Justin Underwood Signs with OLYMPUS: Gods of Wrestling

For months it was rumored that he was done wrestling. That he wouldn’t step into another ring again. Then over the last forty-eight hours’ rumors, whisperings, and discussions started popping up everywhere trying to say he was returning to the wrestling ring. One company with two brothers pushing wrestling into the forefront of everybody’s minds had peaked the interest and caused him to reach out and start talking to come to an agreement that would bring one of the hottest free agent wrestlers to Olympus.

The Kostas brothers liked what they saw in him, and he liked what they are all about. So to shut everybody up, and to answer all the questions going around the internet and flooding forums, the answer is yes. “The Xquizite One” is returning. “The Xquizite One” Justin Underwood has signed with Olympus: Gods of Wrestling.

Sierra Sanders reached out to Justin and asked why Olympus and this is what he had to say in return –

“When you think of all the great people throughout history, they all get complacent and don’t stay focused on the bigger picture. I’m coming to Olympus to dethrone the Titans, debunk the myths, and become a God of Wrestling. What better place is there?”

Justin had no further comments in regard to contract length or anything in terms of when he would debut for Olympus: Gods of Wrestling, but did refer further questions to the Kostas Brothers.

SOURCE: http://wrestleolympus.com