[HKW] Defiance – 2/14/16

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We open not with the usual Defiance opening credits, but a shaky camera shot of the parking lot near the service entrance of the Bryce Jordan Center. Shaky, because the camera man has just managed to run onto the scene where HKW World Champion Jack Warren and his arch-nemesis, former Crowned Royalty winner Shane Atwater, are already in the middle of a heated confrontation! The camera stumbles to right itself as both men are already trading vicious rights and lefts, pummeling each other back and forth from pillar to post. Atwater catches Warren with a vicious uppercut that sends Jack stumbling back against a Chrysler Le Baron’s wheel well, disorienting him momentarily.

JACK WARREN: Hey, BRYAN Reynolds! Your mother uppercuts better than that! Eat knee, asswipe!

Warren drives a knee into Atwater’s gut before slamming him head-first against the front fender of the car! Atwater slumps and Warren throws him up against the side of another nearby car, smirking to himself as he measures his rival up. He charges, looking to knee Atwater’s head up against the side of the car, but Atwater rolls out of the way! Warren almost crashes into the side of the car himself, but pulls up just in time, wheeling around, furious.


Warren is cut of as Atwater lurches up from the parking lot, tackling him bodily and driving his legs forward, slamming Warren onto the hood of the car! The crowd inside the arena erupts as Atwater begins laying in punches to Warren’s ribs and head, going ballistic as he pummels him on the hood of the car. Finally, some security personnel arrive on the scene and go to pull Atwater off, but Atwater kicks them back, sending them stumbling away. He goes to turn his attentions back to Warren, but Warren catches him with a rake to the eyes, and a sharp headbutt that snaps Atwater’s head back. Atwater goes rolling off the hood, crashing to the concrete with a groan. He goes to start to get up, but Warren catches him with a stomp to the back of the head as he jumps off the hood, sending Atwater crashing to the pavement again. Wiping some blood away from his lip, Warren smirks as he pulls Atwater up by the hair.


He grips up Atwater by the head, looking to throw him head long into the window of one of the cars, but Atwater reverses at the last minute, twisting Jack’s momentum and sending him crashing headlong into the camera man, who tumbles to the floor, his camera spilling to the ground with a crack! There’s a burst of static as the feed goes off the air, and a few seconds later, we cut away to the Defiance opening video!

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Location: University Park, Pennsylvania
Venue: Bryce Jordan Center
Network: HBO

The official theme song for Defiance, “Defiance” by Righteous Vendetta opens the show with it ending with the Defiance XLIII poster!

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A camera is backstage with Bloodlust Champion Ashley Sullivan as she walks down a hallway already prepared for her tag team match with Brian Stryker against Salem Cartier and Nicole Hamilton. Coming to a stop, she takes notice of the small piece of paper hanging at the door saying the name of Brian Stryker. Giving a look at her Bloodlust Championship title belt, Ashley knocks on the door gently while she almost has an ear pressed up against it.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: Housekeeping. Fluff your pillow?

The door opens as signs of a long night are evident on Stryker’s face. The past week not being the ideal for him. After spending the night in a hospital, where his sister laid plugged in like a common machine, with the rest of his family and having to make the drive up this morning from Philadelphia left Brian in a state that he hated being in. On his arm is a black armband with the initials “KD” on it

BRIAN STRYKER: Can I help you?

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: Brian! Come on, I’m not handing out pamphlets talking about Jesus. Say “hi” or something. Seeing as how we’re on the same team tonight, like what a month before we’re going to try to kill each other, now might be a good time to make sure we’re on the same page.

Seeing the Stryker is not showing any signs of opening the door, Sullivan pushes on trying to sound upbeat to contrast his mood.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: And no, I didn’t get laid. Just having the chance to beat down that cuckoo’s nest escapee calling herself Nicole is enough reason to celebrate.

BRIAN STRYKER: It’s been a rough week for me so sorry I’m not exactly jumping for joy at the moment.

He swings the door open for Ashley as he walks back over to his chair and sits down to finish getting ready for their match. Sure he wasn’t there mentality 100% but he was there enough. He wasn’t gonna let that crazy chick to get another one over him.

BRIAN STRYKER: You don’t have to worry about me though. I’m not gonna screw this one up. I’m focused on tonight. Just as long as we stay on the same page we won’t have a problem.

He looks back up at Ashley, and stares at the Bloodlust title.

BRIAN STRYKER: Just don’t expect me to celebrate afterwards when we win.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: I wouldn’t expect you to.

Ashley walks into the room to follow Brian, grabbing a folding chair herself before sitting backwards on it. Facing Brian, she hangs the Bloodlust Championship title belt to drape down the back of the chair in front of him.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: But I’m glad to see that you won’t let how much you want this to make you blind to what needs to be done tonight. Salem’s good but I know she also wants to stick a bunch of needles in a Nicole voodoo doll before setting it on fire, and she can’t exactly trust that nutcase. Me and you, yeah sure, we’re going to get bloody at War Ready, but I wouldn’t say that we hate each other. Not like they do anyway. As far as I’m concerned, we got this champ and challenger relationship. I’m the champ, you’re the challenger.

Ashley holds the title belt close to her chest as she points to herself than to Stryker.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: Champ… challenger. And it’ll stay that way after War Ready. So you might as well get what good you can out of this match. So with what’s going on with you personally, it all needs to go in a little box tonight. Lock it up and leave it deep in an ocean somewhere. Afterwards you can do whatever you want with that box just as long as it doesn’t mess making Nicole look bad. Which honestly isn’t that hard but still.

Brian stares at the Bloodlust title intently, not taking his eyes off it.

BRIAN STRYKER: You’re right. Tonight my problems aren’t gonna show. I wanna hit that Nicole so hard I make her sane again. My problems will remain locked up as they always have. But once this is all said and done with and we move on from this side show that is this tag match, I want you to understand this. This match we have coming up, I’m winning it all. Because now I am not doing it for just myself.

Brian points to the “KD” arm band.

BRIAN STRYKER: I am doing it for her. For the girl who was taken way too early. So the next time we see each other in that ring, you are gonna see a whole new level of determination.

Looking at the arm bad, Ashley nods slightly as she bites her bottom lip, the cheerful face she was putting up early starting to crack before she looked away.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: That’s good. If there’s anything I want out of you at War Ready it’s a challenge. From day one since I won the Bloodlust title, I wanted to bring it respectability, to make it not be seen as the laughing stock of HKW like it was with no one even bothering to challenge for it. I think I’ve done that already. Now it’s time to build on it. War Ready will be the time to do that. But you know, that won’t be the time to show this newly motivated Brian. Start it now, show you don’t need a title at the end of the road to motivate you. So what do you say?

Standing up from the chair, Ashley slings the Bloodlust title belt over her shoulder and holds out her free hand in a fist at Brian.


Brian looks up at the fist as he slowly raises a fist and lightly taps hers.

BRIAN STRYKER: Let’s do this.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: Glad you see things like they should be.

The camera fades out as Ashley steps away smiling heading back to the door.

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The camera cut backstage, showing Xavier Asher Daniels walking through the locker room hallway. The former Tag Team Champion went from door to door, peeking inside the unlocked few as he seemed to be looking for someone. Biting his lip, he gave a frustrated sigh before shutting the last door he’d opened. He punched a nearby wall as he began to pace back and forth.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: Where IS he!? He’s never this hard to find when I don’t need to talk to him.

Daniels just shook his head, before going back to his search. Stepping into the arena still smoking the last bit of his cigarette bud the RIP President looks around checking to see if any HOD members were around. A crew member walks by and Winters flicks the cigarette on him and walks away. As he walks away the crew worker is seen freaking out in the background and takes his shirt off before he catches fire.

LANCE WINTERS: HMMM. Where can a guy GET A NICE BURGER around here? SHEESH.

Lance walks down the hall past the hallway Xavier was searching in making a ruckus among the crew workers about getting him a cheeseburger. Daniels stares owlishly, just tilting his head before dragging a hand down his face in exasperation.


He quickly made his way over to where he heard Lance’s voice coming from, managing to spot the crew member trying to put out his shirt , before his eyes landed on The RIP President. The former singer dashed down the hallway, trying to catch up.


Lance turns around to see Xavier running towards him. He kneels down and holds out his arms.


XAD paused, just staring at Lance.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: … I can’t tell if I’m supposed to laugh, or be offended that you’re STILL taller than me on one knee.

The Prez stands back up to his feet and laughs. He slaps Xavier on the shoulders.

LANCE WINTERS: Doesn’t HURT TO laugh every once in awhile. WHAT YOU YELLING at me for? I do something WRONG? DID I LEAVE THE TOILET SEAT UP AGAIN?

Winters smirks as he says this wondering how Xavier would react. To his surprise, XAD glared up at him, crossing his arms.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: Yeah, yeah you did. If I told you once, I told you a thousand times, just put the seat down-

He paused, shaking his head.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: I’m getting off topic. Look, I want in on the match at War Ready. I need to be in there.


He punches Xavier in the chest.

LANCE WINTERS: DID YOU honestly think I WAS GONNA LEAVE YOU BEHIND?! C’mon now. You should know better than that. The Reapers can’t rain down some WELL DESERVED ASS WHOOPINGS without the RAAAAIINNNMAAAKERRR.

XAD rubbed his chest where Lance punched him.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: Well… Yeah. I did. I mean, you’ve got your boys back on the same brand, so I kinda thought I’d be left out…

Lance shakes his head and places his arm around his neck.

LANCE WINTERS: C’mon bud. I’D NEVER LEAVE OUT OF THIS after all that has happened. WE needed some more FIRE POWER SO that’s why I GOT THE GANG back together. But this began WITH ME AND YOU. And it’s gonna end that way.

Winters smirks.

LANCE WINTERS: Trust me. I said we’re gonna get THOSE FUCKERS BACK, Xavier. And we are. JUST AS long as you keep staying clean BUD we’re be GOOD.

XAD winced at the mention of his battle with his addictions. He’s doing better than he had been several months ago when he couldn’t function without them, but it was HARD to stop completely. But now he had to, for his career to get back on track and to fully get rid of his legal issues. Sighing quietly, he reached up, nervously running a hand through his hair.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: Yeah… Yeah I can stay clean.

Even he didn’t believe himself when he said it.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: S-so, what’s the plan?


The scene begins to fade away as Lance and Xavier walk away.

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WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a triangle tag team match!

Without any music at all the lights go out and only a spotlight remains on top of the ramp. As silence fills the arena, the sound of a microphone tapping into something become more clear as the man known as “The Professor”, Colby Spencer makes his way to the ramp. Accompanied by his assistant Melanie, he appears before the crowd and extends his arms, soaking the boos from the crowd and starts playing with the microphone in his right hand. As he does so Melanie starts tapping into their trusty IPad, while Colby drives the microphone to his mouth.

PROFESSOR: As you all know… My name is Colby Spencer, but… all of you should call me “Professor”, and this beauty right here is my assistant Melanie…

As the duo starts walking down the ramp Spencer starts a diatribe about how awesome his computer program is at predicting the outcomes of wrestling matches. He speaks about how everything is predetermined as he continues his way down the ramp.

As he enters the ring Melanie gives him the results of the program which he announces to the public.

PROFESSOR: Ladies and gentlefolk… Sine Mora will be winning this because I cannot trust DeMarcus Gresham!

As the crowd react to the results, Colby leaves the accessories he used to walk down the ring in one corner and a countdown appears on the titantron.

RANDY THE PILOT: Seriously, this guy is a whackjob. How is he gonna say he can’t trust his partner right before he’s about to make his entrance?! Didn’t he see what DeMarcus did to Cassius last Defiance?

JERMAINE MARKS: I won’t front, slime. I like this guy.

The Professor continues trying to sell the audience on his device as Whisper Viperi steps toward the middle of the ring and gets ready to introduce the next Defiance talent.

WHISPER VIPERI: And his partner…

The lights dim to full darkness as intro voice of Lupe Fiasco’s voice speaks. The quote standing out is:

‘They say form follows function….And if you just function properly then things will form themselves’

At that moment a spotlight hits the stage with DeMarcus Gresham there standing with his back to the crowd so the ‘Gifted along is black jacket is clear for all to see. He stands there for a moment allowing the spotlight to engulf him as the crowd boos to high heaven against him. With his head down he turns around staying on the stage for a moment before stepping forward. In every step the floorboard beneath him lights up in a Michael Jackson Billie Jean music video kind of way as well as the house lights lighting up a little more and more with each step. As he walks down he sneers at the people around him dissatisfied by their presence.

WHISPER VIPERI: Coming to you from Seattle, Washington. Standing at 6’6”. 257 pounds of Enlightenment. ‘Giiiiffffteeed’ DeeeMarccuuussss Greeeeshammm.

By the time he reaches ringside all the lights are fully on and the spotlight and illuminating floors stop. He stands there for a moment rolling his shoulders before he jumps from the floor to the ring apron impressively. He bends into the ring where he slowly takes off his jacket and in a ceremonious fashion lays the jacket on the nearest turnbuckle with the ‘Gifted’ laid out for all to see. Turning around he smirks before pointing at the jacket letting it be known exactly who he is with the chorus of boos and his theme music surrounding him.

WHISPER VIPERI: And their opponents…


With that the stage starts up with various red, orange and pink strobes as Jenny “Jinx” Hextall bursts out onto the entrance way, clutching a garbage can filled with weapons in one hand and waving enthusiastically with the other.

WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing… from Shilo, Manitoba, standing five-fett-two-inches tall she is… JENNY “JIIIIIIIINX” HEXTAAAAALLL!

Nodding her head with the beat as she grins, Jinx starts her merry trek down ringside, placing the weapon-filled garbage can near her corner before sliding under the ropes and hopping up to the second turnbuckle, Giving the crowd a big cheesy thumbs up before stepping off the turnbuckles and warming up for the start of her match.

WHISPER VIPERI: And her partner…

As the sounds of In This Moment’s “Dirty Pretty” comes over the Public Announce systems, the fans in the arena begin to let out a cloud of boos that fill the arena. The lights in the arena dim for a moment, before they turn to a mixture of pink and white. The camera quickly goes over towards the stage where Reese Spencer has had her way out. As the beautiful vixen stands atop the ramp, she places her hands on her hips. While the fans continue to rain down their disdain, a smirk befalls the beauties face.

“Turn it on, tune it in, let it out [repeating]
Maybe I am not all that I’ve learned
Close your eyes, and you twist and you turn
I know I am more than they see”

As Reese begins her descent down the ramp, she lets her arms fall down her sides. Slowly making her way down to the ramp, Reese keeps the smirk firmly planted on her face. With the constant boos continuing from the crowd, she eventually raises both of her arms into the air as she embraces the fans reception. After a few moments, she places her hands back down to her side and continues to walk towards the ring. When Reese finally makes it to the end of the ramp, she stops in her tracks. Looking over to her left and then her right, Reese passes her hands on her sides. Starting from her chest all the way down to her waists, she embraces her curves as the fans continue to boo her.

Spencer then walks over to the ring, as she turns her back to it. She looks up towards the entrance way. Spreading her stance out, she then throws her arms up in the air once more. Moments later, she puts them down on the ring apron and hops onto it. While seated on the ring apron, she reaches her right hand up and grabs onto the middle rope. As she pulls herself up, she keeps her torso turned down. Suddenly, she flips her hair up. Then, as it reaches her back the fans continue to boo her. Reese then places her left leg into the ring over the middle rope. Then, she bends back and lets her back touch the rope before bringing her right leg into the ring.

WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing from New York City, New York… she is Reese Spencer!!!!!

Reese walks to the center of the ring. As she looks up at the fans who are booing her, she raises her right hand into the air. With the stream of boos continuing, the sounds of “Dirty Pretty” begins to fade.

WHISPER VIPERI: And their opponents!

The beginning chords of “Gravedigger” start to play. The stage and the start of the entrance ramp begin to fill up with smoke. “You are the reason we are bitter and then some” echoes through the arena.

Artemis is the first to emerge from the smoke. Her face is hidden by a shadow cast by her Greg Jackson hoodie. Next is Scarlet; her face is hidden by the hood of her ring jacket, along with a gas mask. Methodically, the two make their way down the entrance ramp. At they reach base of the ramp, Artemis removes her hood and lets out a roar out of fury and war.

WHISPER VIPERI: Making their way down to the ring, weighing in at combined weight of 230 pounds, they are SINE MORA!

Simultaneously, both wrestlers slide into the ring. Scarlet takes a seat on the mat (leaning against the bottom and middle turnbuckles). Artemis walks around, taunting and pandering to the crowd.

