[LOC] Legends 19


Legends 19



Legacy of Champions has gone Underground five times now and the journey has yet to become any easier. The wounds from each venture has cut LoC deep and Underground V was no exception.

The jOlt incursion continued, seeing former Starlet Champion Sarah Winterton make her debut against the seasoned Aria Sylo. The First Woman of LoC was delivered what some would call an upset by the LoC rookie, but Winterton is a well-versed ring general herself. In any case, the self-proclaimed Fairest of Them All is here in Legacy of Champions to stay.

Two men that have undergone drastic changes met in the middle of the ring when the bitter Kaus met Brandon “Bacon” Thomas and the two former champions quickly devolved to tactics only allowed in the Underground. Kaus would put away the former two-time Legacy Champion with actions that he had described as deplorable himself. The attitude of the former Team Champion is a complete about-face from his former self, as the chip on Kaus’ shoulder grows more each week.

Brandon Thomas’ new stablemates in the Legion of Devastation, Inc., and formerly the Legion of Dairy, faced off against the newly formed team of Dusk and Vivica J. Valentine. A team that has come to call themselves The Uprising. The two teams squared off for the greatest prize in tag team wrestling today, the LoC Team Championships, with the latter putting away the former highly decorated LoD to secure their first reign as champions and make Vivica J. Valentine the second double champion of LoC’s new era.

Making his in-ring debut in what can only be described as the surprise of the decade, Andy Murray returned to the squared circle for Legacy of Champions and faced off against one of its most tenured Grapplers in Dominic Van Ness VIII. The Nation member gave The Scottish King of Cool his money’s worth but, ultimately, Andy Murray was victorious and showed that no matter how long you’re away from the ring if you were special it was for a reason. The former multiple-time world champion is now here to stay and that has brought up many questions from his former allies, most of which can be summed up with a simple word: why? No doubt Andy Murray will answer all of those questions as his LoC career continues.

It appeared Rune Winters would finally get what he wanted after months of calling out LoC Legend, Sylo, but Christian Keaton had other plans in mind and the Baddest M-F*er Here was treated to a battle with LoC’s resident psycho instead. But when fists wouldn’t get the job done against one of the toughest men in the industry, Turk resorted to strangulation and choked the life out of Rune Winters. Knowing Rune Winters, this is an act that will incite the man’s vengeance and at least for now his quest for the Superbeast may be on hold.

Brothers fought friends and proved the old adage “blood is thicker than water” true as Mattock has seemingly given in to Derecho’s manipulation and turned to the dark side. Both Adam Lazarus and Monte Burns fell victim to a barrage of brutal chair shots from the former Flyweight Champion, while Derecho basked in his own personal victory. The future looks quite grim for Mattock, if his brother’s path is any indication of the journey Mattock is about to embark upon.

Superstar Vince Jacobs, the current Legacy Champion, sicced his newly-acquired muscle on his newly acquired number one contender when he put Jack Harmen in the ring with Pietro Geist. Gesit is a former Underground Champion in jOlt and his only task was to take Jack Harmen out, a win over the decorated Grappler was not a requirement. SVJ’s attack dog made good on his job and the Legacy Champion himself got in on the action to try and derail Harmen’s hopes of a Legacy Championship before he even gets a chance to face SVJ in the ring for the title. But the attack did not keep Harmen down and SVJ realized he would need to target Harmen’s real weakness, his heart. The Legacy Champion then informed his challenger that prior to their match at Only the Strong he would put the Legacy Championship on the line in a steel cage … against Jack Harmen’s long-time tag team partner in Team VIAGRA, Tony Davis.

Former jOlt Champion Jeremy Ryan is not only in Legacy of Champions … he is also in the OTS Match at Only the Strong. LoC has made quite a few big signings since returning to television screens everywhere but none have had the hype of The Last Real Man in the Sport. Could he win OTS and become the new #1 contender to the Legacy Championship? He is certainly considered a favorite by many LoC fans.

Tensions among the few warriors of light that remain in LoC rose as Dusk attempted to both delve into the mystery of Lindsay Troy and the curse of the Underground Championship, while simultaneously contemplating ridding her of the title completely by taking it himself. He would have to wait in line for that opportunity, however, as the honor at LoC: Underground went to Providence. One of the most dominant Grapplers not just in the current Legacy of Champions landscape, but in all of LoC history, Providence was more than capable of getting the job done against The Queen of the Ring. And yet the Underground Champion pulled out another hard-fought victory, once again proving she can hold her own Underground while also enduring the curse longer than any have before her. The question remains, however, of just how long Lindsay Troy can sustain the ever-looming darkness before it consumes her.

Welcome to Legends …



Featuring: Superstar Vince Jacobs, Natalia Jacobs, & Pietro Geist

Location: Parking Lot

The camera panned into the parking lot area of the Arena of Champions. The large production truck was on the side as a few cars drove through with some of LoC’s talent making their way into the building. The driver door to a long black stretch Hummer limo opened to a tall thin white man run to the back of the limo and open the door. The camera noticed a set of long legs exiting the limo with black stiletto high highs hitting the pavement. These legs where attached to Natalia Simunek-Jacobs and right behind her stepping out of the limo was none other than the Legacy champion, ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs. Natalia looked at the driver.

“Get our bags, hon.”

The driver made his way to the trunk as Jacobs slammed the limo door in frustrations.

“Where the hell is he? I haven’t spoken to him all week and now I have a match tonight for my Legacy championship and he’s not here.” Vince paced next to the limo.

“Calm down honey, he’ll be here.” Natalia said trying to soothe her husband.

As she spoke a SUV rolled into the parking lot behind the limo. The driver turned off the SUV and stepped out of the truck. The camera saw the massive frame of Pietro Geist step from the SUV. Jacobs’ head quickly turned on a swivel and walked to the massive German.

“Where the hell have you been? You don’t return my phone calls all week. I need to know what the hell happened at Underground. You was given a job to do and you didn’t do it. I wanted Harmen ended in that ring so I would not have to face him for my title at Only the Strong but you somehow let him survive and then let him hit a Locomotive on me. A freakin’ Locomotive to this glorious face.”

Geist did not respond as he let Jacobs vent.

“I need to know what the hell I’m paying you for if you can’t a simple job done.”

Natalia stepped in between the two as Geist peered down to the both of them.

“I don’t work for you Jacobs.” Geist said with disdain in his voice.

Vince slowly moved Natalia out of the way and looked up at the massive German. “Yes you do. I expect no more failures. Tonight we get the job done. Greatness will be in the main event as always and we need to carry out the overall plan. Do you understand me?”

Geist looked at Vince and Natalia, before reluctantly nodding in agreement. The big man grabbed his bag from the backseat and headed into the area. The drive took Vince and Natalia’s bags into the arena as well. Jacobs stood still for a moment before speaking to Natalia.

“Something’s not right with that kid. They sure know how to pick them, don’t they?”

Natalia smiled as Vince grabbed her hand. “Let’s go talk strategy for tonight.”


Featuring: The Fighting Foreigner

Location: In-Ring

The intro to this week’s edition of Legends finally wrapped up and just as fast, we were greeted by the likes of Tony Stone and Reno Davis!

“Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Tony Stone and I’d like to welcome you to an action-packed edition of Legends!” He yelled with much exuberance in his voice.

“And I’m Reno Davis and I’ll be helping you, the fans at home, navigate through the nauseatingly grating tones of my broadcast colleague!” Reno shot with much MOCK exuberance in his voice.

Tony completely no-sold Reno Davis’ biting commentary.

“Tonight, we’ve got some HUGE matches in store for you! The NEW LoC Team Champions, The Uprising – Dusk and Vivica J. Valentine – take on very familiar rivals in the former champions, The Nation! And in our main event… “Superstar” Vince Jacobs will defend the Legacy Championship against, of all people, Jack Harmen’s tag team partner and brother-in-law, Tony Davis in the confines of a steel cage! Is he trying to screw with Harmen right before their match at Uprising or what?”

“Or what!” Reno snapped. “Our champion would NEVER do anything like that! He doesn’t have to play mind games like Harmen did a few weeks ago, costing him a match to Billows when he announced his intent to cash in his Legacy Title shot at Only The Strong!”

“And speaking of… the titular thirty-man match will also be taking place in a few weeks and with it, the winner of the match will become the #1 Contender to the Legacy Championship! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be hearing from the Grapplers of LoC about this big match, along with names of those competing and…”

Bagpipes whined over the LoC PA, green pyros erupted from the stage edge…

“THE FIGHTING FOREIGNER!” Stone exclaimed. “What’s he doing out here?”

“I don’t know,” Reno said, “but he doesn’t look too happy with what happened to him after Turk dismantled him a few weeks ago.”

The crowd booed The Fighting Foreigner as he hurriedly stormed toward the ring, looking all sorts of pissed-off. The longtime member of the LoC roster rolled into the ring…

“Cut that fuckin’ music!” he screamed!

The music faded just as fast as he arrived as he picked himself up. The Fighting Foreigner looked to the jeering crowd with a scorn etched on his face.


Some members of the crowd started to laugh, but the Foreigner wasn’t having any of that shit.



He fumed and paced so rapidly in the ring, he might have burned a hole in the canvas. Clearly irked with his treatment a few weeks ago at the hands of Turk, a vein could almost be seen pulsating on his forehead. TFF took another moment to compose himself before he continued.

“In just a few weeks, we’ve got ourselves a pay-per-view! Only The Strong! And with it, the chance to change yer luck… Ah’m here ta tell ya that Ah will be in that match and Ah WILL become the next Legacy Champion!”

“Yeah… okay…” Reno snarked.

“Ah WILL…”


I promise I’m not going to type Guerilla Radio.

Wait. Shit.

Just did…

A single spotlight on the ramp and the crowd WENT FUCKING APESHIT for the person who was standing on top of the ramp. A PRIME Hall of Famer. A multiple-time World Champion and now a retired and some would probably say successful manager with a gift of gab.

“Oh, no…” Tony Stone said.

Former jOlt manager to one of jOlt’s Last World Champions…


Sonny was slightly taken aback by the positive reception from the crowd and looked to the fans by batting his eyes and giving an “Aw, shucks!” look. He then gestured to the crowd and then pointed to the ceiling while The Fighting Foreigner looked ready to blow a gasket at his interruption. As Sonny waited, a microphone lowered down from the ceiling. For any fans of PRIME (Hey, Lindz) those that remember that point in his career cheered when the OLD SKOOL MIC dropped from the ceiling! The crowd was going crazy for a prop Sonny hadn’t used since his PRIME days and this even brought out an odd collection of chants…


Another allusion to the long-parted, but famous former fWo Tag Team Champions, Sonny Silver and Lindsay Troy. Sonny soaked in the chants and got ready to make some noise.


“Who the fuck are ye!” Foreigner shouted. “Get the fuck outta here!”

Sonny held up his hand to cut off TFF.

“Just one announcement and I’ll be on my way, my Scottish… Irish… uh… probably European-based, friend! See… I understand you’re hunting for an opportunity and that’s what this business is all about: opportunity! The Only The Strong match is in just a few weeks from now and there will be thirty stars… No, wait strike that. There will be twenty-nine TARGETS in that ring! Twenty-nine other men and women that will be tossed right the fuck aside by my boy! He’s a bulldozer with a wrecking ball AND fucking awesome pew-pew laser eyes that will BURN anybody that dares get in his way! And no, before you ask, it’s not Sylo.”

Some of the fans laughed as Sonny continued.

“Apologies to you, Mr. Foreigner, but there will be be ONLY…”

The Hall of Famer raised his index finger now.

“One winner. One MAN that will change the face of Legacy of Champions! One man that will SAVE Legacy of Champions from the tyrannical grip of a prima-donna Superstar who doesn’t realize that his time at the top is running out…” Silver continued to milk the moment for all it was worth. “The man I will introduce is not just any man… ONE OF JOLT’S FINAL – AND ITS MOST DOMINANT – WORLD CHAMPIONS IN ITS ENTIRE HISTORY…”

Now gesturing to the curtain, a shit-eating grin crossed Sonny’s face as the crowd was about ready to lose its shit a second time.


“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

“Oh, YES!” Reno shouted.

The music hit and the crowd was in SHOCK! Out from the back came a man that – with Sonny’s guidance – dominated the jOlt World Championship scene for the huge part of 2015. Out stepped out from the back, all 6’4” and 272 pounds of the man that dared to call himself The Last Real Man in the Sport, standing stoically on the stage, garnering a HUGE response from the crowd!

“HOLY CRAP, HE’S HERE!” Reno shouted. “JEREMY RYAN! This is one bad dude, Stoner!”

“No argument from me! He worked his way for years in Japan, he joined jOlt via its developmental system, The Hype, graduated from that program and became the first and only man from The Hype to hold jOlt’s biggest prize, the jOlt World Championship! He pissed off a lot of people on his way to the top and made no shortage of enemies, but based off the preview of Jeremy Ryan we saw last week… he appears to be newly motivated by competition.”

It was no secret that Jeremy Ryan was on his way to Legacy of Champions when it was announced weeks ago that a class of jOlt’s finest had been picked up following the company buyout… but right here, right now? The Fighting Foreigner’s face was beet-red and he growled about his spotlight being taken from him in this huge moment, but Ryan showed no concern from either TFF or the crowd’s enormous response. He started towards the ring slowly and Sonny ran right behind him. Without missing a beat, Ryan stuck his hand out for Sonny to slap a huge high-five.

“I feel a little bad for anybody that has to tangle with this dude!” Reno agreed. “He’s spent years immersed in Japanese Strong Style! He’s what some could call a ‘big man’ in the ring, but Ryan’s style is very unique! He can throw strikes with the best of them and work the mat like nobody’s business!”

TFF was infuriated at this point.

“CUT THAT FUCKIN’ MUSIC!” he shouted.

The tech monkeys in the back did no such thing as Jeremy Ryan stopped in front of the ring and had The Fighting Foreigner locked in his sights. Ryan simply paced up the steps, unzipped his “REAL MAN” bloody knuckles-themed hoodie and tossed it over to Sonny before he stepped into LoC’s squared circle for the first time. With TFF right in front of him, Ryan actually brought a smirk to his face. The music faded out as Ryan stood his ground with legions of LoC Faithful going apeshit for his sudden appearance.

Sonny Silver raised a hand and started to egg on the crowd while Ryan simply waved with both hands, almost DARING TFF to do something. The Foreigner had come out here to announce his intent to be in the Only The Strong match, but certainly hadn’t considered THIS scenario. The Foreigner dropped his microphone on the ground and walked right past Jeremy and Sonny…


Ryan sunk his head to the ground and it seemed he was intent on letting TFF pass…


TFF snuck up behind him and blasted him in the back of the head with an elbow! The Foreigner looked absolutely giddy that he’d cheap-shotted the debuting Ryan, but that giddiness went away the second he realized what happened: the blow only caused the Strong Style aficionado to crane his neck in his direction… now PISSED the fuck off. Ryan stopped in his tracks and SLOWLY turned his head around while a chant started…


The cheap shot looked like it amused Jeremy Ryan! The former jOlt World Champion shifted his whole body at the Foreigner, who looked surprised. TFF tried to charge again…


Ryan caught him and TOSSED him over, almost dumping TFF right on his head! Ryan then rushed over and without missing a beat, picked up TFF and THREW him through the ropes like a rag doll sending him crashing all the way out to the floor! Sonny then had a seat in the ring, cross-legged while he shouted instructions into the microphone that TFF had dropped.

“Sic ‘em, boy!” Silver yelled.

The Last Real Man in the Sport powered The Fighting Foreigner right up and hoisted him high overhead before simply DUMPING him on the floor with a Power Slam on the floor, educing screams of pain from TFF as he arched his back ! A simple move made deadlier by the fact that Ryan was almost looking to drive him THROUGH the arena ground!

The worst was still yet to come for the Fighting Foreigner and Ryan showed no signs of stopping as Ryan pried him up and with all his might…


…TFF was whipped so hard into the barricade nearby that it actually BOUNCED back several inches! TFF was just about done when Ryan picked him up yet again and this time, carried him right over his shoulder and rolled his almost-lifeless body back in the ring at Sonny’s feet. Silver was still seated cross-legged and scooted backwards using his hands to give Jeremy Ryan more room to conduct his own brand of mayhem.

“Just so you all know,” Sonny said to the crowd, “we didn’t steal this beatdown idea from Turk, but rather we’re improving on it. Ours is way fucking cooler. All right, Jeremy, make with the smashy-smashy!”

The crowd was still loving every bit of this as TFF tried to weakly stand. Ryan was all over him like a fat kid with cake…


Second verse, same as the first, but a little bit louder and a little bit worse! TFF hit the buckle hard and collapsed in a heap… but sadly for him, things were about to go from worse to “he’s boned.” Ryan then pulled up TFF into a standing headscissors position and ran a thumb across his throat. TFF was practically dead weight at this point, but the fans that followed jOlt knew what move was coming next. Ryan elevated TFF and pried him upwards…

(Jumping Piledriver)

A move that had about 99.99999999% success rate in jOlt, Jeremy Ryan dumped TFF right on his head and he bounced off the mat in a sickening manner before going completely limp. Ryan scooted to his feet and dusted himself off before he motioned for his hoodie. Sonny threw it back and The Last Real ManAGER reached out a hand for Jeremy to pull pulled Sonny back to his feet. Jeremy Ryan motioned for the microphone and looked down at The Fighting Foreigner.

“Let this be a lesson, LoC,” Ryan said as the crowd continued roaring. “At Only The Strong… LoC’s Last Real Man WILL be LoC’s Last Real Man STANDING.”

Ryan threw the microphone down and then causally reached down to pull up TFF’s limp hand to shake it!

“At least he tried to fight a man,” Ryan quipped.

Sonny Silver then raised Jeremy Ryan’s hand and showed him off for the crowd before both men departed from the ring.

“Message sent to the roster…” Reno said. “Jeremy Ryan is now here in LoC and he’s going straight for the jugular!”

“And if Jeremy Ryan is going to be in the Only The Strong match, he could be one of the early favorites right off the bat!” Stone replied. “Folks, stick around because we’ve got a huge show for you tonight that you do NOT want to miss!”


Featuring: Lindsay Troy, Monte Burns, Angelica Brooks, & Matt Mills

Location: The Loft

Well, that was a delightful little in-ring massacre, wasn’t it?

Let’s kick it backstage to something that’s a little bit…INTRIGUE~!-ing…

A pair of boots, perhaps?

