[HOW] Friday Night Chaos 2/1/16


Friday Night Chaos opens up as the HOTv logo gives way to a live shot inside The Best Arena fans are on their feet as they are excited for yet another anticipated action packed thriller show. The camera pans around the arena to catch a few signs from the fans.






The camera pans over to the commentators booth as Joe Hoffman smiles while Benny Newell flips off the camera.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Friday Night Chaos! We’re glad you could join us here tonight and what a night we have in store ladies and gentlemen! I’m Joe Hoffman and I’m joined by my always elusive commentating partner, Benny Newell!

Benny Newell: Fuck you Hoffman! At least you didn’t have to worry about being buried under three feet of fucking snow with nowhere to go!

Joe Hoffman: What were you doing in the Northeast Benny?

Benny Newell: Some fucker said it was always sunny in Philadelphia. I’m going to uppercut some faggot in the nuts and then sue him for false advertising!

Joe Hoffman: Anyways, we’ve got a good night of action as the Rob Michaels Invitational continues! Our first match, Chris Kostoff vs Brian Hollywood, we’ll get to that in a moment. We’ve also got a couple title matches tonight!

Benny Newell: I love my buddy Cecil, but that fucker is going to get murdered by Reeves.

Joe Hoffman: That ICON Championship match looks loads of fun but what about our main event of the evening? Ryan McKenna will be defending his LSD Championship against Hall of Fame nominee, David Black!

Benny Newell: I honestly don’t know why that motherfucker is still trying to get into the Hall of Fame. If it hasn’t happened in the last four years, what’s to say anyone is going to induct him?

Joe Hoffman: We’ve also got Iago taking on tin cup Ray McAvay and Reggie Rivid taking on the former HOW World Champion, Scott Stevens.

Benny Newell: The Lonesome Loser always loses in the end! I told you that faggot was a paper champion especially when you lose to Scottywood, a man who has been trying to become World Champion since the very beginning. That just confirmed everything for me when Stevens lost it. He can’t even defend the god damn thing when he’s putting it on the line! Lago is going to get a club to the nuts tonight. Watch it happen.

Joe Hoffman: Well, without further adieu, let’s get things started with the next match up in the Kaley Matheson group, Chris Kostoff against Brian Hollywood!

Benny Newell: CHRIS MOTHERFUCKING KOSTOFF! While that never gets old, one thing that is old is seeing Kostoff trying to look like he gives a fuck. That’s almost worse than me….ALMOST!

Bryan McVay: The following match is from the Kaley Matheson group in the Rob Michaels Invitational!

Kostoff’s music hits as he heads down to the ramp and into the ring as he warms up in the corner of the ring.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, he is CHRIS KOOOOOOOOOOOSTOOOOOOOOOOFF!

Joe Hoffman: There’s been a lot of buzz in the Kaley Matheson group as of late.

Benny Newell: You would think it looked different. I mean look at Kostoff, he doesn’t even look all that hyped up tonight.

“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed hits the Best Arena airwaves as Brian Hollywood makes his way from the back. He looks about the arena before his attention locks on Kostoff. Hollywood stands still for a moment as he just stares a cold look into Kostoff.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, he weighs in at 220 pounds, BRIAN HOOOOOOOOLLYWOOOOOOOOOOD!

Hollywood continues to stare for a few moments before he rushes down the ramp and into the ring. Hollywood doesn’t stop there, though, as he goes right at Kostoff which catches Kostoff off guard. Hollywood dives and clobbers Kostoff with a missile dropkick. Hollywood mounts Kostoff and just starts to unload on him with several right punches into the face of Kostoff. Boettcher has to come over to restore order as Hollywood finally dismounts and waits in the corner.

Joe Hoffman: This match hasn’t even started and Hollywood is already on the attack. Hollywood has been on this mission since week one when he faced Mike Best and we still haven’t seen that footage of that match. That could be one of the underlining reasons why Hollywood has appeared aggressive as of late.

Benny Newell: At least the fucker HAS a goal! He doesn’t have to worry about anyone distracting him anymore, I’ll give him that.

Boettcher has finally restored calm in the ring as he calls for the bell.


Hollywood hears the first bell and doesn’t even wait for the second as he just rushes Kostoff and stuffs him with a running clothesline. Hollywood grabs Kostoff and throws him into the ropes before striking Kostoff with a European uppercut. Hollywood throws Kostoff towards the side ropes now as Kostoff comes back at him and Hollywood takes him down with a sidewalk slam. Hollywood bounces off the ropes and delivers an elbow into Kostoff. Hollywood once again mounts Kostoff and just starts striking away at him with several right blows to the face as Kostoff has trouble defending himself. Boettcher once again has to interject in the match as he reaches to a count of four on Hollywood before Hollywood finally backs off him and takes a few steps back.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood looks relentless tonight Benny!

Benny Newell: That looks like a man who has finally snapped after going a long period without sex. The attitude and the behavior, there’s just too much evidence there.

Hollywood once again immediately goes back on the offensive after being stopped by Boettcher. Kostoff gets to his feet as Hollywood runs at him and takes him back down with a running knee. Hollywood drives a knee into the chest of Kostoff before grabbing him by the neck and slamming him face first into the mat with a running bulldog. Hollywood once again drives a knee into Kostoff’s face before grabbing him and tossing him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Kostoff comes stumbling back towards Hollywood before Hollywood executes a back stabber on Kostoff. Hollywood grabs Kostoff and launches him over the top rope and to the outside. Hollywood yells something out loud as the crowd react in a negative way.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood is just having his way with Kostoff here tonight! He looks like a man possessed and quite frankly, I can’t blame him with how Lee has been treating him.

Benny Newell: That’s your GOD you’re talking about! Do you want to end up on his death list and out of a job, Hoffhole?

Joe Hoffman: All I’m saying is you can’t BLAME Hollywood with feeling the way he has. He has put a lot into HOW and for him to be getting treated the way he is, I would probably snap too.

Benny Newell: You are floating at a subordinate line fucker! What’s stopping me from stabbing you in the larynx right now?!

Hollywood rolls out of the ring in pursuit of Kostoff as Kostoff has found his way back on his feet. Hollywood grabs him and Irish whips him into the steel steps. Kostoff, being the monster that he is, has caused the steel steps to divide and split opposite ways. Hollywood grabs Kostoff by the head and dishes it right on the steel steps before Hollywood tosses Kostoff hard into the barricade. Boettcher doesn’t have to start the count as Hollywood tosses Kostoff back in the ring. Hollywood rolls back into the ring and slowly walks towards Kostoff. He stands over him for a few moments before picking him up and delivering the paper cut driving Kostoff head first into the canvas. Hollywood gestures towards the ramp and waves his pointer finger back and forth a few times before giving the bird as if he was trying to direct it towards someone backstage. Hollywood stands in the corner and begins to pound his foot into the mat as Kostoff starts to slowly get back to his feet. As Kostoff gets back to his feet, he turns around and walks right into an Executive Promise from Hollywood. Kostoff falls backwards stunned and out cold as Hollywood drops down and covers Kostoff as he hooks Kostoff’s leg.






Joe Hoffman: Hollywood does it again in another display of dominance here tonight.

Benny Newell: His luck is going to run out sooner or later. That fucker is awakening a sleeping fucking giant that he doesn’t want to wake up.

Joe Hoffman: You can’t deny that Hollywood has been next to impossible to stop in the Rob Michaels Invitational. If this same momentum continues, Hollywood could easily become an instant threat to the rest of the Invitational field. Hollywood is out on a mission and it looks like his message keeps not only going for him, but it also seems that his statements have fallen on deaf ears from the higher echelon and for Lee and his Best Alliance.

Benny Newell: Fucking prick!

Hollywood takes to the turnbuckle as he points out throughout the crowd and then points to himself before hopping off the apron and rolling out of the ring and proceeds up the ramp as the camera cuts back to the announcers

Joe Hoffman: As the Rob Michaels Invitational hits the home stretch, the next match is a critical match for both Iago and Ray McAvay. If Iago defeats McAvay in just a few minutes, he will win the Holyoke Mall Group outright. If McAvay wins, the group will be wide open between Iago, McAvay, Austin Reeves, and ICON Champion Cecilworth Farthington. Benny what do you think?

Benny Newell: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Joe Hoffman: Benny.

Benny Newell: …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Joe Hoffman: Benny!

Benny Newell: …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Joe Hoffman: BENNY!

Benny Newell: …zzzzzzzzzzzzz

“Do you hear the people sing? –

Benny Newell: NOOOOOOOOOO!

The camera pans up to the Les Miserables section of the arena. Ray McAvay looks focused and ready sitting in his chair and getting ready to head to the ring. Next to him, McAvay’s manager ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido. On the other side is a veritable cast of characters.

One guy is a weird mash up of the AWA’s Colonel DeBeers and Lt. Aldo from Inglorious Basterds- General DeBauchery, sporting an authentic captain’s hat right out of World War II, smokes a cigar, grins obnoxiously, and collects every beer and liquor label he can get his hands on.