After a while, Artemis makes her way over to the corner. Scarlet stands up, removes the gas mask, and lowers her hood. The two exchange nods and smirks as they remove their hoodies and jackets.

Colby Spencer and DeMarcus Gresham vs. Reese Spencer and Jinx Hextall vs. Sine Mora


The bell rings and Jinx Hextall, Scarlet Flint, and DeMarcus Gresham start off the match. Jinx and Scarlet both run right at DeMarcus, who takes them both down with a double clothesline! DeMarcus then grabs Jinx and tosses her out of the ring before he turns his attention on Scarlet. Gresham grabs Flint before hooking her arms, lifting her, and planting her with a butterfly suplex! Gresham then goes for the cover!

BRIAN MASON: Gresham with the quick start here! Could he possibly have it this early?




JERMAINE MARKS: Nah, not enough, Mase.

RANDY THE PILOT: Artemis damn near thought it was. She was ready to enter the ring and break it up.

DeMarcus gets to his feet just as Jinx races back into the ring, but he quickly drops her with an STO before he looks over at his partner, Colby Spencer. DeMarcus moves forward and extends his hand out to him, getting Colby to tag himself in! The male Spencer in the match hits the ring and waits for Jinx to slowly get up before he grabs her from behind and lifts her, planting her with an Olympic Slam! Colby then goes for the cover!

BRIAN MASON: Very nice Olympic Slam there by Colby Spencer! It’s all DeMarcus and Colby right now!




JERMAINE MARKS: Damn, didn’t even realize Artemis tagged in because Colby hit that slam but Scarlet was smart to get out of there and let Artemis fuck some shit up.

Artemis quickly grabs Colby and throws him to his corner, barking at DeMarcus to tag himself in. Gresham smiles before he tags himself back into the match, then races right at Artemis, who quickly catches him with a dropkick to the knee that sends him to a kneeling position! Artemis took a few steps back and waited for DeMarcus to get up to both feet before she moved forward and planted him with a jumping DDT! Artemis quickly turned DeMarcus over and went for the cover!

BRIAN MASON: Artemis Kaiser asked for Gresham to come fight her in the ring and he fell right into her trap!




RANDY THE PILOT: That’s one big dude. Might take more than a DDT to put him away!

Artemis smiles before she looks over at Scarlet, then walks over and tags in Flint! Scarlet quickly hits the ring and charges right at DeMarcus, only for Reese Spencer to come in and catch her with a headscissors, sending her flying! Flint is slow to get up to both feet afterwards as Reese then charges in and plants her with a DDT before she turns her over and goes for the cover!

BRIAN MASON: The action here is so hard to keep up with that we didn’t even see Jinx tag out to Reese!




JERMAINE MARKS: Colby Spencer tagged himself back in? Shit, I really need like an extra set of eyes to tell me who the fuck is legally in the ring.

Colby quickly stomps at Reese’s head a few times before he lifts her up onto both shoulders. Colby then proceeds to hit a rolling fireman’s carry slam before he quickly goes for the cover, hooking both legs as he does so!

BRIAN MASON: And now we’ve got some Spencer on Spencer violence!




RANDY THE PILOT: Gotta keep both eyes on the back of your head, bruh!

Scarlet quickly grabs Colby by the head and gets him up to both feet, but he catches her with a punch to the gut, followed by some knees to the gut as well. Spencer then lifts Scarlet up, keeping her that way as he lets the blood rush to her head while the audience applauds him for his show of strength, before he drops her right on her head! Spencer then quickly goes for the cover, yelling at the ref to count!

BRIAN MASON: A beautiful brainbuster by Colby Spencer! He’s likely got it here!




JERMAINE MARKS: Damn! I thought he had it for sure, slime!

Colby gets to his feet afterwards and DeMarcus asks for a tag, but Colby says that he can handle it. However, while he’s doing that, Reese has tagged out to Jinx, who waits for Colby to turn around before she springboards in, hitting a diving crossbody on him before she goes for the cover!

BRIAN MASON: Whoa! Out of nowhere with that diving crossbody!




RANDY THE PILOT: Still not enough to put her away!

Jinx looks over to seeing Scarlet slowly trying to get to her feet, looking back to Colby she drops a quick leg drop on him to ensure he stays down for the moment. Springing to her feet Jinx charges Scarlet and snaps off a spinning neckbreaker causing Scarlet to hit the canvas. Taking a quick glance back at Colby, Jinx sees he’s still down. She quickly takes ascends to the top rope nearest to Scarlet.

BRIAN MASON: What’s Jinx thinking here.

RANDY THE PILOT: I don’t know but I can assure you it won’t be good for Scarlet.

Jumping off the top rope Jinx driveS both her feet into the chest of Scarlet. Jinx drops down hooking the leg as she goes for a cover on Scarlet.


JERMAINE MARKS: This has got to be it, she put her feet through her chest man.


BRIAN MASON: And Colby isn’t close enough to save it.


Scarlet manages to roll her shoulder off the mat. Right as this is happening Reese charges across the ring hitting Artemis with a forearm that knocks her off the apron and follows her to the outside. Inside the ring Jinx is back up to her feet stomping down on Scarlet, she turns to go after Colby but is met with a spear from DeMarcus that drops her to the mat. Colby begins to get to his feet as he sees both the legal competitors down, he nods to DeMarcus who darts at Colby and slams into him with a vicious spear that nearly cuts Colby in half.

BRIAN MASON: WHAT THE HELL?! It looked like DeMarcus and Colby were about to close in on a win and this happens?

JERMAINE MARKS: Colby might be dead. That nigga DeMarcus a murderer, man.


JERMAINE MARKS: He seems to think he was disrespected, slime. Fuck you mean?!

DeMarcus then exits the ring to the outside. He looks over at Reese and Artemis who are still going at it on the outside, and walks by shaking his head.

The two trade blows back and forth, Reese swings with a wild clothesline only for Artemis to duck. Turning quickly Artemis connects with a Rolling Elbow to the face of Reese that sends her up and over the barricade.

RANDY THE PILOT: The First Crusade by Artemis!

JERMAINE MARKS: Bitch just rearranged Reese’s face for sure.

BRIAN MASON: Shame… I liked her face.

Back inside the ring, Scarlet’s made her way to her feet looking over at Jinx who’s slowly pulling herself off the mat from the spear. Jinx’s gets to her feet only to be met with a front kick to the knee that drops her to a knee. Scarlet bounces off the ropes and jumps into the air drilling Jinx in the head with a killshot knee.


Scarlet turns rolling into a cover as Artemis gets back into the ring watching for any surprises.


JERMAINE MARKS: No one to make the save either.

RANDY THE PILOT: It academic..





As Sine Mora get to their feet, the two masked figures appear on the stage looking down at the ring pointing at Artemis and Scarlet.

RANDY THE PILOT: AHHHH SHIT! It’s about to go down!

The two women point up the ramp as Scarlet motions for the two men to come down to the ring. One of the masked men shouts“Not yet” while the other shakes his head no. They continue to stare the Sine Mora down before heading to the back, leaving Sine Mora to celebrate.

WINNERS: Sine Mora via pinfall (8:29)

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The production crew shifted gears to the eagle eye camera – where the entire ring setup could be seen easily on all four sides. In the center of the ring was a specially made ‘tile’ colored canvas that covered the entire ring. There were two podiums standing side by side near the left side of the ring. One name tagged “FRANNY” and the other name tagged “FELLY.”

The No Limits Champion Felicity stood proudly with a smile behind her podium with her championship belt folded proudly on the surface, already dressed in her ring gear. On the other hand, the Crowned Royalty Champion Fran seemed pretty nervous tapping her podium with her nails rapidly, eyes darting left and right quickly.

There was a chalk board in the middle of the ring with “ANNUAL HKW SPELLING BEE” scribbled across it in yellow chalk. Finally, standing in the middle of the ring alongside Eli Zayn was the teacher, dressed in a white blouse, long black skirt, and large framed glasses . Eli whispered something to the teacher who nervously held a dictionary in her hand and then moved the microphone toward his mouth.

ELI ZAYN: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first annual HKW spelling bee!

The crowd popped as Felicity leaned her head on her hand, and Fran glared at her former mentor intently.

ELI ZAYN: Introducing first, the person who will be choosing the words for this spelling bee! My sixth grade english teacher, MRS. ROBINSON!

The crowd booed Mrs. Robinson out of the building, making her more uncomfortable than she already was.

ELI ZAYN: And now, the two participants… FIRST!

Fran began to bang on her podium hard.

FRANCESCA: FEL FEL BUDDY WHAT WE DOIN’ THIS FOR BAE? AYE. We could just go backstage right now yawl.

She proposed to her former best friend. The No Limits champion simply shook her head no and leaned toward the microphone.

FELICITY BANKS: Noooo. No no no no… Nope. This was your idea, Fran. You wanted to prove your superior intellect and what better way is there besides a spelling bee?

The crowd cheered for the No Limits champions words as she turned to Mrs. Robinson and nodded.

FELICITY BANKS: You can give me a word now, Mrs. Robinson.

Mrs. Robinson nodded her head, opened her dictionary up, and leaned toward the mic.


Felicity squinted her eyes, looking somewhat confused.

FELICITY BANKS: Like the cheese?

The teacher nodded.

MRS. ROBINSON THE ENGLISH INSTRUCTOR: Yes. Would you like me to use it in a sentence for you?

Felicity shook her head from side to side, looked up at the sky and spelled the word out in her head first.

FELICITY BANKS:Parmesan… P – A – R – M – E – S – A – N. Parmesan.



The crowd cheered as Felicity threw her arms up in the air and celebrated sarcastically. Fran looked over at Fel with a scowl before she turned her attention to the teacher, then walked a bit closer to the Crowned Royalty Champion.

MRS. ROBINSON THE ENGLISH INSTRUCTOR: Alright, Franny, your word is Czechoslovakia.

The crowd began to cheer loudly. Mostly because they knew Fran most likely would struggle with that word. Felicity looked over at her former bestie with a snicker.


Fran took a deep breath.

FRANCESCA: M-m-m-muh-muh-ma-muh-muh-MAN RAY.

She yelled out.


The audience and Felicity began to laugh as soon as the Crowned Royalty Champion rolled out the second letter. This clearly upset Fran to the point where she banged on the podium with her balled up fist!

FELICITY BANKS: What happened to being as smart as Selena?

Felicity snarkily added.

FRANCESCA: FUCK FAM, I’m SMARTA than her. Gimmie another chance. Let’s fuckin’ go.

Fran cleared her throat.


The Crowned Royalty Champion the stretched her back out straight.


The teacher scratched her head confused. while Felicity facepalmed.

MRS. ROBINSON THE ENGLISH INSTRUCTOR: Ummmm. I’m sorry, Fran, that’s incorrect.


Felicity pulled the microphone off of it’s stand and held it toward her chin.

FELICITY BANKS: Shouldn’t you be used to that by now? They’re always laughing at you, Fran. They laughed at you at Destiny, they laughed at you the other week when I speared you off the loading dock, and they’ll laugh at you again at House of Pain when you fail to capture this….

She grabbed her No Limits title and held it in front of her face for Fran to see.

FELICITY BANKS: … and hashtag REAL NO LIMITS YAWL is dead… forever.

That was enough for Fran to finally lose it. She PUSHED her podium down (onto the teacher)! She then stormed out of the ring yelling that “I AIN’T NEED THIS!” As the scene faded on Felicity held her championship up high for the cheering crowd as Defiance transitioned backstage.

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BRETT SANDS: Come here, you thickheaded Canadian sonofabitch!

The shot opens up to the parking lot where we see Brett Sands grabbing Aries Armadaist by the head and slamming it into the hood of a car! Aries begins stumbling away from Brett afterwards, holding his head in pain. Sands chases after Armadaist, grabbing him by the back of the head, only for Aries to turn around and catch Brett with a punch to the gut that keels him over.

ARIES ARMADAIST: Big mistake, Sands!

Aries grabs Brett by the hair and pulls him up to a vertical position before he catches him with a headbutt that sends the big man stumbling backwards. Armadaist then moves forward and charges at Sands, who quickly turns around and catches Aries with a snap scoop powerslam, planting him onto the hood of the car!

BRETT SANDS: Fuck it! I’m not even waiting for goddamn War Ready! I’m killing you right now!

Sands quickly pulls the Canadian off of the hood of the car onto the ground before he begins choking him! However, security quickly rushes in and pulls Brett away from Aries!

BRETT SANDS: Let me at him! Let me at him!

Sands uses his strength to shove the security off of him before he moves towards a kneeling Armadaist. However, as soon as Brett grabs him, Aries catches him with a low blow! Brett releases Aries, who hastily runs off, entering one of the golf carts the security guards brought along and driving off, pointing and laughing at Brett. Sands takes deep breaths as he stares at the direction Armadaist drove off in, beginning to curse under his breath as security guards watch with him.

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The camera opens up as we see a shot of Scarlet Flint face. The picture gives off a greenish hue, as the camera were using a nightvision lens. The camera pans over to Scarlet’s surroundings. She is walking in the middle of a large, wooded area. Scarlet reaches down and zips up her North Face jacket. There’s a bit of snow on the ground.

SCARLET FLINT: You’re probably wondering why we are out here in the freezing cold.

The camera cuts back to Scarlet’s face and stays fixated on her for a bit. After a moment, Scarlet looks over.

SCARLET FLINT: Oh, you aint gonna’ make no appearance.

The camera shifts and faces its holder; Artemis Kaiser’s face fills the screen.

ARTEMIS KAISER: Forgive me, I am not much in a talking mood.

Artemis shifts the camera back, so that it’s facing her tag team partner. Scarlet nods her head.

SCARLET FLINT: Yea’, I feel ya’. But be honest, I’m not in much of one either. But hey, they pay us to talk this good shit.

The two walks in silence for a couple of seconds.

SCARLET FLINT: By the time this shit airs, Sine Mora will have already demolished the two teams in the opening match. Therefore, aint much use talking shit about them. It aint that they aint important…


SCARLET FLINT: Aite aite. Truth is, the people in that match will be a non-factor…minus that DeMarcus dude.

Scarlet holds up a finger.

SCARLET FLINT: Naw, the real issue is, Sine Mora has more pressing matters to attend to.

The two continue to walk for a little bit.

SCARLET FLINT: Over the past couple of weeks, there’s been two large thorns in our asses. Of course, I’m talking about those fucking masked men.

Scarlet shakes her head.

SCARLET FLINT: You know, I was told HKW was home to the best wrestlers in the world. You know, a bunch of real stand up people. Well, shit was a fucking pipe dream, right? Since we’ve been here, we’ve only ran into aint shit bitches and fucking cowards.

Scarlet grunts.

SCARLET FLINT: Honestly, that’s shit’s a bit disappointing you know? Especially when you are dealing with me and Artemis here.

She shrugs.

SCARLET FLINT: We like to eat, we like to fuck our spouses…and we like to kick ass. Simple simple.

The two of them begin walking towards a clearing in the woods.

SCARLET FLINT: If these two bitch bastards wanted to fight us, then they should have stepped up like two men; it’s not like we ever turn down a fight. But naw, that would be way too easy, right?

Off in the distance, there are two tomb stones. The two walk up and stand directly in front of the stones. Scarlet smirks at the names listed on them.

SCARLET FLINT: Thing One and Thing Two, huh? How appropriate.

ARTEMIS KAISER: Hmm…hold this.
Artemis shifts the camera over to Scarlet. She focuses in on Artemis’ face.

ARTEMIS KAISER: We are simple people. We have come to HKW to extend our legacy in wrestling. Scarlet and I want some gold, but it seems like we cannot get too close to them without someone coming to screw up our day. In this case, it is these two masked bastards who are masquerading as something fearsome.

She snickers.

ARTEMIS KAISER: Unfortunately for you two, Sine Mora does not fear you. In fact, we are giggling our cute asses off over the fact that we will rip you to shreds soon enough. You see, you all have been playing games that we do not know. The longer we played around, the more knowledge we got on you two. Now, we are well on our way with not only unmasking you two, but also making sure that you will need a mask in order to be apart of everyday society.

Scarlet laughs a bit.

ARTEMIS KAISER: We are going to start to play our game now. It is a very simple game if you pay attention, but the usefulness of this is going to turn this idiotic battle in our favor. And once the ball is in our court, there is no need for you two to try to fight back. The more you do, the shorter your careers will become.

The Kaiser shrugs.