Now, generally speaking, footwear wouldn’t be very interesting or intriguing, we know. But these boots weren’t your typical high-end fashion number or even a pair of lightweight, flexible ones that most Industry Professionals in the Legacy of Champions would wear in competition. The tips of these were rounded, hard, scuffed to shit. Steel-toed. They mean business…the kind of business you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of. Shit-kickers in every sense of the word.

Pink-tipped fingers deftly threaded the laces through metal eyelets on either side of one boot’s tongue while the ends of curly hair hung down in the camera’s area of view.

You didn’t have to see her face to know who this was…

“Are you sure this is necessary?”

The shot pulled back to reveal the Queen of the Ring and Underground Champion sitting bent forward at the waist on one of the Loft’s couches, but it wasn’t her voice that asked the question. That would belong to Monte Burns, who was standing off to the side and watching her tie her shoes.

“Is what necessary?” Troy asked with a noticeable edge to her voice. Monte frowned a bit at her tone.

“Whatever it is you’re putting those boots on for, for one,” he replied, “And our guest, for two…”

He motioned his head to the right where a very tall, very muscular Black man was posted up against Billows’ wooden desk. He held a copy of the Orlando Sentinel in his hands, the top edge of which he flicked down so his eyes met the Golden Child’s.

“Got a name, Boss.”

“He has a name, Monte.”

“I know he….I know you do,” Burns addressed the man. “I’m sorry. And you don’t need to call me ‘Boss.’”

“Dam calls everyone ‘Boss.’”

“It’s my thing, Boss. Can’t be askin’ a tiger to change his stripes this late in the game.”

Monte stared at the Queen’s company, blinked, and then turned back to his Loft-mate. “Is there anyone you didn’t mention the tiger jacket to?”

“You got one’a those?” The man known as Dam – first name, Dametreyus; last name, Fuqueiawytas, pronounced exactly how you’re thinking – lifted an eyebrow at Monte’s question. “Why aren’t you wearin’ it?”

“That’s forever the question, Dam.” Troy stood up from the couch and tested the laces and the instep. Satisfied, she pulled her pant legs down over the tops of the boots, adjusted the hem of her long sleeve shirt, and rose to her full height. “I’ll let you know when I find out the answer.”

Monte sighed; this is a point he will never, ever win. “OK but really, Lindsay, what’s going on here? You’re not booked and I know you wouldn’t show up only to try on shoes, nevermind bring company along for it.”

“Dam is here to keep the unwanted rabble from the Loft since someone was a pushover and let another someone in the door who had no business being here.” That earned Monte a very pointed glare. “And we’re closing off secret passages until further notice. That comes straight from the Lion. People want in, they come in through the front door and the front door only.”

“I got that text too, but I think you’re being a little unfair.”

“Am I?” Troy put her hands on her hips. “Having a knitting circle with Ol’ Red Eyez is fair game, though, I guess.”

“Come on.” The Golden Child was getting exasperated. “He’s concerned, and he’s not the only one.”

“Boss Lady can handle herself.” Dam brought the newspaper back up to his face. “And Pale Boss never leaves well enough alone when he should.”

“Thank you, Dam.”

“Everyone knows everyone in your world,” Monte observed.

“Yes, he’s been around awhile.” Back to Burns. “Dusk is persona non grata as far as this space and myself are concerned, Monte. End of discussion.”

Burns paused for a moment as he considered continuing the conversation thread. As much as he wanted to make his case once more, he had already learned in the relatively short time he and Troy had become friends that pushing the line with her almost never worked.

“What about those boots?” he asked again, but a knock at the door held Troy’s response at bay.

Dam lowered the newspaper, folded it, and walked toward the entrance. “You want me to hit ‘em with the ‘Passphrase’?”

“That should be Angie and Mills. I told them you were here, but who am I to tell the first line of defense how to do his job?”

“Work up to it then,” he smirked. Once he reached the end of the hall, he checked the peephole then pulled the oak door open to indeed reveal Angelica Brooks and Matt Mills.

“Dam!” Angie squealed and threw her arms around his waist. “I thought Lindz was kidding. What are you doing here?”

“Boss Lady had a job and I had the time.”

Mills offered a wane smile. “That’s almost never good,” he said, which earned him a you ain’t kiddin’ look from Dam.

“Well, regardless, you being here makes this the best night since we started!” Angie beamed.

“Hope everyone’s getting reacquainted?”

Troy stepped around Dametreyus and into the hallway. Monte Burns followed behind her; if he was concerned before regarding Troy’s attire, the feeling had grown exponentially once she produced a duffel bag and carried it with her out of the Loft.

“Sure are! This was a surprise, but a good one!”

“Glad you think so, Brooks.”

“Where are you off to?” Mills asked. “Going to warm Daryn up?”

“No, did that already. I’ve got a–”

“Don’t say it,” Burns cautioned. “Dammit, don’t finish that sentence.”

The Queen smirked and clapped her hand on the Golden Child’s shoulder. “I’ve got a thing I gotta do.”

Before she could walk too far away, Monte grabbed her by the elbow. “I get it, you’re pissed, but going to confront Dusk about it isn’t going to make things any better.”

Troy stared at Burns for a moment and the smirk faded from her face. It appeared she was considering this plea, to leave well enough alone for the evening. She didn’t need to confront him…she didn’t need to do anything of the sort…

…and in an instant, a noxious grin replaced that slick, self-aware smile.

“Oh Monte…” she jerked her arm out of his. “There are more important things on my agenda tonight than that red-eyed basket case.”

She stomped off down the hall and left them with this thought.

“I have some parking lot payback to dish out…”


Featuring: Scott Riktor, Suicide, & Providence

Location: The Office of The Brand President

A new scene flashed onto the LegacyTron as fans saw a large desk with papers strewn about. As the camera panned back, the LoC faithful let out loud cheers once they saw who was seated.

Scott Riktor

The LoC legend and current executive was peering to the side watching a monitor of the night’s early events. As he started to turn his head to look in the opposite direction, a puff of smoke drifted his way.

“For a ‘secret location’ that Loft sure seems to get a lot of action, even with Billows MIA,” he said. Another cloud of smoke floated in front of his face before the camera panned again to show its source.


The Mysterious Wanderer was once again smoking a cigar as he leaned back in his chair. He stared into oblivion before he put the cigar out in the palm of his gloved hand.

“Have you taken the time to go over the information, Scott?” inquired Suicide.

“Yes, and there is something I’ve been meaning to ask you. But before I do, how was you talk with Dayrn the other day?” replied Scott Riktor.

“Somewhat productive, although she is a bit… strong-willed like her father…” said Suicide.

“I think you mean stubborn like her old man.” laughed Riktor. “Dusty has always marched to the beat of his own drum, but loyal to the end. Dayrn is the same and having her on our side would strengthen our resolve in this war.”

“You may be right, but it is up to her to decide her own destiny. Besides, I am not comfortable having her fight our war, much like having your brother and nephew involved as well. This needs to be our fight, not theirs.” Suicide responded.

“Ulysis, do you honestly believe we can prevent them from getting involved when they already are just by their association with us? Anyone who is even remotely aligned to our cause will have a target on their back no matter what we do.” Riktor rationally explained.

“Maybe so, but this puts me in an uneasy situation where I may have to get involved sooner rather than was intended… which may be tonight because it seems our friend is about to pay us a visit in a moment…” said Suicide ominously.

“What? What visitor? You know Ulysis, sometimes I…” Riktor said before he was cutoff by an impromptu visitor…


The Man of Destiny strode immediately into the office toward the desk. He paused for a moment when he looked to his side to see Suicide before taking a couple more steps to stand right up against the front of the desk. The Mysterious Wanderer calmly sat in the leather chair as Providence stared down Scott Riktor.

“Mr. Riktor….you saw what happened on the Underground. I had Ms. Troy beaten and the Underground Championship within my grasp. And then…”

Providence slammed his fist hard on the table, sending several papers flying. He then leaned forward, drawing his face closer to Riktor. The LoC Brand President didn’t back down, though, himself leaning forward.

“And then….Dusk interfered in my affairs. He robbed me of my destiny…of my jewel. It was my place to take that Underground Championship and destroy one of LoC’s heroes. For that, he MUST be punished.” He paused momentarily as he stared into Riktor’s eyes. “I want….I DEMAND a match with him tonight.”

A few seconds passed as the two men continued their staredown, with Suicide watching intently from a few feet away. Then, Riktor finally leaned back again in his chair.

“Well, Providence, I have some good news and I have some bad news for you…”

Providence straightened up, obviously becoming a little impatient.

“First, the bad news,” Riktor said as he grabbed one of the papers in front of him. “You see, as much as I’d just LOVE to do you a favor….you, the man who nearly crucified my brother of course…Dusk is already in action here tonight in a tag team match.”

Providence’s eyes narrowed as he looked downward.

“Buuuuuuuuuuut…” Riktor said as he dropped the paper and rubbed his chin. “The good news is, I know someone else who IS free tonight and who would be happy to step in the ring with you…”

As his voice trailed off, Suicide picked up his fedora that sat on a table beside him and stood to his feet. He walked slowly over to where Providence stood, stopping just short of him. The two men stood rigid in front of one another, eyes piercing the other, muscles tensing up. The posturing was clear, with neither man wanting to show any signs of backing down.

Riktor smiled as Suicide placed the fedora on his masked head as he adjusted it accordingly. The Man of Destiny looked incensed but still didn’t want to show any sign of being bothered.

“Our paths have crossed for a reason and I can’t wait to deliver your destiny to you…” he said as he looked into Suicide’s eyes. Then, he abruptly took a step back and broke the staredown to turn in Riktor’s direction.

“…but that destiny is not tonight, Mr. Riktor. This man has done nothing to earn a shot at me yet. Look at all that I have accomplished here in Legacy of Champions. He has to prove himself first before our battle will take place.” stated Providence.

Providence smirked at the Mysterious Wanderer, turned away and headed to the door. But as he opened the door and stepped one foot outside, The Man of Destiny was stopped short by the voice of one Mysterious Wanderer…

“Mr. Bishop, it seems you once again are delaying the inevitable. I knew Dusk would have done everything in his power to prevent you from taking the Underground Championship from Ms. Troy, it is why I never even bothered to stop you myself. We both know you want that championship badly, not just for your own personal gain, but for whatever nefarious reasons your masters have in mind. Nevertheless, no matter when we finally do battle, Mr. Bishop, the end result will be the same… “ said Suicide.

Without looking back, Providence replied, “Oh, and what would that result be?”

“Your failure, of course.”

The Man of Destiny growled before he begrudgingly left the office as he slammed the door behind him.

Scott Riktor rubbed his temple as he shook his head.

“That man seriously needs a reality check…” Riktor stated.

“And he will get one in due time.” replied Suicide.

The LoC President turned his gaze towards his close friend.

“Now you have to tell me how the hell you knew Providence was going to enter the room…”

Riktor was a bit bewildered.

“It does not matter, what matters now is usurping control of Legacy of Champions from the Board of Directors. Speaking of which, that information I gave you… what did you find?”

“Oh, I think you will find what I’m about to tell you very interesting…”


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Kim Adams

It was several months ago at Self Destruction that Amber Ryann earned a hard-fought victory over Persephone to retain the Bombshells Championship. When Amber was about to leave, Daryn Thompson came out and powerbombed her on the stage. That issue has gone unresolved for months on end thanks to an unscrupulous Mr. Conspiracy causing the walkout of nearly the entire roster. Now that everyone was back and ready to go, Amber Ryann requested this match in order to settle the score after all this time.

Stand on the bar.
Stomp your feet, start clappin’.
Got a real good feelin’
Somethin’ bad about to happen…

“Somethin’ Bad” – Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood

The crowd offered up a mixed reaction as Daryn Thompson stepped out from the backstage area. She made it clear on Legends 9 that she wanted a crack at the Bombshells Championship, even though she didn’t necessarily dislike Amber Ryann. However, she still made it personal, and the young Texan knew the former champ wanted a piece of her for what she did. The BOOs she was getting tonight were from the pro-Amber Ryann contingent, but she had more important things to worry about.

The Texas Technician walked down to the ring prepared to fight. A victory over a former champion would catapult her to the next level and possibly get her a Bombshells title match. Daryn rolled into the ring and started stretching herself out in preparation for her opponent.

“Antinotice” by AKIAKANE

This week, Amber Ryann was back to her normal upbeat theme song. She came out and moved from side to side on the stage getting the people into it. She then stopped at the top of the ramp and threw her fist into the air, fell to a knelt position, and slammed her fist into the stage causing four big pyro explosions to go off to the left and right of her in the hues of Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red. Amber then skipped down the ramp, slapping hands with her fans along the way.

She got up on the apron and grabbed the top rope. She slung herself over and pivoted, landing on the middle rope. She moonsaulted off and landed on her feet causing the four turnbuckles to explode with pyro in the same four colors as her hair.

Amber took off her sunglasses and passed them to ringside. Immediately a chant broke out in the audience.

“WE STILL LOVE YOU!” *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*
“WE STILL LOVE YOU!” *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*
“WE STILL LOVE YOU!” *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*
“WE STILL LOVE YOU!” *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*
“WE STILL LOVE YOU!” *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*

Amber pumped her fist in the air as the referee called for the bell.


“At the sound of the bell we can hear the chants of the fans as they continue to support Amber Ryann,” said Stone.

“I don’t understand why they would support her. She’s lazy, incompetent, and a basement-dwelling loner. Mattock is better off without her,” said Davis.

Amber and Daryn circled each other in the ring. They locked up and immediately Daryn shoved Amber down to the canvas, but Amber got right back up and locked up with her a second time, but Daryn shoved her right back down again and Amber knelt there looking at Daryn trying to figure out what to do.

Amber got back to her feet and the two circled each other again. They went for another lock up, but Amber used her quickness and went into a waist lock. Daryn went for the back elbow, but Amber trapped the arm and spun Daryn around. She kicked her in the stomach to double her over and then took off to the ropes. She bounced off and leapt up, hitting a Leg Lariat, taking Daryn down! Daryn got back up, but she got hit with another Leg Lariat! Daryn popped back up to her feet and Amber grabbed her by the arm, whipping her into the corner. Amber charged in, but Daryn made her eat a back elbow!

Amber staggered back and Daryn came out of the corner with a lariat, but Amber ducked and was back to back with Daryn! She reached back, looking to hook her for the Reaper of Souls, but Daryn quickly turned and shoved her towards the ropes! Amber charged at them, leapt to the middle rope and with no hands, leapt backwards with the Mega Man X Wall Jump, expecting to leap over Daryn, but Daryn was nowhere to be found because she never moved! Daryn immediately put Amber into a waist lock and tried for a German Suplex, but Amber flipped out and landed on her feet! Daryn turned and got caught in the chest with the…


(Double Palm Thrust)

“She connects with the Hadoken! She just Ryu’d the Ken out of her!” said Stone.

“You trying to sound like your know what you’re talking about is a complete and total embarrassment, Stone. Perhaps they should lower the cage above the ring and toss you inside. It would do the world a tremendous favor.” said Davis.

Daryn hit the canvas, but slowly got back up. Amber charged in, looking for a Famouser, but Daryn side stepped and hooked Amber in a Full Nelson, but Amber stomped on Daryn’s shin, dropped to her seat and kicked Daryn in the face! Amber stood and ran into the corner, hopped up the turnbuckle pads and spun like a top, colliding with Daryn with the Twisting Cross Body! Daryn rolled to the outside, but Amber wouldn’t let her breathe. Ryann ran to the ropes and bounced off. Right when Daryn popped her head up, Ryan flipped and twisted over the top rope, crashing into her with another…


(Springboard Twisting Plancha)

“Going to make another ill-fated gaming reference, Stone?” asked Davis.

“Amber Ryann is letting her emotions through here as she continues to stay on top of the one who powerbombed her on stage many months ago!” said Stone.

“Nice job diverting away from my question, Stone. How do you manage to keep your job?” asked Davis before pausing and continuing. “No.. don’t answer that one.. it’s rhetorical. Not that I expected you to give me an honest answer anyway.”

Amber Ryann was on fire and she knew it as she got up and punched the air, letting out a scream! She was getting a bit more comfortable these days and that’s always a good thing! Amber grabbed Daryn and tossed her back into the ring before rolling in and going for the first cover of the match..



Daryn got the shoulder up.

Amber stood and kept Daryn on the canvas. She leapt up and dropped a knee across the temple. She stood and dropped another knee across the temple and made another quick cover.



Daryn kicked out again

Amber got to her feet and headed to the corner. Daryn staggered back to hears as Amber took aim. She leapt off and connected with a Missile Drop Kick! Amber stood and went to the ropes again, keeping up this breakneck pace. Amber front flipped into a Senton Back Splash.. she stood and hit a Standing Moonsault.. she then stood again and nailed a Standing Shooting Star Press!! Amber had another cover, hooking the leg as she was completely owning Daryn Thompson right now!



Daryn kicked out once again!

Immediately after kicking out, Daryn rolled back to the outside in an attempt to get some separation between the two of them. Speed was not Daryn’s forte and Amber knew it. She knew she had to keep up the breakneck speed in order to stay on top in this match. Amber did just that by bouncing off the ropes and front flipping over them to the outside. She landed on Daryn’s shoulders, looking for a Slingshot Huracanrana, but Daryn used her power and held on, preventing her from flipping! Daryn then mustered her back up to shoulder height and..




“Mind keeping it down? I’m trying to watch a loner get her ass rightfully beaten over here!” snarled Davis.

It was shades of Self Destruction all over again! Daryn Thompson demolished Amber Ryann with that powerbomb and the crowd held their breath as Amber wasn’t moving at all! The referee even stopped the count and exited the ring to check on her, but Daryn Thompson wouldn’t have any of that! She shoved the referee out of the way and picked Amber up off the floor. She threw her back into the ring as the referee yelled at her to back off, but Daryn ignored him and re-entered the ring.

Daryn stomped her foot down on top of Amber’s lower back and pressed against it as hard as she could. She then used her back as a step and walked over Amber getting boos from the crowd. Daryn then quickly turned and laid in forearm after forearm into Amber’s lower back, injuring her even further. Daryn rolled her over into the cover and hooked the leg.



Amber kicked out! There was still some fight left in her!

“Amber Ryann is doing whatever she can to hang on here in this match!” said Stone.

“Much to my chagrin,” said Davis.

