[HOW] Friday Night Chaos – 2/5/16


The stage lights come to life in the Best Arena, getting the crowd on their feet, as the HOTv logo fills the HOV, followed by the logo for High Octane Wrestling. “The Machine” by Three Days Grace plays over the PA, signalling the beginning of Friday Night Chaos. However, as the crowd cheers, and a few members dutifully hold up their signs, the camera feed goes straight from the wide shot to the Hall Of Fame announce team!

Joe Hoffman: Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night Chaos, as the Rob Michaels Invitational begins to take shape! Tonight may see one man punch his ticket to the next round, an entire group change shape overnight, and a new ICON Champion crowned. But if it seems like I’m hurrying up, it’s because the action is starting right now! Chris Kostoff and Electra are in the ring already, their pride on the line, and the ref is about to ring the bell!

The camera cuts to the ring, where Joel Hortega is just finishing patting down Kostoff, as Electra prepares for the match ahead on the other side of the ring. Satisfied that Kostoff hasn’t brought any weapons, Hortega signals the timekeeper.


The two inch towards each other, and look as though they’re going to lock up, but out of nowhere, Electra clocks Kostoff with a roundhouse kick, and follows up with a School Boy/Girl pin. It catches Hortega by surprise, but he drops down for the count…








Bryan McVay: And here is your winner… EEEEEEEELECTRAAAAAA!

Joe Hoffman: As quick as a bolt of lightning, Electra takes care of Kostoff, and makes sure she doesn’t leave the RMI without a win!

Benny Newell: What the hell?! I haven’t even made one insult yet and the first match is over!

Inside the ring, Electra is having her arm raised by the ref, but as Kostoff comes to, he lunges at Electra, who ducks out of the ring and leaves Kostoff hanging. Instead of giving chase, Kostoff just stops, leaning his arms and chin on the middle rope. He puts his head in his hands, while outside, Electra resumes her celebrations.

Joe Hoffman: You’ve got to wonder what must be going through the head of Kostoff right now… He’s sitting at the bottom of his group, none of his matches have gone longer than a minute so far… Are we witnessing the end of the monster right now?

Benny Newell: We might have already witnessed it, Hoffman. Ever since ICONIC, the man hasn’t been the same.

Joe Hoffman: Well, we’ll find out next week. He has one match remaining, he’s scheduled to face the similarly disappointing Michael Lee Best. But we’ve been hearing rumours backstage that Mike might not be here next week. It would be a damn shame if we just saw Kostoff’s last match, don’t you think?

Benny Newell: What’s Lee supposed to do? Get a new opponent? Like that’s gonna happen!

There’s a pause between the two commentators, and as the camera feed cuts from the aftermath of the match to ringside, the commentators look as though they’re getting a bollocking through their headset.

Joe Hoffman: Well, we have the potential for a blockbuster of a night tonight, Benny. Ray McAvay has a chance to not only become ICON Champion, but also upend his group in the RMI. You’ve got to wonder if Iago is looking on nervously now that he has no matches remaining.

Benny Newell: That chance gets smaller when you consider he’s against the man that speared Farthington so hard he hurled last week, Hoffhole! And if Reeves loses tonight, he’s out of the RMI. McAvay might not walk out of here tonight!

Joe Hoffman: Elsewhere on the card, we have Hollywood and Trent both trying to maintain perfect records. With only Trent fighting after tonight, we could see the winner of that group crowned!

Benny Newell: No ‘could’ about it Hoffman. The winner of that match is going all the way to March To Glory. Calling it now!

Joe Hoffman: But before that, we have two matches that could completely upturn the Kaley Matheson group. Former LSD Champion David Black faces off against potential #1 contender to the LSD Championship, Darin Zion. And up next, Hugo Scorpio takes on the undefeated Tyler Boyd! Don’t go anywhere folks, because Friday Night Chaos has only just begun!

Suddenly “Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed, hits the PA as the once hot fans break out into boos.

Joe Hoffman: Well that didn’t take too long… it appears Brian Hollywood is going to kick off Chaos non wrestling portion of the show tonight.

Brian Hollywood makes his way out onto the stage as he sports a look of satisfaction. Hollywood is in his street clothes and his black leather jacket as he starts to descend down the ramp. Hollywood rolls into the ring and walks over to the ring side production crew as it looks like he’s going to grab a microphone. However, as the stagehand holds the mic out towards the ring, Hollywood grabs it violently and looks at it for a few moments before chugging it into the audience.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell?! Why would Hollywood do a stupid thing like that? Those are expensive microphones! Doesn’t he know that?

Benny Newell: What do you seriously think, Hoffy? Hollywood just keeps digging that grave of his and the deeper he gets, the more fucked he becomes.

Hollywood ends up playing around with his misfit move and starts scanning the audience as he finds the fan who has the tossed mic. The fan smiles brightly thinking he’s actually going to become part of the show, but as he speaks into it, there is no sound that emanates from it. The fan tries to talk into it again, but the mic is completely cut off. Hollywood smiles from side to side and salutes the ripped off fan as the fan gets so angry, he attempts to toss the mic back at Hollywood, but because of his bad aim and shitty arm, the mic ends up hitting some old lady in the front row. Security spot the fan and end up escorting him from the building. Hollywood waves goodbye to the fan as the crowd just starts to boo heavily. Hollywood makes his way to the center of the ring and holds up one finger as he waits for the anticipation of the crowd to grow for a few moments before he pulls out a microphone from his leather jacket pocket and Hollywood completes his act as he speaks into the mic.

Brian Hollywood: TA DA!!!

Despite the fact that most these people hate Hollywood, there are some fans who actually applaud and congratulate Hollywood on his brilliant act. Hollywood showcases his microphone and he actually had his mic designed personally as his initials, “BH” is shown on the microphone. There is no indication of a High Octane Wrestling logo on the microphone anywhere. Feeling a sense of accomplishment, Hollywood speaks freely into his newly designed, personal microphone.

Brian Hollywood: What do you guys think? Brilliant, eh? You see, I’m not going to stress myself out in worrying whether or not a similar incident from three weeks ago happens again. That’s why I had my own microphone designed and the best part of all this is that this microphone CAN’T be cut off by those brainwashed, underpaid, anal leakaged puppets of Lee Best. NOBODY silences me! NOBODY takes away my power or my speaking privileges! No, there will NO more technical difficulties with me. Lee’s going to have to try harder than that to silence me. Oh wait, he won’t! You want to know why? It’s because ever since I began this crusade and started it with the convincing beat down I gave Mike Best, Lee has been hell bent ever since in trying to end me! However, there appears to be a little problem in those actions. The last three weeks, I have provoked, irritated and pressed Lee and his precious fisher price Alliance members to do something and he has done NOTHING! Now why do you think that is? It could be a number of different things. It could range from Lee being a cowardly piece of shit, to his Alliance not knowing what to do without orders and just have their fucking tails tucked in between their vaginas. It could be that Lee is devising a “plan” to try to ambush me. However, there’s a tiny problem with that option. I have been out in the fucking open ever since and there has been no sign of retaliation. I’ve beaten Mike Best, I dropped a nuke HOW pipe bomb only for my mic to be silenced, I have belittled Lee and talked his Alliance down into the fucking dumps and last but not least, I spray painted Lee’s office and decided to “rearrange” his office. If that didn’t get his attention, then there’s definitely one thing that will..

Joe Hoffman: What the heck is Hollywood talking about?

Benny Newell: Beats the fuck out of me. I just see FUCKING DEAD all over his face.

Hollywood smiles as he walks over to the corner turnbuckle and literally turns it into a hammock. Hollywood relaxes himself and just lays on his side on the top turnbuckle. Feeling comfortable, Hollywood continues.

Brian Hollywood: Nothing would be more disgraceful to Lee than to disgrace his son.   So what’s the perfect way in executing that? I’m sure you’re all aware that the match with Mike and I was turned into a “dark match” and that none of you were able to watch that match and witness the complete and utter destruction and embarrassment I laid into Mike with. We all know that Lee would have gone to complete great lengths to make sure his son not only won the Kaley Matheson group, but the entire Rob Michaels Invitational all together. Now that I have single handedly disrupted months of planning for Lee, he has been forced into a fucking corner because he has no idea what to do from here. I know that Lee will go to extreme lengths to keep that footage away from not only me, but for all of you fans in this arena and the millions that are watching around the world! It terrifies Lee to no end and I guarantee you all that if that were to get leaked, Lee Best would finally be viewed as the coward and fraud he really is!

The crowd start to boo loudly at Hollywood as they stay one hundred percent loyal to Lee not buying a single word that Hollywood is saying. The crowd reaction was exactly what Hollywood expected as he continues to talk into his corrupt free microphone.

Brian Hollywood: Lee has gone to the extreme in PROTECTING Mike and that match footage. Well, I came out here to say that he can enjoy his hidden lies while he can, because I’ve already devised a plan to not only obtain that match footage, but to make sure every single one of you people see who exactly the man whom all of you blindly trust and follow truly is. Ah, it feels so good to speak freely and not be cut off! The feeling is just so perfectly sound!

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood just keeps poking that hornets nest. I don’t know what he expects to gain out of all this.

Benny Newell: Hollywood is just a fucked up person! The man is crazy and he apparently enjoys the thought of suicide.

Hollywood continues to relax on the top rope as he looks about the arena of discontent fans and to add to his arrogance and outlawish behavior, he starts to tap on his personal microphone knowing that he won’t be cut off. This really angers the Best Arena fans. Hollywood smiles knowing that he’s getting away with every single moment. However, after a few moments of toying with his new found “power”, that wasn’t the only thing that was on Hollywood’s mind.