ARTEMIS KAISER: Not that it really mattered. Once you decided to ruin a win for us, you sealed your fates. Of course, we have a match coming up. We will handle those individuals in there with precise care. As a matter of fact, they can blame you for what comes next. Since you all want to run away from your punishments, we are going to have to redirect all this bottled-up anger in another direction. You know what they say about bottling up emotions. Scarlet and I want to be the most emotionally stable individuals we can be. So we are going to have to go out there and make some folks bleed. What a damn shame. These people are innocent. They have nothing to do with this war that you all have started. Casualties of war is what they are going to be and it will be your fault.

Artemis walks over to the gravestone, squatting down. She wraps her arms around both of them, giving the camera and the masked men a faint smile.

ARTEMIS KAISER: Have a heart, you two. And some balls. Come on out here and let us end this before more people have to deal with our bloodthirsty rage. It will not be pretty for anyone.

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Cameras transition to ringside after the last backstage segment and show the team of ODBIII, Brad Kane, XAD and Joey Miles standing in one corner, while the team of Kaiden Hawke, Beer Beer, Eva Castro and Sho Kojima made their entrance together to the House of Dyspathy theme song.

Once they were done making their entrance and teasing the crowd, Sho Kojima remained in the ring for his team, showing that he’d be the one to start things off while Brad Kane took a step forward for his team and the referee called for the bell.

Odyn Davel Balou, Brad Kane, Xavier Asher Daniels and Joey Miles vs. Kaiden Hawke, Beer Beer Ayano, Eva Castro and Sho Kojima


Right as the bell rang, Sho took a step forward and held out his hand of a handshake from Brad Kane with a smug grin on his face. Kane simply shook his head no at Sho and then caught him with an unexpected spinning backfist! Sho clutched at his jaw then lunged forward to connect with a kick to Kane’s midsection, followed by a DDT attempt. But Kane spun out of it, and pulled Sho into a short-arm clothesline!

Kane went to pull show up to his feet, but Sho tug down on Kane’s head and executed a jawbreaker. Not wasting any time, Sho spun around and dove toward his corner, making the tag to Kaiden Hawke.

Hawke stormed the ring and went right for the attack, but Kane took Hawke down with a drop toe hold, and looked to lock in an STF, but Hawke managed to get to the ropes! Kane moved away from Hawke and toward his corner, making the tag to Joey Miles! The Interbrand Gold Ring holder charged the ring and took Hawke down with a hellacious spear! Miles started punching away at Hawke’s head until the referee stepped in and pulled Joey away, giving Hawke the time to plot his next move.

Joey moved the referee out of his way and went right after Kaiden, but Kaiden reached up and poked Joey in the eye with his thumb! With Joey temporarily blinded, Kaiden picked up a full head of steam and executed a crisp running neckbreaker on Joey before he made the tag to Beer Beer Ayano! Beer Beer took her time getting in the ring, but once inside, she fell right to the ground and started hammering away on Joey’s head! Joey managed to push Beer Beer away, but the potentially schizophrenic HKW World Tag Team champion immediately connected with a step-up enziguri as Miles got to his knees!

As the match went on Beer Beer was still in control as she had Joey Miles locked in a Camel Clutch. The fans were cheering Joey on trying to give him some hope as he was denying Beer the chance to submit him. Slowly but surely Joey began to get up to his feet and held onto Beer Beer’s legs. Beer Beer looked around as the fans cheered for Joey as he stood to his feet holding her. He then began to sprint backwards crushing Beer Beer as he sandwiched her in between himself and the corner turnbuckle.

With Joey now in control he had the entire arena behind him. He waited for Beer Beer to get back up to her feet after getting her down with a Stalling Suplex. She finally begins to stir and as she does, Miles sprints over going for a Running Neckbreaker but no! Beer Beer ducks out of the way and hits a Rolling Elbow as Miles turned back around to her. She fell to her knee and looked over to see Eva holding out her hand to be tagged in. Beer nodded and stood back up. She began to walk over to tag in Eva but was stopped as Joey grabbed on her leg stopping her from walking any further. Beer kicked him off and mounted herself on top of him. She began to scratch and claw at him while screaming in his face like a mad woman.

Eva eventually got tagged in by Beer Beer but it was at the same time Miles tagged in the former World Tag Team Champion Xavier Asher Daniels! The two started out reversing one another’s moves but Eva was laid out by a Spinning Heel Kick from XAD. Xavier continued this momentum as he hit a few suplexes before he climbs up to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash. He goes for the pin but it was broken up by Hawke. The fans boo at him while the ref tells him to get back to his corner. Xavier slowly gets back up to his feet while holding his jaw. He goes to retrieve Eva but was met with a kick to the jaw. Eva got back up to her feet and the two were back at a standoff.

While Eva and XAD were going at it in the ring Sho stared across at Brad Kane. He couldn’t stand the sight of him. He gets into the ring and sprints over to the other corner and clotheslines Brad off of the apron. Sho gets out of the ring and the two begin to fight at ringside until Brad began to retreat to the backstage area after he threw Sho into the barricade. Sho got up and ran away from Kane, making their way backstage and leaving their teams.

As the match started to wind down, XAD and ODBIII took the fight to Eva Castro and Beer Beer Ayano outside the ring, while Miles and Hawke exchanged blows inside the ring. The match saw its finish when Hawke went for a discus back elbow, but Joey ducked it and connected with his “Sudden Death Superkick” for the win!

WINNERS: Odyn Davel Balou, Brad Kane, Xavier Asher Daniels and Joey Miles via pinfall (7:32)

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Just as the advertisements for Defiance wrap up, cameras are on sight backstage where Brad Kane and Sho Kojima are still going blow for blow following their match! Kane throws Sho into a catering table and tries to smear his face in a plate full of chicken, but Sho elbows Kane in the gut, and follows it up with a huge European uppercut!

SHO KOJIMA: Get away from me you worthless maggot!

Sho tries to make a getaway, but Kane grabs the back of Sho’s head and throws him face first into the wall. Kane takes a moment to catch a breather, watching as Sho crawls back toward the catering table and gets underneath it.

BRAD KANE: Are you really going to hide under the goddamn table, coward? Get the fuck outta there!

Kane lunges toward Kojima and grabs his ankle, then pulls him out from underneath the catering table. Once Sho’s upper body was out, Kane goes to attack but sees a bottle of Jack Daniels in Sho’s grasp.

SHO KOJIMA: Who knew they kept bottles of liquor back here? Would you like a shot, Kane?

Sho pulls his leg away from Kane and scrambles up to his feet, looking as if he were ready to pop open the bottle at any moment. Brad stands there looking at Sho then over to the bottle confused as to why there would be any sort of alcohol at a wrestling event. Kane breathes intensely glaring at Sho.

SHO KOJIMA: Ah, I see my sources were correct. You do have a love-hate relationship with the booze, huh? Why else wouldn’t you continue your attack?

Sho takes a step back, getting a safe distance away from Kane.

BRAD KANE: What the fuck are you gonna do with it? Hit me with the bottle? Make your move, chicken shit.

Sho begins twirling off the cap to the bottle with a smirk on his face. Kane takes a steps forward, but Eva Castro comes out of nowhere and blasts Kane in the back of the head with a slapjack! Kane drops right down as Sho takes a step toward the fallen Kane and backs Eva away from him.

SHO KOJIMA: I’m not going to do anything with it, Kane. You, however, are going to drink it all up.

The Japanese Warrior takes a swig from the bottle and hunches over to sit Kane up. Eva holds Kane’s head up and mouth open while Kojima holds the bottle over his head.

SHO KOJIMA: Bottoms up.

Kojima begins pouring all of the whiskey down Kane’s throat, waking him up. Eva presses down on his throat to hold him still while Kojima finishes up pouring the contents of the Jack Daniels bottle down Kane’s throat.

SHO KOJIMA: Do not act like you are not enjoying this, Kane!

Kojima throws the bottle to the side, backs up a foot, and connects with a huge roundhouse kick to the side of Kane’s head! Eva and Sho both stare down at the fallen Kane, proud of their work as they walk away. The camera focuses on Kane lying in a pool of whiskey and his own spit before Defiance transitions to another part of the arena.

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The scene fades in and shows Luke Wisia standing next to Eli Zayn, drinking on a Capri Sun and looking over his shoulder as a female walks behind him backstage, trying to get a better look at her ass. Eli looks nervous enough as he looks towards the camera and forces a smile. Luke takes a sip of his Capri Sun.

ELI ZAYN: :Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with one of the members to SQUAD, Brandon Banks team at War Games. He has decided to give us his time—-…

LUKE WISIA: My valuable time, Eli. My time is valuable.

Eli nods and looks back towards the camera with a look of nervousness.

ELI ZAYN: He has decided to give us some of his valuable time to talk with us some about his upcoming match at War Ready. War Games. Every five minutes, someone new will enter the ring to give their team the leg they need into the match, and in the end, only one will be able to score the pinfall for his team and the win. All it takes is one mistake to cost your team or give them the victory. So let’s begin.

He turns towards Luke and takes in a deep breathe. Zayn looks down to his feet before he starts into the questions, while Luke is just simple slurping away at his drink.

ELI ZAYN: You cousin, Brandon, couldn’t get Felicity, but he could get you…

Luke rolls his eyes and cuts off Eli before he can even get started with the first question.

LUKE WISIA: Jesus fucking Christ. This is how it’s gonna start? Really? Starting off things with bringin’ up Felicity? Do you people every stop with that shit?

He takes one final gulp of his capri sun and throws it off camera as he turns back to Zayn.

LUKE WISIA: I’m so fuckin’ sick of hearin’ that name come up around me. When are you dumbasses gonna figure out that I don’t care bout Fel anymore. Only thing I really care bout is makin’ her life a livin’ fuckin’ hell, but that will come in due time. Brandon don’t need Fel WHEN HE HAS ME! Fel already shown that she don’t care bout this fam when she turned down his offer. I ain’t gonna be the one to let Brandon down when he needs the most.

Luke chews on his jaw some and rolls his neck.

LUKE WISIA: But Fel’s time is comin’. Whether she wants to try and avoid it or not. Fel ain’t gonna make or break this team, point blank. Look at who we got already, and you think that we NEED Fel? Nah, that ain’t the way it goes. She likes to turn her back on the fam, I get it. She has shown that with me and now she’s showin’ that with Brandon. It’s what Fel does. Ya’ll just better get used to that cause I seen that shit comin’ from a mile away. Fel. Don’t. Care. Bout. Us. She is out for herself. Ya’ll gonna listen to that bullshit she spews, but I’m tellin’ ya the truth right here, right now. She’s well on her way to losin’ her fam, and soon enough she gonna lose that No Limits strap as well.

He smiles to the camera.

LUKE WISIA: To me… I ain’t gonna have it any other way.

Wisia finally turns to Eli again.

LUKE WISIA: What else you got for me, asshole.

Eli looks uncomfortable, but turns to the camera first with a worried face, then back to Wisia.

ELI ZAYN: Zero’s team is no joke. He has a lot of talent deciding to stand by his side. He’s a World Champion….

Wisia cuts off Eli again and throws a hand up before he can continue on.

LUKE WISIA: Okay. My whole fam basically World Champs. We just that kinda family. It ain’t somethin’ easy to do, but Zero bein’ a World Champ ain’t mean shit to me. Is his whole team full of World Champs? Nah. Okay then. We won a couple world titles, he can lose the one he holdin’ now just as quickly and ain’t a fuckin’ soul gonna remember him as any kinda World Champ in the long run. Time goes on, and Zero McHannon will be left in the past just like everyone else who ain’t the present or future.

Wisia smirks to himself and looks to say something else, but this time it’s Eli who cuts him off.

ELI ZAYN: You say you’re from a family full of World Champions…. but yourself?

Luke looks taken back as he cocks his head and glares at Eli.

LUKE WISIA: You tryna be a smartass right now? You think ain’t World Champion material, bruh? You think I can’t run with the big dogs? I kicked Fel in her fuckin’ face and pinned her. How’s that for “not World Champion” material. I beat Colton Sterling at Destiny in a five star match. Ya’ll got the attention span of some gnats around here, I swear, bruh. How do ya’ll forget this shit so quickly? You see this little spiral that Colton’s on? You see how he ain’t worth a fuck anymore? That’s me. All me. So think… before you try and question my ability again. You think Brandon went out and looked for a buncha scrubs to join his team? Hell nah. He wants the best, and he is gettin’ the best. And if I wanted Warren’s title, I’d have it.

This time Wisia turns towards the camera with a sick grin across his face as he raises an eyebrow.

LUKE WISIA: But that’s for another time…

After saying that quick bit, he turns back towards the interviewer and shakes his head some, pulling another Capri Sun from his back pocket.

LUKE WISIA: I don’t care what Zero McHannon has. I’ve face World Champs and I’ve beaten World Champs. Guess what all Zero is? Another World Champion. He ain’t no different from anyone else who has done it. And he ain’t no different from those same people that I beat. Ya’ll tryna side with that dudes team? Osama Bin Laden, himself? He tried to take HKW away from Brandon.

Wisia shakes his head again and takes a sip from his drink, then goes into a totally different mood.

LUKE WISIA: People wanna say that Brandon turned his back on Zero, but where the hell has Zero been for the last year and a half when Brandon coulda used a friend like him? Syn ain’t no different in that category. Unfinished business my ass. But really, where the fuck was Zero? He turned his back on his friends. Family. Fans. Now ya’ll wanna act like ya support the dude? Cmonnnnnnnnnnnn. Ain’t no one supported that dude in a long time. Back when he had some kinda backbone to him. Ya know, him and Brandon are one in the same. At least they used to be. That’s why they mesh so well together. This Zero now? Well, you see why he got kicked in the face. He has changed, and it ain’t for the better.

Wisia steps up to Eli and gets in his face.

LUKE WISIA: You think just cause he has Syn, Jaxon Queen, and Jinzai in his corner… that he’s some kinda favorite in this match? He has said it himself, he ain’t got no friends except for the people who showed up outta nowhere… and they ain’t here for Zero McHannon. They heard the name “War Games” get mentioned and they all started to come runnin’ at the chance to be in this match. So maybe there’s a reason that dude ain’t got no friends, and he lost the only friend he did have. He got that Felicity Banks syndrome.

Eli holds up a finger and begins to talk.

ELI ZAYN: Speaking of Felicity, you’re the one to bring her up this time. Have you heard the rumor that—-…

Luke yells at the top of his lungs.

LUKE WISIA: NOPE. I AIN’T KNOW AND I AIN’T CARE. WE DONE HERE, ELI! Ya wanna talk bout Fel so much? Start a fuckin’ blog. Put those little pink Valentine hearts on it… and kill yourself.

Wisia walks off camera as Eli stands there with a puzzled look across his face before he turns towards the camera.

ELI ZAYN: Ladies and gentlemen…. Luke Wisia…. As… normal as always?

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The camera cuts back to the catering area, where the infamous Guy #1 is standing at the table, sifting through the various snacks laid out for the staff. Off somewhat behind him, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed is Guy #2, giving his very best death stare in Guy #1’s direction, muttering under his breath as Guy #1 seems to be totally oblivious, still digging through the food.

GUY #1: No, no, no. This won’t do. Why don’t they have any crepes? I love a good crepe. Nothing better than a crepe on a night like this, let me tell ya.

Guy #2 is staring daggers at Guy #1 now, sneering as he curses under his breath.

GUY #2: I’ll make you think crepes in a minute, you miserable son of a bitch. Always with the crepes. Fuck y–

The entire scene is disrupted suddenly as Jack Warren tackles Shane Atwater to the floor in front of the catering table with a crash!

BRIAN MASON: Not again!

RANDY THE PILOT: Can’t put a leash on this shit, bruh!

The two rivals get to their feet and begins trading punches while Guy 1 and 2 stand next to each other away from the action, looking unimpressed.

GUY #2: Pfft, we’ve had better fights like this when I had that Taco Bell diarrhea. Let’s show them how it’s actually done. Hey, you buttfucks!

Jack and Shane stop fighting and look over as the guys who are skilled at fighting one another backstage charge right at them! Guy 1 charges at Jack but is met with a high knee that floors him while Shane catches a running Guy 2 with a European uppercut that drops him!

Both guys begin to crawl away from the two wrestlers, but neither wrestler relents. Jack grabs and throws Guy 1 on top of an equipment crate before he hops on as well. Warren gets Guy 1 up and drives him skull first onto the crate with Nail On The Coffin! Meanwhile, Atwater grabs Guy 2 and lifts him before he hits the Parabola on him through the catering table, breaking the thing in half! The fighting then ceases as the two foes look at one another, both catching their breath.

