[HKW] Subversion E7 – 2/7/16

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Opening we see Jax Magnum standing outside the locker room of one Alexa Corra pacing back and forth looking at her name tag on the door. He nervously approaches the door before turning away.

JAX MAGNUM: She shouldn’t kill me, as I am her tag team partner for the night.

He continues to ponder his circumstances, not wanting yet another partner to abandon him, he thinks carefully about his next move.

JAX MAGNUM: Fuck it.

He mumbles to himself before walking over and tapping on the door lightly, hoping that he’s not disturbing Alexa. He readies himself getting into a fighting stance not knowing what to expect from her. Nobody comes to the door until Magnum taps on the door again, this time a little bit harder, and footsteps are heard moving toward the door. After two seconds pass by, the door swings open to reveal Alexa Corra, wearing a welding helmet and holding a blowtorch in her hand.

ALEXA CORRA: … what?

The former Global Tag Team champion turns on the blowtorch for only a split second, startling Jackson a bit before she continues.

ALEXA CORRA: I understand that we are a team tonight, but I’m not one for team bonding. You have your own interests, and I have mine… that will be enough for us to get the victory tonight. Good?

She turns on the blowtorch for a split second once again, getting Jackson to jump back a bit as she starts closing the door.


Jax throws his hands in the air in a defensive motions. His eyes locked in on Alexa who is hovering over an unidentifiable object with the blowtorch. He takes a step forward, a look of worry plastered upon his face. He starts to shout to ensure she can hear him over the sound of the torch.

JAX MAGNUM: Look love, yer personal goals aren’t a concern of mine. I could care less, all I want to know is that I’ll have a partner that won’t abandon me. Or worse, as yer not exactly the type of person to be a team player. At least, not when ye have to lower yerself to tagging with someone like me. Who let’s be honest, ye don’t like in the least.

As Alexa turns to him Jax barely keeps the door cracked open. Ensuring that if he needs to he can make a quick escape from her. Especially, considering she was holding a blowtorch that he figures she’d use on him for amusement.

JAX MAGNUM: Just want to make sure yer not going to kill me tonight if ye get the chance…..

He is leaning out into the hallway as far as possible, trying to carry on a conversation, while avoiding physical contact with her at all cost. Alexa slides the welding mask from her head and sets the blowtorch next to whatever she was working on.

ALEXA CORRA: If I wanted to kill you, or even hurt you in any way… I would have done it by now. I wouldn’t have waited for a predictable time to do it like tonight… when we’re tag team partners… where partners turn on partners sixty percent of the time.

Alexa starts to look behind Magnum just as the door behind him closes, causing the Hybrid Championship hopeful to turn around and see Alexa’s manager, Sami, standing behind him.

ALEXA CORRA: Just like you said my personal goals aren’t a concern to you, yours are of no concern to me. To be quite honest with you, this match in itself doesn’t mean much to me. However, I have a job to do and I intend on doing it. If you’re not comfortable teaming with me, you have the option to not show up for it.

Alexa shrugs her shoulders.

ALEXA CORRA: Obviously it wouldn’t be the first time someone decided to not show up on me, and I know it more than likely wouldn’t be the last. But, unlike when Zagan did it, I would not take you doing it personally. You don’t mean much to me, while Zagan on the other hand did.

Jax nods at her with a slight smirk. He understands Alexa’s issues as of late. What Zagan did, was something even Jax himself wouldn’t have done. Not in a title match.

JAX MAGNUM: I won’t abandon ye, honestly, I know what ye can do to people, and that’ll help me in the long run. If you hurt Hunter, that just makes my life easier.

Jax suddenly feels a bit surrounded with Sami there, but Alexa’s speech has convinced him that if she wanted to finish this, she simply would.

JAX MAGNUM: That said, I need this, if ye two haven’t noticed I’ve been having a tough time as of late. So, I do care about this match, anytime I can get one up on Hunter, it’s a good night, but if I get the opportunity to hurt him. I’m going to take it, no matter the cost. I just want to be upfront with ye two, because I’m willing to admit the fact that ye can probably kill me. And that does me no good heading into Lucifer’s Effect. So, ye got a tag team partner who’s quite frankly not stupid enough to abandon ye, or fuck ye over. I am simply looking out for my best interest which is what I’m guessing yer doing as well. Meaning, I’ll do my best to stay out yer way.

Jax took a deep breath. Looking over Jax catches a glance at what looks to be a title belt on the bench.

JAX MAGNUM: By the way what the fuck are ye doing? I don’t mean to pry but I don’t want to be an accessory to whatever yer doing lass. Wait, nevermind I don’t want to know, deniability is always a good thing.

Not wasting any more time, Jackson saw his opening and bolted right out of the door. Alexa shook her head as she grabbed her welding mask, slid it on her head, and went back to work.

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TRISTAN MORRIS: There he is, hey X! X, wait up for a second?

XPJ is seen, looking at his phone. He looks up and sees Tristan looking like he had a ton of questions he wanted to ask. X rolls his eyes and puts his iPhone up.

TRISTAN MORRIS: Earlier tonight we saw some very…well…uncharacteristic actions seen from you while talking to Riley Lynn your opponent to determine the #1 contender for the Global Championship. People are wondering, and of course, I’m wondering what was that all about?

X looks Tristan up and down, before cracking a grin.

XPJ: Maaaaan, that ain’t nothing. Nigga up here tryna congratulate the thang-thang and niggas act like I’m tryna scheme. Can’t even say wassup, nigga gotta be devious on some lowkey shit. I ain’t said nothin’ to Riley for ya’ll to act like suspicious about, feel me?

TRISTAN MORRIS: Alright, one more question: Who was that on the phone…?

X looks at Tristan like he was crazy.

XPJ: You a nosey lil’ dude. That was boss Perello, got a text, he want me to be a special referee in the main event seein’ as he gave me time off and everything. Joey P alright when he wanna be, he still act like he got a tree brand up his ass, but he aight…

X looks at his phone and smirks.

TRISTAN MORRIS: And you’re SURE you have no intentions of–

X’s smirk turns into a scowl.

XPJ: Ayo take yo lil’ ass somewhere aight? You buggin’ me now.


X shoves Tristan out of the scene, and points at him, warning him if he came back he would beat his head in with his microphone.

XPJ: Young niggas man…

X shakes his head and begins to text on his phone, heading into the back to get ready for the main event.

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CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall!

The lights in the arena suddenly dim, causing the teaming masses in attendance to become restless with anticipation. Their interest is further incurred as Ab Soul’s voice greets them over the P.A. system, along with the beginning instrumentation of his underground hit, “Black Lip Bastard.” Almost on cue, the Knoxtron flickers to life, and as the vignette begins, the one-and-only is captured in several poses that lack color – only in harsh black and white values.

As the chorus ends and the first verse begins, a white spotlight shines down onto the entryway – revealing the presence of a figure who comes to stand in full view of the crowd, arms at his side, bouncing on his toes. An uproar is heard from the crowd, and a negative one at that, as the Philadelphian looks over the crowd, his assortment of gold chains flying around his neck haphazardly as he continues to bounce around.

CLARA MARTINS: And now making his way to the ring, hailing from West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in tonight at two hundred pounds… this is BLVCK! JONESSSSSS!

Wrestling’s Best Kept Secret finally comes to a stand still, sporting black leather jogger style sweats, a black long-line style V-neck, and a pair of Yeezy 720 Boosts, also in black. In the hands of the polarizing competitor is a red cup of God knows what a bottle of baby powder; Jones practically inhales his drink, all the while rocking and vibing to the beat. As he closes in on the ring he opens the bottle of powder and begins to pour into his hands whilst he commences his saunter down to ringside.

Jones tosses the bottle into the crowd, ignoring fans at the guardrail as he knees up onto the apron. Upon reaching a vertical base, Blvck leans his back up against the ring cables, rubbing his hands together to coat them in powder before tossing said contents into the air in a Lebron-esque fashion. As the powder disintegrates in the atmosphere, Jones grabs the top rope and uses it to catapult himself over the top rope and into the squared circle where he climbs up onto the second turnbuckle in the nearest corner. From his perch he simply surveys the arena, mouthing off to himself as his gaze finds its way to the camera.

As he song begins to fade out mid-way through the second verse, Jones drops down from the corner, removing his V-neck and gold chains, handing them to a nearby stagehand as he simply leans up against the turnbuckles, arms resting on the ropes on either side of him as he gets ready to compete.

CLARA MARTINS: And his opponent!

The arena lights start flashing green as “I Will Show You” by From Ashes to New blasts out of the speakers. Michael Alexander walks out onto the stage with a very smug look on his face. He ignores all the people that line the ramp leading down to the ring and as he reaches it, he slides in.

CLARA MARTINS: And his opponent making his way to the ring, hailing from West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in tonight at two hundred pounds… this is BLVCK! JONESSSSSS!and now, hailing from Miami, Florida. He weighed in tonight at two hundred and tenpounds. He is Michael!!! Alexanderrrrr!!!

He paces around, stretching and shooting dirty looks to the people in the front row before turning his attention to his opponent.

WILLIAM BURKE: These two talents from Philly are ready to rip each other part! Gotta figure Jones wants to redeem himself for that… loss last week.

INA INA: Probably. But Michael has way more to prove here. He wants to wipe the slate clean and show everyone around the world that wrestling is where belongs. That he can be a champion here!

WILLIAM BURKE: You’re a fan?

INA INA: Ew, no. I just know how much acceptance in wrestling means to Mikey.

Both Alexander and Jones stare at one another and call each other word some non-PG words as the referee gets to the middle of the ring and calls for the bell!

Blvck Jones vs. Michael Alexander


The match starts out as the two men circle each other. Locking up Blvck immediately pulls Alexander into a side headlock before taking Alexander over onto his back with the hold still applied. Alexander quickly turns Blvck over and pinning his shoulders to the mat.




Black pops his shoulder up and shoves Michael away.

WILLIAM BURKE: Jones tends to start off slowly in these matches, finding his opponent’s weaknesses and then capitalizing on them later in the match.

INA INA: I like to think of it as the boringly effect.

WILLIAM BURKE: The match does get increasingly more exciting though, Ina. It’s like he’s building up drama.

INA INA: I get the strategy, and while it’s effective, it’s not always fun to watch.

As both men get to their feet Alexander pops Blvck with a stiff jab to the jaw following it up with a few more he causes Blvck to stagger. Alexander then jumps up with a superman punch, connecting flush against Blvck’s jaw, which sends him to the ground hard, holding onto his jaw. As Blvck tries to shake the effects off, Alexander runs towards the ropes just as Blvck gets to a vertical position he’s met with a springboard dropkick to the jaw.

WILLIAM BURKE: Well Alexander decided to provide us with a whole lot of excitement there Ina, what do you think of that?

INA INA: I still hate him.

Alexander quickly bounces off the ropes and drops a leg drop to the back of Blvck’s head before he spins to his back to make a cover…




Blvck kicks out at two! Alexander begins to pull Blvck off the canvas locking in a side headlock and delivering a few knees to the gut of his opponent. After a couple of knees Blvck blocks one and lifts Alexander off the ground and into a side suplex dropping Alexander onto the back of his head. Blvck makes his way to his feet before taking off towards the ropes. Then drives himself into Alexander with a rolling thunder senton, knocking the air out of him. Blvck gets back to his feet and immediately goes back on the attack with a standing shooting star press. Hooking the far leg he goes for a lateral press.




Alexander rolls his right shoulder off the canvas!

WILLIAM BURKE: Blvck with some high power offense here.

INA INA: Once he gets into a rhythm he can be damn exciting.

Blvck reaches down pulling Alexander to his feet lifting him up onto his shoulders, then tosses Alexander back down to the mat with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker.

WILLIAM BURKE: Jones has taken control of this match completely!

INA INA: Way to point out the obvious there, Burkey.

Blvck steps out onto the apron waiting on Alexander who is slow to get up. As Alexander reaches his feet, Blvck springboards off the top rope looking for a flying forearm but Alexander takes a step back blasting Blvck in midair with a superkick, which forces Blvck’s head to snap back violently.

WILLIAM BURKE: Oh my God! Alexander might have just decapitated Blvck.

INA INA: Wish it was the other way around, but if Mikey makes the cover here this one might be over!

WILLIAM BURKE: Yeah, but can Alexander make the cover?

They both start to stir. Alexander is first to get to his knees looking over at the referee in shock. canvas, Alexander is the first to move, crawling over to Blvck and making a cover while hooking the leg.




Blvck manages to get his left shoulder off the canvas in time, Michael slaps the mat in frustration and turns to the referee to double check the count.

WILLIAM BURKE: How in the world did he kick out there?

INA INA: No idea but he did, and it shows you exactly how much determination this new guy has. I’m impressed!

Alexander gets to his knees first. Then pushes himself off the ground, as he steps back to the corner waiting on Blvck. Blvck tries to shake the cobwebs loose. Shaking his head vigorously as he uses the ropes to pull himself off the mat and onto his feet. Alexander charges him but Blvck side steps him with a push that sends Alexander head first into the middle turnbuckle.

WILLIAM BURKE: Nice move by Blvck managing to get out of the way there.

INA INA: It had to be instinct more than anything else. Jones has to still be knocked for a loop after that huge kick.

WILLIAM BURKE: Maybe so, but he’s doing a hell of a job shaking it off and staying in this match.

Blvck waits on Alexander as he stumbles out of the corner Blvck hits a butterfly suplex and transitions it straight into a cross armbreaker and begins to wrench on the hold as Alexander is positioned away from the ropes as Blvck fully locks in the hold, but Alexander manages to spin out and place his foot on the bottle rope.

WILLIAM BURKE: Good ring awareness from Alexander.

As this is going on Felix Vialpando slowly makes his way down to the ring just as the two men start to get up. The crowd begins to chant LAX as Felix slowly walks down the entrance ramp.

WILLIAM BURKE: What the hell is he doing out here.

INA INA: Have you ever known Felix to stay out of anything?

WILLIAM BURKE: I don’t know Felix at all!

The two men begin to trade shots in the ring back and forth, but it’s Alexander who takes advantage with a dropkick to the knee. Straight up onto his feet Alexander looks for a shining wizard but Jones ducks under as Alexander flies over him. Turning over Alexander is immediately met with glancing punt to the side of the head from Blvck. As soon as Blvck connects Felix jumps up on the ring apron causing both the referee to walk over to him asking him to get down.


Blvck sees Felix up on the apron and goes straight after him. Felix jumps off the apron in the knick of time as Blvck takes off after him in hot pursuit, chasing Felix around the ring to the other side.

INA INA: I think that Blvck could’ve used that advice, Burkey.

WILLIAM BURKE: It’s a little late for that now.

Felix slides into the ring with Blvck immediately following him in. Felix sprints to the other side of the ring and through the rope just barely avoiding Blvck who’s now in the ring glaring at Felix who’s halfway up the ramp. While this was going on Alexander was recovering and as Blvck’s attention is on Felix, Michael sneaks up behind Blvck rolling him up and hooking the tights away from the ref’s vision.



WILLIAM BURKE: Not like this!




Alexander rolls out of the ring after the roll up, raising his hand in air and still a bit dazed. Jones argues with the referee for a moment before looking up the ramp at Felix who’s laughing hysterically behind the oblivious Michael Alexander. Felix runs backstage just as Alexander turns around, while Blvck continues badmouthing the referee and telling everyone in sight that he wanted Felix.


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The scene fades backstage as Fabiana Garcia is seen standing with Tristan Morris ready for an interview. She smiles to the camera and waves once she knows their on live.

TRISTAN MORRIS: Hello everyone, I’m here with Fabiana before she goes out and faces a newcomer to the Subversion brand, Thomas Banez. Hello Fabiana, I’m glad you had time to spare before heading out there.

Fabiana giggles.

FABIANA GARCIA: No problem, Tristan. I don’t mine sparing a few minutes to speak with you and the fans at all.

TRISTAN MORRIS: Very well. Now before I ask you about your match tonight I need to ask you about the happenings of last week with the HKW Lionheart Champion, Elijah Black. He did in fact sign the contract to face you at Lucifer Effect but it didn’t quite go down as you would hope. Any thoughts on what happened on the last episode of SubVersion ?

She sighs and nods.

FABIANA GARCIA: Yes well…Last show was just another example of how Elijah Black isn’t the best to represent the Lionheart Division. He likes to take cheap shots. He thinks he can bully and push his weight around and everything will be okay. Well it’s not okay, Tristan. Yes I may have asked him repeatedly to face me for the title he bears but I have never disrespected or placed my hands on the man ever. Ever, Tristan! I am a true warrior, Tristan. A real fighter. And as so, I treat my opponents with respect and honor. Elijah on the other hand certainly does not. He has shown his disrespect for me and I’m sure as he has already he has some disrespectful things to say about me too. But Elijah you will not back me down. Ever! I am not running away from this fight. Yes you may have won that little battle two weeks ago thanks to your cheap shot. But here I am standing tall and ready to fight.

TRISTAN MORRIS: Do you believe you can defeat Elijah Black at Lucifer Effect?

FABIANA GARCIA: Of course I do, Tristan. Elijah is not a true fighter like myself. He is just a “professional wrestler” who thinks he can actually fight. And the truth is, is that maybe he can fight…If it was some bar fight or whatever. But Elijah Black does not withhold the knowledge of the art form Mixed Martial Arts. He does not have the heart of a true warrior like myself or Roman Chambers or any other individual who loves to step into that cage and leave it all on the line. Elijah is not that type of person. And that is why he is not fit to be the one to hold that belt and to grace the Lionheart Division.

Tristan nods at her response.

TRISTAN MORRIS: And there you have it folks. The number one contender for the HKW Lionheart Championship, Fabiana Garcia! Good luck out there.

Garcia nods and walks away ready to head out and face Thomas Barnes inside the Lion’s Den.

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The arena darkens as “Faint” by. Linkin Park hits. As the song begins to play a few spotlights circle onto the crowd and then go in and out as if they were in sync with the music. This happens once more but this time the lights lead onto the top of the stage and then as the drums and guitars kick in the spotlight stops as Fabiana Garcia is seen standing on the stage pumped and ready to fight. She looks around the arena smiling as the fans cheer.