Brian Hollywood: This Rob Michaels Invitational has provided me with a nice little outlet to take out my anger and frustration with Lee. I have plowed through my entire group and later tonight, I will fight Trent and cap off my group round. It obviously isn’t getting through enough, so perhaps when I get myself through the elimination portion of the Invitational, maybe then will Lee finally have no choice but to acknowledge this situation. There’s something else that has occurred to me as well. There’s something else that I haven’t been giving the slightest bit of attention to and it’s about time I address it. I mean, I minus well until my devised plan takes fruition. I mean, it appears as if I have some time to kill and this little side distraction wouldn’t really garner my attention, but since I’m bored, I’m going to address it once and for all and that little issue pertains to one man who simply can’t leave well enough alone. That man is Darin Zion.

The crowd boos even further as they don’t even want to hear Hollywood bore them all to death with Darin Zion.

Joe Hoffman: Well I guess it was only a matter of time before Hollywood was going to even make the trouble of acknowledging Zion.

Benny Newell: Well can you fucking blame the guy? Zion is a fucking parasite and all he’s good for is holding people down and literally farting and stalling people’s careers.

Hollywood finally dismounts himself from the top rope and makes his way to the center of the ring.

Brian Hollywood: When will you fucking just let it go Zion? Why do you constantly have to prove that you’re going NOWHERE here in HOW? Why do you think I stopped giving a shit about you? All you are is a god damn distraction and it’s obvious to everyone that you don’t have a single deck of cards to play with. The problem with you, Zion, is that you can’t leave the past in the past. Why do you think people don’t give a shit about you? Why do you think people constantly dismiss you and don’t acknowledge you as a true High Octane Wrestler? I just don’t understand why you have a god damn hard on for me. You should have been focusing on your own Rob Michaels Invitational but no, you can’t even do something simple like that!

Hollywood just shakes his head in disgust as he paces back and forth in the ring.

Brian Hollywood: You’ve spent so much time obsessing over me that you’ve disregarded your own relevance in the Invitational and look where that has gotten you? You have NO fucking chance to advance in your group, not even a wildcard and you have nobody to blame for that then yourself! I mean, we all knew you would fuck that up quickly and you didn’t disappoint. Yet you keep questioning yourself and constantly wonder why you’re not worth a shit here in HOW. You cry about everything and you constantly continue to bore us all to death with your emo, depressing attitude. Again, you are the victim of your own weakness, Zion! You will never be successful here in HOW and my own success and attention makes you jealous and angry. You were never better than me and you never will be! I’ve always had that spotlight on me and you never knew how to work the god damn thing to keep it on yourself! Maybe you should take your own advice on David Black, and just fucking retire! You are nothing but a worthless, depressing, emo cutting little bitch who only needs to blame himself on being held back. Regardless of all those facts, you STILL wonder why Lee Best writes you off and throws you on the backburner. Your hypocritical, dogmatic views on yourself faulting ways is so old, even your biggest fans want you to shut the fuck up!

The crowd begins a BORING chant as Hollywood smiles and actually acknowledges them.

Brian Hollywood: I may not always agree with what these clueless people say, but it’s hard not to dismiss just how much these fans are right about you. You know, the ONLY reason, the only fucking reason why I’m even addressing you right now is because I’m bored and quite frankly, have nothing better to do while waiting on Lee to stop sucking his own dick and crying like a little bitch. This is why I can’t stand dealing with your shit, Zion. You’re just the same Darin Zion you’ve always been. Your held down by the past and you can’t even get past it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you and Pariah still talk and actually get together to drown your personal sorrows in cheap ass liquor. Hell, even your god damn fiancé, Clara, is sick and tired of you trying to brown nose your sorry excuse of an ass in my fucking business! I’ve moved on to bigger and better things Zion. Maybe you should take notes and do the fucking same! So I’m going to make this CRYSTAL FUCKING CLEAR for you that even you will be even to understand. Stick your nose in my business ONE MORE FUCKING TIME, and I’ll make sure your ass forgets my name and put you in a fucking brain dead machine where you will no longer remember who I am! You’ve been warned, Zion, and this is the only warning you’re going to get! I don’t have the time or the energy in worrying about your shitty problems and if you dare to interfere in my affairs, I’ll simply take you out of the equation. I’ve got too many other problems that don’t concern you and I will be damned if I let you drag me into your sorry ass shit pool to disrupt what I’m trying to do. Unlike you, I’m concentrating on BIG BOY shit that you can’t and will never comprehend. You are nothing to me Zion and you’ve been yesterday’s news ever since ICONIC. Even then, I didn’t give a shit about you or Pariah and I wasn’t going to let myself be dragged down into that shit storm of irrelevance. Look where I am now, Zion! Now look at where you’re at. I shouldn’t have to point out the obvious fact of irrelevance of where you’ve ended up at. So there you have it. That’s all the time I’m going to even spend on you because you’re a big pile of nobody gives a shit. You’ve been warned, Zion, and that’s the only time I’m going to spend on you.

Joe Hoffman: Damn that was harsh…

Benny Newell: Well he’s fucking right, hoffhole! Zion isn’t worth anyone’s fucking time, ESPECIALLY Hollywood!

Brian Hollywood: So there you have it. ANYWAYS, to all you people out in the audience, I promise you that I will expose Lee Best and dismantle his little Alliance for the frauds they are. One way or another, things will only get worse for you Lee and if you keep cowering in the shadows, I will draw you out in the best way I possibly can. This is your LAST WARNING, Lee! Next time, I will have the final piece in my possession that will not only finally disgrace you, but it will denounce the entire Alliance all together and maybe even then, those trusted alliance members of yours will realize that they are making the wrong choice in spending their time fighting in your honor. Soon, Lee, they will be fighting in MY honor and when all of this is said and done, you will have nothing left to threaten me with. Once again, the ball is in your court and if you don’t act, then I WILL!

“Perfect Insanity” reprises as Hollywood almost hands his mic to the stagehand but then remembers it’s his and flips off the crew. Hollywood places the mic back into his leather jacket before rolling out of the ring and heading back up the ramp and to the back.

Joe Hoffman: Well that was a very enlightening and strong message from Hollywood.

Benny Newell: While I might agree with a few of Hollywood’s points, he’s fucking messing with the wrong people and you NEVER want to go to war with the GOD of HOW!

With that knowledge dropped by the Hall of Fame announcer…we cut to our first commercial break.

Baby HOR

Rumor of a long overdue (as old as this banner) Century Club High Octane Radio show could come to be tomorrow night….stay tuned.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks as we get ready for another match in The Embosser division as Hugo Scorpio who is sitting in fourth place with negative one points takes on Tyler Boyd who is leading the division with two wins and six points.

Benny Newell: Thank you for all the boring ass stats shit no one gives a fuck about.

Joe Hoffman: Well it is a tournament Benny… that kind of stuff is… like… important.

Benny Newell: Not with these two. Neither of them are winning this thing Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Boyd is undefeated so far.

Benny Newell: Still don’t give a fuck. DRINK!

Joe Hoffman: Ugh… let’s just go to Bryan McVay.

Bryan McVay: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is part of the…


“Heavy Is The Head” by Zac Brown Band plays as the fans in Chicago erupt and Benny nearly spits his Jack out.


And indeed, we see The HOW World Champion, Scottywood make his way out onto the stage dressed in his ’94 Rangers Stanley Cup finals jersey personalized with his name and customary #91, plus is armed with his barbed wire hockey stick. Oh, and he has a fucking beer in his hands… though that should just be assumed at this point.

Joe Hoffman: Well it seems The World Champion has decided to join us this week after being absent from last week’s show.

Benny Newell: No shit Joe… and did you expect him to show up on his birthday week… days after winning the World Title? I heard he was a on a two week bender… which I’m pissed I was not invited too.

Joe Hoffman: And after all the shit you have talked about him… you’re surprised?

Benny Newell: I thought there would be some respect amongst fellow alcoholics.

Taking his time down the ramp, Scotty is soaking up the moment… a moment that has taken him nearly eight years to accomplish here in HOW. He finishes the rest of his beer and tosses the empty into the crowd before he starts to climb the ring steps and enters the ring. He props the hockey stick in the corner and climbs the turnbuckles to raise the title high above his head.

Joe Hoffman: It’s been something many thought they’d never see, but we can now say that Scottywood is a HOW World Champion.

Benny Newell: I lost a fuck ton on a bet I had going about that.

Scotty climbs down from the corner and takes the mic from McVay who then makes his exit of the ring and leaves it to the World Champion.


Scottywood: After nearly eight long fucking torturous and painful years… YOUR WORLD CHAMPION IS HERE!!!!

The crowd erupts in cheers as Scotty smiles and hits the World Title that sits on his shoulder.

Scottywood: I have… wait a fucking minute… I can’t start all this without a fucking beer. Beer boy, get me a beer!

A man at ringside reaches into a cooler behind the timekeeper’s table and pulls out a Two Roads Road 2 Ruin Double IPA which he cracks open and hands it off to Scotty.

Scottywood: There we go… now everything is right in the World. I got the HOW World Title on my shoulder and a fucking beer in my hand. A World Title that now will forever shut up all the fucking critics that said I didn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. That said I wasn’t a main event player. That said I was some kind of fucking joke! Now there isn’t a single thing that I haven’t won in HOW… except for an Invitational… and War Games.

The crowd cheers as Scotty smiles, toasts his beer off the title and takes a drink.

Scottywood: You all didn’t think I was just gonna walk away now that I won the World Title. Fuck no. I still have to prove that this is no fluke. That I deserve to be World Champion and that I won’t lose this belt in my first defense… or sooner like 19 of the 45 past championship reigns have ended. Ya, I got all kinds of fucking stats to back this shit up.