JACK WARREN: These fucking guys really thought it was smart to go after us?

SHANE ATWATER: Guess you really can’t get good help these days.

There’s a momentary pause, as the two ALMOST share a chuckle at that…before both men lurch at each other again, throwing wild punches! Shane stumbles in some of the food now staining the floor, and that gives Warren another opening to kick him in the gut, and send him spilling into another stack of equipment boxes! Warren pauses a moment to catch his breath, which turns out to be a mistake as Shane throws the lid of one of the equipment boxes, looking to take his head off! Jack just barely manages to duck out of the way as the lid goes clattering against the wall behind them. Snarling under his breath, Shane charges forward, only to have Jack kick one of the equipment boxes into his knees, sending Shane spilling to the floor once more. He immediately dives on like a bulldog, latching on a front chancery and wailing away at Shane, who throws rabbit punches to Jack’s ribs as he struggles to escape his grip. Both men start to fight their way up, stumbling and struggling for control, throwing huge haymakers at one another, both men battered and bloodied and stained with food. Both men keep wailing away when finally, a massive group of security bull-rushes in, grabbing both men and ripping them apart. Both men struggle to get free, but get held back by the waves of security pinning them.

SHANE ATWATER: Let me go, damn you! Let me FINISH this!


Suddenly, Atwater breaks free, surging forward and throwing wild punches at Jack before security surges in to split them up again, dragging them back away. Shane is still going wild, but Jack puts his hands up, trying to get the security to back off.

JACK WARREN: Alright, hall monitors. You can let me go now. I’m calm now. I’m calm.

Security guards stupidly believe Warren, who quickly moves forward and kicks Shane right in the jewels before he runs off, cackling like a dumbass. Shane falls to his knees, holding his baby makers, a scowl on his face.

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WHISPER VIPERI: The following is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!

The house lights in the arena go out completely, thunder and rain can be heard from a distance, all while the image of a large mountain complete with a temple atop the peak is seen on the LCD screen while the beginning of “Reverie / Harlequin Forest” by Opeth blares out of the PA system, green spotlights beginning to swirl all across the arena. The LCD screen zones down from the heavens onto an field filled with high grass covering it and the wind beating against it…and at its center, there is one man standing and as he opens his way and lifts his head up, lightning strikes him down!

As the lightning hits the man at the center, streams of smoke shoot up from the ramp way area and high above, covering the entrance ramp as the song kicks into full motion, as Chris Strike emerges from the smoke, slowly stepping out into the limelight and soaking in the loud, mixed reaction from the fans as he stops in front of the entrance ramp and slowly raises his right arm up in the air, gradually staring up at it as the smoke emerges higher and pyros shoot out from each side of the ramp before he makes his way down, having the occasional fans reaching out towards him from the rail, keeping his eyes solely focused on the ring, ignoring any distractions in his way.

Chris then makes his way up the ring stairs, using the steel pole for support, putting his right foot over the middle rope but as he is about to get inside, Strike suddenly turns around and finds himself with both elbows locked around the top rope, his entire upper body exposed to the crowd’s sight, as he slaps his chest twice before bringing his right arm back in the air again for a moment, breathing in the reaction before entering the ring and walking to the nearest corner, leaning against the turnbuckle and observing his surroundings as “Reverie / Harlequin Forest” fades from the PA system…

WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing first, he is CHRIS STRIKE!

“Crazy Man” by Block McCloud hits the speaker as the fans get real loud in a wave of boos. A pyro of sparks shoot up from the ramp, up to the stage and then everything grows an eerie red through the area while the top of the stage is has red smoke. Luke Wisia walks from the back and onto the ramp wearing a cocky smile. The smoke drifts away, leaving Luke standing at the top and look around at the ground to the music and jeers.

The fans start to chant “Cra-Zy, Cra-Zy, Cra-Zy” overtop of Luke’s music as he pauses from walking down the ramp and taps himself on the chests, looking over to the fans and replying “That’s right”. When he reaches in front of the ring, there’s fan all around leaning over the barrier and throwing hate his way, but he gives them all a small laugh and narrows his eyes as he nods his head.

He slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope and looks around at the crowd on his knees, using the corner to pull himself up. Luke whips his body off the ropes a few times before jumping on the middle one and using the top rope as support, leaning over and returns yelling at the fans in the manner they were yelling at him. After taking off his RIP jacket, he paces one half of the ring, grabbing his hair from time to time, and waiting for the match to start.

WHISPER VIPERI: And his partner, he is LUKE WISIA!

The intro to Powerman 5000’s “Riot Time” filled the building and the fans erupt as Jinzai ran out onto the stage, fired up and ready to compete as he began playing to the crowd. He places a hand up to his ear and listens to the response, motioning for them to keep it going, before flipping it back and revealing a confident smirk on his face. He walked down the isleway, bumping fists and giving high fives to the younger members of the audience, before coming to a stop midway down the isle as he looks up at the ring. His grin widening, he wasted no time as he sprints down to the ring and dives through the bottom and middle ropes, immediately running to the nearest top rope and posing for the crowd. He smiles as he begins singing the chorus of his entrance music along with the crowd.

He hopped down off of the top rope and tosses his hodded vest out of the ring, before he began to dart around the ring, bouncing off of the ropes as he warmed up for the match. He then walked over to a corner, hopping up to the top rope and laying across as he waited for his partner to arrive.

WHISPER VIPERI: And their opponent, he is JINZAI!

“Wonderman” by Tinie Tempah ft. Ellie Goulding blares throughout the arena as Jaxon Queen makes his way out of the curtain. He stands at the top of the stage for a second, a smirk on his face and bobbing his head to the beat, before he makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with some of the fans.

After making his way down the ramp, Jaxon slides underneath the bottom rope into the ring, climbs the nearby corner, and removes his hoodie before tossing it to the outside. After hopping off, he makes his way over to his corner as he awaits for the match to start.

WHISPER VIPERI: And his partner, he is JAXON QUEEN!

Jinzai and Jaxon Queen vs. Chris Strike and Luke Wisia


Jinzai and Strike are the first two to start the match, both men slowly circling the ring before they lockup. The veteran of the two quickly slips behind the former Hybrid champion before he lifts him up and plants him with a backdrop! Jinzai holds his back in pain as he lies on the mat before Chris quickly goes to the nearest corner and gets onto the middle turnbuckle. Strike taunts Queen before he leaps off, catching Jinzai right in the face with a diving knee drop! Strike then goes for the cover, shoving his forearm into the young man’s face as the audience boos him.

BRIAN MASON: An absolutely disgusting knee drop to the face!

JERMAINE MARKS: You can tell that Strike ain’t playing tonight, Mase.

RANDY THE PILOT: And that’s what he and his partner need to do. Stay focused or Jax and Jin, two guys who know each other well, are gonna fuck you up.




Jinzai throws his shoulder up, getting a shake of the head from Strike. Chris gets to his feet and grabs Jinzai before he Irish whips him into the nearest corner. Strike then charges forward and catches Jin with a European uppercut before he steps back. Jinzai stumbles forward and Strike quickly catches him with an enzuigiri that drops the former Hybrid champion! Strike then goes for the cover again!

BRIAN MASON: A European uppercut followed by an enzuigiri from the Brazilian veteran!

JERMAINE MARKS: Jinzai may got some wheels, but Chris Strike has this mothafucka grounded, slime.




RANDY THE PILOT: A kickout at two, but a good start by Chris Strike. Looks like he about to tag out to Luke.

Strike does get to his feet after the latest kickout and tags out to Luke, who receives a loud chorus of boos as soon as he hits the ring. Wisia taunts the fans for a few seconds before he quickly walks over and pulls Jinzai up to both feet by his hair. Wisia quickly irish whips Jin into the ropes and he runs to the opposite ones before the two meet back in the center of the ring, where Luke drops Jinzai with a sling blade! The hated youngster then goes for the cover, barking at the ref to count!

BRIAN MASON: A very nice sling blade there by Luke…

RANDY THE PILOT: Damn, that’s it? I was expecting you to talk some shit. Luke done turned into your least favorite Banks.




JERMAINE MARKS: Jinzai with the kickout. Luke gotta know better than to go for the cover when the opponent ain’t even been worn down that much.

Luke quickly gets to his feet and steps back a few before he motions for Jinzai to get to his feet as well. Wisia begins motioning for the Bank Shot, getting a “you fucking suck” chant from the audience, which distracts him as he returns the insults back at them. Strike quickly yells at Wisia to pay attention as Jinzai is slowly getting up to both feet. Luke turns around and quickly goes for a Bank Shot, but Jin ducks it at the last second!

BRIAN MASON: The Bank Shot misses!

RANDY THE PILOT: Here we go…

The Banks family member then turns around and is met with a Pele kick that stuns him! Wisia drops to a knee and Jinzai quickly springs to his feet, pumping up the audience before he charges forward and catches Luke right in the cranium with a single leg dropkick that drops him! Jin gets to his feet again afterwards and turns his back on the laid out body of Wisia before he flips backwards before landing a picture perfect standing corkscrew moonsault! Jinzai then goes for the cover, hooking both of Luke’s legs!

JERMAINE MARKS: What in the hell was that, slime?!

BRIAN MASON: That was a standing corkscrew moonsault! And that might be it for Wisia!




After the kickout, the audience quiets down until Jinzai rolls over to his corner and tags in Jaxon Queen to a round of cheers from the audience! Queen races into the ring and charges right at Luke, who is slowly getting to his feet, before turning him inside out with a lariat! Jaxon then charges at Chris and knocks him off of the apron with a forearm smash before he races back over to Wisia and goes for the cover!

RANDY THE PILOT: That momentum shift has gone completely on one side now!

JERMAINE MARKS: This fool all about momentum and soon enough, he gonna lose it. He always does.




Jaxon quickly gets to his feet after the kickout and motions for Luke to do the same. Wisia is slow to get to his feet, but once he does and turns towards Queen, the Killer of Fuckboys rushes forward and floors him with a running forearm! Wisia hits the mat with a thud before Queen goes for the cover again!

BRIAN MASON: What a running forearm by Queen! Wisia may be out cold right now!




RANDY THE PILOT: Strike broke it up, but I think Jaxon might have had Luke there!

Strike stomps on the back of Queen’s head to stop the three count from happening, but he continues to stop away even after the kickout, forcing the ref to pull him away. Queen and Wisia are both slow to get to their feet while Strike makes it back to his corner. Jaxon is up to both feet first and he attempts to catch Luke wit another lariat, but Wisia ducks at the last second! Queens sharply turns around afterwards and is met with a crossbody from Luke who goes for the cover afterwards!

BRIAN MASON: Crossbody by Wisia!




JERMAINE MARKS: C’mon, he know he gotta do more than that.

Luke rolls away from Jaxon after the kickout, not even bothering to argue the count as he tags in Chris Strike to boos. Strike quickly hits the ring and motions for Queen to get up to both feet. Once the Erie native is up to a vertical base, the veteran drops him with a roundhouse kick that sends him falling face first onto the mat! Strike then drops down and rolls him over before he goes for the cover, barking at the ref to count!

JERMAINE MARKS: Damn, I heard that kick to the head!




RANDY THE PILOT: That still ain’t enough to put Queen down. You gotta factor in pride too. Jaxon don’t want to be losing to two of his War Ready opponents.

Strike shakes his head as he gets to his feet again and pulls Jaxon up to both feet by his hair. Chris then grabs Queen and using the ropes, drops the young man with a rope assisted asai DDT! The audience lets Strike hear it with boos as he goes for the cover again, this time hoping that it’s enough to put away Queen!

BRIAN MASON: VAJRA CONNECTS! Queen might be out cold right here!




JERMAINE MARKS: Shiiit, I thought that was it!

The veteran shakes his head again before he tells Luke to enter the ring to help him out. Strike then grabs Queen and slowly gets him up to both feet before motioning for Luke to catch him with the Bank Shot! Wisia smiles before he attempts the Bank Shot…only for Queen to dodge it at the last second, forcing Luke to kick Chris right in the face, knocking him out cold!


Wisia stares at the laid out Strike, wide-eyed, before Queen grabs him from behind and hits a release german suplex that sends him flying before he rolls out of the ring! Jaxon then gets to his feet and drags Chris to his corner before he tags in Jinzai, who goes up top! Jinzai pumps the audience up while Jaxon makes sure Luke can’t get back in the ring before he leaps off and connects with al elevated, corkscrew shooting star press! Jinzai goes for the cover on Strike while Queen keeps guard!

JERMAINE MARKS: That’s game right there, slime!

BRIAN MASON: Ride On Shooting Star! Strike is out like a light!






Jinzai gets to his feet and he and Queen celebrate with a quick bro hug before they have their hands raised by the ref. Luke gets to his feet on the outside and sees that he and Strike lost and marches off, pissed, while Jaxon and Jin each climb the turnbuckles of a corner in the ring and hype the audience up after their victory.

WINNERS: Jaxon Queen & Jinzai (14:01)

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Cameras cut to the backstage area of the Bryce Jordan Center yawl. Fran walked down the hallway visibly upset by that stupid spelling bee that took place earlier.


The Crowned Royalty Champion continued – turning a swift corner. She then came to a halt. The camera still fixed on her back.

FRANCESCA: Damn bruh what you doin’ here?!

She asked ecstatically. Cameras slowly zoomed in on Fran’s back then turned the corner along with her to capture the figure of one Brandon Banks! …Which of course, soured the audience.

FRANCESCA: Bruh, B, I think yawl right about this gen. A spellin’ bee? The hell that be provin’ out here yawl? This ain’t a classroom. Wish I coulda been in ya generation fam. Less lessers then.

The HKW owner scratched at the back of his head and pulled a rolled up joint out of his ear.

BRANDON BANKS: To be honest though, you did kinda bring that one on yourself, Fran. You shoulda never said nothin’ about bein educated or nonna that because these ninjas today will use anything to expose you. Trust me.

Speaking from experience, Banks stuck the joint in between his lips and searched in his pockets for a lighter.

BRANDON BANKS: But I came out here hopin’ for someone to gimmie a lighter, but then I heard you yellin’ bout spellin’ and shit so I figured now was a good a time as any to ask you what I been meanin’ to ask you for weeks now.

Frustrated, Banks pulled the joint out from his mouth and flailed his arms up in the air.

BRANDON BANKS: Maaaaaaaaaaan, you got a lighter, bruh? I’m losin’ my mind right na.

Fran pouted a bit because she knew she did reach a tiny bit when she said she could match Selena King’s New York University education. The Crowned Royalty Champion reached into her hoodie pocket – pulling out a bright pink Hello Kitty lighter. She tossed it to BB.

FRANCESCA: There. Don’t say shit bruh. Hello Kitty was bae. Ask me what though?

Fran thought about it for a moment.

FRANCESCA: Yawl want me to go pick Ron up from rehab? Damn bruh I really hope he doin’ well.

BRANDON BANKS: Bruh, Ronnie been outta rehab for like two weeks now. He out there in NASA gettin’ trained to become an astronaut now. Probably gonna get halfway through the training and dip though… like usual.

Finally, Banks lit up his joint in the middle of the hallway, not giving a damn about anything or anyone backstage.

BRANDON BANKS: You tryna be on my War Games SQUAD though? I mean, shit… you and Luke gonna need to stop fightin’ and realize that y’all got the same common enemy first though. One person is responsible for all the shit y’all been had to go through these last however many months.

He took a hit from the joint and exhaled the smoke before he smoke back up.

BRANDON BANKS: Fel. It’s all my goddamn sisters fault all this shit is happenin. She like Megan from Drake and Josh, bruh. Nobody notices what kinda demon she is anymore and it’s because she got good at hiding it. Now I know that she ain’t in this match, but this is how y’all gonna get one over on her.

He took another pulled and held this one in as he continued.

BRANDON BANKS: This match gonna be monumental, bruh. One of the biggest in HKW history, and for you to be able to say you were in the first ever War Games match in HKW and WON? That’s big, bruh.

Banks finally exhaled the smoke, his eyes getting glossier and glossier.

BRANDON BANKS: Hell, this shit might open up some new opportunities too. Think bout it, you become the No Limits champion at House of Pain, and walk away victorious on War Games, who the hell is in front of Francesca when it come to who’s next in line for a HKW World title match?

Fran was visibly excited by the prospect of all the gold she could gain in 2016. Effectively trumping all of the success she had the previous year.

