matchup. Let’s go up to our ring announcer James Jameson.

Ding Ding Ding

James Jameson: The following match is a qualifying match with the winner goig on to compte for the HCS World Championship!!

The lights dim to near pitch-black levels. After a brief moment of silence, “I Don’t Want to Be No Green Beret (feat. U.S. Navy SEALs)” by Hard Corp begins to play on over the PA announce system and throughout the Hate City Syndicate arena. All eyes are on the entrance area, the only light from a single spotlight above can be seen as a large military Navy SEALS Humvee comes creeping on out from the back area. Sitting in the driver seat of the Humvee can be seen being a very assured Lieutenant of the United States Navy SEALS, that Lieutenant being none other then Lieutenant Thaddeus “Deadshot” Stone, executive officer, of the US Navy SEALS.

Stone can be seen dressed in full Navy SEALS cameo gear, as he slowly drives his military Humvee into the entrance isle various chants of approval and chants of “USA” and “Thank you Stone!!!” can be heard as fans come to see their American hero make his entrance into the Hate City Syndicate arena. As Stone’s Humvee comes to a halting stop, the driver side door opens up and out steps Thaddeus from inside of it.

Stone slowly takes in the cheers and chants from those cheering him on and welcoming him into the arena as his large tank like frame of body can be seen underneath the pulsating white light that shines down upon him. Thaddeus can be seen oozing with nothing but confidence as he makes his presence felt throughout the arena, Stone raises his hand to his head and does the military salute that serves as the perfect statement to those cheering him on.

James Jameson: Introducing first, he is a former member of the U.S Navy Seals….He is Lieutenant Thaddeus Stone!!

As Stone’s name is heard he jets on down the isle leaving his Humvee behind him as he can be seen slowly getting closer to the ring he’s swarmed with various chants of “We the People!!!” can be heard throughout the arena like that of a swarm of angered wasp swarming out of a wasp nest as the chants continue to linger on, nearly drowning out his entrance music. Stone slides into the ring and does the military salute one last time before walking on over to the nearest ring post and slithers on up the ring post like a snake, as he does he throws up one of his arms ((Viva Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson)) as he continues to soak in the cheers and chants from the nearby fans and those around the arena as he awaits for his opponents arrival.

Clark Benson: That was quite the entrance wasn’t it?

Victoria Walters: I love a man in uniform. And some great respect shwn to the former special forces ops from the Frt Worth crowd.

James Jameson: And his opponent. From Liverpool England….this is LLAARRA CCHHAAMMBBEERRSS!!

The light in the arena suddenly goes out, when the first notes of ‘Pussy’ by Rammstein hit. With the crowd jumping from their seats, there is a single purple spot falling onto the top of the entrance ramp. Moments later the well build Submission Queen Lara Chambers steps out. With the fans errupting in loud boo chants, she starts to walk down the ramp. Mostly ignoring the audience, here and there teasing them a little. The british fighter posing a few seconds in front of the ring, before finally entering.- taking a seat on the turnbuckle. Raising both her arms, then sliding off in a very graceful manner.

Clark Benson: Well then….Lara is damn sure fully figured. Don’t let her fool you folks she is more than just drop dead gorgeous.

Victoria Walters: The fans don’t seem to b showing her the love they showed for Thaddeus.

Clark Benson: Lara is known for her tag team wrestling. We will see what she can do in the singles department.

Ding Ding Ding

Thaddeus meets Lara in the center of the ring and extends a hand out of respect to Lara. Chambers just smirks at him and spits in his face! The crowd almost riots in boos.

Clark benson: ow dare her spit in the face of a US military veteran!!! Good God that is insulting!!

Victoria Walters: I like the attitude, I like her look, and I like how she thinks she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I like this girl. But I wouldn’t spit in the face of a Navy SEAL.

Thaddeus just nods his head as he backs away. But he makes the mistake of turning his back on Lara Chambers who takes off and deliers a running knee smash to the back of Thaddeus’ head!! He drops to the ground and ara immediately locks in the Chambers of Hell!!!

Clark Benson: Chambers of Hell!! My God she has it locked in!!! I don’t think Stone is going to break it!!

Thaddeus fights for a few seconds and finally taps out!!!

Ding Ding Ding

Clark Benson: And just like that Thaddeus Stone taps out!! What a debut from Lara Chambers!! Unbvelievable she beat him that quick!