Joe smiles and nods his head as he looks at benny who just shakes his head and takes a big drink of his Jack.

Scottywood: Stats like how no matter what happens with Brooks and Stevens tonight… and my match against a washed up Texan… no not Stevens… Rivid… I am going to win the Redheads division and move on in the Invitational. Shit… if I beat Rivid I may just have a fucking bye. So no matter what, I am at the most, three matches away from winning my first HOW Invitational.

Benny Newell: No… I don’t think this fed can survive that.

Joe Hoffman: Well it’s been two weeks of Scottywood as World Champion and HOW is still here.

Scottywood: So with that said, I am not looking past one very important match next week that could make this goal that much easier to attain. A match against one of my longest foes in wrestling… Reggie Rivid. A man who I thought was going to do great things here in HOW… but after what… a year… has failed to make any kind of impact in HOW beside drinking his shitty Texas beer. Because a win against him puts me in a prime position for a bye and puts me two wins away from winning the RMI.

Benny Newell: If I ever wanted Reggie Rivid to win a fucking match.

Scottywood: But there is one big question that hangs above this match. One that everyone has been wondering for the past two weeks. Will the HOW World Title be on the line next week against Reggie Rivid? Will we all get to see a rematch of the PTC Night of Champions show back in May of 2002… the last time me and Reggie fought each other for a World Title. A match that I won mind you all.


Scottywood: Woah! No! We are not doing that shit here in HOW. Plus it isn’t going to change my mind… because there is no fucking chance I would ever give him a shot at MY HOW World Title. I mean he’s sitting at negative nine points in this invitational. He won’t advance to the next round no matter what he does against me. All Reggie is gonna do is take another beating from me… and once again disappear into wrestling obscurity where he fucking belongs.

Some slight boos come from the HOW crowd… if only for the fact they would all love to see a World Title match next week.

Scottywood: I have taken more abuse than just about any other wrestling in HOW history… I have paid more dues than most could ever imagine… I have waited far to fucking long to let this title go after just three weeks. Shit, I’d love to have a longer reign than… wait can I say Mike Best again? Well that guy… a long reign than that guy. I’d love to crack 100 days and jump into the top eight longest reigns in HOW history. Show all you fuckers that Scottywood can not only win the HOW World Title… but he can fucking hold onto it too! You think this might be the worst time to be World Champion… since I’ll have to run the gauntlet that is the Invitational to hold onto it… but if I do… if I win at March to Glory… I’ll have fucking proved that I really deserve this fucking belt. THE top title in all of wrestling… just has it has always been since HOW reopened in 2008. Now it is mine and I join the elite club of those that can say they have been HOW World Champion.

H-O-W! H-O-W! H-O-W! H-O-W! H-O-W!

Scottywood: Now that we know that HOW can’t be killed by me or Scott Stevens becoming World Champion… than we know that nothing can stop The Machine. Now it’ time for me to prove why The Hardcore Artist should still be World Champion. It starts with a statement made against Reggie Rivid… and it ends at March to Glory where I will STILL be the HOW World Champion!

The Hardcore Artist drops the mic and chugs the rest of his Double IPA before tossing the empty into the crowd and rising the title above his head as the music hits and the champion rolls out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Your HOW World Champion… Scottywood.

Benny Newell: His days are numbed Joe… this nightmare fluke will end soon and all will be right in HOW again.

Joe Hoffman: Well we will be back folks… we have learned that Scorpio versus Boyd has been canceled tonight… and up next we will have Black versus Zion.

Scotty makes his way up onto the stage where we see him raise the World Title one more time up over his head as we cut away and back to the announcers.

Joe Hoffman: Well, in the event you didn’t notice, there was a little problem last week before Ray McAvay’s match with Iago.

Benny Newell: The problem is…McAvay took away Dark and Stormy and left them in Texas so now I want him to die a most horrible death.

Joe Hoffman: Benny! As I was saying, last week McAvay was coming down to the ring from the Les Miserables section along with about forty people when Friday Night Chaos went to commercial.

Video: Last Week’s Friday Night Chaos
Security talks with McAvay and his manager ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido.

Joe Hoffman (voice over): During the commercial break, security came out and told the forty people that they had to go back to their seats.

Security gestures towards the Les Miserables accompanying McAvay and waiting to climb through the railing to ringside and then waves them back up to the seats.

Benny Newell (v/o): Well of course, Hoffman. You can’t have just anyone running around on the floor during a match. When McAvay wrestled Shane Reynolds a few weeks back, those fucking idiots not only distracted Reynolds but they kept getting in our way while we were trying to call the match.

There’s a brief argument between McAvay and the security person.

Joe Hoffman (v/o): After McAvay and security exchanged words, he went back up to his seat.

Then McAvay climbs back up through the rails and heads back up to his seat with the rest of the Les Miserables.

Benny Newell (v/o): He should have fucking stayed there.

The video ends and we return to Joe and Benny at the broadcast desk.

Joe Hoffman: But McAvay did come back down for his match with Iago and he left with the win. The question for this week is whether McAvay will again try to lead his Les Miserables down to the ring.

Benny Newell: And if he does, they should do the exact same thing. It’s an insurance issue Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: A what?

Benny Newell: An insurance issue. We’re not allowed to have uncontracted talent at ringside because it’s an insurance issue.

Joe Hoffman: Wait a minute. An insurance issue? The only other time in my life I ever heard you talk about insurance was the time someone vandalized your car before the show and you spent half the night on the phone with your insurance agent.

Benny Newell: I don’t make up the rules Hoffman.

The camera pans up to McAvay’s Les Miserables section. It looks like the usual suspects are there. McAvay and Escondido with a very pregnant Dawn McGill- McAvay’s wife.

Joe Hoffman: McAvay looks relaxed and ready to go as he’ll be challenging Austin Reeves later on tonight for the ICON Title.

Benny Newell: Which rightfully belongs to Cecilworth Farthington!

Joe Hoffman: How do you figure?

Benny Newell: Reeves didn’t defeat him. Dirk Dickwood threw in the towel.

General DeBauchery, sporting an authentic captain’s hat right out of World War II, smoking a cigar, grinning obnoxiously, and collecting every beer and liquor label he can get his hands on. Al Cahall guzzling down a six of beer with Ryan McKenna. Nic Koteen smoking when he really shouldn’t be in the stands.

Joe Hoffman: Wait a minute! Ryan McKenna is sitting up there?

The camera pans back over and focuses in on the LSD champion who’s not wrestling on tonight’s show. McKenna sits between Cahall and Koteen and seems to be having a great time.

Benny Newell: What the fuck is he doing up in that section?

Joe Hoffman: I have no clue. McAvay did say on the Wrestling Guys Chicago show that everyone’s welcome up there…I suppose that would extend to McKenna or anyone on the roster.

McKenna and Cahall raise their beer cans and start chugging.

Benny Newell: Jesus Ryan, don’t encourage him.

Joe Hoffman: My guess is McKenna was scouting Tyler Boyd since he wrestles him in two weeks, quite possibly for first place in the Embosser Group of the RMI.

Benny Newell: Oh yeah, Hoffhole. He’s ‘scouting’ all right. He’s scouting the scourge of humanity sitting up there with McAvay.

The camera then pans higher past the various, eclectic collection of humanity sitting in the Les Miserables section until it reaches the top of the stands where Dark and Stormy are performing on the stripper pole.

Then the camera starts panning down.

Benny Newell: HOLD IT! GO BACK UP!

The people in the production truck oblige and the camera shot goes back up to the stripper pole. There they are in the flesh. Dark and Stormy. Back in the Best Arena.


The picture is also shown on the High Octane Vision. The crowd roars when they see McAvay’s stripper friends.


Joe Hoffman: What do you mean?

Benny Newell: I mean, when they come down to ringside and I get to see four of my favorite things once again.

Reaching underneath the broadcast table, Benny proudly pulls out a bottle of JR’s Barbeque Sauce.

Benny Newell: And licking this off my four favorite things.

Joe Hoffman: What about insurance-

Benny Newell: Fuck insurance! My girls have come home.

Benny stands up and waves at Dark and Stormy.

Benny Newell: COME TO DADDY-

And then his jaw drops. He sees it. The Les Miserables section sees it. Hell, the entire arena sees it thanks to High Octane Vision.

Benny Newell: NOOOOOOOOO!

It’s General DeBauchery’s head buried deep in Stormy’s breasts, licking barbeque sauce off of them.

Benny Newell: FUCK YOU McAVAY!

And with that free promo for good ol’ BBQ sauce…we cut to a commercial break.


Next Hall of Fame Nominee is High Octane Golden Era Legend….Omar Rasheem!!

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks and what a strong message there by the HOW World Champion, Scottywood.

Benny Newell: Yea, the only way he could become the World Champion was to beat Scott Stevens. Talk about being fucking lucky.

Joe Hoffman: Well we’re all ready to get the next match underway! David Black takes on Darin Zion from the Embosser group in the next match up in the Rob Michaels Invitational!

Bryan McVay: The following contest is a match in the Rob Michaels Invitational!

“Zombies” by Lacuna Coil hits as David Black emerges on the ramp. Black starts to walk down the ramp as he approaches the ring.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 235 pounds, he represents the Embosser group, he is…..DAVID….BLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

Black rolls into the ring as he walks side to side grabbing the ring ropes warming up as he awaits his opponent.

Joe Hoffman: David Black has reached a point where he no longer has anything to lose. That can be dangerous for Darin Zion.

Benny Newell: Like I have said multiple times, Black has always been hit or miss.