FRANCESCA: Gotdamn, yawl. It’s bout FUCKIN’ time someone came correct like that, son. Damn. None these politically correct lessers workin’ in the office was EVA Finna try givin’ me what I deserve, yawl. NEVA EVA. Cause I ain’t fit the company image. But YAWL see what’s really good.

Fran said. Clapping her hands together greedily.

FRANCESCA: But shit, yawl. This jawn fixin’ to open hella new doors that Fleexican BEEN ready to bust through. I’m in yawl. WE FINNA SHAKE ON IT?

Fran extended her arm for a handshake. Just as Brandon went to close the deal.

FELICITY BANKS: Unbelievable….

The voice of the No Limits champion caught both Fran and Brandon off guard as they sharply turned their heads and saw Felicity leaning against the hallway wall.

FELICITY BANKS: This is what you two have become? My Hall of Fame brother. A once praised and feared wrecking-machine, now a spineless promoter who can’t fight his own battles. Nope. Instead of fighting Zero one on one, you decide that you guys need teams. Teams that’ll do all the work, but then you’ll be the one who takes all the credit,

The No Limits champion laughed.

FELICITY BANKS: And since I turned your offer down, who do you go to?

She pointed at Fran.


Felicity took a step toward Fran and squinted her eyes.

FELICITY BANKS: Can’t do anything without taking a shortcut, can you? Granted, a War Games match isn’t exactly a shortcut, but your eyes sure did light up once our great and totally not power crazed owner here brought up a potential World title match.

Fel smirked slyly.

FELICITY BANKS: But that means you would have to get through me first, and I think we both know the chances of that happening are slim to none.

The No Limits champion shook her head as she stared both her brother and former best friend down.

FELICITY BANKS: You both make me sick. I seriously can’t believe that this what you’ve both become. And you…

She looked directly at Brandon.

FELICITY BANKS: You need to calm down and take a step back before you throw everything away again.

After hearing Felicity’s words, Brandon simply waved them off and walked away from both Fran and Fel without saying a word. Felicity looked back at Fran, who still stood there smiling – unable to get the idea of being at the tippy top of the Defiance brand out of her head. The scene faded on an utterly disgusted Felicity mouthing off that she’d be putting a stop to this in the main event Tag Team match later that night.

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“House of 1,000 Corpses” By Rob Zombie is playing throughout the arena as the cameras pan inside the ring showing Nicole Hamilton laying on her side inside the ring, clutching onto the old bloodlust championship. The fans boo and throw heat her way, but a smile crosses her face as she closes her eyes, rubbing her face on the belt holding in tight in her clutches. She raises a mic up to her lips, licking them before speaking out…

NICOLE HAMILTON: Wake up…wakkkkeeee uppp….wakkeeeee uppp baby bloodlust….

Nicole sings softly in an eerie voice, getting quieted by the boos. As she hears the hate, her smile widens as her eyes flicker open, looking into the cameras before licking the belt some, before giggling.

NICOLE HAMILTON: Baby…look out there. You see that? Ya see all those people standing and sitting behind those guard rails? Those are the people I was telling you about. The people that don’t care about you or I, but care about that wicked Bitch Salem. The people that cheer and support the people who don’t earn shit, but instead pop up here on the show and expect to get handouts and welcomed in with open arms. Those are the hypocrites of the world. Those…those are the ones who are truly lost. One moment they cheer and support one person and the next? As soon as they see something they don’t like? They flip you like an old penny. Jokes…they’re all jokes…

She smiles, before pressing her cheek against the belt some more, feeling it on her skin as she smiles.

NICOLE HAMILTON: But the biggest joke of all, is Salem Cartier. She spends eternity away from this ring and the moment she comes back, she automatically assumes it is okay to interrupt me and MY big moment. A moment I worked my ASS off for a year. I worked MY ASS OFF to gain the respect of you fuckers out here and the fuckers in the back. Did I ever get that? NO! NOT EVEN WHEN I WON THIS DAMN BELT! WHEN MY NAME WAS SAID AND THE BELL RANG YOU SONS OF BITCHES DIDN’T EVEN RESPECT ME THEN! Who did? Maybe one or two of you in the back. THAT IS IT. But you have Salem come back and all of you are up her ass like she’s been on show after show week after week like I was! WHAT HAS SHE PROVED SINCE SHE’S CAME BACK HERE, HUH?!!? YOU WANNA KNOW?!?!

Nicole says, before shaking her head with a grin.

NICOLE HAMILTON: She’s proven that she enjoys the taste of my boot more than she does the taste of her…..

Nicole pauses, before smirking a little bit shaking her head stopping herself.

NICOLE HAMILTON: The taste of her own words. Because as much as she likes to talk and talk and talk and make fun of me and try to discourage me, ALMOST DAMN NEAR EVERY TIME I END UP HAVING THE LAST LAUGH! I’m unstoppable. She can’t touch me because that coward knows if she even thinks about it again, she’ll find herself inside a hospital on life support because she knows I’ll stomp her throat and squeeze my boot down till she’s blue in the face taking her absolute very last breath….because she is useless.

She says with a smirk again, rubbing her belt some more.

NICOLE HAMILTON: Tonight? This entire “Tagapalooza” event is stupid. My partner tonight? Is as dumb as it gets. You honestly think I need her help to beat Ashley Sullivan and that trainwreck Brian Stryker? I’ve gotten in Ashley’s head before and Stryker? He’s nothing but a little bitch who doesn’t even deserve to be in the Bloodlust scene. He gets to go on to War Ready go attempt to get MY belt back while I’m stuck facing off against my deadbeat partner this evening, Salem. Salem, tonight don’t even bother showing up…because I. Don’t. Need. You. Sit your ass in the back and take out a notepad and start writing excuses for yourself not to show up to War Ready because you won’t be there…just like you won’t be out here tonight. This is MY match. War Ready is MY match. YOU ARE LIVING IN MY WORLD, SALEM. A world where the opinions of these puppets in the arena mean shit. The world where “Witches” die a horribly painful death by a demon, and a world where any future opportunity at being a Bloodlust Champion again in your near future is impossible. But….

Nicole says, raising an eye brow before shaking her head.

NICOLE HAMILTON: If your ass does show up tonight….if you step foot in my ring and my match and even attempt to tag yourself in….I’ll make sure that by the end of it, you’ll end up like Ashley and Brian..and that’s with a foot print of my boot stamped right across your neck.

The fans continue to boo her, as she curls up and cuddles with her baby some more.

NICOLE HAMILTON: March 13th, 2015. Mark that date down. Keep it in your calendar and set your alarms. Because for the lucky puppets sitting in the Barclays Center, you’ll all witness the end of Salem Cartier. The only woman standing high at the top, is yours truly….

She looks around, listening to the boos and the hate from the fans as she smiles widely.

NICOLE HAMILTON: Don’t believe me? Re-watch Defiance’s. Pay attention tonight. The end is near Salem…either you accept it…or I’ll beat the living fuck out of you to drill it…literally, drill it in your head….

Nicole spits out, before dropping her mic before closing her eyes again, hanging on tightly to her bloodlust championship….her baby…

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The scene fades outside the RIP locker room door. Loud music is heard blaring from inside the locker room as Lance Winters steps up to the door. He nods his head to the muisc then steps inside with a smile on his face.


Lance looks around to see it was just Volkov in the locker room listening to the music.


Viktor Volkov smirks before taking a swig from his custom flask.

VIKTOR VOLKOV:. One man kill machine…

He says before rising from the steel chair he was sitting on, bumping fists with Winters.

VIKTOR VOLKOV:. …two man kill machine.

Winters nods.

LANCE WINTERS:. That’s exactly WHAT THE FUCK I wanted to hear. Look..Turn that shit off for me will ya? I need to say something to ya.

Volkov turns, pulling the phone away from the speaker dock, resting the phone face down on the table before looking to Lance.

VIKTOR VOLKOV:. What do you need say, Prez?

Lance looks over to Volkov and his charm and smile fades away. He looks at his Reaper brethren and stares hard at him.

LANCE WINTERS:. We’re not putting on no fucking “wrestling match” tonight. You understand me Vik? We’re not going out there to please a goddamn soul.

He points to a poster with the Grim Reaper on it.

LANCE WINTERS:. Tonight we please The Reapers and kill those mother fucks. I want blood, Vik. I want them sons of bitches dead. DEAD YOU HEAR ME?! i want their fucking heads in a garbage can on the way to the damn junkyard.

The Red Wolf returns Lance’s stare with a stoic one of his own. He individually cracks his knuckles, one by one, before speaking.

VIKTOR VOLKOV:. No wrestle match. Yes. I am like this.

He begins to nod, a frown suddenly appearing on his face.

VIKTOR VOLKOV:. There is time where nobody is dare try to pull this shit to the Reapers. Maybe this is different time. But we will remind.

Viktor turns, looking to the poster Lance was pointing at.

VIKTOR VOLKOV:. They want blood. You want blood. I want blood. We will give them this. Yes.

LANCE WINTERS:. I DON’T care what the fuck happens out there son. As long as these mother fucks KNOW the REAPERS ARE NOT FUCKING around no goddamn more.

Lance walks over to the fridge and pulls out a beer. He pops open the bottle and chugs it.

LANCE WINTERS:. The Weapers. Shall Reap.

With that Volkov walks back to the table he was sitting at, pulling hand-wrapping tape as well as metal ball bearing out of his bag.

VIKTOR VOLKOV:. I have been looking for reason to use.

He shakes the pouch before letting it drop down onto the table, a heavy thud echoing throughout the room as the two Reapers prepare for the task ahead.

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The scene fades back into the arena as Whisper Viperi is noticelbly staying at ringside this time around rather than being inside of the ring to announce the upcoming match.

WHISPER VIPERI: The following match is…Well yes you guessed it. A Tag Team Match set for one fall!

The fans chuckle a little until…

Here I Stand
Helpless and left for dead

The lights in the arena go completely out as Dance With The Devil by. Breaking Benjamin hits the PA System. As the base kicks in the lights begin to flash silver, white and black as if they were strobe lights surrounding the arena. The arena explodes in anticipation for the Reapers In Pride.

Close your eyes
So many days go by
Easy to find what’s wrong
Harder to find what’s right

The camera then pans towards the crowd as Lance Winters & Viktor Volkov are seen standing at the top of a stairways on opposite sides of the arena of each other looking out to the fans. They begin to slowly make their ways down the stairs.

WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing first….Lance Winters & Viktor Volkov…At a combined weight of 428 lbs. , THE REAPERS IN PRIDE!

As fans reach out to try and touch the men they pull their arms away and pushes the fans away. Some even go ahead and threaten the fans that tried and reach out. After being separated from the fans by security they continue down the stairs to the barricade.

They stop looking around the arena and towards the ring then hops over the barricade. Slides into the ring and steps into the center of the ring walking around as if they owned the joint. They look over to the announcers desk giving them a hard cold stare before turning away from them setting their eyes towards the crowd.

They shake their heads and look towards the ramp waiting for whoever to come out to their ring.

JERMAINE MARKS: These niggas looking like they ain’t here for no damn wrestling match slime.

RANDY THE PILOT: Word. I don’t think we’re about to witness your typical tag team match by no means.

BRIAN MASON: I can’t believe you two are actually sounding smart for once. Wow. I’m so pr–

JERMAINE MARKS: I’m bout ready to smack the shit out of you slime?!

“I Hope You Suffer” blares throughout the arena as Rhys Baines slowly makes his way through the curtain, followed by some of his fellow HOD members. He is met with a round of boos before he slowly makes his way down to the ring, cracking his neck.

WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing, from Cardiff, Wales; weighing in at 222 pounds, representing HOD, he is RHYS BAINES!

Rhys stops at the end of the ramp looking inside the ring at both of Lance and Viktor with a smirk on his face.

BRIAN MASON: Smart move by Rhys here. I wouldn’t wanna be getting into that ring with those two by myself. Especially when they hate your freaking guts!

JERMAINE MARKS: Word to slime. But Mase you a pussy ass nigga so you wouldn’t do shit to be honest.

An eerie ambient sound plays, as the lights flash on and off again. The lights suddenly flash in red to the melody of the song. The song, “I Hope You Suffer” by AFI plays as a silhouette appears from out of the red. In his signature controlled stagger, Page comes out, hands extended, head down. Slowly his raises his head, soaked in the red lights. Fans boo him as he makes his way to the ring.

WHISPER VIPERI: From Flint, Michigan weighing in at two hundred and thirty-seven pounds, he is the “KING OF THE FUCKIN’ WORLD” JIMMY…PAAAAAAGE!!!

He whips his hair out of his eyes as he snatches away from of the extended hands, almost threatening to hit someone. Page stops from time to time, swearing at some of the fans and getting in their face. As Page finishes his march of ridicule, he stops at the top of the ramp. His eyes dead, his expression stoic as he glares around the arena, the lights still radiating. Page looks over to his fellow HOD member and then looks back to the ring.

BRIAN MASON: These guys war tanks about to collide ladies and gentlemen. This tag team match up might just well be a battle for the ages to come?!

RANDY THE PILOT: Even them HOD ninjas looking like they ain’t here for no damn wrestling match bruh. Shit.

JERMAINE MARKS: I don’t know if it’s safe for anyone to be out here right now slime.

Rhys and Page walk in separate directions as they begin to walk around the ring while keeping their eyes on both of the Reapers. The Reapers stand at the ready while they too kept their eyes on the HOD members. Rhys and Page then sprint in the ring and the two factions began to brawl in the middle of the ring. Lance and Page were seen going at it while Rhys and Viktor were seen trading punches. The referee stood there in the ring looking as if he didn’t what to do. Before it got too out of hand he got out of the ring and watched with everyone else as they seen the fist fight continue. Neither one of these men were letting up by no means necessary.

JERMAINE MARKS: Slime got the fuck up outta there bruh hahaha! I can’t even blame em!


Page raked the eyes of Lance and made the Prez stumble back into the ropes holding his eyes. Jimmy then took a step back and sized Winters up. He sprinted towards Lance going for a clothesline but at this same time Lance regained his vision and pulled Page down with him at ringside causing the two to crash down. The two slowly got back up to their feet and once they seen one another they began to trade punches once but this time Lance was the one to utilize some dirty tactics as he punched Page in the family jewels. Page stumbled back holding himself while trying to catch his breath. Lance wasn’t about to let the now World Tag Team Champion get off that easy as he begins to sprints over and spears Page through the barricade and onto the fans! Winters mounts himself on top of Jimmy and begins to rain down some hellashish punches before grabbing a fans beer and waterboarding Page with it. Lance calls for another beer and does it again and again until Page was seen choking on the beer.

RANDY THE PILOT: Bruh where the fuck is security?! These ninjas gonna kill each other.

Back in the ring Rhys and Viktor were putting on a boxing match like no other. Both were blocking each other’s punches but left themselves open for heavy blows to the jaw and body nearly knocking one another out. Volkov waved Rhys over to hit him harder and that’s then Baines truly started to tee off on him. Rhys backed Volkov back into the ropes while Volkov did everything he could to block the punches. Volkov ducked under a punched and cause Rhys to lunge into the ropes. The two now switched places as Volkov was now the one teeing off on Baines. Volkov pulled back going for a huge elbow strike but before he could Rhys shot for his legs and picked him up before taking him down hard on the mat. Rhys was not mounted on top of the Red Wolf starting to gain some ground and pound.


Back outside the ring now Lance is seen being Suplex on a pile of chairs by Jimmy Page. The Reaper Prez yelps out in pain as Jimmy’s face still dripping of beer begins to stomp down on him. Jimmy yells at the fans to get the hell out of his way as he goes to pick himself up a full cup of beer. He walks over looking to get revenge for Lance’s waterboarding earlier. Before he could even make it over to Lance, the Prez lifts up a chair again targeting the family jewels..But the beer still gets spilled on Lance’s head despite his efforts. Jimmy falls to a knee again lost in breath. The two then begin to trade punches once Winters gets up joining Page on one knee. The eventually get up to their feet as the punches begin to intensify.

BRIAN MASON: This can’t go on much longer?! Where is security?!

“Hero” by. Skillet hits the PA System as Defiance General Manage Romeo Price steps out onto the stage with a microphone in hand. He looks inside the ring and over at the war in progress outside the ring in the stands. He shakes his head.

ROMEO PRICE: Cut the music!

The music quickly turns off as Romeo looks at the men still fighting despite his presence.

ROMEO PRICE: Hmph…Security?! Break this nonsense up! Right now! Right goddamn now!

Security guards come running down the ramp and go to break up the men from fighting but it was them that were now the enemy of the four brawling men. All four men began to beat down the security guards.