Daryn stood and drove her knee into Amber’s lower back repeatedly. Now that Daryn had turned the tide of this match, she needed to keep Amber Ryann grounded otherwise it will just be a repeat of what we just saw! Daryn pulled up on Amber Ryann’s neck and placed her into a Dragon Sleeper. She pulled back as far as she could in order to stretch out those lower back muscles even more. After she felt Amber go limp, she let her go, shoving her face first into the canvas. Daryn stood up and gloated about what she did just did and the fans began to boo her for that.

Daryn walked back over and pulled Amber up off the canvas. She hit a combination of a knife edge chop, then an overhand slap, then another chop, then another overhand slap. She finished that with a kick to the stomach where she took Ryann over with a Vertical Suplex. Daryn made another cover, hooking the leg.



Amber with the shoulder up again!

Amber refused to give it up and now Daryn was getting kind of frustrated! She pulled Amber up and kicked her in the stomach. She placed Amber between her legs and lifted her up for a powerbomb, but Amber slipped off of Daryn’s shoulders and began to hit forearm after forearm to the face! She then took off to the ropes and bounced off of them. She leapt into the air for a flying forearm, but Daryn Thompson beat her to the punch… quite literally.. and decked Amber Ryann in the face mid-flight!! Amber hit the canvas hard and Daryn wasted no time at all! She grabbed Amber and pulled her up to her feet. She shoved Amber Ryann between her legs, lifted and..


Daryn grabbed Amber by her multi-colored hair and pulled her back up. She placed Amber back between her legs, and lifted once again..


Daryn once again, grabbed Amber and pulled her back up. The crowd was falling silent.. some even covered their mouths as Daryn set her up again. The referee was telling her to stop, but Daryn wouldn’t listen. She lifted Amber up and for the third time…


Daryn grabbed Amber by the legs and turned her over into the…


(Elevated Texas Cloverleaf)


“HA! Amber Ryann got what she deserved! Isn’t that great, Stone?” asked Davis.

“Amber Ryann wanted this match.. she wanted her shot at revenge and while she looked to have had this match in the bag in the early goings, one move .. that vicious powerbomb .. turned the tides of this match completely and from there on out it was all Daryn Thompson! Was it a mistake for Amber to ask for this match!? Given the results that we just witnessed the answer to that was pretty clear.” added Stone.

“Of course the results were pretty clear! They were clear since the bell rang! Go back home sweetheart and play your little Smash Bros. That’s where you belong.” said Davis.

With this victory, Daryn Thompson got her name recognized. She would have to be considered now a contender to the Bombshells Championship. Daryn grinned as she looked at Amber on the canvas and then took her leave. Amber was still motionless as Daryn walked up the ramp. She blew a kiss goodbye to Amber and said, “At least they still love you, right?” referring to the fans and the chant she got earlier before the match got under way.

Daryn laughed at her own remark and exited behind the curtain to the backstage area. The camera focused in on an unconscious Amber Ryann before fading out to black.

WINNER: Daryn Thompson via Knockout


Featuring: Dusk & Scott Riktor

Location: Office of the Brand President

In Scott Riktor’s office, there was a couch. A great big couch. A black leather couch. A couch that more people than not just made themselves feel at home on. This greatly irritated Scott. Because Scott did not like people to just sit on his couch, especially because he was positive that certain individuals would give the couch STDs. Scott knew this wasn’t physically possible, but he could care less.

So, imagine Scott’s disappointment as he opened the door to his office, and witnessed an individual sitting there. The person didn’t even register in his mind first.

“I should really start locking this thing.”

The man on the couch smiled. “A bit on edge, Scott?”

“On edge?” Scott inquired as he heard the man’s voice, which started to ease him. Just a bit though. “Repeated breaking and entering in your office will do that to you.”

Scott closed the door to his office and proceeded to make his way to his office chair. As he sat down, he could still feel every muscle in his body, tense from the day to day grind of his job. Scott looked at Dusk, doing his best to not look into those red eyes of his because, let’s face it, they’re creepy.

“First, let me congratulate you on your victory at Underground. Tag Team Champ? That’s mighty impressive,” Scott stated calmly.

“Thanks, but I think you know that’s not why I’m here,” Dusk quickly responded.

“I imagine not,” Scott sighed. “Lindsay?”

Dusk inched forward on the couch, giving Scott mild heart palpitations. “I can’t stand by and watch idly any longer. The pain that is going through her right now, I don’t know what the hell is going on with her, but this title is going to kill her if I don’t do something. If we don’t do something.”

Scott’s brow furrowed. “We? Am I also going to be co-champion with you in this deal?”

“I can handle it,” Dusk responded.

Scott leaned forward. “Do you really think she can’t handle it?”

“It’s going to kill her, Scott. I’ve known Lindsay for far too long. She will push herself beyond her limits and it will destroy her,” Dusk simply stated in a passive tone. “You owe me a favor, Scott. For everything I did.”

Scott groaned. “Seems like these favors are piling up. Ever heard of reciprocity?”

“You owe me, Scott. Lindsay and me. Only The Strong. For the Underground Title. And no, this is not the Tag Team cash-in. So don’t even try that,” Dusk fired back, knowing Scott was going there as well.

Scott leaned back in his chair and knew he was defeated. “Fine. You want to step into the ring and face LT? You got it. Just remember, a lot of other people have said she can’t handle herself and a lot of other people have walked away empty handed as a result.”

Dusk stood up. “Well, Scott, you’re not the first person to warn me about that. Probably won’t be the last.” Dusk then made his way to his office door.

“Dusk,” Scott started. “If she asks, you threatened to beat me up to get this title shot. Because I have no desire to handle her wrath.”

Dusk chuckled. “Sure, boss. Whatever you want.”

The door opened and Dusk left Scott alone.

“I just hope it hasn’t dug it’s claws in too deep just yet.”


Featuring: Monte Burns & Derecho

Location: In-Ring

The lights in the arena dimmed. The crowd knew what was coming and they began to boo.

I am…

…I am

“Charisma” by WASP

Derecho stepped out from the backstage area. It was just one week ago where he won his tag match against Monte Burns and Adam Lazarus on Underground. The victory itself was a bit tainted thanks to Mattock’s involvement. Many would argue that Derecho was clearly defeated in that match and if it weren’t for Mattock, Burns and Laz would have walked away the victors. Derecho, however, had a smile on his face as he came down to the ring alone. Mattock’s whereabouts were unknown at this time. All we knew was Derecho was in a happy mood.

Derecho entered the ring and grabbed the microphone as it was handed to him by the time keeper. Derecho stood there as the people booed him heavily.

“I’m in such a good mood tonight that I don’t even care about all of your booing for you see… last week.. on Underground… in MY WORLD… I pinned Monte Burns shoulders to the mat and gained just a little bit of revenge, but make no mistake.. I’m not done with Monte Burns.. not by a longshot…and I will continue to dominate him at Only the Strong.”

Derecho cracked a grin as he paused for a moment.

“But it’s not going to be a one on one match, you see.. I found out earlier today that I will be in the Only the Strong match which pretty much means the winner of that match has already been decided and you’re looking at him.”

The crowd booed Derecho for that remark.

“ I know some would argue my luck in battle royals thanks to Battlemania last year… I assure you.. I’m not going to come out of this in a number two spot. I will win Only the Strong and add that to my already impressive resume and not only will I win that match, I will go on and claim my rightful Legacy Championship opportunity and become a two-time Legacy Champion and reshape this company in my image.”

Derecho cracked a smile.

“It will be then that I will finally get what I so rightfully deserve. No more dancing through hoops.. no more cutting red tape. The single greatest professional wrestler walking God’s green Earth today will once again become Legacy Champion and I will use it as a symbol to show all of LoC that this… is… MY… WORLD!”

With that…

Cue “Nobody’s Real” by Powerman 5000. Cue explosion from the crowd. And cue a red-faced scowl from Derecho.

Gold and red strobe lights flooded the entrance way as Monte Burns stepped out from the back with a microphone in hand. The Golden Child strode out with a grin and soaked in the cheers from the crowd for a moment before looking straight ahead at the ring.

“Hold up there, Derecho. I wanted to make sure I had a chance to say something before you drove every fan to the concession stands by talking anymore out here.”

Burns smiled as the crowd popped, while Derecho just glared up at him, obviously not amused by what his newfound nemesis had said.

“Now, I heard you say something a moment ago about Only The Strong and I couldn’t help but come out here…” He paused for a moment, feigning confusion by scratching the side of his head. “…but…that’s funny because I just found out that I’M going to be in the Only The Strong match also.”

Once again the crowd roared at hearing the news, while Derecho paced around.

“Soooo….it looks like I’LL be tying up some loose ends and getting MY shot at the Legacy Championship!”

The crowd popped, but Derecho didn’t care. “You going for the Legacy Championship? Ha, that will be the day. You don’t have a prayer. It’s MY destiny!”

“You know, Derecho, I’ll admit that I’m not going to be one of the favorites to win this match,” Burns said, despite protests from many in the crowd. “There’s a lot of guys in this match who have accomplished more than me. But if I can’t win, I am going to make damn sure that YOU don’t win it either.”

In the ring, Derecho leaned forward against the top rope and grinned, seemingly laughing to himself. “Monte…Monte….you don’t really think you can stop me, do you? Who do you think you are? Other than sneaking around wearing a mask, what have YOU even done around here? You couldn’t beat me. You couldn’t beat Troy for the Underground Title. You mean NOTHING.”

Now it was Monte turning serious as he narrowed his eyes to stare down at the ring.

“I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years. All you’ve seen is the last four months. I’ve battled all across the globe, against Hall of Famers….legends….monsters. But you still think I have something to prove? Alright, then. I’m always up for a challenge. And it starts tonight….with Mattock.”

The crowd started to cheer again, but Monte was quick to follow up one more time.

“Just one request….when I beat your brother here tonight, I want YOU to have a front row seat. I’ll see you soon.”

Derecho cracked a grin.

“You think that intimidates me? Beating up my emo douchebag of a brother? You know.. that’s fine by me because this will be as much fun for me to watch as it is for you to actually compete against him. Thank you, Monte. You actually are good for something in this world. You’ve provided me with entertainment for tonight.”

Derecho turned and exited the ring, but before he did he stopped and looked back.

“It’s a shame that it’s all you’re good for.”

Derecho turned his back and walked up the ramp. Monte Burns cracked a smile, not letting Derecho’s words get to him. Without Mattock even having a say in the matter, a non-title match between the Flyweight Champion and Monte Burns was set up for later tonight here on Legends!


Featuring: Jeremy Ryan, Sonny SIlver, & Lindsay Troy

Location: Backstage


The camera took us away from the conversation with Keaton, Riktor, and Mack to the newest members of the LoC roster traipsing about the halls. One was a man known the world over for being an asshat in the highest tier of asshattery once upon a time; the other, one of the final jOlt World Champions before its closure. ‘The Last Real Man in the Sport’ Jeremy Ryan looked to be heading towards the locker rooms with ‘The Last Real ManAGER in the Sport’ Sonny Silver right behind him.

“I knew showing up here unannounced was gonna be fun,” Sonny said as he patted Ryan on his arm. “…Well, not for The Fighting Foreigner, but fun for US.”

Ryan actually cracked a slight smile at that as Sonny continued.

“It’s good business… give the people a taste and soon, they’ll want the whole thing. Now everybody else knows how much deep shit they’re in when your music hits!”

Ryan popped the bones in his neck. “The only thing this roster needs to know is that Vince Jacobs is a dead man walking the second I win Only The Strong.”

“Fucking right, he is,” Silver said. “When you win Only The Strong, we’re taking over this…”

Sonny’s sentence trailed off as Jeremy Ryan had come to a complete stop. The Silver Lining peered around his charge to see that they weren’t alone in this particular hallway.

Some twenty yards up ahead, a figure had turned a corner and was heading away from them. Despite their back being to Silver and Ryan, the curly hair was unmistakable, and had his person been anyone other than Lindsay Troy neither man would’ve stopped what they were doing or saying. But since Sonny wouldn’t ever shut up about her, Jeremy was just a liiiittle bit curious about the Queen and her history with his mentor. Hence why he stopped – to see for himself what would happen.

And as soon as the Faithful in the Arena saw who it was on the LegacyTron, they lost their collective shit.


“Heh.” A grin from Silver. He adjusted his sport coat, cleared his throat, and yelled, “AMAZON BITCH!”

Ryan watched Troy stop upon hearing Sonny’s familiar call name for her. A short pause followed, then she got up on the balls of her feet and pirouetted to face them.

“That you, Fuckhead?” she called, then started walking toward them. The duffel bag from earlier was slung across her body and a grin to match Silver’s played across her lips. “Or did the hill people of Washington State reanimate your corpse?”

“Hawaii hill people,” he said. “Couldn’t leave there, but I drop at the gym in Washington from time to time. That’s where I found this big bastard here.”

Ryan gave a curt nod to the Queen of all things Underground. “Troy,” he said, which was about as cordial as he was going to get.

The Lady of the Hour sauntered to a halt in front of them and briefly locked eyes with the LoC newcomer. “Ryan,” she replied, then looked over at Sonny. “So, Sonshine, is this where we hug? Make with the innuendos? ‘Cause I’m still not accustomed to this Brave New World where you and I don’t go for the other’s jugular.”

Silver shrugged. “I know, I don’t like this either. I don’t feel a compulsive need to attack you when you aren’t looking, or gun for shiny belts you’re holding. But give me a second and I’ll have a great barb for you.”

Silence filled the space for a few moments while Sonny put his brain to work. Troy was about to make with a quick quip in retort when…


A sly grin crossed Sonny’s formerly (?) evil face.

“Sorry, that was uncalled for… But I did warn you one would come to me.”

“You really dug deep into the Vince Jacobs and Grumpy Cat Insult Well for that one,” Troy wryly remarked. “Losing your touch?”

Sonny scoffed. “Pfft. N-bomb, please. I’ve been razzing you about your truckasaurus hands years before anybody knew who SVJ or Dair-Uh-Koh was. That’s how you say it, right?”

“It’s pronounced ‘My Bitch’,” Ryan interjected, then chuckled. “I’m gonna have fun smacking him around again when I see him.”

The Queen smirked. “I kinda like him,” then glanced at the Last Real Man, “for now, since our priorities aren’t aligned.”

“Curses are like a bitch, I hear. Wait, I’m not gonna get any Curse Cooties, am I? Like, am I gonna die right here in this moment?” A momentary flash of worry crossed Silver’s face. “Ryan, will you go home and clear my browser history when we leave?”



“Pretty safe to say you’ve dodged this bullet, being retired and all.” Troy said. “And Jerm’s got no interest in what I’ve got. Wish I could say the same for our old, pasty skinned, red-eyed friend.”

“Ugh… Dusk? Oh, goddamn it!” Silver shouted in Dee Reynolds-esque fashion. “Just give him the belt… then he’s cursed… then he’ll get Curse Cooties. Problem solved.” Then Sonny sighed. “No, wait, you’re all ‘do-gooder’ who wants to ‘fight all comers’ and stuff.”

“We all have our parts to play. I can handle what’s being thrown at me,” she smirked. “And I don’t want to lose. Think you both know that feeling pretty well, no?”

Ryan nodded. “I won’t lie… I hate it more than I love winning.”

“Indeed,” Sonny fumed. “But it’s a new year and that means new opportunities. Soon, you’re gonna be looking at the next Legacy Champion when MUHBOYRY goes tearing through twenty-nine other saps, then tears SVJ’s vocal chords right out of his neck. Seriously, I think he could do it… the vocal chords and everything. Right up outta there.”

“Rip out his intestines too and we can double-dutch it.”

That got a rare smile from Ryan.

“Anyway, not that it wasn’t super great bringing back our witty banter, but I’ve got some payback to see about.” She patted the bag at her hip and turned to go.

“What you got in there?” Sonny asked.

“None of your business.”

“Aww c’mon! For old time’s sake?”

Troy stopped, thought about it, then turned back. As she unzipped the bag, she motioned for Sonny and Jeremy to lean in for a closer look. She also made sure to angle the opening away from the camera so it’s contents weren’t captured for public consumption. Ryan looked intrigued, while Silver looked confused.

“You’re going to a rave?” Sonny reached his hand inside the canvas, which earned him a swat for his efforts.

“Look. Not touch.”

“I’ve heard that before.”

“Maybe you’ll listen this time.” Troy zipped the bag shut, gave the duo a sly grin, and took her leave.

Jeremy Ryan raised an eyebrow towards his manager as he watched the Underground Champ out of the corner of his eye. “Uh… you and her…?”

Sonny immediately cut him off with the raise of a hand. “You’re banned from ever bringing this up… like, EVER.”

The Last Real ManAGER of the Sport motioned to Ryan and the two departed.

Interesting things were certainly afoot…


Featuring: Legion of Devastation, Inc. & The Nation

Location: The Boiler Room

“Let’s face it … we’re lost,” Brandon “Bacon” Thomas said and shrugged his shoulders. “The Arena of Champions is a vast and mysterious place full of wonder. Oh well, shall we venture into the pitch black hallway to the abyss?”

The quartet calling themselves Legion of Devastation, Inc. had somehow managed to wind up in the darkest of the dark places the Arena of Champions had to offer, the Boiler Room.

“How did we get lost, dude? Didn’t you used to own this place?” egg NOG posed a very good question but forgot an important detail. A detail his brother cHEESE was more than happy to remind him of.

“Yeah, bro, but we’ve been here just as long. Lay off Bacon.”

“Still not a dairy product but you’re right, we’ve been in this place forever. FOR-EV-ER!”

BIG Little Italy was not amused, “So have I an’ I ain’t nevah been down heyah before. Where da Hell ah we anyways?”

“That chill in your spine should more than suffice to tell you that you are in a place where you are most certainly not welcome.”


Brandon Thomas nearly leapt out of his furry boots and into egg NOG’s arms … and with good reason. Penance will do that to a person and he was directly in front of LoD, Inc. along with The Magdalena, Dominic Van Ness VIII, and Persephone. Collectively, they were known as The Nation.

“HOLY-HEY! Hey,” Brandon Thomas said with a raised eyebrow, “you’re pretty hot for a bald chick.”

“WHAT did you just say to me?!”

“I mean … you are. What’s wrong with saying that?”

“Dude,” egg NOG interjected, “Maybe she can’t grow hair. Ever think of that?”


cHEESE politely shoved Brandon Thomas aside, “‘Cause you only think of yourself. Hello,” cHEESE said while extending his hand to The Magdalena, “M’lady, thine name is cHEEESE.”