James Jameson: Here is your winner by submission, and moving on to the championship match for the HCS World Title.. LLAARRAA CCHHAAMMBBEERRSS!!

Victoria Walters: Thaddeus didn’t use his head in this one, then he turned his back on her. Nice job Lara. We need to do lunch. I have got to know who your tattoo artist is girl.

Clark Benson: Lar Chambers impresses and is the first participant in the match that will crown our forst world champion. We got more action coming folks. Stay tuned.

Clark Benson: We are back here on Syndicate TV and we are ready for our three way dance. Justice Jennings and Judas Cade are already waiting in the ring as they prepare for their opportunity to compete for the chance to challenge for the HCS World Championship.

Victoria Walters: You keep failing to mention that the TV title will also be on the line, and if they impress here they can easily earn a spot in that match.

Clark Benson: That is an excellent point Victoria. Finally you made something make sense.

Victoria Walters: I have my moments.

James Jameson. The following contest is a three way dance. Already in the ring here is Judas Cade and Justice Jennings!! And their opponent.

“Large Amounts” plays, and an image of a $100 bill fills the video screen with Jayson Mack’s face instead of Ben Franklin. He steps out and makes a “making it rain” motion as he walks to the ring. He hands a Ben to some of the fans at ringside as he steps inside the ring.

james Jameson: From Dallas, Texas this is JJAAYYSSOONN MMAACCKK!!!

Ding Ding Ding.

Clark Benson: Ths should be an exciting three way dance. Three young rsing stars about to get it on for the chance of a lifetime, an opportunity to compete for the World Championship.

Victoria Walters: More mportantely you need to imnpress. Even if you lose there is a chance to compete for the TV title.

Clark Benson: nce again, well done.

Victoria Walters: Thanks Uncle Clark. I am trying to get a little bonus. Gotta ear the VIP treatment from Dante. It includes anal…..

Clark Benson: I…I have nothing to say to that.

Inside the ring Justice Jennings, Judas Cade, and Jayson MAck stand in the ring. Justice is distracted and Jayson mack delivers a hard dropkick to Justine. Jennings falls out of the ring the head hits the arpin. Justice is laid out outside and not moving!!

Clark Benson: I think Justice got knocked out. Justcee’s head nailed that apron and floor. I think we need medical attention guys.

Back in the ring Judas Kade goes for a striking move byt Jayson Mack counters it with a hard forearm to his face. Judas spins around to rebound and Jayson Mack delivers a leg lariet knocking Judas down. he immediately goes in for the Koji Clutch. His variation called In The Money is locked in!!

Clark Benson: And Mack has the Koji Clutch locked in!! And it’s dead center. Don’t tell me this match is about over too??

Kade fights but taps out!!

Ding Ding Ding

James Jameson: Here is your winner by submission. JJAAYYSSOONN MMAACKK!!

Victoria Walters: These first two matches were over in a heartbeat.

Clark Benson: Justice gets knocked out and Kade got caught In the Money. Jayson Mack now has an opportunity to vie for the HCS World Championship! What an accomplishment and opportunity for this young man! And as Jayson celebrates the victory we go to a word from our sponsor!

Clark Benson: Our next match is one I am looking forward too. On one end we have a young upstart who is facing a man who is only 2 years old but is one of the biggest stars in all of pro wrestling. Hell it seems like Gordon Patrick has been in this business for 20 years.

Victoria Walters: I have definitely heard of Gordon Patrick and know he is as good technically as anyone. But I have eard that Dylan Knight is making a name for himself. This will be an exciting match.

Clark Benson: Look at you tonight spreading knowledge like you have been doing your homework.

Victoria Walters: Obviously you never had anal from Dante before….

Clark Benson: Please just stop ok?

James Jameson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Phoenix, Arizona this is DDYYLLAANN KKNNIIGGHHTT!!

‘Fight’ hits the arena as the arena goes dark and one spotlight lights up the stage. Dylan Knight jogs out onto the stage with a huge smile on his face, he looks pumped up and bows his head down with his hair dangling down, before pyro hits and his flings his head and arms back soaking in the moment. He walks down the ramp to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle. He pumps himself up some more before jumping down and does a couple final stretches.

James Jameson: And his opponent……from Boston, Massachusetts..GGOORRDDOONN PPAATTRRIICCKK!!!

Gordon makes his way to the ring amidst a huge ovation from the crowd. He waves at everyone as he enters the ring as a Gordon patrick chant begins to sound through the arena.

