LoC: Violence 43 News & Notes

Legacy of Champions posted the following news and notes on their Web site about their upcoming Violence 43 episode:

All reports indicate that this is the week for Oliver Ranken to face Austin Advent in a rematch from their infamous ‘Cock on a Pole’ match. Ranken’s camp hasn’t been exactly silent about the perceived screwjob they feel that stipulation put on them. With the addition of Logan Creig, one Austin Advent has been very vocal about his chances against Ranken, “That dude can be as… what he’s where?! Oh that’s right Ranken knows I got his number.”

In other Violence news Remy Leroux is said to be hot in pursuit of Trey Vincent this week. The rugged Cajun is said to be very upset over not being on Vincent’s Road to Redemption payroll which Umaga Reihana is said to be eating up.

It’s been widely rumored that LLB wants to be in action this week though as of yet no match has been booked.

Sources close to LoC brass have been talking about a pre-Violence show hosted by LoC’s main man on the scene, Donny Layne. The show would be available to those subscribing to the premium LoC Advantage Package available on the website.