The second guy, Al Cahall, flashes six pack abs…oh…no wait. He’s holding a six pack in front of his abs. Our bad.

And the third guy is puffing away on a cigarette and burning through numerous city health regulations- Nic Koteen.


Singing the song of angry men? – It is the music of the people. – Who will not be slaves again!”

McAvay rises up from his seat and edges towards the aisle. Escondido follows.

Joe Hoffman: This is a big, big match for McAvay. If he wins tonight, he will have to then run the gauntlet of Austin Reeves and Cecilworth Farthington to win the Holyoke Mall Group.

“When the beating of your heart – Echoes the beating of the drums – There is a life about to start – When tomorrow comes.”

McAvay and Escondido start to descend down the steps towards the rail separating the stands from the floor of the Best Arena.

Joe Hoffman: Reeves and Farthington meet later on in the show in another critical match.

Benny Newell: Farthington is also defending the ICON title tonight. He’s the longest running ICON Champion in HOW history!

“Will you join in our crusade? – Who will be strong and stand with me? – Somewhere beyond the barricade – Is the world you long to see.”

Joe Hoffman: Again, that’s not correct-


“Then join in the fight – That will give you the right to be free!”

Again, urged on by McAvay, thirty-seven people rise up and line up behind him and Escondido as the pair start their way down towards the ring.

“Do you hear the people sing? – Singing the song of angry men. – It is the music of the people. – Who will not be slaves again!”

McAvay reaches the bottom of the steps. He climbs through the rails and drops down to the floor. Escondido then does the same thing.

“When the beating of your heart – Echoes the beating of the drums – There is a life about to start – When tomorrow comes.”

Then one by one, the other thirty-seven follow.

“Do you hear the people sing? – Singing the song…

Joe Hoffman: Well, McAvay’s entrance has gone on so long, we’re going to have to take a quick commercial break. Ray McAvay versus Iago right after this.


The 3rd Hall of Fame Nominee is the handler of Evan Ward….and Trent

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen as our next match up in the Rob Michaels Invitation consists of Iago whose recent victory was over the ICON champion, Cecilworth Farthington, and Ray McAvay…..

Benny Newell: Fuck that guy.

Joe Hoffman: Seriously? You’re still not liking him because he doesn’t brought back Dark and Stormy?

Benny Newell: Yep, and until he does….FUCK! THAT! GUY!

The announcer’s banter is cut off by “Cornfield Chase” by Hans Zimmer playing through the PA, as the HOV shuts off and a lone spotlight shines on the stage just in time for a man in a plague doctor mask and trench coat to appear on the stage.

Bryan McVay: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from The City in the Sea, weighing in at 240lbs… IIIIIIIIIIAGOOOOOO!

Iago slowly makes his way down to the ring, walking up the stairs and climbing through the ropes. He stands in the middle of the ring and stares up at the stage, just in time for “Can You Hear the People Sing” by Les Miserables begins to play throughout the arena as the spotlight searches the crowd and finally locates McAvay sitting in row fourteen, drinking a beer, kicking back and relaxing.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, weighing in at 190lbs, he hails from Salome, TX, He is “Tin Cup“ RAY! MCAVAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once the spotlight shines on him, McAvay reluctantly gets up and walks down the steps. He climbs through the barricade separating the stands from the ringside area and hops down. Ray begins to stretch out on the ropes as he awaits the bell.

Joe Hoffman: Iago sits atop his division while McAvay is looking to knock him off his perch and collect a massive three points that will get him one step closer to taking the division.

Joel Hortega checks both men and goes over the rules with both competitors before signaling for the bell.

Ding. Ding.

Joe Hoffman: And here we go.

The Texan and the enigma known as Iago come out of their respective corners and meet center ring. The two individuals slowly stare at one another trying to see who is going to make the first move, and the stalemate is broken by McAvay. McAvay goes from the collar and elbow tie up to a side headlock.

Joe Hoffman: And the first move of the match is a side headlock.

Hortega asks Iago if he wants to give up, but the mystery man wiggles his index finger no, and tries to break his way free with a couple of punches to the gut of Tin Cup.

Benny Newell: Each one of those punches that McAvay feels is the pain I feel not having Dark and Stormy out here.

McAvay quickly stops Iago’s escape attempt with a quick clubbing blow to the top of the head which allows the former LSD champion to take his opponent down to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: McAvay trying to ground the slightly larger Iago.

Benny Newell: You think that headlock is hurting Eggo? The dude dresses like Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I’m sure he has a huge smile underneath that mask.

Hortega asks Iago if he wants to give up but the newcomer wags his finger no once again and he slowly reaches up and grabs McAvay’s hair and begins to pull.












Iago lets go of the Texan’s hair before the count of cinco, and Hortega begins to shout his displeasure at Iago for breaking the rules in his native tongue.

Benny Newell: Eggo doesn’t know what you’re saying Beaner.

Iago reaches up towards McAvay’s face, and is able to break free as he rakes the eyes of Tin Cup. Hortega begins shouting at Iago, but the masked man doesn’t even look at the official as he quickly grabs his blinded opponent and whips him towards the ropes. Iago waits for McAvay to return to him so he can send him to the canvas with a quick release belly to belly suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Iago popped them hips on that suplex.

Iago continues his assault as he puts the boots to Ray to prevent him from getting up.

Benny Newell: This could’ve been avoided Ray, but you refused my demands….sorry not sorry!

Iago stops his attack momentarily as he slowly backs away and waits for McAvay to break his guard before running and delivering a stiff forearm shiver to his face. Iago mounts the Texan and slowly balls his fist for the audience to see which draws jeers from the crowd and he begins to wail away on the former LSD champion.

Benny Newell: Beat his face in Eggo!












Iago quits punching McAvay’s face and throws his hands up to surrender to the cinco count of Hortega, and as the official grills him, Iago tilts his head to the side and stares creepily at Hortega that causes him to slowly back away.

Joe Hoffman: That was…..creepy.

Benny Newell: That’s how Eggo picks up his women. Told me chloroform and duct tape was too much work.

Joe Hoffman: …..what?!?!?!?!?

Iago’s momentary distraction by the official allows McAvay to fling his legs up and hook onto the arms of Iago as he takes him down to the mat.







Iago is able to roll out and he blasts the Texan with a low clothesline as he attempts to get to his feet.

Benny Newell: Awesome. Drink!

Iago takes a moment to regain his bearings and he slowly turns his head towards Hortega who’s saying something to him, and the masked man slowly gets to his feet, and makes his way to Hortega.

Joe Hoffman: Iago better be careful here not to do anything rash.

Benny Newell: Rash? That fucking beaner distracted him. I hope he deports his ass back to Brazil.

Hortega slowly backs up into a corner as Iago stalks him and the two come chest to chest and the imposing figure of Iago looks down at Hortega as he gets into a defense position to prepare for a punch, but when the official opens his eyes Iago is already making his way back towards Tin Cup.

Benny Newell: Stupid beaner.

Iago picks up McAvay and once he has the Texan to his feet he gives him a chop to the chest.


Iago whips McAvay towards the corner but the Texan is able to reverse the maneuver and uses all of his force to send the masked man chest first into corner. Iago stumbles backwards and Tin Cup sends Iago chest first once again into the turnbuckle with a dropkick.

Joe Hoffman: Picture perfect dropkick to the back of Iago.

Iago holds his chest in pain as he stumbles back from the corner to the waiting Ray McAvay.

Joe Hoffman: German suplex!

McAvay with a bridge and Hortega slides into position before being his count.






















































































Iago is able to pop the shoulder up before the count of tres.

Benny Newell: Fuck you Ray!!!!!!!

McAvay reaches down to pick up Iago, but the masked man punches McAvay in the throat and the Texan drops to one knee gasping for air.

Benny Newell: I had a hooker gagging on my salami last night like Ray VeryGay over there.

Iago smelling blood in the water slowly stalks his prey. Iago sends his knee into the midsection of McAvay and doubles over the Texan. Iago goes to whip McAvay, but McAvay stops the attempt as he collapses to his knees.

Benny Newell: McAvay on his knees looks like a natural position.

Iago reaches down to pick up Ray, but McAvay uses surges up and delivers a inverted atomic drop to Iago.

Benny Newell: Disqualify him you beaner! He hit him in the nuts!

Ray seeing an opening grabs Iago by the neck…Neckbreaker! Ray again grabs him by the back of the neck…Running Bulldog!

Joe Hoffman: Tin Cup with the Shaken and Stirred.

McAvay quickly goes for a cover.




















Iago gets the shoulder up.

Tin Cup holds up three fingers towards the referee but Hortega says it was only a count of dos.

Joe Hoffman: McAvay almost had him there.

McAvay bends down to pick up Iago, but the masked man kicks McAvay in the face and drills in with a European uppercut.

Benny Newell: I hope you fucking broke his jaw.

McAvay does all he can to stay balanced as he stumbles backwards towards the corner. Iago shakes the cobwebs out and gets to his feet and makes his way over to Tin Cup who is still stunned from the uppercut. McAvay seeing his opponent swings wildly and Iago easily avoids the right hand and doubles over Tin Cup before hooking him and delivering a slingshot suplex. Iago scrambles into a cover and puts his forearm in the face of McAvay.