Clark Benson: Gordon Patrick is a popular guy in this business. And I have to make note of the shirt he is wearing a Sally Talfourd 100th win commemorative shirt.

Ding Ding Ding

Gordon and Dylan circle each other in the ring. Dylan plays to the crowd who boo at him while Patrick smacks his shoulders together signaling for the lock up. They d and Gordon takes the advantage. He locks in a armbar but Dylan reverses into a headlock. Gordon throws Dylan into the ropes and shoulder tackles Patrick to the ground off the ropes. Dylan bounces off the ropes again but Patrick delivers a beautiful hip toss and follows that up with a dropkick to the face. The crowd pops in approval as Gordon Patrick stays on Dylan with a good stiff headlock. The crowd applauds at the wrestling ability of both men.

Clark Benson: Patrick has the advantage now. Nice show of quickness from both athletes just now.

Victoria Walters: Gordon showing he has been around isn’t he?

Clark Benson: he is well traveled no doubt. He is proficient in many styles.

Inside the ring Dylan has Gordon back on his feet. He jabs Gordon in the ribs to break the hold and delivers a forearm shot to Patrick’s face knocking him down. He bounces off the ropes and hits a shining wizard and goes for the cover.



Patrick kicks out but the forearm shot and the shining wizard definitely hurt him. Dylan starts once again playing to the fans giving Gordon patrick time to rest.

Clark Benson: I don’t get the showboating going on here. You have a guy like Gordon patrick down and you are showboating with the fans. That is inexperience right there.

The sequence of forearm shot and shining wizard still has Gordon shaken up and even though Dylan stopped the offensive for a few seconds Patrick is still trying to rebound.. Knight goes back on the offensive and a scoop slams Gordon. He drops an elbow to follow it up and once again goes for the cover.



Patrick kicks out again. Dylen quickly picks Gordon up and underhooks him. He yells at the fans and attempts to double underhook suplex Gordon but Patrick blocks. Gordon takes out the legs and flips Dylan over for the pin!!



NNOO!! Knight kicks out at the last second. Both men get up and are thinking the same thing as they clothesline each other hard!! Both me are down.

Clark Benson: Gordon almost stole one from Dylan there. Now both me are down and the count begins.





Both competitors start to stir




They are now back on their feet and are exchanging blows. Dylan gets the upper hand. He ducks a clothesline attempt and locks Gordon up and throws a german suplex. But Gordon Patrick lands on his feet!! Dylan Knight turns around and gets hit with belly to belly suplex!!!! The crowd pops as Gordon starts pounding his chest.

Clark Benson; The belly to belly!! That’s the setup!!

Victoria Walters: Don’t tell me another submission finish!

Gordon Patrick locks in the Pat Lock to a thunderous pop from the Fort Worth crowd. Dylan immediately taps out to avoid any kind of damage.

Ding Ding Ding

James Jameson: Here is your winner by submission. And moving onto the World Championship match…GGOORRDDOONN PPAATTRRIICCKK!!

Clark Benson: Gordon Patrick will get the opportunity to compete to become the first HCS World Champion!! What a great match from both guys.

Victoria Walters: So far out of all who are competing I say this might be the favorite. Then again Lara Chambers damn sure impressed as well.

Clark Benson: No doubt about that. We have two more matches to go which means two more will finalize the historic match that we will be having in a few weeks. Come back folks and find out who will have the chance of a lifetime to make history.

James Jameson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. The winner moves on to compete for the HCS World Championship!!

Victoria Walters: Finally!! The superstar of HCS, the first lady, one half of the first couple, is here. And I need to thank her for the makeup tips too. Isn’t Kyra Johnson great??

Clark Benson: She is definitely one of a kind….in a certain sense….

Victoria Walters: All she needs to do is beat this idiot redneck and she will be one step closer to gold.

James Jameson: Introducing first….hailing from the Navaeh Trailer park in Alabama, accompanied to the ring by Nikki Juggs……RRIICCKKYY BBOOBBYY CCASSEELLSS!!

The ovation in the arena is thunderous as Ricky and his lady appear on the ramp. Nikki has squeezed her 300 pound body into a flannel shirt and daisy duke shorts as she tries to seductively walk to the ring but is failing miserably.

Victoria Walters: So let me get this straight. This blimp of fat can come out here but Ryder can’t?