The lights cut off and the opening of Not Gonna Die by Skillet blares across the PA system as a picture of a moving mask appears on the screen the screen. As soon as the lyrics appear on the screen; Darin Zion immediately comes from the back with a mask on his face, wearing a trenchcoat with a lead pipe in his left hand. As soon as Zion hits the ramp, he removes the mask and tosses it straight into the crowd.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, he weighs in at 230 pounds as is also representing the Embosser group, he is…….DARIN…..ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIION!

Zion rushes down to the ring and slides into the ring, immediately holding the lead pipe up. He then slides it down and gets on the turnbuckle and pounds his chest. He then points out his finger and twirls it around as he runs to each of the turnbuckles, screaming his name. Zion then hops on the bottom rope and points at the ground while bouncing on the ropes as he stares down David Black.

Joe Hoffman: This could be a very critical match for Zion if he wants to keep his Invitational hopes alive.

Benny Newell: Didn’t you get the fucking memo, Hoffhole? Zion has NO chance at winning his group anymore. The stupid fuck isn’t even going to get the wild card either.

Joe Hoffman: Well, the Embosser group has thinned down a bit after Tyler Boyd shockingly eliminated himself from contention.

Benny Newell: I will say, that did surprise me. Tyler Boyd was DOMINATING the Embosser group. He became a force to be reckoned with. He was even leading against the LSD Champion, Ryan McKenna.

Joe Hoffman: Boyd is a phenomenal superstar and even though he’s been eliminated, we still sure do hope he appears at March to Glory!


The match is underway as Zion immediately charges Black not allowing him to get into offensive mode as Zion dropkicks Black in the knees causing Black to drop to his knees. Zion bounces off the ropes before charging at him and connecting to Black’s head with a shining wizard. Hoping to take advantage quickly, Zion drops down and covers Black.



Black kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion tried to end this match quick.

Benny Newell: Why the fuck is he even trying? He has no chance to advance so he minus well lay down like a little bitch and give Black his moment.

Zion starts to stomp some holes into Black before Black grabs Zion’s leg and shoves him backwards. Black gets back to his feet as he starts unleashing left after right into the face of Zion. Black kicks Zion in the gut before planting him into the mat with a DDT. Black doesn’t stop there, though, as he picks Zion up from the mat and Irish whips him into the ropes and follows it up with a sideslam sending Zion back into the mat. Black hooks the leg.




Joe Hoffman: Black is not going to go quietly here.

Benny Newell: Black might have lost his momentum leading into this match, but he knows he doesn’t want to lose this match. You don’t want to fucking lose to the new biggest loser in HOW that is Darin Zion.

Black remains on the offensive as he continues to lay into Zion’s face with right jabs before Black rushes off the ropes. He comes back at Zion, but Zion surprises him with a belly to belly suplex. Zion cracks his neck back and forth as he looks fired up and looking to make a statement here tonight. Zion reaches down and grabs Black only to hit him with a snap suplex. Zion drops down and covers Black.



Joe Hoffman: Black kicks out again. The thing Zion needs to realize is that Black won’t be retired that easily. Zion is not the only one who has promised to end Black’s career.

Benny Newell: How many fucking idiots have said that? I’ll be damned if Zion thinks he’s going to be the one to end Black!

Zion bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow into the face of Black. Zion repeats this process a few times before Black finally moves allowing Zion to crash into the canvas. Black, seeing the opportunity is his to take, guts Zion yet again before Irish whipping him into the ropes and slamming him down with a spinebuster. Black drops down and hooks the leg of Zion.




Joe Hoffman: NO! Zion kicks out right before the three count.

Benny Newell: Zion looks sloppy there! One Blackout from Black, and it’s lights motherfucking out for Zion!

And almost as if Benny had ample perfect timing, Black does indeed attempt a Blackout but Zion denies him and slams him down into the mat. Zion grabs Black and sends him reeling into the corner turnbuckle. Zion charges at him but Black catches him with a boot. Zion stumbles backwards as Black charges at Zion. Zion turns around and just as Black attempts yet another Blackout, Zion catches him off guard and lifts him up and slams him hard with a power slam. Zion covers Black.




Joe Hoffman: NO! Black is able to get the shoulder up!

Benny Newell: Thank god! Zion is doing a good job ending David Black. Hardy har har. Fuck ass. DRINK!

Zion shakes his head as Black simply won’t stay down. Zion gets riled up as he looks to end Black right here. Black slowly starts to get to his feet and as he turns around, Zion grabs him and looks to hit the Delusions of Grandeur but Black dodges! Black reverses and looks to go for the Blackout but Zion reverses it himself and grabs Black and finally hits the Delusions of Grandeur. Zion drops down to the mat and rolls over Black as he locks in the Catalyst Crucifixion. Zion has it locked in the middle of the ring as Black literally has nowhere to go and proceeds to tap out.

Joe Hoffman: Black taps! It’s over!

Benny Newell: FUCK!


Zion takes a bit before he finally releases Black from the hold for good measure as he slaps the mat and rises to his feet celebrating in the ring. Hortega holds his hand up in victory as Zion just watches Black lay on the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: Zion gets the win over Black tonight once again. Zion may potentially be eliminated from the Invitational, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting a win here tonight.

Benny Newell: I look at Zion and I can’t help but to feel fucking hopeless. It’s like staring into a black hole of fucking depression! Fucking useless!

Joe Hoffman: At any rate, Zion still picks up the victory as Black’s current streak of bad luck continues. Let’s head backstage as we’ve got something going on back there.

Blair is standing by backstage with a microphone in hand and next to her is a member of The Best Alliance Julliet Brooks. Julliet has on a HOW T-shirt and leather pants. A huge smile is planted on her face.

Blair: Please welcome my guest Julliet Brooks

Julliet nods and places her hand on her hips.

Blair: Tonight you aren’t scheduled to compete in the tournament, so the question remains as to why you are here?

Julliet Brooks: I was hoping I would find someone while here, but of course I was sadly mistaken. I guess the saying is true about him being a coward an all.

She let’s out a chuckle and crosses her arms.

Blair: Who might you be referring to?

Julliet Brooks: Scott Stevens. I know I’m booked to face him next week, but I thought he’d have the balls to confront me this week. Need I remind everyone that when I first showed up I was the one who smashed his brains in with a chair and made him look like a little bitch, because of that he seemed to forget exactly who I’m. Next week I’ll be sure to give him a permanent reminder of what Julliet Brooks is capable of doing.

She looks down at her shirt and runs her hand through the HOW logo that is printed on the center.

Julliet Brooks: HOW has been my calling.. it has been for quite some time. Now since I’ve been here I had my eye on that World Champion. Stevens is a former World Champion. He had his time in the sun, and now those days are over. I’m going to make one thing clear.. as long as I’m around he won’t be getting his hands on another title shot ever again. It’s time for me to start stepping up to the plate and prove why I’m championship material, and if anyone has a problem with that then I suggest they do something to prove me wrong.

Blair: Do you see yourself making it to the end of the tournament?

Julliet Brooks: I wouldn’t be standing here mouthing off if I didn’t think I could. That’s enough question for now, so if you’ll excuse me I have a phone call from Lee that needs my attention.

She pulls out a cell phone from her back pocket and puts it on her ear. Before she could say a simple “Hello” Scott Stevens comes into the frame and grabs the phone from her hand and throws it on the ground, leaving him to smash it with his boot.

Scott Stevens: I couldn’t but help overhear your conversation and Lee shouldn’t be your focus. I should be your sole focus.

Stevens says as he looks up from the ground and stares at Julliet.

Julliet Brooks: Well look who decided to be a big boy and finally show up. I knew eventually I would catch your attention.

Stevens smirks.

Scott Stevens: You look all cute when you’re trying to play bad ass.

Stevens says as he touches the point of Julliet’s nose.

She pulled his finger away from her.

Julliet Brooks: Don’t fucking touch me! Need I remind you I’m Best Alliance and what I did to Jace when he got cute with me?

Brooks lets the question linger.

Julliet Brooks: I smashed his fucking brains in with a sledgehammer! If you are trying to get under my skin it’s not working. Nice attempt though.

She tapped him on his shoulder for effort, but Stevens doesn’t seem fazed by Brooks’ threat.

Scott Stevens: Let me remind you of something little girl…..

Stevens says as he gets closer to Brooks.

Scott Stevens: I’m not afraid of the fucking Best Alliance because they are a joke. I’ve made them my bitches more times than I can remember, and two….

Stevens slaps Julliet across the face and she falls to the floor holding her cheek in pain as she looks up at Stevens with hate filled eyes.

Scott Stevens: And two, I’m not Jace. My name is Scott fucking Stevens and you or anyone else aren’t going to prevent me from winning the HOW world title. Got that bitch.

Stevens says before walking away.

autism speaks

Back from break and “Ruin” by I:Scintella hits and the recently slapped Julliet Brooks appears on the stage with a microphone already in one hand, her free hand still holding her right cheek from where Scott Stevens slapped her earlier backstage. She glanced toward the crowd before pacing and forth with such anger.

Julliet Brooks: Stevens.. Stevens.. Stevens.. you definitely pulled a fast one on me earlier huh? I mean you had the chance to do anything. Hell, you could’ve beat me to a bloody pulp and pull a page out of my book and threw me down a flight of stairs. Instead, you decided to go the easy route and slap the shit out of me. Is that all I get? I was expecting more out of you, but I guess I have to wait till our match to find out what else you got up your sleeve. This tournament is getting down to the wire and only a few will make it to the final. You just so happen to be the obstacle that is preventing me from getting there. Soon I will get passed you and the future couldn’t be brighter for me there on out, and as for you Stevens you’ll be left out in the dust and no one will remember your name. You’ll be just like these peasants here in Chicago.

The fans boo, then chants of “You Suck” and “Bitch” along with various names was directed to her. She brushes it off and shrugs.