McAvay gets the shoulder up.

Iago picks up McAvay and puts him in a reverse chinlock and Hortega asks if McAvay wants to quit but the Texan shouts no. Iago begins to drive the point of his elbow into the neck and shoulder area of McAvay.

Joe Hoffman: Iago looking to soften the head of McAvay for the Ozymandias.

Iago delivers a vicious crossface to McAvay to stun his opponent to allow him to get up and deliver a very stiff kick to the spine that cause Tin Cup to tense up and his screams of agony with the Best Arena.

Benny Newell: Music to my ears.

Iago takes a few steps back and measures Ray and runs towards the Texan and snaps his head forward from a running somersault.

Joe Hoffman: Neck snap by Iago.

Benny Newell: Snap his fucking neck Eggo!

Iago looks down at Tin Cup and then looks over towards the nearest corner and drags Ray towards the corner. Iago places McAvay into position before stepping out onto the apron to climb to the top.

Joe Hoffman: Iago looking to finish McAvay here.

Iago balances himself and slowly rises before jumping.

Joe Hoffman: That Phoenix Splash is a thing of beauty.

Except the landing as McAvay is able to get his knees up and send the air out of Iago’s lungs.

Benny Newell: JESUS H. CHRIST!!!!!!!!

Both men are down. Hortega doesn’t see them moving so he begins his mandatory diez count.










Both men begin to stir.






Both men are to all fours.






McAvay is up.




Iago is up.


Once up, both men begin to trade punches in the center of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Both men looking to knock the other out with those right hands.

Iago is able to avoid one of McAvay’s punches and delivers another European uppercut to stun the Texan.

Benny Newell: Suck on that bitch!

Iago grabs McAvay around his neck and points to the sky.

Joe Hoffman: Iago looking for the Ozymandias.

As Iago runs forward, McAvay quickly grabs Iago by his mask and whips him backwards to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: McAvay uses Iago’s own momentum to whip him back down.

McAvay stumbles over towards Iago and picks him up and places him between his legs.

Benny Newell: Oh shit.

McAvay picks up Iago into the air.

Joe Hoffman: MCGILL-BOMB!!!!!!!!!!

Benny Newell: FUCK!!!!!

Hortega slides into position as McAvay slides his legs forward onto Iago’s shoulders.




















































Hortega signals for the bell and McAvay collapses backwards on the mat.

Bryan McVay: And your winner by pinfall……“Tin Cup“ RAY! MCAVAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hortega lifts McAvay’s arm into the air as he lays there from an exhausting match.

Joe Hoffman: McAvay with a hard fought victory here tonight and he moves closer to the top of his division.

Benny Newell: Fuck Ray McGay.

We cut to the back where is standing alone in front of the camera.

David Black: You know…

He starts, slowly turning his attention to the camera in front of him.

David Black: When I took my first steps in High Octane Wrestling years ago, I never would have imagined that I would be standing here years later, having accomplished more than I had ever dared to dreamed of. World Champion. ICON Champion. LSD Champion. Tag Team Champion. Not to mention a two time winner of Solitary Confinement. And now…officially a Hall of Fame nominee. I mean, how crazy is that? When I came here I was just a guy who used wrestling as an excuse to take out my frustrations and indulge my violent tendencies in a place where I could actually do that without facing criminal charges. And now…well, okay, now I’m pretty much the same except, you know, with a lot of accomplishments to my name. Anyway, the point is that I came here to High Octane Wrestling looking for an escape…and ended up finding a home.

This place, this company…it isn’t just a fucking place of business to me, it’s my whole fucking life. If I hadn’t found my way to this place when I did, I don’t even know where I would be right now. Hell, I might not even be here on this fucking planet anymore. This place is my home and I have made a name for myself here, even if there are those who would try to diminish my accomplishments. When people think of High Octane Wrestling they think of legendary competitors such as Max Kael and Chris Kostoff, Jatt Starr and Christopher America and, yes, Mike Best. But you know what? Even if people won’t admit it, while they are thinking of all of these names, of all of these great competitors…there is also a name that lingers in the back of their minds, a name they are afraid to say out loud because they are afraid of what other people might think of them, and that name….is David Black. I dare anyone and everyone to come up with one single name of a person who has bled more for this company than I have. One single person who has fought more battles inside a High Octane Wrestling ring than me. But you won’t be able to find anyone. Sure, you can probably find people who are more memorable than me. You can probably find people who are more charismatic than I am. And you can sure as hell find people who are more well-liked than I am. But when it comes to fighting in the ring…there is not a single person on this planet who can say with any kind of honesty that they have given more than David Black.

You see, a lot of you people have forgotten that. That’s not surprising because you were always eager to do exactly that. But what is surprising, however, is that for the last while…I have allowed you to forget it. I have allowed the name David Black to slip into the back of everyone’s minds. I have allowed my presence in High Octane Wrestling to be dimished to the point where I’d just show up, wrestle and leave. Which means that, while I let you forget…I also allowed myself to forget who and what I am. I have allowed myself to become exactly what everybody always wanted me to be; a cliffnote, an afterthought…just some guy.

David gives a slight shrug.

David Black: But you know something? All of that ends right here and right now. I’m not gonna stand here and guarantee that I’m going to beat Ryan McKenna tonight. I’m not gonna stand here and boast and beat my chest. And you know why? Because that’s not who I am, and I have never been that guy. What I am gonna do, however, is guarantee you all something else; I’m not gonna be just an afterthought anymore. I’m not gonna be the guy who just shows up, wrestles and leaves. I’m not gonna be “just some guy”. I’m gonna be David Black, and I’m gonna make damn sure that nobody can ever make the mistake of thinking that I’m not committed to this company ever again. There is a reason why I have fought and bled for this company as much as I have. And there is a reason why I’m still doing it to this very day. I may have forgotten that for a little while, but I assure you all that I remember quite clearly now. Crystal clear, in fact. I am David Black. And I’m the guy you DO NOT want to see staring back at you from across the ring.

A little bit later tonight I’ll be standing in that very ring once again, staring at Ryan McKenna across the ring, watching as the referee raises the LSD Championship high above his head to make sure that everybody knows exactly what’s on the line. And when I do look into Ryan McKenna’s eyes tonight…I don’t know what I’m gonna see in his–probably intensity and determination because Ryan’s that kind of competitor–but I do know exactly what he’s going to see in my eyes; cold, careless ruthlessness. I was never the most talented guy in this ring when it came to actual wrestling, but as so many people have learned over the years; you really don’t want to get into a fight with David Black. A wrestling match, maybe, but a fight? A fucking brawl? You get into a brawl with David Black and it’s all over. I’m not coming to that ring tonight to wrestle you, Ryan…I’m coming to fight you. I’m coming to hurt you. And I’m coming for MY LSD Championship!

David takes a step toward the camera, which slowly zooms in on his face.

David Black: And if you want to stop me…you’re gonna have to put me down. Because as long as my body is capable, as long as I can drag myself up off the mat, as long as I throw a punch…I’m coming for your throat, Ryan. And I will stop at nothing to take back what you took from me at ICONIC. THAT is what I’m coming to that ring to do tonight. And if you want to stop me…well, then you better figure out exactly how far you are willing to go to do that, Ryan, because I’ll go as far as it takes. And honestly, even if you somehow do manage to stop me tonight, I’ll still be coming for you. Night after night I will be coming at you because you’ve got something that I want, something that belongs to me. I will not rest until I am the LSD Champion once again, and you, Ryan….you are the poor, unfortunate son of a bitch who is carrying around what is rightfully mine. And tonight…I’ll be coming to take it back!

And with that David walks off as the camera cuts away.

The camera returns to ringside in the Best Arena, focusing on the commentary team as they prepare for the next match on the card.

Joe Hoffman: It’s time for the first title match of the night, folks, as the ICON Championship is on the line. Cecilworth Farthington defends it against the “C word” of HOW, Austin Reeves.

Benny Newell: Oh come on, you’re still not gonna call him by his actual nickname? That’s it, I have a new goal: get you to say cunt on national television.

Joe Hoffman: …insightful commentary there. Well, this is Farthington’s first defence since dethroning Shane Reynolds in the first week of the RMI. However, he also lost a non-title match against Iago last week. You’ve got to wonder if Farthington can overcome the momentum against an Austin Reeves still seeking his first win in the tournament.

Benny Newell: Which Austin Reeves is that, Hoffhole? Any nicknames he goes by?

Joe Hoffman: I’ll let Bryan McVay answer that one Benny, it looks like he’s ready for the introductions.

A bell ringing three times is heard as “Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica blasts through the PA. With thunder claps in the background, Austin Reeves walks out to a cacophony of boos from the crowd. He stops at the top of the runway and looks around at the crowd booing him, smirking and rubbing his hands.

Bryan McVay: The following contest scheduled for one fall is for the ICON Championship! Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 310lbs… He is the C.U.N.T. of H.O.W… AUSTIIIIIIN REEEEEEVES!

Benny Newell: God dammit Bryan! How hard is it to say the word cunt?!