CLARA MARTINS: Fighting out of Oklahoma City, OK…She stands 5’10″…..Weighing in at 140 lbs…..FFFFAAABBIIIIAAAANNNNAAAA…..GGGGGGGGAAARRRRRRCCCIIIIIIIIIIAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

She then begins to make her way down the ramp to the cage after the singing begins. Fabiana stops at the steps as the chorus begins to play. She bobs her head to the music with her eyes close

I won’t be ignored!

Garcia opens her eyes and spider crawls into the cage. Before making her way around the cage she crosses her heart, kisses her lips and points up to the sky. She then jumps up with her arms stretched out as she begins to circle the ring taking in all the fan’s cheers for her. Fabiana stops and crouches down as she awaits for the fight to begin.

INA INA: Last time we seen this bitch she was knocked the fuck out in the middle of that ring for running her damn mouth. And she fucking deserved it Burkie. That’s what the hell happens when you run ya mouth about the champ!

WILLIAM BURKE: Deserved? Heavens no! The poor gal did not deserve that at all, Ina. She was simply wanting a fight and did she get it sure but Elijah Black didn’t have to do that. He had no right.

INA INA: No right? Yes the hell he did! If you ask me he should of done a little more in beating her ass but that’s just me. Advice of the day. Don’t be talking that shit if you can’t back it up. And that’s exactly what we’re about to see tonight. Her get her ass beat, yet again!


A huge explosion goes off as “Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed blasts through the PA system, beginning at the first chorus. As the smoke clears from the explosion, Thomas Barnez is seen standing in the center of the stage, glancing down towards the floor with his long flowing hair covering his face. He looks up, with sick intentions easily seen in his hazel eyes, before raising both fists high into the air.

CLARA MARTINS: From Detroit, Michigan and weighing in tonight at three hundred and twelve pounds, Thomas Barnez!

The Goliath of a human-being marches to the ring with a somewhat slow stride. Once he finally reaches the squared circle, he uses the ring steps to hoist him up to the ring apron. “The Giant” gets in, over the top rope, and immediately heads to the center of the ring where he pounds his right fist into his left palm.

INA INA: I feel like I’ve seen him in HKW before. I just can’t put my finger on when thought. Either way I hope he makes this little bitch eat her words some more. She’s the equivalent of Meek Mill here in HKW. Stay talking that shit but can’t even back it up. Tsk Tsk.

WILLIAM BURKE: I’m not sure exactly what that meant, but I do not agree Ina Ina! And Thomas was in HKW before. Things just didn’t quite pan out for the lad. Maybe this time around things. We are known for giving people the benefit of the doubt, even when we shouldn’t. Look at Michael Alexander for example!

Once the cage door is closed the ref immediately called for the bell knowing both Fabiana and Thomas were ready.

Fabiana vs. Thomas Barnez


The two meet in the center of the ring as Fabiana tries to bump first with Thomas to show her respect but she is denied as Thomas punches her hand out of the way and goes for a take down. Garcia stuffs the takedown attempt and gets some separation from Barnez. She shrugs he shoulder at Thomas not wanting to dap with her but she wasn’t going to let it effect her. Thomas got back up to his feet and charges back towards Garcia but Garcia quickly steps out of the way and hits him with a one-two punch combination. Barnez groans at being hit and yells at Fabiana to bring it. Garcia doesn’t turn down the challenge as she now engages him. She throws a few leg kicks but Thomas yells at her again to hit him. She looks a bit confused then just begins to tee off on him with a boxing combination, and goes to end it with a elbow.


Barnez takes all the punches and ends up clotheslining her. Fabiana falls hard on the mat as he then begins to stomp down on her hard until she picks her up by her braids. Once she was up he tosses her into the cage and begins to knee her in the midsection repeatedly. Barnez then pulls her away from the cage and hits a Snap Suplex. He quickly hops up to his feet yelling out to the crowd while they boo him for his efforts on Fabiana. He shakes his head and turns back around towards her. She started to get up slowly to her knee and Barnez was seen in the corner over eye sprinting over hoping to hit a big boot on her. Before he could even connect Fabiana ducked under and made it across the ring. Barnez turns around after he misses her with the Big Boot and was met with a Rolling Elbow!

WILLIAM BURKE: Nice awareness by Garcia.

INA INA: She got lucky. Thomas is going to kill her ass.

Stumbling back as he was caught with the elbow Thomas turns back towards Fabiana seeing she was waiting on him in the center of the ring with her hands up. Barnez roared out as he ran back towards her. He tries to lunge at her but was met with a Spinning Heel Kick to the midsection that doubled him over. Garcia lifted his head and punched him a few times before hopping up on his shoulders and hitting a Frankensteiner driving his head into the mat. Mounted there on top of him Fabiana began to give him some ground and pound until Thomas just started to get up with her still on his shoulders.

The fans looked shocked like Fabiana was by his strength. She still punched away at Barnez but was useless once he brought he down hard with a Powerbomb. He wasn’t done there as he lifted up again and hit a second powerbomb. Nope still not done. He lifted her up for a third powerbomb but this time sat down with it hoping that the referee will count the pin attempt. The referee shook his head and informed him there wasn’t any pin falls in this match up. Thomas quickly got up to his feet getting into the refs face about the ruling.

WILLIAM BURKE: He’s going to need to either knock her out or make Fabiana tap out if he wishes to win this match. Welcome to the Lion’s Den, lad.

INA INA: Already seen it won’t be too hard to knock her ass out. Haha, glass chin bitch.

Thomas shoved the ref back and went to pick Fabiana back up to her feet. He Irish Whipped her into the cage and followed her and squashed her into the cage. Fabiana fell to the ground groaning in pain after being absolutely crushed by Barnez. He then picks her back up by pulling her braids only to punch her repeatedly in the face until he hits a Spinebuster taking her back down. Thomas shook his head knowing he couldn’t just pin her. He got her back up to her feet and hits another Spinebuster. Fabiana reaches behind her and holds her back in pain. She didn’t have time to recover as Thomas lifted her back up to her feet and began to work on her back with his signature move, Pain Extraction. The ref asked if she wanted to give up beut there was no chance she was gonna give up. Thomas then proceeds to hit a Reversed Death Valley Driver. Thomas got up to his feet yelling at her to give up.

INA INA: If the bitch knew what was good for her she’d give up right here and right goddamn now!

WILLIAM BURKE: Blasphamey! You can’t honestly expect her to give up!

INA INA: Of course I do! She’s weak! Only thing she’s done in life was knockout freaking Jordan Parker?! Oooohhh I’m sorry that’s just not impressive Burkie! A gust of wind can knock that kid out.

Barnez shakes his head at her as he walks back into a corner and crouches down gearing up for his finishing move. The fans boo at him as they see him taunting for her to get up.

INA INA: C’mon get up bitch! Meet your fucking fate!

Fabiana slowly starts to get up to her feet not knowing what was going on until she heard Thomas sprinting towards her and roaring as he was going for the Gore….


The crowd explodes as Fabiana hits a Superwoman Punch on Barnez before he could hit the Gore finisher! The two lay there for a moment but Garcia was the first to stir while holding onto her back. She gets up to her feet slowly not her baiting Thomas to get up as the fans begin to cheer. She stomps down on the mat as well as the fans in the stands waiting for him to get up.


As soon as he gets up to his feet he struck with the Twister Shot knocking him out cold! The ref immediately called for the bell after seeing Barnez fall down to the mat out cold.

CLARA MARTINS: The winner of this fight… FABIANA GARCIA!

The fans cheer for Fabiana as she holds her fist up in the air while favoring her back with her other hand while here theme song blares in the background.


WILLIAM BURKE: She did it! Could Fabiana be our next Lionheart Champion? I think she certainly has a chance, Ina!


WILLIAM BURKE: Grouchy grouchy.

The scene then fades away as Fabiana was seen high fiving the fans at ringside.


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Backstage the duo known as Ragnarok is sitting down in the steps of what appears to be a corridor. Yet, there’s no one around, it’s dark and the smell of mold invades the lungs of anyone around; but that doesn’t seem to bother the duo. In fact, they seem to be feeling at home between these walls and in this place that looks like it’s visited by few people around the year. On the other side of these walls the roar of the fans can be heard, vaguely, but it can be heard. Possibly something great has happened, an announcement or some giveaway, who knows what the masses love these days.

Nonetheless, Alex Marcellus and Oddmund Kare seem to be way too calm for a duo having their debut match in mere moments. While Oddmund is the one sitting down and Alex moves around in circles, there’s an aura of silence and calm around them, almost like they know what’s going to happen, as if they could predict the future and they’re not worried about anything going wrong, because they have all the control in the world. Oddly enough, their manager, Mo Shots, is nowhere to be found. Alex stops and signals to the cameraman to come close and then smirks as he starts speaking.

ALEX MARCELLUS: Tonight, the world is going to be the witness to greatness. Greatness in the form of one of the best tag-teams to ever grace the ring. Greatness in the form of the formal DEBUT of the duo that’s going to revolutionize the industry by themselves. Yes, my friends… on the last Subversion WE took out the Generation of Miracles… WE showed the world that if anyone is going to be taken seriously as THE BEST tag-team in this industry… is going to be US.

Alex lets out a chuckle, while Oddmund simply stares blankly at the camera without even moving a muscle on his face or body. It’s obvious who’s the loudmouth of the duo, as Alex continues speaking.

ALEX MARCELLUS: Kayley Hale and Shouta Kurosawa, while they’re good… they’re nothing more than placeholders. They have the honor of being the middle man and woman… between GREATNESS… you see, they stand between the team known as the greatest EVER in 5150 and… THE TEAM TO BE KNOWN AS THE GREATEST EVER, RAGNAROK.

Alex drives his hands to his waist and looks back to where Oddmund is sitting, before he tilts his head back towards the camera and gives a smirk to it.

ALEX MARCELLUS: I know what all of you are thinking. ‘Who do these two think they are?’ ‘What makes them think they are in the same class as 5150?’ ‘What can two rookies do to the Generation of Miracles and Project Continuum?’

To that my friends, I say, EVERYTHING. We are the team that’s going to bring a new era of tag-team wrestling… We are TEAM… you saw what we did last time. Expect more of the same this time around. Because there’s no coincidence that we have on our side one of the most brilliant men around in Mo Shots.

The mention of the man’s name seems to startle Oddmund, more than probably the fact that they know what he’s doing and why he’s not there with them at the moment. Alex calms the beast of a man down and then goes back to speaking.

ALEX MARCELLUS: You don’t see him with us and you probably think that the poor guy got ousted by the likes of us, you probably think that the man just got drunk and forgot where we like to hang out. But you’ll be far from the truth. You see, Mo is currently doing recruiting. He wants a group of men and women that want nothing more than to be THE BEST in the industry. Yet, he needs a pitch, he needs something that will make his targets feel like what he’s saying is the truth. To that extent, we’re gonna work for our manager and agent here. Because tonight, we’re gonna show the HKW faithful and the whole world of wrestling… that these two ‘rookies’ are more than just talk. TONIGHT… WE FINISH A GENERATION!

Oddmund stands up and puts his hand over Alex’s shoulder. The big man stares at the camera and grins before he speaks.

ODDMUND KARE: LEANDER… VANESSA… don’t take it personal, it’s just business.

They both let out a laugh as they push the camera back and the scene cuts.

Posted Image

WILLIAM BURKE: Time for some tag team action. New Subversion drafts and a set of rookies coming to show what they are made of.

INA INA: Yaaaawn, hardly interesting.

WILLIAM BURKE: Generation of Miracles are incredibly interesting.

INA INA: I just want to see someone get hurt to be honest.

WILLIAM BURKE: We may very well come to see that. GoM were attacked by Ragnarok last Subversion stating their intentions for the Global Tag Champs, Kayley Hale and Shouta Kurosawa. Someone will get hurt here.

INA INA: Excellent.

CLARA MARTINS: The following is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!

The lights go out as “Ex Deo” by Legio XIII hit the P.A System. A red light floods the whole arena and out of the curtain comes Mo Shots with a rolled up bunch of papers and his wide snarky grin all over his face. He extends his arms with pride as the team of Alex Marcellus and Oddmund Kåre, “Ragnarok”, appears on both of his sides.

Alex and Oddmund smirk as their manager simply puts both of his hands over the sides of his suit and laughs leading both men to the ring. Mo walks with pride down the ramp as Oddmund and Alex taunt the crowd as they walk towards the ring, with a sense of utmost power to them.

CLARA MARTINS: Introducing now accompanied by Mo Shots, at a combined weight of 480 pounds… they are the team of Alex Marcellus and Oddmund Kare……. Also known as…. RAGNAROK!

As they approach the ring, Mo walks towards the stairs as Oddmund and Alex each walk to a side of the ring. Shots enters the ring as Ragnarok slides in from opposite sides. They, Ragnarok, then proceeds to walk towards the opposing turnbuckles and taunt the crowd while Mo simply applauds the duo from the mat.

WILLIAM BURKE: The rookies are here ladies gentleman, impressive in stature to say the least.

INA INA: I just hope they hurt them or get hurt.

WILLIAM BURKE: Geez, we get it Ina.

The lights dim inside of the arena, the Tron beginning to display black and white frames of two very different women beating opponents senseless with various amount of strikes, as a fierce beat alongside a low whistle is heard over the PA system, an inflatable NFL-like tunnel on the center of the ramp as the lights begin to flash white, red and gold all over the arena, the spotlight shining on the tunnel as “Bring Da Ruckus” by the Wu-Tang Clan starts through the PA system and the RZA’s voice blasts through the system.


Bursting out from the inflatable tunnel to the roar of the crowd are Leander Apollo and Vanessa Cade. Both are geared up in their respective attires made of gold and black colors with red trim in Leander’s and white in Vanessa’s. As Cade executes a 360 spin with her right elbow leading, Leander raises his fist and hooks his arm around Vanessa’s as streamers of gold, black, white and red fire off behind and over them. With that both competitors make their way to the ring, staring down the ramp with every intent of making things happen in the squared circle tonight.

CLARA MARTINS: And now, making their way to the ring…brought to you by Apollon Media and Hard Knox Wrestling…weighing in at a combined weight of three hundred and seventy-five pounds, they are Vanessa Cade and Leander Apollo and they are…THE GENERATIOOOOONNNNNN…OF MIIIIIRAAACLEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

The Generation of Miracles get inside the squared circle, the crowd showing their support accordingly as Vanessa and Leander ascend to the top rope on each side, Vanessa bringing her arms high up and gloves together to form her own logo within it while Apollo extends his arms to the side, basking in the crowd support. The two hop out of the top rope and begin their preparations for the contest ahead.

INA INA: This is either going to be deathly boring or excruciatingly boring.

WILLIAM BURKE: Unless someone gets hurt.

INA INA: Now you’re getting it Billy.

Generation Of Miracles vs. Ragnarok


Alex and Oddmund don’t even allow Vanessa and Leander to make the decision of who starting the match. They shoot out from their corner both of them tagging an opponent with a clothesline. Alex takes Vanessa completely out of the ring with his while Oddmund causes Leander to hit the corner hard. The crowd boo’s Ragnarok heavily at once again catching GoM off guard more or less as Oddmund takes his leave of Vanessa giving her a kick to the stomach as a parting gift.

INA INA: I think I like these guys already.

WILLIAM BURKE: You would say that.

Inside the ring Alex is giving Leander a flurry of overhand shots in the corner following that with a mean kick to the midsection that puts Leander to his knees. Alex sizes Leander up from that position backing up to get a running start to knee Leander in the face finally putting him to the match. Alex huffs a bit before grabbing Leander by the hair to pull him to his feet dropping him right back down again with a neckbreaker. Outside, Vanessa comes to her feet shaking off the momentary cobwebs before getting to her corner. Alex takes a moment to look at Vanessa a sneer at her just a bit before once again grabbing Leander by the hair to pull him to his feet but he’s stopped with a few wild punches given by Leander to Alex’s midsection. A few more and a few more. The pause in Alex gives Leander the time to gather himself only to be chopped back down again by a vicious kick from Alex to the head.

INA INA: Yup, I like them.


Vanessa beings slapping the top turnbuckle and stomping her feet getting the California crowd behind them. Leander tries to get back to his feet getting to his knees moving toward his corner and Vanessa. Alex watches cockily for a moment a predatory grin on his face before darting in to grab Leander. Leander with a desperation kick pauses Alex once again with the break between them Alex rushes in for Leander giving the more experienced wrestler to dodge the bull rush of Alex hitting nothing but turnbuckle. Alex quickly turns around and catches the speed of the Leander with a hell sent European uppercut. The crowd oohhs at the contact and Leander doesn’t let up hitting Alex with a spinning back fist that causes Alex to do a 360. Leander follows that with a textbook STO finally bringing a little momentum his way. The crowd cheers Alex hitting the mat and Leander turns him for the pin.


INA INA: Damn was hoping to see a quick one. The boring continues.

WILLIAM BURKE: You really think GoM are that boring?

INA INA: Not while they’re getting their asses kicked no. *laughs*

After the kickout Alex already begins to rise from the mat right into a waiting Leander who gets the better of the larger man taking him into a muay thai clinch and throws knee after knee landing in variety of places slowing Alex down. Leander places more pressure upon the clinch making Alex bend down more to knee him in the face and this causes a small trail of blood to start leaving Alex’s nose.

The moment catches Alex completely off guard as Leander adds on to the assault getting behind the slightly dazed Alex and….

WILLIAM BURKE: German Suplex!! And beautifully done. With the pin…

The ref quickly gets into position as Leander holds the bridge.



INA INA: You never got that excited over Jaxon’s suplexes.

WILLIAM BURKE: We don’t speak of those redboys.

INA INA: Red boys? Wh-where do you think you are? Sound like a crazy old woman from the south.

WILLIAM BURKE: Give it time Ina, I’m almost there.

INA INA: …what?

Leander bends down to grab Alex to his feet but a quick eye poke is given to Leander giving Alex enough time to rush toward his corner and tag Oddmund Kare. The larger partner in Oddmund quickly gets into the ring and in return Leander tags in Vanessa and she is given a good round of cheers.

