Knockout Stage for the RMI

With only three matches left in the Rob Michaels Invitational it has come down to three wrestlers vying for the final spot in the knockout stage of the tournament.

Ryan McKenna, Scott Stevens and Electra will know their fate immediately after McKenna’s match with Tyler Boyd this week on Chaos. McKenna controls his own destiny as a win against Boyd will secure his advancement in the Invitational. McKenna loses….well then it will come down to a tiebreaker between the three.

Below are the five wrestlers who have clinched one of the six spots for advancement:

  • Ray McAvay (12pts) – Winner of his group and possible No.1 Seed and first round bye
  • Brian Hollywood (12pts) – Winner of his group and possible No.1 Seed and first round bye
  • Scottywood (9pts) – Winner of his group and if he defeats Rivid on Chaos he will also be in the running for No.1 Seed. A loss results in a match in the Wild Card Round.
  • Darin Zion (8pts) – Winner of his group by virtue of his head to head win over McKenna. Will be wrestling in the Wild Card Round
  • Iago (8pts) – Finished 2nd to Ray McAvay in the group standings and has clinched a spot in the Wild Card Round.

So even with only three RMI matches this week on Chaos, two of those matches will literally dictate how the rest of the Invitational plays out.

Expect a big announcement from Ryan McKenna this week on Chaos as more of the March to Glory card will be announced now that we know who will NOT be advancing to the knock out stages.