He starts to slowly walk down the run way, ignoring the booing and the abuse thrown at him by the fans at ringside. He slowly walks up the steel steps and climbs through the top and second rope before walking around the ring looking out at the crowd who continue to boo him. The PA changes from blasting Metallica to playing “When the Going Gets Tough” by Billy Ocean, a contrast not lost on one fan caught snickering in the front row, as Dirk Dickwood appears on the stage. He is soon followed by a beaming Cecilworth Farthington, holding the ICON Championship on his shoulder.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Buckinghamshire, England, weighing in at 16.8 stone, he is the REIGNING and DEFENDING HOW ICON Champion… CECILWOOOOOOOOORTH FAAAAARTHIIIINGTOOOON!

Dickwood holds the ropes open for Cecilworth and the two enter the ring, but when Nigel Lette approaches Cecilworth to do the regular pre-match process, Cecilworth waves him off, ducking back through the ropes again and talking to Dickwood at ringside.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like something’s up with Farthington, Benny. Any ideas?

Benny Newell: Probably complaining about Bryan’s shoddy mic work.

Farthington goes back into the ring, and hands Lette the belt, who shows it to Reeves and the hard camera. However, as he’s giving it to the timekeeper, Farthington ducks between the ropes again. Lette approaches him to ask if he’s okay, but in front of a suddenly nervous Dickwood, Farthington waves him off again. Content with the decision, Lette calls for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: Look out ref!

Lette gets out of the way of a charging Reeves just in the nick of time, who nails Farthington with a Callaghan Spear barely five seconds into the match. However, before he can make the pin, Farthington rolls himself to the outside, clutching his stomach and barely able to stand. He just about makes it to Dickwood, who has a bucket in hand, before…

Benny Newell: Hey look, Hoffman! It’s you after one beer!

Joe Hoffman: I’m not sure if it was the impact from the spear or something Cecilworth may have knew about, but it looks like his gut doesn’t want to pick any fights today.

After a few seconds of very careful camerawork on the part of the HOW production team, and what is undoubtedly a very bad view for the front row, Dickwood signals to Lette to call the match off.


This entire time, Reeves has been pacing the ring, and the sudden end to the match leaves him even more agitated as he waits for Lette to finish explaining what’s going on to Bryan McVay. After a brief back and forth, McVay takes to the mic.

Bryan McVay: The referee has informed me that by request of Dirk Dickwood, this match is being ended by referee stoppage. Therefore, your winner… AND NEWWWW HOW ICON Champion… AUSTIIIIIIN REEEEEEEVES!

The crowd erupts into jeers upon finding out that the title is changing hands in such a way, while in the ring, Reeves bursts into almost maniacal laughter as Lette hands him the championship and raises his hands in victory. He takes his sweet time showing off his new prize to the crowd, who respond by booing even louder, before he rolls out of the ring and the show goes to commercial.


The camera opens up on Darin Zion sitting in his locker room. He’s looks as if he’s got a rag in his hand, rubbing something shiny. He’s rubbing it long and hard. Zion looks rather focused, determined to get revenge. You can see rage, determination, hatred, and vengeance all in his eyes. His face is almost glowing a red in color. As he finishes up the last finishing touches, he throws the rag off to the side of the camera to show his lead pipe. Zion smashes it hard on the concrete floor, making sure it has the right amount of weight to damage. After he swings it around, clanking it on the ground a few times, Clara walks into the locker room. Clara’s eyes light up for a few moments, just shocked on what’s going on. Zion smiles for a moment almost innocently, like he isn’t trying to do anything wrong.

Clara Macey: You told me you weren’t going to result towards any violence in this tournament…

Clara rests her arms on her hips, almost giving Zion a glare. He flashes Clara a smile, just trying to play it cool. He sets the lead pipe on the ground and continues to work on his little “project.”

Darin Zion: Oh this thing? It’s nothing really…I mean next week I have David Black and sure, he’s a big threat. He’s been the king of the LSD division before Ryan McKenna. He’s destroyed many HOW superstars careers right before the audience’s eyes. We all get it, David Black has done some bad things in HOW. You’d be insane to even go to war with him; even hinting at a hardcore match and…well…

Zion takes a deep breath and stalls for a moment. He waits and finally pulls out a box from under the bench. His smile twists just a little bit, almost on the verge of insanity. He’s looking to make a point. Sure not just for last week after Lee screwed him out of an LSD title match and gives it away this week. He knows Lee’s going to give Boyd and others the match. But there’s something else bothering him. It’s tearing him apart.

Clara Macey: Don’t tell me…that’s…that’s…

Darin Zion: It’s barbed wire yes. You caught me. What I’m creating is much more devastating than what David Black’s done to me. We all know I’ve beaten him more times than he’s beaten me. The crowd knows I’m not going to fuck with Hugo Scorpio either. He’s the only HOW superstar that holds a victory against me without me pinning him that’s not name Jason Parker Davidson. I’ve never had my rematch against him with my mind 100%. Everyone knows I’d not go insane and blow that opportunity. I’m an opportunist, not an assassin. No, this weapon is meant for something else…after all; it’s better than…than…

Clara sighs and speaks in unison with Zion as he says the words.

Both: The Executive Branch…

Zion looks puzzled at Clara who just takes a deep breathe and shakes her head. Clearly, she wants ZIon to move past his hatred of Brian Hollywood, who cost him his match against Tyler Boyd with a kick straight towards the chin. Clara’s eyes widen with just anger and disappointment. She start pacing around the bench as Zion just looks on at her.

Clara Macey: You haven’t moved on in the tournament yet. We know you got that win against Ryan McKenna, and we get it. You want to cause damage. Lee’s screwed you and many superstars many different times. But you still haven’t let it go yet. You’re more pissed off at Brian Hollywood. He broke your heart and devastated you. You’ve become absorbed with getting your first pinfall victory on Brian Hollywood. You want to knock his brains around and ‘kill’ him. You’re going to attack when the time is just ‘right’ and scramble his brains. We know you’re the better wrestler winning countless numbers of titles. But baby, please…just please…

She grabs his hands, cuddles next towards him and leans her head against his. Zion leans back in, almost happy to get some time to cuddle against her. He looks on longingly, just letting his torture and anguish go completely.

Clara Macey: Think about your chances in the Rob Michaels tournament right now. You’ve become completely absorbed with Hollywood; and he’s not even focused on you. He’s got his mind on the tournament. He knows he’ll out last you, and if you take one look at his side of the bracket, he can dance around and shit everywhere like a mindless baboon and he’d still win the thing after clobbering Mike Best into oblivion. He’s got his bracket conquered and you’re not even guaranteed a wild card yet. You’re 4 points behind Tyler Boyd. He’s still got a better shot of winning the damn thing than you do. Just focus on your tournament chances right now. You’ve got two weeks where you could rebound and lock the title shots. We all know Black’s going to give you the run around. But if you keep doing…that…well….

Suddenly, Zion immediately starts reaching around the lead pipe and just starts to wrapping it with the barbed wire frantically. Clara looks over completely offended as he’s wrapping, just almost speaking to himself like he’s possessed. Zion laughs under his breath like he’s tortured and tormented. After a few moments, he turns and looks at Clara, who just takes a deep breath trying not to kill him with every fiber in her being.

Darin Zion: Must destroy Hollywood with the Branch of Change. Yes, yes the branch of change….I’ve got to stay one step ahead of him. HA HA HA! Yes! This is perfect! I’ll have him completely guarded. I’ll be ready if he comes out and tries to kick me…oh, hi baby! I’m sorry, it’s just we need this weapon. Brian’s capable of anything. He’s going to cost me my shot. I’ve got the chance to win it. I have this one chance next week to beat David Black…and I can’t take any chances. If I don’t have this ready to equalize things next week, babe, we’re done. Look, I take my chances seriously, rather you think so or not. After I had a chance with my momentum from beating former PWXers; I can’t chance anything again. If I can take out Hollywood, I’m going to do it. If lady luck gives me a chance to meet Hollywood in my path next week; I’m going to strike him down and change EVERYTHING. This is my chance to change everything, to stop everything holding the Catalyst back. But I PROMISE to you baby, I’m not going to use this thing for evil. Next week, I’ll fight Black mano y mano. You’ve got my word, but just let me do this for us. After all, we need this win to fund our wedding. So I’ve got my eyes on the prize. Just watch next week, Clara, we’re going to win.

Clara just simply bats her eyes and gets up and walks away as she speaks one simple word:

Clara Macey: Whatever…

Zion looks over and simply shakes his head. He returns his focus towards the new weapon: The Branch of Change. He finishes wrapping the last layer of barbed wire on one single end of it. He swings it one more time before smiling at his craft as the scene fades to black.

Darin Zion: Perfect! Now he won’t see this coming….