DV8 released a frustrated breath, “What? Do you think we’re from Medieval times or something, you moron?”

“It’s tu moron, dude. Olde English.”

“Dat’s Spanish, ya freakin idjit!” BIG Little Italy was once again the smallest, no pun intended, voice of reason in the group. “I swear, if every one-a youse wasn’t some kinda idjit savants in da ring I wouldn’t associate myself wit none of ya.”

“You’re not Medieval, dude,” egg NOG said to DV8, “You look like you play for Rancid. DUDE, DO YOU–”

cHEESE cut his brother off mid-thought. “He doesn’t play in Rancid, bro. He’s been here just as long as the rest of us.”

“Damn … this close.”

“You’re all cretins,” The Magdalena observed. “A group of fools who have clumsily wandered into His domain. Rest assured He is not amused and ALL of you shall be amongst the first to fall at His hand.”

“Hand jobs? Count me in!”

All of a sudden Brandon Thomas was the bravest man in the room. “But if we’re doing that I want the big girl. Look at those forearms, a handy from goth She-Hulk must be cha-mazing!”

Persephone shot forward and, in an instant, had Brandon Thomas by the throat. “HOW DARE YOU?!”

“Ah geez,” DV8 remarked, “Here we go again.”

Throttling the former Owner, CEO, and Ruler of ALL Things Legacy, Persephone screamed in furious anger. “FIGHT BACK, YOU MORON!”


egg NOG cried, “AVAST, ME HEARTIES!” and charged forward.

“That’s pirates, bro!,” his brother said. “WE SHALL SMITE YE AND TAKETH YOUR HAIRLESS BEAUTY!”


The brothers Dairy lunged at Penance and were each caught in a different hand by the mammoth monster.

“GAK!,” exclaimed cHEESE, “Unhand us, fiend!”

Meanwhile, BIG Little Italy looked on. As did The Magdalena and DV8. “Look at dese two mental midgits,” the miniscule Grappler said and threw his hands up.

“You have chosen wisely not to incur His wrath on this night, little one,” The Magdalena condescended.

BIG Little Italy’s eyes went nuclear. “YOU FREAKIN KIDDIN ME?!”

“Back off, Willow,” warned DV8 but that only tossed gasoline on the grease fire that was BIG Little Italy. LoC’s littlest big man leapt at DV8 with fists flying.

The Magdalena proudly looked on as her personal army did battle with LoC’s newest stable.

“This glorious sacrifice is in His name. Honor Him as He looks on from His throne! Show Him that we are his loyal servants!”


The voices of Tony Stone and Reno Davis cut through the anarchy. “This is the single most amazing thing I have ever seen on LoC television, Stoner. BIG Little Italy is being spun around, airplane-style by DV8!”

“And apparently Brandon Thomas has broken his rule of not hitting females. None of this bodes well for The Nation in their Team Championship match later tonight,” Tony Stone observed.

“You call him Bacon, Stoner!”

Brandon Thomas drove an elbow into the back of Persephone’s head, causing her to release her grip, and charged forward. He looked Penance directly in his lifeless eyes. Before him stood the immovable object that was man-handling his stablemates but Brandon Thomas was not scared. Not anymore, not while his friends needed him. No, Brandon Thomas was the type of man to stare death directly in it’s face and cry out …



Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Kim Adams

The camera fixated on Reno Davis and Tony Stone at the broadcast table and they were ready to deliver the skinny on the next match.

“The next match is going to be a clash of styles,” Tony Stone said. “Ever since the former LoC Tag Team champion Kaus, turned on his partner KIRU, he’s been on an impressive win streak, including beating a former Legacy Champion in Bacon, formerly known as Brandon Thomas!”

“But now,” Reno said, “the technical marvel has to take on a man that not a lot of people know about! The mysterious Alex Reyn went undefeated in jOlt Wrestling and though he wasn’t part of the Underground show, he’s shown a lot of promise! What I love about this match is neither guy is here for the adulation of the crowd! They’re both looking out for number one, so the real winner of this match is me!”

“The former LoC Tag Team champion, Kaus, goes one-on-one with Alex Reyn and that match begins now!”

The lights dimmed as the opening notes of ‘Sacrifice’ by Jeff Williams begin to play. The arena was almost pitch black, only showing a few trailing spotlights. Viewers watching at home would see images begin to flicker across their tv screen as the camera panned over the crowd. The images were of violence, natural disasters, and a solitary figure, watching it all.

“First making his way to the ring , weighing in at 200 pounds. The East Wind of Adversity, ALEX!! REYN!!!”

Smoke began to fill the Arena, and within the smoke, lit up by the searchlights, ghostly images appeared. Famous heroes and villains from throughout history. At the top of the ramp, a silhouette slowly comes into view. A young man, waiting on the stage in a three point stance. Looking almost like some hungry predator. The rock part of the song kicked in and he took off, charging to the ring and sliding in. He span around, back into that same three point stance to stare down the crowd.

The temp changed to something a little bit slower for just a moment. The crowd waited with anticipation as the lights dimmed a second time. A small intro played for the crowd… the clip was from “Slam” by Pendulum …

But tonight, on this small planet
On earth, we’re going to rock civilization

“Here” by VAST kicked in now and standing with his back to the ring was the former Cut Diamond. Now wearing a black rash guard with white outlines and “REAL WRESTLING” on the front, Kaus ignored the jeering crowd. The technical wizard turned to face the crowd and paced towards the ring with the crowd jeering him the whole way. Kaus walked inside the ring with the music barely able to drown out the noise. Kaus headed towards the ring and looked at Youngblood with an emotionless expression on his face with the official now calling for the bell.

The crowd wasn’t particularly respondent to either man as they circled up. Alex Ryen went in for an attempt at a huge palm strike when Kaus side-stepped the shot. He swung with a kick when Kaus caught the leg and swept it down. Kaus tried to go for a leg lock, but Reyn kicked out with his free leg, only for Kaus to easily dodge it and attack with a stomp of his own.

Alex rolled out the way, backing into the ropes. Kaus tried to follow up, only for referee Mike Hunt to push him away, ordering him to back it up.

“You can’t beat me, kid!” Kaus laughed.

Alex Reyn fixed Kaus with a grin of his own. favoring his leg as he tried to get back in the ring when Kaus lunged at him again. The Shining Diamond grabbed the leg while he was in the ropes and clutched it again, sweeping the leg and then going low for a modified jack-knife pinning combo.



Reyn escaped after one and managed to leap back to his feet. Kaus stopped him by blocking another kick and then rolling him forward into a gannosuke clutch pin!



The former jOlt wrestler popped back to his feet as Kaus was putting on a clinic right now. Kaus tried to set him up by going for the leg again, but Alex surprised him with a headbutt right between the eyes. Kaus was stunned from the shot and that allowed Reyn to slingshot his way back in the ring. He went after Kaus’s leg with a series of kicks to his leg and tried an irish whip when Kaus reversed that and sent him to the corner.

Kaus caught him right in the mush with a running elbow strike and then a chop to the chest before a second shot caught him again. Reyn was thrown across the ring and Kaus slammed another running elbow into his head again. He then rolled him out of the corner and then got some forward momentum off the ropes, looking for his sliding D elbow strike …


But Alex Reyn saw it coming and dodged underneath the shot. When Kaus regained his footing, he got himself back to his feet when Alex Reyn greeted him with a front dropkick to the chest that sent him flipping through the ropes and out to the floor. The former Tag Team champion vamoosed to the floor and tried to get as far away from Alex as possible, but he didn’t anticipate his next move …

(running springboard suicide crossbody)

The incredible dive actually garnered a great pop from the faithful in the Arena of Champions as Reyn stood back up and picked up Kaus. The Shining Diamond was thrown inside the squared circle and he tried to stand just as Alex Reyn picked himself up in the ring. He stunned him with a shoulder in between the ropes and then caught him with a kick to the head from the apron. Kaus went down to his knee just as Reyn used a head scissor that dropped his face into the mat. Reyn crawled over and went for the win.




Kaus’s shoulder rose off the mat and Reyn stayed on the offensive. He gave Kaus no room to breathe as he let him have with a stinging plethora of chest kicks.






The kicks would wake Kaus up and it was time for Alex Reyn to go-go to the ropes again. He flew off the ropes and another leaping kick caught Kaus square in the chest! The wind was knocked out of Kaus as Reyn covered a second time.




Reyn could feel the end come for Kaus as he snatched him up in the inverted facelock position and sought out his patented East Wind Cutter, but Kaus quickly twisted himself around and shoved the chaotic martial artist backwards. Reyn advanced forward, but Kaus saw him coming and hotshotted him neck first across the top rope! Reyn didn’t go down but he was gasping for air and he left himself wide open for an attack from Kaus, who grabbed him with a rear waist lock ..


“WHAT A COUNTER BY KAUS!” Tony Stone proclaimed. “Kaus just threw Reyn right into the turnbuckle.

“And it looks like he’s got something bad in mind, Stoner …”

Shockingly Kaus had chosen not to make with a cover, but Reyn had been laid out in the opposite corner with The Shining Diamond hovering over him. Slowly and to torture the martial artist/high flyer hybrid, he took his boot and started grinding it across Alex’s face with several nasty bootscrapes before getting some speed by running off the ropes. He cracked Reyn in the face with a wicked face wash and then pulled him out of the corner!

“For the win right here, Stoner!” Davis called.




“That was a close one!” Stone shouted. “When Kaus goes on the offensive, you won’t find a man who’s better between the ropes at working his opponent over!”

Kaus turned Reyn over onto his stomach and as he pulled him up to his feet, he went with a front face lock and now he was looking for a big move in mind. He was looking for his spiral brainbuster called Shine On, but Kaus wasn’t the only one who could scout a good move. Reyn slipped out behind Kaus and tried another attempt at his own finisher, but Kaus pushed him back into the corner. Kaus sped ahead at him and Reyn got his foot up, but Kaus grabbed it again. This time Reyn learned from previous mistakes and landed an enziguri to the face of Kaus!

“That was enough for Reyn to fight back … ouch! Out of the corner with the leaping tornado DDT!”

Just as Tony Stone made the call, Kaus had his head spike halfway to China courtesy of a leaping tornado DDT through the ropes from Alex Reyn! The former jOlt star made the short crawl to where Kaus landed and made another attempt at the win.




“Kaus escapes again!” Reno said. “I’m surprised they’ve more or less kept this match clean for the most part, but both of these guys want the win!”

“You a little broken-hearted?”

“Yeah, gimme some eye pokes or some nut shots any day!”

Reyn was actually beginning to enjoy himself. An empty shell,his opponent might have been, but his ability was certainly impressive. The East Wind turned over and he waited for Kaus to get vertical again. He launched Kaus into the corner via the old irish whip and caught him with a splash. He did the same going the other way and hit the turnbuckle and struck him with a running striking spear in the corner that knocked the wind out of Kaus. Kaus was pulled out of the corner and then Reyn ran to the ropes dropping the Shining Diamond with a running tornado complete shot!




“So close!” Stone said. “Reyn’s making a huge comeback right now and he’s gotta keep the tempo up of this match if he’s gonna beat Kaus.”

Kaus was spaghetti legged and Reyn decided it was time to go up top. He dragged Kaus by the leg so he was perpendicular to the buckle and then quickly ascended to the top rope. He paid no mind to the crowd as he attempted a breath-taking shooting star press …

Kaus moved!

But Reyn was incredibly able to catch his footing. However, Kaus cracked him in the face with a dropkick and then wasted no time setting him up.

(sliding D elbow strike)

This time Kaus connected with one of his best maneuvers!




“I thought he had Reyn right there!” Reno shouted with disbelief. “Nut shot him! Low blow! Eye rake! Rope a dope! Something!”

“Get ahold of yourself!”

Kaus led Reyn to the corner and powered Reyn so his body was now seated on the top rope. Kaus was then going up top and it appeared he had a super-plex or even a super version of his finisher in mind …

“What’s gonna happen here?” Reno asked. “Somebody gonna drop?!”

Kaus was in the super-plex position when suddenly Reyn surged to life with a few stiff elbow strikes. A chop to Kaus’s throat shook him up slightly, but they both went down… both men were now standing on the top rope when they both dropped …

“SWEET MAMA MIA!” Stone shouted.

“The hell?!”

The wacky cry notwithstanding, the crowd gapsed as both men hit a corner of the ropes and crashed down on the floor! Kaus and Alex Reyn were both down on the floor and as this happened, a familiar man from Kaus’s more recent past appeared on the entrance ramp. It was the man he’d cheated out of a win back on Legends 18, Graham Youngblood, coming to get a front row seat. He had a microphone in his hand.

“Go, Kaus, go! Go, Kaus, go!” Youngblood shouted. “Come on, kick him in the balls! Rake the eye! That’s what you like to do to prove you’re a better wrestler, right?”

“See?” Reno said. “Even YOUNGBLOOD gets it, Stoner!”

Chris Horowitz was counting as neither man got up yet.






Alex Reyn was the first one up but Kaus was not far behind. Both men were on their knees as Youngblood walked right up.



“Hey, Kaus, guess what?” Graham shouted over the microphone. “Distraction! Diversion! I’m over here and shit! Ahhhhhh!”

The crowd laughed along with Youngblood as Kaus spat at his feet. He turned around …






Chris Horowitz called for the bell! Reyn was already in the ring, but Kaus’s slight distraction from Graham Youngblood just cost him the match! Reyn didn’t look all that pleased with the fact that somebody had horned in on his business, but Youngblood was already halfway up the aisle.

“Kaus, how do you like it when somebody screws you over?!”

Youngblood blew a kiss in Kaus’s direction and the crowd had a laugh, leaving Kaus red-faced and angry. Reyn skulked from the ring and didn’t even stick around to take this victory, leaving through the crowd.

“Alex Reyn is your winner by countout, but he’s already leaving and doesn’t care about what’s going on between Kaus and Graham Youngblood!” Stone said.

“That was cheating, plain and simple! Youngblood is a damn thief for costing Kaus this match! He’s so bound and determined to get this rematch with Kaus, it’s going to get him hurt!”

WINNER: Alex Reyn via Count Out


Featuring: Tony Davis, Dusk, & Lindsay Troy

Location: Backstage

Following the Kaus and Alex Reyn match, the camera caught Dusk strolling through the backstage of the Arena, Beats headphones on his head (PRODUCT PLACEMENT ALERT!), and in a completely different world. With his earlier issue handled – that being, getting one step closer from saving Lindsay Troy from the pain she continued to experience – his focus was now solely upon the destruction of the Nation later on in the evening.

He rounded the corner and his red eyes landed upon a particular individual that he knew he would cross paths with at some point in the evening. Instead of letting her get the jump on him, he decided he might as well head her off at the pass. He walked up to her and removed his headphones.

“Lindsay. How are you doing?”

The Underground Champion, having had an unexpectedly pleasant run-in with Sonny Silver and Jeremy Ryan, was back on the prowl for some much needed Underground Five sneak-attack retribution. Much like when she heard Sonny call out to her, she stopped, briefly, at the sound of Dusk’s voice. Unlike that particular encounter, she kept right on walking, opting not to engage him in conversation.

Dusk paused and contemplating his next option. At first he thought about just walking away, but something inside of him told him to push forward. He chased after her, jogging to catch up.

“Hold on, wait up.”

“I’m busy,” she growled, and quickened her pace. She very nearly ran over Tony Davis, who had his head buried in a copy of the Necronomicon. Davis shrieked, shouting, “Save me Spaghetti monster!” He clearly wanted nothing to do with the Underground Champion or the Underground Curse, so he jumped out of the way…right into a vending machine. The impact knocked him straight to the floor and a Sprite tumbled out of the machine and onto his chest.

Dusk stopped, the anger rising inside him. “So this is how it’s going to be, Lindsay?” he bellowed down the hall. “I did what was RIGHT!”

That garnered no response from the Queen, just a clenched fist as she walked faster.

“Keep walking. You’re not going to be able to walk away at Only the Strong!”

“Jesus fu…”

THAT got her to turn around.

“You just can’t drop this, can you?!” She half-turned back to him, her pretty features twisted into a snarl. “What did you do, beg Scott for one more go? After sticking your nose in the Underground main event with Provi? Unbelievable,” she seethed. “I don’t know why you care so much, but I’m done with you trailing after me like a puppy with your whining and your faux concern and your panting after the Underground Title and the Underground Curse. You need to fuck off and leave me be!”

Troy started off again, stopped, and glared back at Dusk again. “And you’re about as pathetic as Colin Kaepernick with those goddamn headphones.”

The Rage within Dusk peaked as he strode toward her. He yanked the headphones from around his neck and threw them against the wall, narrowly missing both her and a rising Tony Davis. The plastic broke apart violently and parts flew everywhere. Troy didn’t even flinch while Davis clutched his chest and fell out of frame like he was in Sanford and Son.

“You are so far off your rocker!” Dusk seethed as well, now standing mere inches from her. “You think I care for one second about that title? I’d throw it in the middle of the ocean if I could! That title brings nothing but harm to everyone it touches! You think I can sit back here for another week and watch you as your body rebels against you?! Jesus Christ, Lindsay, I know it’s difficult for you to wrap your brain around the concept of anyone helping you out, because you’re so damn stubborn, but you need to get out of your FUCKING way for once in your life!”

The Queen squared up to face him. “So you’re an expert on my body now, huh?” Her voice had dropped several octaves, and the question was posed quietly. Deadly. “Why don’t you tell me what you know about it.”

“You think that you’re hiding those Underground Curse effects so well, but you’re not,” Dusk started, his voice also lower than it was before. “You think that it’s only showing when you grab at your back, or your stomach, but I saw something in your eyes at Uprising. That pain is there, too.” He paused for a moment, the anger rising in his chest again. “You can try to play it off and be tough, like you always do, but I see right through it. So I’m going to do the right thing here and take that TITLE off of YOU! Because I–”

“YOU don’t get to make that decision for me and I do NOT need you White Knighting on my behalf! What about that don’t you get?!” Troy screamed. If Dusk had any hair on his head, it would’ve been blown right back. “You could’ve let Providence walk out of the Underground with the belt but no…YOU gotta be the one to do it, don’t you? You think you’re doing everyone a BIIIIIIIG SERVICE by ‘taking that title…’ for WHAT? My own good?” She scoffed. “You don’t have an inside track on what that is! Monte, Viv, and Mary-Lynn don’t either, but what THEY are all SMART ENOUGH to realize is that I can handle this ONE THING…” Troy held up a finger for emphasis, “…on my own!”