Vanessa comes in with evil intentions in mind with a good momentum starting the first knife chop that gets ‘OOOO’ as Oddmund winces feeling every bit of the chop.

INA INA: His name is weird.


INA INA: Oddmund. The hell is a Oddmund?

WILLIAM BURKE: umm…it’s his name?

You can hear Ina sighing.

INA INA: State the obvious one more time, we will be down to just me commentati–

WILLIAM BURKE: –Oh man! Vanessa with a harsh Snap DDT.

INA INA: Aww, you are really trying to make them seem interesting. You’re nice William. Stupid. But nice.

Vanessa gets back to her feet with Oddmund reeling from the ground. Vanessa measures as Oddmund regroups and she jumps the big man’s back looking for the sleeper hold. At first no effects were shown but once Oddmund starts to show signs of fading Alex storms the ring to give Vanessa a big boot but also kicks his own partner slightly the process. Vanessa gets the most of the kick and the hold breaks as both bodies hit the mat. Leander replies in kind clotheslining Alex and himself out of the ring. Both Vanessa and Oddmund attempt to get to their feet inside the ring. Oddmund gets to his feet first and watches as the ref are looking down at Alex and Leander going at it on the outside. The ref scolding them to get back to their corners. Oddmund takes advantage of the moment grabbing the smaller Vanessa as she rises to her feet pulling her into a Full Nelson and BOOMS…bombs her right back down into the mat with so much power she could almost stick to the canvas!

INA INA: See, that was entertaining.

WILLIAM BURKE: Ref slowly losing control of the match here.

INA INA: Never had it in the first place.

The crowd boos Oddmund’s power move as the outside scrap starts to break up. Oddmund yells at the ref to get the attention for the pin.



Oddmund gets back to his feet grabbing Vanessa to pull her up and whips her toward the ropes preparing for her return. Leander gets the quick tag on Vanessa’s shoulder and comes back to Oddmund who drops her with a hard spinebuster. Meantime, Leander is sizing up for Oddmund to turn around and SUPERMAN PUNCH…drops the large Oddmund is a surprising show of strength from Apollo. The crowd begins to get louder most of them behind the GoM with Leander screaming and getting pumped inside the ring. Oddmund is getting up from the mat and Leander meets him in the middle where Oddmund throws a kick to Leander’s midsection. Leander catches the kick at his side pulling him in for a capture suplex.

WILLIAM BURKE: Another move of strength shown by Leander Apollo.

INA INA: You are trying to replace Jaxon aren’t you? Need a new boy crush?

WILLIAM BURKE: I am a straight man Ina.

INA INA: *chuckles* If you say so.

Getting to his feet Leander follows up on gaining momentum his way Oddmund looking a bit lost inside the ring. Leander looks at Vanessa for a moment and the communication is clear as day. Leander brings Oddmund with him as they tag and Leander sets up Oddmund with a backbreaker holding the bigger man in position as Vanessa comes running to land the knee drop after it. Crowd gets hype seeing the fluid move between them with Oddmund feeling it on the mat. Vanessa gives a slight tap toward her elbow and the crowd reacts with a roar ready to see something golden. Sizing Oddmund up as he getting to his feet Vanessa—

INA INA: Damn is she going…


Alex hits Vanessa from behind the crowd boos extensively not being able to see the patented move and the ref is already two inches from Alex’s face telling him he could easily throw the match right then and there. Leander yells out from his corner while Oddmund takes the opportunity to grab Vanessa and pull her into a crucifix he starts to spin in the ring with her hanging in the position. The chaos rises with Leander trying to get into the ring just as Alex did but he’s met with a big boot to the face from Oddmund WHILE he still has Vanessa in his grasp and that throws Leander completely out of the ring.

WILLIAM BURKE: How in the hell did he pull that off?! He…He stopped right in the middle of spinning!

INA INA: See, entertaining. Told you. GoM getting kicked around is entertaining.

Oddmund unceremoniously tosses Vanessa like a rag doll to the mat. Seeing this Alex backs up with his hands up no longer fighting with the ref letting his attention go back to the match he gets out of the ring on his side and immediately walks over toward Leander to keep him down.

WILLIAM BURKE: Are they allowed to do that?! They aren’t allowed to do that!

INA INA: Hahaaha!! They are doing it.

Oddmund waits until Vanessa rises back to her feet snarling as she does and rushes her in a dead sprint as she turns toward him…Oddmund takes Vanessa’s soul with his Implosion spear!!

INA INA: YES…this is beautiful!

WILLIAM BURKE: This is everything wrong with tag wrestling.

Oddmund pulls Vanessa’s lifeless body to him for the pin. Alex continues to keep Leander down on the outside making it all look easy from this point.





WILLIAM BURKE: I demand a recount. This was wrong.

INA INA: Ahhh shutup. Demand a recount on your miserable life, this was great.

CLARA MARTINS: And your winners of the match via pinfall….RAGNAROK!!!!

Oddmund rises to his feet smirking as he throws his hands in the air. Alex slides into the ring to join his partner in victory.

INA INA: A very impressive showing from the rookies this evening.

WILLIAM BURKE: I disagree. I disagree greatly.


Posted Image

The scene fades backstage as Felix Vialpando walks up to a Pepsi vending machine. He chuckles to himself thinking about earlier where he cost Blvck Jones his match against Michael Alexander.

FELIX VIALPANDO: Jaja stupido.

He slides his debit card on the vending machine and selects a Gatorade.

Before he could retrieve the Gatorade his face smushes agaisnt the vending machine. He turns around to see who it was that did it and sees that it was Blvck Jones!


Felix lunges towards Blvck but is met with a punch to the gut and there it began with the two getting into a brawl nearby the vending machines. The two get a fair share of punches in whiel the two roll around up against the vending machines until Felix dodges a punch from Blvck who punches a hole through the glass of the snacks machine. Felix then connects with a boxing combination while Blvck’s hand was stuck in the hole. He then grabs the back of Blvck’s head


He rams Blvck’s head into the window causing the rest of the glass to break. Vialpando steps back thinking he was free from any more of Jones’ actions. He goes to get his Gatorade but nope! Again Blvck shoves him and this time out into the hallway. Blvck mounts on top of Felix and begins to punch him but doesn’t get enough shots in as secruity guards led by RED run over and break it up. RED looks up to the destruction of the vending Vete a la verga culeromachines. He drops down to his knees and looks up to the sky.





RED stands back up and turns to the two boys shaking his head.


As the guards drag Felix and Blvck off RED turns back towards the destroyed vendhing machines and sniffles.


The scene fades away slowly.

Posted Image

A video begins to play as Eli Bloom, mentor to the “monster” Harbinger”, is seen sitting backstage. In front of a wall of darkness, nothing else stands out about the area besides him.

ELI BLOOM: Sophie… you’ve made a terrible mistake. Knowledge was presented to you that would benefit you and help you grow as a person. There was no motive of malice behind this offer, only compassion. And, in your ignorance, you rebuffed the gift. Now for your willful ignorance, you must suffer.

The dark wall behind him shifts and moves, the black moving to the side to show plain whiteness in the back. The wall was not a wall after all but a man. Harbinger walks away from behind him and off camera.

ELI BLOOM: He taught you a lesson a couple of weeks ago, one of pain to clear the clouds in your vision. Yet you still remain as stubborn to learn as ever. You said to tell him that you forgive him. What you fail to realize is that he never needed nor wished your forgiveness. In your stupidity, you fail to accept that it is YOU who need to ask for HIS forgiveness… for being such a waste of time. You wished for this match? You will never learn. Tonight will be your final lesson. There is another project after this. One that, unlike you, actually shows some semblance of promise. Goodbye, Sophie. And good luck. You’re going to need it.

Reaching a hand out to the camera, Eli moves it across the lens and the camera cuts out to black.

Posted Image

The scene fades back in the arena as Clara Martins is seen in the ring ready to announce the next match.


The fans cheer as they were ready for this match between Sophie El and Harbinger. Left for ten seconds to their own mechanisms, the crowd can only communicate among themselves. Nothing happened within those ten seconds, causing fans to look among each other for answers. Without warning, all the lights in the arena die out, leaving only darkness over the audience. Lights from camera flashes illuminate the setting, before a spotlight fades in. It focuses on the entrance way. The light sound of rain begins, accompanying fog seeping from underneath the stage. In a somber whisper, a voice calls out.

“The blackest night falls from the sky. The darkness grows as all light dies. She craves your hearts and your demise. By her black hand, the dead shall rise.”

The ample fog blankets the stage in white, creating a calm, but eerie backdrop to “Play Dead” by Bjork. The whimsical instrumentals play, defeating the rain sounds. The melodious rhythm suddenly becomes stronger, adding percussion and a violin to the mix. As Bjork yells out, Sophie Kaiser enters the arena. An almost disinterested look is on the young girl’s face. Sophie looks among the arena lights, basking in its softness. They bathe her in a fluctuating cascade of blue and purple. She flips her hair back, before the announcer gives the call.

CLARA MARTINS: Exiting from Paradise itself, weighing tonight in at 147 pounds, she is “The Undying” Sophie ELLLLLLL!

As the call concludes, Sophie makes her stride down the ramp. It is methodical in nature, displaying Sophie’s mindset clearly. The intense fog follows her down the ramp. At the end, she stood there, taking in the atmosphere around her. She shakes her head, disregarding any thoughts that traverse through her fractured mind. Sliding under the bottom rope and to her feet, Sophie goes for the nearest corner.

INA INA: This little girl should be in fear for her life.

WILLIAM BURKE: No! The las should be prepared to defend herself not not be fearful Ina.

INA INA: All the bitch knows how to do is paint stuff and hold Luke Wisia’s hand when he starts spazzing out. Stop, Burke.

The arena lights go dark as “The Final Test” begins to play and the large masked man as Harbinger pushes out through the curtain. He seems almost uncomfortable as he walks out onto the stage before he moves down the ramp at a frantic pace and rolls into the ring.

CLARA MARTINS: An his way to the ring, from Wilke-Barre, Pennsylvania…. Harbinger!

Once inside, he pounds at the leather of his mask with closed fists and moves down to his chest. He continues to do so before moving to a nearby turnbuckle and huddles against it as if he is trying to hide.

INA INA: You know what I’m tired of Burke?


INA INA: I’m tired of SubVersion being the home of The Cabin In The Woods freakshow. What the fuck is this shit. 5150 (Zagan, Alexa, Lucky, Anya Sands and that lil weird girl), this freaking weirdo and not if that wasn’t enough we’ve invited Kai over. For fucks sake, Burke. I’m sick of it!!!

WILLIAM BURKE: What does that have to do this match, Ina?

INA INA: UGGGGGHHH!!! Never freaking mind. Forgot I was surrounded by idiots these days.

Clara quickly exited the ring once Harbinger got in the ring and the ref then called for the bell.

Sophie El vs Harbinger

DING!!!! DING!!!! DING!!!!

After the bell rings Sophie does her best to keep her distance from Harbinger until she sprints towards him trying to clothesline him. Harbinger doesn’t even budge. Sophie looks around unsure what she needs to do so she hits the ropes and tries to take Harbinger back down with another clothesline. Still nothing. Sophie shakes her head and begins to climb up a turnbuckle to try another approach. She leaps off of the top turnbuckle going for a Diving Clothesline but instead of actually hitting Harbinger with the maneuver she is caught in mid air and is brought crashing down onto the mat with a Spinebuster. The fans wince at how hard Harbinger slammed her down on the mat along with placing all his weight on the smaller Sophie. Sophie cried out in pain the instant she was brought down. Harbinger gets up to his feet and looks down at her with a blank stare. The referee doesn’t know what else to do but just stand there and wait to see what the big man was about to do. The moment Sophie looks up and sees Harbinger hovering over her he quickly reaches down grabbing her by the neck. He chokes her while holding her up in the air. Sophie panics in his grasp but eventually begins to punch and kick her way free. After dropping Sophie to the ground, Harbinger tries to hit a clothesline of his own..


Sophie ducks under and the then dives for his legs knocking the big man down for the first time. After seeing how she got Harbinger down Sophie nods to herself knowing what she has to do. She walks over and picks up his leg to kick it a few times before she comes down with an elbow on the knee. Once down she begins to crank the leg back trying to do as much damage to his leg as she could. Harbinger lifts up powering through the pain only to punch Sophie in the back of the head to get her off of him. She rolls off of him while holding the back of her head. Harbinger start to get up on a knee but he is brought back down by a Dropkick to the face. The fans cheer Sophie on as she stands back up to her feet.

WILLIAM BURKE: Sophie really looking impressive in this early. The lass might just survive this match.

INA INA: Eh. It’s too early to be saying all that Burkie.

Sophie goes right back towards the leg as she begins to stomp on it a few times before she hits the hopes and hits a knee drop on it. Before she could get back up Harbinger sits back up and grabs a chunk of her hair. She screams out loud the moment he grabs a hold of her. He turns her face towards his and hits a couple headbutts before tossing her off to the side. Harbinger slowly starts to get back up to his feet but wobbles a little on his right leg. He looks over to Sophie trying to go back after her but once she notices that he was coming she quickly rolls out of the ring to try and by herself some time. Harbinger groans as he slowly gets out of the ring and steps onto the ring apron. Sophie doesn’t notice that he was following her until she hears a loud thud when he hops down from the ring apron. She looks behind her to see Harbinger a least three feet away from her. She screams and runs hopping over the barricade right into the fans.

The fans stand up cheering as the see the action may be coming their way but they stopped once Harbinger followed right behind her over the barricade. Women and children scream in fear as he passed by them. Out of nowhere where Sophie comes flying onto the back of Harbinger while placing a popcorn bucket on top of his head. She wraps her arms around Harbinger’s neck trying to go for a sleeper hold and as she done so she was holding on for dear life. Habringer groaned twisting back and forth trying to get Sophie off of him and almost knocking out a few fans in the process. Finally the big man just reaches up and grabs Sophie’s head. He then just simply drops down hitting a Stunner on Sophie. She quickly lets go and while sitting there Harbinger removes the popcorn bucket off of his head. Once he sees what it was blinding him he groans and begins to shred it into little pieces. As he turns and gets up to his feet to retrieve Sophie, she was already gone! He looks around for her and sees Sophie holding her chin from the stunner stumbling through the crowd and heading towards the stage.

INA INA: And just where does this little bitch think she going? Oh well. Guess it’s all she can really do at this point.

WILLIAM BURKE: Well she needs to have some distance away from that animal Ina. She is still doing well in this match. She is lasting longer than anyone could of expected her to!

Harbinger again begins to follow her through the crowd but this time seems to be walking a little fast than before. Once he reaches her he turns her around but it wasn’t her! It was a fan that just looked like her. Where was Sophie? Up there! It’s bird! It’s a plane! NO! It’s Sophie El jumping from the club level barricade and hitting a Diving Crossbody on Harbinger. With the element of surprise in her favor, Sophie felt it was her chance to try and to win this match as she goes for the pin!




Sophie sighs in disappointment after Harbinger kicks out. She gets back up to her feet and starts to wonder what she could do next but it was too late no as Harbinger sits back up. Sophie quickly hits a dropkick to drop him back down on the ground. As she gets back up she looks towards his leg and nods as she goes to lock in the Celtic Knot. IT’S LOCKED IN! But is it enough with her small figure for this particular submission hold? The referee asks if Harbinger wants to quit but he instead groans in pain. Sophie holds onto the submission hold as long as she possible be could until Harbinger again reaches over to grab her hair and hit a few more headbutts to get to to let go. They both lay there for a moment, Sophie her head and Harbinger his leg. Sophie slowly gets up to her feet and begins to stumble through the crowd once more until she finds herself near the stage. She hops up and climbs onto the stage. She lays there feeling as if she is as far as she possibly could be from Harbinger. She was right for a moment but here comes Harbinger shoving his way through the crowd while limping on the leg she has been targeting for the entirety of this match.

WILLIAM BURKE: Well I’ll be an pink egg on Easter Sunday, this man just does not stay down!

INA INA: Uh dddduuuuuhhhhhhhhhh Burkie. Haven’t you ever seen a scary movie? You can’t just run and think everything will be cool if try and hide.

Once Sophie sees that Harbinger is lifting himself up onto the stage with her she quickly gets up to her feet and stands as if she was willing to just fight him now. Harbinger on the stage now slowly begins to walks towards her until he was in arm length of her. She goes to punch him and she does hit but it just wasn’t effective against him. She goes to punch him again but Harbinger steps to the side and picks her up only to hit a Sidewalk Slam. He doesn’t seem to want to waste anymore time now as he begins to get back up to his feet. He gets her up to her feet and whips her into the wall before lifting her up and hitting a Fireman’s Carry Slam. Harbinger gets up to his feet once again and stares down at Sophie who lays there motionless. He doesn’t do anything until she begins to stir and gets up to her knees. She holds onto her back as she starts to get back up to her feet and once she does she looks up to see Harbinger standing there staring down at her. She looks around and begins to back away but stops as she was now standing near the edge of the stage. She looks back towards Harbinger who followed her all the way to the edge in fear of her life. Harbinger grunted before kicking her in the midsection and lifts her up. The fans boo and try and plead with hm for him not to do it. The referee as well tries to plead with him but it was no use as Harbinger leaps off and hits his Death Nail off of the stage! The fans begin to chant holy shit as the referee sprints down to begin the count.




DING!!! DING!!!! DING!!!!

CLARA MARTINS: Here is your winner… HARBINGER!

“Claire De Lune” by Claude Debussy hits the PA System after the ref ends the count. Harbinger sits there with the unconscious Sophie still in his arms. It wasn’t until Eli Boom came out clapping that Harbinger tossed her to the side and stood up. The fans boo him as Eli continued to cheer him on. The referee quickly calls for paramedics as the scene starts to fade away.

WILLIAM BURKE: Oh God..I hope she’s okay.

INA INA: It’s okay she’ll be a prissy little bitch and be all over Luke once she notices nearly died tonight in Oakland. It’s okay Burkie! You’re nude painting will still get done!

WILLIAM BURKE: Excuse me?!