Clark Benson: Nikki is Ricky’s licensed manager. She has a manager’s contract and can be out here. Besides unlike Ryder D’Adori she doesn’t get involved. She is there to cheer her man on. And oh I forgot….here comes Kyra’s personal ring announcer…..

Victoria Walters: The elegant Chester Chandler. An elegant announcer for an elegant athlete. God the pageantry of this whole situation gets me moist in my…

Clark Benson: Keep that to yourself.

Chester Chandler: Ladies and gentlemen, words cannot describe what you are about to experience. Please welcome…the one…they only…Miss Dallas 2013…..Kyra…..Johnson.

Out walks Kyra and Ryder D’Adori to a round of boos. Ryder points at the ring and cusses something out to Ricky cassels. But does not take another step to the ring. He kisses Kyra and she strolls down to the ring waving her hand a everyone who is booing the holy hell out of her..

Clark Benson: Kyra Johnson…meet Nikki Juggs.

Kyra looks in horror at Nikki who just smiles at her. Flabs of fat hang off the sides of her daisy dukes as Kyra stiffles her vomit and gets in the ring.

Victoria Walters: You see?? That whale is a distraction. If that hot as hell Ryder has to be in the back this tub of lard needs to be as well. This isn’t fair to Kyra. I don’t care if Al is paying me out of his own pocket tonight this isn’t fair. Abuse of power. Abuse of power!!

Ding Ding Ding.

Kyra keeps staring at Nikki then starts to yell derogatory comments at her. They were pretty bad comments too as Ricky Bobby’s face turns to pure hatred as he heard what Kyra said.

Clark Benson: Oh you don’t talk about his woman like that. Kyra is about to get a good ol boy ass kicking right here.

Ricky grabs Kyra by the back of the head and slams her to the ground. He blows a kiss to Nikki who flops one of her large breast at him.

Victoria Walters: Oh God I am going to be sick.

Clark Benson: Yeah….that might have been too much even for me. Good Lord these two I swear.

Ricky yells at the crowd asking if they want to see Nikki slap this prissy sumbitch and the crowd explodes in cheers. He pushes Kyra towards Ricky but before he gets her close enough Kyra mule kicks him right in the balls!!

Clark Benson: Hey ref that was a low blow. What in the hell was that.

Victoria Walters: Great counter by Kyra. He deserved that!!

Now Ricky is really angry as he charges after Kyra. But he runs into a forearm of his 300 pound gal and is knocked backwards!! he walks right into the Diva Drop!!!!

Clark Benson: Oh come on. You gotta be kidding me!!

The ref drops down.




Ding Ding Ding

Victoria Walters: SHE DID IT SHE DID IT!!!

James Jameson: Here is your winner….KKYYRRAA JJOOHHNNSSOONN!!!

Clark Benson: What in the hell just happened here!!??

Victoria Walters: Kyra has the opportunity to become World Champion!! My favorite wrestler is going to be champ!!! AAHHHH II LLOOVVE IIT!!!

Kyra waves at everyone as she falls out of the ring.

Victoria Walters: AND SHE WAVED AT ME AGAIN!!!

Clark Benson: Do you know what this means?

Victoria Walters: I damn sure do. It means she is going to be the first ever HCS World Champion!!

Clark Benson: No!! It means her and Ryder are going to be in the same ring against each other!! Any response??

Victoria Walters:…….

Clark Benson…Finally some peace and quiet. We will be back folks for our final match of the evening. It gives up time to pick Victoria’s mouth up off the arena floor.

Clark Benson: Ladies and Gentlemen sit back and enjoy this one. One of the all time greats in Jesse Styles is about to go one on one with one of the greats of today that will be an all time great in Pronce Wadjethotep. This would headline anywhere else in the world, and it’s our final match of the evening here on Syndicate TV.

Victoria Walters: This is going to be a really good match. And wait till you see the surprise Uncle Jesse has in store for us all.

Clark Benson: Jesse Styles and surprises huh? Oh wait is it my final paycheck from NEW?? That would be a huge shock to me.

Victoria Walters: Please. It’s much better than that!

James Jameson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. And it is for the final spot in the world title match to crown the first ever HCS World Champion. Introducing first…..from the Ancient City of Dep. This is PPRRIINNCCEE Wadjethotep!!!!

The crowd explodes in a pop as the exciting Best in the Commonwealth Prince Wadjethotep makes his way to the arena. He slaps a few hand and leaps into the ring. Streamers fill the ring as the fans show their respect to one of the best in the world and a true international star.