She then jabbed that finger into Dusk’s shoulder, her eyes wild with rage.

“You are not the Lindsay Troy Whisperer!” Jab. “You are not a Big Damn Hero!” Jab. “And I’ll be DAMNED if I let that Curse’s constant reminder that I couldn’t carry a child to term stop me from doing the ONE THING my body CAN DO – FIGHT…and WIN.”

Dusk made no movement to stop Troy from violently poking him. Couldn’t even lift an arm to swat her away. He stood stock-still, frozen in place, air caught in his lungs. Everything having to do with the Curse’s effects suddenly made sense….and yet, none of it really made sense…

Troy was, by all accounts, as unflappable outside the ring as she was inside it. She always had a backup plan, and a contingency plan for the backup plan, and by hook or by crook she invariably managed to get herself out of countless scrapes, bad situations, and points of no return. Except now. Except for this. The one thing she couldn’t control, however long ago it happened, and regardless of how hard Dusk was sure she tried.

He swallowed hard as he looked at her. He saw the tautness of her face relax, then fall, crashing into the realization that she blurted out what she didn’t want him to know, but what wasn’t ever really a secret to begin with; at least, not to those who hadn’t upped and vanished, or to those who knew her some years back.

Rather than stick around to wait for Dusk to process the revelation, or offer some words of sympathy, Troy hastily turned and power walked away. As the walls crumbled around her and took the stony facade on her face with them, she breezed past Tony Davis for a second time and kicked the Necronomicon down the hall.

The Lost Soul stood alone, very aware of the Queen’s sudden exit, and hung his head in disbelief. “You think you’re fighting and winning?” he muttered. “You’re barely even surviving…”

Cut away…


…to not far from there, in another hallway, out of sight and out of earshot…

Lindsay Troy leaned shoulder-first against a wall, head bowed, hands on her hips. Her head swayed back and forth, subtly, trying to toss what just happened from her mind. Losing her cool about the Curse’s effects was the last thing she wanted to do, but Dusk had kept poking…and poking…

That’s the thing about miscarriages, though: the pain and the loss always linger, manifesting unexpectedly, no matter what or who may cause them to.

The camera stayed on her for a few moments. Finally, the Queen took two deep breaths, steeled herself, and – with her head raised – continued on out of sight.


Featuring: Scott Riktor, Vivica J. Valentine, Sarah Winterton, Daryn Thompson, Amber Ryann, Paisley/Violet, Mary-Lynn Mayweather

Location: Office of the Brand President

The camera opens up to the office of one Guy In Charge of All Things Legacy, Scott Riktor, with none other than the Bombshells Champion, Vivica J. Valentine, standing to the right of his desk. In front of him are three other Bombshells:

Amber Ryann, holding her back as she was still nursing the wounds of her earlier battle with Daryn Thompson.

Dayrn Thompson, who glared over at Ryann with a smirk, affirming her dominance in said match…

Bombshell hopeful Paisley, along with her manager, Violet.

“So, Scott…” Violet spoke first, interrupting the odd sounds of munching popcorn. “You called us all here for reasons unknown and you’re not making with an explanation. Who or what exactly are we waiting for?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Riktor said. “That’s why we got the champ herself here.”

“The pleasure it all mine.” Vivica noted, “There wasn’t a chance in hell I’d miss this. I almost brought popcorn.”

Quickly, Mary-Lynn Mayweather rose from a corner seat, and handed Vivica a half full bag of popcorn. Vivica was startled but fell at ease as she grabbed a handful of butter. “C’mon. Like I’d miss this?” Mary-Lynn said, scouring the office. “This bombshell’s thing is even better than the Legacy beef with Jack and Vince!” Almost immediately, her cell phone rang. She looked down and freaked. “Oh God. Jack heard me. Gotta go!” And with that, she was off.

“Hope it ain’t for Paisley’s first LoC win, ‘cause I think we’ll be here awhile…”

The Bombshell Punk lunged at Daryn after the quip left the Texas Technician’s mouth. Violet grabbed her arm and held her back.

“Well…” Riktor began, “we’re waiting on just one more to arrive and then we’ll be all set for this meeting to begin. I’ve got a huge opportunity for all four of you ladies.”

“Four?” Paisley and Violet asked in unison.


A Kif Kroker-esque sigh erupted from the other side of the door and when it opened, a collective groan washed over the room when in stepped the newest Bombshell and the woman who was victorious in her Underground debut by defeating the legendary Aria Sylo… none other than Sarah Winterton. Timothy tried to get into the office behind her, but Winterton booted the door in his face…


Ignoring her toadie’s pains, Sarah glanced at the other Bombshells – most notably Amber Ryann with a disgusted look, given their extensive jOlt history – and then looked to Scott Riktor.

“Well?” Sarah asked. “Where’s my standing ovation, peasants? I clearly stole the show last week with my debut performance and taking apart Aria Sylo…” She marched right up past the other ladies, who look annoyed as she faced Vivica. “I’m assuming we’re all here to witness my official #1 Contender announcement for the Bombshell Title. Well… announce away, plebs!”

Amber, being the gamer that she is, knew the full meaning of that word.

“Shyeah.. the last time someone called me a pleb, they got bodied hard. Unless you want that to haps to you, I’d just…”

Before Amber could even finish that sentence, Daryn Thompson butted in.

“I’d just keep my mouth shut if I were you, Rainbow Brite. You got no room for posterizin’ after I folded you like an accordion.”

Amber, in her usual timid self, grabbed her left arm with her right hand and looked away, staring at the floor.

“Besides,” Daryn smirked, “out’ve everyone standin’ here, I’ve proven myself more than capable and more than deservin’ of a one-on-one shot at the champ. I beat you,” to Amber, “I beat you, twice, in record fashion,” another glare at Paisley, “and last I checked, that swill you’re spewin’ ain’t even settled yet.” That was directed at Sarah Winterton. “So why the hell are you even in this conversation?”

“Well,” Winterton said, “because I’ve beaten YOU in jOlt, darling, or have you forgotten?”

“This ain’t jOlt,” retorted Daryn, “or have you forgotten?”

“I think everyone here deserves an opportunity.” Vivica finally got a word in between the squabble, “Some of you I respect, some of you I’d like to punch just a little harder than the others but there is a reason all of you are here.”

Vivica’s eyes moved across the room to Sarah Winterton.

“Except for maybe Zapf Whatsherface over there.” She followed with a smirk. Sarah’s mouth opened to respond but a different voice quickly cleared the floor.

“Okay, okay, enough, ladies,” Riktor finally chimed in. “Sarah, I’m not MAKING you the number one anything around here, let’s get that out of the way right now.”

Sarah quietly fumed while some of the other ladies knowingly grinned or chuckled quietly at being shut down.

“Look, the Bombshells division has been one of the divisions I’m most proud of and I want to see that trend continue. I want all of you ready for a fight and that’s why I invited the champion, Vivica, to see this personally.”

“The pleasure is all mine.” Vivica noted, “There wasn’t a chance in hell I’d miss this.”

“Anyway,” Riktor continued. “Next week, I’m making a match… it will be a fatal four way! Sarah Winterton vs. Amber Ryann vs. Daryn Thompson vs. Paisley! The winner will go on to Only The Strong and they will take on Vivica J. Valentine for the Bombshells Championship!”

“That’ll be me, darlings!” Winterton said.

“No, no, no, it’s time for somebody else to break out, not some jOlt trash!” Paisley shouted.

“It ain’t gonna be YOU, Winless Wonder,” Daryn sniped.

“GOOD LUCK DARYN! AMBER! PAISLEY!” Vivica tried her best to shout over the fuss, but it was useless. The ladies continued to bicker amongst one another on their way out of the door while Riktor shot Vivica a quick glance.

“Well…” Riktor said. “Good luck with all that next week.”

“Thanks.” Valentine shook her head in disbelief, “But they’re the ones who are gonna need it.”

The Bombshell Champion watched all of the ladies leave. Indeed, it was a talented crew of women and any one of them could pose a threat to the title if given the opportunity.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Ian Nyugen

The lights in the arena went dark.

“Oh won’t you tell me, please just tell me, explain how this should work…”

A large picture of Mattock’s face wearing the mask appeared on the screen.

“Well now who could it be… that lives inside of me?”

The screen cracked as the song kicked in. The name “MATTOCK” slowly formed on the screen and the LoC Flyweight Champion, Mattock stepped out from the backstage area with Derecho close behind him. Mattock slowly walked down to the ring where the rolled in under the bottom rope and remained in a crouched position, looking around the arena. Derecho remained at ringside as he folded his arms and looked on. Mattock slowly stood up and unfastened the Flyweight Title from around his waist and passed it to Derecho on the outside.

“Mattock’s Flyweight Title isn’t on the line in this one, but this is still a big matchup when you consider the simmering feud between Burns and Derecho, along with the tension we’ve been seeing between these two brothers,” said Stone

“Tension? You mean TEACHING. That’s all Derecho is trying to do here. It’s about time Mattock started to listen,” said Davis

The arena returned to normal when…

“Nobody’s Real” by Powerman 5000

The fans in the arena immediately let out a roar as “The Golden Child” Monte Burns walked out onto the stage. Red and gold strobe lights flooded the stage as he paused for a moment to soak in the crowd’s reaction at the top of the entrance ramp, a wide grin on his face.

Burns high-fived a few fans along the aisle as he headed down the ramp before his face turned more serious as he came closer to the ring. After sliding into the ring, Monte raised a fist to the crowd one more time before tossing his jacket to the side. He first shot a glare and a few choice words in Derecho’s direction before turning his attention back toward Mattock to focus on the matter at hand.

Both men looked ready to go and the referee called for the bell.


The two of them wasted no time and rushed into a collar and elbow tie up. Mattock with the go behind, but Burns didn’t allow Mattock to clasp his hands and performed a standing switch. Mattock with a pair of back elbows, broke free. He pivoted and grabbed Burn by the arm, looking for a whip into the corner, but Burns reversed it and sent Mattock towards the corner instead. Burns gave chase, but Mattock leapt up onto the middle turnbuckle and backflipped behind Burns!

Waist lock by Mattock, but Burns placed his foot onto the middle turnbuckle and pushed off, landing on top of Mattock in a pinning combination!


Burns continued the momentum, however, and rolled through and up to his feet where he had Mattock in an inverted front face lock, but Mattock jumped up, flipping over Burns and landing behind him. Now it was Burns that was in the inverted front face lock, but not for long as Burns twisted and charged forward, ramming Mattock back-first into the corner! Burns leapt up for a corner enzugiri, but Mattock ducked it! Burns landed on all fours as Mattock hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle then stepped up to the top…



Burns rolled out of the way and Mattock flipped and landed on his feet! The two of them came into a staredown as the audience stood and applauded both men!


“The crowd is riled up here tonight after that opening sequence! Was it wrestling or was it movie magic!?” exclaimed Stone

“If you seriously can’t tell the difference between the two, then perhaps you should rethink your career.” snarked Davis

Burns checked his wrist tape as the two of them circled each other. There was another lock up, but this time, Mattock hit a knee into Burns’ mid-section. He followed it up with a stiff kick to the chest that stood Burns upright. He went for another kick, but Burns grabbed the leg and hit a back heel trip, planting Mattock into the canvas! Burns took off to the ropes, looking for the Asai Moonsault, but Mattock rolled out of the way and Burns, like Mattock a few moments ago, landed on his feet. Burns took a step forward, but Mattock kipped up from his back and caught Burns with a Hurricanrana, sending him neck and chest first into the middle rope!

Mattock got to his feet and took off to the opposite side. He came back with full speed, but Burns got off the ropes, pivoted, and damn near knocked Mattock out of his boots with a vicious lariat!! Mattock landed hard on the back of his neck and Burns hopped over and stacked him up with a pin while he was folded over!



Mattock kicked away.

“GOOD LORD! What a lariat that was by Monte Burns! That was a receipt and a half for that chair shot last week!” said Stone

“No.. a receipt and a half would be two chair shots over the head… that was just a well-timed lariat.” retorted Davis snidely.

Burns stood and pulled Mattock up to his feet. A pair of knife edge chops found their way across Mattock’s chest. Burns then whipped him towards the ropes, but Mattock reversed the whip and sent Burns across. Derecho quickly reached into the ring and grabbed Burns by the boot. Burns turned around and Mattock saw his opportunity and charged in, but Burns sensed the trap and lifted Mattock up and over the top rope and out to the ring apron. Mattock landed immediately went for a forearm, but Burns blocked it and hit a standing drop kick that knocked Mattock down to the floor!

Burns stepped out onto the ring apron and waited for Mattock to stand. Once Mattock was vertical, Burns ran along the apron, but feigned a dive. Instead, he poured on the speed and hit a flip off the apron, crashing right into Derecho, taking him down!!!

The crowd popped big for that and Burns knew that the momentum was clearly on his side! He stood and turned to meet a charging Mattock with a back elbow which staggered him away. Burns grabbed Mattock and threw him back into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Mattock got back to his feet as Burns grabbed a hold of the top rope. Burns leapt up and hit a Springboard Spinning Heel kick knocking the Flyweight Champion onto his back! Burns made the cover, hooking the leg!



Mattock popped the shoulder up in time!

“Derecho tried to intervene and he paid for it and Mattock almost got pinned because of it as well! Things aren’t going well for these two brothers here tonight.” said Stone

“Derecho wasn’t trying to intervene.. he was assisting. There’s a HUGE difference. It’s not Derecho’s fault that Mattock can’t back up his words. If he could, he wouldn’t have been on his back just now!” said Davis

Burns taunted Mattock to get back up to his feet. The Flyweight Champion slowly got on his hands and knees and began to stand. Burns grabbed Mattock and set him up for a Suplex, but Mattock shoved Burns back and hit a toe kick, doubling him over. Mattock then performed a backflip and brought both feet right under Burns’ chin! Burns staggered back and fell to a knee. Mattock quickly kipped up, charged forward, and planted both feet right into Burns’ face with the…


(Shining Wizard)

Mattock stood and grabbed Monte as he dragged him by the arm and leg towards the corner. Mattock climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad. Mattock began to climb, but he was a bit slow to do so. He got up top, but it allowed Burns enough time to recover and knock Mattock off of his perch. Burns climbed up and met Mattock up top with a pair of stiff forearms to the face. Burns hooked Mattock for a Superplex, but Mattock fought Burns off with punches to the rib cage. Burns eventually let go and Mattock hit a headbutt to daze Burns. Mattock then stood on the very top rope with Burns still hunched over. Mattock dove over and hooked his legs under Burns arms and…


Burns slammed hard on his upper back and the momentum flipped him over and up to a knelt position where he tried to regain his balance!. Mattock charged in and hit a left knee to the face, then a right knee to the face! He pulled the stunned Burns up into a front face lock. He lifted Burns up into the air and corkscrewed him down with a…


(Tornado Brainbuster)

Mattock quickly made the cover, hooking the leg…




Burns popped the shoulder up and the crowd erupted in cheers. Mattock sat there and looked a bit dejected that hitting those moves in succession wasn’t enough to put The Golden Child away! Mattock stood up and with his back to Monte, looked up to the ceiling and unzipped the mouth on his mask.

“UNRAVEL GHOUL!” shouted Mattock.

Burns slowly stood up as Mattock turned his attention back towards him. Burns was on wobbly feet and Mattock knew it would only take one shot to take Burns out. Derecho watched with baited breath on the outside as he, too, felt that this was going to be the end.

Burns was vertical.

Mattock charged forward, pivoted, and went for the…


(Roraring Elbow)


Burns put his arms up and blocked the elbow shot! Burns shoved Mattock back..



Mattock lost his balance and fell to both of his knees.



Mattock was out on his back! Burns twisted down into the cover, hooking the leg.




The Flyweight Champion popped the shoulder up and the crowd booed in disappointment after they thought that this match was over.

“Neither Burns nor Mattock can put each other away!” said Stone.

“Here Tony, have a Snickers.” said Davis.

“Why?” asked Stone.

“Because you think you’re a good commentator when you’re hungry.” said Davis.

Burns got back up and Derecho couldn’t stand to watch anymore. He quickly ran around ringside and grabbed a steel chair. He then got up on the ring apron, but Burns had his eye on him the entire time. When Derecho got up, Burns ran to the ropes and sprung off the middle rope. He pivoted and hit a drop kick, knocking Derecho off of the apron! Mattock got to his feet and charged in. He grabbed Burns in a front facelock, looking for a suplex, but Burns floated up and over, landing behind Mattock. Mattock turned around and was met with a toe kick. Burns butterflied the arms and nailed a Double Underhook Backbreaker on Mattock! Burns stood and headed for the corner. He went up to the top turnbuckle pad and flipped off with…


(Swanton Bomb)

Derecho got up just in time to see Burns make the cover.





Burns scored the pinfall as Derecho gritted his teeth and pounded his fist on the ring apron. Burns backed away toward the entrance ramp side of the ring, giving Derecho a wink and a little bit of a finger wiggle, emulating Karma’s Collector. Derecho was livid as he walked over and furiously kicked the steel ring steps. In fact, kicking them wasn’t enough. He grabbed the top half and flung them to towards the other side of the ringside area.

Burns smiled as he knew he got under Derecho’s skin once again. Mattock sat up in the middle of the ring and Derecho rolled inside.


Derecho paced back and forth as Mattock fully stood.

“YOU HAD ONE JOB…. ONE GOD DAMN JOB!” screamed Derecho.

Derecho was still fuming.

“MOVE… GET GOING!” he shouted to Mattock.

Mattock slowly turned and took a step towards the ropes, but Derecho grabbed Mattock and threw him through the middle and top rope and out to the floor.


Derecho hopped out of the ring and aggressively pulled Mattock to his feet. He then shoved him up the entrance way and Mattock, still exhausted from his battle, stumbled and fell to his knees.


Derecho pulled Mattock back up and shoved him forward again.


Mattock stumbled behind the curtain to the backstage area as Derecho followed him, still furious. Why Mattock had aligned himself with his brother is still unknown. If this is what Mattock gets for this alliance, was the reason really worth it?

WINNER: Monte Burns via Pinfall


Featuring: Reno Davis & Tony Stone

Location: Ringside

“It’s just about that time again, Reno,” Tony Stone said. “Only the Strong is here, and with it, one of the biggest opportunities of the year. Thirty of the best Legacy of Champions has – thirty of the best athletes walking God’s green Earth – are going to enter the ring in timed intervals and eliminate one another until only one man or one woman is left standing. That lucky individual is the number one contender for the Legacy Championship, currently held by the Superstar, The Reason There Is A Show…Vince Jacobs.”