Posted Image


Just as the cameras arrive backstage, the agent known as Mo Shots is seen making his way down the hallway, hyping up the backstage correspondents as he walks by them. He reaches a big group of people just as he steps into the wrestlers locker room wing and steps right in between all of them. Mo throws his hands in the air, clears his throat, and yells out:

MO SHOTS: If any of you need assistance… you CALL ME! Copy?!

Mo nods his head and shines off a cheesy grin before he spins around takes a few steps down the hallway. After walking a solid fifteen feet, Mo reaches a locker room door, the name on the door tag reading “Alexa Corra.”

MO SHOTS: Alright, Mo! THIS IS IT! You need to land this deal so you could start rebuilding your em–

Just as Mo was going to finish his sentence, the locker room door swings open to reveal Alexa Corra already dressed in her ring gear, her eyes burning a hole through Mo.

MO SHOTS: LEXI! BOOBIE! How’s my favorite person in the world doing tonight?!

Mo shoots Corra a cheesy grin and leans forward to give her a hug, but Alexa holds her arm up and stops Mo in his tracks.

ALEXA CORRA: What do you want?

MO SHOTS: A billions dollars, and a wife that knows how to cook.

Mo laughs at his own joke, doing whatever he can to make this situation less tense.

MO SHOTS: No, but really. You know why I’m here, Alexa.

He tapes a step forward and walks right into Alexa’s locker room, bringing a scowl to the former Global Tag Team champions face.

MO SHOTS: I’m here to see if you gave any consideration to what I talked to you about last Subversion. Me representing —

Just then, Mo glances over to the far right corner of the room and sees the blowtorch and welding mask Alexa was using earlier. Next to those items was a championship belt with the world “Underworld” welded into the middle of it.

MO SHOTS: Hey, Lexipoo. What’s that there title?

Alexa walks by Mo and rips the title off of table it was laying on.

ALEXA CORRA: This is the old New Mexico Wrestling Lordsburg championship… now known as Underworld championship. My own personal championship.

Alexa hoists the title over her shoulder, showing off her expert welding skills to Mo and camera team.

ALEXA CORRA: As far as your… offer goes – I have considered it. I’ve thought about it, and I can’t come up with a single, solitary reason why it would be good for me to hire you as my…

MO SHOTS: Agent, manager, public relations guy. Anything really!

Alexa sneers, showing that she’s clearly annoyed by Mo.

ALEXA CORRA: Right. I, unlike most, don’t want or need anyone representing me. I do just fine on my own.

With that, Alexa goes to exit her own locker room door, but the ballsy Mo Shots stops right in front of her and puts his hands up to stop her in place.

MO SHOTS: Okay, now want is one thing, but NEED, Lexibae? That’s a whole different ballgame, sugar. Telling ya…

Alexa tries to walk past Mo, but once again, he stops right in front of her and finishes his pitch.

MO SHOTS: I told you once and I’ll you one more time. You got all the talent in the world, but what you need is someone like me to lead you in the right direction. Someone to stop you from doing all those crazy things running around in that mind of yours! Someone to keep you grounded, and remind you what the goal here is!

Alexa rolls her eyes, glaring over at her Underworld championship.

ALEXA CORRA: I know what the goal is… Mo. Right now the goal is taking Zagan’s head, and after that…

She taps on her title.

ALEXA CORRA: More of this. Now, get out of my way or else I’m going to —

MO SHOTS: Whoa, hold on! No threats! We can’t build trust here if we start threatening each other, Lexi! Now, listen, I know you’re as stubborn as you are deadly, but you gotta take my word on this. I. CAN. TAKE. YOU. TO. THE TOP.

He claps his hands after each of his last seven words.

MO SHOTS: Not saying that you can’t get there without me, but I could guarantee you faster ride there! No bullshit! No hidden hoops to jump through! Just you…

Mo points directly at the Underworld championship.

MO SHOTS: And what you want. Think about it.

With that, Mo shoots Alexa a wink and walks right of her locker room. The 5150 halfs glances over at her redesigned Underworld title and looks back up at the door, squinting her eyes as Subversion transitions to another part of the arena.

Posted Image

CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall!

The fans begin to boo loudly, as Get on Your Knees by Nicki Minaj, hits over the public address system as the lights begin to flash different hues of pink and purple. As a makeshift runway is placed in front of the ring, as a bunch of paparazzi appear waiting on the arrival of the Pretty Committee.

Soon enough coming out of the entrance tunnel to loud boos is none other than Veronica Taylor, and Bianca Davis both have an arrogant smirk on their face, as they look at eachother high fiving eachother. Before, striking a series of arrogant poses together, as the camera’s flash with the paparazzi getting plenty of shots of the arrogant beauties. As they chuckle before brushing past the paparazzi taunting the fans as they stay in the center of the runway ignoring the boos, with Veronica in front.

CLARA MARTINS: Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Veronica Taylor… Representing the Pretty Committee… BIANCA DAAAAAAAAAAAVIS!

The Pretty Committee keeps up their arrogant saunter down to the ring, making sure to stay away from the fans so, they can not lay their common hands on them. As they soon climb up the steel steps as they turn facing the fans, as they blow arrogant kisses at them, as Veronica grabs her bottle of perfume and sprays it around them holding her nose. As they look at the ref began yelling at them to lower the ropes which he does, as they both roll their eyes as they enter under the bottom rope. As they pose arrogantly in the center of the ring, before moving towards their corner where they fix up their appearances checking with a handheld mirror with both of them getting into it, they blow their reflection kisses as they wait for their opponents.

CLARA MARTINS: And her opponent…

The lights dim in the arena slightly as the drums of “Funeral Singer” by Norma Jean begins to play over the speakers.

It’s been so many years since the first time I died.
The vultures have been gone for so long.
The past starts again.
But now it’s all been covered in ash.

Nina Stokes comes out from the back; she raises her hands as the crowd acknowledges her. Some of them boo, some of them cheer. Nina then begins to make her way down to the ring. Nina circles the ring once, getting her mind mentally ready. After circling the ring, she wipes her boots and enters into the ring.

CLARA MARTINS: Making her way to the ring, now residing in Miami, Florida…NINA STOKES!

She walks to the center ring and closes her eyes for a few moments, continuing to mentally prepare herself. Nina quickly turns and runs towards the nearest turnbuckle. She gently hops, planting her left on the middle turnbuckle, and her right one on the top. Nina spreads her arms semi-majestically as the chorus of the song plays. She then hops off and removes her leather jacket.

WILLIAM BURKE: It’s time for Nina Stokes and Bianca Davis. This little rivalry between Nina and the Pretty Committee as a whole has gotten pretty serious, wouldn’t you say?

INA INA: Yeah, it definitely has, and Veronica’s been making Nina look bad this entire time! Tonight, it’s Bianca’s turn to make Nina look bad.

WILLIAM BURKE: Well, I wouldn’t say Veronica’s been making Nina look bad. She simply —

INA INA: Quiet, William. It’s match time.

The two ladies get themselves loosened up in their corners, Nina glaring a hole at Veronica Taylor at ringside. Bianca yells at Nina to pay attention to her, getting Nina to turn around and motion to the referee to call for the bell.

Nina Stokes vs Bianca Davis w/ Veronica Taylor


Right as the opening bell sounds, Bianca charges right at Nina, but Nina takes her down to the mat and locks in a kneebar! Already in pain, Bianca starts screaming at the top of her lungs and reaches toward the nearest ropes and Veronica cheers her partner on. Seeing that Bianca was nearing the ropes, Nina lets go of the kneebar and pulls Bianca away from the ropes before she drops on top of her and starts punching away at her face! Nina lands an elbow flush right to Bianca’s cheekbone, then pulls her up to her feet and slings her into the nearest corner!

Nina unleashes with a fury of shoot kicks, bringing Veronica Taylor to jump up onto the apron to distract Nina. Nina lunges at Veronica, but Veronica drops off the apron and gives Bianca the opening to sneak up behind Nina and blast her with an elbow to the head! Nina hits the canvas hard, giving Bianca the opening to put the boots to the former Bloodlust champion.

WILLIAM BURKE: Nina was off to a ferocious start, but after that distraction by Veronica, the momentum has swung in Bianca’s favor.

INA INA: Distraction? I didn’t see a distraction. Nina just lunged at the ghostman on the apron because she’s a psycho.

WILLIAM BURKE: What?! Veronica was on the apron while —

INA INA: Just shut up, Burkey. You’re losing it in your old age.

Bianca pulls Nina up to her feet and drives a knee into her midsection, then smacks Nina in the face with a stiff right! The slap leaves a faint handprint on Nina’s face, and causes the former Bloodlust champion to lunge forward and take Bianca back to the ground! This time, Nina starts elbowing the life out of Bianca’s face as Veronica screams for the referee to stop Nina from damaging Bianca’s moneymaker. After four shots, Nina stops herself and backs away from Bianca, patiently waiting for her to rise to her feet. Once Bianca’s up, Nina comes forward, captures Bianca’s arms, and blasts her with a big heabutt!

Bianca falls down right on her backside, allowing Nina to bounces off the ropes and connect with a huge seated lariat! Veronica gasps after hearing the impact from the lariat as Nina hooks Bianca’s leg and looks directly at Veronica while making the cover.




The Pretty Committee member gets her shoulder up, Nina immediately wrapping Bianca up in a chinlock. Nina pulls Bianca up to her feet and irish whips her into the ropes, but Bianca holds onto the ropes to prevent the bounce back. Nina sees this and charges forward, but Bianca tucks her shoulder and sends Nina over the top rope…

INA INA: There she goes!

WILLIAM BURKE: Wait, look!

…. landing on the apron! Bianca turns around and goes to elbow Nina off the apron, but Nina blocks it, shoulder thrusts Bianca through the middle rope, and rips her out onto the apron by her hair! With both ladies now on the apron, Nina drives a knee into Bianca’s stomach, grips her into position, and sends Bianca off the apron with a wrist clutch capture suplex! Veronica’s jaw drops as Bianca grimaces in pain and Nina looks down at the hurting Pretty Committee member.

Nina hops off the apron and grabs a hold of Bianca’s head, turning to Veronica to let her know that Bianca was going to be her soon. Veronica yells out “as if” as Nina rolls Bianca into the ring and then begins stalking toward Veronica. Veronica runs away and to get as far away as possible from Nina, but Nina continues her steady pace toward the leader of the Pretty Committee.

INA INA: Look at her being a bully! She’s trying to intimidate Veronica for no good reason!

WILLIAM BURKE: What in the jolly green grass are you talking about, Ina? Veronica’s given Nina every reason to keep a close eye on her!

INA INA: No reason to try and be a bully, though.

WILLIAM BURKE: *sigh* I miss Jayden.

Veronica continues badmouthing Nina as she gets chased until Bianca Davis comes out of nowhere with a baseball slide dropkick to the side of Nina’s head! Nina falls back against the guardrail, allowing Bianca to slide out of the ring, grip Nina by her hair, and send her head and shoulder first into the ring steps! Veronica cheers her fellow Pretty Committee member on Bianca takes a bow, taking in the jeers and boos from the crowd.

Bianca hunches over and pulls Nina up by her hair, then slides her into the ring and hops onto the apron. Bianca slowly enters the ring, patiently waits for Nina to stand up, and catches her with a running bulldog! Bianca immediately turns Nina onto her back and hooks the leg…




Nina emphatically kicks out two, causing Bianca to look out at Veronica and ask her what she should do next. Veronica yells out “finish her off!”; bringing Bianca to pull Nina up to her feet. Bianca grabs a hold of the sides of Nina’s head and shots some obscenities at her face, but Nina pushes Bianca away and catches her with a bicycle knee! Bianca gets rocked as she bounces back against the ropes, and walks right into a decapitating roundhouse kick from Stokes! Bianca falls lie a stack of bricks, allowing Nina to make the pin attempt…




Bianca just gets her shoulder up to prevent the three count from happening. Nina wipes away the sweat from her forehead and pulls Bianca up to a vertical base, setting up for the ‘chaos theory’ rolling German suplex. Just as Nina wraps her arms around Nina’s waist, Bianca rears back and catches Nina with a stiff elbow to the face! Nina lets go of the waist lock, allowing Bianca to turn around and catch Nina with the “Crowned” implant DDT!

INA INA: Oh my god! She hit the big DDT! Bianca might win!

WILLIAM BURKE: You might be right, Ina. Bianca might have this one in the bag!

Instead of going for the cover, Bianca rises up to her feet, staggers around and a bit, then goes toward Nina. She pulls Nina up to her feet, wraps her arm around her head, and hits yet another “Crowned” implant DDT directly in the middle of the ring! Bianca turns Nina on her back, and makes a lazy back press cover, not bothering to do anything else.




Nina wraps her arms around one of Bianca’s arms, her legs around the other and pulls her back into a crucifix pin!




Bianca just barely gets out of the pinning predicament, both ladies scrambling up to their feet as fast as they can. They charge toward one another and Nina ducks a clothesline attempt from Veronica. They both bounce off the ropes and run back toward each other looking for charging crossbody’s, and collide in midair!

WILLIAM BURKE: Wowzer! They just came at each other like two freight trains!

INA INA: Looks like they knocked the wind out of each other. Someone get Bianca some water! Does she have asthma?!

WILLIAM BURKE: You’re ridiculous…

Veronica starts slapping her hands off the mat in an attempt to will her partner to her feet. The fans begin cheering Nina’s name, showing her that she wasn’t the only one couldn’t stand Bianca Davis and the Pretty Committee. Once both ladies make it to their feet, Bianca swings wildly with a left hand bitch smack, but Nina ducks it and catches Bianca with her feigned knee strike! Bianca stumbles back, but Nina comes forward and lifts Bianca in a fireman’s carry and looks directly at Veronica while doing so.

INA INA: Put her down, Nina!

WILLIAM BURKE: I think she’s about to!

Nina shoots Veronica a smirk before she pushes Bianca over her head and hits Bianca with her own “Beauty Sleep” go-to-sleep finisher! A lifeless Bianca Davis falls onto the mat as Nina hooks her leg and stares at Veronica while the referee makes the count..





CLARA MARTINS: The winner of this match… NINA STOKES!

Instead of celebrating, Nina just glares down at her fallen opponent. After a few moments, she drops to the mat and slides under the bottom rope. Veronica takes a couple of steps towards her.

NINA STOKES: Back the fuck up!

Normally, Veronica wouldn’t have batted an eye. However, there was something in Nina’s tone; it was intense and serious. Said tone causes Veronica to backpedal and put some distance between her and Nina.

Nina drops to a knee and places her right hand underneath the ring. After digging for a while, she pulls her arm out. A large metal pipe sits in palm. Nina lifts her arm and lets the pipe rest on her shoulder; she then strolls over towards the announce table.

WILLIAM BURKE:: What the hell is she doing?

INA INA: The bitch has finally cracked.

A steel chair had been leaning against the announce table. Nina picks it up by its legs and sends it soaring into the ring over the top rope. The chair bounces of the mat and nearly beans Bianca, who is still down on the mat.

On her way back to the ring, she grabs a microphone from one of the stage hands. Nina rolls the the pipe under the bottom rope before she slides in and kips up to her feet, still holding the mic. She walks over and retrieves the steel chair. After being viciously kicked in the ribs, Bianca turns over, so that her back is on the mat. Nina unfolds the chair and positions it so that Bianca’s body is trapped underneath it.

WILLIAM BURKE:: This is wild!

Nina takes hold of the pipe before she sits down in the chair. Bianca squirms a bit, but she’s secured by Nina’s body weight.

Throughout this whole ordeal, the crowd has be eerily silent. The fans didn’t exactly know what they were witnessing, so they watch with hushed tones. Nina had expected their very reaction, so it doesn’t phase her. Nina glances around the crowd and sees their confused looks; this makes her nod her head. She then turns her head towards the announce team and raises her microphone up with her left hand.

NINA STOKES: For the next this minutes, this is my show. I better not hear yall utter a single word.

Nina then turns her attention to Veronica. She raises her right hand and points the pipe at Veronica.

NINA STOKES: Veronica Taylor―the self-proclaimed First Lady of Subversion.

Nina’s own statement causes her to snicker a bit as she lowers her right arm.

NINA STOKES: I suppose a foolish woman needs a foolish moniker. It’s only fitting.

The expression on her face changes; the slight smile from the snicker disappears. A look at resembles a scoul appears.

NINA STOKES: For the past few months, you’ve been nothing short of annoying. I always imagined you as a fruit fly: you were pesky, and always buzzed around for no damn reason. And so, for a while, I was content playing around with you. And then, something happened…

Nina stopped talking for a moment. Her ears perked up; the crowd was still hushed.

NINA STOKES: One day, you lost your motherfucking mind. And on that day you decided to trek to Seattle, my hometown. Now, if you and your little goon here―

Nina taps on Bianca’s chest with her right boot.

NINA STOKES: Had any sense, then your plan would have ended there. However, it didn’t. You decided to visit my house , lay hands on my fucking mother!

She could feel her blood beginning to boil; she took a deep breath to calm herself, somewhat. Suddenly, the wheels in her mind begin to turn.

NINA STOKES: Hmm…you know what though, the incident with my mom is was just the one that broke the camel’s back. Before that, there were your shenanigans in my Crowned Royalty qualifying match.

A small smile came to Veronica’s face; Nina kept her scoul.

NINA STOKES: Oh, did you think I forgot about that , Veronica? Nope.

Nina lets out a grunt.

NINA STOKES: You know, way back in 2014, I was scheduled to been in the Crowned Royalty tournament as well. In fact, I was projected to go pretty far, according to those in the know. I was bumped up, fired up and ready to go―and then I got screwed by Fran in the first round.

She peers around the crowd.

NINA STOKES: You all remember that shit don’t you? Fran came in,basically tapped Gia on the shoulder, and the match was ruled a disqualification. Mind you, this all happened blatantly on camera. Was that travesty ever rectified? No, of course not.

Nina nods her head.

NINA STOKES: Fast forward to 2015, once again I was projected to go far and deep into the tournament; and once again, I was screwed―this time, by you , Veronica.

Once again, Nina peers around the crowd.

NINA STOKES: And, did HKW ever try to rectify that situation? Of course not.

She nods again.

NINA STOKES: That’s perfectly fine by me. Because tonight, I’m going to amend those transgression myself.