Julliet Brooks: You may be Scott Fucking Stevens, but I’m Julliet Fucking Brooks. I do what I want, and if I want your beating heart, or your body on a silver platter, I’ll go to any lengths to make sure that happens. So, Stevens I hope you are ready to surrender on your knees you son of a bitch.

She drops the mic, and her music plays. She taunts the crowd for a brief moment and leaves.

We cut to the ring with Bryan McVay standing in a suit and tie.  The camera completely stays panned on Bryan with the stoic look in his eyes.  The lights immediately dim and we get started with the match.  The crowd immediately roars as everything goes completely dark in the arena.

Bryan McVay: The following match is from the Kaley Matheson group in the Rob Michaels Invitational!  First making his to the ring; TREEEEEEENT!

Suddenly a spotlight hits the entrance ramp and “HEAVY DAY” by Daisuke Ishiwatari blares on the PA System as Trent slowly hobbles down towards the ring.    As the crowd roars, you immediately hear a drop of a bottle and a lot of cuss words coming from the background.  Suddenly you hear a fist hit the announcers table and we cut over towards Joe Hoffman sitting alone with Benny picking up the class of his beloved Jack Daniel’s bottle on the floor.

Joe Hoffman:  See this is why you don’t drink during the Rob Michaels’ Tournament!  If you’d only call the fucking action like you’re supposed to do…

Benny Newell:  Shut up!  I’m having to resort to drinking out of Jose right now.  That shit’s fucking cheap.  I have to spend some time mourning my beloved bottle of Jack!  Dear God!  Fuck you, Trent!  Made me knock him over.  Now Jack won’t know what it’s like to have kids.  He won’t ever get married.

Joe Hoffman:  Seriously?  You have another bottle…

Benny Newell:  That’s for the main event.  I have them all labeled. Dear God, it’s like you don’t know me.

Joe Hoffman:  It’s too bad you don’t know Trent’s in that ring and he wants to murder to fuck out of Brian Hollywood.

Benny Newell:  Clearly this is my I don’t give two fucks face.  Hollywood’s been on a roll calling out the Best Alliance.  While I’m still not 100% fond of Brian Hollywood, clearly you know he’s got a suicide wish.  This is clearly his punishment in the bracket.  Mike drafted Trent knowing he’d go down.  He’s a fucking genius!  Trent will destroy Hollywood and reconcile the fallen Best’s wishes.

Joe Hoffman:  He’s clearly already fucked up with his loss folks.  Delusional just like Lee’s son.  He would have faced him this week anyways regardless if Mike didn’t get destroyed by Hollywood.  And with Hollywood’s current streak, you don’t know what the fuck will happen.  He’s torn up everyone in his bracket.  Sooner or later, Lee’s going to get his revenge.

“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed hits and Brian Hollywood looks Trent directly in the eyes as he walks down the entrance ramp.  Tonight, Hollywood’s more somber than usual.  He knows Trent will be a task and he’ll have to give everything he’s ever wanted to give to make it past this round.  Unlike previous rounds, Hollywood knows Trent wants the legacy that surrounds the HOW World Title.  Hollywood keeps his eyes lock, carefully studying Trent looking for any advantages possible before entering the ring.  Trent’s face grows red, almost angry, hungry, desperate for a win.

Joe Hoffman:  The look in these two men’s eyes tell the entire story.  Both want the HOW World Championship and the shot at March to Glory.  Both know what this championship means to HOW.

Benny Newell:  Clearly Hollywood doesn’t.  He’s only fought for the belt 500 billion times and lost every time.  That douche fuck doesn’t even know how to win the big matches.  I like the guy…he didn’t destroy my precious Jack, but God damn.  He clearly needs to capitalize quick if he wants to even touch the leather straps that surround Scottywood’s waist.

Hollywood leaps on to the turnbuckle and taunts the fans as the boo him.  Bryan leaves the ring as Hollywood jumps down and glares Trent directly in the eyes.  The blood craving crowd gets to their feet completely roaring as both men stand in the ring and just stare each other down for what seems like an eternity.  After a few moments of starring and taunting one another, both men suddenly start looking around.  They start noticing something missing in the middle of the ring.  Something completely off.  Trent and Brian mentally scratch their heads, looking at each other perplexed as Benny immediately goes off his hinge.

Benny Newell:  God damnit!  I hope that fucking tool Beottcher didn’t miss his fucking queue again.  That fucking botch!

Joe Hoffman:    Shit this match can’t go without a ref!  It’s been nearly 2 minutes since these guys came out and…


The lights fade in the Best Arena once more and everything immediately pans towards a dark screen with background music hitting.  Immediately a creepy girl’s voice hits the PA System and “Not Gonna Die” hits the PA System with the crowd immediately leaping towards their feet at the sight they see.  Zion’s standing in a referee uniform as his video plays on the screen.  Zion smirks holding a microphone, just looking mischievous.  Hollywood’s face turns completely bright red.  He’s gritting his teeth and Trent’s smile just highlights the bloodlust that drives him.

Darin Zion:  Sorry, sorry!  I know, I broke the fucking script again.  My bad entirely.  Lee’s totally going to kill me.  Oh Hollywood, you look completely surprised to see my ass again.  Two weeks ago, I commentated your match and now…while I’m not working for that fucking tool named Lee Best nor have I joined the Best Alliance because fuck them; everyone hates their fucking guts.  I happened to hear my good friend Matt Beottcher had some accident with a flag pole and his underwear *COUGHWEDGIECOUGH*.  Point of the story is, I went to Lee Best and reported that his prized referee like the ‘great’ employee I am and well…you can guess the entire story.  Don’t worry Hollywood, you’re not going to get fucked.  I “promise to call this match down the middle.”  Kind of like you promised to do for me before Sex and Money fell apart.  So Bryan…ring that fucking bell and we’ll see how much I’m going to fuck this show up.  Because I hate Lee and I hate Brian so…eh…time to add my brand of fun to HOW to spice the ratings back up.

Zion immediately climbs the ropes and the bell rings.  Hollywood blatantly goes for Trent’s balls and drives his foot directly in plain sight of Zion’s eyes into Trent’s junk.  Trent falls towards the ground and Hollywood just immediately lays his fists into Trent, refusing to get up.  Suddenly, Zion enters the ring and tries pulling Hollywood off Trent, but Hollywood locks his legs around Trent continuing the onslaught.  Zion doesn’t resort to any counting.  He immediately goes over towards Hollywood, grabs his head and drives his head into the mat with the DDT.  Zion immediately goes over towards Trent and creates distance between him and Hollywood, checking to make sure Trent’s alright.

Joe Hoffman:  There’s the mastermind known as Hollywood.  He knows the odds are stacked against him in this match.  Clearly, look at what’s going on with him.  Zion’s fucking with him already and Trent’s stature.

Benny Newell:  I got to give it to that corporate jackass though.  He went straight for every man’s weakness to assure Trent wouldn’t get an early advance.

Joe Hoffman:  But your ‘favorite’ referee is keeping the match fair and holding the order in.  Zion stepped in and held Hollywood at bay.  While it must’ve felt good for him to drive Hollywood’s head down to the mat and paying his ex-best friend back a bit with that DDT.

Benny Newell:  You couldn’t pay me 1 billion dollars of Jack Daniels and all the alcohol I could drink to love Zion.  I’d rather get alcohol poisoning again…

Trent immediately gets towards his knees with his eyes completely widened.  Zion immediately starts to pull away from Trent but instantly, Hollywood charges in a fit of rage towards Trent going for a cross body immediately not caring if he hits Zion and gets disqualified.  Zion catches it out of the corner of his eyes and rolls out of the way when suddenly…


Joe Hoffman:  Sweet Deliverance, Jesus!

Benny Newell:  And Hollywood’s head flew straight into the nose bleed section here at the Best Arena folks.  I’ll take a shitty toast of Jose and chase it down with the Main Event Jack early.  This is already good with all the drama in this ring right now.

Trent immediately picks Hollywood up and hoists him above his head.  He drops him with a gorilla press stiffly towards the mat and Hollywood immediately holds his side.  Trent reaches down and grabs Hollywood by the long hair as Zion turns his attention away from the action in the ring.  Trent lifts Hollywood into the air and drives him stiffly yet again into the mat with a body slam.  He continues the trend for a moment before he spreads Hollywood’s legs and drops a few knees repeatedly towards his groin region.  After Trent tortures Hollywood enough and Zion turns his head after ‘greeting’ the fans, he lifts Hollywood up for a suplex.  As he gets Hollywood up in the air and stalls for a moment, Hollywood immediately gains his momentum back and lands on his feet behind Trent.  Hollywood throws a few fists into Trent’s back trying to weaken the big man, but Trent delivers a massive chop and takes Hollywood straight towards the ground.

Benny Newell:  Hollywood’s advantage only pissed him off.  While I don’t know what’s going through Brian’s head right now, he’s obviously taking a beating to get a great idea of what Trent’s capable of with his strength.  I always knew Hollywood’s plan as a ring strategist was brilliant.  I should throw a million bucks down on the guy.

Joe Hoffman:  That or Trent’s just murdering Hollywood and you’re already drunk before we even reached the main event.

Benny Newell:  Don’t tell me you don’t see the naked guy getting escorted by hot woman cops in row 3 too.

Joe Hoffman:  Dear God…just focus on what’s at hand!  Trent’s already tossed Hollywood into the barricade on the outside of the ring and Zion’s rushing out to check on Hollywood.

Zion immediately ignores the ring count protocols and does the right thing and checks on Hollywood on the outside who grabs his ribs for a moment.  Trent hoists himself over the turnbuckle and comes out to go for the attack on Hollywood.  Trent pushes Zion out of the way and immediately grabs Hollywood.  He takes Hollywood’s head at full force and charges towards the barricade but..

