HOW Turmoil Report: Darkwing and Aceldama in a Scaffold Match- what possibly could go wrong here?

SHOW: HOW Turmoil
DATE: June 25th
LOCATION: Best Arena- Chicago, IL
HOSTS: Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell
SITE: High Octane Wrestling

HOW Champion Aceldama calls out Isaac Slade to start the show.  It takes a couple seconds but then Slade makes the appearance.  Slade acknowledges the beating he took from Aceldama but tells him ‘he’s still standing.’  He wants a shot at him now.  HOW Owner Lee Best enters and nixs that idea, not wanting to give Slade v. Aceldama away on free TV.  Best tells them they will meet at Capital Punishment in August.

Match #1 Bob Jared defeats John Lexicon when someone in the audience takes a swipe at Jared, misses, and KO’s Lexicon instead.

Mark O’Neil visits Best and Kirsta Lewis.  O’Neil wants to know what his motivation would be for wrestling Darkwing again.  Best hands him an envelope that explains all and then breaks out in Michael Jackson songs in tribute to the fallen ‘King of Pop.’

Brian Bare talks with Bob Jared.  Jared wants a title shot against Aceldama.  Bare attempts to talk Jared out of it citing the myriad of maladies Aceldama’s opponents have suffered.  After Bare ends the interview, Bobbinette Carey appears and knocks Jared out.

Match #2 Kirsta Lewis overcomes the bigger, stronger Scottywood and wins a hardcore match with not one, but two Hell’s Bitch kicks.

Aceldama seeks out the person who stole his World Title belt.  He accosts a teenager who purchased a replica belt at the concessions and just happens to wear an Isaac Slade t-shirt.

Match #3 Isaac Slade defeats Mark O’Neil, hitting the Freefall and hooking the leg for the pin.

Rufus Jackson and Frankie discuss women.  Shocker, who just happens to be hanging around, nails Jackson with the Shockwave and leaves him laid out on the floor.

Match #5 HOW World Champion Aceldama and Darkwing in a Scaffold Match.  Declared a draw when both men fall and go through several tables simultaneously.

Lee Best attempts to restart the match and gets taken out by Babbinette Carey who then, in a moment that TiVO’s will replay over and over and over and…well, you get the point, turns and plants a kiss on Kirsta Lewis.