Nina pauses. She looks down at Bianca, who has stopped struggling. Nina then looks back up at Veronica.

NINA STOKES: You read the bible, don’t you? Do you recall the phrase am I my brother’s keeper? Cain foolishly asked God that question after he savagely murdered his brother. I suppose the simple answer to that question is yes , since Cain was banished and ejected from the land.

Nina glared at Veronica.

NINA STOKES: Veronica, you hurt my family―it was you who struck my mother. However, you didn’t do your dirt alone; you had help from your friend here, right?

A smirk crossed Nina’s lips as she maintained her focus on Veronica.

NINA STOKES: I should be the ever loving shit out of you, Veronica. Oh, and I will, in due time. But tonight, your sister here is going to pay for your transgressions; and, she’s going to pay dearly.

She takes a quick moment so that she is able to catch her breath. At this point, the crowd is starting to stir a bit; however, Nina ignores them.

NINA STOKES: You know, over the past five or six months, I’ve done my best to move away from hardcore wrestling. It was fun while I did it, but there isn’t much longevity in that style; it’s should only be employed sparingly. Tonight, happens to be one of those nights. This evening is a fine one for bloodshed―think of it as my Renaissance of Violence.

Nina chuckles as she rises from the chair. She places her boot across Bianca’s throat.
NINA STOKES: Oh, and Veronica, do remember that this is all your doing.

With a swift kick, Nina knocks the chair away and tosses down the mic. Before Bianca can react, Nina drives the steel pipe into her skull…again, and again, and again once more.

During the course of the beating, Nina thought she heard someone in the crowd scream out “oh my God!” If she actually did, then she ignored it. In fact, she ignored everything else around her. The only thing she could focus on was inflicting as much punishment with each blow that she could.


Out of the corner of her eye, she spots Veronica jump onto the ring apron. Nina runs over and swings at her. She connects with the ropes as Veronica hops back down to the ground and continues to look on.

Nina heads back to Bianca and delivers a couple more shots with the pipe. After a few moments, a cut opens up on her forehead. Nina begins to jab at the gash with the pipe, causing Bianca’s to turn crimson.

After one last crack over the head, Nina takes a step back. She’s done the damage that she set out to do. She holds the pipe up so that it’s eye level. The once straight piece of metal is now curved, confirmed in the shape of Bianca’s noggin, and dripping with blood. Nina nods her head; she then turns and stares at Veronica. The two lock eyes for a moment; the hate between each of them is now mutual. Nina tosses the pipe outside the ring at Veronica, who soundly dodges it.

NINA STOKES: Oh, don’t forget to take your shit with you, my dear.

Bianca is cowering in the center of the ring. Nina stiffly kicks her in the ribs, which causes her to roll to the ropes. With one more shift boot, Nina sends Bianca barreling to the outside; she falls in heap in front of Veronica.

VERONICA TAYLOR: Someone call the EMTs!

The medical crew rush down as Nina exits the ring. At this point, the crowd is silent. Nina deliberately walks up the ramp and heads to the back.


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Cameras move backstage, where we see Tristan Morris standing by with Whiskey Ayano.

TRISTAN MORRIS: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, HKW trainer, Whiskey Ayano!

Whiskey offers up a half-smile to the young interviewer, muttering a thank you.

TRISTAN MORRIS: Whiskey, you…

Before Tristan can even finish what he wanted to say, he takes a few steps back instead, moving out of the shot. Whiskey arches an eyebrow at this before she turns around and is met by Levi, who throws a punch that catches her right in the jaw! The two quickly begin trading shots afterwards, Whiskey seemingly getting the upper hand after a few seconds, only to be met with a steel chair shot to the back! Whiskey crumples to the ground as Shouta Kurosawa stands there with the chair in hand! Levi holds his jaw in pain as he looks down at Whiskey.

LEVI CHAMBERS: Fuck you, you drunk bitch!

The rest of Project Continuum then rushes in after Shouta drops his chair, leading to all of them but Levi stomping away at the laid out Whiskey. Bigz then raises Whiskey up, putting her into a full nelson and allowing Levi to stare at her with a sneer on his face.

LEVI CHAMBERS: If you ever, EVER, put your hands on me again, I will personally put you in the hospital. Consider this a warning. Stick to training those kids. You don’t want this fucking problem.

Levi chuckles before he walks off, the rest of Project Continuum following him. Bigz releases Whiskey, letting her drop to the ground, before he follows his stablemates. Cameras then cut off elsewhere.

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Jax Magnum is wandering through the back backstage area, with a crooked smile on his face as he sees Hunter Werth walking through the back with his fiance Lexi Graham. He makes a beeline towards them as they haven’t noticed him yet. Walking straight up to Hunter he laughs.

JAX MAGNUM: Awww, isn’t this lovely. It’s like a movie, Hunter and the slag.

Jax looks over at Lexi staring a hole through her.

JAX MAGNUM: How’s it feel to know that in just a few short weeks. Your fiance will be left for dead at Lucifer’s Effect? Hmm, maybe it feels good, knowing that ye dodged that bullet.

Hunter steps in front of Lexi, stopping as the two men are practically nose to nose.

HUNTER WERTH: Jackson, after the last time you and I went toe to toe, I’d think you’d have a little more respect for your own life. You may pretend as if the fact you didn’t throw a punch is indicative of what happened, but it would have only delayed the inevitable. I’d of still smeared your blood on the concrete the same way I did.

Hunter takes a second making sure that Lexi was firmly behind him before wiping his nose with his thumb.

HUNTER WERTH: Now, since we’re in the presence of a lady, I’m willing to give you a chance to walk away. Whether you take it or not, that’s your choice. But just know that if you don’t… whatever happens is on you.

Jax shakes his head at Hunter, putting his hands up in the air as he slowly begins to back away.

JAX MAGNUM: Since, I’m a gentleman…

Jax gives one last smirk to them before turning away, as Jax looks as he’s about to leave Lexi comes out from behind Hunter standing beside him as the two exchange a few words. However, Jax turns on his heels and looking to behead Lexi with a superkick. In a split second Hunter shielded Lexi taking the superkick to the back of the head before it could make contact with his fiance. Hunter sinks to the ground upon impact as Lexi looks on in shock. Jax then begins to stomp Hunter in the back of the head as he looks at Lexi.

JAX MAGNUM: This is what’s going to happen to yer precious fiance at Lucifer’s Effect, Lexi.

Walking over to her he laughs as he backs her against the wall.

JAX MAGNUM: I should end ye here, but then ye wouldn’t be able to watch what I do to him. It’s a Deathmatch Lexi, and I plan on making it live up to it’s name.

He walks over lifting Hunter head off the ground turning to Lexi once more..


Jax drops Hunter’s head to the ground then glance down at him as Hunter starts to stir. Jax then clears his throat and spits on Hunter body, before flipping off Lexi and turning away from them. Once Jackson seems to be a considerable distance away, Lexi runs to Hunter’s side. She sits down on the ground cradling Hunter in her lap as he begins to stir.

LEXI GRAHAM: HELP! Somebody! Get help!

She holds Hunter as he starts to come back to and rolls onto his knees pulling himself together. As he’s getting to one knee, paramedics arrive at the scene and get him to sit down against the wall as they begin looking him over. He tells them he’s okay, but they test him anyway. The scene then begins to fade to black.

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The cameras cut back to ringside, where we see the eight competitors competing in the next match already in the ring with Clara Martins.

CLARA MARTINS: The following is an eight person tag team match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, LEVI CHAMBERS, KAYLEY HALE, SHOUTA KUROSAWA, AND BIGZ BRONSON…PROJECT CONTINUUM!!!

Clara points to the PC corner, where Levi and Bigz are seen laying back, Shouta standing there with no emotion shown, and Kayley raising her title to boos.

CLARA MARTINS: And their opponents, KAI…

The audience cheers as Kai stands there, arms folded.


Another cheer from the audience as Lucian raises his right arm in the air before he steps back.


Evangelina panders to the audience a bit as they cheer for her before she too steps back.


The audience cheers again as Alessio points right at Levi while the ref holds him back, making sure he doesn’t attack the leader of Project Continuum. Once all teams are settled, the ref gets one member of each team to start the match (Evangelina and Shouta in this case) while the rest exit the ring before he calls for the bell.

Alessio van Duren, Evangelina Ramirez, Lucian Snyder, Kai vs Bigz Bronson, Kayley Hale, Shouta Kurosawa, Levi Chambers


Evangelina and Shouta circle the ring for a few seconds before Shouta motions for a lockup. Evangelina believes that he truly wants to lockup and extends out her hand to meet his…only for Shouta to charge forward and catch her with a knee to the gut, then follow it up with a DDT! Kurosawa quickly gets to his feet afterwards and grabs Evangelina, dragging her to his corner before tagging Kayley in. The Global Tag Team champions then grab Evangelina and hit a quick double team suplex before Shouta rolls out of the ring, allowing Kayley to go for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: Evangelina was too trusting of Shouta there and he made her pay for it!



INA INA: She should’ve just taken the fall right there. PC is about to dissect her slowly now.

Kayley gets to her feet and hits a series of knee drops to the face of Evangelina as the audience boos her. She then tags out to Levi, who gets a massive round of boos as he slowly enters the ring. Once Levi is in, he catches Evangelina with a series of stomps to the entire body, ending with one stomp to the head before he tags out to Bigz. Bigz then enters the ring and quickly grabs and lifts Evangelina before planting her with a powerslam! He then goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: The strength of Bigz Bronson is ridiculous!

INA INA: It’s about as ridiculous as your face, Burke!




Bigz shakes his head, yelling at Evangelina to stay down. He gets to his feet and tags out to Kayley once again, who quickly rushes into the ring before she grabs Evangelina by the hair and gets her up to both feet. Hale then plants goes for a double underhook maneuver, but Evangelina slips out of it at the last second! Ramirez then catches Hale with an enzuigiri that drops her and allows the daughter of Eddie Ramirez to quickly go for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: A beautiful enzuigiri by Evangelina!

INA INA: Oh good! She knows more than a rollup pin!




Evangelina quickly gets to her feet after that and grabs Kayley before she irish whips her into the corner where all of Ramirez’s partners are at. Ramirez then charges forward and connects with a corner splash before she tags out to Alessio, who quickly races into the ring and charges right at Levi, who hops down off of the apron to avoid Alessio’s grasp! van Duren then turns around and Hale comes charging right at him, but he catches her with a European uppercut before he goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: That’s a jaw jacker right there!

INA INA: Ugh, just shut up, Burke!




Alessio quickly gets to his feet afterwards, staring right at Bigz as he grabs Kayley before he lifts her and keeps her into a vertical suplex lift for a few seconds, letting the blood rush to her head. van Duren then plants Hale with a brainbuster before he rolls over to his corner and tags out to Kai, who quickly goes top rope. Once on the top turnbuckle, Kai leaps off and hits a swan dive headbutt before he goes for the cover, hooking a leg!

WILLIAM BURKE: What a move by Kai!

INA INA: Stop acting like that was some kind of amazing move, Burke. It was okay.




Kayley throws a shoulder up and the audience sighs. Kai then gets to his feet and looks over at Lucian, extending his hand out to him. Snyder seems almost surprised as he proceeds to tag himself into the match! Lucian quickly hits the ring and grabs Kayley before he gets her up to both feet. Snyder then irish whips her into the nearest corner before he charges in and catches her with a high knee! The audience cheers Lucian on and he looks out at the Cali people before he hooks Kayley’s head and goes for the a bulldog…only for her to shove him off at the last second! Snyder puts on the brakes, but Hale quickly hops onto his shoulders from behind before taking him down with a reverse frankensteiner! Kayley then goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: Lucian may have taken a little too much time there soaking in the admiration of the fans.

INA INA: And that right there is about to bite this idiot in the ass. Hell, it might be over right here.




Kayley lets out a sigh before she gets to her feet and tags out to Bigz, who smiles as he enters the ring. Bigz then charges forward and floors Alessio with a big boot, knocking him off the apron! Bigz then sees Lucian slowly getting to his feet before moving forward and putting both hands around Lucian’s throat, then lifting him and planting him with a two handed chokeslam! Levi claps and smiles as Bigz then puts a boot on Snyder’s chest and yells at the ref to count!

WILLIAM BURKE: A two handed chokeslam, but look at the disrespect from Bigz Bronson!

INA INA: That’s letting the other team know that Project Continuum is a dominating force in this company and nobody can stop them! I need one of their shirts!




Bigz shakes his head as he then completely steps on Lucian’s rib cage and over him, forcing the young man to hold his ribs in pain as Bigz walks over to his corner and tags in Levi to another loud chorus of boos. Levi quickly hits the ring and grabs Lucian by the head before getting him up to both feet. Chambers then hooks both of Snyder’s arms before he lifts him and plants him with a double underhook suplex! Levi then smugly goes for the cover, shoving his forearm in Lucian’s face!

WILLIAM BURKE: Levi showing his strength right there!

INA INA: You sound so surprised. Mr. Destiny has always had that strength.




Chambers shakes his head before he gets to his feet and walks over to his corner, tagging out to Shouta. Kurosawa quickly hits the ring and turns Snyder over onto his stomach before he quickly locks in the Kurosawa Klutch!

WILLIAM BURKE: Shouta has locked in the Camel Clutch! This might be it for Lucian!

Lucian only stays in the hold for a few seconds before Alessio comes charging in and catches Shouta with a boot to the head, forcing him to break the hold! Bigz then charges into the ring and Alessio sidesteps him, forcing Bigz out of the ring! But Alessio quickly goes after Bigz, exiting the ring and beginning to brawl with the bigger man! As the ref yells at both men to stop fighting, Kayley enters the ring and tries to go after Lucian, but Evangelina hits the ring and catches Kayley with a crossbody before both women roll out of the ring!

INA INA: Yes! Chaos! I love it!

Kayley and Evangelina then begin fighting ringside as Alessio and Bigz begin brawling to the back, allowing the ref’s attention to be shifted over there. Meanwhile, Levi is pulled off of the apron while the ref isn’t looking, forcing the Canadian to swear out loud before he turns around…and his eyes widen as he stares right at Whiskey Ayano! Whiskey then catches him with a hard kick to the side of the head, knocking him out cold as the ref never sees it, causing the audience to pop loudly!

WILLIAM BURKE: Whiskey just laid out Levi!

INA INA: Ring the bell, ref!

WILLIAM BURKE: He never saw it! Too busy yelling at Evangelina and Kayley to stop fighting!


Shouta slowly gets to his feet afterwards and turns right into a crooked arm lariat from Kai, turning him inside out! Kai then exits out onto the apron again as Lucian slowly gets to his feet and looks at the laid out Levi and the fighting Evangelina and Kayley before he looks over at Kai, who points at Shouta. Kurosawa slowly gets to his feet and Snyder’s eyes widen as he realizes the position he is in! Shouta eventually gets to his feet, but is wobbly, allowing Snyder to charge forward and drill him right in the jaw with a bicycle knee! Kurosawa crumples to the mat as Snyder then goes for the cover, the audience counting along with the ref that finall turns his attention back to the match!


INA INA: Unbelievable.



Kayley tries to race into the ring…but Evangelina throws her into the barricade, laying her out!






Lucian quickly gets to his feet and the ref raises his hand before he is joined by Evangelina, the two high-fiving one another. They look over at Kai, who nods at them before he hops off the apron and begins heading to the back. Snyder exits the ring seconds later while Ramirez celebrates, before he walks over to the timekeeper and grabs one of the HKW Global Tag Team championships and a mic. He re-enters the ring before he walks over to Shouta and kneels down next to him, setting down the title on his chest before he speaks on the mic.

LUCIAN SNYDER: I’m going to make this very simple, mate. Just a few seconds ago, I laid you out with this right knee of mine and pinned you for a three count. Now, you and your partner have something that I and my partner want, and since I just pinned you, that means that we are going to want a shot at those titles.

Snyder then cracks a small smile.

LUCIAN SNYDER: You’re knocked out right now, so I don’t expect an answer from you right now but from now until the next House of Pain, I will be expecting an answer as to whether you and your partner are brave enough to put those titles on the line against us at Lucifer Effect. Until then, enjoy your nap.

Snyder drops the mic and gets to his feet before he and Evangelina exit the ring, high-fiving some of the fans as they head to the back.

WILLIAM BURKE: Well, it looks like the team of Evangelina and Lucian Snyder want that gold!

INA INA: Everybody wants that gold. Doesn’t mean that they deserve it!

WILLIAM BURKE: Do you think they deserve it?

INA INA: Hell no!

WINNERS: Alessio, Kai, Lucian, and Evangelina (13:01)

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We cut backstage where we see Ai Han leading a cameraman through the backstage area as she looks for her designated interviewee

HAN AI: Keep up, Dave, there isn;t much time until the next match gets started and they said they’d be just up…

…but before Ai can finish her sentence she’s interrupted by Elijah Black stepping directly in her path, and he’s got a knowing look in his eye

HAN AI: Excuse me, I was trying to meet…

Oncer again, Black cuts off Ai by looking her in the eye and pointing towards the camera

ELIJAH BLACK: Is that a camera?

The question is merely rhetorical, as Ai doesn’t even have a chance to answer before Black throws another question her way while he points at the microphone in her hand

ELIJAH BLACK: And is that a microphone?

Black lets the question hang in the air for a second, allowing Ai the chance to answer…but just as she’s about to respond, Black nonchalantly snatches the microphone out of her hand

ELIJAH BLACK: Then you have the interview you were looking for.

His point made, Black hands the microphone back to Ai

ELIJAH BLACK: So perhaps you can think of a few questions to ask me.

Ai clearly looks irritated at having her interview hijacked, but at the same time she wants to maintain an air of professionalism so she decides it’s better to have an interview even if it’s not with the person she was intended to interview as opposed to not having an interview with anyone and getting into trouble with the production crew for failing to deliver what they hoped for

HAN AI: Okay, Elijah, what’s on your mind?