The action cuts back live inside The Best Arena as the show continues on…

The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area as the angelic voice of Lauryn Hill serenades the live crowd. “Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide – Gonna find you and take it slowly – Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide – Gonna find you and make you want me” The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen a Texas flag, with the words, “Texas Born. Texas Bred.” “Texas Forever.“ branded into the flag. The crowd reaction is mixed, but there are more cheers than boos, as “Ready or Not” by Fugees plays throughout the PA system. As the chorus begins to fade, Centuries” by Fall Out Boy begins to play. The cheers intensify as the chorus hits the speakers, drawing out the man from Texas. Stevens stands proudly on the HOW stage with his world title fastens around his waist.

Bryan McVay: And making his way to the ring at this time, HE IS….SCOTT! STTTTEEEEEEEVVVVVVEEEEEENSSSSSSS!

Walking down the aisle, Stevens fists bumps some of his fans while raising a fist at a few of the more vocal bashers. As he finally gets to the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and stares out into the crowd.

Benny Newell: It’s all his fault. Scottywood is the HOW World Champion and it’s all Scott Stevens’s fault. Couldn’t get the fucking job done last week. Jesus. Drink.

Joe Hoffman: Scott Stevens didn’t get a lot of time to dwell on losing the title. We’ll see how he bounces back as the Texan is thrown right back into the mix against Scottywood’s long time rival Reggie Rivid tonight.

Benny Newell: Do you think Rivid’s pissed off that Stevens lost the belt to his rival? I would be.

The lights in the arena dim once again and this time the arena is filled with the sound of “Where Dragons Dwell” by Gojira.

Joe Hoffman: Well, we’re going to find out soon enough.

The crowd stands on their feet as Texan Reggie Rivid walks out on stage. Rivid slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring.

Bryan McVay: Introducing from Corpus Christi, Texas weighing tonight at 265lbs. Here is REGGIE RIVID!!!!!

Rivid makes his way up the steps onto the ring apron. He glares at Stevens before he steps through the ropes and enters the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Rivid means business tonight. He was not pleased with his performance last week against Max Kael.

Benny Newell: The Pillsbury Doughboy versus the Lonesome Loser. God, fucking kill me now.

Rivid makes his way to the center of the ring and paces back and forth impatiently as his music begins to die down.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens needs to keep his head in the game and because he needs a win tonight if he wants to stay in contention in the RMI.

Referee Matt Boettcher does the pre-match routine of checking both wrestlers. Then he signals for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: And we’re off-

Rivid shoots out of his corner fists flying. Stevens ducks the initial flurry and slides away.

Joe Hoffman: Boettcher immediately tells Rivid to watch the closed fist.

Rivid scowls as he follows Stevens circling him. Lock up in the corner. Stevens tries to push Rivid back ends up on his ass when Rivid shoves him back. Stevens back up and challenges Rivid to a test of strength. He holds his hand up and goads Rivid to get him to take him up on the test. Stevens even tries to get the crowd to urge Rivid on. And after a few seconds, Rivid tentatively raises his hand. Stevens immediately kicks him in the gut and goes for a Toxic Sting- Rivid steps back and pushes the Scorpion away.

Benny Newell: What the fuck was he thinking?

Joe Hoffman: Stevens wanted to end the match right there but Rivid escaped out the back door.

Rivid whips Stevens into the corner. He grabs the ropes and drives his shoulder into Stevens’s stomach. Rivid spins him around and slams Stevens’s head into the turnbuckle once…twice…three…four times. Stevens staggers out of the corner and right into a bionic elbow. Right hand by Rivid followed by a chest slap. Scoop slam by Rivid. Cover.



Stevens powers out and immediately rolls out of the ring to think it over.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens taking a moment to regroup.

Benny Newell: Smart move. He should probably stay out there until the referee counts to ten before he comes back in.

Joe Hoffman: If the question of the night was would he be able to bounce back after losing the belt last night, the answer is no at the moment.

Rivid follows to the outside. He whips Stevens hard into the steel barricade. Stevens’s back takes the brunt of the collision. Rivid then cannonballs into him- crushing Stevens against the steel and adding more damage to his back. In the ring, Boettcher starts to count.


Rivid continues to work over Stevens using right hand shots to the gut.


Backfist by Rivid who then hops back into the ring. Stevens props himself up on the barricade and tries to catch his breath.



Stevens climbs back into the ring and Rivid jumps him. Right hands by Rivid. Stevens fires back rights of his own. Rivid tries for a half nelson slam. Stevens back kicks and low bridges Rivid. Rivid counters the Toxic Sting again and hits a running bulldog. Rivid makes the immediate cover.



Again, Stevens quickly kicks out and fights back with a knee into the gut. Rivid doubles over and Stevens pounces with multiple forearm shots to the back. Stevens sets Rivid for the spike piledriver but Rivid grabs the leg to block the move and takes a fireman’s carry. Then he slams Stevens to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Rivid clearly had that moved scouted out because Stevens tried the same thing last week against Scottywood.

Benny Newell: Stevens needs to get his head out of the fucking cloud.

Rivid lands a couple of clubbing shots to the head but Stevens suddenly rakes the eyes and rolls away.

Benny Newell: Okay that’s better.

Joe Hoffman: Scott Stevens takes the low road there.

Benny Newell: Whatever it takes Hoffhole. Stevens can’t lose to the Stay-Puf Marshmallow Man.

While Rivid desperately tries to clear his vision, Stevens snapmares him to the mat followed by a rolling neck snap. Stevens drops the elbow and then methodically stomps the joints of Rivid’s knees. Pulling Rivid up, Stevens uses a Russian Legsweep Clinch to deliver knee shots to his head. Rivid sweeps out Stevens’s legs and sends him down. Elbow drop by Rivid. Second elbow drop by Rivid- no Stevens rolls out of the way. Stevens with the drop toehold puts Rivid back on the mat and then the Texan drops a leg across the throat. Stevens mounts Rivid and starts throwing lefts and rights.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens finally fighting back.

Benny Newell: About fucking time-

Rivid rakes Stevens in the eyes and then lays in the chops.

Joe Hoffman: But Rivid again stops his momentum.

Benny Newell: Jesus. Would someone wake Stevens up?

Moving behind his opponent, Rivid backdrops Stevens to the mat and lays in the boots…but Stevens catches his boot after two stomps and flips Rivid on his back. Now Stevens up. He drops an elbow on the leg and then pulls Rivid back up. Rivid headbutts Stevens and staggers him back.

Joe Hoffman: Every time Stevens starts building some steam, Rivid finds a way to turn the tables.

Two knees to the midsection causes Stevens’s knees to buckle but Rivid doesn’t let go. A short lariat takes the Scorpion to the mat. Rivid drives a fist drop to the midsection but Stevens jumps right up only to be decked again by a short clothesline.

Benny Newell: That’s it. Wake me up with this is over.

Rivid with an elbow drop and then he drops the leg across the throat. He rolls over Stevens and grabs his legs. Rivid bends Stevens leg, steps over him and turns him on his stomach.

Joe Hoffman: Texas Cloverleaf! Reggie Rivid has the Cloverleaf locked in!

Stevens howls in pain as Rivid cinches in the hold.

Joe Hoffman: This could be it!

Using every inch of strength he has in his arms, Stevens tries to drag himself to the ropes. Matt Boettcher asks him if he wants to tap out.

Scott Stevens: Fuck no!

Joe Hoffman: Stevens is in trouble!

Stevens stretches his arm out…

Joe Hoffman: Can he make it?

Closer…the fingers are just about there.

Joe Hoffman: Can he do it?

Stevens’s fingers brush up against the ropes. Boettcher immediately calls for the break.

Joe Hoffman: He does it! Stevens gets to the ropes but how much damage to Rivid do?

Stevens uses the ropes to pull himself up. Rivid bulls his way right in. He whips Stevens into the ropes and catches him on the return, slamming him to the mat with a running sidewalk slam. Rivid methodically walks over and pulls Stevens back up.

Joe Hoffman: Rivid in control of the match. He may be going for his finisher.

Rivid takes a side headlock, elevates Stevens into the air, and snaps him right back down, driving his back and neck to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: IMPALER!

Rivid immediately hooks the legs and pulls them forward. Boettcher with the count.






Joe Hoffman: RIVID DID IT!


Benny Newell: Rivid won, didn’t he?

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match, REG-GIEEEEE RIVID!

Benny Newell: Fuck.

Boettcher raises Rivid’s hand in victory.

Joe Hoffman: Reggie Rivid picks up a very impressive victory here tonight on Friday Night Chaos over Scott Stevens.

Rivid climbs up on the turnbuckle and raises his fist in the air as we cut elsewhere.

The camera opens on one of the locker room doors inside the Best Arena, as the cameraman opens it to reveal a man kneeling on the floor with his back to the camera. The man’s long black hair and dark blue hoodie are recognisable as Ryan McKenna’s, and in front of him on the floor, the two ends of the LSD Championship are just visible. Hearing the door open, he slowly gets to his feet, picking up the championship on his way up and holding it in front of him as he turns to face the camera.

Ryan McKenna: You know, I’ve been in this situation before. Main event match on the horizon, championship on the line, thousands of people anxiously waiting for your grand entrance… And I know how it usually ends. Especially when I’m facing a certain few individuals. Davidson… Zion… Stevens… Black… And by now, the waiting is the worst part. It’s almost like a sense of déjà vu, I’ve seen this happen before, and I know how it ends. Once it’s started I can stay focused until it ends, but until then, I’m just… waiting.