JERMAINE MARKS: Welp, that ain’t work. Haha fuck them security ass niggas slime. Fuck them niggas up!

After the security guards are all down, the four men go right back at each other but this time it was Volkov against Page and Lance against Rhys. Romeo looked at the laid out guards and shook his head.

ROMEO PRICE: Officers! Officers arrest those men at once! And get them out of my arena!

A dozen police officers now come running down the ramp and eventually get a hold of them. It took three officers to take down one of each of the men. They place the cuffs on all four men and begin to escort them out of the arena. The fans booed the police and even began to chant “FUCK THE POLICE”.


BRIAN MASON: Hey! They’re just doing their jobs! This entire thing could of resulted into some serious injuries, Jermaine!

RANDY THE PILOT: They wasn’t harming no damn body though!

JERMAINE MARKS: Word to slime. You just a pussy ass nigga Mase. FREE MY NIGGAS SLIME!

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We find Salem Cartier walking down the hall, going over things in her head for the match later on. She rounds a corner and stops in her tracks, eyes narrowing.

SALEM CARTIER:. Oh great, it’s you…. partner.

The scene shows Nicole Hamilton standing in front of her, holding her “baby bloodlust” championship. She has her eyes locked on Salem as she clenches her title close to her, bringing it to her face as she speaks to it eyes directly on Salem.

NICOLE HAMILTON Oh, please. Like you aren’t happy to see me. Look, Baby. See that over there?

She says, looking at her “baby” before pointing to Salem shaking her head.

NICOLE HAMILTON: That’s the one that TRIED to take you away from me….

She continues to shake her head, clenching the belt tighter and tighter. As she steps closer to her, she looks her dead in the eye before looking up and tilting her head.

NICOLE HAMILTON: Let me make one thing absolutely clear about tonight. I’m sure you saw what I had to say earlier….and I’m sticking by each word. This match? I don’t need you. This entire night? It’s stupid. You aren’t special or important in this match….and you shouldn’t even bother coming out for it. Sit back here and take notes. Clearly you’re going to need them if you think you even have a chance at beating me in a last woman standing match….so take notes. Stay back here. And stay out of my way…because at the end of the day…I have no problem ending you before then….

Nicole says as she glares at her. Salem looked at her, arching an eyebrow at her.

SALEM CARTIER:. Are you finished, can I talk now? Yeah? Good. Listen up and listen close… I heard what you had to say, obviously. Doing that thing you love to do, which is run your mouth. None of it matters, I’m not afraid of you. Now I could sit back here and let you get whipped in a handicap match, because that is what would happen. Even that “belt” of yours can’t save you from that.

Salem makes quotation fingers in the air and rolls her eyes.

SALEM CARTIER:. The thing is I don’t like to lose, so if you got beat tonight it would reflect poorly on me too. So I hate to burst your bubble, but I will be out there tonight. And you better tag me, and tag me right. If you slap me I’ll slap you right back, and there won’t be a Last Woman Standing Match, because they’ll have to scrape you off the mat tonight, understand? And if you bring that “belt” anywhere near me, with all due apologies to Patrick Swayze, may he rest in peace…. I will put Baby in a corner. Got it, Hamilton?

She stepped closer, nose to nose now as if a punch was about to be thrown by one or the other of them. Before a punch could be thrown Head of Security RED steps in between them as Defiance General Manager is seen looking at the two ladies shaking his head a bit in disappointment.


He takes one look at Salem.

ROMEO PRICE:. Ms. Cartier you should know better on how to conduct yourself…

He turns his gaze over to Nicole. Instead of saying anything to her he simply rolls his eyes.

ROMEO PRICE:. Before either of you make a fool of yourselves by saying or doing something let me say this ladies…There will be no more physical interactions between the two of you. To be quite honest, I don’t even want you two near each other until War Ready…

Their obvious displeasement by this order by their general manager was seen in the faces of both former Bloodlust Champions.

ROMEO PRICE:. Yes, I do enjoy this little back and forth between the two of you but I will not allow it continue and risk losing a fantastic match at War Ready. You both have something to prove come that night not only to yourselves but the entire Defiance…No…The entire company. To every single Hard Knox fan who will be watching that night.

Price holds up his index finger and points at the two of them.

ROMEO PRICE:. And I want you two at your best. I don’t want either of you cheating yourselves out of an opportunity to best out your opponent. Do I make myself clear ladies?

He doesn’t wait for an answer.

ROMEO PRICE:.This is over. And it will end at War Ready…Let the best woman be the last woman standing. Show me how bad you want the Bloodlust Championship back in your grasp. Show these people you have what it takes to rise through the ranks. Prove the doubters wrong ladies. You have a chance to do this ladies.

Nicole looks over at the both of them, before stopping herself from saying something else, and grasping her “baby” tighter, rolling her eyes as she stomps away at the scene.

Posted Image

The scene fades in on Zero McHannon standing in front of his three known teammates at War Ready. He has a sulken look on his face and looks like he hasn’t been taking care of himself lately with an even shaggier beard and color flushed from his face. McHannon paces the room, then turns to Syn, Jinzai, and Jaxon.

ZERO MCHANNON: Interesting team we have here. I can honestly say that I never thought this combination of wrestlers would be in the same ring at the same time, much less on the same team. I called us together today to get our head screwed on in the right direction, because War Games is right around the corner. We all have on goal, besides winning… that should always be the important thing, but this is to beat some sense into Brandon Banks.

Zero’s eyes shift over to Jaxon Queen.

ZERO MCHANNON: Well, most of our goals.

His lips thin out as he paces the floor again, then turns back to the faces looking at him.

ZERO MCHANNON: Regardless of why you’re here, you already know that we will have to rely on each other. Fight as a team, or fail as individuals. There’s no game plan to these types of matches, except to go into that cage and fight like hell. I just wanted to formally say that I will be starting the match off. Me versus Brandon Banks, the first ones in. It started with him kicking me in the face, and I’m going to make him eat his words, and hopefully we get the man advantage. Give Banks the REAL medicine that he needs.

McHannon pauses as he sighs and looks down to the ground, then pulls his head back up quickly.

ZERO MCHANNON: I’m not really sure who else to pull onto the team either, as of now. I don’t have many friends to begin with, and this group that we’ve put together… well, I wouldn’t call you guys my friends either, but I do appreciate you standing up and having my back when I needed you the most. Every last one of you. For a moment, I thought it was just going to be me and Syn walking into War Games.

McHannon extends his arms to the group sitting around him

ZERO MCHANNON: But lookie here… a squad. You guys leave it into my hands to find another member, I will make sure that it’s done. Believe me when I’ve said that I’ve been looking far and wide… and I think I might’ve found just the person. Someone shocking. Someone that they will never see coming. Someone that ….—–

He cuts himself short, closes his eyes and smiles, keeping that secret to himself.

ZERO MCHANNON: That’s for another time. Soon. I’ve got myself, and the rest of us, into this mess. I will fight like hell to make sure that we come out on top. This might’ve started with me and Chris Strike, but Strike has what’s coming to him in the long run. I refuse to watch one of my best friends go back to the demon that he was. Some of you want to help me on that path, while others are looking for some revenge on the others. Either way, with the team we’re forming, we’re going to give them a run for their money.

McHannon sits down on the floor indian style.

ZERO MCHANNON: Since we’re a team…. thoughts? I’m listening, so speak loud and clear. Let me know what you’re thinking.

Jaxon clears his throat.

JAXON QUEEN: I think that we just need to be on the same page and put our egos to the side for just this once. Now, I joined the team because I wanna slap the hobo stench off of Jimmy Page and knock some sense into the rest of that team. Personally, I don’t have a problem with anyone in this goddamn team putting the final nail in the coffin in this match and taking the pin. I just wanna fuck some fools up.

Jaxon looks over and Jinzai and Syn.

JAXON QUEEN: I think as long as we show some team unity, we’ll be alright. Ego shouldn’t run rampant on this team like it does on the other team filled with fuckboys like Luke Wisia and Jimmy Page.

Syn arched an eyebrow, looking between both Queen and McHannon before looking up at the ceiling.

SYN: Ego, my dear boy, will not be an issue. I don’t care for obtaining the pinfall. What I want is relatively simple and easy to obtain. I want to tie up a few loose ends and help someone whom I have history with… Even if it means breaking a cage door over his skull. As long as what I desire comes to fruition, I’ll more than play the part of the “Reliable” Ally.

Syn’s use of the word ally wasn’t lost on anyone in the room, even his own protégé as Jinzai looked at him nervously. He’d already told Zero up front that loyalty and being a team player aren’t his strong suits. The long history of betrayal and manipulation more than backed it up. Syn ignored the looks he received, before turning his attention to McHannon once again, a curious look on his face.

SYN: But before all else, I must know one thing. I’m all for keeping your cards close to your chest so to speak. I rather like the idea. But how exactly are we to trust that this… Person, you think will turn things in our favor can handle what’s on the horizon? While you’re trusting of whomever it may be, I’m not exactly fond of leaving these things to chance.

Jinzai reluctantly turned to look over at Syn, biting at his lip nervously.

JINZAI: Actually, Boss… I think we’re in good hands here. Hear me out for a second.

He managed to get out as Syn turned his eyes towards him.

JINZAI: They’re prepared for all of us. They wrestled us or at least got to see what we can do up close and personal. I’m not saying we’re not, but having this works for us, y’know? Having somebody they’re not expecting or on their radar tips that in our favor, right?

Syn continued to stare over at Jinzai, causing the self proclaimed “Super Saiyan” to fidget as he fell silent. Syn finally let out a soft chuckle, a small smirk finding its way onto his face.

SYN: Hmm… Fair enough, I suppose. If it does indeed turn this match on its head, who am I to argue?

Zero listens to them all and nods his head some, smiling to know that this is the team that he will be walking into War Games with as he stands back to his feet and gives a sigh of relief.

ZERO MCHANNON: Glad to know we’re all on the same page then. There’s only one shot at this, so let’s make the best—–….

Suddenly the door opens behind him that makes everyone turn to see who was walking into their meeting. Zero’s eyes widen and his face turns to confusion when he sees Felicity Banks standing in the doorway, then the scene fades away to black.

Posted Image

WHISPER VIPERI: The following is a tag team match! Introducing the first team…

“Crash” by Fit For Rivals blasts over the sound system seconds before HKW Bloodlust Champion Ashley Sullivan walks out onto the stage holding her title belt over her shoulder proudly. Pointing out to the fans all over the arena, Sullivan walks down to the ring. Once she gets down to ringside, instead of climbing inside, Ashley moves around to the other side by the commentators’ table. She stands there for a moment, getting into the mindset for the match to come, before she takes the Bloodlust title belt from shoulder and holds up stretched out high over her head. Holding that pose for a moment, Ashley then slams the title down on the table in front of the commentators.

WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and gentlemen, from Bradley Beach, NJ… the HKW Bloodlust Champion… ASHLEY SULLIVAN!!!!

With her name being announced, Ashley leaps up to the table and stands with her arms outstretched, either showing off for the fans or daring any random person to come try and beat her. After a few seconds of flashing cameras going off around her, Ashley jumps off the table and leaves her title belt on the table to be collected by the ring crew.

BRIAN MASON: Sullivan looks primed and ready here tonight, ready to defend her belt against Stryker just around the corner. But tonight they are partners.

RANDY THE PILOT: Do I smell a love connection? She is single right? Or nah? Man I can’t keep with this stuff. I need a chili dog to calm myself down.

WHISPER VIPERI: And her partner…From the City of Philadelphia, Brian Stryker!

The beginning of Red Flag plays as the guitar intro hammers out into the arena. Brian Stryker walks out from behind the curtain, his hood up. Brian walks to the center of the stage. He gets down on one knee and runs his hand over the floor of thee stage. He rises to his feet and throws his hood back as pyro goes off behind him.

He walks down the ramp, not taking his eyes off the ring. When he gets to the steel steps, he walks up them and climbs the turnbuckle to the top. He looks out to the crowd before holding out his arms and shouting “Reborn” before hopping down onto the floor.

BRIAN MASON: If you notice, Stryker is wearing an armband tonight. I heard it’s all in tribute to his sister, who is currently in a coma.

JERMAINE MARKS: What, did she watch one of his matches, fam?

RANDY THE PILOT: Maaaybe a car accident… or that…

WHISPER VIPERI: And their opponents, introducing first…from Chicago, IL, Nicole Hamilton!

“House of 1000 Corpses” By Rob Zombie hits the P.A system and the arena turns pitch black. Red lights flash around the arena and the fans cheer and chant for the little spitfire from Chicago, Nicole Hamilton. Nicole comes out skipping in her quirky but cute ways, twirling her body back and forth at the top of the stage. As the fans cheer, Nikki skips down the ramp, twirling her dark hair, sliding into the ring grinning and twirling her hair, sneakily. She carries in her possession the old Bloodlust title that she picked up on the last Defiance.

WHISPER VIPERI: And her partner…Currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada… “Something Like a Phenomena”… Salem Cartier!!!

“I’ll get you my pretty… and your little dog too!”

“There’s no place like home!”

The funky drum beat and riff of ‘Phenomena’ by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs fills the arena and the quirky yet energetic Salem Cartier appears at the entrance wearing a hooded dark purple leather tailcoat with huge silver buttons, the hood pulled over her eyes. She carries a silver cane, the top a silver claw gripping a dark purple crystal that has a plasma globe effect. She’s tapping her foot and bopping her head to the beat…

She raises both hands and motions for the fans to get hyped, swinging the cane, then bops her way toward the ring in time with the song, popping her shoulders up and down, swaying her arms around with a coy smile and wink to the audience.

“Hey! Don’t touch, kid; sleep with the lights on
Touch, kid; how you surprise me
Now roll kid, rock your body off!”

She steps up the ring steps, throws her hood back, clutches the top rope and puts her feet on the bottom rope, gazing around and rocking up and down on the ropes…

“You’re something like a phenomena
Something like an astronoma’
Now roll kid, rock your body off!”

She slides through the ropes, twirls off her jacket with a flourish and drops to a knee in the center of the ring, extending her arms out holding up the cane and playing to the crowd as the music fades. She takes the jacket and cane to the corner, ready for the match.

RANDY THE PILOT: These teams are crazy, you know? Two sets of peeps about to face off in a few weeks.

BRIAN MASON: Could make for a very volatile situation.

JERMAINE MARKS: Can you speak English where I understand yeah?

As the teams get to their respective corners and try to determine who will start the match, it doesn’t take long for it to break down with Nicole running across the ring and grabbing Ashley Sullivan by the hair as she was talking to Stryker.

Nicole Hamilton and Salem Cartier vs. Brian Stryker and Ashley Sullivan


Hamilton whips Sullivan down to the mat as both Salem and Stryker throw up their hands in frustration and exit to the aprons. With Nicole in the momentary advantage, she pummeled to the real Bloodlust champ. She grabbed Ashley up and hit her with a spin kick and a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown. Nicole hit a dropkick and then climb the ropes, her eyes wild. When Ashley got to her feet, Nicole leapt off for a diving crossbody, but Sullivan ducked down and Hamilton crashed to the mat.

Now Ashley went on the offensive, as Salem and Stryker both pleaded for tags. Sullivan hit Nicole with a succession of impressive moves that wowed the crowd, including a side Russian legsweep, swinging neckbreaker and a running one-handed bulldog. Ashley looked at Nicole and leapt on her for the pin attempt…




Ashley got back up shaking her head, and then looked over at Salem in the corner. With a smirk, she picked up Nicole and threw her into the corner, allowing Salem to slap her shoulder and tag in. Salem slid in the ropes and circled the Bloodlust champ as the crowd began to roar louder. They locked up in the middle and Ashley wrung the arm and applied a reverse armbar, hitting Salem’s arm for good measure. Now she elbows Salem in the face and whips her into the corner, follows running in for a dropkick… dodged by Salem! Ashley crumpled into a heap in the corner. Salem hauled her up and blasted her with a couple of forward palm strikes to the face before taking Ashley to the mat with a rolling snapmare. As Ashley sat up to her knees, Salem ran across and drilled her with a Shining Wizard, then covered…



RANDY THE PILOT: They going at it like crazy. Know what else is crazy? Squirrels skiing, that is weird, man.

BRIAN MASON: Someone was on youtube earlier, folks.

JERMAINE MARKS: You peep that new Beyonce though?