“It’s one of the most chaotic matches we have to offer,” Reno Davis agreed. “And for all of you fans out there – and Hell, even my broadcast colleague, because even HE doesn’t know this yet, I’ve got an inside scoop for you all, directly from the powers that are around here.”

Reno held up a document. The camera didn’t shoot it close enough that it could be read, and out of even further precaution, certain parts of the document were blurred for any viewers watching at home.

“This right here is a contract,” Reno continues. “Signed, sealed, and delivered. For legal reasons, we can’t reveal the name on it right now. What I CAN tell you, though, here exclusively at Legends 19, is that the man who has signed this contract has signed a full time deal with LoC, he will BE at Only the Strong, and will make his LoC debut IN the Only the Strong match itself.”

Davis wears a smug smile on his face, possibly at scooping his partner, leaving Stone only able to react to the news.

“That’s a Hell of a way to make your debut,” the play by play man said, “in one of the biggest matches of the year. I can’t imagine a more difficult debut environment, but the reward…”

“Is immense,” Reno finished. “In one night, our newcomer could go from LoC rookie to #1 contender at the biggest show of the year. It’s an unprecedented opportunity, Tony.”

“Come on, Reno,” Tony said, in a transparent attempt to pump his partner for information, “you’ve got to be able to tell us more about the mystery entrant! What can you tell us about him – or her – without getting in trouble with legal?”

“Well, partner,” Reno said, milking the moment for all it’s worth, “I CAN tell you that it is a he, and that he is a former multi-time World Champion. Of particular relevance, though, is that he apparently has a history with a surprisingly large proportion of this roster, which is going to make things REALLY interesting depending on where he comes out in the match draw.”

“Yet another reason, folks,” Stone finished, in full-fledged hype mode, “that Only the Strong this year will be unmissable. Tune in, and see who the newest athlete to call the Legacy of Champions home is!”

“I know already,” Reno offered, with a shrug. “And I’m not telling! Now come on, play-by-play man, we’ve got a job to do. Keep up with me here!”

On that note? We returned to matters of a more violent nature.


Featuring: Team VIAGRA

Location: Locker Rooms

Close up on the tape wrapped hands of a seasoned grappler. A cloud of white puff flew in the air as the two hands collided with one another.

Tony Davis, having regained consciousness after being caught in the Lindsay Troy/Dusk crossfire, laced up his boots and then placed his traditional head gear on top of his head. His partner and brother-in-law Jack Harmen stood against the wall, chomping on a sandwich he had taken from catering. He hung his head low, tilting a fedora to cover his face. He wore a trench coat straight out of the Matrix, doing his best Suicide impression. Tony began to shadow box, and then shadow grapple. Harmen coughed.

“You know,” Harmen finished gobbling his sandwich, “Jacobs is using you to get to me.”

Davis didn’t look up. “I know,” he said, continuing his routine. “You think I can’t handle this?”

“Dude.” Harmen raised the fedora so his eyes could be seen. “You giggle whenever anyone says penis.”

Tony stopped and giggled. “So? Lots of people do.” Davis collected himself and continued. “I can be serious.”

“Oh! Can you?” Harmen kicked off the wall and grabbed the backpack slung over Tony’s shoulders. “What the hell is this?”

Davis stopped and gulped. “It’s my anti-curse protection zapper.” He half smiled.

Harmen frowned. He grabbed the end of a suction hose. “It’s a vacuum cleaner in a backpack.” Harmen let the tube go and it dangled by Tony’s side. “Is this your midlife crisis?” he asked. “Cause I want no part of you flaming out like a sterile Johnny Storm.”

Davis grabbed the dangling tube and stood to Harmen, eye to eye. “That’s the thing, you’ve never taken superstitions seriously. I told you I didn’t want to be cursed and you went ahead and did it anyway.” He sneered, uncharacteristically. “Like usual.” Davis raised his vacuum cleaner. “Which is why before I ever have to face Troy for the Underground title, I’m gonna suck that ghost up and dispel the curse.” Tony gently stroked the vacuum’s suction hose. “I’m gonna suck that ghost so hard.”

Harmen opened his mouth. He was speechless. He raised a single finger to take a moment.

“I can surprise people you know,” Tony interrupted. “I could surprise you.”

“I think you just did.” Harmen nodded.

“I’m saying,” David took a step closer to his brother in law. “I can BEAT Jacobs.”

“Jacobs is a man possessed by gold. I know the temptation and lure of that Dark Side.” Tony clenched his fist in response to Jack. “Listen, Tony. Just…” Harmen put his hand on Tony’s shoulder. “Be careful.”

Tony flashed a smile. “I almost always never am.” And with that, he was off, ready to face his greatest challenge: the Legacy Champion, Superstar Vince Jacobs.

Harmen stared slackjawed. He paused, and then said, “He took the backpack.” Harmen ran his hand through his multicolored hair. “Why did he take the backpack.”

After a moment, Tony Davis reentered the locker room, unstrapping the backpack. “I don’t know why I took this.” Davis let it clang to the ground. “It’s just gonna weigh me down.”

As Davis walked out, Mary-Lynn entered. “Hey Tony!” she shouted as he walked off. Then she turned to Jack. “Where’s he going?” she blinked. “There’s still two more matches before his.”

Harmen walked up and placed his finger on her lips. “Shhhh. Only I may ruin kayfabe.” Mary took Harmen’s fedora and placed it on her own head. He frowned.

“Where’s the Maltese Falcon, see?” Mary spoke from the corner of her mouth, doing her best noir detective impression as she tilted the fedora.

Harmen blinked. “Did you lose it Mary?” Harmen shook his head and walked off. “Am I the only one taking this whole place seriously?”

Mary lowered her fedora over her chest. “Jacobs bad. Grrr. Argh.” She rolled her eyes. “We get it.” Harmen stared down his young apprentice. “What is it?” she asked.

Harmen took a moment. That moment took moments. “Is Jacobs right?” Harmen let out all the air in his chest. “Am I a jinx?”

Mary-Lynn laughed. “To a clean police record maybe.” She waved to Harmen. “C’mon. We’re gonna watch Tony’s match in the Loft. I haven’t seen Dametreyus in forever!” Harmen didn’t move as Mary made her way to the door. “You coming?”

Harmen shook his head no. A disappointed Mary-Lynn quietly exited. Harmen reached over to the far corner of the locker room and lifted up a large snow shovel. Harmen slapped the shovel against his palm. “Time to go to wor-” Harmen stepped toward the locker entrance and clanged his knee against a large object. The camera lowered to reveal what looked to be a large animal cage, which included a hamster-like water bottle that is half empty. Harmen sighed. “Consarnit Tony, how does sitting in a dog cage for three hours prepare you for a cage match?!” Harmen kicked the cage for good measure and wobbled off. “Now my shin’s all shot to…“

Fade out as Harmen walked out of the locker room and down the hallway.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Buck Logan

“The following match is a TAG TEAM match and is scheduled for ONE FALL.”

Together we are a powerful force
As one mind, body, and soul
Let no evil enter nor attempt to reduce us
Because of the beliefs we hold

And with this love combined with our strength
We ward off pain and stress
Technician I am, whole heartedly
In life and in death


Those are the words that appeared on the LegacyTron as “Straight Out The Gate” by Tech N9ne feat. Serj Tankian pounded over the arena. The fans rose to their feet to greet their new tag team champions while red and blue lights and lasers flashed around them…but the reaction wasn’t totally positive this time. Vivica J. Valentine lead the way with the Bombshells and Team Championships criss-crossed across her chest like dueling sashes. She received cheers as she dropped down to one knee for a photo-op. Dusk stalked out behind her, towering over her tiny frame like a titan. He received a mixed response thanks to his earlier encounter with the Underground Champion, Lindsay Troy.

“Coming down the aisle with a combined weight of 366 pounds, they are your reigning LoC Team Champions… DUSK and VIVICA J. VALENTINE, THE UPRISING!”

“We were just as surprised as anyone else at Underground when these two came out for their shot at championship gold and succeeded!” Tony Stone built up the champs, “Now here they are taking on a shared rival in The Nation. A team that you, Reno, said should be the champs.”

“It was a rigged lottery, just like the Powerball.” Reno chirped in, “With as many tickets as I bought for that damn thing I had to have won. I mean, Tennessee? Really? Are we serious?”

“Well this team, named The Uprising no doubt in reference to their roles in taking down the JCON regime just before the pay-per-view of the same name, looked pretty impressive in their match.”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the Legion of Devastation & Brunch, Esquire probably over-exerted themselves counting how many members they have in their new team and coming up with cute breakfast names and didn’t have time to plan for their opponent.” Reno continued on, “The Nation. They’re a REAL team. They’re REAL scary. They’ll squash this Uprising, just like I’m honestly shocked JCON couldn’t in the first place.”

Now in the ring, Vivica J. Valentine stood on the top rope holding her dual championships in the air. Behind her in the ring, standing in the other corner Dusk held his own title high above his head. The crowd continued with their mixed reaction for him and their positive one for Vivica. He nodded to the music as he turned around to greet his partner, who had just jumped down off the top rope. Valentine hopped up to give Dusk a high five as they awaited their opponents.

“What a run it’s been for both of these individuals, but especially Vivica J. Valentine.” Tony began, “She has been on fire since debuting in Legacy of Champions by jumping that barricade to save Lindsay Troy. She, along with Dusk, turned the tide in the battle against JCON and followed it up by immediately claiming the Bombshells Championship. I can’t remember the last time she lost a match, and Dusk’s run…”

“Yeah, we need to talk about that for a second. Dusk may have had a run these last couple of shows, but he didn’t beat Lindsay Troy at the event this team fashioned their name after. And you saw what happened earlier.”

“I did,” said Stone, somberly.

“Exactly. And as much as I’ve questioned the intelligence of the fans in the past, they aren’t loving what happened between him and the Underground Champ tonight. If he’s getting cheered, it’s because he’s facing the Nation, not because anyone’s happy he didn’t listen to Troy and leave well enough alone.”

The lights went out.

A faint red glow rose in the arena as “Magdalena” by A Perfect Circle played over the speakers. The Magdalena lead her troops out into the arena as flashbulbs flickered from every corner. Her expression was stern and emotionless, and her followers seemed to lifelessly follow her every command. Penance stood directly behind her, flanked on each side by Persephone and Dominic Van Ness VIII. She stopped on the stage, directly below where the words THE NATION flashed on the LegacyTron above her and held up her fingers without even looking at the team standing behind her. She beckoned them before beginning to walk down to the ring, leaving Persephone behind who simply looked back at Valentine in the ring with disgust before turning around and heading towards the back.

“Now THIS.” Reno trumpeted, “This is what champions look like. Big. Strong. Intelligent. Technically strong. Intimidating. Not a rag-tag group, thrown together at the last second as a fan service to these people wanting to celebrate the end of Jonathan Conspiracy for just a little bit longer!”

“And none of those things apply to The Uprising?” Tony questioned.

“None. Penance is everything Dusk WISHED he could be. Massive. Nasty. Destructive. He could end anyone who stepped in between those ropes and the entire world knows it.” Reno continued on, “DV8? One of the most technically sound wrestlers this world has ever seen. He’s worked with Penance so often at this point in time he’s probably the only man on this planet who knows what that monster is thinking. He compliments the violence, perfectly. Magdalena is the glue who keeps it all together. The brains. The beauty…”

“I’ve heard enough.” Tony interrupts.

“What? You can talk about those other two all day!”

“I was telling a story, you’re just sucking up.”

“Revisionist history… maybe.” Reno quipped, “You’re not the only one around here who can tell stories.”

Inside the ring, Magdalena took a step forward toward her adversaries. In their corner, Dusk put his hand on the shoulder of Valentine, seemingly holding her back as Mags judged with just a look. She took a step aside and motioned towards the two men behind her who both rose their arms into the air to a choir of jeers. DV8 looked into the masses in disbelief as the lights returned to normal and Magdalena lead her soldiers back to their own corner.


At the sound of the bell, Vivica and Dusk bumped fists with Dusk as he exited the ring and gave Valentine the start. Meanwhile, Penance stepped through the ropes, leaving Dominic Van Ness III to deal with the dual champion.

“And it looks like we are going to see the Bombshell Champion to start things off,” Tony started.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Reno remarked.

“I thought you would be happy about this. You were JUST spent what felt like thirty minutes talking about your love affair for them!” Tony continued.

“Exactly. My disdain was towards Valentine. Are you even listening to me?” Reno fired back.

“As little as possible.”

DV8 started the match by trying to go for a collar-and-elbow tie-up, but Vivica managed to use her agility to get behind Dominic. With DV8 in front of her, VJV connected with a dropkick to the back that sent Van Ness into the ropes, which Vivica followed up with a simple hip toss before she bounced off the ropes and connected with a front flip leg drop.


“The fans showing their support for the dual champ!” Tony exclaimed.

“Can you stop referring to her as that?” Reno inquired.

“Um, no. Because that’s what she is,” Tony responded.

“I hate you.”

Vivica grabbed Dominic by the left arm and dragged him over to his corner where he tags in Dusk. Dusk came in as Valentine lifted Van Ness off the ground and bounced off the ropes before he planted a kick to the face that flipped Dominic inside out!

“And the teamwork between Dusk and Valentine is on point,” Tony stated.

“On fleek?”


“Forget it,” Reno was exasperated already.

Dominic stumbled to his feet and as he did, Dusk was ready as he started pelting him with forearm strikes.




Van Ness tried to cover up, but the Lost Soul slammed his knee into his midsection before he whipped him into the ropes and nailed him with a back bodydrop. As Dominic stumbled up to his feet, Dusk came up behind him, wrapped his arms around his waist and connected with a German Suplex!


“Sheer power from the other half of the Tag Team Champs!” Tony roared.

“Van Ness is like a damn rag doll right now,” Reno remarked, clearly disappointed.

“Wait, what is Dusk doing?” Tony wondered.

Dusk locked his fingers and rolled through the German Suplex, brought Van Ness back up to his feet and connected with another German Suplex!


Dusk locked his fingers again and came around, hoisting Dominic back up while Vivica slapped Dusk on the shoulder. She hopped up to the top rope as Dusk lifted him up and she connected with a flying kick off the top rope as Dusk finished his triple rolling German Suplexes.



“Come on Buck, open your eyes!” Reno roared.

“The Tag Team Champs seem to be on the same page here!”

“I hate you and your stupid face!”

“Oh, it’s not that bad Reno.”

Valentine grabbed Dominic by the back of the neck only to receive a finger to the eye for her trouble. Van Ness then rolled over to Penance and tagged him in. The giant got into the ring and slammed his fist into Valentine’s jaw and she went crashing down to the mat.


“The fans definitely not a fan of that,” Tony stated.

“Who cares what they’re fans of? Now THIS is a match that I can get behind,” Reno fired back.

“You’re sick.”

She scooted back, looking at Penance and then at Dusk, who extended his arm, chomping at the bit to go toe to toe with the goliath monster. Valentine shrugged her shoulders as she rolled over to Dusk and the Lost Soul tagged back in.

“Rip him apart, Penance!” Reno yelled out.

“Impartiality?” Tony wondered.

“Shut your face!”

Dusk then ducked under the outstretched arms of Penance and spun Penance around before pelting him with a series of fists to the jaw.




The shots were akin to flies attacking a horse as Penance proceeded to mow Dusk down with a clothesline.

“Now, THIS is a match I can get behind,” Reno exclaimed.

“For some reason, I’m not surprised. Anyways, Dusk, one of the fiercest competitors that we have around here could barely phase Penance with those shots.”

“Exactly!” Reno roared. “Penance is a BEAST. He’s going to eat Dusk for breakfast.”

“That would be… gross.”

“Yeah, on second thought, let’s NOT see that.”

Penance grabbed Dusk by the back of the neck and yanked him off the mat before throwing him into the corner where he unloaded on him with a series of fists to the body.




Dusk does all he can to not crumple into the mat while Logan pulled Penance away.

“This is better than the Ronda Rousey match!” Reno continued to be far too excited.

“You are a sick person. Seriously.”

“What are you, my shrink?”

“Um, yeah. I spend HOURS with you EVERY single week,” Tony shot back.

As Penance doubled back on Dusk, the Lost Soul headbutted him, which caused Penance to stumble back. Dusk hopped onto the top turnbuckle and connected with a flying clothesline, though the big monster still refused to go down. Dusk bounced off the ropes only for Penance to recover and slam his boot across Dusk’s face.


“Oof, that one is going to hurt,” Tony remarked.

“Oh yeah it is! May have broken that jaw!” Reno shot back.

“Penance is doing quite a number to Dusk, a handful of weeks out before his recently made, and HUGE, match with Lindsay Troy at Only The Strong!”

“Yeah, he’s not going to make it to that in one piece. The Queen will pick apart whatever’s left over.”

Penance stomped away at Dusk before dragging him over to the corner and tagging back in Dominic. Van Ness eagerly re-entered the ring and mounted Dusk before pummeling him with a series of fists.




“And Van Ness now getting some shots in here,” Tony remarked.

“Getting some shots in? He’s lighting Dusk up!” Reno responded.

“I don’t know about that.”

Penance exited the ring while Dominic dragged Dusk back up to his feet and connected with a stiff uppercut that sent Dusk into his opponent’s corner. Van Ness motioned for Penance to hold Dusk and Penance did just that as Dominic decked Dusk right in the face. Dusk fell onto his knees from the shot as Dominic then bounced off the ropes and slammed his knee into the side of Dusk’s face.



“And that’s what I’m talking about!” Reno yelled.

“Kind of easy when you’ve got a massive giant in the corner holding your opponent down,” Tony offered.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Um” Tony started. “Did you become randomly blind.”

“No, I just think you need to get your eyes checked.”

Dominic dragged Dusk into the middle of the ring, bounced off the ropes, and went for an elbow to the sternum only for the Lost Soul to roll out of the way.



“And nobody is home!” Tony roared.

“What?! That buffoon!” Reno responded.

“That buffoon helped you get your job back.”

“Shut it. That’s in the past. I went to a therapist to get over that.”

Van Ness staggered back to his feet as Dusk bounced off the ropes and connected with a crunching spear!


Dominic folded up like an accordion as Dusk laid on the mat, trying to gather his strength. As he started to crawl over to Valentine, Penance entered the ring, forcing Buck to yell at him. Penance grabbed Dusk, hoisting him up to his feet, and chokeslammed him in the middle of the ring!


