JUST Signs Wrestlers For Long Hot Summer Tour

Source: JUST Wrestling

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Operating for the first time from Just Wrestling’s temporary new field office in the sumptuous resort of Santa Barbara, CA, booker Tim Shipley could afford himself a rare smile this morning as despite the company’s recent struggles the dam was removed from the long-bounteous stream of superstar talent into the independent promotion. Local journalists were delighted by his revelation that local legend Brian Arson, formerly of PCW, DWO and XCWF, would be heading the charge of new talent up and down the West Coast this summer. The Santa Barbara man’s image will not be plastered all over the city owing to the coastal town’s ban on billboard advertising, but nonetheless his presence is expected to massively ignite ticket sales for the 16 Aug show at the much-loved outdoor Santa Barbara Bowl.

The addition of Jacob McKail to the touring roster is equally impressive if not more so, the man from the Bronx carrying an impressive history including a FUSE Universal Championship run. Shipley will hope to hang onto McKail in the long term as Just will return to its NY/NJ homeland after the Long Hot Summer and could do with the additional pull of a big local name. First, though, McKail’s task will be the same as that of Arson and all returnees from the last tour: to somehow wrest the Just Wrestling Championship from the resilient clutches of Violence Jack, whose 5-0 start to touring life is a new record in Just Wrestling. Cheap Labor is next in line for a JWC shot and will need to harness new reserves if he is to have a chance against a man with the potential to become an even more dominant Champion than the legendary Aaron Nothings – also set to sign on for the Long Hot Summer.

Shipley confirmed two further newcomers as “The Human Arrow” Beau Archer and “The Puritan” Owen Manton. 22-year-old Archer is a mystery to most but Manton has been making waves in DWF, albeit for the wrong reasons; his mission to ‘purify’ wrestling has resulted in alienating both the locker room and the fans, and it will be interesting to see how his approach will mesh in the Just Wrestling hothouse. GCW Champion-in-waiting Andy Murray also signs on for the first time since The Second Tour, looking to avenge his recent defeat as a guest by Shepherd by giving Just a better go than his 1-3 record suggests he has managed thus far. Recent tourists Brock Alyas and Wrett Warren also return.

With such a star-studded line-up already confirmed it is difficult to see how Shipley’s foray into the West Coast market can fail. Ticket prices are confirmed to return to the traditional patterns beginning at $10 and the only concern will be whether a non-televised promotion, no matter how many superstars are lined up, can sell out such a large and prestigious venue as Berkeley’s Greek Theatre. Either way, these are certainly interesting times for Just Wrestling, with further additions to the touring roster expected in the coming days before the show gets on the road in early July.