Clark Benson: Prince went through some pretty traumatic times this week but here he is ready to go. He is a man of honor unlike those who decided not to show this week. And this match here I am so damn excited for. You all are going to watch a clinic between these two men. And yeah I said I was excited to see Jesse Styles. What in the hell is wrong with me??

James Jameson: And his opponent…from Chicago, Illinois…..

“Watch your tongue or have it cut from your head. Save your life by keeping whispers unsaid. Children roam the streets now orphans of war. Bodies hanging in the streets to adore. Royal flames will carve a path in Chaos. Bringing day light to the Night. Death is riding into town with armor They’ve come to take all your rights. HAIL TO THE KING. HAIL TO THE ONE. KNEEL TO THE CROWN!!!”[/b]

Clark Benson: Wait…it can’t be!!

Victoria Walters: Told you he had a surprise!!

Clark Benson: SCARLET STYLES!!! She is with her husband!!

James Jameson: Accompanied to the ring by Scarlet Styles. He is “The Hype” JJEESSEE SSTTYYLLEESS!!!!

Clark Benson: The wife of Jesse Styles is here with her man. Scarlet is an accomplished wrestler as well and is a tough cookie to boot. This is going to give Jesse an advantage here!

Victoria Walters: Scarlet won’t get involved. But her looks damn sure distract. Even after what three kids she is still drop dead gorgeous.

Clark Benson: She is a sweetheart of a lady. Hard to believe who her husband is.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell sounds and Prince goes in for a lockup but Jesse delivers a hard knee to his stomach dropping him. Jesse starts throwing some heavy haymakers into the face of Prince knocking him down over and over again. Jesse si being the aggressor as he backs Prince into the turnbuckle and delivers more hard right hands just pounding away at Wadjethotep dropping him down into the corner. Scarlet on the outside claps and cheers her husband on as Jesse stops long enough to yell at the Fort Worth fans in the front row.

Clark Benson: Jesse being very aggressive here in the opening moments. But he is wanting to yell derogatory remarks at the fans and give Prince a chance to recover. And look at there he just did!

Prince is back up and reverses Jesse into the corner. He starts deliver hard, stiff shots to Jesse’s chest. The sound of the chops vibrate through the stadium as Jesse bends down in pain from them. Prince backs up and takes off running and delivers a high knee to Jesse’s chest knocking him out of the ring.

Clark Benson: Jesse knocked outside the ring. Watch out for Prince!!

Prince takes off and leaps over the top rope and hits a perfectly executed plancha onto Jesse Styles. He stops to slap a few hands with the front row fans but goes right back to work on Jesse with a snap suplex to knock more wind out of the Hype. He picks Jesse up and rolls him into the ring. he goes for the cover but Jesse quickly kicks out atone. Prince jumps up and hits a standing moonsault on Jesse and goes for the cover again.



NNOO Jesse kicks out!

Clark Benson: That moonsault knocked the wind out of Styles there. Great sudden move by Wadjethotep and it almost secured him a place in the world title match.

Victoria Walters: Uncle Jesse needs to snap out of it. He can’t lose in front of Scarlet.

Wadjethotep continues to use his quickness as he quickly picks Jesse up. He delivers some hard forearms to Jesse and bounces off the rpes but falls down!

Clark Benson: hey wit!! Did Scarlet just trip him??

Victoria Walters: What? Not Scarlet Styles.

Clark Benson: No I saw it. She tripped him!

Scarlet on the outside looks innocent as Prince gets up and stares at her. He turns around an Jesse is there to meet him with an overhead belly to belly suplex almost dropping Prince on the top of his head!!

Clark Benson: AAHH what a splex by Styles. Damn he almost landed on his head!! He might be out here!

Jesse goes for the cover



NNOO!! Prince kicks out!!

Jesse continues the offensive as he mounts Prince and delivers hard forearm shots to Prince Wadjethotep’s face.

Victoria Jesse is going to knock that stupid mask off of Hotep’s face!

Clark Benson: What mask??

Victoria Walters: The mask he is wearing dammit!!

Clark Benson: Like I said what mask??

Jesse delivers hard shots enough to think he has Prince down. He gets up and once again starts jawing with the fans. He climbs to the top rope and blows a kiss to his wife Scarlet. he leaps off attempting Death From Above and misses!! Prnce moved and Jesse hits the mat hard. he pops up holding his ribs as Prince gets up on shaky legs. Jesse attempts a clothesline but Prince ducks. he hits FURY OF THE NILE!!!!!