Salem picked her back up and applied an arm wringer, followed by a succession of chops, and transitioning into a smooth headscissors takedown. Unfortunately, the move whipped Ashley close enough to the corner and Stryker reached out and tagged himself in. Brian slid in and ran over at Salem with a jumping knee strike, but Salem sidestepped it. She went for a spinning discus knee, but Stryker caught her and took her down with an arm drag, and then planted her with a DDT when Salem popped back up. Brian picked her up and took her down with a falling neckbreaker, then ran over and climbed the turnbuckles, leaping off for a diving legdrop… and he hit it! He covered…




Stryker popped back up and hit Salem with several right hooks and a kick to her left side then hit her with Eye of the Tiger (three Tiger suplexes in a row) and then covered again…




Stryker seemed a little frustrated and went back over to the buckles, hopping up on the top one. He measured Salem and leapt off… looking for the Air Stryke! And Salem got her knees up! Stryker crashed right into her knees and rolled off clutching his ribs. Salem got up to her hands and knees as both Nicole and Ashley are yelling now for tags. Both of them are crawling to their corners for the hot tags… but Nicole runs into the ring and runs over hitting Ashley, screaming that she’s the real Bloodlust champ and it’s her baby! Ashley falls off the apron clutching her jaw. Stryker seems puzzled, and Salem turns with raised eyebrows taking this all in. She moves over and rolls Stryker up in a schoolgirl…




BRIAN MASON: Not quite yet, the match continues!

JERMAINE MARKS: This about over or nah? I wanna go talk to that girl in the front row.

RANDY THE PILOT: Yo I got her instagram. Very nice…

As the referee is trying to get Nicole back to her corner, Salem is now yelling at her to go over there. Nicole finally does and debates slapping her to tag herself in, but instead thinks better of it and tags Salem’s hand. Now Nicole runs in, and with Ashley off the apron Stryker has to stay in there. He turns and swings at Nicole wildly, but she ducks and hits him with a hurricanrana. She drags him up and nails him with a DDT, and locks in the Highway to Hell (guillotine choke). She cranks away at it, and Stryker seems to be struggling. Ashley makes it back to the apron and reaches for him. Stryker can’t make the ropes, but he reaches and Ashley tags his outstretched fingers, and leaps into the ring a house afire. She drops a nasty elbow on Nicole, breaking up the hold. She hauls Nicole up as Stryker staggers out. Ashley takes Nicole down with a legsweep, and then runs the ropes, leaping up and flipping back for a moonsault. She stays on for the cover…




Salem had run in and dragged Ashley off of Nicole! And now both Ashley and Nicole turn to yell at her! Nicole is screaming she doesn’t need Salem’s help, and Salem throws up her hands and turns exiting to the apron, overheard yelling “Fiiiine! Gosh. Dang!”. Ashley turns back around Nicole boots her in the head with a spin kick, and locks in the Crazy Train (Octopus hold) in the center of the ring! Sullivan looks to be in severe pain and unable to reach the ropes, and Stryker seems hesitant to help her, but then looks down at the armband on his arm and leaps into the ring, running over and dragging Nicole off his tag partner for the night! Now Nicole is yelling at Stryker, the ref is trying to get him out.. Brian throws up his hands and turns, and Nicole grabs him and shoves him shoulder first into the ring post! She then looks at Ashley getting up, and drops to the mat, as Stryker turns… Nicole is pointing at Ashley, accusing that she was the one that shoved him into the ring post. Stryker doesn’t seem to know what to believe, but exits the ring. Nicole pops up and measures Ashley for a tackle of some sorts, but Salem reaches in and tags herself in. Nicole looks at her shocked! Salem shrugs and enters, as Nicole gets out and grabs her old Bloodlust title off the ringpost, cradling it. Salem just looks at her and shakes her head. And Ashley runs over and drills Salem with Into Dust (Codebreaker)! She covers…




BRIAN MASON: That was her only chance to survive that massive move!

JERMAINE MARKS: That her thing, better lucky than good? Pffft.

RANDY THE PILOT: She’s bad luck, that whole witch thing.

Ashley slaps the mat, and Salem rolls out of the ring onto the floor. Nicole Hamilton drops down to the floor to, seeming to want to leave with the old Bloodlust title, having had enough. She walks away, and Salem and Ashley both yell at her to come back. Ashley however takes the momentary distraction and runs at Salem hitting her with a baseball slide which knocked Salem into the ringside barrier. Seeing Salem in pain must’ve made Nicole change her mind as she walked over with a chuckle and rolled Salem into the ring, and then climbed back onto the apron, putting the old belt back on the ringpost. Ashley went up top for Sunset (swanton bomb) on the downed Salem.. leaping off… Salem rolled out of the way! As Nicole is turned jawing at the fans, Salem rolls over to the corner and tags her back in! Ashley is holds her back in pain, a bit groggy, and she pulls herself up on the ropes, only for Stryker to tag himself back in. ashley seems shocked. He runs in and starts peppering Nicole with punches, but she regains an advantage and hits a spin kick… and she looks over at the corner. Salem is eyeing the old Bloodlust title, which makes Nicole go nuts. She goes over and starts yelling at Salem. But Salem just shrugs and points telling her to turn around… Stryker hits Nicole with the Stryke Out (rolling cutter) and drops down hooking both legs…





WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners… the team of Ashley Sullivan and Brian Stryker!!!

Stryker gets the big win for his team, in honor of his sister no doubt! Nicole is laid out, groggy as can be. Salem seems a bit mad, but not entirely disappointed. Stryker goes back over to Ashley, and she seems slightly positive, but then Stryker points at her Bloodlust title and Ashley bristles, grabbing it and walking to the back, holding it over her head as Stryker follows next to her pointing at her and jawing, saying he wants that belt. With Nicole still down, Salem looks over at the old Bloodlust title and picks it up, looking around at the crowd with a devilish look in her eyes. She holds up one finger and drops to the arena floor. She looks under the ring and pulls something out…. a sledgehammer!!!


She bangs the hammer on the steps and throws the belt on the arena floor. With Nicole starting to stir, Salem pointed the hammer at her and then… she brought the sledgehammer down time after time, smashing the original Bloodlust title into a million pieces. Satisfied, Salem throws down the hammer, yelling at Nicole “How’s your baby now?” as she backs up the ramp. Nicole is beside herself, shrieking, in tears. she rolls out and cradles the various broken pieces of her belt as we head to the next portion of the show!

BRIAN MASON: Stryker gets a big win in tribute to his sister, on the heels of challenging Ashley for that Bloodlust title. He’s gotta be feeling good. And Nicole has to be feeling bad, after Salem just destroyed her “baby”.

JERMAINE MARKS: We just smashing accessories now, is that what we do? Hold up, Mason, lemme cut them shoes up of yours, they be atrocious.

RANDY THE PILOT: Don’t mess with a man’s shoes… on camera anyway!

WINNERS: Brian Stryker and Ashley Sullivan (10:27)

Posted Image


The scene shows a clip of Zero McHannon sitting on his knees in his last War Games match in EXODUS Pro a few years ago as he looks up towards the bright lights on the ceiling. He lowers his head towards the mat as the blood drips off his face to land on the canvas.

Then it slowly fades away as Zero is sitting in front of a Defiance curtain, looking at the camera. The crowd begins to cheer as they now see the face to put with the voice that was first speaking.

ZERO MCHANNON: War Games is a match that can break or make a career. You could walk into the cage completely healthy, and walk out crippled. You could be up a man in advantage, or down a man and clawing to stay in the match. When you think that there’s literally no other way to settle your differences, you step into that cage with a team to settle all of those differences. War Games at War Ready? I can promise you that you won’t see any other match like it…. of its kind… in a long time. And honestly? There’s no better way to settle the shit between me and Brandon Banks, other than a match like this. A match that doesn’t come around but once in every blue moon. A match that needs some of the absolute best wrestlers in the world to make it that much more enjoyable for the people watching at home.

Zero’s staring at the screen, but it cuts to a clip of the cage that will be set up at War Ready. It’s a rectangle cage with two rings, and the picture of it looks like there hasn’t been a match of its kind since the 1980’s, although it has been known to reappear throughout wrestling history.

ZERO MCHANNON: Here I am, down a team member. How I managed to scrape together the team I have right now is beyond me. People stepping out of the shadows not just to be in the War Games match, but to help me and what I have in mind to accomplish. Who will I be able to pull out of my sleeve next? I’ve had a few people in mind, and it just keeps getting better and better.

McHannon winks towards the camera as he smiles and leans back in the chair, crossing his arms in a relaxed position in front of the curtain.

ZERO MCHANNON: But this member I’ve got now? It’s going to sting some. I would never turn down this person who wants to help. I’ve in fact, appreciated and have always respected this person to the fullest. For the first time ever, just like it is with everyone else on my team, we will be joining together to get the job done. You’re watching more than just a War Games match… you’re watching… history.

Zero’s smile fades in front of camera just as quickly as it formed. His face is stern now instead while he leans towards the camera.

ZERO MCHANNON: It’s an honor to introduce the newest member to our team for War Ready…. Felicity Banks.

The crowd goes nuts and drowns out the knoxtron for a good few seconds. Zero walks out of the picture just as Felicity walks into it. She takes a seat where Zero was sitting as video clips of Felicity’s most brutal matches begin to take over the knoxotron.

vs. Onyx Payne

vs. Xavier Asher Daniels

vs. Fran

vs. Billy Joe McCleary

Each video clip ends with the same exact visual. A bloody, battered, and damn near broken Felicity Banks, standing overtop of each of her opponents.

FELICITY BANKS: Surprise, surprise, right? Well, probably not. I think people were able to see that I was pretty damn close to siding with Zero’s team at War Games after last Defiance – so this might not come as a shock to many in the back. But, honestly?

The camera moves up to show Felicity’s face staring directly at the camera in front of her.

FELICITY BANKS: It took me by surprise. I didn’t want to be a part of this. I wanted nothing to do with War Games. Not because I’m scared of the match or what can happen in it, but because it wasn’t my fight. This thing between my brother and Zero? It’s still surreal to me, but I learned awhile ago that in this business? Anything’s possible. Best friends stab you in the back, families get torn apart, and the entire weight of the WORLD falls on YOUR shoulders.

Clips of Brandon helping Felicity out in the early stages of HKW begin to air, followed by their encounter on the previous Defiance when Brandon badmouthed Felicity’s career.

FELICITY BANKS: But then it hit me…

The visuals fade, showing the face of Felicity Banks once again.

FELICITY BANKS: This is my business. This is my brother. My family. Something much bigger and much more important than wrestling will ever be. Everyone knows that family comes first to me, and I won’t sit around and watch my brother throw everything he’s built away. I won’t watch him succumb to his demons again and not to do a damn thing about it! Not when I already have one brother who could barely talk. Barely freaking eat!

She grinds down on her teeth, obviously speaking of Gambino.

FELICITY BANKS: The part that sucks most? Knowing that Brandon could’ve actually been the reason why that happened Jayden, and if he was? Then it’s already begun. Brandon has already started succumbing to his demons and it’s now or never. I have to do something. WE have to do something.

She pauses, looking away from the camera for just a moment.

FELICITY BANKS: I tried to save Luke from himself, and I couldn’t do it…

She shifts her gaze back at the camera.

FELICITY BANKS: But I won’t let that happen again. No one truly realizes what this path that Brandon’s on leads to. Nobody but me. And I’ll be fucking damned if I just sit back and watch the self-destruction of Brandon Banks – take two. Plus…

She smirks, sliding her fingers through her long black hair.

FELICITY BANKS: I have some unfinished business with quite a few people on team SQUAD or whatever. Fran, Luke, Chris Strike… all people that I have unresolved issues with. Will they be resolved at War Ready? Probably not, but one thing’s for sure…

She stands up and looks directly into the camera.


She pauses, looking away from the camera to see Zero McHannon still standing there.

FELICITY BANKS: We… will put an end to Brandon’s tirade before it’s too late.

With that, Felicity turns her heel and walks out of camera view before the picture fades out to ringside.


RANDY THE PILOT: Bruuuuuuuh.

JERMAINE MARKS: That nigga B boutta have a fit, slime.

The camera pans around the entire arena to show the crowds reaction. A lot of people appear overjoyed, but the vast majority seem shocked that Felicity would side with Zero McHannon over her own brother.

Posted Image

The camera cuts to the center of the ring. Standing there are Artemis Kaiser and Scarlet Flint; they are dressed in their street clothes. Both of them have a slightly irritated look on their faces. The crowd wasn’t exactly buzzing, but its level was more of a loud murmur. After a few moments, Artemis lifts her mic.


A hush washes over the crowd.

ARTEMIS KAISER: We did not come out here to show off our good looks. No, there is a very pressing matter that needs to be addressed― now .

She pauses for a moment.

ARTEMIS KAISER: As you all are aware, Scarlet and I have been dealing with a little, problem, here in Defiance. Or, should I say an annoyance. The two men who have been plaguing have been nothing more than fruit flies, pesky gnats hovering round. HKW has allowed these fools to run amuck, unchecked. No looking into things, no investigation. Fine! Tonight we take matters into our own hands.

Scarlet begins to pace around the ring a bit.

SCARLET FLINT: Shit, we could have gone locker room to locker room, kicking ass and what not. But, that woulda been way too much work. So, let’s push the easy button, shall we?

Scarlet walks over to the hard camera.

SCARLET FLINT: Hey motherfuckin’ masked bitches. If you two would be so kind as to pull those dildos out of asses, find your damn manhood, and meet us in the ring…it would be appreciated. Because I swear to God, if we have to come back there―

The crowd begins to stir as the two masked men make their way to the base of the entrance ramp.

SCARLET FLINT: Aye, me favorite fuckboys! Lovely that you could make it.

The two masked guys simply stare at Scarlet and Artemis crossing their arms in the process. This action irritates both members of Sine Mora. The crowd explodes as they want to see the two duos brawl, but there’s no movement from either side.

The masked man on the right whispers something into the ear of the one on the left before reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a microphone. He deepens his voice to disguise it.

MASKED MAN #1: Do we have your attention yet? You know what’s truly tiring? Having to sit in the back week after week waiting for an opportunity to shine. Watching as people come in here and stake their claim to something that should belong to us. Sine Mora is just another example of two people who believe that they belong when they truly don’t. So we decided to thier greatest opportunity away. Now they are hell bent on revenge. So…..

The masked man shrugs as the crowd begins to boo him.

MASKED MAN #1: I figured we’d do you the favor of coming down to the ring and make things easy on you since you want a piece of us so badly. I mean I’d hate to have to make you wait any longer than you already have. It’s as if you’re begging for a fight and we are inclined to give you one. However, before we get in the ring and beat you two to a pulp. I believe my partner has a few things he’d like to say.

The man speaking looks over at his partner in crime then he begins to move down the aisle and towards the ring. He hands the microphone to his fellow assailant. The second guy grabs the microphone and plays with it on his right hand as they move down towards the ring, stopping just at the end of the ramp, looking straight towards Sine Mora who seem eager to get their hands on the duo.

The two masked guys look to the duo in the ring and then the second guy stops playing with the microphone and drives it near his mouth. The crowd seems to momentarily stop making noise, as Sine Mora look straight into the duo waiting for whatever this other guy has to say. He clears his throat but then throws the microphone away and both masked guys rush to the ring.

Just as they do Sine Mora gets ready to fight as the two teams engage in a brawl that sees none of them getting a clear advantage. Artemis gets it on with the guy who spoke as Scarlet does the same with the second guy. As the brawl continues the two masked guys get the upper hand but are quickly thwarted by low blows from Artemis and Scarlet who then proceed to try and take the masks off of both guys.

As the two masked guys struggle to keep their identities hidden, Sine Mora manages to take the masks off and they throw them away to the public. Both guys are kneeling in the ring as Artemis and Scarlet move in to finish them off, but are met with low blows from both guys who then stand up revealing to be Kyo and Adam Adonis.

BRIAN MASON: OH MY GOD! That’s Kyo and Adam Adonis!

RANDY THE PILOT: Now we know what that business Adonis was talking about is!

BRIAN MASON: But why are they messing with Sine Mora?! WHAT’S THE MEANING OF THIS?!

The crowd responds with shock as both guys use the opening to escape the ring and leave the arena through the crowd, just as Sine Mora get to their feet and look enraged with what just happened.

From the crowd Kyo and Adam smirk and shout at the two wrestlers in the ring.

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WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall!

