Kayfabe & Social Media: You’re Doing it Wrong

It’s no secret, eWtorch utilizes social media as much as possible to keep our viewers informed about what we do, as well as promote the hell out of eFeds and characters. Over the last few days we have been watching eWrestling Twitter accounts from both eFeds and handlers. In this piece I will be talking primarily about Twitter, but the same information can and should be used in all forms of social media.

The beauty of a Twitter account like we have, or that of an actual official eFed Twitter is that we have the ability to blue the line of reality posting both in character and out of character. We are able to post links to results OOC or a quick IC news update. However, this article leans more toward handlers and Twitter, as this is where many of the unspoken rules are broken on a weekly daily hourly basis.

Lets take a look at the two types of Twitter accounts an eFed handler may have:

  • Personal/OOC Account
  • In Character Account


A personal/OOC account is just as it sounds. This may or may not be the same Twitter account you use for non eW related things. Some handlers may have both, a personal and OOC account if they wish to separate eWrestling from the rest of their lives. This OOC account is the account handlers should use when discussing current and past events in their eFed, or talk with other handlers/fed heads about eWrestling.

How it is Used Incorrectly

This account should never be used to post in character 140 character blurbs. Once you say something from this account, whether you meant for it to be in character or not, it can easily be taken out of context. Especially if what you post is negative or trash talk toward an opponent or other eFederation. Once you post an in character post from this account, you are now opening yourself up to be judged that whatever you said is in fact out of character and how you truly feel, as a handler.

How can this backfire you may ask? Easily. Say you are logged in as your OOC Account and see a tweet from your opponent that is trash talking. If you fire back a tweet from this account in a negative way, maybe calling them a derogatory term or threatening to kill them or a loved one, you can now be perceived as having an out of character issue with this person or eFed. Now maybe common sense would tell you it’s the internet, and things aren’t that serious. But, you must realize that 80% 90% 98.5% of the people on the internet are severely lacking common sense.

I’ve seen this happen quite a number of times, and the end results are usually bad. Either a fed war is started, with handlers from eFed A shooting back personal insults with eFed B, or the person who initially posted the in character post is seen in a negative light compared to how they really are. Really, it just can open up so many sticky situations that in the end of the day you are lucky if the reply “That was meant to be in character” works. It hardly ever does.


This account is meant to be 100% in character. Lets pretend your character is real for a moment, and lets pretend outside of training, traveling, and having matches they have access to a smart phone or computer with Twitter installed AND know how to use it. I guess to do that, we must pretend you are aware of what your character’s technical abilities would be in real life and are only using social media if the character would actually.

An example would be The Undertaker, whom takes his gimmick so seriously he doesn’t even attend the Hall of Fame and sit in the crowd. He does not have a real Twitter account managed by him, as that would be breaking his character, which he doesn’t do. Not even this one. If your character is one that wouldn’t operate twitter, then you do not need an in character account. But how do I interact on twitter then if I don’t have an in character account?! Easy, you don’t or you do from your OOC account and keep it only OOC interactions.

Use this account to talk trash, hype an upcoming match, and let your followers know what’s going on in your character’s world. As long as you don’t do the things we will be describing in the next section, you will have no issue using the excuse that it was fully in character and will have a better chance of not looking like a complete douchebag or starting an OOC eFeud.

How it is Used Incorrectly

Where to begin? In character accounts alone motivated me to write this as I see so much ignorant stupidity that should be avoided it makes me reconsider touching social media at times. Seriously, I have unfollowed multiple people just in the last week for making my brain hurt for the few minutes at a time I was logged in.

Lets start by talking about OOC post on an in character account. Don’t do it, it has to end, just stop it. It is especially frustrating when someone is unable to tell if it is OOC or IC. Once you do this, you show that you are too lazy to sign in and do things proper, as well as kill any in character story or heat you have built up on Twitter. There is a reason why you have an in character account, to stay in character and develop yourself and storylines.

To make matters worse, those who add #OOC to their post, please, for the love of God just don’t. I do not care what you are doing in real life, nor will I ever. Having issues getting an RP up? Tweet the fed or fed head from your OOC account. There have been several people who abuse this to the fullest as I have counted over twenty post one after another tagged #OOC before. It drives me absolutely crazy and all it does is ruin how good of a tool that Twitter is for eWrestling. This goes back to a lot of what we’ve said time and time again, quit being lazy and put work in. If that means managing two Twitters, then so be it.

Multiple in character accounts is OK, but only if you handle multiple characters. There is nothing wrong with that in the slightest, as long as you follow the basics. However, don’t have in character conversations or arguments with yourself. Especially if people know you handle each account, you then look dumb. Also, please, you do not need to re-tweet things from one of your in character accounts across the rest. Chances are if I am following one of your accounts, I am following all. I do not want to see my timeline spammed with the same thing. It does not help you in the slightest.

Another unspoken no-no is, don’t update your Twitter every three seconds with what “you” are “doing”. You can get more across in one or two powerful tweets than breaking down every movement you make separately in their own status updates. Give people a time to read your tweet and respond. This goes back to stop spamming up the timeline. It’s especially worse when you’re detailing how a fictional character you handle is going to a fictional restaurant and just had the best fictional burrito before going to the fictional bathroom. We do not need a moment by moment re-enactment of what your character is doing. In all seriousness, if you do this all day, every day… is your real self getting outside?

Lastly, in character conversations should be held out for promos or segments on shows, not Twitter. It’s OK to have a small back and forward, but when it’s 3 am and I am reading War and Peace as written by two or three people on Twitter, I attempt to find my razor blades and end it all. If you put that much effort into writing dialog, maybe you should be helping make your eFeds shows better. Seriously, it irritates me to no end when I can see people do this over days and days, then when their show comes out they didn’t do jack shit to help improve the product. It’s lazy and it’s disrespectful to your eFed. You want to know the best way to waste talent? Do this.

Oh, and characters in “relationships” on Twitter is just effen weird. There I said it. It’s weird.


Twitter is awesome for eWrestling as well as other social media tools, if used correctly. There are so many good things that can come out of it if you do it right. But when it begins to look like you are living on Twitter, that’s when things get weird. Did you feel attacked by any part of this when reading? If so, maybe you should re-evaluate how others perceive you and what you are doing, because, you are doing it wrong.

Also, quit fed bashing on Twitter. That’s another article in itself. It just looks tacky on both ends. You for wasting your time to internet thug someone else’s fed, and them for when they get ass hurt and reply instead of ignoring.