Just: Shipley’s return raises the temperature

ALBANY, NY – Just Wrestling’s returning booker Tim Shipley this morning announced the “Long Hot Summer” tour, in which Just relocates to the west coast for the months of July and August guaranteeing hotter competition than ever before.

Shipley was two weeks ago finally cleared of all charges relating to an accusation of domestic violence, and he resumes control of a company that has endured mixed fortunes responding to the question posed by Adam Dick of “What next?” Although Dick’s tenure in charge was not the disaster that many analysts expected, it is clear that his approach to personnel management has divided the locker room, most visibly in his overt favouring of names such as Shepherd and Richard Leslie Carrington to the extent that some described the formation of a “power triumvirate” at Just’s helm. With Dick expected to resume the identity of the Illustrious Face-Eater and the position of a regular worker for the Long Hot Summer tour, Shipley will be back in his old role and hoping that his undistinguished “gardening leave” will not have tarnished his reputation.

However, his decision to locate the entirety of the next tour thousands of miles from the Just heartland of NY/NJ risks further alienating fans, many of whom have had to resort to downloading illicit fan-made videotapes of events that Dick’s haphazard management has spread across the States of late. Shipley was expected to bring the show back to the fans who made it a success, and there have been mutterings of Shipley “selling out” to the bigger markets of the west coast. Just already has quite a following in California, despite never having run a show there, with its various post-hoc tour DVDs having sold well in the Los Angeles and Bay Area urban hubs. This is reflected in the schedule, which sees four of the seven shows located in California, including outdoor shows at the famous beachside amusement park in Santa Cruz, the beautiful Santa Barbara Bowl and the legendary Greek Theatre in Berkeley. Just will also take the show to Vegas for the first time, with one booking at the Caesar’s Palace Outdoor Arena usually used for boxing.

It remains to be seen whether Shipley’s undignified leave has damaged his pulling power – Just’s business model has long relied on tour regulars being supplemented by occasional star names including Jon Kano, the Illustrious Face-Eater and most recently Violence Jack, who became Champion at the last show. But Shipley has no such concerns, having formulated his most ambitious tour schedule to date in a part of the country his company has never visited. Let us hope that high stakes will reap large rewards.”

Taken from Just Wrestling