“Heeeeeeeeeeyo, here comes the danger up in this club
When we get started we ain’t gon’ stop
This is your last warning, a courtesy call”

“Courtesy Call” by Thousand Foot Krutch plays over sound system, the crowd giving the HKW Triple Crown Champion a huge ovation as the lights dimmer down and a gold sparklers fall down onto the entrance ramp. There’s still no sign of Felicity as the pyro continues going off, the arena lights dimming down until it’s pitch black. The sparklers are still visible as the a spotlight shines over the top of ramp.

“Can you feel that…?”

The soft voice of Felicity Banks echos throughout the arena as the “Queen of Pro Wrestling” comes out of the curtain with a smug smile on her face. She makes her way through the golden sparklers, her arms extended to her sides with a blowpop in her mouth and the No Limits Championship strap around her waist. She pulls the blowpop out of her and mouth, slowly pacing down the ramp, turning her back to show the camera the “Queen” writing on the back of her sweatshirt. Once halfway down the ramp, Felicity glances at the fans at ringside and smirks once she sees them bowing down in her direction. Felicity bows back toward them as a sign of respect before she walks toward the ring steps.

WHISPER VIPERI: From Jersey City, New Jersey! She is the only HKW Triple Crown champion… THE SUPREME… “FIVESTAR” FELICITY BAAAAAAAAANKS!

Once up the steps, Felicity walks to the middle of the apron, turns around, and sprawls her arms out to her sides while soaking in the cheers from the crowd. She enters the ring and spins around in circles until the lights in the arena begin getting brighter, not stopping until the arena was fully lit. Felicity unzips her sweatshirt and glances at crowd, finally climbing up to the middle rope and unbuckling the No Limits championship from her waist. She stares out into the crowd and holds the No Limits championship in the air while the crowd continues to bow down to her. She hops off the ropes and turns around, sliding her back down against the corner until she was fully seated on the mat. Once seated, Felicity reaches down to her wrist and grabs an armband with the letters “ML” on it, pulls it up to her bicep and sets the No Limits championship on her lip as she waits for her partner.

WHISPER VIPERI: And her partner…

The lights dim, and the opening drums of “Coward” ring out over the speakers. As the heavy guitars hit, the floor lights come up slightly as Shane Atwater steps onto the stage, tinting everything with a bluish hue. He pauses there a moment, head bowed before he looks up, throwing the hood on his vest back and looking out at the crowd. before stalking to the ring with purpose. Atwater makes his way to the ringside area, stopping to look around before climbing up onto the apron.

WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing at this time, standing six feet and three inches tall, weighing in tonight at two hundred-and-forty pounds, this is SHANE ATWATER!

He kneels on the apron gripping the top rope with one hand, taking a moment to hype himself up before he climbs into the ring, immediately heading to mount the middle turnbuckle, taking in the positive reaction of the crowd for a moment and nodding before climbing down and making his way to his corner, a look of grim determination on his face as he awaits the start of the match.

WHISPER VIPERI: And their opponents…

See me in the club…
Wavin’ Strobe Lights!

As the fans erupt into a chorus of boos a beautiful yellow colored Hummer is seen driving into the arena on the side of the entrance ramp. A muscular man wearing a wig exits the driver’s seat then walks to the back – opening the door to allow Fran to get out of her Hummer. Captain HKW steps out raising her No Limits Championship up high to the people.

Fran inhaled as she moved down the ramp looking out to the audience with a disgusted look on her face. Even going as far as to snatch her arm away from a child who reached out to tap her arm.

WHISPER VIPERI: From Boca Raton, Florida….She is the 2015 HKW Crowned Royalty Champion!…. The Fleexican!….. CAPTAIN HKWWWW, FRANNNNNNNNNNNN

She shot a mean stare at the fans before proceeding down the ramp. Fran gets into the squared ring with some enthusiasm. Walking to one side of it in order to wait for the next person to come out.

WHISPER VIPERI: And her partner…

“I Want It All” by Down With Webster begins to play as out through the curtains comes Jack Warren, a nice chorus of boos to greet him. Jack smirks as he looks at all the booing fans, then shakes his head and chuckles, before he begins making his way down to the ring.

WHISPER VIPERI: From Indianapolis, Indiana; weighing in at 203 pounds… he is the HKW WORLD–

Just as Jack Warren gets to ringside, Shane Atwater rolls out of the ring and takes the champion down with a huge lariat! Atwater falls to his knees and starts pummeling away on Warren’s head with rights and lefts as the champion throws his arms in an attempt to defend himself.


RANDY THE PILOT: The bell ain’t even ring yet, bruh!

Back inside the ring, Fran and Felicity stare over at the beatdown Atwater was putting on Warren before Fran charges toward Felicity and takes her down with a spear!

Felicity Banks and Shane Atwater vs. Fran and Jack Warren


Fran tries to lock Felicity in an anaconda vice, but Felicity pulls back on Fran’s hair and drives her knee into the back of head! Fran goes face first to the canvas as Felicity rolls out onto the apron and waits for Fran to get up. The No Limits champion turns her head back to see Warren and Atwater now on their feet, going blow for blow, and catches an unexpected rake to the eyes from Fran!

Fran grabs a hold of Felicity’s hair and pulls her to the corner, looking for an apron superplex! Fran climbs up to the middle turnbuckles and tries to pull Felicity up, but Felicity only lets Fran pull her up to the middle ropes before she presses her dead weight down. Fel blasts Fran in the midsection, spins back to see where Atwater and Warren were, and starts climbing up to the top turnbuckle!

RANDY THE PILOT: The hell is she doin, bruh?

BRIAN MASON: Looks like she wants to go for a frankensteiner from the top rope!

And that was exactly what Felicity attempts, but Fran catches Felicity in mid-air and drops her down onto the apron with a turnbuckle! The No Limits champion falls right to the floor after the big move, Atwater and Warren both looking over to see what the thud was.

With Atwater and Warren temporarily distracted, Fran dives toward them and lands on top of Atwater with a crossbody frog splash, taking Warren down as well! Fran immediately pops up to her feet and flails her arms up in the air, asking the crowd “WHO’S THE RATCHET MINI ME NOW YAWL!”

JERMAINE MARKS: Fleeeeeeeeeexican on fuego here tonight, fam.

Fran moves toward Felicity and pulls her up to her feet just to slide her in the ring. Fran slides in after Felicity and waits for her stand up. Still favoring her back from that super apron powerbomb from Fran, Felicity gingerly gets up to her feet but gets caught with a running big boot to the back of the head from Fran! Atwater gets onto the apron, getting Fran to look over in his direction and yell out “YOU’RE NOT ON MY LEVEL BRUH!” at him.

She shifts her focus back at Felicity and stomps down on her hand, then watches Jack Warren as he gets to his corner. Fran asks Warren if he wants a piece of this “lesser” while pointing at Felicity, to which Warren replies with a head nod. Fran tells him too bad and pulls Felicity up to her feet, but Felicity comes out of nowhere with a right hook, left spinning back fist, and then a big jumping knee to Fran’s face!

BRIAN MASON: Jersey City Bedtime Story!!

RANDY THE PILOT: She mighta broke Fran’s nose again!

Fran immediately grabs at her nose to check for blood, but she was clear. Still feeling the aftereffects from the apron powerbomb, Felicity hobbles toward her corner hunched over to make the tag, but Fran comes out of nowhere and pulls back on her hair, slamming the No Limits champion back down to the canvas. Fran immediately tugs at Felicity’s injured arm and pulls her toward the World champion, allowing him to slap Fran in the back to enter the ring!

Just as Warren enters the ring, Fran grabs a hold of Felicity’s other arm and drops to the mat, holding Felicity’s arms out so where midsection was open. The HKW World champion immediately starts putting the boots to Felicity’s gut until Fran lets her go, and Warren pulls Felicity up to her feet. He yells in the former World champions face before he irish whips her into the ropes, but Felicity slides between Warren’s legs, and catches him with a dropkick to the back of the head! Warrens stumbles forward a bit, grabbing at the back of his head, but then immediately spins around. Warren charges right at the No Limits champion, but Felicity leaps up and catches Warren with the M.A.D!

BRIAN MASON: MOST AMAZING DROPKICK! This is the opening the Supreme needed!

RANDY THE PILOT: Her back gotta be a mess from that apron powerbomb earlier, though. That type of shit don’t go away.

Felicity gets back up to her feet and dives right toward her corner to make the tag to Shane Atwater! The crowd explodes once Shane enters the ring, and glares down at Warren. The HKW World champion begins pleading with Atwater to leave him be, but Atwater shakes his head no and catches Warren with a boot right to the face! Atwater pulls Warren up to his feet and launches him into the nearest turnbuckle before he charges forward and connects with a running european uppercut!

Warren stumbles out of the corner, but Atwater gets behind him, lifts him up in the air, and drops him down with a high angle belly to back suplex! Warren tries to slide out of the ring, but Atwater grabs a hold of Warren’s arm and locks in a cross armbar!


BRIAN MASON: Is Jack Warren going to tap?! Is Shane Atwater going to make the World champion tap right here?!

Warren gestures like he’s about to tap, but Fran enters the ring and drops a big knee right across Atwater’s face to break the submission! Not wasting any time, Felicity walks to the middle of the apron, springs up to the ropes, and catches Fran with her patent “QueeKNEE” springboard knee attack!

Fran rolls out of the ring, and Felicity chases right after her, leaving Atwater and Warren in the ring. Both men get up to a vertical base at about the same time and charge at one another, and it’s Warren who strikes first with a kick to the knee, followed by a double underhook suplex! Warren falls back against the ropes and takes a momentary breather after the big move, looking outside the ring to see Felicity bashing Fran’s face off the ring steps!

After six times, Felicity pulls Fran away from the steps and lifts her over her shoulder, executing a crisp rolling fireman’s carry slam!

RANDY THE PILOT: It’s not everyday that Fel gets to lift people up like that. She’s probably thrilled right now.

JERMAINE MARKS: No she ain’t! Look!

Just as Felicity pops to her feet, Warren was right there to blast her in the side of the head with a rolling elbow strike! Felicity falls down right next to Fran, allowing Warren to slide into the ring, measure Atwater up, and catch him with a running single leg dropkick! Atwater falls back first, allowing the HKW World champion to hook the leg and makes the back press!




Shane kicks out!

BRIAN MASON: Jack Warren was like a madman for a minute there, taking everyone in sight out, but somehow Shane Atwater kicks out at two.

RANDY THE PILOT: That shit there, though? That’s why Warren the World champ. He can just explode at any moment like that.

Warren argues the count with the referee as Shane tries to shake the cobwebs off. The cameras goes outside and shows Felicity and Fran crawling in opposite directions, in the way of their respective corners. Warren sees this and urges Fran to get to the corner so he can tag her into the match as he stomps down on the back of Atwater’s head. Warren hunches over and pulls Atwater up by his hair, then drags him toward his corner just Fran gets to the apron. Fran slaps Warren’s back and climbs up to the top rope while Warren lifts Atwater up for a spinebuster, and Fran dives off the top rope for the reverse bulldog!

Warren immediately exits the ring as Fran crawls on top of Atwater, hooks the leg, and watches the referee get into position…




Before Atwater can even kick out, Felicity Banks comes out of nowhere and lands a low dropkick to Fran’s face! Fran immediately grabs at her nose, screaming at the referee for allowing the No Limits champion into the ring. The referee escorts Felicity out of the ring as Fran walks toward them and begins freaking out.

RANDY THE PILOT: Fran needs to pay attention to Shane, bruh. She wasting precious attack time!

JERMAINE MARKS: She’s been heated since that spelling bee, slime. She can’t keep her cool at all right now.

Fran points her finger at Felicity and tells her that she will forever be the best No Limits champion of all time yawl. Felicity sees her partner starting to stir and continues distracting Fran until Shane gets behind the Crowned Royalty champion, and sends her flying back across the ring with a huge release german suplex!

BRIAN MASON: What a german suplex from Shane Atwater!

RANDY THE PILOT: Yeah, but he tossed Fran right in the direction of her corner and Jack Warren!

It was a race to see who makes the tag first as both Atwater and Fran crawl toward the corners and make the tag to their partners simultaneously! Warren storms into the ring, but Felicity waits and springs onto the ropes to catch the HKW World champion with a springboard dropkick!

She kips up to her feet and waits for Warren to get up, looking as if she were setting up for the Bank Shot! Warren stumbles up to his feet, turns around…


No! Warren ducks out of the way, wraps his arm around Felicity’s head…


No! Felicity shoves Warren away, and catches him with a quick lungblower! She storms back up her feet and begins pulling down on her kneepad, signaling for the “Off With Your Head” knee attack!

BRIAN MASON: This is it! Felicity’s about to close this match!

Warren staggers up to his feet and spins around in a circle. Felicity looks ready to attack, but Fran grabs her by the hair and rips her back toward the ropes! Felicity spins around and catches Fran with a right hook to the jaw, but Warren comes up from behind the No Limits champion and locks his arms around her waist!

Fran reaches into the ring and makes the blind tag to Warren as he lifts Felicity up for the german suplex, but she transitions out of it, and rolls out of the way! Warren spins around and looks to go after Felicity, but Shane Atwater comes out of nowhere and clothesline Warren out of the ring, going right out with him!

Felicity watches the bitter rivals fall out of the ring, thinking that Jack Warren was still legal and what she should do. She looks ready to exit the ring until Fran sneaks up behind her, and rolls her up in a school boy with her feet on the ropes!!





WHISPER VIPERI: The winners of this match… Jack Warren and Francescaaaa!

Fran rolls right out of the ring after the sneak pin, throwing her arms up in the air and celebrating. Felicity looks out at Fran, stunned that she allowed her former protege to steal a win like that, and confused as to when Fran became legal. Felicity pleads her case with referee, stating that Fran had her feet on the ropes, but the referee tells her he didn’t see it.


RANDY THE PILOT: Girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, bruh. Referee ain’t seen it, so as far as I’m concerned… that shit was legal.

Fran points and laughs at Felicity, finally pushing her over the edge. The No Limits champion exits the ring, and chases Fran all the way up the entrance ramp and to the back!

JERMAINE MARKS: We need a camera back here now!

BRIAN MASON: Hold on, Jermaine! Look what’s happening right in front of us!

WINNERS: Jack Warren and Francesca via pinfall (15:16)
Shane Atwater and Jack Warren get back up to their feet and immediately start going blow for blow! They take one another down to the ground and start choking the life out of each other, neither one of them getting a clear advantage! Warren hits Atwater with a right hand to the head, but Atwater fires back with a headbutt to Warren’s nose! Warren falls back, his nose now bleeding, and lunges back at Shane to deliver a couple more right hands!

BRIAN MASON: These two might just kill each other!

Finally, a swarm of security guards come running down the entrance ramp with Romeo Price following behind them! The security guards run around the ring and separate the two bitter rivals as Romeo pulls a microphone out from his side pocket. He looks at the two men trying to free themselves from the security guards’ grasp.


They still try.

ROMEO PRICE: Goddamnit I said that is enough!

After the security guards get both men to stop struggling Romeo straightens up his suit.

ROMEO PRICE: I’ve seen just about enough tonight. But I have most certainly seen enough from the two of you. You two want to put each other through hell? Sure, I get it. I understand it. Hell…I recommend every bit of it. Which is why I have selected your challenger for the World Championship, Mr. Warren.

Atwater smirks as Warren shakes his head and curses in Romeo’s direction.

ROMEO PRICE: At War Ready it will be the HKW World Champion defending his belt against….

Romeo points over to Shane and the fans begin to cheer.

ROMEO PRICE: Shane Atwater!!!

Price nods as the fans agree with his decision. He then holds up a finger to quiet them down.

ROMEO PRICE: And with what I have seen from the two of you since this all began months ago…I feel that it is only right that I give you two gentlemen the ultimate opportunity to wreak havoc on one another for the prized championship at hand…

He looks at both men for a moment. Romeo then looks around to the fans seeing them wanting to know the match’s stipulation.

ROMEO PRICE: It won’t take just one match to settle this, we all know this…So it is only best the HKW World Championship be awarded to the man who walks out the winner after….Three…Stages….OF HELL!!!!

The fans pop and Warren is seen trying his best to plead with Romeo. Shane nods and laughs as he sees Warren not pleased with Romeo’s decision.

ROMEO PRICE: See you boys in Brooklyn…Good luck..

“Hero” by. Skillet hits the PA System as Romeo exits the ring and begins to walk up the ramp leaving both the champion and his challenger in the ring staring at one another while behind held back by the security guards. The last Defiance before the upcoming pay per view slowly comes to a close with Warren throwing a hissy fit, furious that he has to defend his title against Shane Atwater one last time.

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