For a second Black doesn’t answer, instead he places a knuckle under his lip to ponder the question, further irritating Ai in the process until he finally says…


With that being said, Black turns to walk away as Ai watches on looking as if her blood is starting to reach a low simmer at having both her time and her planned interview wasted – but then Black turns back towards her and responds

ELIJAH BLACK: I’m sorry, but doesn’t the usual protocol when somebody barges into an episode of SubVersion to say just one single word state that you should be throwing your hands in the air and letting out a shrill cry of unbridled joy in response? Or does that only apply to when somebody from Defiance walks into the arena like he owns the goddamn place and wastes everyone’s time to say just one word before walking out as if he’s some sort of conquering hero? That same person that, coincidentally, I am facing tonight – although if Colt Sterling’s expecting a welcome wagon of balloons and cookies he is sorely mistaken.

HAN AI: So you are concerned about Colt Stirling?

Upon hearing Ai’s question, Black lets out a frustrated snort before briefly casting an utterly filthy look in Ai’s direction

ELIJAH BLACK: Did I say I was concerned? Or did I say that my opponent for tonight saying one word, a solitary word of just one syllable, being the major talking point of the last episode is so utterly disrespectful of every single person on this roster that it is sickening?

By this point, Ai has decided it’s not worth the effort to respond to one of Black’s patently rhetorical questions

ELIJAH BLACK: Seriously, what is wrong with people where they focus on the person who is doing the least amount of work? Colt Stirling said a word, or maybe he was just clearing his throat, everyone lose their shit as if he has just quoted scripture. That fits, given people spend more time talking about people who aren’t even at a Presidential debate than the people who actually did show up, almost as if they don’t care about what anyone has to say because they’re just going to vote for the guy they’ve seen on TV telling people “You’re fired” as if that makes him a credible anything .

Black rolls his eyes and shakes his head for a moment

ELIJAH BLACK: Should the rest of us sit in quiet reverence for a whole show as we await the words of Kai, Bronson, van Duren or whichever member of Generation of Miracles won the coin toss to speak first to be passed down upon us mere mortals? Of course not, that’s so far beyond stupid that it’s near goddamn impossible to comprehend it. No, they walked into our house without being invited, put their feet up on the sofa and expected us to drop everything to attend to them. Well here’s a word they’ll be hearing an awful lot: NO . No, I am not going to be rolling out the red carpet because they were on the bloated mass of hair and meat that we call Defiance a few weeks back, and no they are not going to, because if they expect people who have worked to make their way up every single rung on that ladder wondering if the top is getting closer or whether their depth perception’s starting to slip they are going to find out that a sense of entitlement is the weakest weapon you can carry into a battle where they face a barrage of molotov cocktails – and unlike a certain other person with an obnoxious sense of entitlement to everything, this battle is not one that can be won by guessing whether the coin’ll be landing on heads or whether it’ll be landing on tails. And if my opponent for tonight is harbouring any notions that this will be a cakewalk for him, somebody should remind me what happened to that yappy little dog that felt entitled to this

As he speaks, Black slaps the Lionheart title around his waist, which is partially obscured by the untucked Cavalera Conspiracy t-shirt he’s wearing

ELIJAH BLACK: …who was last seen making one hell of a mess of the ring canvas, and it was all because she never listened to the lessons about what happens when you provoke a hungry wolf. Yet a few days later along comes Stirling making the exact same mistake, thinking I’d stain my boxers when he deigned me with a complete sentence that would’ve no doubt caused a medical emergency at the last show with all those people fainting and pissing their pants en masse, but to me…yeah, I know I’ve got a match with you Stirling, it’s not like I needed to have it pointed out to me so you can put that stick down because what you can hear isn’t my stomach rumbling, it’s me growling before I attack.

It appears that Black may have finished talking, made that little bit more obvious by the fact he is casting a glance at Ai that clearly shows he’s waiting for a follow-up question – but there’s an obvious gap between him talking and Ai wanting to ask him a follow up question, something that clearly irritates Black as he stands there in the awkward silence

HAN AI: You mentioned Fabiana Garcia, who you’ll be meeting at Lucifer Effect next month. Are you not concerned that you are focusing all your attention on your match with Colt Stirling when you have a Lionheart title defence on the horizon?

For a moment it looks as if Black is scanning that question for any subtle implications about his title reign, the exact same thing which Fabiana has been using to get under Black’s skin for the past few weeks, before he answers

ELIJAH BLACK: Okay, let me make this abundantly clear to you, and to anyone who is listening that might have a vested interest in the title. I am not overlooking one match over another, I am not prioritising one match over another, what I am doing is compartmentalising each match as it comes – something that gets so much easier when the person yapping for a title shot is having second thoughts to her second thoughts to her second thoughts right now. So with what was left of Fabiana dumped into a box that was a whole lot cleaner before she decided to question me and my motives, I can focus on making sure that the next time Colt Stirling is expected to talk in public he’ll be using even less words than he did the last time. Because that’s the thing, once an opponent has my undivided attention they are going to have a bad day , so it’s up to me to make sure any distractions are dealt with. That’s what went wrong in Hybrid Hell, there was always a distraction looking to blindside me, while at Crowned Royalty I managed to distract myself by focusing on the idea that I would finally get to lead some Defiance royalty to the guillotine but I forgot to build the goddamn thing first. But Stirling? Now he has my undivided attention, and out of the goodness of my heart I will introduce Colt Stirling to SubVersion in the best manner possible – by bringing Icarus crashing down to earth, and the last thing he’ll hear for that fraction of a second when he hits the ground is every single bone in his body breaking on impact. And that is how you welcome somebody who expects everything to be handed to them no matter what.

Once he has finished speaking, a malicious smirk crosses the corner of Black’s mouth which he attempts to cover by rubbing the knuckle of his thumb over his lip piercing, before he gives the briefest hint of a cursory nod to Ai as he steps out of the shot so he can prepare for the match

Posted Image

CLARA MARTINS: The following is a singles match scheduled for one fall!

“Heavy Is The Head” by Zac Brown Band blares throughout the arena as the audience cheers and Colton Sterling slowly makes his way out towards the stage, the hood of his sweater covering his head as he stares down on the ground. He lightly bobs his head to the music before slowly looking up at the audience with a stoic look on his face, then slightly nodding as he makes his way down to the ramp.

CLARA MARTINS: Introducing first, weighing in at 207 pounds, he is COLTON STERLING!

Sterling doesn’t slap hands with the fans as he quickly makes it to ringside before hopping onto the apron, then quickly slipping into the ring by going over the middle rope in. He runs the ropes for a few seconds before unzipping his hoodie and taking it off, tossing it to the outside before he heads over to his corner and leans up against it, lightly hopping up and down as he gets ready for the match.

WILLIAM BURKE: This is Colton’s Subversion debut after being drafted to our roster last show.

INA INA: And it’s about to end really, really badly for him.

Purple lights pulse around the arena as the intro to “Smash The Control Machine” thunders through the arena speakers. At that moment, Elijah Black appears in the crowd, removing the black hood from around his face.

CLARA MARTINS: And his opponent, weighing in at 202 pounds, he is the current HKW Lionheart champion…ELIJAH BLACK!

Black unzips the hoodie and starts to make his way through the crowd, headed towards ringside at a deliberate pace as he focuses on the ring rather than the people crowded around him. Black reaches the front and climbs onto the crowd barrier, perching there for a moment with a smirk on the corner of his lips before stepping from the crowd barrier onto the ring steps. Black climbs the ring steps and scales the ropes from the outside of the ring, standing on the ropes with a fist raised in defiance as he looks out over the whole arena. Black jumps off the top rope into the ring, removing his hoodie and tossing it into the corner in one swift movement. Black drops to a knee in the centre of the ring and poses with a raised fist.

WILLIAM BURKE: Elijah Black is the current Lionheart champion, but this might be his toughest match to date!

INA INA: What’s tough about Colton Sterling? He’s a shell of himself since that loss to Luke Wisia at Destiny.

Colton Sterling vs Elijah Black


The two men slowly circle the ring after the bell rings out to start the match. They lock up, but Colt quickly puts Elijah in a headlock. Elijah uses his body to push Colt into the ropes seconds later before he Irish whips him into the opposite ropes. Sterling bounces off of those ropes and right into a shoulder block that knocks him down onto the mat. Black runs to the ropes to the right of Sterling and Colt quickly rolls over onto his stomach. When Elijah bounces back, he hops over Colt before running to the ropes in front of him and bouncing off of those as well, only to run right into a dropkick from Colt! Colt then goes for the cover!



Elijah throws his shoulder up before two and Colton lets out a sigh before he gets to his feet. Sterling grabs Black and gets him up to both feet before he Irish whips him into the nearest corner. Colt then charges forward and catches Elijah with double knees to the chest! Sterling then pulls Black out of the corner and hits a snap suplex before he goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: Colt just caught Elijah with those double knees to chest! That oughta knock the wind out of the Lionheart champion!

INA INA: Don’t masturbate over some double knees to the chest there, Burke.




Black kicks out again and Colt lets out a sigh before he grabs the Lionheart champion and gets him up to both feet once again. He goes to irish whip Elijah into the corner, but Elijah reverses it and sends him into the corner instead! Sterling hits the turnbuckles hard before he stumbles forward into a superkick from Black! Colt hits the mat with a thud while Elijah goes for the cover, hooking both legs!

WILLIAM BURKE: And just like that, with one superkick, Elijah Black has regained control!




INA INA: That was very close to a three count! In fact, I think it was a three count! Ring the bell, ref!

While Burke is rolling his eyes at the commentary table, Elijah is catching Colton’s face with multiple knee drops after the kickout, each and every one of the knees forcing the former No Limits champion to writhe around the mat in pain. Black then grabs Sterling by the hair and gets him slowly up to both feet, even though the ref is barking at the Lionheart champion to release him. Once both men are up to both feet, Elijah catches Colt with a knee to the gut before he throws him into the nearest ropes. Colt then bounces back, but is caught with a flying calf kick courtesy of his opponent! Black goes for the cover again, the audience booing him!




WILLIAM BURKE: Colt kicks out at two! It’s gonna take a lot more than that to keep this young man down.

INA INA: I don’t know. That flying calf kick looked like it took a lot out of the little cockroach.

Black shakes his head after the latest kickout. He gets to his feet and steps away from his laid out opponent before he starts motioning for a lariat. Sterling slowly gets to his feet and then turns around before Black spins and attempts a discus lariat! But Colton ducks underneath it, forcing Elijah to miss! The Lionheart champion then turns around and is met with an enzuigiri that drops him to the mat before Colton goes for the cover again!




Elijah kicks out again, which causes Colton to start slapping the mat in frustration as he realizes he is only three seconds away from stopping this losing streak. Sterling quickly gets to his feet and exits out onto the apron before he starts climbing the turnbuckles in the nearby corner. Once at the top, Colton waits for Elijah to get to his feet before he leaps off and takes the Lionheart champion down with a flying clothesline! Colt quickly gets to his feet afterwards and hits the ropes before he bounces back and lands a leg drop as well! Sterling then goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: A beautiful flying clothesline and leg drop by Colton Sterling! Wouldn’t you agree, Ina?

INA INA: It’s nights like these where I miss Gambino.




The audience lets out a disappointed sigh as Elijah Black manages to kickout yet again! Colton seems ready to snap as he looks at the ref, asking him about the count and getting the dreaded answer of “two”. He gets to his feet once again and begins backpedaling into a corner before he motions for Black to get up to both feet. Once Elijah is up to both feet, Colt goes for a bicycle kick, but Elijah dodges it at the last second, then rolls Colton up!

WILLIAM BURKE: Bicycle kick misses!

INA INA: I think he’s got him!






CLARA MARTINS: Here is your winner…ELIJAH BLACK!!!

Elijah quickly releases Colt and rolls out of the ring as the audience boos loudly while he raises his arms in victory and has his title handed back to him by a ring crew member. Colt, on the other hand, quickly gets up to both feet, seething as he looks over at the ref and tries to explain to him that Elijah held the trunks. When the ref says he didn’t see it, Colt snaps and grabs him by the shirt before he balls up a fist, ready to strike. However, after realizing what he was about to do, Colt releases the ref and exits the ring, walking to the back without bothering to look back at the ring.

WILLIAM BURKE: Colton sterling was screwed!

INA INA: Please, he was outsmarted tonight, plain and simple. And that’s another loss to that losing streak of Colton. I can’t be happier right now.

WINNER: Elijah Black (8:18)

Posted Image

The scene fades into the interview area backstage in the Oracle arena. Subversion interview Tristan stands holding the mic in his hand before he begins to speak.

TRISTAN MORRIS: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time one of the competitors in our Main Event Riley Lynn.

Riley smiles as she pops on the screen waving at Tristan in an excited fashion. Tristan poses his first question to Riley.

TRISTAN MORRIS: Riley, this past week has been pretty good for you. On the last show you defeated Veronica Taylor, and it was announced that same night that you will compete against XPJ for the number one contenders spot for the Global Championship. What’s been going through your mind?

Riley nods her head before responding as Tristan holds the mic up to her face.

RILEY LYNN: Honestly Tristan, I’ve been extremely nervous, but it’s been over shadowed by how excited I am. Coming here to HKW hasn’t always been the most positive experience and often times I’ve been counted out, but it seems now my time has come once again to show what I’ve got and I am going to make the most of this opportunity.

Tristan nods before throwing another question to Lynn.

TRISTAN MORRIS: Before you can go into your match against XPJ at the next PPV you have an opportunity to face the Global Champion tonight for the first time. What are your thoughts going into this match?

Riley laughs some before giving Tristan a big smile.

RILEY LYNN: For me to get a chance to face Emilio tonight is crazy. I’m a huge Emilio fan he’s been a great champion, and for me to get a one on one opportunity with the Serpent himself is definitely a dream match come true. He’s talented and oh so handsome…

Riley winks playfully before continuing.

RILEY LYNN: But tonight I’m in his turf his home state, and it feels like a boss battle on a video game. Like, he’s definitely Shao Khan tonight, and unfortunately I don’t have my fans to us like Kitana does in the game. It’s going to be a tough challenge, but you can believe it’s going to be a great match.

Just as Riley finishes up her statement she turns red as The Global Champion himself steps onto the scene. He looks down at Tristan Morris annoyed by his presence but smiles as he hears the crowd chant his name. Emilio then looks over to Riley who is seen blushing.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: Que pasa? Heard my name and–

TRISTAN MORRIS: Speak of the Devil himself–

RILEY LYNN: Hey Emilio I was just talking about how excited I am for our match tonight.

She smiles at him as she mention the match. Emilio nods and smirks.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: That’s cute. Let me guess, you actually think you have a chance in winning tonight? Am I right?

Before she could answer Emilio holds up his hand stopping her from replying.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: It doesn’t matter what you have to say because I honestly do not care whatever it is you have to say. You’re moments away from stepping into the ring with the Upper Echelon. The Show. Thee Main Event. Riley…You’re moments away from the biggest damn match in your miserable career. Whatever it is you done in PDW doesn’t matter. Your shitty Cyber Championship title reign it’s easily forgotten and thank fuck so that it is and that the guy whose cock you sucked on national television tossed that piece of shit in the ocean. None of that matters, Riley. What matters right now is whether or not you can actually stand toe-to-toe with the best.

Emilio shrugs.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: Maybe you can. Maybe you will be able to surprise not just me but everyone in the company. More than the fact you have a chance to be next up to taste defeat when it comes to challenging me for my Global Championship.

He smirks and pats Riley on the shoulder.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: And hey, maybe if you’re lucky. Since you’re such a big fan I’ll give you an autograph. It’s the least I can do for such a fan as yourself.

The Global Champion winks and looks back over to Tristan.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: Not even this pendejo has that privilege.

He turns back to Riley and smiles.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: I’ll see you out there Riley.

Emilio laughs as he walks away leaving Riley and Tristan standing there.

RILEY LYNN: Oh my gosh, he called me cute, and he’s gonna give me an autograph! LEVEL UP! This is going to be a fun night!

Riley let’s out an excited squeal before walking off excitedly leaving Tristan there looking a bit confused.

Posted Image

CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a tag team match set for one fall!

The arena goes nearly dark as ravens begin calling over the sounds of “End of Everything” by Stereomud – signaling the arrival of Alexa Corra. When the calling ravens stop, the beat to the song kicks in heavily, the arena now completely dark with alternating purple and red strobe-lights flashing.

This will be the end of everything that you know
I know we’re killing for the raven so here we go
Don’t even try to hold me down, watch me

The music really kicks in and a fog rises up from the stage as a bright white light flashes on and off from behind the entrance ramp. Once Alexa Corra steps out only her silhouette can be seen, holding her arms out to her sides as if she were jesus on a cross. She slowly raises her arms up from her sides and moves them above her head before she crosses her wrists. The light behind her goes off and a spotlight shines on her from above revealing a cold, disinterested look on her face. She then lowers her arms, kicking a leg back as she heads down the entrance ramp through the fog, not paying the slightest bit of attention to the booing crowd around here.


Alexa slowly walks up the steps and to the apron, walking along it for a second as she looks out toward the sea of fans. She then grabs a hold of the top rope and uses it to slide herself underneath the bottom, crawling toward a free corner once she gets into the ring. She makes her way to one of the free corners, then leans her head back against the bottom turnbuckle before licking her lips and humming “laalaa” over and over again as she waits for her partner.

CLARA MARTINS: And her partner…

The arena turns purple as a deep grey smoke filters through the entrance way. A bright yellow light flashes on the stage with a green superman signal in it only with a J instead of an S. As Jax walks out into the misty smoke he’s wearing a custom made suit with spectacles. Giving a smirk he looks out into the crowd. He then walks hops off the stage where a phone booth is waiting.

“In a land where people have lost their way, there is one man who has found that through his own methods, this world can be better. His power, his ability, his mere prowess evokes fear into the hearts of them who would oppose him. His talent unbelievable, his accolades undeniable, he is Subversion’s Super. ”

Jax steps into the phone booth as a green curtain falls over it. Almost instantly a bright light flashes as the phone booth door explodes open. The sound of Katy Perry’s ET blasts from the PA system as Jax steps backwards out of the booth. The first thing to come into view is his black cape with a green J within the superman symbol. Turning around Jax shows off his new green and black ring gear, with matching green shades.