Joe Hoffman:   NO!  Hollywood blocks Trent’s assault!  And THERE!  Dear God!

Benny Newell:  Finger poke to the good eye of Trent…and BITING!  CLEARLY BITING!

Darin Zion:  Stop that shit, Hollywood, or I’ll disqualify your ass on the spot.

Hollywood immediately flips Zion off as you can barely hear Zion scream with Hollywood getting the upper hand on Trent.  After Hollywood stops biting Trent’s face, he laughs and grabs Trent’s head and immediately starts to bash it against the barricade.  Zion begins his count to five, but Hollywood takes Trent and throws him with all his might into the steel steps.  They fly as Zion just shakes his head at the carnage happening on the outside of the ring.  Hollywood reaches underneath the ring ropes and tries to pull out a steel chair from underneath the ring, but as soon as Hollywood gets it out, Zion yanks it out of his hands and points at Hollywood to focus on Trent.  Hollywood then leaps onto the ring apron and charges towards Trent and lands a leg drop on his head right into the steel steps.  Hollywood then takes Trent’s head and just hits it against the pole a few times before he tosses Trent back into the ring and takes a few deep breaths to rest.

Joe Hoffman:  While Hollywood’s resorted in the use of weapons, it clearly shows he’s taking advantage of Zion letting the flow happen in this match.  He’s letting both competitors tear each other limb from limb.  Definitely giving these fans a show.

Benny Newell:  He’s only doing it to take a weak Hollywood and destroy him afterwards.

Joe Hoffman:  To each their own, but just look at Hollywood with those onslaught of stomps to Trent’s gut.  He’s trying to keep the big man down on the ground now as he wants to keep Trent’s height advantage to a minimum.

Hollywood finishes stomping on Trent’s body and immediately picks up his ankle and drops it towards the mat a few times.  Hollywood locks a double leg Boston Crab.  He holds it in for a few seconds before Trent gets his second wind.  Trent takes his legs and lunges Hollywood straight into the turnbuckle.  Hollywood falls on his head back and lays against the turnbuckle for a moment.  Trent immediately rushes towards Hollywood and clotheslines him before he pumps up for a moment.  Trent takes Hollywood and repeats this feat a few more times before Hollywood lays there.  Trent taunts at Hollywood and the crowd roars for a moment.  Zion immediately then slides from outside the ring and pulls out his newly created weapon:  The Branch of Change, the barbed wire lead pipe.  He tosses it over the top rope to Trent and he catches it much to the delight of the crowd.  Trent charges towards Hollywood and thrusts him in the gut with it.    Hollywood’s face immediately gets red as Trent swings again.  Hollywood grabs the weapon, holds it tight, then takes Trent down with a stiff DDT towards the mat.  He immediately rushes towards Zion who just simply smirks as Hollywood screams at him

Brian Hollywood:  Damnit!  Call this match fucking fairly!

Darin Zion:  I’m in the uniform, you shut the fuck up and I’ll do what I want out here.

Hollywood takes Zion’s weapon and kicks it across the ring.  Hollywood then charges towards Trent and lands a stiff drop kick across Trent’s face.  Trent flops hard and Hollywood sees the opportunity.  Hollywood climbs the top rope and smirks for a moment.  He signals like he’s going to do the Catalyst Splash, simply taunting Darin Zion, but immediately then hits his elbow and leaps for the elbow drop, much towards the disdain of the crowd.  As soon as their boos go off, they turn towards cheers as Trent rolls out of the way and Hollywood catches his elbow.  Without hesitation, Trent grabs Hollywood and lands a stiff brainbuster directly on the mat.  Zion immediately goes down to the ground and starts to rush the count.





Joe Hoffman:  A bit of emotion from our special guest referee as he rushed that two count.  You can clearly sense his hatred out of that one.

Benny Newell: Hollywood came ready for that two count the moment Zion came through the curtain tonight.  He knew that first count would taunt him to fuck around with him.  Just look at that smile as Trent even’s on Hollywood’s side.  He’s already in the face of Zion.

Joe Hoffman:  I would be too!  I’d want to earn this spot if I were Trent.  But Zion immediately lays off.  He’s walking towards the corner of the ring and just laying there right now.

Trent grabs Hollywood without hesitation and starts to wail on him, but Hollywood bursts the fists away and lays into Trent a few times.  Hollywood then sends Trent into the ropes, but immediately gets met with a stiff Spear.  Zion looks at Trent as he tries to pick Hollywood up to finish the match.

Joe Hoffman:   Toke Driver!  And…

Benny Newell:  No!  He’s out of it and…


























Joe Hoffman:  Zion’s holding his hand in the air and now look at what’s going down.

Hollywood’s laying straight into Zion fists uncovered just going knuckle to face.  Zion rolls out of the way and gets out of the ring and heads straight to the table letting both competitors go at it.  He catches his breathe as Hollywood rolls out of the ring quickly and grabs the steel chair he wanted to use earlier.  He comes back and just starts whacking the ever loving shit out of Trent.  After a bit Hollywood immediately lays one stiff shot straight to Trent’s face before grabbing the chair and rushing towards the ropes.  He leaps off them with the chair on his stomach and immediately lays a lionsault straight onto Trent’s body.  Hollywood then puts the chair around Trent’s neck.  He climbs up towards the turnbuckle and lands an elbow drop across the neck on his larynx.  Hollywood hooks the leg as the crowd counts.















Did he do it?

NO!  Zion’s still on the outside and walks over towards to commentary booth.  Both Joe and Benny look at Zion, who refuses to count this pinfall for Hollywood.

Benny Newell:  What the fuck man!  He’s got Trent covered!  Are you that shitty of a referee.

Joe Hoffman:  Yeah, we do want to move on with this match.

Darin Zion:  I will when Hollywood starts showing me some God damned respect.  You saw how he touched me.

Benny Newell:  Quit bitchin’ and grow some balls.  Do your damn job. Shit you couldn’t clean up my shit without griping.

Darin Zion:  Why don’t you move past this shit with a former PWX star who keeps cementing himself.

Joe Hoffman:  As Zion and Benny argue, look at the anger at Hollywood.  He’s picked up Trent and taking him to the top rope right now.  He’s adding good measure.  Just look at his eyes right now.  Filled with passion and determination.  He’s about to take Trent straight to…

Benny Newell:  SUPERPLEX CITY!  Damn!  Right on top of that chair as the match continues to go to chaos.  Hollywood’s taking advantage of this opportunity right there and…

Darin Zion:  He’s starting to come over here.  How cute.  He doesn’t quite get how I’m breaking this script.

Hollywood hobbles over towards Zion in complete pain.  Hollywood’s put his body on the line to put Trent into a spot where Zion can’t screw him over, but to no avail, Zion continues to refuse to make the count.  Hollywood comes over towards the announcers booth and argues with Zion for a significant amount of time.  Zion just smirks and refuses after Hollywood laid into him.  As both men argue, Trent slowly stumbles to his feet.  Trent then rushes towards the outside and without one single bit of hesitation, Trent immediately unleashes a back body drop on Hollywood out of surprise.  Trent takes Hollywood back into the ring and throws him into the ring.  Trent takes Hollywood over his shoulders and hits a half nelson suplex.    Trent then picks Hollywood up and the look on his face tells that he’s had enough of this shit.  He picks Hollywood up and quickly hits the Toke Driver on him much the pleasure of the crowd.  Zion rushes over, but this time, he counts normally.








































Hollywood kicks out at the last second much to the disgust of the fans.  Trent takes Hollywood towards the ropes and tries to hit a superplex on him, but both men start fighting against each other valiantly.    Trent finally looks to have the upper hand, but Hollywood immediately grabs him and hits a flipping powerbomb out of the corner with a last ditch effort of momentum.  Hollywood crawls towards the other side of the ring and immediately sets up for the Executive Promise.  His eyes completely look hungry and determined for blood.  Rage continues to fill him up.

Benny Newell:  This is it!  Hollywood’s going to kill Trent.  He wants the World Title.

Joe Hoffman:  You’ve been wrong about that else tonight.  Trent’s torn Hollywood up.  Hollywood’s struggling to even hit his foot against that mat.  He’d better hurry.  Trent’s starting to get up.


Joe Hoffman:  He swings and….















Benny Newell:  Zion took that square in the jaw!  HOLY SHIT!  HE’S OUT COLD!

Joe Hoffman: Zion’s that determined to make damn sure Hollywood doesn’t walk out of this match.  He saved Trent.  And Trent’s now taking advantage.

Trent immediately rushes off the ropes and hits a hard, impact clothesline on Hollywood.  Trent wastes no time and picks Hollywood up and starts to Triple Powerbomb him stiffly towards the mat.  Trent’s completely pissed off.  He tosses Hollywood straight in the corner, just lining him up.  Trent then pounds the mat and goes completely primal.  He sees Hollywood just laying there lifeless.  He sets up for the spear in the corner.

Joe Hoffman:  Trent’s going to end this right now!

Benny Newell:  Pour Hollywood!  He’s about to be folded in half and sent in for another Toke Driver.  He’s off in la la land.  I should give him a drink.  He deserves my bottle of Jack after this.

Joe Hoffman:  Trent spears and….










Benny Newell:  Executive Promise out of nowhere!!!!  And WAIT!  BOETTCHER!  HE’S BACK TO SAVE THE DAY!!!!!!!










































Ding ding ding ding!



Joe Hoffman:  Damn after a hard fought match, Brian Hollywood moves on and locks the top spot up further.  I bet Lee’s pissed in the back that these antics didn’t work out for him.