Clark Benson: Oh what a mve by Hotep!!!!

The referee drps to his knees




NNOO at the last second Jesse kicks out. But Prince adjusts himself and now has the Triangle Choke applied!! The crowd pops as he cinches the hold in square in the middle of the ring. Jesse Styles is tapping!!!!

Clark Benson: Wait Scarlet is on the damn apron!!! Jesse is tapping and the referee didn’t see it!!

Prince lets the hold go and approaches the wife of Jesse. She drops down off the apron. Prince turns around and HYPE KICK!!!!

Victoria Walters: Scarlet pays off!! Jype Kick from Uncle Jesse!!!

Jesse falls down onto Hotep still suffering from that Triangle Choke and covers him




NNOO!!! Hotep kicked out!!!!

Clark Benson: Oh my God how close was that!!!! He got his arm up!!! I have never seen a kick out at the last second like that in the 15 years I have been in this business!!

Victoria Walters: I can’t believe it!!

Scarlet on the outside looks stunned but none is as stunned as Jesse is. he gets up and grabs a almost lifeless Prince and sets him up for a piledriver. he picks him up but Prince flips behind Jesse countering it. He delivers the Eyes of Horus to the back of Jesse’s head!!!

Clark Benson: It’s over!!! My God what a shot to the back of Jesse’s head!! And after that Triangle Choke Jesse Styles has to be out!!

Hotep drops to the mat and pins Jesse





Clark Benson: He kicked out!!!! He kicked out!!!!!

Scarlet is screaming on the outside as she tries to get her man motivated. Now it’s Wadjethotep staring off in disbelief. he gets up and stands over an almost lifeless Jesse Styles and points to the top rope.

Clark Benson: Desperate times call for desperate measures. I think it’s time for the Staff of Ra!!

Hotep climbs up and attempts the 450 double stomp. But Jesse moves and Hotep lands and stumbles a little. Enough for Jesse to get up and clothesline Hotep’s head off!! He follows that up with a devastating piledriver!!

Clark Benson: Piledriver. Piledriver!! My God this has got to be over!!!

Jesse covers.




NNOOO!!!!! Hotep got the shoulder up!!!

Clark Benson: Oh my God….

Victoria Walters: Even I am in disbelief.

Clark Benson: By God this is what the opportunity to become the first ever HCS World Champion is all about. These two men are going all out. They both want to make history but first they have to get into the match!!

Slowly Jesse and Prince get up. They start exchanging forearm shots. back and forth back and forth. The crowd is now popping like crazy. At the exact moment both me absolutely obliterate each other with an elbow strike to each other’s jaw and they both collapse!!

Victoria Walters: Did they both just knock each other out??

The ref stands there looking at them both. Scarlet is screaming at Jesse but he seems to be out like a light. Prince is not moving either and is lying there motionless.

Clark Benson: My God they just knocked each other out!!!

Out from the back walks out Al Envy with a couple medical personnel. he s now trying to wake Jesse up but to no avail. he goes over to Prince and checks him. he starts waving his arms and the bell rings.

Ding Ding Ding

Clark Benson: What in the hell does this mean?? Are they both eliminated??

Victoria Walters: What an unbelievable match!! My God how intense was that!!! That made me so damn horny….

Clark Benson: Will you please be serious!!! This is a situation here!!

Envy whispers to James Jameson….

James Jameson: Ladies and Gentlemen I have been informed by booker Al Envy that this match has been ruled a double countout!! However he has also informed me that both Jesse Styles and Prince Wadjethotep…..will COMPETE for the opportunity to become the first ever HCS World Champion at our next show!!!

Clark Benson: They are both in!! What a great call from Envy!! Ladies and Gentlemen it’s set! The match to determine our very first HCS World Champion has it’s members!! Ryder D’Adori, Kyra Johnson, Lara Chambers, Jayson Mack, Gordon Patrick,Prince Wadjethotep, and Jesse Styles will have the opportunity to make history!!![/i]

The crowd applauds as they manage to get both Prince and Jesse alert. Scarlet attends to her husband who is holding the back of his head. The crowd cheers on Prince with a Hotep chant.

Clark Benson: Next time. We make history. The first world champion will be crowned, and we will also crown someone as our TV champion. Ladies and Gentlemen this is Hate City Syndicate and we will see you next time!!

The feed cuts to black.