He jumps back onto the aisle way, turning his head he blows blows smoke that filters into the air. Letting out a primal scream before walking down the rampway and towards the ring. As he reaches the ring he leaps onto the apron in one motion. He then paces on the apron for a moment before whipping his feet off, and stepping into the ring. He spins in a circle as he reaches the center of the ring. Pulling his glasses off he hands them to the referee, then slowly unsnaps his cape. Folding it into a perfect formation leaving the J symbol exposed he instructs the referee to be careful with his stuff.

CLARA MARTINS: And their opponents…

The lights in the arena go out as “Industrial Hysteria (Fear Factory Remix)” begins to pulse through the speakers. As the song kicks in, a figure appears at the top of the ramp, a large ape logo and the words ‘FOR THE FUTURE’ lighting up across his back as the crowd cheers.


There’s an eruption of pyrotechnics as the lights come up, revealing MECHA APE standing at the top of the ramp. He flexes all futuristically and whatnot before making his way down the ramp, shouting at the top of his lungs, slapping hands with fans, and making very lascivious gestures toward any remotely attractive women in the audience.


He makes his way around ringside, scaling the apron before stopping to flex for the crowd once more before stepping through the ropes, taking a moment to try and sell the ring announcer on interspecies relations before making his way to his corner to await for his partner.

CLARA MARTINS: And his partner!

“Secret Weapon” by MxPX begins playing over the loudspeaker. Hunter Werth makes his way out from behind the curtain doing a little strut as he comes out. He stops for a second putting his hand to his ear, waiting for the cheers of the crowd. He then starts walking down the ramp slapping hands with the fans beside the ring that offer them.

You are your own secret weapon.
It’s all up to you, to come out swingin’.
It’s all up to you!

Hunter walks up the ring steps and swings around to the opposite side of the post. He grabs the top rope and propels himself over the top rope.


When he lands in the middle of the ring, he hops up again using the ring to propel himself up a big doing a 360. He then cracks his neck and goes to his corner waiting for the bell to ring.

Alexa Corra and Jackson Magnum vs. MECHA APE and Hunter Werth


Just as the opening bell tolls, Hunter points at Jackson Magnum and demands he starts the match with him. Jackson chuckles and points at himself, taunting Hunter about the attack earlier in the night.

WILLIAM BURKE: Telling you, Ina. Once Hunter gets his hands on Magnum, we may witness our very first homicide.

INA INA: If a casualty were to happen, I’m pretty positive Alexa would be part of it somehow. Plus, Hunter’s probably not a hundred percent after that attack earlier. He’s just trying to prove he’s tough and blah blah blah.

Magnum looks over at his partner and lets her know that he’ll take care of this. Magnum enters the ring as Hunter says something to MECHA APE and charges toward Magnum, but Magnum immediately turns around and tags in Alexa Corra. The referee backs Hunter away as a smirk forms on Magnum’s face, but you could see Alexa was already annoyed by her partners tactics.

WILLIAM BURKE: What a chicken.

INA INA: Chicken? He’s smart! He’s picking his spots, Willy.

Alexa slowly enters the ring as Hunter stares her down and wonders just how he should attack the HKW entity. Alexa tilts her head to the side and motions for Hunter to attack, but they Hybrid champion has other ideas. He backs up toward his corner and tags in the HKW newcomer, MECHA APE!

WILLIAM BURKE: Oh yeah! Two of the best talents to ever come out of SSWA are about to clash.

INA INA: Alexa and who? Is the referee from SSWA?


INA INA: I don’t like anyone you like, William.

MECHA APE enters the ring and pumps his chest, but Alexa isn’t impressed with his theatrics. She comes forward and kicks him in the midsection, but it has no effect on MECHA APE! He grabs Alexa by the throat, throats her back into the corner, and starts going to town with rights and lefts to the 5150 halfs body! Alexa falls to her knees and clutches at her stomach, but there was a sadistic grin on her face!

MECHA APE doesn’t know what to think of this as he pulls Alexa up by her hair, only to get a thumb to the eye from the champion of the Underworld, followed by a inverted backbreaker! MECHA APE clutches at his back as Alexa slithers away from him and waits for the Advanced Cybernetic Primate Resistance Fighting Organism FOR THE FUTURE to get to his feet. Once MECHA APE’S up, Alexa charges forward and takes him down with a running calf kick, keeping control of the match.

WILLIAM BURKE:: The self-proclaimed champion of the Underworld is really taking it to MECHA APE here.

INA INA: She’s playing it smart. Attack and keep your distance. As long as she doesn’t get grabbed by that monkey, she’ll be fine.

Alexa slithers back toward her corner, getting close enough to Magnum for him to reach inside the ring and make the bling tag. Alexa turns around around and shoots Magnum a dirty look as he climbs into the ring, and runs right into a powerslam from MECHA APE! Alexa can’t help but smirk after the attack by MECHA APE as she exits the ring and watches MECHA APE pull Magnum to his feet.

MECHA throws Magnum into his teams corner and tags in Hunter Werth! Werth enters the ring and starts should thrusting the life out of the Magnum, and then takes him down to the canvas with a huge fireman carry bomb! Instead of going for the cover, Werth mounts overtop of Magnum and unleashes a fury of right hands until the referee grabs a hold of him and rips him back. Hunter gets into a shouting match with the referee and then moves him to the side, but Hunter walks right into a big superkick from Magnum!

WILLIAM BURKE: Superkick! That’s the second superkick from Magnum to Hunter tonight!

INA INA: He keeps kicking Hunter in the head and the Hybrid champions gonna have himself a concussion.

Magnum stares over at the lifeless Hunter Werth and quickly crawls over toward him on his knees to make the cover!




Hunter gets the shoulder up, surprising Magnum enough for him to crawl toward his corner and make the tag to Alexa Corra. Alexa watches Magnum roll out of the ring and then climbs up to the top rope. She waits for Hunter to stand up, and once he does, she dives off the top rope and connects every bit of a diving front dropkick! Alexa crawls toward Hunter and makes the cover…




The Hybrid champion kicks out once again! Alexa can’t believe it as she glares over at the referee and grabs a handful of Hunter’s hair. She pulls Hunter up to a vertical base, and sets up for her “American Horror Story” corkscrew neckbreaker, but Hunter spins himself out of it, pulls Alexa forward, and takes her down to the mat with a huge belly to belly overhead suplex!

WILLIAM BURKE: Big suplex right there! That’s exactly what Hunter needed!

INA INA: He suplexed Alexa toward her corner though, William!

Alexa was indeed only a few feet away from her corner as she reaches her hand up and tags in Magnum! Magnum storms the ring and goes right for the attack on Hunter, but Hunter explodes to his feet and bring Magnum to the canvas with a double leg takedown! Werth starts to unleash with a fury of rights and lefts to Magnum’s face until Alexa Corra comes out of nowhere with a running big boot right to the Hybrid Champion! But before Alexa can continue her attack, MECHA APE comes charging towards Alexa and clothesline her right out of the ring!

MECHA leaves the ring with Alexa, leaving the two arch-rivals in the ring. Hunter’s the first person to get to his knees, but Magnum soon follows. Magnum sees Hunter up and ready to attack and immediately tries to get out of the ring, but Hunter grabs him by his gear, rips him back, and hits a belly to back suplex! Hunter pulls Magnum up to his feet and goes for yet another belly to back suplex, but Magnum lands on his feet and immediately goes down, clutching at his knee!

Magnum writhes in pain, acting as if he blew his knee out, the referee pushing Hunter back so he could check on Magnum.

WILLIAM BURKE: Oh, come on! don’t fall for this, ref!

INA INA: You’re so inconsiderate, Willie! Jackson might be hurt!

Hunter tries to go after Magnum once again, but the referee stops him dead in his tracks and backs the Hybrid champion into one of the corners. Meanwhile, on the outside of the ring, Corra and MECHA APE exchange blows until Harbinger comes out of nowhere and takes MECHA APE’S knee out from behind!

WILLIAM BURKE: What the hell!

Alexa stares at Harbinger for a moment, looking as if she was ready for him to attack, but instead, Harbinger pulls MECHA APE up to his feet and throws him head and shoulder first into the steel ring steps! Alexa smirks and looks toward the ring, noticing that the referee was distracted with Hunter Werth! She runs toward Clara Martins, grabs the Hybrid championship, and slides it toward Jackson Magnum, who was still faking a knee injury!


INA INA: Shhhhh. The good parts coming up!

Magnum grips up the title belt and slowly rises to his feet. Finally, Hunter moves the referee out of his way and charges toward Magnum, but gets blasted in the face by the Hybrid championship belt! The referee sees it and immediately calls for the bell!


CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this as a result of a disqualification… MECHA APE and HUNTER WERTH!

Before Hunter’s theme song could start to play, Magnum was already on top of his Lucifer Effect opponent, pounding away at him with right hands! Outside the ring, Alexa makes her way toward Clara Martins, rips her Underworld championship away from her, and stares a hole through Harbinger as he pulls MECHA APE up to his feet. Harbinger lifts MECHA APE over his shoulder, and then drives him face first into the steel ring post! If that wasn’t enough, Harbinger picks MECHA APE one more time, and this time sends MECHA crashing through the protective barricade and into the fans!


INA INA: Go ask him.


Harbinger slides into the ring and walks toward Magnum. Magnum finally stops beating on Hunter and yells out some order to Harbinger. Harbinger pulls Hunter Werth up to a vertical base, hoists him over his shoulder, and drops him down on his own back for the Shock Treatment! Magnum laughs it up as he pats Harbinger on the back and holds the Hybrid championship high in the air. The camera pans over to the entrance ramp to show Alexa Corra steadily pacing up the ramp with her title over her shoulder, never looking back at what was going on in the ring.

INA INA: That… was… amazing!

WILLIAM BURKE: You’re a damn, Ina.

The camera focuses on the lifeless MECHA APE lying in the wreckage that is the protective barricade, Hunter Werth knocked out, face first on the canvas, and both Jackson Magnum and Harbinger standing over Hunter, the Hybrid championship in Magnum’s hand.


Posted Image

The lights shut off completely leaving the crowd to cheer among the darkness…

“God damnit, God damnit, them ne’er gon’ catch me broke!!!”

Watch the Duck wails his voice over the hook as the crowd reacts to a fever pitch…OF BOOS!! seeing the Knoxtron zooming in on a black NY Yankee fitted hat before flashing to the highlights of the Hardest in HKW…

“Now, I’m the first nigga in and I’m the last nigga out!!
I’m the nigga that be runnin’ shit, while you be runnin’ your mouth
Get it by any meeeeeeeans….necessary
It’s how a nigga feeeeeeeel, yea when they got to have it…


The strobe light effect goes through the entire arena leaving a singular spotlight at the head of the ramp. Same as last Subversion the crowd goes ballistic with boos and hatred for the one they know is coming out. Former Global Champion Jason Mentez walks onto the stage looking around into the dark of the Oracle Arena. He’s in a “Crucify Me” hoodie. Black in color with the cross along the front with the standard body of Jesus hanging from it. In the back is the actual words “Crucify Me” in weathered print with his hazardous logo underneath. Dark brand name baggy jeans with black Timbs he stands with the spotlight on him holding a small book in his hands. HIs crucifix chain hanging from his neck. He receives the crowd much better this time than at last Subversion when it was taken back by the amount of dislike thrown his way. He takes a deep breath before spreading his arms out wide as if on the cross himself and takes a slow stroll toward the ring bearing his cross. The fans continue to boo and jeer as he walks down the ramp toward ringside he never looks left or right. His head remains focused toward the ring as his arms remain extended.

INA INA: Jason has a real glutton for punishment problem.

WILLIAM BURKE: How can these people boo. After everything he’s done. They all cheer the devil.

INA INA: He’s from California.

WILLIAM BURKE: Still this much hatred…it-it’s asinine.

Jason reaches the ring taking his time using the steps before getting in and being handed a mic by a smiling Clara Martins. Putting his finger in the air pointing upward with the small book in hand the music cuts as he stands in silence as the boos ring even louder. He brings the mic up to his lips slowly with his other hand pausing as he looks around at the sea of hate. They have already begun throwing things at him in the ring.

JASON MENTEZ: ….Jefe Saves.

This ignites an all roaring BOOOOO as the California fans disagree completely. The throwing of items increase.

INA INA: Owww the hell I got hit with a water bottle!

WILLIAM BURKE: Hahahahhahaha!

Ina death stares William and he immediately stops laughing.

JASON MENTEZ: Yes he does. Yes he does.

Crowd continues to boo trying to rise the level over the microphone strength of Mentez.

JASON MENTEZ: It’s ok. It is ok Oak-town. I forgive you as well. You know not what you do. I get it. As I stand here and feel you beer cans and aluminum foil, I still forgive you. Never to turn ma back on ya unlike some you know and adore. It’s ok. It really is. I’m still here for you and for the good of HKW. Save them Jefe. Save them.

BOOOO!! They are actually loud enough to make it that Jason isn’t clearly heard on camera.

INA INA: …Jesus.

WILLIAM BURKE: No, it’s Jefe.

INA INA: Please kill yourself.

Jason chuckles as a pair of female panties actually make it to the ring he points at it.

JASON MENTEZ: No better than the heathens at Sodom and Gomorrah but it is not my time to judge. It is time to help you all to the best of my ability.

He brings the book up while he opens it with his one hand and reads from it.

JASON MENTEZ: ‘Do not judge the helpless only try to lead them as the shepherd.’ The State of California has become indoctrinated by the glare of the serpent. Pray will me Oakland. So that maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to see another HKW tour in your future. That you may see the wrongs made right at War Ready. That you may have the HKW you are suppose to have. One of honest work, legitimacy, and loyalty. I will never leave you California. Nor forsake you. I…will be the name that will continuously be synonymous with HKW. Never less, never falter.

Jason looks down at the book nodding before bowing his head and bringing his finger to his lips asking for a lower volume. Of course California refuses with every decibel their bodies can give screaming at Jason with boos.

JASON MENTEZ: Blessed Jefe. We come to you know thanking your for your continuous work. Your tireless effort in and outside of the ring.

Jason ante’s it up bringing his hand with the small bible booklet up in the sky which gets a earth shattering boo from every single soul in the arena.

JASON MENTEZ: Right now I pray to find the poison that has taken the good sense of the people of California to drive them to such lengths. Forgive the Californian Romans for they aren’t themselves. They aren’t aware of the future that is evitable. They are only doing what has been indoctrinated into them. Clean them of this venom. Help them to see the truth in the eyes of Wreckless. The truth in his action. The power in his ways. A snake can only lead to death and destruction and like sheep they allow him in their homes. In their minds. In their souls. Save them. I forgive you Nina for your lack of action. I forgive you Jin for your willingness to witness and not act. A cross to bear. A cross to bear. My cross to bear and I hold it knowing it is for the good of HKW’s future. Help them to break the chains that imprison them. We are going to make it HKW. We are in Jefe’s name. Amen.

WILLIAM BURKE: …Amen. Powerful stuff.

Ina looks at William like ‘YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!’ Jason brings the book to his heart and nods at the mad faces around him.

JASON MENTEZ: It’s ok. It is ok. The sheep will return to the flock or perish. In time you all will understand. Thank you for your time. Beeno, prayers for steady recovery. Savior.

Jason immediately drops the mic getting the feedback ring through the arena before “By Any Means” plays over those same speakers. Climbing out of the ring Jason looks left to right now nodding at the malicious fans telling each one of them he forgives then as he walks up the rampway. Once on the stage he once again extends his arms as if on the cross with his back to the raging crowd. He then brings his arms down never turning around walking toward the backstage area.

Posted Image

Just moments after her match, Alexa Corra is seen walking down the arena hallway in the direction of one of the exits. In her hand is her newly renamed Underworld Championship, and Sami in front of her leading away. Alexa, clearly agitated with how things went out there, pulls her championship down from her shoulder and glares at her reflection, her cold brown eyes looking right back at her. Suddenly, Alexa bumps right into Sami and hears:

SAMI: Uh oh…

Alexa pulls her head up, and once she looks out in front of her, there was her former partner and best friend Zagan Solas.

ALEXA CORRA: Samantha…

Alexa grabs Sami by the shoulder and gently moves her out of the way.

ALEXA CORRA: Go find something to do.

Sami waves at Zagan and then takes a step back, now standing behind the Underworld champion.

ALEXA CORRA: You’re early…

ZAGAN SOLAS: Early? No… I am on time for this… occasion. I wanted to… see you and… talk to you even though I know… all you want to do to me at this very…. moment…. is flay me alive, bash my head in by slamming it against the wall… or floor. Or perhaps you want to take a blunt object and just beat me to death with it…. but that time…. is for Lucifer Effect. Not now. Now is the time to listen…. to understand… if you are willing.

Zagan stood in front of Alexa with a calm demeanor, as her hands were neatly folded in front of her. You could tell that she hoped that Alexa wouldn’t escalate this into something that it wasn’t meant to be or what she didn’t attend it to be.

Alexa drops her title to the ground and takes a step forward, no emotion on her face whatsoever.

ALEXA CORRA: Do you really believe that there are any words you can say that will change anything, Zagan? This isn’t about titles or a match or even us as a tag team. This is about you betraying me. You, being one of the only people who I’ve been able to call a friend, setting me up for failure. What is it, Zagan? Did you want to humiliate me? Did you want to see those two miserable scumbags from Project Continuum take me out? Oh… ohhhh…

Alexa covers her mouth with her hand, and bends her knees just enough to get down to Zagan’s height.

ALEXA CORRA: Were you finally starting to get jealous of me? Sick of hearing that you, Zagan Solas, were just Alexa Corra’s sidekick? Is that why you stood me up? So that I could be eliminated, and you could flourish into whatever it is that you want to be?

Zagan stares at Alexa while shaking her head slowly.

ZAGAN SOLAS: No. We were… equals you and I. I came here for you. To be by your side. I knew my place. There was no jealousy…. I wasn’t feeling ill to be called your… sidekick. I didn’t leave to abandon you, humiliate you…. and I am sorry that… what I did caused you to feel such things. As your friend… you should know… that I wouldn’t do that to you…. intentionally…. I had a choice that night….

She trails off in thought for a moment before tilting her head and looking at Sami briefly before looking back at Alexa.

