HOW Mayhem Report: Reynolds v. Eisen in a Ladder Match for the ICON Title

SHOW: HOW Mayhem
DATE: June 29th
LOCATION: Best Arena, Chicago, IL
HOSTS: Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell

SITE: HOW Wrestling

New GM Ryan Faze tells ICON Champion Shane Reynolds if he can defeat Trip Eisen tonight he won’t have to defend his title again until the next Pay Per View

Match #1 Newcomer Jason Wild stuns Shocker in less than 2 minutes.

Post match, another newcomer Bishop Steele joins Wild in the ring.  Wild’s reaction?  He plants him with a Death Valley Driver.

LSD Champion David Black talks about being the guest referee for the Christopher America/Chris Kostoff match to determine the #1 contender for his belt

Match #2 Spook def. Silver Phoenix with a modified choke slam.

Brian Bare interviews Marcus Reinhardt.  Reinhardt warns Trent that he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Match #3 Trent defeats Reinhardt in a match that Reinhardt dominated most of the way.

Match #4 Christopher America becomes the #1 contender for the LSD Title by defeated Chris Kostoff.

Post match, David Black nails America with his finisher.

Max Kael appears and cuts a promo on Shane Reynolds.

Match #5 Shane Reynolds retains the ICON Title by defeating Trip Eisen in a ladder match.