The entire time he’s been talking so far, Ryan hasn’t looked at the camera once. His gaze has been fixed on the polished plate of the belt in his hands as it shows him his reflection, as though transfixed.

Ryan McKenna: Just look at this time last week. Ryan McKenna vs Darin Zion, a shot at gold glimmering on the horizon, and yet again, I found myself on the losing end. So now, for as long as I have this belt, all I’m going to hear in my left ear until I give the bastard what he wants is how he deserves a rematch with the gold on the line. But until that time, I get to worry about making sure I still have the belt. Which leaves me here, in a place I was in before just recently. Waiting for an LSD Title match with David Black. Except… This isn’t exactly the same, is it?

For the first time, Ryan looks up at the camera, his face framed by his hair as a few locks hang forwards. His eyes, normally baggy and sleep deprived, are for once clear as day, while his signature smirk slowly appears on his face.

Ryan McKenna: You see, I came to an epiphany once I got home to Louisiana last week. I realised that if I was to change my fortune, to beat the unbeatable foe and reach the unreachable highs, I had to change something deep within myself. I couldn’t go in with a head full of hot air, or a head full of worry. Both extremes are just as self-defeating as the other. No, I realised that I had to slow everything down, and let cooler heads prevail. I had to be more… Well, be more like David Black, but without so much dead weight. Which now that I think about it, might be a pun.

Ryan pauses for a moment, trying to figure something out, before shrugging it off and looking back at the camera again.

Ryan McKenna: But just as I have changed, so have the battle lines. Last time we fought, I was the challenger. This time, I’m walking in as the reigning and defending HOW LSD Champion. And this time, just like the last time, the champion is going to retain. Just like at ICONIC, I’m going to beat you, David. But I’m going to beat you in a whole new way. I’ve got tricks up my sleeve you’ve never seen before. But a word of warning. Just because I’ve got some new tricks… doesn’t make the old ones any less dangerous.

Ryan’s calm demeanour very suddenly changes, and he drops the championship to the floor. Stepping towards the camera, he hits the cameraman with some sort of strike to the gut, bending him over. A tussle is heard, before the ground very suddenly rushes towards the camera, and with a sharp impact, the feed cuts to static. After a few seconds, it cuts to another camera as the holder runs down to the corridor, going through an open door to show Ryan McKenna on his back on the floor. Next to him, evidently the recipient of a Scattershot, is the cameraman, with a smashed camera next to him. Pushing the cameraman away, Ryan grabs the championship behind him and gets to his feet, dusting himself off, calm as a cucumber. Looking up at the camera, his smirk reappears on his face, and he holds the belt loosely in his hand as he walks through the doorway.

Ryan McKenna: You know, I’ve always wondered why people don’t open with their most powerful move… Then again, I do have a new favourite…

Flicking his hoodie over his head and putting the LSD Championship on around his waist, Ryan walks down the corridor to the gorilla position, muttering to himself. After a few paces, the new cameraman focuses the frame on the unconscious one, and the show goes to commercial.

McKenna RP Banner 2

Chaos resumes from the final commercial break of the night as the backstage area is shown. Backstage interviewer, Blair Mose, is seen entering the frame as she comes across Brian Hollywood’s locker room. She knocks on the door but there is no answer. She knocks once more and as she does, she tries to reach out to Hollywood.

Blair Mose: Excuse me, Mr. Hollywood? Are you in there?

There is no answer once again as she is trying to figure out where Hollywood is at. Just then, a voice is heard down the hallway as the frame shifts to reveal Hollywood walking towards his locker room with a huge smile on his face almost like he has done something devious. Hollywood is also seen talking on the phone and just as he looked happy, the smile vanishes from his face as he begins to yell into his cell phone.


Hollywood looks visibly angry as he listens to the voice on the other end of the phone. Hollywood starts to roll his eyes and shake his head as he interrupts the voice on the other end of the phone.

Brian Hollywood: I pay you a good amount of money to get your hands on the ONE thing I ask for, and you tell me you can’t do it?!

As Hollywood is caught up talking on the phone, Blair walks towards Hollywood as at the same time, Brian Bare walks into the frame. Blair spots Brian and shakes her head indicating that she got here first. It isn’t long before they stop arguing that Hollywood has garnered the attention of them both at the phone conversation he is having.

Brian Hollywood: No you incompetent piece of shit! I told you that you would get half up front and the other half after the job was done. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t even deserve a fucking dime! If you can’t do this one job for me, then perhaps you’re not worth my fucking time! If I were you, I would find a way to get it done. I didn’t give you a large amount of money for you to fail! You USE part of that money as a resource so you can give me what I requested! You call me again and tell me you failed one more time, I will find you and I will cause you even bigger problems than the one you’re in now. Understand me?! GET IT FUCKING DONE!

Hollywood hits the end button on his phone and slips it back into his leather jacket pocket as he rolls his eyes and sighs. He looks forward and notices Blair and Brian starring at him. Hollywood looks at them for a few moments before he smiles widely. Hollywood walks over as Brian is the first person that is in his way. As soon as Bare begins to speak, Hollywood walks right by him and walks up to Blair.

Brian Hollywood: Well good evening Ms. Mose. What can I do for you this evening?

Bare, who hates to be denied of an interview, interjects quite rudely.

Brian Bare: Now wait just a damn minute! You passed by me FIRST! Therefore I get to ask you the questions.

Hollywood stares a cold, dark and angry hole into Bare. Bare gulps loudly as Hollywood looks visibly irritated.

Brian Hollywood: You were about to say something to me, Bare?

Bare looks at Hollywood with a slight nervous look on his face.

Brian Bare: Yes..I was wanting to talk to you about your phone conversation…

Hollywood’s eyes light up as he facepalms. He turns to Blair and pats her on the shoulder.

Brian Hollywood: Give me just a minute Ms. Mose, this won’t take long.

Bare, excited that he finally gets an interview with Hollywood, is about to speak up but Hollywood interrupts him.

Brian Hollywood: Get your fucking shit together Bare and LEAVE! You had your chance last week.

Brian Bare: But….you interviewed ME last week! That doesn’t count!

Brian Hollywood: On the contrary, Bare, yes it does! You were there to answer the questions weren’t you?

Bare scratches his head momentarily as he sighs and nods his head but still doesn’t leave.

Brian Bare: You’re right, you did. But that doesn’t –

Bare is interrupted yet again by Hollywood.

Brian Hollywood: See there’s your answer! That was a very unique interview and if you didn’t take anything away from it, then you’re a very bad interviewer! Now fucking LEAVE before I make some management decisions of my own and make it to where there’s only ONE backstage interviewer around here!

Brian Bare: But you can’t do that!

Brian Hollywood: I can do whatever the fuck I want to do, Bare! Oh please, I beg you….DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Feeling threatened and knowing he is fighting a losing battle, Bare finally concedes and walks off down the hallway as Hollywood smiles and shakes his head.

Brian Hollywood: Idiot. To think, Lee Best hired that stupid oaf.

Hollywood shifts his attention back to Blair as she smiles brightly.

Brian Hollywood: Now, where were we. Ah yes, you were going to ask me something Ms. Mose?

Blair Mose: Thank you, Mr. Hollywood. I tried to get a hold of you, but you weren’t in your locker room. Where exactly were you? You haven’t exactly been in the best situation the last few weeks.

Hollywood smiles and nods his head at Blair as the wheels in Hollywood’s head are turning.

Brian Hollywood: Why yes, I wasn’t in my locker room. I’ve been…..around!

Hollywood teasing Blair about his whereabouts and teasing the Best Arena fans, smiles at Blair as he still supports that confident look on his face.

Brian Hollywood: If you simply must know Blair, I’ll give you a hint. If you walk down this hallway and turn to your first right, you’ll be given the good enough hint at where I was at.

Blair doesn’t move but just looks down the hallway. She looks down the hallway and recognizes the area in which Hollywood was talking about. Her facial expression changes to that of excitement to a fearful look as she seems to know exactly where Hollywood was at. Without finding herself in any trouble, she immediately changes the subject in quick fashion.

Blair Mose: So I’m not the only curious one, but it seems like everyone out there in the Best Arena wants to know who you were talking to on the phone and about what. Can you tell us what that information was?

Hollywood nods his head with a sadistic smile on his face. You can tell he wants to reveal to Blair badly about what he was talking on the phone about. However, as good as Hollywood has been at this game, continues to leave people guessing and in a state of unpredictability.

Brian Hollywood: I’m afraid that it’s a surprise Ms. Mose. I will, however, tell you a little bit about the conversation. I paid a lot of money, because I have very good resources, to obtain something for me that not only gives me leverage over Lee Best and the Best Alliance, but it is also very damaging to Lee’s reputation. But it seems like the person I asked to obtain this little leverage piece has trouble actually obtaining it. Believe me, it’s pretty frustrating but I’ve come to learn that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. It looks like I’m going to have to do just that. Something that everyone knows is that I always deliver and when I say that I’m going to get it done myself, you can consider that exactly that.

