LoC – Wellness Policy Claims First Victim

“Just days after breaking the news that the Legacy of Champions was introducing a wellness program it’s first victim has been hit with the suspension paddle. Reports from inside LoC have come out and the rumor is Ryan Billows failed his mandatory drug test even with prior warning and will be suspended for 30 days as a result. There’s no doubt that Billows is being made an example of due to the respect he receives in the locker rooms. Such a high profile suspension means anyone is fair game now. Don’t be surprised to see more suspensions at least for the next few months until things settle down in LoC.

The real question is what’s to come of Billows’ Loser Leaves Town match against Penance at Violence: 43 and the answer comes directly from Black Tom Williams himself, “Son, you jus’ make sure yer watchin’ yer TV set come time fer Violence. Things are jus’ ’bout to start gettin’ interesting.” At least I think that’s what he said. Anyway, the Young Lion is the first to fall prey to LoC’s new wellness policy and I’m betting he doesn’t walk out of that match with his job either.”

Legacy of Champions