Benny Newell:  Brian proved nothing will hold him back.  Rather it’s one simple distraction, or the pest known as Drain Zion.  He’s proving he wants that World Title more than anything in the World.


Matt goes to raise Brian’s hand, but Brian pulls it away and celebrates to the disdain of the crowd as “Perfect Insanity” blares on the PA system.  Brian turns to gloat to Darin Zion, but through the last 5 minutes of the match, Zion slithered away towards the back.  Hollywood then shirks it off and flips off the camera sending a message to both the Best Alliance and his former best friend showing nothing will stand in his way as we cut to commercial.


The newly crowned ICON Champion Austin Reeves defends against Ray McAvay in tonights Main Event

Back live and we cut to the backstage area where we see Darin Zion holding his jaw.  He’s clearly in a lot of pain after taking two unwanted Executive Promises straight towards the face.  As he hobbles towards the locker room area, Brian Bare immediately rushes up towards him and holds on to him as Zion’s bending over catching his breath, drenched in sweat.  Brian Bare eagerly wants to interview Zion, but Zion wants nothing to do with him.

Brian Bare:  Zion once again your plans were foiled and…

Zion immediately pushes Bare aside and starts to scream at him.  Zion grabs the microphone and puts it straight up, just yelling and looking possessed.  He laughs a bit.

Darin Zion:   I don’t have time for you interviewing me and asking a lot of questions.  I’m tired and sore and I just want to make this short and sweet this week.  So don’t mind me, I’ve got a lot on my mind and clearly HOW doesn’t want me mic’d up very long so…

Zion clears his throat and glares straight head with a serious and dead pan tone.  He’s holding no punches back.  He just wants to go in for the kill.

Darin Zion:  Look, Brian, you foiled my mind games tonight, but that’s you accomplished.  You failed to take me out at ICONIC.  You failed to end my career tonight.  And I hate to say it, but you’re failing at ruining the Best Alliance.  You only hit Lee where his fucking seamen came out.  But I hate to tell you this, I’ve beaten Mikey Best and he didn’t come after me.  Hell, I made his ass run to UTA and he fucking still came back only to get hurt.  Lee clearly doesn’t care about you or me.  We should have known about this shit after our little “feud” with Daddy Pariah.  He never wants to give us the spotlight.  He never liked two former Tinker Toys guys running this damn place on our backs.  Why else would Lee fucking send me out there to ref.  He wanted us to dispose of each other so he could keep focusing on the talent that’s stayed loyal to him over the years.  He doesn’t care about World Class Wrestlers like you and me.

Zion looks down towards the floor and just shakes his head, completely frustrated and completely focused on his point.  He doesn’t care what happens next, he’s pissed and determined to just let it all out.  His body quakes out of pure frustration as he wants to get Brian’s attention, but not like he did with Jace.  He sits for a moment, still trying to come up with the right words, but the gears continue to move slowly, like he’s new at this.

Darin Zion:  He posted us against each other when we had the same damn goal the entire fucking time.  And you bit like a little bitch and fell for it.  He gave you a fucking easy bracket while me and the others have battled tooth and nail and came close with each passing round.  And you want to say you have the balls to take on the Best Alliance.  Well you’re doing a shitty job.  I’ll give you a slow clap for ending that delusional fucker Mike Best.  But clearly, Lee only cares about how much he can profit off everyone.  So you know what I did.  I fucking did it.  I shoved Boettcher into a fucking closet, I stole the uniform, I stole my damn spotlight back and gave it to you.  You have the choice Brian.  Bite and turn into a strung up useless fucking puppet like McKenna, Brooks, and others have in the past and fucking fall into the plan…or tear down this fucking house.  Because like it or not Brian, I’ve saved your ass once before back in and God forbid I say these letters on fucking HOW TV, PWX.  I reached down deep into your worthless, pathetic, greedy, jealous, heartless soul and focused your ass into a killing machine for justice.  I beat your ass to get your attention.  I stole everything that mattered to you because I love you like a brother.  And rather or not you care about me any more…I still care about your ass.  Brian, rather you like it or not, I will get my revenge for all the cold and heartless things you’ve said.  I will save you.  But not for my benefit.  These fans deserve the heroes they DESPERATELY crave.

Zion pauses and takes one final deep breathe.

Darin Zion:  And we’re that, Brian.  You and I could destroy these Best Alliance fucks together, rewrite the damn script…and flush their worthless asses down the toilet forever.  We can rip the damn strings off us and set the world ablaze:  Hollywood and Zion vs. The Best Alliance at War Games.  We can take down everyone that stands in our fucking way towards the top in this Rob Michaels Invitational…beat our differences out of each other, get the World Title and fucking walk out in a blaze of glory murdering mother fuckers left and right.  So what if I’ve lied the last few weeks to sell a story and buried you.  That’s what brothers do.  If you’re ready to handle our issues, I’ll be taken down that worthless fucker named Hugo Scorpio next week to seal my spot as a Wild Card.  He couldn’t even show his ass up for a match with McKenna for the LSD title, what makes him think he’ll beat one of the hottest names in HOW history in the last 3 years. Hugo failed to even fight last week too.  So Brian, if you’re ready to take HOW to the next level and give it that final shot in the arm like we do…I’ll see what the next round holds and if we square off against each other…mark my words; we’ll take Scottywood down and take what matters most to Lee.  His damn belt and his damn money.  Because like it or not, one of us is destined to take that belt.  The crowd knows it after how much we’ve put in the last few weeks.  It’s rather your ready to accept your duty if you truly think the Best Alliance is worthless.    You could have the world…the lead spot…everything…but you know better than I you can’t do alone.  It’s time to man up and leave your PMS behind and it’s time to lead HOW into the next and final chapter and give these fans the Blaze of Fucking Glory they deserve.

Zion immediately tosses the microphone down and storms off as the scene fades away.

As we cut away from the backstage area and back live inside the arena, a small section of the crowd appears to be excitable. As the camera cuts to that section of the ring, Ryan McKenna is seen walking down to the ring from the McAvay section. And while the crowd look like they’re looking forward to hearing what he has to say, Ryan himself looks like his feathers are a little ruffled. He hops over the barricade, gets a microphone from ringside, and rolls into the ring.

Ryan McKenna: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, may I have your attention please!

The crowd is vocal in its response, half cheering and half booing. Ryan waits for it to dies down, pretty much staring daggers at the booing sections, before returning to the hard camera.

Ryan McKenna: I might not be Assistant GM of this corner of the world any more, but I am still a member of the Best Alliance. And as the only guy in the Best Alliance that seems to be getting any shit done around here besides the big guy himself, I have the power… no, the responsibility to step in when justice needs to be done around here. Even if that means taking action against one of my peers.

The crowd are much more on Ryan’s side at this point. Half of them because they support either Ryan or the Best Alliance, and half because they just realised someone in the Best Alliance is about to be screwed.

Ryan McKenna: You see, I look at my group, and everyone putting their goddamn soul into getting this belt from my waist, and punching their ticket to March to Glory. And then I look over at the Kaley Matheson group. Mike Best, Chris Kostoff, your performances have been nothing short of disgusting recently. And you know what? In any other business, there’d be a performance review, and lots of red tape, and maybe six months down the line, you’d be politely asked to leave. But this is HOW, and in my HOW, we do performance reviews a little differently.

Even more of the crowd are cheering in anticipation at this point.

Ryan McKenna: By some marvellous coincidence, you two boys are against one another next week. So I’m gonna conduct both of your performance reviews at the same time. Since neither of you are getting to the knockout stages anyway, you’re fighting under a ruleset that hasn’t been used here for a long damn time. No count outs. No disqualifications. No pinfalls. No submissions. You two are going to fight until one of you is fucking DEAD in this ring! Because you two are fighting… in an HOFC MATCH!

The crowd goes ballistic, as Ryan paces back and forth in the ring waiting for them to calm down. Instead of calming down, they instead start chanting.

Crowd: H-O-F-C! *clap clap clapclapclap* H-O-F-C! *clap clap clapclapclap*

Ryan McKenna: Alright motherfuckers, settle down, I’m not done yet. I’ve got one more thing to say before I leave you to your main event…

The crowd relents, at least enough that Ryan can be easily heard again.

Ryan McKenna: You see, the initial plan me and the big guy had was that Tyler Boyd would challenge for my title to give our group a grand finale. But as I sat in the stands next to Texas’ finest and waited… and waited… and waited for him to fight Hugo Scorpio… he never showed up, did he? So now, since I don’t know when the last match in my group is going to be, I’m gonna have to make another one special… aren’t I, Zion?

At the drop of a hat the crowd immediately turns on McKenna as they anticipate a screwjob. They are correct to anticipate this.

Ryan McKenna: Since you took it upon yourself to decide whether Hollywood wins his group or not, I’m giving him the chance to return the favour. Next week, in the match that may decide whether I or you win the Embosser group, you face Hugo Scorpio… with Special Referee Brian Hollywood!

The crowd starts booing McKenna’s announcement, and McKenna mouths off at them in response, albeit not into the mic. When the crowd dies down enough, McKenna takes the mic one last time.

Ryan McKenna: Children, settle down. I’ll let you get your main event now. But trust me when I say this. The Best… is yet… to come…

With that ominous declaration, McKenna climbs out of the ring and back into the crowd, and the show cuts to our final commercial break.

McKenna RP Banner 2

Joe Hoffman: And welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the Main Event of the evening where we have Ray McAvay taking on Austin Reeves for the ICON championship.

Benny seems uninterested in the match and takes a big swing from his Jack Daniels bottle.

Joe Hoffman: Benny will you get it together we have a freaking match to call.