Penance then dragged Van Ness onto Dusk, as Buck slid in for the cover.




“And The Lost Soul manages to kick out!” Tony yelled over the din of the crowd.

“Lucky son of a–”

“I definitely would not let Dusk somehow hear you say that.”

“Oh why, so he can follow me around and ask what’s wrong with me? I’ll take my chances, thanks.”

Van Ness slowly made his way over to his corner and managed to tag in Penance who re-entered the ring and stomped the back of Dusk’s skull. Dusk tried to fight his way back up, but Penance simply punted him in the ribs, which flipped Dusk over a few times.


“Look at the sheer STRENGTH of Penance,” Reno gleefully stated.

“Penance is manhandling Dusk, something you just don’t see that often,” Tony replied.

“Exactly. The new champs, ladies and gents!”

“There you go putting the horse before the cart again.”

Dusk grabbed at the ropes to help himself back up as Vivica cheered him on. Penance rushed at Dusk only for Dusk to get his shoulder into the abdomen. Dusk switched places with Penance, pushing the beast into the ropes. He then flew off the ropes and threw all of his might at Penance with a clothesline, sending both men over the top rope and crashing to the outside, with Penance somehow landing on his feet.

“Dusk managed to take the fight to Penance–” Tony started.

“And yet, Penance is standing on his own two feet again!” Reno interjected.

“Yes, very true. Dusk has put himself into a dangerous situation.”

“Oh, let the good times start!”

Penance grabbed the rising Dusk and threw him back first into the ring barricade. Dusk grimaced in pain as Penance then ran full speed at him and cracked his boot across Dusk’s jaw.



“And Dusk is just being dismantled on the outside of the ring by Penance,” Tony offered.

“With Valentine having to just watch. You think they do it?” Reno wondered.

“What the heck is wrong with you?!”

“Many things, according to my shrink.”


The Lost Soul rolled around in pain as Penance then grabbed Dusk, brought him up to his feet, and slammed him head first into the ring post before he rolled him back into the ring. Dusk, obviously dazed, tried to crawl his way to his corner, but ended up going towards The Nation’s corner instead, which delighted Dominic a great bit as he cracked his boot across the side of Dusk’s head.


“And the Nation is just DESTROYING Dusk!” Reno exclaimed.

“Dusk is doing everything he can, but he is being beaten down at every corner.”

“This is what he gets for messing with Magdalena and Persephone at Underground.”

“I’m pretty certain they sought him out.”

Penance made his way back into the ring and grabbed Dusk by the back of the neck before he whipped him into the ropes and connected with a sidewalk slam. Dusk rolled around in pain as Penance grabbed him again and whips him HARD into the opposite corner.


“Penance is doing everything in his power to simply destroy Dusk,” Tony noted.

“Loving it. Troy must be excited as well.”

“Given what happened earlier, you may not be far off.”

Penance then ran full speed at the weakened Dusk only for Dusk to roll out of the way which caused the Nation’s Behemoth to connect chest first into the top turnbuckle! With Penance stunned, Dusk came up behind the goliath and nailed him with a German Suplex!


“No, no, no” Reno yelled.

“What STRENGTH from Dusk there as he somehow got the giant beast up and off his feat!”

“Vivica is in the corner, clapping her hands together. As if THAT is going to do anything.”

“Well, these fans are trying to prove you wrong and get Dusk back into this match!”

Both men are laid out in the middle of the ring. Dusk tried to move first, making his way towards Vivica, who is cheering him on. Penance though grabbed Dusk by the back of the neck and prevented Dusk from making it all the way over there.

“So close,” Reno started. “But NOPE! HA!”

“You are a truly sad individual.”

“Look, Tony. My life is dope and I do dope shit. Don’t HATE!”

Penance dragged Dusk up to his feet and the two men start trading punches before Penance planted his boot into the middle of Dusk’s midsection and connected with a sickening powerbomb!


“Ouch,” Tony sighed. “That’s going to leave a mark.”


“I’m like sitting right here. Why are you yelling in my earpiece?”


Penance then went for the cover.




“And somehow Dusk managed to find the strength to kick out there!” Tony roared.

“What? Just… what?”

“Dusk isn’t done quite yet!”

“But he should be! Logan needs to learn how to count.”

“Like you’re one to talk.”


“You forgot the number TWO!”

Penance fought back up to his feet and dragged Dusk with him, pelting him with elbow shots to the face. He then dragged Dusk towards his corner and tagged in Van Ness. Penance then dragged Dusk to the middle of the ring and held him up as DV8 flew off the ropes and went for a clothesline only for Dusk to duck out of the way and Dominic goes crashing into Penance.

“Dusk getting out of harm’s way there in a hurry!” Tony started.

“How did he do that?!” Reno spat out.

“Pure instincts.”

“I hate instincts!”

“That’s because you don’t have any.”

As both men turned towards Dusk, the Lost Soul flew off the ropes and speared both of them into the mat!

“And Dusk taking BOTH men down to the mat with that spear!” Tony exclaimed.

“I can’t believe this.”

“You best start believing!

“Don’t start with me, Journey boy.”

Dusk rolled through it and tagged in Vivica, who hopped onto the top rope and came flying down with a splash onto both competitors.


“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me,” Reno whined.

“Business is about to pick up!”

“Don’t you ever stop with those cheesy cliches.”

Vivica pushed/rolled Penance out of the ring with her boot and turned her attention to Van Ness narrowly missed an elbow to her jaw. She connected with a stiff kick to the side of Dominic’s head before she whipped him into the ropes and nailed him with a flying headscissors.


“And Vivica is really taking it to the Nation!” Tony roared.

“Meh. Just average at best.”

“It figures you would think that.”

“Because I’m normally right?”

“The complete opposite.”

As Dominic stumbled back up to his feet, Valentine was already flying off the ropes, soared over Van Ness and connected with a neckbreaker that caused Dominic to roll around in immense pain.



“Valentine is on a ROLL!” Tony exclaimed.

“Don’t. Just stop it.”

“I like it when you whine.”

“Girls normally have to pay extra for that.”

“I think you mean that you normally HAVE to pay girls to put up with it.”


As Valentine rose to her feet, she saw Penance trying to reenter the ring. Vivica bounced off the ropes and connected with a dropkick to the left knee of the giant, keeping him from re-entering the ring. The distraction was enough for Dominic as he came up behind Vivica and slammed his forearm repeatedly into the back of her neck.




“That’s what I’m talking about! Hold her down and make her yours, Dominic!” Reno quipped.

“You are a sick individual.”

“Definitely not. I’m fit and in shape.”

“You astound me.”

“That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me,” Reno finished.

He then whipped her chest first into the turnbuckle and she collapsed, clutching at her chest. Dominic then came over and started stomping away at her before tossing her out of the ring.


“This does not bode well for Valentine,” Tony offered.

“What? She’s in safe hands with Penance.”

“Yeah, if you’re the villain in a Saw movie.”


With Valentine out of the ring, Penance grabbed the significantly smaller opponent and slammed her back first into the ring post. Vivica howled out in pain as Penance took a few steps back and then slammed her into the ring post again. Penance released Vivica and watched as she collapsed onto the mat.


“And the Bombshell Champion is getting the stuff knocked out of her by the significantly larger Penance!” Tony exclaimed.

“Just more proof that she does not belong in this ring.”


“Stick to wrestling girls, Vivica.”

“Oof. She’s going to let you have it,” Tony remarked.

Penance then hoisted her up and looked to be going for a powerbomb until Dusk came up behind and nailed a chop block onto the giant, allowing VJV to land safely. Dusk then grabbed Penance and drilled him skull first into the ring post!



“Dusk with the save!” Tony roared as the fans reached a fever pitch.

“How does he have anything left?!”

“This isn’t his dance.”

“Can you believe it’s been fifteen years since Save The Last Dance?”

“Um, what?!”

“I know, I was shocked too,” Reno finished.

Vivica bounced onto the ring apron and soared over the top rope before connecting with a corkscrew kick to the jaw of Van Ness. With Dominic down, Valentine hopped back up to the top turnbuckle and went for the…

(Double-Rotation Shooting Star Senton)

Only for Dominic to roll out of the way at the last possible second!


“Crash and Burn!” Reno yelled.

“That was a HUGE miss for Vivica,” Tony responded.

“Yeah it was. Game over! New Champs!”

“Don’t be so sure about that.”

As VJV stumbles back up to her feet, DV8 connects with the..

(¾ Turn Neckbreaker)


“OH IT IS OOOOOOOOOOOOOVER!” Reno was beside himself.

“Not over yet.”

“What?! You’re crazy.”

“Just wait…”

He then goes for the cover





“You’ve got to be KIDDING me!” Reno yelled, nearly flinging off his headset.

“Never over till the three count is here.”

“I hate you.”

“I figured,” Tony responded.

On the outside, Penance drills Dusk into the ringside barrier.


“KILL HIM!” Reno cheered.

“You’re a sick person.”

“That, I am.”

“I don’t know why I keep working with you.”

Dominic is beside himself as he rose to his feet and started yelling at Logan. This gave Vivica enough time to get back up to her feet, clutching her neck, and as Dominic turned around, Valentine connected with an enziguri!


“WHOA! Valentine got ALL of that one,” Tony remarked.

“Come on, Buck! Get a handle on it!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you worry about what I’m talking about!”

As Vivica went for the cover, Penance came storming into the ring and grabbed VJV by her hair and yanked her off of Dominic. He then wrapped his hand around her throat, but before he could lift her off of the mat, Dusk came in and slammed his forearm into the arm of Penance, breaking the hold. Dusk then grabbed Penance and started drilling him with a series of knee strikes to the face!




“Get a handle on things, Buck!” Reno yelled out.

“Dusk is LIGHTING up Penance with those knee shots!”

“I know! Illegal!”

“Penance shouldn’t even be in the ring!”

Dominic came up behind Vivica and goes for a roll-up.




With Vivica getting a shoulder up, Logan then broke up Penance and Dusk, ordering both into their respective corners. Viv connected with an uppercut to Dominic before going for The Red Line only for Van Ness to block it with a stiff forearm to the face.


“Vivica trying to put this match away!” Tony remarked.

“Van Ness refusing to let that happen,” Reno retorted.

“You can sense the match is coming to a head though.”

“Heh, heh.”

“You’re sick.”

He then went to whip Vivica into the ropes, Dusk tagging himself in the process, and went for a clothesline only for Vivica to duck underneath it. She then springboarded off the middle rope and connected with a spinning roundhouse kick that spun Dominic right around into a…


“The ROOF has been blown off of this place!” Tony noted.

“I… NO!”

Vivica then ran full speed at Penance, blasting both of her knees into his face while Dusk went for the cover.






“The champs have retained!” Tony roared as Dusk rolls off of Dominic, laying on the mat as Valentine walks over and helps her partner up. Logan grabbed both of their hands and hoist them up in the air before handing them their titles.

“This is a TRAVESTY!” Reno yelled back. “I can’t believe this!”

“And neither can The Nation!” Tony quipped.

Sure enough, Penance and Dominic Van Ness were beside themselves as Magdalena rushed into the ring. Dusk immediately dropped his title and was ready for a fight, hands balled into fists.

“And Dusk is rearing for a fight,” Tony noted. “This could get ugly fast.”

Magdalena strode across the ring and glared at Dusk and Vivica. She then leaned closer to Dusk. “Your time is coming. And I will relish in watching the torture as it eats you alive.” Just like that, she turned on her heels and gathered Penance and Van Ness.

Vivica looked over at Dusk, confused, but Dusk continued to look at The Nation.

WINNER: The Uprising via Pinfall


Featuring: LIndsay Troy, Persephone

Location: Boiler Room


Quickly now…

Lindsay Troy jogged through the hallways, bag at her hip, and a scowl on her face. The blow-up with Dusk was still very much on her mind, but the Queen knew she needed to push it to the back burner for now.

She had been traversing the halls most of the night looking for the one corridor that never seemed to be on any floor plan or blueprint of the Arena of Champions. An improbable thing, this hallway. It seemed to appear out of nowhere, at inopportune times for the Grapplers who roamed the building on any given show night. The Wounded Lion, Billows, was corralled by its darkness on Legends 8. Vivica J. Valentine stumbled upon it on Legends 13, but never found it again. And on the most recent Underground, Dusk found himself ensnared before he was presented with a warning.

Funny how there seemed to be a common denominator with all three of these fighters…

As luck would have it, Troy managed to catch a glimpse of the happenings in the Arena proper on a monitor near the catering space. She knew Magdalena, DV8, and Penance were preoccupied with their tag bout, and that Persephone wasn’t with them.

The arrogance… Troy thought.

She might’ve had a chance if she stayed with her clan…

She immediately hastened her search to find Persephone, or the Nation’s Hallway, or head her off at the pass before she got there. That stony look on Troy’s face wasn’t from her Curse effects revelation, but from the knowledge that she was running out of time to make this a one-on-one affair; as crafty, experienced, and resourceful as Troy was, she knew she wasn’t going to make it out of a three-on-one beat down if Van Ness and Penance got back to their lair in time.

“Come on, come on,” she muttered, and was nearly at the point of a full-on run when something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye.

To her right: three branching hallways.

An image from Underground V flashed in Troy’s memory and she immediately darted down the one to the right.

“Uh oh, Stoner,” Reno’s voice cut over the developing situation. “This scene look familiar to you?”

“Indeed it does, Reno.”

“Has Troy officially lost her mind or…”

That hallway branched off to another two, and that one branched off again. Troy started slowing down, quieting her footsteps as much as she could. Her eyes flicked up to the ceiling to check for overhead cameras or sprinklers and, finding none, she smiled – just a bit.

While she couldn’t guarantee their absence once she rounded this corner, she guessed that she might also be in the clear there too. The last thing she wanted was for the whole building to be evacuated, but the logistics of this part of the Arena weren’t anything she could adequately plan for. So, she was going to wing it.

Troy reached into her duffel bag and pulled out two red tubes. Sonny Silver mistook them for glowsticks, hence his rave comment, and he wasn’t far off. In reality, they were roadside flares. Break and place on the ground in case of emergency. Or throw them down the Spooky Nation Hallway to get the jump on the one who jumped you the week before…

“What the hell are those?!” yelled Reno.

“This does not look good…” Stone affirmed. “If Troy’s been looking for the Nation’s hideaway the whole night, the only thing it could mean is they were responsible for her injuries in the parking lot last show.”

“Or Persephone, in particular, was the one responsible.”

Troy peeked around the corner; sure enough, light receded into pitch black. She stepped to center, activated the flares, and heaved them down the hallway. Red sparks illuminated the passageway and curls of smoke wafted from the ends. But no sprinklers and no fire alarms were tripped. Troy exhaled the breath she didn’t realize she was holding and waited.

And waited.

And finally, Persephone stumbled from the gloom, coughing. Angry. Alone.

That’s when Troy pounced…


Featuring: Fall of Adam

Location: LegacyTron

A lot of preparation had led to this. Years of ignoring the instant gratification of mainstream publicity, strengthening the foundation of what their true purpose was. In the beginning, they had drive without direction. There was no instruction manual for the goals they had set. No mentor to guide them down a path that hadn’t been paved yet. While their actions had proven destructive, they didn’t come with any lasting effect.

Half a decade in isolation gave them clarity, and forged a degree of patience they couldn’t have understood before. In years past they came with the fist, but didn’t follow with the pen. With this new opportunity, they would make people remember.

“They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

The room was decrepit. The black and white painted floor was faded and dusty. A deep crimson stain sat beneath a stool at the bar. Gunshot holes littered the wood paneling behind the chair, and chunks of marble decorated the concrete floor. Someone had died here, and no one bothered to clean it up.

“If that’s true, I suppose God’s biggest mistake was convincing the world that the Devil did.”

Not ten feet away from the carnage that took the life of some anonymous bar patron, the silhouette of a broad shouldered man sat motionless in a horseshoe booth. He was sitting with his forearms resting on the dingy table, with fingers interlocked and eyes fixed on the macabre sight before him. Rays of sunshine hid the man’s face from the camera’s view, as the shadow of an even larger individual motioned into the scene and took a seat next to the narrator.

“In the end it doesn’t really matter. The last person to ever sit in that chair is dead. They didn’t die because they were righteous. They didn’t die because they were evil. They died because they made an enemy out of someone that didn’t fear hell.”

The newly arrived individual motioned forward, and coal black hair shimmered in the light. He retrieved a thick yellow envelope from his lap, and tossed it on the table. A cloud of dust billowed from beneath the heavy package as the massive stranger leaned back in his seat.

“This place didn’t survive the scandal. The stigma was too much too overcome.” Then, in an exaggerated tone. “The bar that stole their hero!”

His words began to sound familiar. This bar was infamous. A gambling scheme gone wrong had left this town without one of its greatest sports stars.

“So quickly forgotten. One day he was the savior of a franchise. The next…forgotten amidst the arrival of a new messiah. Some hero.”

The camera slowly started to venture towards the two strange men. The man speaking had a clean shaven head and dark, sun kissed skin. At first glance, he appeared to be sporting a 5 o’clock shadow. As the picture became clearer, you could make out the intricately drawn, straight lines of a facial tattoo. His piercing blue eyes were deep set, and housed in a thick brow. He unhooked his fingers, and methodically pulled the envelope closer to him.

“But this here… this ensures that we will never be forgotten.”

As the vague monologue continued, the dark haired man’s face came into focus. Where there should have been bumps and blemishes, only smooth curves resided. There were no eyebrows, no color whatsoever. The man was wearing a prosthetic mask. Only his dark, emotionless eyes lent any humanity to this colossus as he gazed intently on the envelope.

“We will be heroes to some. Others will call us demons. When everything is said and done, I think we’ll fall somewhere in the middle.”

The man with the bald head sternly grabbed the shoulder of his cohort, whose scrutiny had not left the package before him.

“This man is Oswald. My name is Gacy. Our war will not be quick, and it will not be painless. Sacrifices will be made, and lives will be changed forever. When the dust settles, every man alive will know the Fall of Adam.”

As the camera panned down to the envelope, one familiar logo was prominently featured. LoC.