Blair just nods in agreement as Hollywood looks down the hallway not taking his eyes off the area from which he came from at the same time smiling big.

Blair Mose: Has anyone from the Best Alliance or Lee Best himself reached out to you yet?

Brian Hollywood: Do you hear that Blair? That is the sound of complete silence. Just like last week, it continues to be quiet around here. But…there is something I can do about it…

Blair looks confused as Hollywood scratches his head and continues to look devious.

Blair Mose: What are you going to do about it?

Hollywood remains silent for a brief moment as he pats Blair on the shoulder.

Brian Hollywood: Um….well….actually….I already have done something about it and I’m pretty sure I’m going to hear about this one…

Hollywood’s cell phone starts to beep as he receives a text message. He looks at his phone and then double checks his watch as his eyebrow raises.

Brian Hollywood: Whoops. It looks like I’m going to have to let you go Blair. There may have been a tiny little problem I left alone. Have a good night Blair! You’ll have a lot more fun next week! I’m going to bring some fireworks!

With that, Hollywood jets down the hallway and stops midway as he turns to the right at his last whereabouts and just simply cracks up laughing before giving a thumbs up and continues on towards the parking garage and out of sight. Curious, Blair walks down the hallway as the camera follows her. She comes up midway down the hallway and turns to the right as a shocked look comes across her face. The camera pans over to the right to show Lee Best’s office and a gigantic spray painted message on the door that reads: “CAUTION: Dare to enter at your own risk!” The camera zooms in on the message on the door as the camera cuts back to the ring for the main event of the night.

Joe Hoffman: The time has come for our main event of the evening! Best Alliance member and the current LSD Champion, Ryan McKenna takes on Hall of Fame Nominee, David Black!

Benny Newell: More like Hall of Fame SNUBBED! David Black is HOW’s version of Leonardo DiCaprio. The gay piece of shit is ironically up for another Academy Award this year. But that’s not going to matter because Walter White is finally going to get the credit he deserves and win and you better believe I’m GOD DAMN RIGHT! DRINK!

Bryan McVay: The following contest, representing The Embosser, is scheduled for one fall…and it is for the LSD CHAMPIONSHIP!

“Zombies” by Lacuna Coil hits as David Black makes his way onto the stage. He treks down the ramp and as he comes to the apron, he hops up and enters as he warms up using the ring ropes.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, the challenger, from Los Angeles, California, he weighs in at 235 pounds, he is…….DAVID BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

Joe Hoffman: David Black could become a 4 time LSD Champion if he’s able to put down reigning champion, Ryan McKenna tonight.

Benny Newell: Black knows he’s going to have to do something big to garner the attention of the current Hall of Famers if he wants to get inducted this year. Winning a 4th title isn’t going to make his resume that much different.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know Benny, on the contrary, he’s got a pretty good chance at getting inducted this year. Winning or losing this match may not matter based on his past accomplishments.

Sporecrystal by Rabbit Junk hits the PA as Ryan McKenna emerges from the back. the arena lights fade to blue as Ryan walks out onto the stage in a #BLU97 hoodie. He takes a knee at the top of the entrance ramp, his arms outstretched and his head bowed, until the music comes alive. The lights go up, and he flicks the hood down, opening up the hoodie to reveal the LSD Championship around his waist as he walks down to the ring.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from New Orleans, Louisiana by way of Glasgow, Scotland, he weighs in at 196 pounds, he is the current LSD CHAMPION…….RYAN MCKENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNA!

He jumps up onto the apron, climbing a turnbuckle from the outside and holding the LSD Title high in the air with both hands. He lets go with one hand, slapping the plate with it, before dismounting into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: This is most definitely a critical match for both of these men. The Embosser group is currently being dominated by newcomer, Tyler Boyd, right now and if they want to keep themselves in a contention for perhaps a wildcard at this point, a win is most important tonight.

Benny Newell: I look at all the groups and I really can’t find a more dominated group than the Embosser. I’ll admit, I’m impressed by Boyd, but he still has I’m a penguin fucker all over his god damn forehead.

Referee Nigel Lette holds the LSD Championship high up in the air as both Black and McKenna keep their eyes locked on the championship. He steps out of the way and calls for the bell.


The match is underway as Black and McKenna start to circle each other. They both go in for a grapple as it is McKenna who gains the upperhand very quickly. McKenna starts to unload on Black with some lefts and rights before sending a high kick into the side of Black’s head. McKenna grabs Black and scores with a belly to belly suplex. McKenna covers Black quickly.



Joe Hoffman: McKenna with the early offense in this match. He knows how important it is to get a win here tonight.

Benny Newell: McKenna will get the job done! He’s Best Alliance! He wouldn’t be if our GOD of HOW didn’t see something in him!

McKenna strikes a couple kicks to Black’s skull as Black is able to get to his feet. Black immediately strikes back with a couple heavy rights before headbutting McKenna hard. Black bounces off the ropes and grabs McKenna by the neck to execute a neckbreaker. Black bounces off the ropes again and meets McKenna’s face with a high knee drop. Black hooks the leg of McKenna.



Joe Hoffman: I have a feeling this is going to be a match that brings a lot of psychology to it. Black and McKenna both are students of the game and this match is going to be full of who can keep that upperhand.

Benny Newell: Did Black just forget what happened at ICONIC recently? With the utter fucking chaos in that match, Black should know that it’s going to take a lot more to put McKenna away.

Black begins to stomp away at McKenna before he bounces off the ropes once more. As he comes back, he hops over McKenna and bounces off the other side of the ropes. As Black comes back, McKenna is able to get to his feet quickly as he is able to connect with a hurricanarona that flips Black towards the center of the ring. With Black facing up on the mat, McKenna springboards off the ropes and connects with a springboard moonsault. McKenna goes for the cover.



KICKOUT by Black.

Joe Hoffman: A very nice display of flying there by McKenna. In my opinion, he’s one of the best flyers in HOW.

Benny Newell: Well of course he fucking is! HE’S BEST ALLIANCE! Why do you think Lee loves him so much? At least you said something smart this time Hoffholey.

As Black is able to get to his feet, McKenna runs at him and takes him down with a Lou Thesz Press. McKenna begins to hammer away at Black for a bit before Black headbutts him and shoves him off of him. Black grabs McKenna violently and hooks both of his arms as he brings McKenna crashing down with a double hook DDT. Black rolls him over and covers him as Lette drops down for the count.



McKenna powers out right at the two count.

Joe Hoffman: Black has been around the block, especially when it comes to the LSD Championship. If there is someone who knows how to get in someone’s head, it’s Black.

Benny Newell: The only thing that is running through Black’s mind starts with an S and ends with a D and rhymes with rubbed.

Black strikes some ground fists into McKenna before grabbing him and tossing him into the corner turnbuckle. Black runs towards him and hits a diving cross body on McKenna before grappling him and attempting to hit a suplex on him, but McKenna pops behind him and lands on his feet as McKenna turns around and grabs Black and hits a thunderous german suplex on Black. McKenna ricochets off the ropes before landing a leg drop straight into the throat of Black. McKenna goes for the cover.




Joe Hoffman: McKenna almost had Black right there!

Benny Newell: If there is one person who can change a match at a moment’s notice, it is Ryan McKenna.

McKenna starts to single out targets on Black’s body as he sends a striking kick into the neck of Black. He unloads a few kicks to the neck before Black pulls up his hands to block McKenna’s strikes. This doesn’t sit well with McKenna as he violently pulls Black’s hands away from his neck. McKenna then grabs Black’s right arm and slams it into the mat hard as Black grabs a hold of it. McKenna reaches down to pull Black back to his feet and when he does, Black goes for the Blackout but McKenna stops him right in the middle of the attempt and slams him back first into the mat. McKenna shakes his head at Black’s attempt to try to end the match right there and McKenna rolls out of the ring. He walks over to the other side where ring officials keep the microphones.

Joe Hoffman: What is McKenna doing?

Benny Newell: Beats me but it must be something fucking good!

McKenna grabs a mic and points into the ring to Black who has made it back to his feet. Nigel Lette stands there confused and just as he’s about to start the counting process, McKenna points directly at Lette and shakes his finger to side to side.

Ryan McKenna: NO! NO! NO! NO! You’re not going to stand there and count me out, Nigel! This is NOT how we are going to let the match go! By the powers invested in..well..me, I hereby declare that this match is now a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT?! Can he do that?!

Benny Newell: Duh fucktard! Hello, GM and second to the GOD of fucking HOW in the Best Alliance!

McKenna drops the mic and rushes into the ring only to be clotheslined back outside over the top rope by Black. Black follows suit as he rolls out of the ring. Black, now taking the opportunity to capitalize on McKenna’s announcement, starts searching under the ring for a weapon. Black pulls out a steel chair and literally just tosses it in the ring not caring if Lette is in the way or not. Black then pulls out a table and as he holds it upright, McKenna surprises him as he hits a standing dropkick into the table which breaks it in half and McKenna’s foot, along with part of the table, connects right in Black’s face.

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!! Did you see the power of that force from McKenna?! My god!