As Benny continues to drown himself drunk, the Best Arena begins to get serenaded by the anthem of the Les Miserables.

“Do you hear the people sing? – Singing the song of angry men?”

The camera pans up to the Les Miserables section of the arena. Ray McAvay looks focused and ready to head to the ring. McAvay’s manager ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido also stood up from his seat. General DeBauchery, Al Cahall, and Nic Koteen stay behind but Dawn McGill also rises up from her chair.

It is the music of the people. – Who will not be slaves again!”

McAvay rises up from his seat and edges towards the aisle. Escondido follows.

Joe Hoffman: Tonight, Ray McAvay has one of his biggest matches yet as a member of High Octane Wrestling.

“When the beating of your heart – Echoes the beating of the drums – There is a life about to start – When tomorrow comes.”

Before McAvay and Escondido start to descend down the steps towards the rail separating the stands from the floor of the Best Arena, McAvay gestures back to the Les Miserables and tells them to join him.

Joe Hoffman: Tonight, Austin Reeves for the ICON Title. Is this the night Ray McAvay not only wins another match in the RMI, but also pick up his second HOW title?

“Will you join in our crusade? – Who will be strong and stand with me? – Somewhere beyond the barricade – Is the world you long to see.”

Again, urged on by McAvay, about forty people rise up from their seats and line up behind him and Escondido as the pair start their way down towards the ring.

“Then join in the fight – That will give you the right to be free!”

Joe Hoffman: And he’s headed down to the ring followed by his Les Miserables…okay…Benny, what’s the problem?

The camera pans up as Dark and Stormy wave down to McAvay and the procession headed down to the ring. The front of Stormy’s shirt is stained with barbeque sauce.

Joe Hoffman: Oh.

Benny Newell: Fuck, I thought we had something special.

“Do you hear the people sing? – Singing the song of angry men. – It is the music of the people. – Who will not be slaves again!”

Joe Hoffman: Benny, they’re strippers…

Again the camera cuts back up. Dark holds a sign up in the air that reads “Adult Entertainers” and nods sternly down at Joe and Benny.

Joe Hoffman: …er…adult entertainers.

“When the beating of your heart – Echoes the beating of the drums – There is a life about to start – When tomorrow comes.”

McAvay reaches the bottom of the steps. He climbs through the rails and drops down to the floor. Escondido helps McGill through the railing and then does the same thing. Then one by one, the other forty Les Miserables follow until they fill up the ringside area.

“Do you hear the people sing? – Singing the song…

The singing in the arena is broken by the ominous tone of a bell being struck.


And again.

The bell rings three times before the heavy guitar of “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica electrifies the arena, thunder claps can be heard as the arena lights flicker on and off with ever clap and slowly Austin Reeves saunters out to a cacophony of boos from the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: And there is the ICON champion.

Reeves stops at the top of the runway and looks around at the crowd booing him. The arena rains of flash photography as Austin rubs his hands together while he smirks.

Joe Hoffman: Last week, Reeves captured his very first ICON championship when he defeated Cecilworth Farthington who was slightly under the weather that caused Dirk Dickwood to call off the match to protect further damage to his client being done by Reeves.

Reeves starts to slowly walk down the ramp, ignoring the boos and the abuse thrown at him by the fans at ringside. He slowly walks up the steel steps and climbs through the top and second rope before walking around the ring looking out at the crowd who continue to boo him before handing the ICON championship to Nigel Lette so Bryan McVay can begin the introductions.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Main Event of the evening set for one fall with a thirty minute time limit. Standing to my left.

McVay points to his left.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, weighing in at 190lbs, he hails from Salome, TX, he is the number one contender and challenger this evening…..“Tin Cup“ RAY! MCAVAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd cheers as McAvay raises his hand to the delight of the crowd.

McVay turns to his right.


Bryan McVay: The man in charge is official, Nigel Lette.

Nigel holds the ICON championship up for the world to see before folding it up and handing it to McVay.

Once the announcer is out of the ring, Nigel checks both individuals and calls for the bell.

Ding. Ding.

Joe Hoffman: And here we go.

McAvay and Reeves come out of their respective corners to the center of the ring and get chest to chest with one another.

Joe Hoffman: These two men have the storied rivalry. It nearly a year ago when Jill Berg put a one hundred thousand dollar bounty on the head of Ray McAvay, and Austin Reeves was the one who answered the call.

Benny Newell: A hundred grand will do that for anyone.

Joe Hoffman: Lookie who decides to show up this evening.

Benny Newell: Fuck off.

Joe Hoffman: As I was getting to before Benny rudely interrupted me was that despite Jill Berg’s best efforts in the name of Sports Entertainment Reeves came up short every time he faced McAvay. However, will tonight be the different? Will Reeves get the monkey off of his back and finally defeat Ray McAvay?

Benny Newell: Shut the fuck up!

Reeves and McAvay continue to exchange verbal pleasantries in the middle of the ring when the ICON champion shoves Tin Cup in the chest. McAvay stumbles back into his corner and uses the ropes to keep himself upright.

Joe Hoffman: Jill Berg said in a recent interview that she wouldn’t bet against Tin Cup, but iit’s hard not to seeing just an ounce of power from Reeves.

Benny Newell: Jill Berg is a fucking idiot for not putting her money on Reeves. The man is a fucking stud and he defeated the longest reigning ICON champion in the history of HOW last week.

McAvay cautiously makes his way out of the corner and back to the center of the ring where Reeves still stands and the Texan goes to lock up.

Joe Hoffman: McAvay needs to ground the bigger Reeves to be effective.

Tin Cup tries to take the champion to the mat, but the man from Sin City tosses McAvay to the canvas like he was nothing.

Benny Newell: Look how easily Reeves tosses around McAvay. The dude hasn’t even broke a sweat.

McAvay gets back up to his feet and once again locks up with the ICON champion, but Reeves isn’t playing around as he knees the Texan in the stomach to double him over before dropping him back to the canvas with a clubbing blow to the back of the neck.

Benny Newell: Ref better make sure McAvay’s neck isn’t broken from that shot.

Reeves quickly follows up with a stiff knee to the back of Ray’s head. The ICON champion picks his prey up by his hair and grabs him around his neck by both arms before tossing him over his head.

Joe Hoffman: Overhead belly to belly suplex into the corner and McAvay may be hurt.

Benny Newell: Oh well.

McAvay quickly grabs at his leg and it smacks against the bottom rope. Nigel Lette quickly goes to check on Ray, but before the referee can get an answer from McAvay, Reeves pushes him out of the way and begins putting the boots to the Texan. Nigel Lette yells for Reeves to get out of the corner before he begins his count.











Reeves quits stomping on McAvay and backs up to break the count.

Joe Hoffman: Reeves better be careful or he’ll get disqualified.

Benny Newell: Maybe he does because he knows Ray has to beat him by pinfall or tapping him to win that title.

Reeves picks up McAvay and throws him across the ring to the opposite corner.

Joe Hoffman: Reeves tossing around McAvay like a rag doll.

Reeves turns around and crouches into position as he waits for McAvay to get to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Callaghan Spear looks to be coming up.

Once McAvay is up to his feet, Reeves runs full force towards his opponent.

Benny Newell: CALLAGHAN SP……WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?

McAvay is able to avoid the finishing move of Austin Reeves and the big man collides with the steel ring post shoulder first.

Joe Hoffman: McAvay narrowly escapes the Callaghan Spear, and he can turn the match into his favor from Reeves’ mistake if he capitalizes now.

McAvay takes advantage of Reeves overzealous nature as he runs at the ICON champion and dropkicks him from behind do inflict more damage to the champion’s shoulder. McAvay continues his assault by grabbing Reeves by the neck…Neckbreaker! Ray again grabs him by the back of the neck…Running Bulldog!

Joe Hoffman: Reeves just hand his membrane Shaken and Stirred worse than James Bond martini.

Benny Newell: I’m going to fucking punch you in the throat Hoffman if you say something stupid again.

McAvay quickly goes for a cover.
















































Reeves gets the shoulder up.

Tin Cup holds up three fingers towards the referee but Nigel Lette says it was only a count of two.

Joe Hoffman: McAvay looks flustered that combination of moves didn‘t finish off Reeves.

Benny Newell: You think that pathetic combo of moves could finish off Austin Reeves?

McAvay reaches down and places Reeves between his legs.

Joe Hoffman: McGill-Bomb time.

McAvay goes to lift Reeves, but his left leg buckles.

Benny Newell: Look at that. One simple throw and McAvay is hurt because that’s what Reeves does. He fucking hurts people.

McAvay tries again, but his leg gives way once again, and the rested Reeves backdrops the Texan behind him.

Benny Newell: Drink to a Reeves impending victory!

Reeves drives a stiff forearm to the face of McAvay. Reeves picks up his opponent and whips him towards the ropes. Reeves waits patiently as Tin Cup comes back towards him so he can take his head off with a lariat, but McAvay sees it coming and ducks underneath the attempt.

Benny Newell: DON’T TURN AROUND!

Reeves doesn’t hear the warning and turns around and the Texan musters every ounce of strength remaining in his body to toss Reeves into the air and power bomb him into the mat.

Joe Hoffman: POP-UP MCGILL-BOMB!!!!!!!!!! THAT COULD BE IT!!!!!

McAvay yells for Nigel to count and the ref slides into position.
























Nigel Lette signals for the bell.

Bryan McVay: And your winner by pinfall, AND….NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING ICON CHAMPION…..“Tin Cup“ RAY! MCAVAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Benny Newell: Got to give credit where credit is due. Congrats Ray.

As Benny takes a drink to celebrate McAvay’s win the rest of the Les Miserables rush the ring and celebrate with their leader as the image fades to black and Chaos comes to a close.