ZAGAN SOLAS: If… Sami was taken away from you…. would you do anything to… get her back?

Alexa squints, taking yet another step toward Zagan.

ALEXA CORRA: … what?

She says, shaking her head afterward.

ALEXA CORRA: How does Sami have anything to do with this?

ZAGAN SOLAS: It’s… not a threat. Just… answer the question.

Alexa shakes her head no as she takes another step forward, now standing only another two feet away from Zagan.

ALEXA CORRA: No. I’m done talking to you.

At that moment, Alexa lunges forward and tries to grab a hold of Zagan, but the lights go out. When they flicker back on, Sami is shown standing against the wall with her hands over her eyes as Alexa looks like she was in the position on the ground ready to pound with her fist which she held in there air as looked at the ground where she grounded Zagan but, there was no Zagan.

ALEXA CORRA: … can’t run forever, Zagan.

Alexa stands up to her feet and walks over to Sami. She hunches over at picks up her Underworld championship before she taps Sami on the head, gesturing that it was okay to uncover her eyes. Sami looks up and down the hallway for Zagan and goes to ask Alexa, but Alexa simply shakes her head and walks away. Zagan takes one more hard look before she turns her around and chases after Alexa.

Posted Image

As the scene fades into the ring XPJ was seen in the ring trying to spit some game to Clara Martins as she was there to announce the last match of the evening.

WILLIAM BURKE: I can’t believe Perello actually let this happen. How could he seriously let this guy be the special guest referee?!

INA INA: Cause it ups the ante, duh!

WILLIAM BURKE: We all know he’s just going to screw Riley over, Ina Ina! He’s just going to hand that slithering son of a bitch the win! We all know it!

INA INA: Oh lord, shut up already.

CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and gentlemen the time has come. The upcoming match is the mmaaaiiinnnn eeevveeeennntttt!!!!!

The fans cheer after Clara announces the match. “Drifter” by Karmin hits the PA system, and the lights dim before a spotlight hits the stage. Riley Lynn walks out on the stage looking around at the crowd as she poses with her hands on her hips giving the crowd a big smile. She makes her way down the ramp hitting the fans’ hands before she climbs onto the ring apron the faces the stage. She cleans the soles of her feet on the apron before she enters the ring through the second rope.

CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and Gentlemen, making her way to the ring from Philadelphia, PA please welcome Riley Lynn!

She walks around the ring a moment before climbing the nearest turnbuckle, she raises her hands in the air yelling “Level Up” before hopping down off the turnbuckle. She repeats her taunt on every remaining turnbuckle in the ring and then she she returns to the center of the ring posing with her hands on her hips once again. XPJ waves over to her and she smiles back at him to return the wave.

WILLIAM BURKE: I don’t know why he’s waving at her. He’s just gonna screw her over later.

INA INA: True, he might just screw her later Burkie. You’re right. We all know how slutty this little cunt can be.

WILLIAM BURKE: What?! Wait! That’s not what I meant at all! She has a chance to become the number one contender for the HKW Global Championship but before she does she has to go through that man who just so happens to be reffing this match. If that’s not bad enough she’s about to go against a man who doesn’t deserve to be but is the Global Champion! XPJ is just looking to make her look bad here, I can feel it!

INA INA: I think you’re just overthinking it.

The lights dim darkening the arena to pitch black. After two minutes go by building the anticipation in the arena “Cali Dreamin'” by. Kid Ink hits the PA system with a cobra with the letters “LAX” shaped in its body is shown centered in the middle of the Knoxtron as various Emilio Vialpando highlights play in the background while the snake’s body begins to pulsate as the music plays.

California dreamin’, dreamin’ (x2)
California dreamin’
I’m gonna stay, (tha alumni) stay, stay
California dreamin’, dreamin’ (x2)
California dreamin’
I’m gonna stay, stay, stay

The music takes a pause for a moment as the knoxtron fades to black but the outline of the cobra is seen still pulsating. Fans are heard chanting “LAX! LAX! LAX!”. Thirty seconds later sparks begin to rain down on the stage as Emilio Vialpando is seen standing there looking out to the fans as the music returns to play and the HKW Global Championship resting on his shoulder. The video package comes back minus the cobra in the center.

Say you might see bunch of beaches
Bunch of pretty bitches
But, don’t get it twisted
Wrong turn could be missing

He cracks a smile and slaps on his Global Championship and points out to the crowd nodding his head as they chant “LAX”. He then begins to head down ramp.

CLARA MARTINS: Weighing at 195 lbs., standing 6 feet tall…All the way from Los Angeles, CA! THEE HKW GLOBAL CHAMPION!!!!!! EMILIO VIALPANDO!!!!!!

While on the ramp he slaps a few of the fans hand and stops at the bottom of the ramp. He looks down to his feet and suddenly fireworks begin going off along the ramp as he then holds up the HKW Global Championship while looking up to the ceiling screaming out to the top of his lungs…


The fireworks stop going off and Emilio sprints towards the ring and slides in. He then walks across and climbs up a corner turnbuckle looking out to the crown chanting with them “LAX” while holding up “LA” with his fingers after placing the title back on his shoulders. He nods and hops downs as he awaits for the match to begin after handing off the championship belt.

WILLIAM BURKE: I’m really starting to hate these fans. How can they cheer for this man? I mean seriously, how can they possibly praise this man?

INA INA: One, he’s from the state of California which we are in. Two, he represents each and every one of these Californian fans. Three, he’s one of the best wrestlers in not just this company but the world. Four, I don’t know if you noticed but Emilio is a constant member of ladies Man Crush Monday’s including myself. And lastly, you’re just a hater Bill.

WILLIAM BURKE: No! No! NO! He’s a prick. An egotistical asshole which I think can pretty much be said about anyone for the state of California or more specifically the city of Los Angeles. He cheated to win that HKW Global Champion. He cares about nothing but himself. And lastly…I’m better looking than him!

INA INA: What?! Have you lost your damn mind?!


After chatting with Emilio a bit, Clara exits the ring leaving XPJ to call the match. Emilio and XPJ dap one another as before Emilio looks over to Riley and winks over at her. X then calls for the bell once he sees that bother Riley and Emilio were ready.


Riley Lynn vs Emilio Vialpando (c)

DING!!!! DING!!!!! DING!!!!!

The Oakland fans were very much behind Emilio as they chanted LAX while the two circled in the middle of the ring and then wrapped up. Emilio quickly got the best of Riley and snapped her over his back before placing her into a headlock. Riley quickly reached her legs up and wrapped them around his neck forcing him to let go. The two then hop up to their feet and have a bit of a stare off with one another after noticing how fast they both were. Riley smiles in excited me as Emilio nods towards her. They wrap back up in the center of the ring but this time it was Riley getting the best of Emilio as she ducks under him and hops up and hits a Float Over DDT taking the Global Champion by surprise. She quickly gets up to her feet and kicks Emilio a few times so that he stays down then hits a Standing Moonsault. Riley doesn’t go for the pin, instead she places Emilio in a headlock like he had done before. This time it was Emilio who reached his legs up, wrapping them around her neck to get her to let go. They both again hop up to their feet. The fans give them both an ovation for the performance. Vialpando smirks as notices he’s not gonna be able to take it easy on Riley to get the win. Emilio sprints over to her without warning and hits a Leg Lariat taking Riley down on the mat. He quickly gets up to his feet knee and grabs Riley before she could try and get up by her neck. He wraps his arm around her neck and drives his knee into her back. XPJ asks Riley if she wants to give up but Emilio does give her the luxury of replying as he whips her down on the mat before standing back up to his feet. Emilio waits for Riley to get back up to her feet as she holds her face while doing so. As she turns back towards him he kicks her in the midsection and goes for a Powerbomb but no! Riley reverses and hits a Hurricanrana going for a surprise pin.


Emilio gets up to his feet as she lets him go after kicking out with a smile on his face. Riley begins to connect with a combination of kicks to Emilio’s legs before she hops onto Emilio grabbing his head only to bring him down driving his head into the mat with a DDT. Riley then mounts herself on top of Emilio to get a few good shots in before standing up and come down with a leg drop over his neck. Emilio gasps for air after she lifts off of him. She gets up and waits for Emilio to sit up. As he does Riley sprints over looking to hit a Shining Wizard but no! Emilio ducks under and hops up to his feet bring Riley down with a Kotaro Krusher! The fans burst in cheers for the California native after he hits the surprise move. Emilio stands up to his feet and acknowledges the fans.

INA INA: Man of the people, Burke!

WILLIAM BURKE: Oh please! If we were anywhere else he’d be disrespecting these people and these peopppleee would actually have some proper heads on their delusional shoulders!

Emilio gets Riley back up to her feet and Irish Whips her into the ropes. As she comes back he hits a Scoop Powerslam then follows up with a Standing Senton. He looks as if he was gonna go for the pin but thinks better of it. He instead gets her right back up to her feet and again Irish Whips her into the ropes. When she comes back he leaps over her and waits for her to come back towards him. By his surprise Riley comes back with a Lariat of her own before he could do anything. Riley slowly gets back up to her knee getting a bit of a breather before standing up all the way. She whips her hair back and gets Emilio up to his feet. She whips him into the corner turnbuckle. Once he hits the turnbuckle she sprints over and spears him more into the turnbuckle. She then begins to slowly but surely sets him up on the top turnbuckle. Looking a bit tired after lifting him up on the top rope she climbs to the top rope and begins to connect with a few punches before it would seem she was looking to hit another Hurricanrana but this time from the top rope.


Before she could attempt the Hurricanrana, Emilio lifts her up and hops off the rope as he connects with a Avalanche Snake Eyes driving her face first into the top turnbuckle. Riley holds onto her face and cries out in pain after Emilio connects with the maneuver. Emilio slowly gets up to his knee and then makes his way over to Riley. He stomps down on her a few times before picking her up to lean her up on the turnbuckle. He hits a few knife edge chops on her before he goes to lift her up on the top turnbuckle himself. Up on the second rope now he begins to punch her and with each punch the fans count them down. Before could get to the tenth punch Riley shoves him off and leaps off the top rope hitting a Diving Crossbody!


INA INA: You sound like a heckling pedophile cheering Riley on. Stop. Stop now.

With Emilio down, Riley gets up looking surprised she was able to pull that off. She doesn’t look to stop there though as she gets back up to her feet and gets Emilio back up to his feet. She returns the favor of the knife edge chops and simply brings Emilio right back down with a Jumping Jawbreaker. The Champion holds onto his jaw before Riley hops onto his back and locks in a Camel Clutch to try and submit him for the win. Emilio refuses to get up. Riley applies more pressure on the hold until she couldn’t anymore. She let’s go of Emilio and turns him over. She goes to hit a Standing Moonsault.


She lands on Emilio’s knees once she comes down. She falls next to Emilio holding her ribs in pain. Emilio is the first to get up to his knees as he smiles down at her and chuckles a little. He stalks Riley as she crawls over to a set of ropes to help aid her in getting up to her feet. Once she is on her feet Emilio sprints over and his a High Knee Strike that sends Riley flying over the ropes and down at ringside. Emilio hangs over the rope with a devious smile on his face as he looks down at her in pain. He steps out of the ring and stands there on the on the ring apron. He waits for Riley to start to stir. Once she is on her feet he sprints over onto the second turnbuckle and leaps off hitting a Triangle Asia Moonsault! The fans watch in awe as he graces over in the air and hits the maneuver taking Riley right back down. They cheer for Emilio and even begin to chant his name this time. Emilio gets up to his feet and doesn’t acknowledge them this time as he stomps down on Riley like a rabid animal. The Global Champion then grabs a handful of Riley’s hair and lifts her up on his shoulders as if he was going for an Electric Chair Drop, but no! He instead twists around hits Croyt’s Wrap driving the back of Riley’s head along the ring apron! The fans begin to chant…


Emilio then gets Riley back up and tosses her into the ring to stop X’s count. He rolls in the ring after her and goes for the pin.





The fans gasps that Riley was able to kickout just at the last moment. Emilio didn’t look to be pleased with X’s count as he hops up and shoves X.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: What the hell are you doing cabron?! That was three?! The was fucking three!?

XPJ: No the fuck it wasn’t. Touch me again nigga and we gon’ make this a fucking three way.

Emilio shakes his head and backs away as the fans begin to boo at XPJ.

WILLIAM BURKE: Well that’s surprising. XPJ is actually playing by the rules tonight! Riley might actually have a chance to defeat the champion tonight!

INA INA: Pssshhh. Doubtful. She’s in the ring with the best wrestler on SubVersion. One of thee best in the entire company..No. The world, Burke. She has no chance! I don’t care what kind of game X is trying to play tonight, Riley Lynn has no chance in hell in beating that man right there. Emilio Vialpando!

WILLIAM BURKE: No chance in hell huh…Well California is looking like hell isn’t it Ina? With that son of a bitch standing at the forefront being the devil and all. So let me guess, you must be one of his little harlots?

INA INA: Don’t get beat up Bill!

Emilio hits the ropes and lands a Knee Drop on Riley’s neck causing her to choke and hold onto her. Neck. He then places her into a Cobra Clutch while driving his knee into her back. He yells at X to ask her if she wants to give up but before he could, Riley finds a way to wiggle her way free of Emilio and and get up to her feet to get some separation. Once she is up to her feet she takes a few steps back from him hold holding onto her neck try to breathe more. Emilio slowly gets up to his feet a bit annoyed with XPJ at this point. He circles the ring and hops down flat on the mat like a snake slithering on the canvas until he comes close to Riley. He tries to connect with a European Uppercut by surprise by Riley ducks under, hooks the arm and hits an armdrag instead. She starts to go for a armbar but Emilio pulls his arm away just in time. Back up on his feet he wags his finger in the air towards her.

Riley sighs and as she gets back up to her feet. She circles the ring as Emilio goes back to slithering down on the canvas like a snake. This time was Riley who lunges towards Emilio. He quickly moves out of the way and hits the ropes. As Riley turns around she sees Vialpando going for a Flying Clothesline but once he leaps off the mat she hits a Missile Dropkick in the center of his chest taking the champion down! Riley begins to get up slowly as she sees Emilio down holding his chest gasping for air. X goes to check on him before backing away once he sees Riley p to her feet. She backs up into a corner and awaits for the Global Champion to rise up. Emilio slowly begins to stir and lifts up to his knees. Once he does this Riley sprints over and connects with the Shining Wizard square in his jaw. Emilio falls flat on the ground out cold. Riley quickly goes for the pin!





The fans cheer and even sigh in relief. Riley sits up checking to make sure it was just two and XPJ confirms. Riley curses at herself before she gets up to her feet.

WILLIAM BURKE: What could possibly be going through this young lass’ head at this moment. Coming so close to Subversion’s champion.

INA INA: I have an idea. “Oh Em Geeee, this level is so hard! Better go give BB some deep throat for a cheat code!”

WILLIAM BURKE: Hush now Ina! Why must you be so vulgar?!

INA INA: Her entire existence is vulgar.

Riley begins to lift Emilio up back up to his knee. Once he was in a position she was comfortable with she hits the ropes and comes back to hit a Running Neckbreaker. She gets right back up to her feet and place drops and elbow in the back of Emilio’s neck before placing him in a side headlock. The fans begin to chant Emilio’s name as he begins to get back up to his knee while still in the submission hold. Emilio begins to hit a few elbows to the midsection forcing Riley to get off of him. As she backs away holding her stomach, Emilio stands up to his feet. He goes to hit a clothesline to try and get a momentum going but Riley ducks under and hits a Backstabber! Emilio holds onto his back yelping out in pain. Riley then places Emilio in a Boston Crab. Emilio groans in pain as X asks him if he wants to quit. He refuses to do so as Riley applies a bit more pressure on him. A minute or two goes by and Emilio begins to crawl his way over to the ropes. Riley tries her best to keep him from getting to the ropes but she wasn’t strong enough to keep him doing so. He reaches the ropes and grabs them to force her to let go. She willingly does and backs away from him.

Emilio gets up slowly and sees Riley running towards him. He quickly hops out of the ring dodging her attack. He walks along the barricade getting slaps on the back and shoulders by the crowd. Riley refuses to chase him after what happened earlier outside the ring.

WILLIAM BURKE: Of course he runs.

INA INA: He’s just buying himself some time. He isn’t running!

WILLIAM BURKE: He’s clearly running!

Emilio eventually slides back in the ring once he was ready. This time Riley doesn’t charge towards Emilio as he was the one to engage her. Emilio goes to hit a Lariat but Riley ducks under and begins to hit a combination of kicks before going to kick him in the midsection but no! Emilio catches her foot pulls her driving his elbow into her head. Emilio then gets Riley up to his her feet and Irish Whips him into a set of turnbuckles as hard as he could. Riley holds her back in pain as Emilio then sprints over and hits a Step Up Enziguri. With her down on the ground Emilio hits the ropes and goes to hit a Rolling Thunder. After hitting it he goes to climb up on the second turnbuckle. He stands here taunting to the crowd hyping them up. Riley slowly begins to stir and Emilio hops over onto the ropes. He back flips and goes to hit a Springboard Reverse DDT..


Riley ducks under and hits the ropes. Once she comes back she spears Emilio. Riley gets up to her feet slowly and waits for Emilio to get back up to her feet. She even taunts him to get back up to his feet. Emilio slowly begins to stir. Riley begins to stomp down on the ground getting him to get up to his feet. As he does Riley goes to hit a Sitout Asia DDT but no! Emilio holds her there in the air not letting her come down to successfully hit her signature. Emilio then hits a Vibora Strike driving Riley’s head into his knee! He doesn’t sit out with it or let her go as goes to transition into his finishing submission maneuver Promesa de Anaconda (Schweingatame)! Riley yells out in pain not wanting to give up at first but she couldn’t take the pain much longer as she taps his leg and forces him to let go. He tosses her off of him and steps back as XPJ calls for the bell. The fans chant “LAX” as Emilio holds his hands up high and his theme song continue plays in the background.

WILLIAM BURKE: Son of a bitch.

INA INA: What’s the matter Burkie?

WILLIAM BURKE: THESE PEOPLE?! THESE FREAKING PEOPLE?! Where is the Savior when you need him?!

William is heard snatching off his headphones before the shows comes to a close.