Featuring: Kaus, The House, & Angelica Brooks

Location: Backstage

Sounds of different objects getting tossed around backstage caught the camera’s attention and when it focused it, it was focused solely on Kaus …


Coming off a countout loss to Alex Reyn earlier in the night, the Shining Diamond was irate, kicking a table over in catering. He had defeated young LoC star Graham Youngblood a few weeks ago by cheating his way to victory. When that infuriated Graham and he wanted a rematch, what he got instead was physically assaulted by Kaus in the locker room. Tonight, when Kaus was on his way to a victory over Alex Reyn, Youngblood came out and caught Kaus’s eye with a blatant distraction, keeping him from entering the ring and awarding the victory to Reyn.

Kaus continued on backstage like a storm blowing through town just as Angelica Brooks approached him.

“Excuse me … Kaus?”


The gorgeous interviewer almost jumped out of her shoes when Kaus raised his voiced at her but she tried to keep calm and interview on.

“Kaus … after what just happened out there with Youngblood …”

“You mean when that little rookie piece of garbage came out there and ruined my winning streak? You mean after he cost me a match against that fruitcake, Alex Reyn? You mean after he continuously follows me around like a lost puppy, begging for scraps after he’s already had one taste? Which event are you referring to, Brooks?”

“Well … all of the above, I suppose.”

Kaus was about to get hostile again but took a deep breath so he could finally compose himself.

“Okay … okay. I see this is how it’s going to be. Angelica Brooks, here’s a little sound byte for you:”

Kaus grabbed the microphone out of her hand and he looked at the camera.

“Graham Youngblood, I am not somebody that you want to screw with. KIRU learned that first hand … a man that I called my best friend! Apparently you need a little reminder of the type of many I am. Next week, if Scott Riktor books it, I’ll give you your little rematch. I’m going to beat you again, I’m going to leave you in my dust, and then I’m going to go on to the Only the Strong match and it will be me that walks out the Number One Contender to the Legacy Championship!”

Angelica slowly tried to take the microphone back when Kaus inched it closer to his lips.

“I can wrestle circles around anybody in this god-forsaken company and nobody can argue otherwise! I’ve got the killer instinct it takes to make it to the top, I’ve got the skills in that ring and when I face you, Graham, I’m going to rip your arm off and I’m going to hand it right back to you as a reminder that you’re not only anywhere on my level, you’re on the level below that! And …”

When Kaus was about to finish his thought, he was interrupted by not one, but four of a kind … of nuisance who had been making trouble in the last few weeks. The House had all gathered around Kaus and the foursome from jOlt looked interested in what he had to say, given that The Shining Diamond talked trash about them on Underground.

“Hey, technical marvel!” Derrick Huber said.

“Hey, sweetie, great job out there tonight!” Charlotte threw in.

Zane waved hello and Adam Roebuck snorted. Everybody else was in playtime mode, except the large bear of a man. He leaned right into Kaus’s face.

“Got something to say to us now?” Adam scowled.

They didn’t forget that Kaus called out all the stars on Underground – both LoC mainstays and former jOlt wrestlers – including The House about being better than all of them. The Shining Diamond glared at all four of them. He looked like he had a rebuttal in mind … instead, he stormed off.

“Angelica,” Derrick said, “here’s another announcement that you can take with you … all these people that want to be a part of the Only the Strong match and think that they’re just going to march in here and win … well, sorry to disappoint all of you but one of us have just become the winner.”

“I’m sorry?” Brooks said confused.

“Oh, sweet pea,” Charlotte said as she placed an arm around Brooks’s shoulder. “the four of us just got back from Scott Riktor’s office and all four of us are going to be in the Only the Strong match!”

“See, I like our odds,” Zane said. “One of us is a one in thirty chance … except when you include me, then that’s like a twenty-nine in thirty chance because of how great I am and where I come fron! Then you include my dad, the biggest baddest man in all the land and that’s another win for the House. You take my uncle Derrick, the strongest man on this roster and those chances improve more! You take the cunning of my Auntie C and that means a four in thirty – or if you simplify that, two-in-fifteen chance. Or if you take into account all that math … what do you get?”

Brooks shrugged her shoulders.

“NOBODY HAS A GOD-DAMN CHANCE.” Roebuck bellowed.

The Hubers walked off arm-in-arm and the elder and younger Roebuck followed closely behind them.


Stipulation: First Fall to Finish

Referee: Chris Horowitz

The next and final match will be for the Legacy Championship. This match was made on Underground V when Vince Jacobs challenged none other than Tony Davis to a steel cage match. Tony’s partner in Team VIAGRA, Jack Harmen, was getting a title shot at Only the Strong but Jacobs decided to stick it to the Lunatic by giving his partner a shot first. But everyone, even Harmen, knew that Jacobs had something up his sleeve as he wanted a special stip attached to the match. The camera panned from the ring to the stage.

“I Hope You Die” by Bloodhound Gang started to blast throughout the arena as the fans erupted in cheers. The often tame yet multiple time world tag team champion, Tony Davis stepped out to the stage and looked around as he received a roaring ovation from the fans. Davis was taken aback by the response and politely waved to the cheering masses. He was about to be in the biggest match he’s had in over fifteen years and quite possibly the biggest in his entire career. Tony stared up at the large steel structure surrounding the ring and let out a large and almost cartoonish gulp.

“For Tony Davis, you’ve got to think this might be the last time he gets a shot at a world title.” Tony Stone said.

“Yeah, but I don’t know if I’d want my last chance to be against the power hungry, mad for glory champ we’ve got in Vince Jacobs.” Reno replied.

“Right about that Reno. Yet it’s odd that Tony is going at it alone, don’t you think?” Stone said. “I mean, I can’t imagine Jacobs is going to be honorable and come out here without Geist.”

“There you go, making assumptions again.” Reno said. “What I said was a COMPLIMENT, Stone.” Reno continued. “I respect a man willing to do anything it takes to be the best.”

Tony reached up and began to climb the cage walls to cheers from the crowd. At about halfway up, Davis groaned, winced, and dropped back off the cage. He kept squeezing his hands in pain as he climbed the steel steps and entered the ring that way instead. Once inside, he stood triumphantly. He knew the odds, that all the doubters did not give him even a fighting chance against Vince Jacobs. But Davis, he would show the world that they’re wrong. He would dethrone the Superstar. Because you never tell Tony Davis the odds. He wouldn’t understand them.

“I didn’t have to come to the LoC to become a superstar…I brought my spotlight with me!”

“Villain” by Theory of a Deadman

The song blared throughout the Arena of Champions as an angry chorus of negative crowd heat flooded the arena as the entire area became awash with purple, gold, and pearl colored spotlights from overhead. The massive screens continued showcasing the numerous displays of tactical brilliance and seasoned technical mastery for all to see. A select cadre of earned monikers would dance at random, exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling’s Phenomenon – The Icon – The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber

The Reason There is a Show – Mr. Pay Per View

The camera centered itself onto the entrance staging area where the notoriously controversial lightning rod would part the backstage curtains with a prominent smirk, etched across the heavily decorated veteran’s visage. The Russian Jewel herself would follow suit to draw forth the beta male thirst and envy while preening and proudly directing the ‘spotlight’ on LoC’s ‘God of Wrestling Greatness’ who slowly raised his arms upward to promote several gold & purple plumes of pyrotechnical brilliance before being dismissed on cue.

“See.” Stone said. “Told you.”

“So?” Reno replied. “Just because Davis is stupid enough to go it alone doesn’t mean Jacobs has to.”

Vince Jacobs and Natalia slowly made their way down to the ring as the fans continued to jeer the Legacy champion. The huge German monster Geist was seen in the rear as the power couple finally made their way to the ring. Jacobs climbed up the steps and made his way into the cage holding the Legacy Championship high for all to see. He handed the title to Chris Horowitz before rubbing his hands together.


Chris Horowitz handed the title to Brad Arnold as he closed the cage door and wrapped the chain around the door and locked it. Natalia stood ringside and Geist stood in between the stage and the steel cage so Harmen could not make his way down to the ring. Jacobs did not wait as he started to go right after Davis in the middle of the ring. SVJ continued with his onslaught on one half of the former tag team champions. The Legacy Champion grabbed Davis and drilled him in the back of the head with a big forearm shot.

“And Jacobs starting this match off at a lightning quick pace.” Tony said, “clubbing blows and a nice forearm for punctuation. You think he’s speeding things up to compete with the Lunatic?”

“Gotta go fast, Tony.” Reno said.

Jacobs was not done as he picked up Davis and slammed him hard to the mat. The fans jeered the Legacy Champion as he smirked to the crowd. Jacobs moved to the opposite side of the cage and blew the Russian Hottie a kiss. Vince turned and walked over to Davis. He reached down to grab for the challenger but Davis surprised Jacobs with an inside cradle. Horowitz raced over for the count on the champion.




“We almost had a new world champ, Reno!” Tony shouted.

“Yeah,” Reno breathed a sigh of relief. “I’ve got my fingers hovering the sell button for my LoC stock if that happens.”

The fans almost jumped out of their seats believing that Davis pulled off an upset and won the Legacy Title. However, Vince kicked out as he sat up with a surprised look on his face. Davis quickly got to his feet and nailed Vince with a kick to the gut. He hooked Jacobs and drove him to the mat with a big DDT. Davis did not go for the cover on Jacobs but quickly hooked the champion with a rear chinlock. The champion thought this match was going to be a cakewalk but Davis came ready for it. He was trying to show everyone in the back that he was not going to be a joke, he was going to be Legacy Champion. He nodded to the crowd as they cheered him on.

“The crowds really getting behind Davis here.” Tony said.

“Wow!” Reno smiled. “They really do love me.”

“I meant Tony! They’re getting behind Tony!”

“Why would anyone get behind you Stone?” Reno replied. “You’re pointless.”

Jacobs tried to move out of the hold but couldn’t get himself free. There was no ropes breaks in this match since it was a steel cage match. Jacobs was able to make it to a standing base as he turned into the chinlock. Davis with a right to Jacobs in the chinlock, as Vince repositioned himself. Vince hooked Davis and drove him down to the mat with a big side suplex that broke the hold. Jacobs turned to his side as Davis laid on the mat. Vince was not happy as he turned to looked at Davis. SVJ stood to his feet and raced across the ring driving his boot into the side of Tony’s head.

“And all is right with the world.” Reno said.

Davis fell to the mat again as Jacobs reached down and pulled the challenger to his feet. Vince grabbed Davis by his head and raced across the ring.


“That was a brutal shot into the cage.” Tony Stone said

“Don’t get me wrong, I feel for Davis in that cage. I wouldn’t want to be in there with Jacobs.” Reno paused. “Well not really SORRY, persay. He should have known what SVJ would do in that cage.”

Jacobs drove Davis right into the steel cage. Vince smirked as he looked at the fallen Davis on the mat, clutching his forehead. SVJ grabbed Davis and started to rake his head against the steel cage bars. The fans continued to jeer the champion but that just made incensed Vince more as he intensified the pressure of raking Davis’ face into the steel. To punctuate it, Jacobs tossed Davis face first into the steel bars. Davis instinctively grabbed the top rope, but was so dazed he slumped to the mat. Blood started to flow from his head, covering his face in a crimson mask as the Legacy Champion stood over top of him.

Jacobs dropped down for the cover as Horowitz started his count.




Jacobs did not flinch at the kickout from Davis. The champ knelt over Davis and started to pound him with big right hands.

“Harmen did this to you,” Jacobs with a right. “your own brother-in-law!”

Jacobs stood up to his feet as he looked down at the bloody mess that was Tony Davis in the middle of the cage. He looked down at his clenched fist, covered in a layer of Tony Davis’ blood. The champion saw blood literally and was making this thing between him and Harmen personal.

“I don’t think this is about the Legacy Title for Jacobs.” Tony said.

“Oh yeah, this is personal, Stoner. Do you know the history between Jacobs and Harmen?” Reno replied. “I can’t believe I’m the one educating, but these two have had WARS before. Now, Vince is at the advantage and getting back at Harmen for his ‘Wildcard’ antics by punishing his brother-in-law.”

Jacobs reached down and picked up Davis again and whipped him into the corner. A nice close camera caught Tony’s eyes roll into the back of his head as he muttered “I fuck Jack’s sister.” in a babble of near incoherence. The champion slowly walked over to the corner and drove a few shoulder blocks into Tony’s midsection. Vince grabbed the doubled over challenger by the hair and pulled him to the middle of the ring.

(Choke Bomb)

Jacobs did not go for a cover.

“Why didn’t Jacobs cover him right there?”

“Because, Stoner, he’s punishing him for being related to Harmen.”

Vince moved away from the bloodied body of Tony Davis as he listened to the sea of jeers from the fans. SVJ positioned himself by the ropes and waited for Davis to make it to his feet. Tony slowly grabbed the ropes as blood dripped from his face. He pulled himself up to his feet.

The fans began to boo. On the LegacyTron, Jack Harmen was a bloodied mess himself, tossed through what looked to be a table with multiple bent steel chairs by his side. His snow shovel weapon tossed clear down the hallway. EMTs were tending to the number one contender to the Legacy title.

“That’s why the Lunatic isn’t out here!” Tony shouted. “Geist must have gotten to him backstage!”

“I guess Tony isn’t as stupid as I thought.”

Davis got to a standing position and noticed the Lunatic being attended to on the LegacyTron. He turned…


Vince nailed Tony with the Superstar Kick flush in the jaw. Davis was flattened into a Vitruvian Man position in the center of the ring. Jacobs dropped down for the cover as Horowitz went for the count.





It was finally over as Jacobs stood over top of Davis, victorious. However, Jacobs was not done as he called for Geist. The huge German grabbed a steel chair and pulled the cage from the ring apron. He slid the chair under the cage and into the ring. Jacobs smiled as Horowitz looked on. Vince picked up the chair as the fans in the Arena of Champions exploded.


Vince smirked as he heard the chants. He looked out into the fans through the cage. As he raised the chair, the chants grew in volume. The champion’s eyes narrowed in on Tony Davis as he unloaded chairshot after chairshot onto Harmen’s brother-in-law.


“This is sickening. Is anyone going to help Tony?” Tony shouted.

“Nobody smart will.” Reno said. “Anyone who has any sense of self preservation would not stand up to an irate Legacy Champion!”

Jacobs dropped the chair on the mat. He grabbed Davis by his hair, yanking his head back for a nice camera angle.

“This is what happens when your own family becomes self-obsessed. They end up putting their own family in danger. When you wake up in a hospital tomorrow, make sure you thank Harmen for this.” Jacobs shoved Davis by the back of his head so he fell face down on the mat.

Horowitz held out the Legacy Title to Jacobs, and Jacobs yanked it out of his hands. He rose it to the jeering capacity crowd, and smiled for the camera.

WINNER: Superstar Vince Jacobs via Pinfall


Featuring: Lindsay Troy & Persephone

Location: Ringside

“What we just saw, folks, was an absolutely disgusting display by this company’s Legacy Champion and his hired gun,” Stone narrated over the scene of Vince Jacobs gloating in the ring. The cage began to lift into the air and allowed Geist and Natalia to join him.

“Tony Davis knew the risks when he agreed to get in there with Vince,” Reno countered. “He might’ve been at a clear disadvantage from the get-go but that’s on him.”

Trash flew into the ring as the terrible trio paraded around the interior perimeter of the squared circle. Jacobs pointed out to the crowd, yelling at them for disrespecting this moment with their filth.

“Garbage entering the ring now, which is a fitting tribute to this garbage ending.”

“Stoner, you do not disrespect Greatness by littering the canvas with popcorn and the piss swill Riktor’s been passing off as ‘beer’ at concessions. At least give the man some rum.”

“That’s meta.”

“It’s what I do.”

A container of nachos and cheese sauce was on a trajectory for Natalia’s head, but Geist pulled her out of the way before it made impact. Jacobs had had about enough of this by now and motioned for them to take their leave.

“Good, get out of here,” Stone seethed.

Tony Davis had started to show signs of life while Geist and Jacobs hopped off the apron. Vince took his wife by the waist and helped her down to the floor as well. EMTs ran down the ramp, jumping out of the way as Geist faked making a move to take them out. Vince laughed as the technicians scurried toward the ring and Natalia pointed up at the LegacyTron, where Mary-Lynn Mayweather had arrived from the Loft to check on Jack Harmen.

“Took the half-pint long enough to get over there,” Reno mused.

“Damn Jacobs and Geist. Damn them!”

“Whoa, easy on the language, Stoner.”

Once they reached the top of the ramp, Jacobs, Natalia, and Geist all turned to face the crowd for one last showing-off of the Legacy Champ’s hardware. As Vince raised the title belt into the air, he expected to hear a cacophony of ”BOOOOOOOOs!” and feel the spotlights on him. What he got instead was maybe half that reaction, and no spotlights, as part of the Faithful had their attention on him and his entourage and the other half had their attention on a disturbance in the Force…errr…the crowd. And the lights weren’t shining down on him, but on that particular interruption instead.

An irate, keyed up Lindsay Troy ran down the stairs after a tumbling Persephone, LoC Security hot on her heels.


“The Underground Champion and the Nation’s Warrior Woman are taking this fight into the stands now!” Stone yelled. “And Security’s trying to contain this madness!”

“You know, I just don’t see what Troy’s big issue is with a little parking lot scuffle.”

“A little scuff–? That’s completely underselling things, Reno. The Nation started this months ago with her, Monte Burns, and Billows, continued it during the Walkout as it concerned Vivica J. Valentine, and exacerbated it at Uprising and beyond when Persephone stole the Bombshells title!”

“All I’m saying is that the Nation doesn’t take kindly to indiscretions,” Reno posited. “Troy stuck her nose in their business, and Persephone was dispatched to made her pay.”

“Troy has had herself an emotional night but God willing, she’ll get retribution somehow for that attack on the Underground!”

Jacobs glared at what was unfolding at the other end of the Arena of Champions, outraged that this barbary was stealing his thunder. Geist looked irked that Vince was even bothering to watch the spectacle. Natalia sniffed, turned her nose up at the brawl, and pulled her husband toward the curtain. Vince reluctantly followed his wife but it was clear he wasn’t going to forget about this any time soon.

Troy and Persephone made their way through a row of seats as the Faithful cheered at the action spilling out amongst them. Some yelled at Persephone, some encouraged Troy, many were taking pictures, video, and selfies, and all the while LoC Security was trying to keep the fans from getting too hands-on.

“I’m getting word from the back that we’re going to kick this over to WrestleNet to see it all play out! Folks, do not switch off your TVs, streaming devices, computers, whatever!”

“Wait,” Reno interrupted, “Riktor’s going to let this continue? Is he nuts?!”

“He’s the man in charge! For Reno Davis, I’m Tony Stone! Do not go anywhere!”