Benny Newell: Oh I did and I fucking enjoyed it! Tear him fucking apart McKenna!!!

Instead of looking under the ring, McKenna simply goes and pushes one of the ring officials out of his seat and grabs the steel chair in which he was sitting and folds it up. McKenna walks over towards David Black and strikes him right in the back. McKenna tosses the chair into the ring and he too doesn’t care if Lette gets hit or not. McKenna then grabs Black and rolls him back into the ring. McKenna, who wasn’t satisfied with a couple steel chairs in the ring, begins to look under the ring and grabs a garbage can and launches it into the ring. He then grabs yet another table and slides it into the ring. McKenna ends his search with a couple of kendo sticks before he rolls back into the ring. McKenna grabs one of the kendo sticks and raises it up high but before he can strike at Black, Black kicks him right in the gut. McKenna drops the kendo stick and Black grabs a hold of McKenna and sends him crashing into the chair face first with a DDT. Black rolls him over and hooks the leg as Nigel makes the count.










NO! McKenna is able to kick out!

Joe Hoffman: By god ladies and gentlemen, this match has turned into an all out brawl of violence very quickly!

Benny Newell: As it should be! It’s about time this match picked up in intensity! No better way to have a main event! Now this is fucking exciting!

The stakes continue to become higher for both McKenna and Black as Black get back to his feet. He looks around the ring and notices the garbage can as he walks over and grabs it. Black turns his focus back to McKenna as he raises it up high and then dishes it straight into McKenna’s mid section. Black starts to strike McKenna with the trash can a few more times before he is satisfied with the way it looks. The trash can looks completely dented at this point and he tosses it over the top rope and to the side outside. Black then grabs the steel chair and walks over to one of the turnbuckles and secures the steel chair in between the ropes. He walks back over and grabs McKenna and attempts to throw him into the steel chair but McKenna counters and plants Black into the canvas with a tornado DDT. McKenna drops down and covers Black.











Joe Hoffman: Black with the kick out! That was an amazing awareness by David Black!

Benny Newell: He’s only delaying the inevitable! Black is out of his element if he thinks he has a shot at defeating Ryan McKenna. It’s a fucking fools hope for Black!

McKenna starts to back to work on Black’s neck as he once again delivers a leg drop into the throat of Black. McKenna then sets his sights on the table that he acquired a few moments ago. He sets it up on all fours near the turnbuckle before he turns his attention back towards Black. McKenna grabs Black, but unknown to McKenna, Black had grabbed one of the kendo sticks and hid it under his chest. As McKenna grabs Black, Black pulls out the kendo stick and strikes it behind him connecting straight to McKenna’s head. McKenna stumbles back as Black gets to his feet and charges at McKenna and nails him with a midsection spear. Black drapes his arm over a stunned McKenna.













NO!! McKenna with the shoulder up!

Joe Hoffman: How did McKenna kick out of that?! It looked like that blow to the head knocked him out!

Benny Newell: McKenna was bred to survive in match ups like these! It’s going to take a lot more than that to put McKenna down!

Black pulls himself back to his feet as he notices the steel chair is still wedged in the corner turnbuckle. Black grabs a groggy McKenna and Irish whips him back first into the steel chair which causes McKenna to give off a painful reaction. McKenna holds on to his back as Black picks him up and drives McKenna’s back into his knee. McKenna falls back down to the mat as he holds onto his back. Black finds a steel chair that McKenna brought in the ring earlier and grabs it. He makes his way over to McKenna as he starts to dish chair shot after chair shot straight into McKenna’s back. Black then drops the chair and picks up McKenna and hits a sideslam straight in the chair. Black makes the cover again.













Joe Hoffman: NO!! McKenna with the shoulder up again! Where is McKenna finding all of this energy?!

Benny Newell: Like I said before, McKenna was born to last in these matches! McKenna proving right now that he’s the new LSD Legend!

Black can’t believe it as he eyes McKenna looking to finish this match. Black pulls a groggy McKenna to his feet and he attempts to go for the Blackout again, but McKenna drives Black into the mat preventing the LSD Champion to take a devastating blow. McKenna continues to grip his back as Black gets back up. Black dishes out a couple of right hands before McKenna blocks the last. McKenna starts to throw some of his own right hands into Black but as he goes for a kick, Black dodges and hits a high knee strike straight into the abdomen of McKenna. Black then grabs a hold of McKenna and Irish whips him into the steel chair wedged in the turnbuckle, but McKenna reverses it and instead sends Black hard into the steel chair right shoulder first as the impact blasts Black straight into the canvas.


Benny Newell: You’re old Black, it’s time for you to retire!

As Black grabs a hold of his right arm, McKenna starts to sense this match is now completely in his favor. McKenna connects with an insuguri kick to Black before McKenna clotheslines him over the top rope and to the outside. McKenna drops to one knee as he tries to take the time to catch his breath. Black slowly gets back to his feet on the outside and McKenna grabs his steel chair laying on the canvas and runs towards Black and dishes out a baseball slide into the chair which crashes right into Black. McKenna drops the chair and rolls out of the ring and tosses Black into the ring as he goes for the cover.

















NOOO!!!!! Black just BARELY gets the shoulder up!

Joe Hoffman: David Black again saying never say die!

Benny Newell: God damn it you piece of shit!! Stop trying to be a martyr you fucking twat!

McKenna can’t believe it as he tries to think of something that will put away Black. He sees the table set up near the turnbuckle and turns his sights back on Black. McKenna grabs Black and brings him to his feet. He Irish whips Black into the corner, but Black reverses and sends McKenna into the corner turnbuckle instead. Black grabs the steel chair close by and runs at McKenna and tries to dropkick McKenna with the steel chair, but McKenna moves out of the way as Black crashes into the turnbuckle. Both men are down for a few moments long enough for Lette to begin a ten count, but McKenna prevents it as he’s already back to his feet and pulling Black up to his. McKenna whips Black into the corner and backs away a few feet before running at Black and connecting with a cross body. McKenna then lifts up Black and brings him up to the top rope. As McKenna struggled to get Black to the very top, Black starts to send some hard right hands into the side of McKenna. McKenna struggles to hold on at the top but rebounds as he starts to dish out a few of his hard rights. As the two struggle to find the upperhand, Black headbutts McKenna and just as McKenna is about to let go, he grabs Black and dives backwards hitting a Scattershot on Black as both crash through the table.


Benny Newell: HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK!!!!!

The crowd start a “HOLY SHIT” chant as McKenna and Black are not moving in the rubble of the table. Lette actually gives both wrestlers a few moments but he doesn’t wait any longer as he starts to make the count on both men.









Both men start to twitch but neither man is really moving that much.



Joe Hoffman: Wait a minute, what’s this?!

Benny Newell: That’s it McKenna!! Slide outside to give yourself leverage!!











Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!! HOW?!!!

Benny Newell: You’ve got to be kidding me!!! Black got to his feet….FUCK!!!!!!!










But Lette doesn’t ring the bell as McKenna was able to use the outside apron to get back to his feet as well! Both men used different strategies as Black literally used the ropes to pull himself to his feet as McKenna rolled slowly out of the ring so that his feet would touch the ground first and he could hold on to the bottom rope. McKenna reaches down and grabs something as he rolls back into the ring. Black walks gingerly towards him as he Irish whips McKenna into the ropes. McKenna comes back at him and unknown to Black, jumps up high and strikes Black with the COMBO KILLER!!

Joe Hoffman: HOLY HELL!!! Where in the world did McKenna find those brass knucks?!

Benny Newell: That’s my boy! The Best Alliance NEVER take any chances!

Black goes limp into the mat as McKenna looks around the ring and finds a kendo stick on the far right side of the ring. He goes over to pick it up and walks back over to Black and strikes Black’s right arm a few times before locking him in the center of the ring with a submission.

Joe Hoffman: McKenna has the LAST GASP locked in on Black!! McKenna’s new move he has been talking about!!

Benny Newell: YES!!! There is nowhere for Black to go now!!

McKenna just didn’t have Black locked into the LAST GASP, but he was also using the kendo stick to add further pain to Black. With Black unable to use the ropes as a way to escape, there simply isn’t anything Black can do as Black taps out in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: McKenna wins!

Benny Newell: YES!!! Black does know when to give up!


McKenna finally releases the hold as he slowly gets back to his feet as Lette hands him his LSD Championship followed by his hand being raised in victory.

Joe Hoffman: Unbelievable main event that was! Both these guys fought to the bitter and painful end! A good effort from Black, but McKenna keeps his momentum alive and is also able to keep his LSD Championship!

Benny Newell: I never had a single shadow of a doubt that he wouldn’t! You’re looking at the NEW LSD Legend! RYAN MCKENNA! Screw Witness, McKenna’s legacy will cast out Witnesses shadow of that championship!

Joe Hoffman: Well folks, that about wraps things up for tonight! Thank you for tuning into Friday Night Chaos and we’ll see you all next week! Goodnight everybody!

Ryan McKenna continues to celebrate in the middle of the ring as the HOW logo crosses the bottom of the screen as Chaos slowly goes off the air.